Sex Tourism: Africa

(MF, MFff etc., ff inc, Ff inc, mf inc, anal, a2m, preg)
(this is one of Puppy's stories)

Planning the Trip

My wife and I found the travel agency in the building directory, in tiny letters, room 617. It was a large industrial building, in a crowded old part of town. The elevator creaked as it took us to the sixth floor, the dimly lit hallway made it hard to read the door numbers. However, once we opened the door and stepped inside, the small office was bright and modern, almost too bright. The woman behind the desk was pale and blonde, her clothes professional and tight-fitting.  She greeted us with a big smile.

"Please, sit and make yourselves comfortable."  She spoke with a bit of an Eastern European accent.  "I believe this your first time using our agency?"

"Yes." answered my lovely wife, Helen.

"In that case, welcome! And will this be your first experience with sex tourism?"

"Yes, that also."

We sat in the comfortable chains. There were posters of tropical scenery on the walls, and large books of photographs on the desk.

The woman rested her hand on one of the books. "And what kind of place would you like to go? In particular, do you have a preference for a specific race or color?"

"What are our options?" I asked.

"For standard white sex tourism, we work with a Mediterranean island, off the coast of Croatia. It is stocked with sex workers mostly from Ukraine and other ex-Soviets. There are no under-aged workers there, since it is so close to European enforcement. If you are looking for under-aged, we can make other arrangements if you want white people, or there are options in Asia and Africa."

"What counts as under-aged?" asked my wife. "We're both attracted to women and teenage girls, but we don't want children. We're not pedophiles."

"Under-aged here refers to under the age of puberty - roughly 12 years old and younger."

"Um, no! We don't want anyone that young!" I emphasized.

"Not a problem." The woman behind the desk smiled at us. "There are many options."

"Do you have somewhere tropical?" asked my wife.  "I'd like something a little more exotic than Ukrainian girls."

"I'd like somewhere we can enjoy their services, casually." I put in. "Not just inside a hotel, but perhaps outside, like on a beach?"

"Outdoor sex is a turn-on for him," explained my wife.

"That is not a problem.  Several of our resorts offer abundant outdoor opportunities," offered the woman cheerfully. She pushed one of the photobooks in front of us and opened it.  "This one is in Micronesia. The people look a little bit Asian, somewhat like Polynesians, dark skin but not as dark as Melanesians. We have an excellent island there, perfect for open or casual sex."

Helen and I leaned forward to look. The first page was snapshots of Micronesian women in traditional clothes. They looked very pretty and they were smiling for the camera. The next page had more women, now topless; some looked teenaged while other were fully adult. There was variety in the breasts and the body shapes, mostly medium to plump; no girls were skinny. The next couple pages had them fully naked and posing in provocative poses. To my pleasure, many of these were clearly outdoors, on the porches of native-looking houses, or even completely outside leaning or posing against coconut palms.

"How much does it cost?" asked Helen.  "Do we pay the women per sex act, or is it all inclusive?"

"Most of the vacation is all-inclusive, but you will tip them also. It is $6000 per visitor, which covers your food and accommodations. The tip depends on the service.  At our Micronesian resort, is generally $5 for oral sex, $10 for fucking, more for anything unusual. For the island economy, this is a very reasonable amount for them."

"$6000 for each of us?" I asked.

"No, your wife is half-price." The woman smiled. "They don't get as many women tourists, and they are considered easier."

"So I can expect full service from them, no taboo on woman-woman sex?" asked Helen.

"Absolutely full service. The women at all our resorts are fully trained in the complete range of foreign sexual tastes."

"So," said Helen, "$6000 for my husband, plus $3000 for me, plus tips, and travel.  The South Pacific is a really long way to go, so that's an expensive ticket."  She paused.  "Do you have anything closer or less expensive?"

"Yes, certainly.  There is a resort in Africa which is half the price, it is also tropical and exotic, and fully stocked with an even larger number and variety of women.  Flights connecting from the UK are quite reasonable.  The expected tips are also smaller. A $5 tip will cover any sex act you can imagine."  She set the Micronesian photobook aside and brought out another book, this one full of pictures of Africa.

"That sounds good," she said.  "How about you, Trevor?  Care to fuck a lot of African women?"

"I'm not picky," I said with a grin.  "Do they speak much English at the African resort?"

"It varies.  This resort accepts workers from all over the local region, and the longer they are at the resort, the more they learn English  All of them will know all the sex words in English, German, Japanese, and a few other languages, but only some women will be fully conversational."

"What about pregnancy and STDs?" asked Helen.

