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Little Peter


A boy is kidnapped and is told that he has to stay in a 'Boy Centre' for some time.
Publ. Aug 2007
Unfinished; 15,500 words (31 pages)


Peter (9yo)

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Non-consensual story/kidnap
MbMdom mast – bd spank toys


This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

The theme explored in this story is FANTASY. Just as one can enjoy violent videogames or movies without committing or condoning violence in real life, a person can enjoy violent fantasies of abuse without promoting abuse in real life.

By scrolling down on this page and reading the story I declare that

  • I am of legal age of majority in my area ,
  • I like to read fictional stories where boys are kidnapped, raped, tortured, etc.
  • I understand the difference between fiction and real life,
  • I do not condone these actions in real life.
  • I agree that anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in this story needs to be turned over to the local cops for the harshest penalties the law allows
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Author's note

'Little Peter' is set in the early seventies. I wrote it a long time ago and perhaps I will continue it one day.
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They all said that the summer of 1976 was one of the hottest in British history. Certainly, it seemed that way to Deirdre, waiting outside the gates of the local primary school. She glanced at her watch. Almost three thirty. One of the other mums said something and she nodded. There was quite a crowd now, some standing in groups chatting, others sat in cars parked along the road. She saw a teacher leave one of the prefabs and walk over to the main school building.

She smiled. No doubt a few children would be having a short meeting with the Headmistress before leaving!

She remembered a few months ago when Michael had come home with a letter. The two red lines across the palm of his hand had almost faded by then. She pursed her lips. What a good spanking he'd got from his Dad later! Letting the family down! Nothing wrong with a good thrashing now and then, she thought. After all, she'd had the cane loads of times at school. Never did her any harm!

She glanced across the road and saw a few cars near the entrance to the park. At the end was a dirty old Ford Cortina. That had been there a few days ago hadn't it? Probably someone new. She saw the owner had painted those ludicrous red stripes along the sides. Go-faster stripes weren't they? She wrinkled her nose. No taste, some people! A tall woman was busy trying to get a pushchair in the boot, while shouting to someone inside. From the few words that reached her ears, it must be a toddler. She shook her head in sympathy and grinned. Poor woman, she thought. Though she could do with a visit to the hairdresser! Hair was far too long! Was it blond? Dyed perhaps? "Looks a bit grubby to me" she muttered, feeling her own immaculate locks.


Under the blond wig, Brian wiped the bead of sweat from his nose and checked his watch. The school bell rang and he opened the car door. Bloody wig! He checked his reflection in the wing mirror and grinned. Not a bad job, he thought. Could even quite fancy himself!

He turned and saw the children stampede out of the school gate, some straight into the arms of their mothers, others trotting down the road to waiting cars. He waited. Yes, there he was! A rosy faced little boy, about nine years old crossed the road and into the car park. Oh yes, that was definitely him. Couldn't mistake that backside! Probably lived in the estate across the park. Always the first as well!

Brian took the Action Man out of his pocket and let it fall to the ground a few feet from the car. He held his breath. Other kids would be along within seconds. The timing had to be just… "Oh pick that up would you dear" he said in what he hoped sounded a typical tired mum's voice. "He'll go mad if he doesn't have his toy!"

As predicted, the little boy swung his satchel over his shoulder and picked up the toy, his eyes glued, as Brian knew they would be, on the futuristic black and silver laser guns that this particular Action Man obviously required for his daring missions.

The last thing the boy remembered was a sweetish smell filling his lungs as he looked inside the car. Something was pressing on his face. The lady... action man…? He struggled for a few seconds, then nothing.


Deirdre took the letter from her son and sighed. "Oh no, Michael what have you done this time?" She glanced again across to the car park just in time to see the car driving out. Wonder whose mum that is, she thought. Oh well, she'd probably go over tomorrow and say hello. Although, perhaps... those ugly stripes on the car? Perhaps not.

"Right young man" she said, taking her worried looking son by the shoulder. "Just wait till your Dad gets home!"


Already out of the town, Brian turned off the road and removed the wig. Bloody thing! He wiped the makeup off his face and threw the tissue, along with the wig, into a plastic shopping bag. No one around. Looking around carefully, he quickly peeled the red stripes from the car and removed the grey and black pieces of shiny paper that he'd stuck on the wheels and bumpers to make the car look shabby. Finally, the thin false number plates, so thin that they could be bent and torn in half. Taking a few more plastic bags, he divided everything between them. Now, rubbish bin? Ah yes, over there. Perhaps put the others further down the road? They'd be emptied tomorrow at 6am, he'd already checked.

Opening the back door, he looked at the boy. Still fast asleep. With any luck he wouldn't wake up for a couple of hours. He didn't like giving a second dose of the chloroform. Made them sick afterwards! His heart beat faster. Three days he'd spent preparing for this. What a specimen! Not skinny like some of them! Oh no, definitely not skinny! Quite the opposite!

He gazed at the boy's grey school shorts and felt himself getting hard. He certainly could do with a larger size, he thought. The boy's firm thighs and pert bottom were clearly stretching the material to the limit. No, stop it, he thought. Plenty of time for all this later!


For the two and a half hour drive back to the house, he took mainly country roads, preferring to avoid the towns. Always the chance of traffic jams. Finally having found some decent music on the radio, Brian glanced quickly at the boy and relaxed. Oh yes, life was good, very good! Born the only son to a couple rather late in life, he had everything he wanted. Shame that his mother died when he was so young. He sighed. He could barely remember her. As for Dad, well, the Alzheimers was pretty advanced now. He made a mental note to visit him in the nursing home next week.

Now of course, he had the large house all to himself and the money from his stories just kept rolling in! He had to admit, he was one lucky sod! No, that wasn't quite fair though. After all, he did possess a remarkable talent for writing short stories and articles on various aspects of life in Britain. Of course, there was that editor he'd met over from the USA on holiday. He whistled softly. A market of almost three hundred million people and nearly all of them fans of anything to do with their English cousins. A few articles and stories every month. That was all he had to do in order to enjoy a rather grandiose income, which, together with the money from his parents' estate meant he lived rather well. Incredibly well in fact!

He heard a quiet whimper and looked over his shoulder. The boy had rolled on his side, but was still fast asleep. Soon be there. Then we'll have plenty of time for…. He remembered the first time he'd met Rob in that strange shop in Amsterdam. The piles of magazines. The feeling of exhilaration as he'd turned the pages and looked at the photos. Naked little boys and girls everywhere! He'd never taken drugs but he had a pretty good idea of how it must feel to be absolutely hooked on something. Rob had been so open about it. Quite disconcerting at first. A few drinks in the bar though, and Brian had a new light in his eyes.

If his initiation within a dutch sexshop had been eye-opening, his visit to Rob's house outside Amsterdam could only be described as mind-blowing. Shelves packed with the most incredible magazines. Boxes of amateur photos. But it was the films that Rob wanted to show him. Oh yes. Brian had liked the films! Noticing that the furniture in some of the films looked familiar, the dumb realisation hit him hard. He had looked around him. The chair in the corner. That table. Wasn't that the table where the boy had been…? Rob had laughed and nodded. "Oh yes my friend, the best films and photos are the ones you do yourself!" A rather special friendship was born that evening.

Finally there. He jumped out of the car and unlocked the large gates. He often wondered why his Dad had been so obsessed with security. After all, they'd never been a single attempted burglary; they lived too far from the village. He drove into the large double garage and closed his eyes. At last!


Peter was in the middle of the playground. He needed to pee. Teachers and children just stood and watched him. Yes, he wanted to pee, but everyone was staring at him. He ran to find the toilet, but it was locked. He held himself. Mustn't wet his pants! Where was the toilet? Could he go behind the tree? A group of girls followed him. No, he couldn't. The need to go was so strong. Another tree. He ran, but teachers surrounded him. He just wanted to find somewhere, please, anywhere, had to go and…

"Hey, how are you?" He opened his eyes. A man smiled at him. He felt a hand touch his forehead. "If you need the loo, it's just through there."

Peter looked around him. He was on a large bed in a strange sort of room. Bedroom? Yes, it must be. There were pictures on the wall and a small table next to the bed. Through one door he saw a bathroom decorated with pink tiles. The toilet was in a separate small room next to it. The man helped him up and he went through the door into the loo.

Brian followed and watched while the boy fumbled with his zip, his little legs trembling as the urge to relieve himself reached a climax.

"Okay, now wash your hands please." Peter jumped. He hadn't realised the man had followed him. Brian smiled. "Come on young man."

He went back into the other room and sat on the edge of the bed. "Any headache or anything like that?" he asked, drawing the boy to him. Peter shook his head, and then looked up with a puzzled frown. "No, I... I don't think so." He looked around him. "Where am I? Where's mummy?"

Brian saw the frightened look in his eyes and took the boy's hands in his. "Everything's okay Peter. You fell over in the car park, remember? A lady saw you. You'd just picked up her little boy's toy for her."

Peter nodded. "But, but, what happened? I don't remember what I…why I..."

"Sshhh, don't worry. Everything's okay now." He stroked the boy's hair away from his eyes. Bloody hell, he was pretty! Such a cute little nose. He patted the boy's bottom, then gently stroked his thigh. Experience had taught him that young boys generally saw nothing wrong in this sort of close contact. Even so, it was best to get the lad used to it.

