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Updated 1 March 2018


  1. 2012, by Funtails
    Mb – cons oral anal
    15,000 words (30 pages)
    Link to story
    A scientist triggers the end of the world and works to save the boy in his life from destruction
  2. Abatement, by Benjamin Hanson
    bbcons oral analprost (implied) age-regression
    79,000 words (158 pages)
    1-13  14-24  25-39
    Ben Gardner was twenty-nine, working in a dead end job, and searching for an escape. After hearing about an alley where male prostitutes sold their services, he decided to visit, to just see what it was all about and to temporarily escape his mundane existence. After running into a young boy, the sort of prostitute he wasn't expecting, he found himself being pulled into a world that he couldn't have imagined. Not as Benjamin Gardner the twenty-nine year old, but as Ben, the nine year old. If Ben was bored before, he certainly wasn't now.
  3. Adam, by Shakey Psyche
    Mb bbMdom cons nc oral anal fistbdsm spank enema toys elect
    74,000 words (148 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-8   9-16  
    Kyle Henderson, a weathy Chicago man, finds a boy of about ten or so that has been abused on the streets. After offering him a way off the streets, he begins to find out that there's more to this boy than meets the eye.
  4. Adrift in Space, by Just Another Grimm
    tt-alien – nosex
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-30 
    Spoof of the 1960's tv sci fi classic. The cast members are replaced by the boys from my Fab 5, but if you've neither seen the show or my other stories it still should work.
  5. Adventure Quest (The Boy Planet), by Kyle Aarons
    bb tt Mbcons mast oral
    180,500 words (361 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-3  4-6  7-10  11-13  14-17  18-20 
    When Technology starts losing the fight against over population, humanity seeks to establish a colony on Mars. Unfortunately, the overcrowding of Earth has had an unforeseen consequence. People can no longer handle wide-open spaces. Suicide is the norm for settlers, but those born on Mars do not have the same problem, neither do most of the youngsters who move to Mars. What can be done to acclimate kids as new worlds are found to settle? The answer comes when a single world with Earthlike conditions is found. A planetary summer camp called Adventure Quest is set up. However the project is at a critical point. Earth is dying and the only true world capable of mass colonization is the massive Adventure Quest world. Can those running the program save it and humanity before the pressure becomes too great?
  6. Adventures with Summo and Timo, by Maiocxx
    bb Mb – slave/cons mast oral anal – first
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Link to story
    A Series of tales featuring Summo and Timo, who we met in chapter 11 of Travels with Li and Drew and who became the new sons of David Nelson.
  7. Alex, by Adam
    tt – cons oral
    7,500 words (15 pages)
    Link to story
    A boy visits a museum of Egyptian antiquities and finds himself suddenly in antiquity.
  8. Alien Ground Zero, by StorySam
    alien-tb tt tb bb – coerc (sort of) mast anal oralmind-control, excessive cumshots interr ws fist bond
    63,000 words (127 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4  5-8 
    We are not alone in this universe. Aliens exist. For the schoolboys of Emerson Elementary, Washington Middle, and Grant-Thorton High, this profound revelation becomes all to real when an alien creature, seeking sexual pleasure as sustenance, takes over their schools with its writhing tentacles and powerful pheromones and begins to exploit their bodies to feed its hunger.
  9. Andrew my Love, by Charles Baudot
    Mt ttcons mast oral anal – mind-control
    19,000 words (38 pages)
    Link to story
    A man gets some special powers for helping an alien and uses these powers to seduce a young boy.
  10. Apocalypse, by Moonweezle9 with Dēda and Magnus Emendator
    tb bb bgcons mast oral anal pivfirst
    426,000 words (852 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-8  9-10  11-14  15-18  19-22  23-26  27-30  31-34  35-37  38  39-40  41-42
    Continued by Deda
    43-55  56-63  64-71 
    Not since the days of the Black Plague, and the Dark Ages have we seen this much tragic disruption in everyday society. This is a contemporary post-apocalyptic science fiction story about the end of the world that we have known for many centuries.
    The main character is a 13-year-old boy from the mid-western United States, who was raised in a small town, not far from a major city. He has light-brown hair, blue eyes, stands at 5 ft 5 in, and weighs in at 115 pounds. Follow along as he has to grow up fast, and see how he becomes a leader among boys and men, respected by all, and whose guidance and counsel is sought after, time and again.

    The story is being edited by Magnus Emendator, and is continued from chapter 43 by Dēda.

  11. The Apparition, by Cutter09
    Mt Mg tt – cons mast oral anal
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    An old house leads to some strange bedfellows.
  12. April Interlude, by Eff Del
    Mbcons oral – toy
    6,500 words (13 pages)
    Link to story
    A world famous photographer and a very jaded 12 year old boy spend an interesting few days together while the boy's mother and Nanny are otherwise engaged.
  13. The Arrivals, by Bara
    Mt ttcons/Mdom oral anal – spank chast bond
    40,500 words (81 pages)
    Link to story
    What do you do if you find a squad of teenagers on your front lawn one morning? Where do they come from? How do you get them home? How do you cope with their unique ideas on discipline and service?
  14. At Day's End, by Arthur
    tt – cons anal – warlike violence and killing
    65,500 words (131 pages)
    Link to story
    It was economic collapse that preceeded the end of the world as we knew it. From those ashes arose two dogmatic religions. In the west, it was a new inquisition that shook itself to the top and became the force that reshaped the world in its medieval image. This is the world that young Kros learned to survive in.
  15. Baseball Camp, by Mike S
    Mb bb tb – cons mast oral anal – first
    53,500 words (107 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-10   11-13  
    The story is about 27 year old Middle School gym teacher, who used to be a promising professional ball player until the injury forced him to retire. Witnessing his neighbor's heart attack, he was asked by the guy to takeover his job as a baseball coach in summer camp. After their first game, on the way to Hotel, they were hit by Cosmic Anomaly and sent to another planet, thousand light years away. That is where their adventure begins…
  16. Beanbags, by Damnd1
    t-alien tg – non-cons mast –

    body modification milking
    3,500 words (7 pages)
    Link to story
    A boy is abducted by aliens and subjected to erotic procedures.