"The African resort is on an island in one of Africa's large lakes.  Everyone on the island is tested regularly, and access to the island is strictly controlled.  You'll both be tested for STDs at the island's clinic on arrival, and you'll wait a day for results before you can begin to enjoy their services. As for pregnancy, some of the women are on birth control, some are already pregnant, and a few might welcome a half-foreign baby and they will tell you so. It's up to them; as far as you're concerned, you don't have to worry about where your husband ejaculates."

The woman turned the page in the photobook.  It was full of African women engaged in sex with foreign tourists, on their backs, bent over, standing up. The camera angle obscured the identity of the foreigners, but left nothing to the imagination for what sex acts these women would happily provide. A few photos showed beautiful dark African girls with their heads between the legs of pale European women.

My wife tore her eyes away from the photobook and looked to me with a huge smile; she looked a little flushed and she was breathing heavy. "Yes." she said eagerly.

I reached for my checkbook.

On the way home, we were so turned on that my wife undid her seat belt to bend over and sucked my cock as I drove; we got inside our own house and didn't even make it to the bedroom, frantically fucking on the living room furniture, until we each came the first time, then we made it to the bed for a slower, longer fuck.

It took two weeks to arrange the trip.  It was hard to focus on work, with my mind already imagining our destination.  Helen and I talked about it each day, which usually ended up with us in the bedroom, or the living room if we didn't get that far.  We are both very highly sexed.

"You realize, this is perfect for us," she said in the car on the way to the airport.  I was driving, and she was looking out the window, her seat slightly reclined, her hand between her legs, under her skirt.  "You know how you are, always wanting to have sex for hours, and I eventually get sore."

"Yeah.  I should be able to find out just how far my endurance goes, and fuck all day!  And it's perfect for you, too.  My tongue gets tired after a while licking your clit, but at the resort you should be able to get enthusiastic cunt-lapping for as long as you want."

"And as many women as I want.  God, I'm getting so horny just thinking about it.  The same for you, endless cock-sucking.  After the first couple times you come, you just keep going, and my jaw eventually needs a rest.  At the resort you could just go from one hot mouth to the next and keep going forever."

"Mmm-hmmm," I moaned happily, imagining it.


Two long flights got us to the regional airport.  The air was thick and warm, and the time difference make us groggy.  A driver held up our names on a card, escorted us to a Range Rover, and drove for three hours, past endless dry fields and shacks, over a small mountain, and across a wide plain down to the shore of the lake.  In the late afternoon sun, the landscape was beautiful and barren.  The lake was so large it could have been the ocean, yet its surface was calm.  Porters carried our bags down to a pier and loaded us only a small boat, which took only a half hour to arrive at the island.

The sun was setting as we walked up the pier.  A group of people waiting for us, an older woman in an elegant African attire, two men that looked security, and two lovely young women in soft colorful robes.  All of them were smiling.

"Welcome!" said the older woman.

"To fantasy island?" said my wife softly.  I giggled.

"I am Mrs. Kalungu."  She made no motion to shake our hands, so we stood there.  "I am the manager of this resort.  I hope your trip was uneventful?"  She spoke with a deep, rich voice and an amazing accent, unplaceable.  We nodded.  "Good!  Follow me to the guest hotel."

We walked with the group down a gravel road with mesquite trees.  Mrs. Kalungu made conversation with us about our trip, the time difference, and the weather.  We approached a large building with immaculate and extensive landscaping.  Mrs. Kalungu explained about the number of rooms and guests.  I was looking at the young women walking with us, the way their hips swayed.  My wife noticed where I was looking and smiled.

"Just through those doors is the clinic, they are expecting you."  We went in and were quickly checked out, then sent back into the lounge.  Mrs. Kalungu waved us over and sat us down, then she started to explain about the resort.

"Africa is a very large place," she said, "but much of it is not suitable for tourism.  There are wars, and religious fighting, and disease.  This island is a sanctuary from all those troubles, both for our guests and for our sex workers."

"Where do the women come from?" asked my wife.

"A great many women in this part of Africa are left without support, when they lose a husband to war or other causes.  Many end up in refugee camps where their life is not good and they have few options.  We find the women who want a better life, and do not mind having sex with foreigners.  In fact, we seek out women who enjoy all kinds of sex very much.  For variety, for our guests, we look for women from other regions and many ethnic groups."

"Do the women have to leave their families?" asked my wife with concern.

"We avoid that when possible.  A woman can bring her children, or parents, as long as they are all healthy and willing to come.  Not everyone who comes here is a sex worker.  Relatives can work in their hotel or the fields.  You will know who the sex workers are, by the small pouch they carry around their neck."  Mrs. Kalungu motioned to the two young women beside her, and I noticed they wore what looked like small leather pouches.  "The pouch is to receive your tips.  If a woman is not available for sex, she will simply not wear her pouch that day.  Or she may say no when you ask her for any specific sex act.  But she is not likely to say no."