"Mrs Taylor phoned the doctor and he sent you here. Mrs Cressfield, your mummy has already been to see you but you were still asleep."

The reference to both his headmistress and mother seemed to calm the boy considerably. Brian was no novice. The schoolbooks in Peter's satchel had already provided him with all the information he needed.

"Is she coming back now?" asked Peter. He certainly seems to have got over the chloroform quickly, thought Brian. No signs of nausea at all.

"She should be coming for you tomorrow, after lunch" he replied, his hand now stroking the back of the boy's leg. "You'll sleep here tonight and I'll call her first thing in the morning." His hand rose higher and he felt again the shorts stretched tightly over a pair of very large, pert buttocks. Perfect half-moon, he thought. So full and soft, so very soft!

Peter blinked and looked round him. "Is this the hospital?" Brian laughed and shook his head. "Goodness me no. The doctor said there wasn't much wrong with you, so we brought to the 'Boy Centre' instead. It was the closest place that could take you."

The boy scratched his knee. "A 'Boy Centre'? What's one of those?"

"It's a place where we study everything to do with little boys" replied Brian, watching the boy's eyes wander round the room. "Teachers come here to learn about boys and we take photos and make films to show them at school."


"Yes, you know, like those school programmes your teacher shows you sometimes on television, remember?"

The boy nodded. Yes, he liked those. They'd seen a great one last week, all about dinosaurs. He looked up. "What sort of films?"

"Well, they're to show new teachers all sorts of things about boys. How they should be dressed, how to do a PE lesson, how their bodies work, masturbation, erogenous zones, personal hygiene, how to punish them when they're naughty. Things like that." He continued stroking the boy's bottom. "I'm actually a teacher in another school, but I have to spend a lot of time here, doing all these things. It's a lot of work you know, taking photos and making films!"

As predicted, many of the words went right over the boy's head but it was the last bit that caught the boy's attention. "How to punish them?" he repeated , frowning.

"Of course. Teachers aren't allowed to punish naughty boys until they've seen some films and come here to practise" he continued, trying hard not to laugh. "For example., how does your headmistress punish naughty boys? With a slipper or a cane?"

"With a cane."

"On the hand or bottom?"

Peter thought. "On the hand."

Brian sighed. "Well, she must be a pretty old-fashioned headmistress then" he said, trying to look surprised. "All the new teachers these days prefer the bottom. No-one canes on the hand these days!"

Peter seemed to think about this. "Well" he started. "Well, some of the teachers smack our bottoms if we're naughty…" he said, as if trying to defend his school's policy. For a second he appeared to be trying to reach a decision as whether to confide or not. "…and Mrs Benson always smacks us on the bare bottom!"

Brian smiled. "I should think so too!" He squeezed the boy's left buttock - just a little. "Current school legislation requires all punishments to be on the bare bottom! After all, would your headmistress cane a boy's hand if he wore a glove?"

Peter looked thoughtful, then shook his head. "No, I... I don't think so."

"Exactly! Oh, Peter, you wouldn't believe how much work we have at the moment, trying to instruct teachers how to do this. I haven't had time to even start making the films yet!" At this moment, he thought it might be a good idea to change the subject.

"Remind me Peter, you are nine years old, aren't you?" Peter looked a little indignant. "Ten and a half!" Brian laughed. The boy looked a little young for his age. He congratulated himself for choosing a school in a small country market town. Kids tended to be less mature and more obedient than their streetwise cousins in the large towns and cities.

"I bet you're hungry." he said, standing up. "Tell you what. If you feel okay now, perhaps you could give me a hand in the kitchen. I'm the only one in the Boy Centre this week." He winked. "Fancy some sausages and chips? Oh, with tomato sauce, of course!"

Peter nodded. He did feel hungry


Dinner was a great success. Having forgotten nothing of his own childhood, and having already acquired a great deal of experience in such matters, he knew exactly what small boys liked to eat. Peter was ravenous and Brian watched with pleasure as he devoured enough to feed an army.

"You can go and play now Peter" he said when he'd cleared the plates away. "Next door there's a living room with some toys in the corner. Run along!" The last words were spoken with an authorative edge in his voice. He wanted to make it clear who was giving the orders.

"Oh, and Peter" he added. "Since I'm a teacher, I'd like you to address me as 'Sir'. Is that clear?" Peter nodded. "Yes sir" he replied sweetly.

Brian gave him thirty minutes. It was seven pm and he wanted to try something before bedtime. The boy was busy on the rug, engrossed in building a Lego fort. The room was quite spacious, very brightly lit and well decorated. The curtains were all drawn and a casual observer could not possibly have guessed that the windows were only for show. Converting the vast cellars under the house into a habitable area had taken Brian the good part of a year.

"Peter, could you put those away please?" He smiled at the boy's helicopter noises as some Lego bricks made an impromptu detour. "It's your bath-time in thirty minutes and I'd like you to help me with some photos first. Would you like that?"

The boy gathered the toys together. "Yes please….sir!" he added.

"Well hurry up and let's get started." Brian led him out and into another room. Cupboards ran down one side with photographic equipment scattered all over the place. Brian picked up a large sophisticated looking camera and sat down on a white leather sofa. "Just a minute..." He stood up.

"Right Peter, stand up straight, put your hands by your sides. Good boy. Wait, pull your shorts up more!" Brian took a few snaps, walking slowly round until he was behind the boy. He patted Peter's bottom. "On your toes!"

The boy obeyed, clearly delighted to be the centre of attention and actually helping to make photos for teachers to look at! Just wait till the others heard!

"Excellent Peter. Bend down and look at me through your legs. Smile! Yes, that's right."

Not for the first time, Brian marveled at the innocence of youth. For a while, the boy's large bottom seemed to fill the room. Brian took a deep breath. He'd half expected the tight school shorts to split in half!

"Good. Now stand up straight, hands on hips. Look at me. Yes, very nice." He stood back. "Squat down on your heels, yes, like that. Hands on knees. Lovely." Brian took a deep breath. In any state of dress or undress, this was for him a most erotic pose. The sight of thin shorts stretched tight by a pair of firm lily white thighs, disappearing into a dark cleft with a little bulge at the end. "Good. Open your legs wider Peter. It helps you balance."

The boy smiled at the camera, blissfully ignorant of where the camera zoom was trained at that particular instant.

"Excellent. Now roll onto your back. Grab your legs and pull them over your head. Oh very nice!" He chuckled. It always made him laugh, the way in which young boys loved showing off.

"Now on all fours. Great! Arch your back... more. Wow!" Any other adult watching may have asked why on earth the photos were taken from such strange angles, and why it was necessary to include so many close-ups of the boy's posterior.

That was enough for now. Brian put his camera on the table. "Gosh look at the time." He pointed to the large pile of toys. "Tell you what. Choose a few toys to take in the bath with you and bring them along. I'll just go and get it ready."

He was just putting a few drops of 'Matey' bubble bath under the running taps when Peter entered the bathroom clutching an armful of small plastic toys. Brian laughed. "Okay, okay, if you want. Tip them all in and go to the loo." He watched the boy drop them all into the foaming water and dash off quickly to the small room adjacent to the bathroom. He wasn't long.

Having already had some experience in his 'hobby' as he liked to call it, he knew that any hesitation whatsoever at this point could have consequences over the next few days. It was so important to show who was in charge right from the start.

"Clothes folded up neatly on the chair please" he said, swirling the water with one hand. He breathed a quiet sigh of relief as the boy took all his clothes off without a murmur. Thank goodness! That was a very good sign. Obedient little boy, wasn't he! For a second, his heart seemed to miss a beat. Not only did the boy have a perfectly shaped and most provocative bottom, but his penis was one of the nicest he'd ever seen. Strange how many little boys had either crooked or miniscule willies! Peter's was straight out of a textbook. Certainly not small for his age! Although uncircumcised, it lacked that excessively long overhang of foreskin that so often completely hid the end.

"Do you like lots of bubbles?" he asked, lifting a handful out of the bath and grinning. " Peter nodded and giggled as Brian placed a few on his nose.

"Right young man, in you get" he said, patting the boy's bare bottom. "I have to phone your headmistress and your mother to let them know everything's alright, so you have ten minutes to play. Than I'll be back to finish washing you." He stood in the doorway for a second, watching as Peter lowered himself gingerly into the hot water.

Fetching the camera from the living room, Brian took it through the doors at the end of the corridor and into his darkroom. Bottles of developer fluid lay on a bench spanning the length of the room. It took a few minutes to load the film into the spindle and start the automatic development process. He leant against the wall and closed his eyes. He really should phone Rob later.


"Okay, close your eyes tightly while I get all the shampoo off" Brian held the shower over the boy's head and rinsed his hair. "Here's a towel" he said, helping him to wipe his eyes. "Ears okay? Good. Neck?" Kneeling by the bath, soaped his hand and wiped them around the boy's neck, shoulders and under his arms. "No soap in the eyes?" he asked, rubbing his hair with the towel.


Brian sighed. "No-what?"

The boy looked up shyly. "No sir."

"That's better. Now stand up, hands by your sides please!"

Without a moment's hesitation, the young boy did as he was told. Brian swallowed. The boy's penis was literally inches from his face. Come on Brian! He told himself. This isn't the first time! But the boy really was very, very beautiful, and his bottom stuck out so very provocatively!

"So what happened to all the boats then?" he asked, nodding at the motley assortment of toys. His hands soaped the boy's back and tummy.