  17. The Beggar Boys, by Storytime
    Mb bb bg – cons mast oral anal
    70,000 words (140 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1  2  3  4 
    Two homeless kids in a large city (in like 14th century England of course) are desperate to make some money so they decide to try and sneak into some dangerous ruins and find a magical item they can sell for a lot of money. Of course, things don't go as well as they planned but they get really lucky and meet an adventurer that really takes a liking to them and gives them plenty of food and money and anything else they want, as well as some much wanted affection.
  18. The Bellatrix IV Chronicles, by Deda
    t-alien bb – coer mast oral
    13,500 words (27 pages)
    Link to story
    Rory was thirteen when the space freighter Argonaut crashed on the fourth planet in the Bellatrix system. Not knowing if he was the only survivor of the crew of seven including his mother and father was hard, but staying alive was even harder. Thank God, he was not alone. At least he found Sammy. But, what was Sammy?
  19. Billie The Magician's Assistant, by Katie Dale & bc99
    gb Fb – cons nosex – bond humil
    32,000 words (64 pages)
    Link to story
    Billy agrees to be his sister Julie's scanty clothed assistant in a magic show. The female audience doesn't know Julie has real magic.
  20. The Bond, by Sarge
    tt – cons mast oralhumil
    41,500 words (83 pages)
    Link to story
    Everyone knows that magic doesn't exist except in books and the minds of adventurous boys. Yet, there are a few unexplained events that occur every once in a while. And unbeknownst to most, there are people whose job it is to watch for the use of magic. If magic did exist, it would be useful to train those who used it.
  21. Bookbinder, by Peter Pierce
    Mbcons mast oral
    65,500 words (131 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-6  7-14  15-17 
    Quick version, magical books for gay boys who get to run away and do fun things with hot older guys. Will the vampire sink his fangs in a you know what or will the nice mentor beat him to it? Inquiring minds with a love for kids stories have at it. No heavy stuff in this one but hopefully enough to make you keep on a night light, take a look at that book on your shelf and ponder your penis.
  22. Bound To Heaven, by Jason Masters
    Mb – nosexbond
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Link to story
    A man and a boy discover that Heaven caters to all tastes, and discover each other in the process.
  23. Boy God Darren, by Bara
    ttcons oral anal
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    Darren escapes an exploding spaceship only to be seen as a god by the people who rescue him. A tongue in cheek reponse to the Island Of Boys Challenge.
  24. Boy Sketches, by Jason Masters
    Mb – slave cons coerc mast – prost bond
    24,000 words (48 pages)
    Link to story
    Short sketches about young boys
  25. Boyhood of a Clone, by Bill
    bb tb – cons oral anal
    14,500 words (29 pages)
    Link to story
    In the year 2055, gay men have formed communal living groups and raise children who are clones of themselves. Each year, nine children are born in the commune - three sets each of three identical boys, who grow up in an environment of free love among themselves and with other age groups of boys.
  26. The Boys Guardian Force, by Storytime
    tb bbcons mast oral anal – first
    17,000 words (34 pages)
    Link to story
    This is sort of a silly idea for a story but it's kinda fun. A boy gets whisked away to a magical base and gets sent on missions to save cute, young boys from peril like falling down the stairs and getting in fights. And he uses a sword! And needless to say, the boys are often very appreciative after getting saved.
  27. Boys in Space, by Hamilton Joyce
    Mb – slave oral anal – prost first interr
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    Anything can be bought in Space Port on the planet The Mines. Clubs cater for every sexual taste, but the Unique Selling Proposition of the Spapo tourist industry is its boys! And across the sprawling city nine out of ten clubs were manned (if that is the right word!) by teenage or pre-teen boys. This is the story of how I came to Mina and how I eventually came to enjoy life there.
  28. Boys of the CIA, by Sid G
    tt Mt – cons mast oral analprost
    77,000 words (154 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4   5-6   7-8  
    A school run by the CIA recruits boys who have various powers (ie telepathy, telekinesis, invisibility, shape shifting, etc.). The CIA teaches the normal classes but also helps the boys perfect their abilities in exchange for after graduation working for the CIA.
  29. A Boy's Tale, by Storytime
    tt tg – cons mast oral anal piv
    142,500 words (283 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-3  4-5  6-8  9-10  11 
    This story is about a boy who wakes up in modern times and can't remember anything except that he has telekinetic powers. So he spends a lot of time with the government and a lot of time escaping and does all kinds of crazy stuff and finds some nice boyfriends to hang out with. It's just the best story ever, go read it right now!
  30. The Brown Mountain Incident, by Charles Baudot
    Mbcons mast
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Link to story
    This story combines a placid man-boy sexual encounter with a ghost story - actually with an old urban legend theme. The man is traveling through the mountains and comes upon a 10-year-old hitchhiker who is cold, wet, miserable, and lost. He takes the boy in.
  31. C.O.R.E.E., by Cosmo
    b-robotcons oral anal
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    One lucky boy is introduced to his best friend's younger brother, a very beautiful, precocious and special little boy called Cory. During the course of one afternoon, he strikes up an acquaintance with Cory and discovers the secret of just what makes this little boy so special.
  32. A Change in Life's Direction, by Deda
    Mtcons mast
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    Bert had traversed the known universe in many ships by the time that he was pensioned off and left "on the beach" in comfortable retirement at the settlement on the tropical Earth-type planet in what, even in the twenty-third century, was still called Terra Nova. Waiting for death was not what Bert had in mind while he still had good years left in him. Young Peter, the neighbor boy, was fascinated with his older neighbor and the adventures that he had had in space. Little did Peter know that Bert wanted more than friendship from his young neighbor.
  33. A Charitable Sacrifice, by Benjamin Hanson
    Mb bbcons mast oralfirst age-regression
    52,000 words (104 pages)
    1-11  12-21 
    When a fatal illness caused a pious man to fall in his resolve, he decided to make a deal that would prove to be not exactly as it seemed. Now a seven-year-old in the home of his sole college friend, complete with his family, he is forced to navigate a life torn between the knowledge of an adult mind and the whims of a child's body; an experience that will forever alter his perception of himself and the meaning of his lives.
  34. Charlie Visits PZA, by Unknownwriter
    Mb – nosex – references to: b(solo), bt, bond spank diapers slave etc.
    3,500 words (7 pages)
    Link to story
    2015 Challenge story: This large town is located in the desert and looks run-down. It is best-known for a tumultuous history and its beautiful park. Also, rumor has it that the inhabitants are hiding something.
  35. A Christmas Carol, by Anonymous
    Mb – nosex – spank
    5,000 words (10 pages)
    Link to story
    13-year-old Charles has been a very naughty boy during the year. Santa lets him pay a very special price for his failure to learn his lesson.
  36. A Christmas Promise, by Sam the Ham
    Mbcons anal
    4,500 words (9 pages)
    Link to story
    Nine-year-old Lee has not been very good this year. So much so that he's worried he won't get any presents for Christmas. So he's going to plead his case of the man himself
  37. The Constant Grocer, by Bruce Bramson
    Mt – cons oral mast – med ws "age-regression (sort of)"
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    In a small town in California live several boys whose development was temporarily delayed at 12 or 13 years old. A state medical officer investigates this strange effect.
  38. Cow-Boy, by Ignacious
    bb – slavery oral – first med ws toys milking
    26,000 words (52 pages)
    Link to story
    A boy's family is going through rough financial times, so for the sake of his younger brother, his parents 'volunteer' him to become a cow-boy, the producers of the most popular healthy drink in the world: cow-boy milk.
  39. The Crying Puppet, by Jason Masters
    Mb – nosex
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Link to story
    A short story containing a mystery. Why did the puppet cry, and what finally happened to it?
  40. The Cyclist, by Damnd1
    t-machine – cons mast
    5,000 words (10 pages)
    Link to story
    A cyclist on the verge of puberty discovers that his coach's massages do more than improve his lap times.
  41. Danny's Little Problem, by Justin Davis
    alien-tcons? mast anal – fantasy
    7,500 words (15 pages)
    Link to story
    Suddenly, Danny's dick began to grow to an enormous size.
  42. A Dedicated Life, by Corin
    bb Mb – coer slave mast oral anal – prost first bond
    19,500 words (39 pages)
    Link to story
    A group of children is raised and trained in seclusion for one purpose only: To serve society as willing sex toys. This story is about 10-year-old Kenny, who has to learn the ropes in this profession. It's about the challenges he's facing, friends and enemies he's making along his ride and about how he's accepting his fate. Get sensible and personal insights into his adventures, his feelings and sexual encounters.
  43. Desire Boys, by Doctor X
    Mb – cons mast – more to come
    10,500 words (21 pages)
    Link to story
    A young man called Adam meets a young boy whom is far more than he seems. Soon they bond and experience the joys of life.
  44. Dor'rel's Experiment, by Mike S
    tt Mt Ft gt – cons oral anal
    19,000 words (38 pages)
    Link to story
    Ever wonder if there are other inhibited planets beside Earth? Or who is the God or Gods, that created humans? Some speculate that humans were created 50 thousand years ago by a race that needed workers. What if that same super race (Elders) created beings similar to humans, only 50 thousand years before us and on the other side of our galaxy? A young scientist from the planet Ter'ran, sets to prove that Myth about Elders creating race on the distant planet Earth is truth and decides to investigate…
  45. Dreams, by Bara
    Mtbcons (ref. to non-cons) anal – bond ref. to torture & death
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    Dreams can be surreal fantasies. What happens when the dream turns out to be real life and an answer to a cry for help?
  46. Dunn's Chronicles, by Diabloa5 & The Aconite Acolyte
    Mb – cons/non-cons mast oral anal (non-cons in later chapters)
    297,500 words (595 pages)
    Links to chapters: Part 1: 1-2  3  4  5  5½-6  7  8-9  10-11  Part 2: 12-13 