The two young women giggled.  I was already fantasizing about pushing my cock into their curvy, dark bodies in various ways.

"So we should ask before doing anything?" I asked.

"Ask before penetration.  If you just want to touch a woman, you don't need to ask."

"That seems simple." said Helen.  "So, do women stay here for life, or do they leave?"

"They leave when they want.  Everyone here is free." She smiled.  "Free as in freedom, but not as in price.  They stay to earn money, and for education.  We operate a school that teaches English and some job skills.  Our resort has been operating for twenty years, and many women have left with a lot of money and skills, to find a good life in a city.  We even have services that support them in their transition to the outside world and set them up with jobs and businesses.  That is what your money pays for: a better life for these women and their families.  Also, some for security, and some to the local government to look the other way."  She smiled.

"So we can have sex with the workers... anywhere?" I asked.

"He likes public sex." added my wife.

"Yes, anywhere.  That means that the entire resort is, effectively, clothing optional, and of course sex optional.  Do not be surprised if you see other guests, especially our many German guests, walking around nude and having sex in various places.  And of course you are welcome to wear whatever you like, or nothing at all.  However, we do recommend some protection from the hot African sun."

"How about... kinky stuff?" asked my wife.

"Just ask.  All our workers know all the words for sex acts and fetishes, so they can simply tell you yes or no."

"Anal sex?" I asked.

"There are packets of lubricant in every guest room, in convenient sizes.  If you offer to use it, most of the women will be agreeable."

"And just to be sure, they have no trouble... eating my pussy?" asked my wife.

"No trouble at all.  Every single woman comes here in the full knowledge that she will be expected to perform, and even enjoy, every sex act with a man or woman.  You may of course ask them to have sex with each other, as well, if that is something you would enjoy watching.  We train them on many particular skills, not the least of which is oral sex on a woman.  I have done a lot of that training myself."  Mrs. Kalungu smiled, and we smiled with her.

After a few more questions, we were directed to our room. We showered and fell asleep exhausted.

Day 1

The morning light woke me.  Helen was already up and moving around the hotel room, wearing just a thin robe.  After five years of marriage, I am still very much in love, and lust, with my wife.  We have our ups and downs but sex has always been a strong point of our relationship.  We are tightly bound emotionally, but I learned early our courtship how open-minded Helen is sexually when she invited me to have a threesome with a friend of hers.  I also learned how comfortable she is having sex with women.  It might have been a kind of test.  We had hot three-person sex, and I stayed emotionally focused on Helen, and won her heart.  We were engaged soon thereafter, and had occasionally included another person in our married sex life... but nothing like what was in store for us at this resort.

I got up and went through my morning routine, unpacked a little and put on shorts.  There was a knock at the door.  Mrs. Kalungu came in with the same two women from the night before, in different but similarly colorful outfits.

"Welcome, Trevor, Helen," purred Mrs. Kalungu.  "You passed your clinic tests, so you are ready to enjoy the pleasures of this resort.  Let me introduce you to your greeters."  She waved to the women.

"My name is Shasha," said the taller one, her spoken English accented but confident.  "I'm 22 years old, from the Republic of the Congo, and I've been at the resort for four years."  She giggled.  "I like sex, and I find both of you very attractive."

"My name is Goma," said the shorter one.  "I'm 21, and Shasha is my older sister.  We came here together and have learned English well, which lets us do the job of greeter.  And... oh, I like sex very much.  Every kind of sex."

"If you like, they can be your guides for the first day," explained Mrs. Kalungu.

"Yes, that would be lovely," agreed Helen.

"Very well.  I'll leave you in good hands. Enjoy our resort."  Mrs. Kalungu nodded slightly then left.

There was a brief, awkward moment, with Helen and I sitting on the bed, and the two young women facing us, smiling.

"So..... we can have sex with you?" I managed to say. They both giggled.

"Yes, of course." said Goma.

"Or maybe you want to go down to breakfast first?  We are available to show you around." added Shasha.

My wife smiled.  "Well, all this talk of sex has me incredibly horny.  Shasha, would you eat my pussy?"

"Yes, ma'am, with pleasure."

 Helen smiled, lay back on the bed and opened her robe. Shasha smiled, went over to the bed, knelt between my wife's legs, and kissed my wife's pussy.  A wet, long, tongue kiss.  Helen moaned.