"Oh I sank them all!" Peter giggled. "They had a fight with my submarine."

Brian's hands reached between the boys legs, one gently cupping his little testicles while the other soaped his penis.

"What, you torpedoed every single one" Brian asked, laughing. His left hand slowly massaged the boy's willy. He wondered how long before Peter noticed that this particular soaping was taking rather a long time. His other hand pressed lightly behind the cute little balls. He knew how ticklish boys could be just there. He didn't want to tickle. Just continue to send subtle messages to the boy's subconscious.

Peter shook his head. "No, it just crashed into them and broke them all up." He looked down at what Brian was doing.

"You know Peter, you really must pay attention to how you wash yourself you know." Brian held the soapy penis up so it was pointing up. "You see this skin at the end here?" The boy nodded. "That's called the foreskin and if it's too tight, it can trap dirt underneath and cause a lot of serious problems." He paused. "That's why it's very important to rub it occasionally. You have to keep that skin moving and stop it from getting too tight."

He frowned. "Doesn't your teacher ever tell you about these things?" Peter shook his head. "No sir."

"Hmm, I thought as much. We've been meaning to make a proper training film for teachers about this. Lady teachers don't know much about boys, do they Peter?" The boy shook his head and Brian laughed.

"Okay, nearly finished. Turn round, that's right. Legs apart, a bit more, great."

He washed the boy's back, then spread soap over his expansive buttocks. Shit, this was good, so, so good!

"So, do you always sink every ship you see, or do you let some go?" he asked jokingly, his hand massaging the right bottom cheek.

"Oh sometimes I take prisoners and make them walk the plank" Brian laughed. His fingers delved into the dark cleft between the boy's buttocks. So firm and tight!

"Peter, have you ever been told how to wash your bottom properly?" asked Brian, a note of concern in his voice.

"No sir."

"I thought so! We really do need to show these new teachers a few things, don't we!" He put more soap on his hand and patted the boy's thigh. "Bend your knees a bit please Peter. Oh, and lean forward a little."

Brian parted the boy's buttocks slightly and rubbed a soapy finger over his little anus. The boy flinched and Brian laughed. "Oh yes, I can see you've never been shown!" He kept his finger in the same spot, massaging his hole just ever so gently.

"It's important to keep this part clean all the time" he continued, moving one finger further between his legs. "So many boys don't do this, and then they end up in hospital with all sorts of terrible things."

"Do they die?" a little voice asked. Brian laughed. "Well sometimes, if they've never washed themselves properly, yes, it can happen.

He pressed his finger on the boy's hole, just a little bit harder. Let's see… "Most boys like having their bottoms washed properly. Do you like it Peter?"

There was a second of hesitation. "Yes sir." Brian breathed a sigh of relief. "That's a good sign. Shows you're a very clever boy!" He removed his hand. "Let's just do your legs and feet, then you can get out.

Turning the boy round, he was delighted to see his cute penis at half mast. Not surprising given the attention he'd just received. A typical little boy, Peter appeared oblivious to it. Brian decided to ignore it for the moment. He knew that even younger boys had erections frequently. Some went almost until puberty before discovering the joys of masturbation. Others started at a very early age. Brian had been seven. Peter was three years older.

"Okay, out you come." He draped a towel round the boy and lifted him out. Yes, he was getting a bit too big to be lifted out like a toddler, but still! He dried the boy's hair a little and then pointed to the door. "Go and finish drying yourself while I clean the bath. I'll only be a minute."

Peter was sitting on the edge of the bed, drying his feet, when Brian entered. The little boy yawned and rubbed his eyes. "Okay, I'll just find you something to wear" said Brian, going to the large white wardrobe. "Could you put the towel over the radiator in the bathroom please?"

He waited for the boy to obey his instructions and was pleasantly surprised when he returned naked, albeit with his hands instinctively covering his privates.

"Okay, Peter, this is what you'll be wearing tonight." He held up a thin night-shirt in front of him. Peter stared. Brian saw his expression and laughed. "It looks straight out of a history programme doesn't it?" He shook his head. "It's a real old fashioned boy's night-shirt. In fact, besides being what all boys wear in the Centre, it's actually very comfortable, especially in this hot weather."

"Arms up please!" Peter stuck his arms up and Brian pulled the night-shirt down over his head. If the truth were known, it was simply a small girl's nightie with the lace frills removed. In addition, a slit had been made each side, reaching up to the waist and effectively separating the last twenty inches [50 cm] of night-dress into a front and back part. Brian surveyed the little boy before him and exhaled slowly. The thin white material left nothing to the imagination. Fortunately, it's see-through properties could be appreciated only by the observer, not by the wearer. The absence of any mirrors in the room ensured that the boy would have no inkling of how he looked.

"Perhaps a little short" said Brian, biting his lip, "But it does look very nice." That was certainly the understatement of the evening, thought Brian. It didn't even reach to his knees, resembling more a type of miniskirt that a night-shirt.

Unused to this style of dress, Peter took the thin material between his fingers and examined it. "What do I wear underneath sir? My underpants?"

Brian shook his head. "No, no. Nothing like that. It's considered most unhealthy to wear anything under them, and besides, in this heat, you don't need anything. He stood by the bed. "Come on, in you get!"


He pointed to a glass on the bedside table. "There's some water here if you're thirsty. On the wall just here is a little button. If you need me, you just press this." He stroked the boy's hair. "The rules in the Centre are very clear about bedtimes. Once in bed, you're not allowed to go into the corridor until a teacher arrives." He grinned and tapped the boy's chest. "Boys that break the rules tend to end up with very red bottoms!"

Peter yawned again and Brian saw that he was close to sleep. He leant over and kissed him gently on the nose. "Sweet dreams."


Back in the dark room, he collected the dry prints and took them to his own study. They were good! Oh, very good! He poured himself a whisky. Perhaps tomorrow, he'd post a few to Rob in Holland.

Helping himself to another shot, he thought back to the second time he'd visited Rob. He knew something was going on. Rob had promised a week long film extravaganza. Brian never guessed he meant actually making films.

The boy in Rob's basement could only have been eleven or twelve. How he'd cried when they entered the room! Rob had translated the boy's Dutch. "He's asking us not to hurt him" he'd said laughing.

The filming had been fun. The house was on its own surrounded by empty flat countryside. Once assured by Rob of the room's soundproofing, he'd started to enjoy himself. Light spankings progressed to long hard canings, the boy being securely tied to a wooden trestle specifically built by Rob for that purpose. When Rob had left the house for a few hours, dropping a pretty obvious hint, Brian took the boy's virginity, a totally exhilarating experience for Brian, but doubly painful one for the boy, whose cries of pain at having his private hole so rudely invaded earned him a long and hard thrashing.

The second day, the boy was put in Rob's car, heavily drugged and blindfolded. "I take him back to Eindhoven" explained Rob, lighting one of his obnoxious cigars. "His arse too bruised. Not so nice on films now. Perhaps I will be back tonight. Who knows?"

Yes, he had returned, though not for over twenty four hours. Brian thought he was dreaming when he saw his friend shepherding two children into the room.

"Look what I find in the park!" he's announced, locking the door behind him. "The boy here, he only twelve. Girl is ten. Pretty, yes?"

The filming started almost immediately. Allowing Brian to choose the theme, Rob arranged the room to resemble a classroom, even giving the children work to do as they sat at their small desks. That had been pure ecstasy for Brian. How the girl had squealed when he spanked her the first time! The boy had taken it a little better. Possibly the sight of the whips on the wall had made him realise that this was only the beginning. Of course, he was right.

The evening was devoted to films of a more erotic nature, and the little girl soon discovered a certain use for her little mouth that her mummy had definitely never mentioned!

That had lasted two glorious days. The kids returned back to a remote town, the men had spent the last day developing all the film before settling down for a long evening's entertainment, large whisky bottle between them.

Over the next few years, he'd visited Rob at least six or seven times. Bliss, absolute bliss. Yet... Yes, it was true he enjoyed himself, but Rob was so very crude at times. No subtlety. The kids had been terrified. So much more interesting to design a plan where he could enjoy himself without the endless screaming and crying that he'd known at Rob's house. Then there was the feeling that he simply couldn't do in the UK what he'd done in Holland. Maybe it was the language? With the kids gibbering away in a foreign tongue, it had seemed so surreal. No. His adventures closer to home would definitely be quite different.

Brian felt sleepy. Yes, it had been a busy day. He thought about his plans for the next day and smiled.


The lights came on and Peter opened his eyes. Where was he? Oh yes, he remembered. "Sleep well?" asked Brian, grinning down at the sleepy boy.

"Yes sir." Peter stretched and sat up. ""Well, if you'd like to wash your hands, breakfast is in two minutes. Do you like Sugar Puffs?" Peter nodded. "Yes sir." Brian pulled back the bedclothes and chuckled. The boy's night-shirt was up round his waist. As usual when waking with a full bladder, the boy's little penis was sticking up as though trying to remind everyone that it had to pee, and soon. It had been a warm night and the delicious aroma of Peter's slightly sweaty body reached his nostrils. Sweeter than the odour of an adult; to Brian it was overwhelming. He had never been turned on by some of the more dirty fetishes found in so many german magazines, and in Holland, Rob had always given the children multiple enemas to keep them clean. Nevertheless, during his many and varied spanking sessions in Rob's soundproofed chambers, Brian had found the aroma of a boy's hot and sweaty bottom to be incredibly intoxicating.