    A major pandemic hits the world, killing most of the adults and bringing chaos.
    We follow Miles Dunn, a former major in the marines who just took a job at Saint Xavier Academy for boys. What will become of him and the boys he met there? What do you do when you have been a closet boylover all your life and there are no more rules and death is everywhere? That is at the heart of our tale, where you will meet many more characters, good, bad and in between. There will violence and cruelty, death. But also, hope, friendship, love, heroism.
    Come along for the ride.

  47. Ecosystem, by StorySam
    bt-plant – mast (sort of anal) – age regression enema
    12,000 words (24 pages)
    Link to story
    A probe travels through time to observe a mysterious island and the island's interactions with boys unwittingly stranded there.
  48. Elios, by Arthur
    tt Mtcons mast oral anal – warlike violence and killing

    166,500 words (333 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-5  6-9  10-14  15-20
    The nuclear holocaust was a distant memory. Why and how were lost to legends. In this future, far from our present, a trio of boys set out to find their place in the world.
  49. Empirical Companion, by Paolo
    tt eunuch – no sex, anal suggested – null mind-control
    11,500 words (23 pages)
    Link to story
    Set in the future, a human ruler's son demands an alien boy as debt payment to be his 'companion'.
  50. Excelsior, by David Clarke
    tt – cons mast oral
    286,000 words (572 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4  5-8  9-12  13-16  17-20  21-24  25-28  29-32  33-34 
    An ordinary working-class fourteen-year-old boy from London discoveres that he is neither ordinary nor working class, and also that the world he has spent the past four years in isn't his real world at all. Returning to his own world he has to adapt to a civilisation with no electricity or petrol engines, a completely different history, and a major war in which he is expected to play a part. Not to mention a boyfriend he had completely forgotten about…
  51. Finding Love, by Bill W
    tt Mt – cons/prost oral anal
    73,000 words (146 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7  8-13 
    Win comes from a wealthy home and is quite happy, until his father dies in a freak accident. This leaves him alone with his alcoholic and mentally absent mother. When she starts dating Bart, Win's world suddenly starts to come crashing around him. Is there any hope for him?
  52. First Light, by Eff Del
    Mb – cons mast oral anal
    4,250 words (8½ pages)
    Link to story
    As dawn breaks, a man and a boy begin their day together in a private enigmatic world… in an undetermined age. Is this a dream or some alternate reality?
  53. Flight of the Jay, by CalvinC
    alien-b – – null
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    A race of aliens intend to colonise Earth, wiping out the vermin of the human species. A few survivors struggle to survive - some individually, some in resistance pockets. The aliens exterminate most humans they find, but an unfortunate few are taken away, castrated and 'reassigned'. 12 year old Jason meets 22 year old Kurt in the horrors of the reassignment facility.
  54. For Want of One, by Paolo
    Mb eunuch – slavery nosex – null
    32,000 words (64 pages)
    Link to story
    Time Paradox theme - an engineer in the future working outside Time finds his existence erased when an ancestor is sold as a slaveboy and gelded.
  55. Forever Wet, by Quantum Fantasy
    Mtnon-cons anal oral – med cbt body-modification
    17,500 words (35 pages)
    Links to chapters: Link to story
    Sequel to Tardies. Thirteen year old Randy is kidnapped and brought to an old man. This man keeps in prisoned and transmogrifying him
  56. Free Day, by Storytime
    ttcons oral anal – first
    28,000 words (56 pages)
    Link to story
    A middle school kid finds a coupon that just says 'Free Day' and finds out the next day that it means everyone will do anything he tells them to and he can't get in trouble for anything he does. So what do you think your average middle school boy would do? that's right, absolute craziness and lots of sexy fun!
  57. From Beyond the Grave, by Bill W
    tt – nosex
    3,500 words (7 pages)
    Link to story
    Young Mikey, Michelangelo as his dad calls him, comes upon a big surprise on Halloween night while cutting through a graveyard.
  58. Future Shock, by Zorakk
    Mb bgcons nc oral anal mast – spank
    101,000 words (202 pages)
    Links to chapters: First version: Link to story
    Second version: 1  2 
    Third version: 1  2  3  4
    The adventueres of Star Nomad Pete Reynolds, licensed boy lover, and his Klingon friend's pupil and his own adopted son. Their experiences, happy, sad, and all that entails are represented here.