"Well, that seems simple." I said, as Goma drew near to me.  "Um, do we... take your clothes off?  Do I kiss you?  I really don't know how this works."

"Yes, sir."  She smiled sweetly.  "You can take my clothes off, or have me undress for you.  And you can kiss me, if you enjoy that.  I do enjoy kissing along with everything else.  Simply tell me."  She was right in front of me.  I looked up and down her features, her dark, pretty face, wide nose, short-trimmed natural hair.  I reached to put my hands on her clothes, and she helped wiggle so that her top fell away and her breasts were exposed.  My hands moved over them, feeling their weight, their perkiness, the way the nipples felt between my fingers.  Moving my hands up, I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her.  She carefully returned my tongue in her mouth with her own.  I was incredibly hard.  It was easy for me to wiggle out of my shorts, lay back onto the bed, and direct her head down to my cock.  Her lips and soft tongue sucked me into her mouth, and she took it quite deep, with obvious skill.  It felt fantastic.

There we were, my wife and I, side by side on the bed, barely minutes into our vacation, as two young African women pleasured us.  I reached out and Helen reached back, clasping our hands and looking over at each other.

"I can't believe we're doing this," gasped Helen.  I knew the tone of her voice well; it meant she was already close to orgasm.

"I can't believe it either."  I felt Goma's mouth working me up and down, looking down to see her obviously enjoying her work.  "She's so good at what she's doing."

"So is her sister," gasped Helen.  "Oh my God.  I'm coming already!"

After a few minutes of writhing, Helen pushed Shasha's head away.  "Too much!  Give me a minute to recover."  She rolled towards me to watch.  "You gonna come in her mouth?"

"I've been struggling not to come too soon.  But you know..."

"...the first one is always slippery."  Helen giggled.  "Go ahead, may as well.  Does she like to eat cum?"

"My sister loves to eat cum," answered Shasha, "and so do I."

"Well then, I think you should come in both their mouths," concluded Helen.

"Yes," offered Shasha, bending over to put her face next to Goma's bobbing head, looking up at me with a smile.  "Please, let my sister and I eat your cum together."

"Oh, Jesus."  I started to come.  Goma held it in her mouth just long enough to get the first blast, then quickly pulled back and let Shasha suck hard to get the rest.

"That was hot." gasped Helen.  "I'm dying to watch my husband fuck you... but I think we'd better go down to breakfast."

"Yes, give me a minute!" I gasped, chuckling. "Um... do we tip you now?"

"Yes, please."  Goma loosened the drawstring of the leather pouch around her neck.  Helen rummaged for her pocket.  We had exchanged hard currency for local coins before, so we knew that one coin per sex act was the standard tip.  Helen handed each of them a coin, which they put into their pouches and smiled.

Slowly, my wife and I straightened our clothes, and our guides led us downstairs.

The hotel's dining area was buzzing with activity.  A few dozen international guests sat eating, surrounded by at least as many attractive African women.  Some people were partly dressed; a few of the guests were naked.  Looking around, I noticed that a large number of the guests looked like, as Mrs. Kalungu had said, German men.

Shasha and Goma guided us around the food tables and we learned about everything that was available.  There was European and American breakfast that was familiar to us, and a local breakfast of legumes and flatbreads that was less familiar.  Shasha said that the German guests rarely ate the local foods, which made me want to try them, so I did, and they were delicious.  Helen liked them too.  We  sat and ate pleasantly with our guides.

"So what's next?" asked Helen as we pushed the breakfast away.  "Up to our room for more sex?  Or shall we look around?"

"Why don't we let them show us around," I suggested, "and then we can fuck somewhere outside."

"Mmmm, that sounds good," purred Helen encouragingly.  "Girls, is that OK?"

"Of course," said Shasha, as Goma giggled.  "We can give you a tour, and you can fuck us anywhere and anytime you like."

We went up to our room to get the recommended sun hats and sunscreen.  First we got a tour of the building, through the meal hall to the lounges and the large veranda.  There were two couples having sex on the veranda, both pale white men being ridden by naked, dark-skinned, full-figured African women.  Helen and I smiled at each other at the open display of sexuality.  After touring the building, they led us out around the landscaped grounds of the resort, along a wide trail that led around trees, flowers, and benches.  One of the benches had a man with two half-naked women between his legs, sucking his cock, which made me smile and remember my morning.

The grounds of the resort were set on a plateau above the rest of the island, and a hill behind the main building was yet higher.  At the end of the grounds was a stone wall, edged with flowers.  The path led right up to the stone wall and there was a view looking down across the island, with a network of dusty roads and trails, buildings, and fields.

