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Corbin Wells

The Tourist


A man narrates and explains his attraction to younger males, often reflecting back to past sexual encounters. In some stories he is a boy himself.
Publ. this site Aug 2012
Unfinished; 1 Nov 2012; new corrected and extended version 4,000 words (8 pages)


The narrator (adult, in flashbacks 13yo), Bryan (11yo), various boys

Category & Story codes

Consensual Man-Boy story
Mb tbcons oral anal – first


If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

Author's note

Sorry, since Dec 2012 I haven't heard from Corbin Wells.


Chapter 1

Today I leave for Thailand to study a new gorgeous temple built in honor of Buddhism. I hear it is quite a sight and has been attracting tourists for three months now. As an artist with an appreciation for man made structures, I just have to go and see this work. There is an inexplicable passion to be found within architecture, especially among works devoted to religious figures. The grand size of some of these buildings are truly breath-taking. To see such beautifully crafted structures that cut up to the sky is to be reminded of the power of human passion. It is beautiful, maddening! There is nothing like it.

I too have my own passions. I am a traveling artist, a rich one actually. I've been to four countries and while visiting these places found myself turning my head often at younger males. Although they were not my targets on these trips, this did not stop me from looking with admiration at boys from other lands. Sometimes I need to make a conscious effort not to stare. That was one lesson I learned the hard way. Honestly, it doesn't matter if the guy is forty or ten! The male form to me is quite a wonder.

I grabbed from my bed a small cartoony t-shirt and breathed in deep. I revel in Bryan's scent. I can almost feel his small arms wrapping around me in a tight hug when I do this. I sigh and smile contently, toss the shirt back on the bed and continue cleaning. Bryan certainly was not my first and he probably wouldn't be my last. I never expected to turn out like this but I couldn't be happier or more comfortable with who I am. Who knew that I would keep my interest in little ones as I aged? It doesn't matter. There is no scorn nor ethic than can change how I feel. I know me, and that is all that matters.

Bryan left two days ago to visit family up north for a birthday. He was such a quiet one. Even so, he was curious. He has brown hair with bright gray eyes, light skin and a crescent scar over his right shoulder, an accident involving a speeding truck had caused this. He liked to visit me often and liked to watch me create little sculptures. There were some moments where I would be working on nude forms, and he would watch me work. I did my best to explain the works professionally, but it was very difficult containing my feelings on the issue. He stared curiously at one figure. It was a foot-tall stone sculpture of a small naked girl holding a snake in offering.

"Do you like this one?" I asked.

"Oh," he paused then said, "yes. It's cool."

"Oh I think you mean more than that," I teased. "It took me a week; lots of careful carving. You don't want to chip too much." I sat down and watched him study the work. I didn't expect him to understand how hard it is to create such small things. However, I was grateful to have such a fan. Bryan is just adorable.

He would sleep over sometimes. his family has really taken a liking to me. I guess it has to do with my availability. Every time they want to get away from parental duties, every time something bad happens, I'm the guy that has been there to ensure things remain stable, in order. I was there at the hospital with the parents when Bryan nearly lost his arm to a careless truck-driver. I was there to babysit, I was there to provide some cash to the family when a hurricane blew through town. Yes, yes I know I'm such a sweetheart.

Three days ago was the last time I saw Bryan. He arrived during dinner. I'm the type that likes to treat himself like royalty in everything I do. Cooking five star dishes for me is a regular thing. Well this night I made too much food and Bryan was dumped at my door. I didn't expect to see him twice in one week. His parents are pretty lazy. I do not hold a very high opinion of them, but they're still better than most parents I suppose.

We sat together eating my creation, he enjoyed it but got his face all messy. My work was too soft for him to handle. The giant soft shell would fall off his fork and his attempts to stab the thing only ended in it tearing apart. I giggled at his failed efforts but applauded him for trying. He managed to improvise enough to finish his meal. I walked over to clean up his cheek, he stared with those big eyes forcing back a smile. I don't know what I was thinking, I paused, looked at him and admired his features. I brushed his medium-length hair back and kissed him lightly.

"Why did you do that?" he asked. I felt stupid and almost panicked.

"Oh, sorry! I…"

"It's okay" he said, " I never kissed like that. Let's do it again," he added.

I threw caution to the wind, "come with me then," I said. He followed without protest, I took him to my room and slammed him playfully on my queen-sized bed. I leaned in, and gave him a longer kiss.