With the boy fully absorbed in his breakfast cereal, and the small toy that he'd found inside, Brian quietly slipped out and went to the phone in the living room. Quickly, he dialled the number the telephone engineers used for testing the line, and replaced the receiver.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, the phone rang. Brian answered. "Good morning Mrs Cressfield, how are you" he said loudly. Sure enough, Peter appeared in the doorway, still in his night-shirt, looking more angelic than ever.

"What? Oh no, I'm so sorry! Really? Yes, of course! Well I do hope its nothing serious. How long? I see. No, his headmistress hasn't phoned yet. I suppose….What? I understand perfectly. Hello? Yes, Peter's just here. Would you like a word? What? A pay phone. Oh, I understand. Well, in that case… Yes, please tell his headmistress. Thank you so much for phoning. Byebye."

Peter was sitting on the sofa. Brian swallowed hard. The boy was too innocent to realize how much the night-shirt revealed.

"Oh Peter, I'm so sorry. Your Grandmother is ill and your mother has to go and look after her for a week. Peter digested this for a few seconds.

"What about Daddy?" Brian nodded at the phone. "Apparently they both have to go. Your father needs to check some legal matters with her."

Peter shrugged. "Is Debbie going with them?" Brian thought fast. Debbie must be her sister. "Yes, but I believe a neighbour of your grandmother will be looking after her for most of the time." He patted the boy on the shoulder. "Your headmistress should be phoning any minute, so let's see what she's got to say first. Why don't you go back and finish your breakfast. I put some toast on the table for you."

Five minutes later, it was the headmistress' turn. Again, little Peter appeared as soon as the phone rang. "Good morning Mrs Taylor." Brian saw the boy watching him anxiously.

"Yes, Peter's mother phoned me a few minutes ago. Yes... Yes. Well, I must say, I'm not too sure what the best thing is to do. Do you? Pardon? Yes, of course he could stay here for a week. He's a very well behaved boy. It would mean he missed school of course, but he'd be able to help me make some films. Sorry? Oh, yes, that's a good idea. Tell you what. Peter's here. Can you hold on for a second? I'll ask him."

He turned to the worried looking boy and put his hand over the receiver. "Peter, your headmistress has just said that you can go and stay with her for a week, until your parents get back. She thinks it may be a good idea for you to do extra homework in the evenings while you're there. But she also said that perhaps you could stay here. You'd miss school and help me make the training films, but I'd have to give you some schoolwork to do as well." He winked. "Not too much though! She said that she would allow you to choose. What would you like to do?"

It took less than a second. "Stay here, please sir!" Brian laughed. Given the way he'd described the options, he hadn't doubted the outcome. He looked at him and frowned. "You realise Peter, that if you stay here, you'll have to obey everything I say. I may enjoy making films, but this is a very serious business. As a teacher myself, I can be vey strict indeed!"

Peter nodded. "Yes sir, please, I'd like to stay. I'll be good, I promise!"

Brian took his hand away from the receiver mouthpiece. "Yes, Mrs Taylor, he'd like to stay. Yes, yes, of course. Don't worry. Yes, of course I won't take any nonsense. I can assure you, any disobedience and he will be treated like any other boy in my class. Which class? I take the fifth years at Oakfield Primary school. Oh yes, the Headmaster there is a great believer in corporal punishment - fortunately!" He glanced at Peter to see if he was listening. Oh yes, the boy was hanging on to every word!

"I generally find the slipper sufficient for any inattentiveness, but I prefer the cane for correcting disobedience and poor work. Sorry? Bare bottom, yes of course! Yes, always in front of the class. Yes, the girls do giggle sometimes. No, please don't thank me. It's a pleasure. Thank you for phoning. I look forward to seeing you next week. Thank you, yes. Goodbye."

He turned to Peter. "Well, young man, are you going to be a good obedient little boy?"

Peter looked at him shyly. The conversation with his headmistress had left him in no doubt about his place. He nodded. "Yes sir. I promise sir." Brian rubbed his hands together in glee. How meekly he'd uttered those words! The boy was obviously anxious to please.

"Well go and finish your breakfast, place all the dishes in the sink, then go to your room. I'll be along in a few minutes with your things and you can get dressed. He watched the boy trot obediently out of the living room, his large lily white bottom clearly visible under the thin material. Brian shook his head slowly. How long before that beautiful bottom became a rosy pink? Hopefully, not too long!


"The clothes I want you to wear are here on the bed" explained to Peter as he entered the bedroom. "Did you wash your hands?" Peter nodded. Brian looked at the new underpants, shorts and teashirt he'd placed on the bed. "You can wear your grey pullover on top, but the shorts you came in are filthy" he continued, sitting on the bed. "Fold your night-shirt up carefully and put it under your pillow, then I'll see how these fit you."

Within thirty seconds he had the boy standing obediently in front of him, hands held in front. Brian patted the boy's thigh. "Hands by your sides please Peter." He debated with himself for a second. After all, why not start how he meant to carry on?

"Do you remember what I told you yesterday about the tight skin here?" he asked, keeping his voice friendly. He touched the tip of Peter's penis. Peter blushed slightly, but didn't move.

"My... my forryskin sir?" Brian laughed. "Foreskin Peter!" He squeezed the tip slightly. "The doctor should have told you about this a long time ago. Yours is rather too tight and you have to start loosening it as soon as possible. Otherwise…" He shook his head. "You can either start now, or wait till next week and have your headmistress take a look. Would you prefer that?"

Peter shook his head in horror. "Oh no sir. Please. I'd rather do it here." Brian nodded slowly. "Okay, it's quite simple. You put your fingers like this and rub, gently at first, then a bit faster. That moves the skin and stretches it, very slowly. Hopefully, after a few days, we'll be able to pull it all the way back without it hurting. Here, have a go!"

Brian's eyes widened as he watched the boy rub his small willy. Surely he must do this in bed sometimes? He couldn't believe that a boy his age had never played with himself!

"Good boy. Put your other hand here..." Brian gently placed the boy's left hand under his little scrotum. "Massage your testicles - those little balls in the sack- with your fingers at the same time. That way, you'll help everything to form properly. We want to avoid a visit to the doctor, don't we! Mrs Taylor would have to explain all of this again!"

Peter nodded. Part of him asked if it wasn't all a bit rude. But the man was a teacher wasn't he. The doctor had looked at his willy after all. He remembered the school medical; standing in his underpants with the other boys while the doctor went from boy to boy, examining them. He certainly didn't want his headmistress to start looking at his privates. It had been bad enough that day when Mrs Benson had pulled his pants down in PE. The slap she'd given him hadn't been nearly as bad as the embarrassment of the girls seeing his willy!

"Okay Peter, now I've shown you what to do, I expect you to do this as much as possible. The best time is when you go to bed, but I'll be getting you to do it during the day as well. "

He reached for the clothes. "Right, let's get these on you."

A few minutes and he stood up. "Oh yes, very smart Peter. I have a pair of black plimsolls for you to wear. They're just here under the bed. How do the shorts feel? Comfortable?" Peter nodded. "A bit tight sir."

Brian nodded. "You'll get used to them. They look fine to me!"

They did indeed look fine. With months of free time to himself each year, he'd had ample opportunity to visit large stores wherever he went, buying, comparing and even modifying articles of clothing he felt were indispensable. The teashirt under the boys jumper was a standard thin white cotton garment. The only reason he'd chosen this particular one was because it was uncommonly short, reaching only to the boy's waist, and thus incapable of hiding his modesty when his shorts were removed.

The underpants were the thinnest and stretchiest that Brian had been able to find. He judged them to be very comfortable indeed, and the pair he'd put on Peter, being slightly too small, ensured that they hugged his body like a second skin.

Then of course, the obligatory grey school shorts, the mainstay of primary schools everywhere. He'd discovered a rather special selection of black and grey pairs in a store in London. He judged these to be exceptional. Not only were they thinner and more elastic than the others he'd seen, he'd found the seam in the seat had been sewn shorter than the others. Together with the stretchy material, this had the effect of digging deep between the buttocks, outlining the boy's cheeky bottom to the extent that from a distance, one would swear that he had merely painted his posterior a deep shade of grey.

"Right young man, time to get to work, don't you think?" Brian walked to the door. "Let's go and check the schedule. Inside his study, he took a sheaf of papers and showed the first one to Peter. "Photos - boy in classroom seated at desk" He tousled the boy's hair. "That should be easy enough shouldn't it!"

He took Peter to a room opposite his study. "I just realized, you haven't seen this one yet. This is the schoolroom."

Peter could have guessed that from the musty smell that greeted his nostrils. He looked around. Yes, a real schoolroom, though not exactly very modern! Three rather old fashioned school desks faced the teacher's larger desk, a dusty blackboard to one side.

"Have a look around for a minute. I just have to fetch the camera." Brian left and Peter looked at the books on the shelves. Janet and John, Latin primer, Arithmetic, Geography. So many! He looked at the teacher's desk and his mouth dropped open. On the wall behind were two rows of pegs. From the upper hung an amazing collection of slippers, straps, rulers, ping pong bats, paddles and what looked like leather cords attached to a small handle. On the lower pegs were five crooked handle canes, the first and smallest resembling the instrument his own headmistress used. Only she always kept it in a cupboard, not on the wall! Even when she used it, it was always on the hand, nowhere else. His bottom twitched.