"Those are the bungalows," Shasha was explaining and pointing.  "And those are the school buildings.  Some workers live nearby, both in modern buildings and also traditional huts, and there are buildings further away where more workers live."

I moved behind Shasha and ran my hands down the curves of her clothed body.  "This would be a beautiful place to fuck you."

"Yes, sir."  She smiled and pushed out her chest proudly.  "How would you like me?"

"I think you should strip for us, slowly." suggested Helen, then she smiled big.  "Actually, I've got a better idea.  Why doesn't your sister strip you for us, slowly?"

"Yes, ma'am."  Goma giggled and moved to embrace her sister.  The two of them stood right on front of us, by the wall.  Goma moved her hands down Shasha's shoulders and slowly loosened her top.

"These are my older sister's breasts," explained Goma as they came into view.  She held them and jiggled them in her hands.

"They're beautiful," I said.

"Thank you," said Shasha with a smile.

I had already removed my shorts, my hard cock springing forward, and my wife reached over to gently stroke me.

Goma peeled away more clothes, running her hands down her sister's dark smooth belly, then turned her around and slowly lifted the long flowing brightly-colored fabric.  "And here is my older sister's ass."

"Very hot, a very fine ass," said Helen as we took in the sight of Shasha's firm, round, dark buttocks.

"Mmmm-hmmm."  Goma ran her hands all over her sister and loosened the remaining clothes.  Shasha spread her legs slightly and Goma ran one hand down there.  "And here, is my older sister's pussy."  She giggled.  "She is already wet for you."

My eyebrows went up.  Goma didn't seem to have any hesitation about touching her sister's pussy.  I made a mental note of that.

"Let me feel."  Helen moved to them and ran her hands down Shasha's body, feeling between her legs.  "Sure enough, she's hot and wet."

"Excellent."  I moved to them, turned Shasha around and bent her naked body forward so her hands were comfortable on the rock wall.  I moved behind her and she pushed her hips back invitingly.

"Allow me," said Helen, grabbing my cock and leading it into Shasha's pussy as I moved forward and sank in.

For the next few minutes, I focused on fucking.  Shasha moaned and pushed back.  Her pussy was tight, strong, wet and ready.  Beside me, I was aware of Helen directing Goma to her knees and pulling the young woman's face into her pussy.  The hot, African morning sun beat down on us.  The scent of flowers hung in the warm tropical air, along with the scent of sunscreen and fresh pussy.  I held Shasha's hips for leverage and give it to her strong and steady.  There was the sound of birds, the sound of flesh slapping, and the sound of my wife and both girls moaning, each in a different way.  Helen, moaning with pleasure as getting her large clit sucked.  Goma, humming with her mouth full.  Shasha, gasping moans as I fucked her with increasingly depth and speed.

"Are you going to let yourself come?" asked Helen after a long delicious time.

"I've been considering it.  I know I've got to pace myself."

"I know you've got pretty good control, after the first time."

"Yes, and you know I can go for hours."

"God, don't I know it!"  Helen chuckled.

"I'm going to hold myself back.  What about you, Shasha?  Can you come this way, getting fucked standing up?"

"I have come once already, sir!" she gasped.  "If you keep going, I may come again."

"Well, then, let's keep going."

By the time Shasha came, more obviously this time, I had come close to coming several times, and carefully backed down each time, varying my strokes and the angle of entry to her pussy, modulating my own passion.  I had to juggle mentally, to be fully aware that I was outdoors, balls-deep in a beautiful 22-year-old African woman, with my wife moaning encouragement, and not lose it.  Shasha's orgasm was strong enough that her knees wobbled.  I stopped thrusting and helped hold her up, her pussy clenching around me.

"That's it for now.  I gotta save myself," I said, pulling after Shasha had regained her footing.

"Would you like me to stay naked, sir?" she asked.

"No, I like watching you undress, and we can't do that unless we keep dressing you." I explained.

She giggled as I found my shorts.  Helen let go of Goma's head and straightened her clothes.  I found coins in my pocket and gave one to each of them.

We walked around the grounds some more, saw some more sights and plants, and also a few other sexual couplings.  The standard pairing seemed to be one guy with one or two African women.  One guest was an Asian man, and he was fucking a woman with wide hips, doggy-style on a large blanket on the lawn, by a gazebo.  He waved as we walked past.

"Takeshi," he said, not slowing down on fucking his woman.

"I'm Helen, and this is Trevor," answered my wife.

"Good to meet you," he responded.  As we walked past, I noticed that his cock was in the woman's ass.  I made a mental note.

I kept some form of erection all the way up to the resort building.  Helen and I walked hand in hand, with the sisters walking in front of us.  When we got up there, it still wasn't quite time for lunch, so we went up to our room.