    ***Zorakk wrote three different versions of the first two chapters. In each version he added paragraphs, introduced new characters and completely changed the background of his main persons. The three versions are almost three different stories and therefore I publish them all!

  59. The Gamakyr Stories, by J.O. Dickingson
    b t solo?cons mast oral anal
    8,800 words (17½ pages)
    Link to story
    In the dark of night a shadow flows from house to house, searching, seeking, smelling. Young boys are its prey, and forbidden pleasure is its game. Beware, the Gamakyr hunts tonight.
  60. The Gargoyle of Male Fecundity, by J.O. Dickingson
    Mb tb bbcons anal oral mastfantasy first interr
    409,000 words (818 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-3  4-5  6-7  8-10  11-12  13-14  15-16  17-18  19-20  21-22  23  24   25-26   27-28   29   30  
    Suppose you were a beefy trucker who loved little boys? Suppose the favourite little boy in your life became pregnant, by you? Suppose you discovered the two of you were not alone and you all had in common an encounter with an inscrutable oriental with a pregnant frog statue? Suppose boys and men could express their love openly and without fear? Suppose the birth of your child marked the beginning of a new era of love, compassion and peace on earth? Suppose the Gargoyle of Male Fecundity wasn't just an improbable fantasy? Come and let Billy Bob guide you.
  61. The Gift of the Songbird, by J.O. Dickingson
    Mbcons oral anal
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    A powerful and wise ruler in an ancient land is given a boy, a Songbird, as a gift for the thirtieth anniversary of his reign. One of a collection of stories from the ancient and exotic Land of the Tiger Eye.
  62. Grampa, by Damnd1
    t-plant – cons mast –

    tentacles milking
    3,750 words (7½ pages)
    Link to story
    A teenager is given a unique gift by his grand father for his fifteenth birthday.