"Looking at the collection I see!" Peter jumped and Brian laughed. "A good teacher needs to be well prepared, don't you think so Peter?"

"Yes sir."

Brian turned a know on the camera and patted Peter's shoulder. "Okay, just sit at the desk. Here pretend to be writing." He handed the boy an old exercise book and pen. "That's right. Don't look up, just keep writing. Good excellent!" He clapped his hands. "Well Peter, your very first professional training photo!" Peter looked up and grinned. "Will the photo be in a book sir?"

"Oh, I'm sure it will!"

Brian turned. "Come on, let's go to the living room and start your accustomisation." He pointed to the pegs. "Bring that old slipper on the left, would you?"

Peter blinked. What? Brian was already out of the door. He took the slipper off the peg and ran after him. Why did he want the slipper?

Brian sat down on the sofa and patted the space on his right. Peter sat down, still holding the slipper. "Sir, why do you …" Brian raised his finger. He took the slipper and placed it between them.

"As I explained Peter, we have to make a lot of films and take lots of photos all about how to punish naughty boys. Remember?" Peter nodded.

"The films have to be as realistic as possible, but I'm sure you agree that it would be very painful and rather cruel if I just started slippering or caning your bare bottom straight away -yes?" Peter nodded again. Those canes on the wall!"

"So we use a method known as accustomisation to get your bottom used to the feeling before starting the films. Do you know anything about acting?" Peter shook his head.

"Well, let me ask you a question. Yesterday, I prepared a nice hot bath for you. Perhaps a bit too hot. How would it feel if you got in and sat down very quickly?" Peter frowned. "Not very nice sir."

"Yes. But you lowered yourself in slowly didn't you? You spent time getting used to the water, so that in the end, it was actually quite nice. Yes?" Peter nodded. Now he understood. Or at least he thought he did.

"So that's what accustomisation is. We prepare your bottom in a very gentle way so that it doesn't seem so bad when we shoot the film." He paused. "We also use a technique called 'Pleasure association'. Have you heard of it?"

"No sir."

"Well, tell me Peter, if you fall over when you're running, it hurts, doesn't it?"

"Yes sir."

"Now, say your friend is holding a big ice-cream ready for you at the same time. It still hurts, but you won't notice it so much because you know you have the ice-cream. Understand?"

"I think so sir."

"So what we do is, we try to make you have nice feelings while you're being accustomised, and we do this by stimulating your erogenous zones." He looked at the blank expression on the boy's face and laughed.

"These are the places on your body, Peter, that make you feel really, really nice when you touch them. Erogenous zones can be almost anywhere. Some people even love having their ear lobes touched - like this." He touched the boy's ear. Peter giggled. "That tickles!"

"Yes, sometimes it tickles, sometimes though, it feels very, very nice!" He cleared his throat. "Fortunately, boys have erogenous zones all over the place. Feet, knees, thighs, chest, and especially the bottom and privates. Remember how it felt in the bath last night?" The boy blushed and nodded. "Yes sir." True, it had been kind of nice, though a little embarrassing at first.

"So if we stimulate these erogenous zones during the accustomisation process, you not only get used to it, you get to enjoy it as well! Lucky boy!" He smiled and squeezed the boy's leg. "Come on, let's start!"

Peter wasn't sure if he understood everything, but it had seemed so very clear when it was explained. The man's strong hands gently lifted him over his lap. "Comfortable?"

"Yes sir, I think so sir." Brian sat back in the sofa. "Hang on Peter, let me put these under you." He lifted the boy up and quickly pushed a couple of cushions under his hips, raising the boy's bum higher. The tight shorts rode up his thighs slightly, giving a tantalizing glimpse of his lower bottom cheeks. Brian noted with delight how they were pulled tightly into his crack. What a sight!

Peter felt the man patting his bottom, very, very gently. He relaxed. Why had he felt nervous? This wasn't bad at all! Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the slaps got harder. Brian shifted slightly and swallowed, the cushions pressing down on his rather painful erection.

The slaps stopped and Peter felt the man's finger slide down the crease between his buttocks. He jerked slightly, then lay still. The slaps started again.

"Let me know if it feels too painful" said Brian quietly, "This has to be done properly."

Peter stayed silent. Really it wasn't bad at all. The slaps had got harder; he realized that, but they were certainly bearable. A warm, rather satisfying glow seemed to envelop his whole body.

"Excellent Peter. I'm very pleased with you" said Brian, warmly. He slid his finger briefly down between the boy's buttocks again, smiling at the reaction.

"Just lift your hips a bit, that's right." Peter felt his shorts being slid down to his knees. "Sir, Do I...?" Brian interrupted. "It's part of the accustomisation process Peter. I told you that punishments are usually on the bare bottom, remember? Please don't speak again unless spoken to!"

The last sentence was spoken in what Brian considered his strictest 'teachers' voice. Peter sighed quietly and waited for the man to start. He didn't wait long. Through the thin cotton underpants, Brian could already see a definite dark pinkish hue spanning the boy's buttocks. Stopping for a moment, he stroked between the lily white thighs. "Legs a bit further apart please!"

The boy obeyed and Brian gently stroked the boy in the mysterious crease between the back of his scrotum and his buttocks. His buttocks contracted and Brian was certain he heard a small gasp of pleasure from the boy.

The slaps got a little harder. Every three smacks, he ran his finger either between the buttocks or between the boy's legs. After a minute or two, it became apparent that the boy was anticipating the attention. Through the thin material of the pants, Brian saw with amusement the boy's buttocks contracting and relaxing in waves as he waited for his treat.

"Okay, lift your hips again please!" This time, Peter stayed silent, allowing the man to slide his underpants down to join his shorts. "Actually, I think I'll just take these off" whispered Brian. He slid both shorts and pants down to the boy's ankles and removed them.

He surveyed the large rosy-pink half moon backside on his lap and exhaled slowly. This was paradise! Never had he imagined a bottom so perfect! It simply cried out for attention! He patted the soft bouncy buttocks and spoke to Peter in his schoolmaster tone.

"We're getting towards the end of the morning session now Peter. This afternoon, we'll have another go. I'm going to start increasing the slaps a bit more now, then I'll use the slipper. Let me know if it hurts too much! Up to now you've done extremely well. I'm very impressed indeed! Let's see how far we can go."

He ran his finger over the ridge of the boy's left buttock and his eyes opened wide as the boy raised his bottom as though begging for the attention he'd been getting.

Brian started slapping the boy's bare bottom, methodically covering each buttock with ten slaps before starting on the next. He gazed with satisfaction as the skin reddened considerably. He could sense the boy's frustration. Well, let him wait!

Without a word, he picked up the old worn leather slipper and tapped Peter's bum with it. "Almost finished Peter. You've done far better than I expected. Let's see how you cope with this."

He raised the slipper and brought it down hard right in the middle of Peter's bottom. A split second later he used his other hand to part the quivering buttocks and stroked the boy's little bum-hole very, very lightly with his index finger. Peter's gasp of shock from the pain of the slipper changed to a high pitched squeal of pleasure. Brian shook his head in disbelief as the boy seemed to lift his buttocks for another slap.

The second and third hard slaps followed, each accompanied by a split second teasing of the boy's hot twitching anus. Brian laid the slipper on the boy's thigh. "I hope that wasn't too painful Peter. Would you like to stop now, or continue for just a little while longer?"

There was silence for a few seconds, punctuated only by the boy's heavy breathing.

"I... er... please sir... I'd like to carry on please sir" Brian's eyebrows rose in astonishment.

"Are you sure that your bottom isn't too sore Peter?" Brian ran his hand gently over the reddened skin.

"No sir, not very sore."

"Okay Peter, I'm going to give you six hard slaps with the slipper. Here they come!"

With his left index finger deep between the boy's buttocks, Brian started slapping the slipper down hard, simultaneously teasing the boy's sweaty anus. The last two were the hardest of all, and he aimed them right at the top of the boy's firm thighs. As he did so, he pushed his finger about one inch [2½ cm] into the boy's anus. His hips rose and stayed up for a few seconds. From the sounds the boy was making, it wasn't clear if the main sensation was pain or pleasure. Brian hoped it was a bit of both. After all, that was the aim of the exercise.

It was over. For the next minute he stroked the boy's backside, running his hand over the hot skin, then down the back of his thighs. His left hand was still buried between the large buttocks, his finger inside the boy's back passage, gently stimulating the so-far unused nerves around the prostate. Peter's breathing returned to normal... He didn't understand why, but at that moment, his position across the man's lap seemed to be the most natural in the world. The tingly glow from his bottom was delicious, so very, very good!

"Okay, young man, stand up. I can't sit around all day. We've got work to do!" Brian stroked the boy's hair and helped him up. "Don't rub your bottom please!" he ordered, seeing where the boy's hand was going.

Brian turned the boy to face him and was greeted with the sight of a most amazing erection. Hardly surprising, given the stimulation he'd received, but even so, the boy's rock hard penis was pointing straight up to the ceiling as if a rocket ready for take-off.

Peter noticed at the same instant and covered it with his hands, his face turning red. "Sorry sir, I... I'm sorry..." Brian laughed, and gently moved the boy's hands away. "I really don't know why you're sorry Peter!" He ran the back of his finger up the shaft and chuckled as the young penis seemed to pulsate slightly.