"I'd appreciate a fuck," said Helen to me.

"Just you and me?" I asked.  "Shall we send the girls away?"

"No, you know how much I love to have my nipples sucked in the middle of sex."

"Yes, I do!"  I swept her up in my arms and lay her out on the bed.  Shasha and Goma came over and the three of us slowly undressed Helen's body.  I caressed each bit of skin as it became visible, and the girls followed my lead.  After losing my shorts, I got between my wife's legs.  Helen was looking at me, my face, my body, and my cock, with a look of pure lust.  I kissed my way up her body and pushed inside of her.  For a long time, we fucked gently, just making love, almost forgetting our two sex workers.

My wife doesn't usually come from straight fucking.  She's really partial to getting her pussy eaten instead, at least from the standpoint of orgasms.  She likes fucking, and sometimes craves it, as she apparently did just then.  She just doesn't usually come that way.

She was getting really close when she pushed me up a bit, and motioned Shasha and Goma to us.  Each one took one of my wife's nipples in their mouths.  Helen, almost incoherent with lust, told what to do, how to suck, and then gently bite, and then suck again.  I kept up my firm, strong thrusts, seeking the tempo and angle that my wife liked best.

Finally, we succeeded.  Helen's vaginal orgasm crept up on her and rocked her body for a full minute.  I almost lost it myself, but held back.  Slowly, we untangled our bodies.  I kissed my wife while Shasha and Goma, with just a wave my hand, eagerly took my cock, dripping with my wife's orgasmic juices, into their mouths and sucked it clean.

We slowly dressed and went down for lunch.  Sitting at the table across from Helen, I asked Goma if she could keep sucking my cock through lunch.  She smiled and nodded, ducking under the table.  Helen's eyes sparkled, still glowing from sex, and gently teased me throughout the meal, knowing my cock was deep in a hot, eager mouth.  It was, indeed, distracting, but also simply fun, to juggle my attention between the food, the conversation, and the blowjob.

As we sat there, a few women came by, clearly offering themselves for sex.  Each of them wore the small leather pouch around their necks, indicating their availability.  Tall, short, plump, skinny, with all sorts of different looks.  Shasha explained again about all the surrounding countries, and the great variety of African languages, cultures, and ethnic groups.

A tall, athletic woman walked by our table, with extremely dark skin, an elongated neck and large hoops in her ears.  She was really striking.

"Would you like to try her?" asked Helen, seeing where my eyes were going.

"Perhaps."  Another woman approached us, a short young woman with a pretty face and somewhat lighter, medium-brown skin.  At first I thought she was heavy, then I realized that all the bulge was in one place.  She was clearly very pregnant.

"How about her?" I said.

"A pregnant girl?  Kinky." laughed my wife.

"What's your name?" I asked the woman.

"Masisi, sir."

"How pregnant are you, Masisi?"

"Sir?" she looked a little puzzled.

"How many months?"

"Ah, sir, yes.  I am seven month."  She smiled and put one hand on her swollen belly, which pushed out the simple cotton dress she wore.  Her voice was sweet and deeply accented.

"Come sit with us."  We made room for her at the table next to me. Through the rest of our lunch, I tried to find out more about her, but her English wasn't great.  Shasha tried to help translate, but quickly found that Masisi was from a different region of Africa and they didn't have any language in common.  We did learn that Masisi was 19 years old and had no idea who the father of her baby was, only that she had stopped taking birth control soon after she arrived at the resort almost a year ago, so the father could be any of the guests.  In her view, all of the guests were rich, smart, and healthy, and she was looking forward to the child, who would be her first.

Eventually, I tapped Goma on the shoulder under the table to let her know she could stop sucking me.  The sisters took away our plates as Helen and I got up and took Masisi with us upstairs to our room.  Helen went off to the bathroom leaving me alone with Masisi.

I sat on the bed, drew her to stand in front of me, and helped her pull off her cotton dress, leaving her completely naked except for the pouch around her neck.  Her belly looked enormous on her petite body, the skin stretched tight.  Her modest breasts, which had probably been perky due to her youth, were puffy and sagging from her pregnancy, but not unattractively so.  I ran my hands over her body, feeling her bulge, playing with her loose breasts, and feeling her nipples.  She smiled up at me with her pretty face, apparently enjoying the fondling.

Helen came back in the room, and Shasha and Goma arrived as well.  They gathered around the bed, watching me grope Masisi's body.

"Kinky." said Helen appreciatively.  "You like that, don't you, er... Masisi?"

"Yes, I like."

"Do you want my husband to fuck you?"