  63. Green Moss, by Mr. Cabinet
    Mb – cons anal
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Link to story
    On his way back from an expedition, an archeology student gets lost and meets and a 13-year old boy Pablo. Is it a dream? A nightmare?
  64. Halloween Pleasures, by Debonair
    bb tb – cons mast oral anal
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    A trick-or-treater experiences the greatest Halloween celebration.
  65. Halloween Pranksters, by Daemon Way
    demon-t tt Mbnon-cons anal oral – mind-control
    6,500 words (13 pages)
    Link to story
    Halloween is a time for treats, and for some, playing tricks. Two thirteen-year-old boys with the nine-year-old brother of one of them in tow, plan on playing a trick on a strange, crabby old man in their neighbourhood, not realizing the man has a few tricks up his sleeve himself.
  66. A Halloween Trick Or Treat?, by Bill W
    tt – nosex
    6,500 words (13 pages)
    Link to story
    Kerry is very unhappy and hates school because he is being picked on by his peers. Things come to a head on Halloween when an incident leads Kerry to decide he's finally had enough. What is he about to do?
  67. The Hart Legacy, by Cutter09
    Mt tt tgcons oral anal – tdom mind-control incest
    30,000 words (60 pages)
    Link to story
    Isaac goes to visit his strange grandfather, only to discover his grandfather is not nearly as strange as Isaac himself.
  68. The Haunted House, by Sam the Ham
    tbcons oral
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    Two boys explore a supposedly haunted house.
  69. The Haunting of the Hadley Home, by StorySam
    tb bb – cons(?) oral anal
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    Every night. In the dark. Three brothers. A haunting.
  70. The Herd, by Daemon Way
    tb-alien – mast
    18,000 words (36 pages)
    Link to story
    The crews from the Terran Exploration ship Gulliver and two search and rescue ships have disappeared on planet Bertram Herschel. The crew from the third search and rescue ship discovers what has happened to them.
  71. Imperio, by Leonard
    Mb – mind control
    44,000-31,000 words (88 max & 62 min pages)
    Links to chapters: Beginning
    Endings: A  B  C 
    A man tries to hypnotize a boy. What will he do if he can create his perfect, mindless slave?
  72. Imp's Special Christmas, by Cyberboy
    Mbcons anal – bond
    7,500 words (15 pages)
    Link to story
    A super-hero story where the boy sidekick of a super-villain receives and unexpected present for Christmas.
  73. Inter-dimensional milking, by Damnd1
    t-machine tt tg – cons mast anal – milking
    74,000 words (148 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7  8-18  19-22 
    A future where boys are milked all day every day
  74. Ion Storm: Escaping the alien cave, by Damnd1
    t-alien – mast –
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    Colonists trapped beneath an alien planet are forced into a sexual encounter with an alien creature.
  75. The Island of the Lost Scouts, by Calvinus
    bb Mb – cons/non-cons pivtransgender spank ws
    36,000 words (72 pages)
    Link to story
    It was meant to be the scouting opportunity of a life time, the perfect international scout camp set on an idyllic island where boys and girls from all over the world came together for one glorious summer. That was the plan, but then the event happened, and all the adults vanished and the scouts were left to fend for themselves, until the day a stranger walked into camp. Toby and George did not know how life altering that day would be, as they struggled to understand what had happened, where the stranger had come from, and how they would ever get home.
  76. The Journey Between, by Sam the Ham
    ttcons oral – first
    9,000 words (18 pages)
    Link to story
    Tarski and his family is moving from one planet to another. It should have been uneventful six week long journey but upon meeting Carl his friends residence on the ship another journey.
  77. Julien and the Nine Worlds, by Engor
    bbcons mast oral anal
    309,500 words (619 pages)
    Links to chapters: Book I: 1-13  14-34  35-50  51-67  68-80
    Book II: 1-13  14-30  31-49  50-62  63-87 
    Julien, who is twelve and three-quarters, has no idea where a stroll on the beach with his dog might take him if he doesn't take care. If he had any idea what is waiting for him on that deserted shoreline he probably wouldn't be walking in quite such a carefree and confident way. Because maybe his dog Ugo isn't the ordinary Bouvier he thinks it is, and maybe the wide world is even wider than he believes. Come to that, perhaps Julien himself isn't just an ordinary kid, even though he's never thought of himself as anything else. He's only a step away from a world full of wonders, dangers, friendship and many, many other things. And you can go with him if you want to...
  78. Julien et les Neuf Mondes, by Engor
    bbcons mast oral anal
    291,500 words (583 pages)
    Links to chapters: Volume I: 1-10  11-27  28-44  45-56  57-68  69-80
    Volume II: 1-12  13-27  28-45  46-61  62-87
    Julien, douze ans trois quarts, est loin d'imaginer jusqu'où une promenade sur la plage avec Ugo pourrait l'emmener s'il n'y prend garde ! S'il savait à l'avance ce qui l'attend sur cette plage déserte, avancerait-il toujours d'un même pas confiant ? Car Ugo n'est peut-être pas tout-à-fait le banal chien bouvier qu'il a toujours prétendu être. Et le vaste monde est peut-être encore plus vaste qu'il n'y paraît. Et Julien lui-même est peut-être bien plus que le simple jeune garçon qu'il a toujours cru être… Juste un pas le sépare d'un monde plein de merveilles, de dangers, d'amitié et de bien d'autres choses encore… Il ne tient qu'à nous de l'y accompagner.
    For an English translation, see Julien and the Nine Worlds
  79. The Kandric Saga, by Kyle Aarons
    Mb – cons oral – slavery humil tort bond spank
    748,000 words (1496 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-3  4-6  7-9  10  11  12  13-14  15-16  17-18  19-20  21-22  23-24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31(1)  31(2) 
    Eons ago the world was a place of wonder where magic took care of nearly everyone. However, power corrupts and those who controlled the magic became drunk on the energies they wielded. The most ancient and powerful of races, the Mythlings, decided it was time for those under them to worship them rather than just accept them as rulers. The Age of War came, but never left. First was the Mything Wars. This in turn was followed by the Dragon Wars, the Alphar-Garm wars, the Dwarven-Elvin wars, the Drow wars" The most powerful of the remaining races tearing themselves apart one after another until the very fabric of the world was being torn asunder as hatreds chewed at the very fiber of society and of magic. While the supremacy of the gods slipped the influence of the demon lords grew. Now magic is in the hands of the few, races distrust each other, and children are mere property. The gods and the demon lords play their games through the mortals and suffering is more the rule than the exception. Are there forces willing and able to fight back against the shroud of darkness threatening to cause a deeper slide into the abyss?
  80. Khazad-Dum, by Benjie
    Mt ttcons oral anal – prost male-pregnancy
    5,250 words (10½ pages)
    Link to story
    A man makes a crash-landing on an alien planet with only men. By drinking semen from one of the aliens he get pregnant.
  81. Kiddie Treatment, by Anonymous
    Mb – oralmind-control
    2,800 words (5½ pages)
    Link to story
    College student finds that his professor's program with boys is not what he expected.
  82. The Kingdom of the Isles, by Calvinus
    Mtb bbslave/cons oral anal – includes deaths by accidents, gory executions and ritual offers
    32,000 words (64 pages)
    Links to chapters: Act I
    The Kingdom of the Isles is a volcanic circular archipelago isolated by a vast ocean, clustered around a central capital island and ruled each year by a king appointed by the great god, Horjock.
    The king is chosen from the ruler of one of seven great houses, but which house is chosen is determined by the winner of the annual Great Race that takes place each year on the Spring equinox. Six boys, who must not have gone through the rite of manhood, and so must be under 13, will race to the top of Horjock's mountain. The winner gains the kingship for his house, and goes into the temple there dedicating his life to Horjock's service. The losers of the race are stripped and made slaves for a year for their failure – unless they cannot complete the race before sundown, in which case they will become slaves for life.
    Eleven year old Bran hopes to win this year's Great Race and be re-united with his cousin and best friend, Rixon, who won last year. Will Bran's dream of bringing honour o his house come true?
  83. Kinnick's Demon, by Bill Underhill
    Mbcons oral – slavery (deaths by magic force, pedophage demons and violence inexplicitly described)
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    "Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from a really slick piece of technology." Dangling boy-meat as a human sacrifice in front of a pedophilic high-energy physicist isn't a career-enhancing practice, whatever universe you're in.
  84. Knock Knock, by Sam the Ham
    tbcons oral anal
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    Brian is struggling with his sexual identity. Then two strangers show up at his door that aren't quite human.
  85. The Last Wizards (The Bond 2), by Sarge
    tt – cons mast oralhumil
    48,500 words (87 pages)
    Link to story
    Allister, Grayson, and Aaden set out to discover why the number of wizards is decreasing over time, with the concern that they may be living in the time of the last wizards. Their trainers, who have studied the problem for years, believe that another School, one not friendly to their School, has been secretly gathering potential candidates from the other School's zones. If this can be proven, it would mean war.
  86. Little Naked Boy, by DBZFanGoten
    tb bb – non-cons/reluc mast'shrinking' humil
    21,500 words (43 pages)
    Link to story
    Twelve-year-old Jimmy was just like any other normal boy, until one fateful bus ride home had left him tiny and without any clothes on! Now at the mercy of the giant-size schoolmates, Jimmy now has to survive by serving as a unwilling pet boy to his giant captors.
  87. Lollipops, by Damnd1
    Ft – Femdom mast –

    body modification
    3,500 words (7 pages)
    Link to story
    A father and son are used as fiendish toys.