I could feel him breathing faster during my kiss, his pulse quickening. He did not speak so I paid close attention to his comfort level and did my best to not pressure him. I took my shirt off quickly then kneeled beside him as he lied on my bed. There was no protest of my hand running up his shirt. I could feel his beating heart. I stopped and grinned deviously. He looked at me then said, "Do you kiss people a lot?" I playfully slapped his belly with a wide open palm. He yelped and sat up, "Hey! What is it?"

"I could tell you were nervous. Nervousness is just your body's way of dealing with something scary it is expecting. I hit you to shake your nervousness. Now that your body felt something big, you should feel a little less nervous," I smiled at him then continued, "It is a brain trick. Psyche stuff, a psychology thing," I said.

He looked at me with skepticism but I could tell he understood all the things I needed him to understand. He slowly smiled at me then giggled. Now that I had squashed his fears I pushed him back down on the bed and he squealed. I took this opportunity to pull his clothes off. I was so excited that I lowered my pants enough to let my raging boner stand free but did not let him see it. This night, our first night together was for me to admire and worship his form. It was not for us to partake in an equal exchange of pleasures. It was indeed a pleasure just enough to service him and receive nothing. Oh yes, it was enough for me just to touch and please him.

These feelings have been building up for a long time. And in this night I let myself go free. One kiss across his slim belly, another along his side, one more for his chest. He held a breath, I grabbed his package, closing my fingers lightly over his ball-bag. He grabbed his penis and held it, feeling it grow in his hand. I licked at the base of his dick, where it meets his sack. He moved his hand away so I ran my tongue upward to the tip. It throbbed forcefully. I pulled the skin back, "lovely foreskin" I muttered, then licked his head. His hips buckled, "you're very sensitive," I said.

"Wow that feels funny," he replied. I tried again but it was too much.

"Don't do that," he said.

"Ok, sorry," I stopped and massaged his penis gently. His breathing quickened further and his abs tensed up.

"Are you ok?"

"Mm-hmm!" he said with surprising enthusiasm. He wanted to experience more. So I obliged and found other ways of giving him a powerful yet positive experience. If I couldn't lick his head, there was something else I can do. Grinning and stroking myself, my tongue ran downward over his balls, "such a lovely sack," down and behind them, "smooth and soft," as my tongue began to work this highly sensitive area, every lap made him jump. He squealed, I saw his face freeze into a big smile. He was paralyzed with pleasure! This only encouraged me, I kissed aggressively, making sure that each contact between my lips and his perineum parted with a smack. He kicked once from the sensation causing me to cool down a bit. He leaked pre into my hand. I let go as he moved downward to stroke himself. He did this swiftly. I pulled back playing with myself and came on the edge of the bed, long ropes dripped like egg yolk down to the floor. I sighed content then fell forward into his crotch and was greeted with boy goo coating my hair.

"Oh-ho, no. Haha," I laughed then kissed his thighs, I sucked his head cleaning out what was left from his drooling penis then rested my head on his belly. I listened as he moaned and sighed.

"That's good," he said.

"Glad you thought so. Just lie and ride the waves of warmth as they run through your body," I said softly, watching his penis go soft. Doing so only made sure I stood erect. I guess I like this just a little too much. As I exhaled through my nostrils Bryan giggled, the warm air escaping my nostrils ran down his waist, tickling him.

I just gave his balls one last kiss and caressed his thighs, sat up and watched him. He teased me with his feet. I grabbed his right foot and pressed just beneath his small plump toes with my left thumb and pushed my face into his left foot. "wow, so soft!"

This was such a good night. Shades closed, home to ourselves no disturbances, no problems!

"Tomorrow morning, shower early then get ready to go," I said.

"Yeah, my grandma's birthday is in two days so we are leaving early," He said, yawning.

"Be careful. I wonder how you will fare without me for the next three weeks. I am leaving the country on a little trip. I will bring back lots of pictures!"

"Cool ok!" He said then crawled backward up into the bed, he wrapped himself in my thick blanket. The forty nine degree [9°C] weather finally began to wear at him. My heater is too strong so I occasionally, during winter, turn down the heat and open a window to balance out the air. I prefer to keep things rather cool. Bryan didn't mind much. Here in my bed, three days ago, a short 11 year old lay naked wrapped in a blanket in the fetal position, happy and content, feeling safe and embracing a mixed assault of pleasurable feelings: A shiver from his body creating warmth, a soft large blanket in a queen-sized bed, the afterglow of an orgasm. I was given one hell of a present.

"Oh look there is a boy flavored burrito in my bed," I joked. We talked together until he fell asleep.