"Yes!"  She smiled big.  "Please, fuck me."

"Show us your pussy." I said.

Masisi reached down and spread her legs, pushing her hips forward.  Her black public hair was nearly trimmed, framing her labia that looked quite large.  Eagerly, she used her fingers to pull her lower lips open, exposing the inner folds within.  The pink color was a dramatic contrast to her dark skin.  Her clit popped out.  I reached over and played with her pussy, feeling the labia between my fingers, dipping one finger inside her to wet it, then rubbing her clit.  She moaned.

"That looks like fun," said Helen, on the other side of the bed.  She also reached in a for a minute, we played together with Masisi's pussy.

"You going to fuck her now?" asked Helen.

"Not quite yet.  Shasha, Goma?"

"Yes, sir?" replied the sisters.

"Would you mind stripping naked and eating this pregnant pussy together?"

"With pleasure, sir," answered Shasha as they wiggled out of their clothes, then crawled onto the bed on their hands and knees, pressing their faces together between Masisi's thighs.  Cheek-to-cheek, the sisters took turns licking and sucking on the engorged pussy between their mouths.

"That's hot," said Helen, absently stroking Masisi's swollen belly.  "I wonder, if she has an orgasm, can the baby feel it?"  She bent down and sucked on one of Masisi's swollen nipples.  "Hmmm, no milk yet."

Helen and I kissed each other and played with Masisi's tits and belly for a couple minutes, until she started to make a lot of noise, apparently getting close to orgasm.

"OK, enough, girls," I waved Shasha and Goma to pull back, and took their place between Masisi's legs.  I was so hard I was leaking pre-cum.  Helen reached in and hold my cock, rubbing it around Masisi's pussy hole and swollen clit, making her moan.  Finally she lined me up and let me push inside.  I found a good angle, without putting too much weight on Masisi's belly, but comfortable thrusting.

She was extremely wet, almost too wet.  It felt surprisingly naughty, though, to be fucking her bulging body.  She also made delightful moans on every thrust, her mouth hanging slightly open.  Helen watched with fascination.  With not much friction, I wasn't in danger of losing it myself, but Masisi was clearly right on the edge.  I gave it to her strong and hard for a long time, keeping her going.

"God, she's so wet," said Helen, reaching between our bodies.  "Her clit is so slippery."  She did something with her fingers.  Suddenly, Masisi threw back her head.  I felt a gush around my cock.

"Oh, she's a squirter," laughed Helen.  "It's getting our bed wet.  Well, I guess that's what housekeeping is for."

I kept thrusting for another few wet minutes as Masisi gradually calmed down and resumed pushing back at me on each thrust.  Finally, I pulled out, my hard cock bouncing in the warm air, dripping with woman juice.

"Are you done with her?" asked Helen.

"I was thinking of fucking her tits."

"Oh, that's good!"  Helen grabbed Masisi's tits and pushed them together.  "Fuck her pregnant tits."

I moved up Masisi's body, straddled her torso, found the right angle, and enjoyed several minutes of vigorous tit-fucking with Helen assisting.

"Have you noticed how pretty her face is, too?" I asked.

"Yes," agreed Helen.  "You want to fuck it?"

"That's what I was thinking."  Helen let go of Masisi's tis, I moved up slightly and put my cock at Masisi's pretty face, then thought it might be polite to ask.  "Masisi, I'd like to fuck your mouth too."

 She opened her eyes wide and smiled.  "Yes, sir.  Please fuck me in my mouth, sir." She opened wide and stuck out her tongue.  I pushed forward, figured out how deep I could go without hitting her gag reflex, and started quick little thrusts.  As if by reflex, she wrapped her lips around me tight to make as much suction as she could.  I grabbed her head with both hands, which she seemed comfortable with.  Clearly, she was no stranger to a face-fuck.

"You're amazing." said Helen smiling.  "I can't believe you haven't come yet."

"I'm pretty damn close.  I might just come down her throat now."

"Mmmm, that's hot.  But I was thinking of something else.  Think she'd do anal?"

I must explain something about my relationship with my wife and anal sex.  When we met, Helen had never done it before. Eventually, she warmed up to the idea and we went carefully on trying it out, but it was never her favorite thing.  It was an infrequent part our sex life, when Helen was very horny and relaxed, or on special occasions like my birthday.  She knew what a hot-button it was for me, so she'd sometimes talk about anal sex during regular sex, especially if we'd been fucking for a long time and she was eager to make me come, to give her pussy a rest.  It usually worked.

My cock pulsed.  "I like how you think.  We saw a couple doing anal outside this morning."