  88. Lost and Found Along the Outer Rim, by Robertx5sf
    Mbslave cons/non-cons mast oral anal – spank chast
    23,500 words (47 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-13 
    Rex used to dream of striking it rich and buying a slave boy. Now, the down on his luck space scavenger doesn't even have the funds to refuel. Will a mysterious discovery change his fortunes?
  89. Lust in Space, by Cutter09
    Mt F-alien M-aliencons mast oral anal
    3,500 words (7 pages)
    Link to story
    Major West has the hots for Will Robinson.
  90. The Mall Wizard, by Storytime
    tbcons mast anal – first
    9,500 words (19 pages)
    Link to story
    This story is another sort of strange premise. A boy is shopping at a mall and suddenly a wizard robs the store he's in. He uses some sort of magic and when the boy wakes up, he finds everyone disappeared except one other boy. They look around together and try and figure out what happened but the other boy mostly just wants to play around with nobody to tell him what to do. Eventually they both get into it and run around naked and smash stuff and play with everything and eventually they find something even more fun to do. Yes, I did totally rip off The Langoliers by Stephen King, deal with it.
  91. My Last Road Trip - The Trip To Paradise, by StoTelAlex
    Mb – cons anal mast
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Link to story
    2015 Challenge story: This large town is located in the desert and looks run-down. It is best-known for a tumultuous history and its beautiful park. Also, rumor has it that the inhabitants are hiding something.
  92. My Son's Baby, by Ramrod
    Mb – cons anal – incest male-pregnancy
    1,500 words (3 pages)
    Link to story
    A father gets a surprise after raping his son.
  93. The Mysterious Z-Battler, by Anonymous
    Mb bb – cons oral anal mast – superhero-boy
    24,000 words (48 pages)
    Link to story
    Adventures of the Masked Shota Masked Shota, the superhero boy, gets a strange new classmate.
  94. A New Kind Of Family, by Johan Fourie
    MM Mb bb – cons oral – incest
    11,000 words (22 pages)
    Link to story
    Andrew is in a secret relationship with James, both of them are married. They take James's sons with them on an all-boys weekend, where Andrew starts to struggle with his attraction to James's sons as he sees James interacting with them and playing with them and being stern with them.
  95. The New Year Shrink!, by DBZFanGoten
    tb – nosex'shrinking' humil
    1,500 words (3 pages)
    Link to story
    Mikey attends his first even New Years Party.
  96. The Nexus Trilogy, by David Clarke
    tt tb bbcons mast oral analfirst interr spank bond
    455,500 words (911 pages)
    Links to chapters: Book I: The Nexus: 1-4  5-8  9-13  14-17
    Book II: The Second Nexus: 1-3  4-7  8-11  12-15  16-18
    Book III: The Final Nexus: 1-4  5-8  9-12  13-16  17-19 
    The adventures of Jake Stone as he leaves the world of a disillusioning French exchange trip for a series of parallel worlds where he finds love, sex and the real value of friendship as he gathers comrades for company.
  97. No Signs of Life, by Damnd1
    tt – cons(?) mast oral anal
    16,500 words (33 pages)
    Link to story
    In a post apocalypse world, a teenager encounters the boy of his dreams. Unfortunately the boy is infected with the Blank Virus, a debilitating plague that leaves its sufferers unable to think for themselves.
  98. New storyNog, by Jay
    t-alien – cons mast oral anal
    9,500 words (19 pages)
    Link to story
    The only two teenagers on Deep Space Nine become friends
  99. Nuts and Bolts, by Debonair
    Mb bb – cons mast oral anal 'selfsuck'
    9,500 words (19 pages)
    Link to story
    This one starts out as a regular story but suddenly veers in a different direction and confused lotsa readers. It's about an adventurous kid meeting a stranger on the Internet. Strangely, it wasn't the main character that people liked.
  100. Of Ice and Men, by Cyn Diquill
    tb – cons mast – first
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    Poor little Samuel is lost in the woods on Christmas Eve. He's rescued by a couple men in a cabin, and spends one of the most magical Christmas eve's ever by their side.
  101. The Only Boy on Calisto, by Bill
    Mb tb – mast (virtual: cons anal oral)
    9,000 words (18 pages)
    Original version
    Revised version
    Billy, the only boy on Calisto, writes a letter to his cousin about his sexual adventures in virtual reality. There are two versions of this story.
  102. The Orgasm Project, by StorySam
    Machine Mb Mt – non-cons mast anal – milking, multiple orgasms
    9,000 words (18 pages)
    Link to story
    The good Doctor Tatem is giving a tour of his lab where he is working to change the world. His method? Orgasms.
  103. The Panthers and the Giant Hue-manz, by J.O. Dickingson
    Mbcons mast oral anal
    9,500 words (19 pages)
    Link to story
    Imagine discovering a planet rich in the fuel hydrazine and populated only by sexually active, telepathic prepubescent boys between the ages of three and thirteen! Which would be the greater find, and what can be the only outcome of such a discovery?
  104. Pathos, by Arthur
    Mb tb – cons anal – prostitution
    44,000 words (88 pages)
    Link to story
    A story about a rags to riches young teen; he discovers that his world has just changed into something he could never believe would ever happen; especially to a boy in his situation and low station of a life that was meant to be that of a common dancer and rent boy.
  105. Poor Little Rich Boy, by Dirt
    MbSlave non-cons/cons oral analmod interr (not emphasized: chast, rim)
    66,500 words (133 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4  5-7  8-10 
    The 12-year-old heir to one of the wealthiest family fortunes in the Federation is sold by his cousin to an agent who finds boys to make into slaves.
  106. The Prince's Boy, by Sid G
    tb – cons oral anal
    16,500 words (33 pages)
    Link to story
    Once upon a time there was a young prince and his even younger servant…
  107. Punishment on Draconis 3, by Damnd1
    tb-alien – punishment oral anal – milking
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    Five boys face a unique punishment on a alien planet.
  108. A Question of Time, by Charles Baudot
    Mb – cons oral anal
    42,500 words (85 pages)
    Link to story
    Jason and Ryan live in a upside down world where everyone is considered a spy, unless you work for 'The Company Store'. There is all kinds of monitoring, brother is pitted against brother. Women are used for breeding only and are 'doctored' to produce only boys. Charles Baudot travels through time and interfaces with Jason and Ryan, and feels that there is a better life in the past.
  109. The Quiet Kid, by Storytime
    tt tgcons mast oral anal piv – first
    17,500 words (35 pages)
    Link to story
    For some reason, this seems to be one of the #1 favorite stories I wrote. I think it's really good too actually. It's about a kid at school who's super quiet and strange and doesn't have any friends. A group of curious kids try to find out why he's so antisocial but end up very frustrated. One boy feels really sorry for him though and tries really hard to become friends with him to cheer him up and keep him company. Plus, he thinks he's totally cute! But the closer he gets, the more strange things he notices about the boy until finally he reveals his big secret, and trust me, it's not what you think.
  110. Red Rock Canyon, by Sam the Ham
    tb – cons oral anal mast
    5,000 words (10 pages)
    Link to story
    Louis and Alexandre are going on a little trip after their father attends a convention in Las Vegas. They are not expecting much but when a boy at the hotel immediately starts coming onto them they think things are turning their way. Almost too well.
  111. Revenge, by Bill W
    tt – nosex