He looked up at the boy and spoke in a low kind voice. "Peter, I really am so very, very pleased with you. When your willy goes hard like this, it means that the accustomisation process is working. You've done incredibly well, much better than the other boys I've had here." He stroked the tip, admiring how the boy's glans had poked out a little as if anxious to be free of the foreskin.

"It's perfectly normal for boys to have erections and in fact I'd like you to have as many as possible." He held the tip of the boy's penis and squeezed. "It helps the film making proceed smoothly, but also, it allows the foreskin to loosen and be pulled back." He coughed. "In fact, now would be the best time for you to try loosening the foreskin. Do you remember how I told you to do it?"

Peter nodded and started rubbing the tip of his willy. Brian breathed out slowly. He actually had the boy wanking! "What do you do with your other hand Peter?" The boy looked at him shyly, then slipped his other hand under his cute little balls and began gently massaging them.

"Does it feel nice?" Peter blushed and nodded. "Yes sir."

"It should do. Most boys your age do this every day, usually when they go to bed. Sometimes they do it so much that it starts to feel all tingly and very, very nice."

Brian watched the lad rubbing for another minute. The boy's eyes had a glazed look that Brian recognized. The stiff little penis being given all the attention appeared to grow another half inch [1½ cm].

"Okay, that's enough for now. We'll have another go later and then see how far back we can get the foreskin in the bath this evening.! He pretended not to notice the disappointed look in the boy's eyes. The last thing he wanted was for him to experience an orgasm. Sexual frustration was the key to control, even though the lad may be too young to understand.

Quickly dressing him, he gave the boy two minutes to visit the loo and went to the schoolroom.

"Peter returned and was met with the sight of two books and old exercise book that Brian had placed on the desk. "I promised Mrs Taylor that I'd make you do some schoolwork while you're here" explained Brian. He sat the boy down. "Before lunch, I want you learn those twenty five spellings there, then do these sums here. They don't look too difficult to me." He paused. "After that, I want you to go over to the pegs with the slippers and canes write down in order which you think are the most painful. Best handwriting please!"

"What's that one called, please sir?" asked Peter, pointing to the thin leather cords attached to a small handle.

Brian looked at him sternly. "If you want to speak, you raise your hand! Understand?" Peter nodded. "Yes, sir. Sorry sir" he whispered.

"That Peter, is called a martinet and is from France. French teachers use it to punish boys on the bottom, but it's also useful for other places." He smiled at Peter's inquisitive look. "The thin cords mean it can be used to whip places where a slipper couldn't reach, or a cane may be too severe. For example Peter, say a boy has already been caned twice in one day, but his teacher decides he should be punished again. The bottom may be too bruised for another caning. However, with the martinet, she can punish other parts of the body. In our films, we instruct teachers how to use it on the boy's privates, between his thighs and that crease between his buttocks. It may not look much, but it can be very painful!"

He patted the boy's shoulder and left him to his schoolwork. Now that was one film he was really looking forward to making!

Peter proved a most diligent pupil. Prior to the spelling test Brian had placed a slipper and thin cane on his desk. "I don't know how your teacher conducts these tests Peter, but in my classroom back at school, the boys get one slap with the slipper for each mistake, or a stroke of the cane for two."

In fact, the boy got all the words correct and all the arithmetic sums - much to Brian's amazement. "Your teacher must be very proud of you Peter" he said, chuckling at the happy look in the boy's eyes. "I must congratulate your headmistress when I meet her.

Following a very generous helping of burgers, chips, ketchup, and a large bowl of ice-cream, Brian left the boy in the schoolroom with paper and paints. "I have to go and sort out the camera Peter, so amuse yourself here for half an hour. Then we'll get to work."

The equipment was in the corner of his study. He gazed in admiration at the latest state of the art camera. As far as he knew it was one of only three in Britain. The release by JVC of a colour VHS system had been revolutionary, though well out of the price range of most people. It had taken several thousand pounds and an awful lot of phoning and persuading certain people to get it imported. He lifted the heavy camera out of its case. It weighed a ton! It had been Rob who'd given him the idea. He remembered last year, the shock when Rob had handed him a piece of paper and a sealed envelope.

Rob couldn't stop laughing when he saw the look on Brian's face. A swiss bank account number? These figures? Must be Italian lira surely!

"No, no, they're swiss francs" explained Rob, pointing at the envelope. "And in there is your security number. Don't show it to anyone - not even me!" He'd laughed again.

Explanations had been swift. "Well, what on earth do you think I do with all these films?" he'd asked Brian incredulously. "You think I just spend all day watching them? Does that pay the bills? My friend, you have helped me much. We should share some profit - no?""

Besides the shock of discovering the pecuniary advantage in indulging himself in his perverted pleasures, Brian also found Rob using a completely different film system. "No more smelly chemicals for me!" he'd announced. "The cassette system she is very good! But very, very expensive!" He'd demonstrated how it worked. The fact that it was black and white was a shame, but outweighed by the huge advantage of being able to show the film immediately. "You know, I think one day, all people will have such systems in their house, yes?" Brian had laughed. At these prices, he doubted it!

Ever the perfectionist, Rob had even prepared a little treat to celebrate. Ushered into one of Rob's many hidden rooms, Brian had been met with the sight of a cute thirteen year old boy dressed as a British schoolboy and holding a genuine school cane. The boy's hands had trembled as he handed it to Brian and a tear had rolled down one cheek. He was under no illusion about what was going to happen. Obviously having been given specific instructions by Rob, the boy immediately lowered his dark grey trousers to his ankles and removed them. With a frightened glance at Rob, he took off his underpants as well, exposing a rather large cock to the men's gaze. Brian shook his head in wonderment. "Rob, you're a bloody genius. I never would have thought…" He swished the cane hard through the air and smiled at the boy's terrified expression. "Remind me. How do you say 'Bend over' in dutch?"

Now, he'd gone one better. The first colour VHS in the world! Having already examined the equipment many times, he assembled the various leads and mounted the camera on a sturdy tripod, before carrying the whole thing down to the gym. The gym was one room that Peter hadn't yet seen. Originally put there for his own use, Brian had decided that nothing could be nicer than to start with a nice film about PE in schools. He looked at the bench along the wall and grinned. Peter would have to get changed of course. Just wait till he saw his PE kit!

Peter looked into the lens and smiled shyly. "Will lots of teachers watch the film, sir?" Like all young boys, he loved PE, especially when the centre of attention. "Oh, thousands" said Brian, moving the camera slightly.

He pointed at the clothes on the bench. "When I say start, I want you to change into this PE kit. Don't look straight at the camera, and don't move more than a few feet from the bench. Fold up everything neatly. Don't do it too fast. Take it nice and slowly, then run into the middle of the room and start running on the spot. Okay?" Peter nodded. He looked at the PE kit and frowned.

"Please sir, what's this sir?" He picked up a strange looking garment. Brian tried not to smile. "That's a thong Peter. This is what boys will soon be wearing for PE in the summer. Have you never seen one before?" Peter shook his head. "The little pouch goes at the front and the string goes between your buttocks. That way, you don't get so sweaty when it's hot!" He bit his lip. "It also means the teacher has access to your bare bottom at all times!"

Peter was about to open his mouth. Brian stopped him. "Okay, ready! Three, two, one…Start changing, nice and slowly!"

Brian watched as the young boy did as instructed. Oh yes, this was nice! Removing his underpants, he looked for a second as if he would attempt to cover himself, but clearly thought better of it, allowing Brian to do a very nice close-up of his sweet little privates. He slid on the thong and pulled it up. Brian's heart thumped loudly in his chest. Oh that was beautiful! Scene followed scene with Brian instructing the boy as he went along. Knee bends, Touching toes, forward rolls…. Every few minutes, he stopped the camera and took photos. Lots of them.

"Right Peter, next scene is the angry teacher scene." He pointed at a small cupboard. "I'm the teacher. Pretend there's a horrible girl at the side, and put two fingers up at her. I tell you off and order you to fetch the slipper from that cupboard. You've already had some accustomisation, so it shouldn't be too bad. I'm putting the camera on automatic, so once we start, I don't want to stop for any reason! You can pretend to cry, and I don't want you to move until I've finished! Ready…go!"

He walked to over to the boy. "You disgusting little child!" he shouted. "I saw what you did! Fetch the slipper, now!" Peter ran to the cupboard. This acting was fun! He hoped he wouldn't let the man down. He had to do it right!

Brian took the slipper and marched the boy over to a spot just five feet in front of the camera where he knew the optimal focus to be. "Bend over!"

Peter obediently touched his toes and waited. He felt the slapper bounce a few times. Then... SLAP! Peter gasped. This was hard! Much harder than the slaps he'd received earlier. He mustn't let the man down though. SLAP! He felt real tears spring to his eyes. But he'd take it! He had to!

Brian was in ecstasy. The boy wriggled his large bottom, trying to guess where the next one would land. Six times the slipper landed. Then it was over. Ordered to take the slipper back, he walked to the cupboard rubbing his red bum and wiping his eyes.

"There, that was fantastic!" said Brian, sitting on the bench. He looked at the boy's tear stained face and pretended to be shocked. "Peter, was it really so painful?"

Peter never quite understood why he said it. Yes it had been painful, but he didn't want to seem a cissy. Besides, with more of the 'accustomation' thing, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad next time. He wiped his eyes. "A bit sir…but not a lot!" he added quickly.