Chapter 2

The next morning, I could not have felt more confused. "Would he tell anyone?" I wondered. "Is he going to be bothered by this?" "I don't want to be so far away from him," That was the strangest concern in my head that morning. He turned over next to me and his right arm fell over my stomach. Just a simple touch had my blood bursting with warmth and my breath going short. "No…" I said aloud, "I am far too attached,"

I could hear his clear slow breathing next to me. I turned to face him. Yes I was very attached. If I dwelled on this it would only get worse. I shook off my doubts and reminded myself of my character, my deeds for him and how I behave in society. Once again I let the awful opinions of an ignorant majority wash over me. I had to laugh it off, there was no way I could be a negative influence on him. Living with a secret like this can be pretty frustrating, especially in a moment where I find myself lying next to such a wonderful boy. I grabbed his arm and kissed the top of his hand with a most sincere and serious fondness. Unfortunately my penis responded in kind. I got up and took care of myself, going through the usual routine, brushing my teeth and managing my hair.

He woke up while I turned to exit the bathroom. He sat up with his messy hair, looking cute.

"Oh what time is it?" he asked, I noticed his erection through his pajamas.

"It is almost 9:30. You should go pee, it is the quickest way to deal with that boner you have," I teased. He quickly hid it and laughed. "Oh!"

"Do you know why boys wake up aroused in the morning?"

"Huh?" he stared at me curiously. I always did little things like this, giving him small bits of information, small bits of whatever factual knowledge I was certain of.

"If you drink something at night then sleep, you don't pee so your bladder gets full. It rubs against a little thing in your body called the prostate which is important for sex. This is why you wake up with a boner, you have to pee!"

He jumped out of the bed, walked past me and into the bathroom without saying a word. I stared at my messy bed and could hear the water splashing behind. He flushed, turned on the faucet then said aloud, "How do you know everything!?"

There was a spare toothbrush just for him in my bathroom. I did not need to check up on him, but there was something I needed to remind him of.

"Hey," I called from the door. "You need to bathe and get dressed. Your parents will be here by noon.

"Okay!" he said. Before he did this though, he opened the door and stared at me shyly.

I was afraid it was going to be about last night.

"I didn't know you could feel like that."

And it was."it was so weird but good."

"Um…" I tried to be confident, "about last night, what did you think about it?"

"Well…" he began, "it felt so good! I feel refreshed but I don't like boys…" he thought.

"Oh I see," now things were to get complicated. I needed to find a way to keep things smooth. I spoke with him for several minutes, I did not apologize or hint at any wrong doing. I left that up to him to decide. I trusted him as he trusted me, and in doing so, made sure this would not lead to negative thoughts. Because we did have a sexual encounter it was easier for him to understand why I encouraged him to let go of certain biases toward gender preference. Maybe this would be enough to avoid disaster. He bathed and I cleaned up the room as best I could. Before he left, I gave him an old book I enjoyed called "Justice". "Try your best to read it along the way. There are a lot of good lessons in it. Always keep your mind open," His parents came and picked him up, before he disappeared behind that door I made sure Bryan knew my number and informed the parents I would be leaving the country on an artistic venture. I do these things once or twice a year. Bryan gave me a very tight hug. Oh how I would miss him once he was gone. He forgot his shirt. This, I kept close. My flight would be leaving in four hours. I needed to head to the airport so I double checked all my luggage then headed off.

Chapter 3

I remember fondly an early encounter with this wonderfully built younger boy of 11. I was 13 at the time of our meeting. This was the beginning of what would become a long string of sexual flings, loving, playful, awkward, some along the line of a fantasy come true. I had just started high school. The boy for this story is named Greg. He liked basketball and would often look for people to play with him. There were plenty boys willing to play but I noticed a lot of them were older and they were meaner to the younger ones on the court. I guess this must have been why Greg liked me. I wouldn't bully anyone and he saw that. It felt good to be noticed for my personal character and I respected him for being able to see me for my kindness. To have him be attracted to this was something I cherished. He invited me over once and we hung out, played video games into the night. Before I could leave, he offered to have me stay the night. I needed to talk to my mother first. She allowed it and my father, the worrier said it was fine but wanted me home fast the next day. He can be protective at times but our relationship was great and close.

"Okay!" Greg said cheerfully when I gave him the news.

"I don't have any clothes Greg, so what do I do for sleeping?"

"I want you to sleep naked!" he said. I looked at him funny but my penis was intrigued.

"Come on, it's alright. I do it all the time."

"Well I'm happy for you. I want to take a bath."

"Oh even more fun. I will join you!"

"Wow, okay." I said in half laughter, half disbelief. He wasn't joking! Greg followed me into the bath right when I was settling in and clasped his arms around me. I sat still hoping he would let go.

"Come on, get up!" he said cheerfully, he was strong and forced me to stand, laughing while he manhandled me like I was a doll for him to toss around.

