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Although the category 'Woman-boy Stories' has stories pertaining to consensual and non-consensual sexual acts between women and minor boys, we DO NOT condone such acts. This category is provided as unusual adult entertainment only.

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Updated 1 March 2018


  1. Ah Paris (Laura's Vacation), by The Devil's Advocate
    Mb Fbnon-cons Fdom anal – humil bond incest watersport toys "and a few other naughty
    15,500 words (31 pages)
    Link to story
    Laurence thinks that being turned into Laura is the worst thing that could possibly happen to her. She is about to learn that this is not the case.
  2. Alice, by Dux
    Ft – femdom mast
    4,500 words (9 pages)
    Link to story
    I posted a few stories here in Dutch. Meanwhile I practized writing in English somewhere else on the net. I'm still not very confident and not satisfied either, after all english is just a second language for me, but decided nevertheless to give it a try. This story has nothing to do with my Dutch story. It's a whole new ballgame (pun intended). The story is not very original, but I will try to give it my own kind of twist.
  3. Al's Summer Vacation, by Diabolical
    FMbFdom oral anal mast – humil bd spank toys chast – crossdressing
    40,000 words (80 pages)
    Link to story
    Al is subjected to incredible cruelties by his sister and her friends. He is turned into a slave girl by the name Alicia. Mostly femdom but some homosexual activities as well. A classic.
  4. Bad Idea? How I Became My Family's Human Pet, by Katie Dale
    gb Fb – cons nosex – humil bond
    18,500 words (37 pages)
    Link to story
    How a young boy gets tricked into becoming his big sister's spandex-clad, tamed 'lion' for Halloween
  5. Belinda's Boy Scout Camp Out, by Mich Boyle
    Fbcons piv mast oral – first
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    Beautiful 23 year old Belinda Burton was a gorgeous model with a very private secret. One day driving past the old boy scout hall she decided to explore her secret desires in a very real way. The boys of the 69th boy scout troop never had it so good…
  6. Belinda's Scoutskamp, by Mich Boyle
    Mbcons mast
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link naar het verhaal
    Dutch translation of Belinda's Boy Scout Camp Out
    De knappe 23 jaar oude Belinda Burton was een prachtig model met een zeer persoonlijk geheim. Op een dag toen ze het scoutslokaal voorbij reed, besloot ze om haar geheime verlangens waar te maken. De jongens van de 69e scoutsgroep hadden het nooit zo goed…
  7. Billie The Magician's Assistant, by Katie Dale & bc99
    gb Fb – cons nosex – bond humil
    32,000 words (64 pages)
    Link to story
    Billy agrees to be his sister Julie's scanty clothed assistant in a magic show. The female audience doesn't know Julie has real magic.
  8. Boys' Detention Centre, by Mich Boyle
    Fb bbFdom reluc piv mast oral – first spank
    9,750 words (19½ pages)
    Link to story
    Twelve year old, blonde and perfect, Shane Byrne is sentenced to three years in a boys prison but is held in a women's prison for his first night whilst awaiting transport to the boys' facility. He finds himself at the mercy of three sex starved female pedophile inmates whose wildest fantasies have just been realized. On transfer to the boys' detention center he finds that the female wardens are just as keen to have there way with the cutest boys in the prison…
  9. Breathless, by Adam Bookbinder
    Fb – cons mast oral pivfirst
    17,000 words (34 pages)
    Link to story
    Breathless is an unashamedly graphic account of the seduction of an 11-year-old boy by a young woman. Living out her most decadent of erotic fantasies, she finds herself with a boy who, although virginal and inexperienced, is as eager to learn as she is to teach.
  10. Brenda's Twin-boy Temptation, by Mich Boyle
    Fb – oral piv
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    Brenda was a 29 year old school teacher with a secret passion for boys that she was trying desperatly to control – The 12 year old twins in her new class would be her biggest temptation ever…
  11. Brenda's verleidelijke tweeling, by Mich Boyle
    Fb – oral piv
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    Brenda was een vrouwelijke pedofiel met een voorkeur voor jonge, onschuldige knapen waar ze zo graag les aan gaf. Na enkele avontuurtjes in scholen waar ze steeds net op tijd wegging (wegvluchtte), krijgt ze een prachtige tweeling in haar klas.
  12. Captive Breeding Program, by Damnd1
    t-machine – non-cons – milking chast humil edging cbt
    9,000 words (18 pages)
    Link to story
    A teenager and his pet are captured by girls from his school and electro-milked relentlessly.
  13. Captured by Boyscouts, by Mich Boyle
    Fbcons piv mast oral
    2,000 words (4 pages)
    Link to story
    The title says it all!
  14. Carol's Callboy Adventure, by Mich Boyle
    Fb – oral piv – prost
    2,700 words (5½ pages)
    Link to story
    Carol Newton was 36 and alone one saturday night when a chance reading of a newspaper classified Ad led her to realise her greatest and most secret fantasy… all it took was a phone call…
  15. Caught, by Diversasy
    Mb Fb bbFdom tdom reluc cons mast oral analhumil bond bdsm spank chast enema toys
    161,000 words (322 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7  8-14  15-22  23-30  31-40  41-45 
    Eleven, almost twelve year old David enjoys tying himself up. Today his hobby wll set him on a path that will take him unwillingly to places and force him into situtations far beyond anything he can imagine. But is he really unwilling?
  16. Confessions of a Boy Slut, by Mich Boyle
    bb Ft Mtcons oral anal mast piv – prost
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    The (some say true) story of a boy slut – his adventures and seductions.
  17. Cordova's Boys Home, by Wild-bill
    FMbFdom nosex – humil spank enem
    95,000 words (190 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1A-1M  1N-1R  2  3 
    A boy is sent to another reform school-like setting where bad boys are punished.
  18. Daan de krantenjongen en Juf Els, by StoTelAlex
    Mb tb fb bb – cons mast oral anal – incest Fdom spank bdsm