Brian gently pulled the lad to him and stroked his hair. "I think you're badly in need of some more pleasure association" he whispered. Peter stood obediently while Brian removed his thong. He turned the boy sideways on. "Hands on head please" he ordered. He grinned. The prospect of another treat had already made the boy's penis start to rise.

"Five minutes, then I'll make a snack" said Brian quietly. "Legs further apart please!" Peter obeyed, trembling slightly with anticipation for the attention he craved. He didn't have to wait long. He whimpered quietly with pleasure as the man's finger slid between his thighs. Brian felt the boy's sweaty little scrotum, gently juggling the small testicles around inside. He saw the boy's throbbing penis, already rock hard, twitching as though desperate for Brian's fingers to start their magic. Brian chuckled and continued to tease the boy, stroking the crease between his buttocks, but going no further. How magical that a young preteen boy could enjoy such pleasures and be innocently unaware of why they were happening. Not a single pubic hair, years from puberty, yet here he was, his penis begging for some sort of release.

"I'll start loosening your foreskin now Peter" he said in a level tone. Excited as he was, he wanted to keep the boy ignorant of the reality of what he was doing.

As if in anticipation, the boy's erect penis twitched and Brian bit his lip, trying not to laugh. His fingers closed around the boy's glans, and he started to rub his fingers along the shaft. "Excellent Peter. Your foreskin is definitely not as tight as before. I think we can even try pulling it all the way back later."

If Peter heard him, he made no sign. A rather strange tingling was starting in the tip of his willy. He recognized the feeling as similar to that he'd experienced a few weeks ago in bed, cruelly cut short by his mother entering the room. Possessing rather old fashioned parents, his early attempts to experiment had always been thwarted early on. How do mothers know?


At his aunt's house for the weekend, thinking himself safe, he had sat on his bed and embarked on a voyage of discovery, believing his elderly aunt to be washing up downstairs. He remembered the feeling of pure terror and embarrassment when she'd suddenly walked in. Attempting to cram his rapidly shrinking tool in his underpants, he was yanked to his feet and marched downstairs, his red-faced aunt calling him all sorts of names. Such was her fury and disgust, she had even phoned the local boarding school to borrow a cane from the headmaster. From the short duration of the call, the request had obviously been politely refused. Marched upstairs again, his aunt wasted no time in removing his pants herself and lecturing him for a good ten minutes about the evils of self-abuse, while slapping his willy with her hand. Having calmed down by then, and obviously gaining satisfaction from the sight of his bright red manhood, she had made him stand in the corner of the living room for most of the day.

Any hope that this episode would be kept private were dashed the next day when, brought back home by his aunt, he was met with stony looks from his parents. Yes, auntie had phoned! Although generally not the sort of parents who spanked a great deal, they clearly felt obliged to uphold the honour of the family. Thus, with his mother, aunt and little sister watching, Peter's bare bottom had made the acquaintance of his father's hairbrush, a rather long and painful session that ended with him having to face the assembled audience and apologise for his disgusting behaviour. The consequences had been felt ever since, with his mother paying impromptu visits at bedtime and her insistence of washing him herself at bathtime.

Now, however, that tingly sensation was there again. Sir had said it was okay. He was a teacher, so it must be right! It was getting stronger. Oh, yes! Definitely stronger. It was….

"Okay, that's enough!" Brian stood up. Poor Peter! Almost there! He licked his lips. Keep him frustrated, that was the key!

Peter blinked and came down to earth. Why had he stopped? It was so, so nice!

"Get dressed please" ordered Brian, passing Peter his underpants. "I'm sure you'd like some milk and biscuits. I'll be in the kitchen."


Brian surveyed the little boy as he munched his way through a plate of assorted biscuits, a thin trickle of milk running from the side of his mouth.

"When you've finished Peter, we're going to start some more accustomisation. Are you looking forward to it?"

Peter looked up and looked troubled. "Will it hurt a lot sir?" Brian laughed. "Not much. That's the whole point isn't it? To get you used to the procedures used in the film. Or have you not been paying attention?"

Peter nodded. "Oh yes sir, I have sir." He wiped his mouth and stood up. Brian took the plate. "Wash your hands, then we can start."

The cupboard in the study was huge and the door creaked as Brian opened it. He pointed to a hook, upon which hung some canes. "You see Peter, these are what we use for the accustomisation process." He took out the first one and handed it to the boy. "They're a bit lighter than real school canes so they don't damage the skin as much. The end is much softer so it won't bruise, but believe me, it does sting!

Peter bent the cane in his hands. It didn't look too bad. He looked in the cupboard. "What are all those things sir?" he asked. Brian shook his head in amazement. He'd left the cupboard in such a mess! "Well those are ropes, chains, straps and so on, for when we make the film about the Romans, and those black things are called butt-plugs and we use then for accustomisation before the Greek film."

He shut the door. "Enough questions. We have work to do!" He shepherded the boy to the schoolroom. Ah yes, the 'historical' films! It had been the sessions at Rob's house that had given him the idea. After all, didn't the Romans tie slaves up, even children? As for the Greeks, he knew for a fact that masters often used to sodomize their boy slaves. Now that was one film he was definitely looking forward to making!


"Right Peter, kneel on your stool and lean across the desk. Rest your tummy on the lid. Good. Grip the edge! No, you don't have to bend over. This is a much better position for the accustomisation." Brian waited for the boy to get into position. The advantages of having him in this position were obvious. Apart from being more comfortable, it meant that the buttocks were not pulled as tight and it allowed him to stick his bum out more, something that Brian found most arousing.

As usual, the first few strokes were extremely light ones. Any nervousness on the boy's part was quickly dissipated by a regular application of pleasure association, which took the form of the tip of the cane being drawn slowly down the crease in the middle of the boy's tight shorts.

"Okay Peter, stand up and take your shorts off please." Brian grinned as the boy slid them off. There was a small distinct bulge in his underpants. Without being asked, Peter took up his position again, sticking his bum out and even moving his legs further apart.

The strokes became harder, each one followed by a bit of gentle prodding with the cane. "How does it feel, Peter" he asked in a kind voice. He could see faint lines beneath the boy's pants. "Er, it's okay, thank you sir" replied Peter quietly. He stuck his bum up, waiting for the next stroke. Brian laughed. "Well, in that case, you can take your underpants off as well. Come on!"

Examining the boy in front of him, Brian whistled softly. Despite the harder strokes, the boy's penis was already sticking up. Peter saw where the man's eyes were and blushed. Brian tapped the throbbing little member with the cane and smiled. "Good boy! I see the process is working. Well done. Now over the desk!"

If Peter had noticed the camera in the room, he hadn't said anything. Brian quickly checked the focus. Well, why not record everything? Be fun to watch later!

He tapped the boy's plump bottom. "Up a bit more Peter!" The next stroke slashed down, harder than the previous cuts. The boy arched his back. "O.. sir! It... it..." Any cry of protest was quickly forgotten as Peter felt his master's hand gliding between his legs.

Brian applied each stroke with the same force. He knew from experience how painful it was and he didn't want to overdo it the first time. Between strokes, he spent some time giving the boy the attention he craved.

The tenth stroke fell on a patch of skin already marked. Tears came to the boy's eyes. Owww, that was so painful, why did the man… ? He felt his buttocks being parted and the man's finger teasing his bum-hole. Oh! So nice! He felt the finger push inside him.

"You're doing so well Peter" he hard the man whisper. "I know it's a bit painful and we can stop now if you like. Or I can carry on a bit longer." Peter's buttocks tightened as if to stop the man's finger from leaving. "H…how many strokes sir?" Brian looked at the red lines covering the boy's sore backside. No bruising. They'd be gone by tomorrow. "Another six." He paused. "But they'll be given in one go, with no break. You can wriggle, but I don't want to hear a single word! Well?"

Peter considered. "Y... yes please sir" he said at last. He felt the man remove his finger and stuck his bottom up in readiness.

The last six were given in fast succession with the boy's bottom gyrating and twitching as he sought to avoid the cuts. His sobs were music to Brian's ears. This was definitely one film he'd be posting to Rob!

Pulling a chair up behind the boy, he sat and for five minutes gave him the rather special tender loving care that would never be found in any book on child rearing. His fingers teased found the boy's penis as rock hard as he'd expected. Poor boy! So desperate for release. He kissed a patch of sore skin on the left cheek. Ah, the scent of a well thrashed backside in summer! He chuckled.

"Excellent work Peter. I'm pleased you're coping with the accustomisation process" he said, standing up. "Put your pants and shorts back on please. I have a bit more schoolwork for you to do before we eat." He watched in amusement as the little boy pulled on his pants, sliding them gingerly over his sore buttocks and cramming his still hard willy in them.


After completing a fairly easy worksheet, Peter was sent to play in the living room while Brian prepared a meal for them both. It was going well, he thought, adding a bit more salt to the potatoes. Perhaps he could even start on the bondage films tomorrow. After all Peter seemed to accept everything he was told, and it wasn't as if the bondage was painful, though perhaps a bit uncomfortable at first. He scratched his head thoughtfully. Quite the opposite in fact. A little bit of his 'pleasure association' and it would make for a most interesting film indeed!


"While I'm washing up, could you do me a favour please?" asked Brian, starting to clear the table. "You remember that big cupboard with all the ropes, and those rubber thing?" Peter nodded. "Yes sir."

