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A Nightmare on Brad's Street


Brad looked wearily at his watch. "One o'clock. Jesus." He slammed his book shut. "Screw it." Homework was not high on his list of priorities, as Brad was suffering from an extreme case of spring fever. Graduation day seemed so far away, and all he wanted to do was hit the sheets.
He slipped off his favorite red socks, followed by his shorts and tank top. Running his fingers through his sandy-blond hair, he wondered if he would dream again tonight. He couldn't remember the previous night's dream, but he had woken himself up laughing, and hard. Maybe he'd been dreaming about Scott, the cute guy in his acting class that lived across the street. With a smile, Scott laid on his bed and drifted off to sleep.

There was a noise in the front yard, and Brad ran to the window. There was someone lurking in the shadows... and his parents were out of town. As he opened the window he heard, "Braa-aad, come down and play..."
"Scott!," he thought. "Scott's messin' around..."
Last night, he and Scott wrestled around on the bed for hours. Brad had pinned his friend... and tickled the hell out of him. He even got Scott's socks off and tickled his bare feet. "Hmmm, he must want a rematch."
With that, he put on his robe and slippers and hurried down the stairs. Outside, he whispered into the darkness, "Scott, you goon, where are ya?"
A voice hissed back, "It's not Scott, loverboy. It's me. The man of your dreams..."
From the shadows emerged a tall man, dressed in black, his face shaded by the brim of the hat he wore - and on his hand, some sort of bizarre glove.
Brad squinted at the leather glove, and saw a metal attachment on each finger; stuck in each attachment was a long red feather! White teeth catching the moonlight, he spoke, "It's tickle time, Brad baby."

Wide-eyed with horror, Brad remembered his dream: this madman had tickle-tortured him as his screams for mercy were ignored. Brad remembered being tied to a chair and tickled all over, with his fingers and the diabolical feather-glove! Brad had become insane with laughter when the mystery-man turned the chair over and stroked his hyper-sensitive feet -- somehow this nightmare had become real...
And Brad dashed inside, locked the door behind him, ran upstairs, and slammed his bedroom door shut. Falling back on his bed, he panted, "It was only a dream... only a dream..."
He calmed down thinking of the kiss he had shared with Scott last night - when suddenly four leather straps snaked their way from under the bed, and restrained Brad's limbs in a tight spread-eagle, as if by magic!
The closet door swung open... and there stood the man in black.

"Glad to see you slipped into something less comfortable! I adore leather restraints - they go with everything, and they're so slimming!" He then waved his hand, and Brad's robe disappeared, leaving him naked except for his slippers. "That's it... All the better to tickle you with, my dear..."
Straddling Brad's hips, the man ran one finger down his left side and the feather glove down the other. "Kitchy-koo..." As fingers and feathers crept into his armpits, Brad erupted into convulsive laughter. "Hahahahahahahaha!! P-please--HAHAHAHA!! STOOOP!!"
Digging into Brad's ribs, the nightmare tickler taunted him, "You know, Brad baby - can I call ya 'Brad baby'? - You've heard the phrases 'tickled pink' and 'tickled to death'? Huh? Speak up - I can't understand you... 'Hahaha' is not an answer."
Noticing Brad's erection... "Weeell, someone's enjoying himself. Really getting a hard-on, from tickling? Now that's just sick - I like that..." He began to stroke and squeeze Brad's thighs -
"AAAAAAghhh!!!! HAHAHAHAHA - you bastard, what the hell do you want from me?!!"
"C'mon, Studly, don't act innocent - I want to make you laugh..." With that, he moved slowly to the end of the bed and removed Brad's left slipper.
"One for the money..."
Brad was even more terrified now. "NO!! Not my feet oh God please -"
The right slipper hit the floor. "Two for the show..." He poised his hand and glove for attack.
"Three to get ready..."
The man in black smiled an evil smile. "Start... the... show!" And Brad's worst tickle nightmare began.

The feather-glove probing between his toes, the man's long fingers stroking his arch...
"Tickle, tickle, tickle..."
Brad was red-faced and screaming with laughter, but this tall tickle-monster would not stop. "Mmmmm. The tops of your feet, the ankles, the toes, the arch, the heel - all ticklish. Aren't they, tough guy? Tickle, tickle - Aren't they, hmmmm?"
As five feathers and five fingers attacked his feet, Brad managed to speak. "YEEEES THEY'RE TICKLISH!! HAHAHAHA!! I'm ticklish as hell, okay?!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! NOW PLEEEEEASE STOOOOP!!! I'm goin' out of my freakin' - HAHAHAHAHA - MIND!!!!!"
Suddenly, Brad felt the feather glove stroking his balls - and then a hand emerged from between his legs, and began jacking him off as his feet continued to be tickled.
"Hey, Brad, can I lend ya a hand?"
Brad was consumed with sensations... feathers and fingers stroking his naked flesh, fingers forcing laugh after laugh out of him as they raked up and down the soles of his feet - and the disembodied hand bringing him to climax...
"HAHAHAHA- OH_OH_OH_ it's to-hahaha-too much OH MY GOD HAHAHAHA- Stop tickling my feet!! HAHAHAHA!! Oh that feels - oh I'm gonna, I'm gonna - HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
Brad's eyes popped open - and he realized the sun was coming up - and he was no longer restrained to his bed. "Man oh man, I've gotta cut out those midnight snacks..."

That night, Scott stayed over, and the two hot young men kissed and cuddled for hours. As midnight rolled around, Scott put his feet in Brad's lap. "Can I trust you?"
Peeling off Scott's socks, Brad winked. "Never." He caressed and teased Scott's soles, causing tortured giggles and mock pleas for mercy. During a brief truce, Scott looked pensive as he brushed a strand of long dark hair out of his face. "Y'know, I've been having the weirdest friggin' dreams all week..."
Brad got on top of him. "Me too," leaning down and whispering in Scott's ear, "Maybe we'll have one together tonight." Scott moaned and laughed as Brad's tongue danced around the inside of his ear.

The man in black smiled an evil smile as he watched from the shadows.
"Pleasant dreams, boys. We're gonna have a lot of laughs tonight."





by S.J.C.




posted 25dec1998


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