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    Hunter Benjamin is gay and has had a rough time at his school in Texas. Unexpectedly, his father announces he has accepted a new job and the family will be moving to Maryland. Once they get there, Hunter discovers a boy who used to live in the house was killed back in the 1980s and now haunts the property. How will Hunter and his family cope with this situation?
  112. Robopocalypse and other stories, by Johan Johnson
    Mbcons oral anal – mod
    9,250 words (18½ pages pages)
    Link to story
    Watch different erotic worlds come to life as writer Johan Johnson whisks you from one to the next, garnished with mesmerising Sci-Fi, changing styles, and even a few shockers. He sets up vivid absurdity in his début story Robopocalypse, before a change of gears down to the more melo-romantic Steele And Jake Forever. The colour-pallet then turns darker and grittier in All Kids Go To Heaven, before culminating all previously discovered storytelling tools in his latest piece Cody. Ryan. Leo - If his first three stories were individual Marvel Comics, this would be his Avengers.
    1. Robopocalypse
      Set in a future where people can purchase a wide range of useful robots commercially, this story is an account of a young boy's first sexual encounter with his, and as an escape into the wild possibilities our future may bring.
    2. Steele And Jake Forever
      A descriptive-oriented story of two strangers and the delicate network of circumstances that drew them together one night, spiralling off into an uncontrollable fix of love, lust and passion.
    3. All Kids Go To Heaven
      Upon dying, this story tracks the fleeting moments marking a restless soul's transition into the afterlife, and visit to his teen-crush, who had always been an out-of-reach famous boy, until now.
    4. Cody. Ryan. Leo.
      Dear Science. Please perfect cloning faster. I have three gorgeous boys to clone! Sincerely, Their lover-boy.
  113. Role Reversal, by Bill W
    tt – nosex
    6,500 words (13 pages)
    Link to story
    J.J. dislikes gays and makes life miserable for them. That is until Halloween, when he suddenly realizes he is one of them. How will he handle this new development and will the same things happen to him that he's done to others?
  114. S.P.O.I.L.-ed Twins, by MaxStevens
    Mb machine-b – punishment mast – bond humil diaper pain
    44,000 words (88 pages)
    Link to story
    The pair of young twins Mitch and Tommy Collins are spoiled rotten by their mom and dad and they tend to get themselves into a bit of trouble. This story is about a punishment for some of those little crimes that the boys commit.
  115. The Serum Conditioning, by Leonard
    Mb tb bgnon-cons Mdom oral mast anal – mind-control ws scat
    38,500 words (77 pages)
    Link to story
    Three boys unwittingly drink a serum that enables a conditioning process. The more commands the boys obey, the more they will be unable to resist every future command. Eventually, they are reduced to obeying any order no matter how much they hate what it tells them to do. One third dramatic buildup, one third intense sex scenes, one third psychological exploration of the effects of domination.
  116. Sex Candy (A Christmas tale), by Debonair
    tb – cons oral anal mast
    7,000 words (14 pages)
    Link to story
    A kid is lured into a world of magical elves when he's given a piece of special candy that makes him horny.
  117. The Sex Offense Prevention Reformatory on Pluto, by Yaro Minnaar
    Mtb alien-t – non-cons mast anal oral – interr cbt electr
    8,250 words (16½ pages)
    Link to story
    In a futuristic society where sex is forbidden and people's instincts are suppressed through the use of a drug called oblivion, Brénainn Aodhan – an eccentric millionaire – has built a Sex Offense Prevention Reformatory on Pluto. This place was created after discovering that all homosexual males where immune to the sex-drive suppressant. Ever since, Aodhan has rid humanity of homosexuals. What is really taking place in the SOPR?
  118. Shape, by Luke
    tb – cons no explicit sex
    23,500 words (47 pages)
    Link to story
    This story is about an immortal shape-shifter falling in love with a human boy.
  119. The Slave Boy Planet, by Quozax
    Mtb tb bb – slave mast oral anal – bond incest
    25,500 words (51 pages)
    Link to story
    In an distant world half the population of the planet become slave boys.
  120. Smuggler, by British Boy
    Mt – slave cons anal oral
    31,500 words (63 pages)
    Link to story
    Many, many years in the future, Earth was destroyed by an astronomical event. Mankind, even having already colonized a few planets, faced the serious risk of becoming extinct for the first time.
    Charlie has to survive as a interplanetary spaceship cargo pilot on this dangerous environment with the help of his illegal 14yo slave boy Lucca. Being a space smuggler on his free time, he has to avoid and dodge every HGA inspection on the less colonized side of the galaxy or he may lose his beloved loverboy to the evil empire. Will Charlie be able to handle Lucca's sexual demands, sneaky clients, pirates, HGA ruthless inspectors all at the same time?
  121. Sorcerer's Apprentice, by Anonymous
    Mt tbMental control mast oral anal – interr
    10,500 words (21 pages)
    Link to story
    A sorcerer discoevers that 14 year old Jimmy has strong mental powers. They use their power to change boys into willing sex slaves.
  122. The Space Dustbin, by Spacemonkey
    Mb bbcons mast oral anal – prost bond interr
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    A science teacher invented a time machine and goes with his 12 year old student on excursion to find willing boys in the past.
  123. Space, The Final Boy Frontier, by Peter Pierce
    t-alien – cons mast
    8,000 words (16 pages)
    Links to chapters: Link to story
    So you have a planet of boyslave holding blue aliens moving in next door. Do you freak or apply for immigration rights?
  124. The Squires of Telisan Keep, by Robertx5sf
    bb Mb – cons non-cons mast oral anal
    82,500 words (165 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-17  18-33  34-39 
    A peasant boy arrives at Telisan Keep to compete in the quadrennial Squire Games in the hopes of becoming a Squire so he can learn to fight and avenge his family. He gets his wish, but not in the way he was expecting.
  125. Stepping to the Side, by Eff Del
    Mb – reluc oral
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    A man finds out that he has a psychic gift: he can travel to other dimensions simply by using his mind. He thinks that is a perfect a gift for a boy-lover.
  126. The Strongest Poison, by Calvinus
    Mb tb – non-cons slave mast oral anal – humil spank tort ws
    52,500 words (105 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-19  20-33 
    Rhys Thomas is just an ordinary 11 year old boy who has just started in a new school along with his annoying and nerdy cousin, Tom. They don't really get on too well. Rhys wants to be in with the in crowd, and especially his friend Finn, who is good at sports and funny and cool. Tom, on the other hand, seems to lack any social skills at all and is a liability to Rhys' street cred.
    None of that counts for anything though on the day they come across a mysterious sphere of light on their way home from school, and in an instant Rhys is swept away into another world. Did he go back in time? was this a parallel universe? is he just hallucinating? And who are those people coming to get him and why do they look so unfriendly?
    As Rhys is swept up into a world of slavery, violence and mistrust and evil, how can he ever find his way home? and will he ever find happiness again?
  127. Surprises, by Dirt
    Mtcons analinterr
    23,000 words (46 pages)
    Link to story
    A time machine malfunction brings a small 1864 era slave boy into the life of an early retiring entrepreneur. Interesting things happen.
  128. Sustenance, by StorySam
    alien-bt – coerc (sort of) mast anal oral
    8,500 words (17 pages)
    Link to story
    Aliens invade Earth. Are their intentions nefarious? What are they looking for?
  129. Switching Back, by Funtails
    Mb – nosex