"Well, I want you to take everything out and lay them on the floor in neat piles; all ropes together, straps, and so on. Oh, and try and put the rubber things in a line, biggest at one end, smallest at the other." Peter looked at him quizzically. "Are those the butt-plugs sir" Brian turned away so the boy wouldn't see him smiling. "Yes, that's right. You do have a good memory don't you! Now run along!"

Fifteen minutes later, Brian was pleasantly surprised to see that the boy had actually done a very good job. "Excellent Peter, it looks so tidy. You've even untangled the chains as well! You're amazing!" Peter grinned and blushed slightly from the praise. He pointed to the butt-plugs, carefully arranged in a neat line. "Sir, what are those for?" Brian hesitated. Why not? He'd be finding out soon enough!

"Well Peter, those are used for both accustomisation and pleasure association at the same time. We usually start with the smallest one first. It goes into your bottom very gently and stay there until you've got used to it." He suddenly had an idea. "I tell you what Peter. If you're a good boy and do well during the filming later, I may just let you try it!" He grinned at the boy's expression and picked up the smallest one. "I'll take this with me just in case. Come on, bathtime!"

Peter trotted obediently after him and undressed while Brian ran the bath. He watched with interest as the man carried the heavy camera equipment and set it up at the end of the bath. "Another film sir?" he asked in his high pitched voice. "Of course Peter. We have to show how important it is to wash a boy correctly. So many teachers don't know anything about boys!"

He waited for Peter to climb in and get used to the hot water. "Hair first! Close your eyes. Good boy!" He glanced at the camera. No way was he going to waste time filming this! A bit later…

"Right, that's your hair and face finished" He dried the boy's face with a small towel. "Stand up and we'll do the rest." He quickly checked the camera focus and pressed the record button.

Peter stood up and let the man soap the rest of his body, turning obediently to show the camera everything. Brian gently turned him so the camera was focused on his buttocks, partially hidden with soap bubbles. "Bend down, hands on your knees!" Peter obeyed and felt the man's hand start delving into his deep place again.

"This might feel a bit uncomfortable Peter, but I want to show everyone just how important it is to clean really deep down." Peter felt the man's finger enter his hole and gasped as electricity seemed to hit his young body. This time however, the finger pushed deeper, and deeper. Peter was about to say something, but kept his mouth shut. After all, it wasn't painful. It just felt strange. Plus, it was all being filmed. He sighed. To be honest, it wasn't bad at all! The finger inside him was pressing and poking as if searching for something, occasionally touching a particularly sensitive place that sent waves of pleasure coursing through him.

"Good boy, stand up and face the camera now!" Brian removed his finger and smiled at the boy's erection. He gently soaped the boy's little balls and held them in the palm of his hand, lifting the boy's penis to give the camera a good view. "You see, we have to show that a boy's testicles must be treated very gently" he explained.

Turning his attention to the boy's penis, Brian soaped the end and laughed as it jerked upwards out of his grasp. "Good boy Peter" he said, grabbing the tip firmly. "It's a lot easier to wash correctly when erect like this!" He waited a few seconds. "You know what I have to do now Peter? I have to pull your foreskin all the way back. Now, you're being filmed, so try not to make a fuss. It may feel awful for a few seconds, but it has to be done!"

Very slowly, he eased the boy's foreskin back with one hand, while soaping the newly uncovered skin with the other. Peter watched fascinated as his little purple glans was squeezed into sight for the first time.

"Owww, sir…please sir, it feels horrible sir!" Peter placed his hand on the man's as if to stop him. Brian sighed. "Hands on your head please! Nearly finished." He saw the boy's erection fading fast. "Don't worry. This bit will be easier if you're willy's nice and soft! Just a few more seconds!"

Peter squirmed as his foreskin was slowly pulled over the ridge of his glans and then gazed down in wonder. So that's what it looked like! Brian grinned at the boy's expression and quickly pulled the foreskin back as far is it would go. "Okay, finished! Not too bad was it!" He looked carefully at the newly uncovered part of the boy's penis. He'd have some fun tomorrow! Maybe a few small rubber cock rings to hold his foreskin back?

"Okay, time to get out I think. Here's a towel. Go and dry yourself while I clean up here." He helped the boy out and stopped the camera. Right, next part? He looked at his watch. Yes, why not?

Peter pulled his nightshirt over his head and watched as the man brought his camera and tripod into the bedroom and placed it near the wall. "Just a second…" Brian squinted through the viewfinder. Yes, end of the bed…just there!"

He sat down on the bed and drew the boy to him. "Oh Peter, you've done so well today. I've never had a boy who's as good as you at helping with films!" He sat the boy on his knee and squeezed his thigh. "You're a true professional, you know? I had no idea that you'd be so good!" Peter blushed. Yes, it was quite fun, though a bit painful as well!

"Just one more thing we have to do tonight, and that's a little film to show everyone what we mean by pleasure-association. Could you do that for me?" Peter nodded. "Yes, I think so sir." Brian stroked the boy's hair and kissed his cheek very lightly. "You know Peter" he whispered. "I want to make this an extra long pleasure association. You've been such a good boy that I think you deserve it!"

He hugged the boy for a few seconds. "Stand up Peter!" The boy stood between the man's legs and allowed his nightshirt to be slipped off. Brian swallowed. A strong feeling of lust gripped him. Why not just take him here and now? Spend the next few days simply thrashing and fucking the boy, like he had at Rob's? He ran his hand down over the boy's smooth bottom. No! He had to do this properly.

"Just put your hands behind your back please" he ordered quietly. Peter felt his hands being tied together with something soft. "Sir, why are...?"

"Sssh, it's okay. I want your hands out of the way, and it's more comfortable like this than having them on your head. This is just my old pyjama cord. Comfortable?" Peter nodded. "Yes sir."

"Well, let's have those legs a bit further apart! Good boy, like that!" Slowly, Brian started to stroke the boy's leg. His other hand crept round the boy's back to his chest and teased his small nipple. He looked down and smiled as Peter's little manhood started to rise. He teased the boy around his knees and moved higher, stroking the soft flesh of his inner thighs. His other hand moved back to the boy's rear and fondled his large bouncy buttocks.

Peter sighed with contentment and leant slightly against the man. So nice. He looked down at his willy sticking up. When would the man start playing with it? That always felt so good?

Brian sensed his frustration, but took his time. His finger teased the boy's balls and Peter groaned. "Yes, that's nice isn't it!" Brian whispered. He looked at the boy's stiff willy jerking about as though looking for something. "You are getting a big boy aren't you Peter!" He ran his finger in a circle on the left side of the boy's scrotum and chuckled at the loud gasp of delight it produced. "You see Peter. I already know where all your secret places are!"

Peter squirmed. He felt something touch his bum-hole and wriggled as if begging the man's finger to stay. Brian waited a few seconds before teasing him again. He could see now how terribly frustrated the boy was. Well, nearly there!

His fingers danced lightly over the young throbbing penis, shaking his head in wonder as Peter wriggled, desperate for the fingers to stay in one place. Enough! Holding the throbbing little monster firmly at the tip, he started gently rubbing, very slowly. Peter felt his bum-hole invaded again and gasped as the finger inside him touched something. His willy seemed to grow another inch. The man's fingers rubbed faster. That tingly feeling! It was here! Peter looked down again. Please don't let the man stop, please! That feeling was getting stronger. The man's fingers were rubbing his whole willy now, a bit faster.

He felt the finger inside him touch that funny place again, but this time it didn't stop. The finger pressed harder and started massaging. Peter felt a huge pressure of tingly excitement spread from deep in his bottom, up to the tip of his penis. The tingling was so strong now. Too strong. Then… His legs started to shake. He whimpered, partly from pleasure, partly from fear of what was happening. The room seemed to disappear, except for the light reflected on the white ceiling. Pure pleasure seemed to shoot from his penis and through the man's fingers. Wave after wave of intense delight.

Brian smiled as the boy had his very first orgasm. His eyes widened in amazement as a few drops of sticky fluid shot out of the boy's penis. Too young to be making any sperm, he thought. Must be from his prostate.

It was over in seconds. His glans now ultra sensitive, Peter felt the man's fingers touch it, and he squealed. Brian laughed and untied the boy's hands, then sat him down on his knee and hugged him. "So, was it nice then?" he asked softly, toying with the boy's rapidly shrinking penis. Peter nodded sleepily. "Y... yes sir. Very nice sir." "So, are you looking forward to having some more accustomisation tomorrow then?" Brian gave the tiny willy a little squeeze. "Oh yes sir. Yes please sir!"

"Pleased to hear it!" Brian reached behind him for the small butt-plug he'd brought in and already prepared with lubricant. "You remember what I promised? I'm going to let you start using the butt-plugs. It will feel very strange while I'm putting it in, but you'll soon learn to enjoy it!"

He stood the boy up and slipped the nightshirt back on. "Okay sleepyhead, bedtime!" He lifted Peter up and put him in bed lying on his side. "Okay, knees up to your chest, good boy. Relax your bottom! Good, a bit more!" Peter felt something being slid inside him. For a second, it felt uncomfortable, then it was over. He yawned and Brian laughed. "Right, have a good night's sleep now. Don't try and pull it out! Goodnight!"

He switched off the light and closed the door. Now to have a look at the films. He scratched his nose. Maybe call Rob as well.


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