    12,000 words (24 pages)
    Link naar het verhaal
    Daan verdient wat bij met een krantenwijk. Bij het rondbrengen van de kranten stuit hij op onverwachte gebeurtenissen.
  19. Digital World, by Diversasy
    Ft tt – Femdom cons mast
    23,000 words (46 pages)
    Link to story
    Diversasy wrote: "I use these stories to try out different writing methods/plots/theme/characterizations and etc. so I don't know where it will go."
  20. Doctor Thomas' Good Little Boys and Girls Club, by Stroker
    Mb Fb – coerc mast oral anal – first spank voy exhib incest
    25,500 words (51 pages)
    Link to story
    Christopher, a young boy of ten is taken by his mother to visit Dr. Thomas, an older pervert who runs a club which caters to adults who lust after young boys and girls. The children are taught to obey and perform sexually for and with the grown ups. In this first chapter Christopher is introduced to the good doctor, his young sadistic nurse. With his mother present and particpating the boy is striped, examined and abused by the three adults and admitted to the club for training.
  21. Doomed, by Dux
    Ft – femdom
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    An 'impossible' boy passes the line and needs to face the consequences.
  22. Hard in Their Cages, by Purveyor of Silent Thoughts
    Ft – slave nosex – humil chast
    10,500 words (21 pages)
    Link to story
    Jason receives instructions from his mother about his role in a strictly segmented, authoritarian welfare state based on hard artificial intelligence and positive eugenics.
  23. Helen's Hot Boy Lusts, by Mich Boyle
    Fb Mb – cons piv oral anal
    6,000 words (12 pages)
    Link to story
    Mrs Henderson had fantasies of young boys that she had shared only with her husband, and kept very secret, until one day the twelve year old boy that she had hired to mow the lawn, caused her to throw caution to the wind and experience her special desires…
  24. Homework, by Gracchus
    gt Mt bgnon-cons oral anal piv – bond spank
    17,000 words (34 pages)
    Link to story
    13 year old Matt is tricked by a girl into having his hands tied… and once helpless, finds that he's a 'gift' from one of his classmates to another.
  25. House Pet, by Handgaglover
    Fbnon-cons slave oral– Fetish ('hand over mouth') humil spank first
    93,000 words (186 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-2   3-4  
    A middle-aged housewife in the 1950's experiences the unpleasantness of a cheating husband and proceeds to become a little… crazy. She dominates her son with her hands over his mouth, ties him up, spanks him, humiliates him (with a little feminization) in private and in public, and brings a few female friends in to participate. Nothing too sexual yet, but there will be down the road
  26. I Hate My Little Brother, by Evil Bubble
    gb[Mb and tb in next chapters] – cons oral – first
    15,500 words (31 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7 
    Maturing fourteen year old Ashley Halder is disappointed that her brother, nine year old Riftlend Halder, is coming to live with her and her mother in their boy deprived little town. She unexpectedly begins to feel a growing attraction to her brother, which leads to sexual exploration.
  27. Isle of Boys, by Mich Boyle
    Ftcons mast oral piv – prost
    12,000 words (24 pages)
    Link to story
    Janet Thomson has a special secret – She is wildly attracted to young boys and hears about a cruise to a tropical island where she can indulge her fantasies.
  28. Jason Here, by Jeremy Stone
    FMt – cons masthumil spank
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    A bright kid (thirteen-year-old Jason) tells his friend that he would like to know what it felt like to be spanked (and, therefore, loved). His wish comes true on his thirteenth birthday at the hands of his family, his teachers, and his friends.
  29. Jenny and Johnny, by DVNT
    Fg Fb gb bb`– Fdom mast oral anal – humil bond tort chast spank
    26,000 words (52 pages)
    Link to story
    Slave-girl Jenny goes shopping with her mother/mistress in the mall. In a rather awkward situation she meets three boys. Mother knows how to handle the boys.
  30. Johnny's Punishment, by Diabolical
    Fb MbFdom nc oral anal – bd humil spank toys crossdressing
    39,000 words (78 pages)
    Link to story
    Johnny is subjected to incredible cruelties by his family and friends. Mostly femdom but considerable homosexual activities as well. A classic.
  31. The Lady's Club, by Zork2006
    Ft – non-cons/coerc mast – humil spank tort cbt ws "nasty-stuff-eating"
    31,500 words (63 pages)
    Link to story
    Tommy is caught by Deb while peeking into her bathroom and masturbating. Deb organizes a lady's club that will use and abuse Tommy in all sorts of nasty ways.
  32. Linda's Lust for Boys, by Mich Boyle
    Ft Fbcons mast oral piv – prost first
    11,500 words (23 pages)
    Link to story
    The story of Linda – a beautiful 32-year-old woman with an addiction to boys – her adventures and seductions.
  33. Lollipops, by Damnd1
    Ft – Femdom mast –