    8,000 words (16 pages)
    Link to story
    A sci-fi adventure of a man transported to a strange land with a boy he's never met before. Or has he?
  130. Teacher, by Daemon Way
    Mtb Mg Ftb Fg tb tt etc.nc cons anal oral rim mastmind-control humil best [Mtb-dog/goat] interr ws scat enema & more
    580,000 words (1160 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-6   7-9   10-13   14-16   17-19   20-21   22-25   26-27   28-30   31-33   34-36   37-39   40-42   43-45   46-49   50-52   53-55   56  
    Concluding Chapters:
    57-58   59-60   61-62   63-65   66-67   68-69   70-71   72  
    Cory Wilson learns to use a mysterious headband and discovers its purpose as he fulfills the wildest sexual fantasies of his closest friends and allies and wrecks havoc and revenge on his Junior High's most hated teacher and his family and an assortment of bullies and pompous and righteous adults and fellow students as they are forced to engage in the most humiliating and perverted sex that can be dreamed up by a dirty thirteen-year-old mind.
  131. That Boy, by Bruce Bramson
    Mtcons mast oral – fantasy (age-regression, sort of) incest
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    After the death of is 84-year-old mother a man finds out he has a brother of 13 years old.
  132. Thorgil's Boys, by Sid G
    tt – oral anal
    8,500 words (17 pages)
    Link to story
    I have an interesting assignment. As you know sexual orientation is something you're born with, but you have to realize it. My job is to enter the dreams of gay teenage boys who haven't realized or accepted the fact and through one memorable wet dream waken them.
  133. Travels with Drew and Li, by Maiocxx
    bb Mb – slave mast oral anal – humil spank
    80,000 words (160 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4  5-9  10-11 
    Tales from the World of Cody and Lucas II A Series of tales featuring Drew Nelson and Li Soon Hamilton as they continue to grow and serve others as taught them at the Alice Springs School For Exceptional Boys
  134. Trevor: "The Fire That Burns Sight", by Cyberboy
    Mbcons oral anal
    15,000 words (30 pages)
    Link to story
    This story is set in a fantasy world of sword and sorcery, like Conan the Barbarian, and involves our hero, Trevor, a young boy who is more than he seems, and his new, muscular, barbarian swordsman friend, Konnur.
  135. The Unexpected, by Todd Sayre
    tb bb – non-cons cons mast oral anal (anal/oral with baby; death in side-line)
    9,500 words (19 pages)
    Link to story
    A fantasy story about a hermaphrodite boy/girl who is raped.
  136. The Uninvited Guest, by Sam the Ham
    Mbcons anal
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    Halloween is a pain in the ass. Little extortionists running around dressed up like pop stars and monsters.
  137. Vania, by Ishy Ishfahan
    Mtcons & non-cons mast oral analprost
    29,000 words (58 pages)
    Link to story
    The new blacksmit takes care of a young boy whore.
  138. A Very Special Halloween, by Debonair
    Mb bb – cons oral anal
    6,250 words (12½ pages)
    Link to story
    Probably the most popular of all my stories. It was released for Halloween '99 and tells of a kid's strange adventure in a sinister
  139. Vlad the Bat-Boy, by Jason Masters
    bb – nosex
    7,500 words (15 pages)
    Link to story
    A strange and unusual creature is inexplicably born to a family of bats, but ends up with a family of humans.
  140. The Wanderer I, by Storytime
    tbcons mast oral anal – first
    47,500 words (95 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1  2
    A boy gets his memory wiped from a magic well in a forest but gets magical powers so he wanders around really happy about his powers but increasingly lonely. He does love jacking off alone in the woods though. He meets lots of friends and gets a nice young boy to stay with him in the fanciest hotel since he's rich from killing powerful monsters. Then the mayor hires him as a wizard and he gets to stay in town and tons more awesome, sexy stuff happens.
  141. The Wanderer II, by Storytime
    tb Mtcons mast oral anal – first kissing
    49,000 words (98 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1  2
    Peter made a big mistake and froze himself for many centuries then woke up because of a young boy's wish that someone would help him get away from his abusive dad. So they fly away and have an absolutely wonderful time. They find out each other likes boys and have lots of fun playing around with each other on beaches in Australia and any other beautiful place that they could find. They also run from the feds then get caught and escape and find a way to travel back into the past.
  142. The War of Boys, by Iyoio2000
    bb – nosex
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    Every year the war of boys was the main event for the valley kids. Two enemy boys are captured and had to be punished.
  143. Why not me?, by Teglin
    Mbcons oral mast anal
    52,000 words (104 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-2  3-4
    A down and out freighter captain, who wants nothing more out of life than to be left alone with his memories and his sorrow, is forced to take onboard an eleven year old boy as his lone passenger. Tragedy and neglect have convinced the desperately lonely boy that he can never be loved. And yet he wants nothing more out of life than to be loved. What will happen as these two journey together between the stars?
  144. XY-N, by Paolo
    tt M-eunuch – cons [implied Mdom] oral anal – [implied null]
    202,000 words (404 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4   5-8a   8b-10   11-12   13-14a   14b  
    In the not-so-distant Future, Humanity has been desecrated by the BioGenic Wars. A shattered civilization regroups, splitting into two factions: Approveds and Unapproveds. Over time, Mutations take their toll. Cybernetic enhancement is usually the only cure. One is either born with Implants, or is born a pure Bio with little chance of survival. Hunters roam the Cities in search of little ones to sell to Dealers, always searching for the right combination of Mutations. Still, other Orphans are raised in Facilities for adoption, repairs, or for parts for other Approved little ones.
  145. Zero, the Special-Needs Slaveboy, by Paolo
    Mbslave mast oral – bond interr
    240,500 words (481 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4   5-8   9-11   12-14   15-17   18-19   20-23   24-26   27-28  
    When his nephew graduates college, a rather successful businessman finds himself alone in an 'empty nest'. Out of curiosity, he attends his first slave auction one night. No one there wants poor little Boy#000, the last of the lot to be offered, because of his special needs and the fact that he's 'plain'. But there's something about Zero that no one else can see, and the 'defective' slave just might be able to fill up a big, empty house.
  146. Zwarte Piet and the Naughty Boy, by StorySam
    Mbnon-cons mast anal – spank mind-control magic
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    Bad little Joost meets Zwarte Piet for an attitude adjustment.
  147. Zwarte Piet goes America, by Stroker
    Mb Fbnon-cons mast anal oral – magic
    2,750 words (5½ pages)
    Link to story
    A beastly little boy, of unremembered Dutch heritage, behaves so badly that Zwarte Piet is forced to abduct the lad and teach him a valuable lesson: one must be good for goodness' sake.


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