"Hey!" I said in surprise, "Wow you're strong." He stared at me when I turned around and walked me toward one end of the tub. My back hit the wall, our eyes locked as he stared straight at me. His light olive skin and brown eyes were actually pretty nice. As I calmed, he slowly inched toward me then motioned for a kiss. I accepted the gesture and let things happen. For a brutish start, he gently worked my lips, suckling softly. We were the same height despite our age difference. He slid his hands down my buttocks and said, "turn around you will like this!" I obeyed without protest, fully interested since the kiss. I turned without thought. My heart pounded and a flash of heat rose up from my stomach up my chest. It was uncomfortable.

He rubbed a soapy finger over the edges of my anus, teasing and poking. It tickled as he moved it up and down the edge, a low shiver and moan was the only hint he needed to push further. I clenched tightly in surprise. "Hey, I can't move my finger" he said.

"Yeah you put it in a trap. It's weird." I said.

"Just relax."

"I'm the older one, why are you in charge?" I joked.

It took me a moment, I bent over slightly and managed to loosen up. He prodded me with his finger. I let out another moan and I think I still regret letting him hear me. The next thing I knew, he yipped like an excited puppy, removed his finger and pressed his boner to my butt-hole.

"Here we go!" he said loudly, not caring at all if anyone heard him. It hurt when he penetrated but I forgot about the pain once the pleasure took hold. I was rock hard now as he moved slowly and rather affectionately back and forth. His hips danced and swayed while he enjoyed me. We were standing for a while, only the water reaching to our calves left us wet along with what our hair carried.

"You have a nice full butt." he said as his smooth peach-fuzz thighs continued to celebrate the occasion, back and forth, deep to shallow, our nuts swinging in rhythm, he comforted his head on my back. Finally he finished and almost fell to his knees from the climax, moaning. He sighed content then slapped my butt shouting, "yeah!"

It was a rough experience but the pleasure wasn't to be ignored. I was still hard as we were leaving the bath after cleaning up. He pushed me on the bed and recklessly dived on top of me, dropping his weight across my body.

"Oh, man!" I groaned and gave up fighting back, submitting entirely to this younger stronger and ravenous boy. He began to jerk me, I couldn't see his face but if I had to guess, it must have been a wide stupid grin. I was already halfway pent up when he started so it didn't take long for me to start leaking pre again. I arched back and sighed, allowing him complete control. He licked downward from the underside of my shaft down across my balls in slow long licks, ending his tongues journey with a suckle on my balls. He did this repeatedly lick after lick, slow and intense. This went by too quick for me, it was only a minute before I ended up coating myself in cum. It was a big load. I sighed in amazement and looked up, he smiled and wiggled his slimy fingers, then teasingly wiped it off on my face! I grabbed his left ear in retaliation and pulled him in for a hard kiss. Yes, that was my first time.

If you were to ask me why I liked boys so much, or what I find most appealing, I couldn't give a clear answer. My interests tend to shift around. I did mention before that it doesn't matter if the male I am attracted to is ten or forty and I meant that. So what is it about boys then? Well, there are many things: I love their seemingly perfect skin, the soft uniformity in complexion unsullied by cuts from shaving, pubic or facial hair and the sometimes awkward growing stages of the teenage years. I love every curve of their body. I like the way their arms meet the chest forming the armpit. Their soft slender bellies and short bodies take my breath away. I like their hair, laughter, round faces, sometimes sharp-looking eyes. I love the curve of their spine and the way their shoulders force the skin on their backs into a kind of dance. I like their plump butts and slim thighs. Their small feet influence my lust too. There is much to say about these things. However, if you were to assume I only care about the carnal pleasures, you would be wrong. I just happen to appreciate and delightedly embrace these things. No, there is much more. To me, I see a young member of society. I see a potentially good man and one in need of proper nurturing, one who needs to be challenged in thought to aid his carving out a reasonable world-view. I see someone that will hopefully develop to be who he wants to be and one that will discover his own happiness and contribute to the happiness of others. I believe in raising them to enjoy life and to share a love for their land in a simple and kind manner, a love we now sorely lack. I embrace these beliefs as I embrace a loving night with a young man. The beauty I see in boys is to be respected, honored and nurtured. Yes, I am a boy-lover.

"Attention passengers, we will be arriving at Isan, Thailand's airport in twenty minutes. The seat-belt sign has been turned on, and our flight attendant will be coming around one final time collecting trash. Those who are heading for Bangkok can call for cab service in the station, anyone transferring to other flights may pick up their luggage at the baggage retrieval center. Thank you for flying with Acceptance Air. "


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