    body modification
    3,500 words (7 pages)
    Link to story
    A father and son are used as fiendish toys.

  34. Lorraine's Little-Boy Lovers, by Mich Boyle
    Fbcons mast piv – first
    4,500 words (9 pages)
    Link to story
    The story of Lorraine Lawson – a 42yr old female pedophile on the hunt for beautiful young boys in her local park.
  35. Meiden, by Dux
    Ft gtFemdom mast – humil castr
    52,000 words (104 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-6 7-11
    Meiden wil een beschrijving geven van een femdom-gemeenschap. Een groeiende gemeenschap, want het is er goed toeven. Het verhaal zal worden verteld vanuit alle mogelijke gezichtshoeken. Man, vrouw, jongen, meisje, allen kunnen voor korte of langere tijd even de hoofdpersoon zijn. Van verschillende gezinnen, van nieuwelingen of ervarenen, van alle mogelijke mensen kan een belevenis aan de orde komen. Maar rode draad blijft die femdom-gemeenschap. Veel aandacht zal er daarbij zijn voor de ontdekkingstocht van jonge meisjes naar de geneugten van vrouwelijke dominantie. Waarmee en passant natuurlijk ook de schaamte die dit bij de jongens teweeg brengt aan de orde zal komen
  36. The Milk Bus, by Damnd1
    t-machine – forced – milking humil
    5,000 words (10 pages)
    Link to story
    A teenager gets a humiliating but erotic milking on his first day a new school.
  37. Miriam's Dark Obsession, by Stroker
    Fb – cons mast oral piv
    4,500 words (9 pages)
    Link to story
    A frustrated housewife with a long standing obsession with young boys, relives a memory of lust fulfilled. The plot thickens when she brings her perversion into her present day life…
  38. Miss Love – Camp Nurse, by Damnd1
    Ft – nosex – chast
    2,200 words (4½ pages)
    Link to story
    A young man at summer camp finds his plan to trick the female camp nurse into giving him a hand job backfiring spectacularly.
  39. Mistress and Her Little Slaveboys, by Tommy
    Fb – Fdom mast anal oral – humil spanking toys
    27,500 words (55 pages)
    Link to story
    Lady Susan gets her first 10yo slaveboy, and soon gets a second one to care for. She trains them to become obedient slaves and sextoys.
    With Tommy's I "transgendered" this Fdom-story into a Mdom, you'll find it here.
  40. Oma Leni, by Flo
    Ft tt – cons mast oral anal
    3,750 words (7½ pages)
    Link to story
    Flo kann 50 Euro verdienen wenn er seine 75-jährige Nachbarin am Samstag Abend unterhält.
  41. Pamela en Niels, by Timmetje
    bgslave pivhumil mild tort
    11,000 words (22 pages)
    Link to story  
    Dit verhaal speelt zich af in een wereld waarin vrouwen en meisjes het voor het zeggen hebben en jongens en mannen minder rechten hebben dan honden of konijnen. We volgen het leven van een tweeling: Pamela en Niels. En we ontdekken dat, hoe verbazingwekkend dat ook mag lijken, Niels niet ongelukkig is met het leven dat hij leidt.
  42. Sanctuary, by The Devil's Advocate
    Mbreluc oral anal – enema humil feminisation
    11,000 words (22 pages)
    Link to story
    2015 Challenge story: This large town is located in the desert and looks run-down. It is best-known for a tumultuous history and its beautiful park. Also, rumor has it that the inhabitants are hiding something.
  43. This Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell, by Jason Masters
    fb – femdom mast – spank
    2,000 words (4 pages)
    Link to story
    A first-year high school boy is subjected to a humiliating prank by some older boys and the result for him could be Heaven or Hell, or both at the same time.
  44. Turn for the Worse, by Handgaglover
    Fbnon-cons oral– Fetish ('hand over mouth') humil spank rape first forced-worship
    49,000 words (98 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1  2 
    A lonely, thirteen-year-old boy finds himself wandering through life with an inattentive mother who became a self-absorbed party-goer after her divorce. Trouble begins for the boy when he wanders into the life of a tall, strong, muscular woman at a renaissance fair. After catching him snooping around her tent (i.e. changing room, for she plays a knight), things only get worse when she moves into his house the next day. His mom rented out the room next to his bedroom, and he becomes a helpless pawn in her dominant fantasies.


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