From back in time, tales from 1999

Star Wars - Leia's Interrogation

Did you ever wonder what happened when Princess Leia was captured and brought onboard the Death Star, what unspeakable tortures and humiliations awaited her? What happened to her with the torture droid when Vader came to interrogate her? What games did Governor Tarkin and the Imperial Troops indulge in with their royal captive?   Multi-chapter.  Non-Consentual, Torture, Humiliation, Blackmail.


Spice Search

Remember girl power from the 1990s? The ultimate in girl power were the . Every guy had at least one of those girls that he would have loved to have his way with. In this tale all the band find themselves in an arab country where some corrupt airport officials decide it's time to strip-search these decadent western trollops, and then it's time for the real fun. Non-Consentual, Blackmail, Humiliation, BDSM


Home And Away: Sally's Experience

One for fans of Aussie Soap Operas, or chicks with big tits being raped. One of the longest running characters in Home and Away was Sally, she was one of the original characters who also grew to adulthood before the eyes of the viewer, including her ever-expanding breasts, which grew to spectacular size. This show is a smash hit in the UK and Australia, and Scene wrote it as a request for one of his long time readers back then.  At home by herself in the family's caravan park, Sally gets a visit from someone who's not there to hire a van for the weekend. He's there to get some of the hot virgin brunette chick with the mega tits. Non-Consentual, Impregnation


Doctor Who - CyberLessons

Doctor Who has become a hugely popular show now, all around the world. Back in the 90s it was off the air and relegated to the domain of the fans only. Scene started writing this multi chapter tale back then but it wasn't finished. He assures me he will finish it now that he's back, and may even throw in some characters from the new series too. Set after the TV episode 'The Five Doctors' the Cybermen team up with Borusa, a renegade Time Lord, and they set about capturing and studying the physical and emotional responses of human test subjects. To this end they choose to abduct several of the Doctor's companions, (big titted American companion of the 5th & 6th Doctors), (blonde bimbo UNIT companion of the 3rd Doctor), (red headed American doctor, who assisted the 8th Doctor) and (irritating red headed fitness freak companion of the 6th & 7th Doctors), (smug,super intelligent companion of the 2nd Doctor) - more to come in later episodes. Multi-chapter. Non-Consentual, BDSM, Humiliation, Torture

UPDATED new chapter added 10th May 2013


Star Wars - Bespin Torture

Something special for you, an unpublished tale from the Scene-Stealer! Here's the story about why it has never seen the light of day previously, from Scene's e-mail message when he sent it to me:

"I was working on my stories back in '99 when I was contacted by an artist called Shabby Blue. He made great Star Wars porn pics, and still does. He loved my Leia's Interrogation story, and wanted a short story written to go with a picture he'd drawn of Leia being tortured in Cloud City, explaining what happened to that formal gown she was wearing only very briefly in the film. I wrote a story and sent it to him, which he edited and sent back. Not realising he wanted a collaboration, I thought I was just providing the story to go along with his pic, so I wasn't expecting him to have done anything to my work except read it and comment on if it was to his liking or not. I wasn't happy about some of the edits and changes he made, so after a series of e-mail exchanges we had a breakdown in the process and it was all abandoned. Now I am prepared to put my hand up and take the blame for it, I did not take his changes onboard, and I didn't handle the whole situation well, it's something I regret to this day. He's a great artist and it's a shame we never had the opportunity to collaborate further. The story sat in my vaults as I didn't know if I wanted to do anything with it, and I didn't feel right about publishing it without Shabby's involvement. A few years have passed now and I have reconsidered leaving it unpublished as it doesn't look like we'll ever revisit this collaboration. I know Shabby posted a version of the story on his old website, I'd guess it was some version of the one with his changes in it, and I don't mind (don't know if I got any credit though :-) ). Anyway, here's mine, finished and edited as I would have published it back in the 90s. Enjoy it."

Han, Leia and Chewie are betrayed by Lando and captured by the Empire. What tortures did they endure to send enough of a ripple out through the force to attract Luke's attention? Have a look at the pic and that will give you a clue. Leia and Han both are subjected to torture for fun, at the hands of the Ugnaughts, whilst Darth Vader watches on. Non-Consentual, Torture, Humiliation


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