"And Mrs. Kalungu said there was lube in every hotel room."

"Yes, the lube is here," said Shasha behind me.

I pulled my cock out of Masisi's mouth and addressed her.  "What do you think, are you available for anal sex?"

She smiled and nodded.  "Anal sex, yes."  Her accent was so thick I could just make it out.  "In my ass, please."

I chuckled.  "I like the sound of that."  I climbed off her torso.

"You want her on her back, or doggy-style?" asked Helen.

"Doggy-style will probably be more comfortable, with the baby." I said.

Goma and Helen arranged the pillows on the bed.  Masisi, still woozy with orgasmic glow, carefully rolled over onto her knees and rested her swollen belly between the supporting pillows.  Shasha had the lube out, and used her fingers to apply it to Masisi's dark anal sphincter.

"Masisi, I really liked hearing you ask for it.  Ask me again."

"Ask you again, sir?" She seemed puzzled.

"Do you like anal sex, Masisi?"

"Yes, sir!" She smiled with understanding.  "I like anal sex, very much."

"Even when you're pregnant?"

"Yes, sir!  I like anal sex, I am pregnant, seven months."

I waved my cock in her face.  "Do you want this big, hard cock up your ass?"

"Yes, sir, please."  She smiled big.  "Please, I want the big, hard cock up my ass.  Please, do it to me."

"OK, since you asked so nicely." I chuckled. I got in place, letting Shasha put some lube on my hard cock as well.

"Do you want to do the honors?" I asked Helen.

"Oh, yes."  She reached over to take the head of my cock between her fingertips.  I pushed forward, and Helen adjust the angle to carefully guide my pressure against Masisi's sphincter.  I went very slowly, waiting for the sphincter to relax and let me in.  It took a few seconds until the head of my cock slipped through.

"That's it!"  said Helen gleefully.  For a long minute, my wife and I kissed, as I gradually sank deeper and deeper into Masisi's ass.  It was delightfully tight, a far cry from her pregnant pussy.  I sank deep enough and started to thrust.  Masisi was moaning, and getting quite loud.

"Do you want to put something in her mouth," I asked Helen, "to keep the noise down?"

Helen smiled.  "I know just the thing."   She removed her skirt and moved up to the top of the bed, scooting her naked pussy against Masisi's mouth   The moans got suddenly muffled  by wet pussy sounds.

I managed to last several minutes. I got to full depth, my balls slapping against Masisi's pussy as I got my whole length up her ass..  Shasha and Goma were on either side of me, kneeling.  I turned to one, then the other, kissing them.  They each had a hand on Masisi's body, holding her steady ad I thrust.

"Nice and tight?" asked Helen, watching me with a smile.

"Nice and tight," I agreed.

"You going to come up her ass?"

"Yes.  It's just a matter of how long I can hold off."

"I don't want to make it hard for you," said Helen with a giggle.  "but did you realize that on the first day of our sex tourism, you'd be balls-deep up the tight ass of a pregnant teenage girl?"

"Oh, Jesus," I gasped, my balls tightening, my orgasm inevitable.  I thrust twice more then pushed myself hard, deep inside, leaving my cum in Masisi's body.

Gradually, we all untangled.  I felt light-headed and drained, sprawling on the bed.  Helen was kissing me, and one of the sisters was washing my cock clean with a hot wet cloth.  Helen got up and I saw her give Masisi two coins for her pouch, as she got dressed, thanked us, and left.

"I could use a nap," said Helen.  "I'm so jet-lagged."

I agreed.  We sent the sisters away, with instructions to wake us up for dinner.

Helen and I were woken gently later.  We showered together, then dressed and went down for dinner.  The lights were dim, the food was delicious, and during the meal, Helen took the hand of a young woman walking by, and directed her to get under the table.  My wife really does have a bottomless appetite for getting her pussy eaten, as the girl was doing under the table.  In the middle of dinner conversation, Helen casually asked me if I'd like to try the girl, and I agreed with a chuckle.  Helen sent her over.  I couldn't even see under the table, only the feeling of my short being opened, soft hands taking my half-hard cock and directing it into a hot, wet, mouth.  I didn't even get a good look at the girl or learn her name, but she kept me hard.

After dinner, lights went up on the stage as the side of the dining hall.  Shasha, sitting next to me, explained that this would be a sex show and that some version of it happened every night.

The first person to come out on the stage was a very small girl - or woman?  I did a double-take and realized that she was fully adult, but barely over four feet tall.

"Pygmy?" I asked.

"No, just a small woman." answered Shasha laughing.  "Not all small women are pygmy.  We are from many parts of Africa, but we don't have any pygmy women here at the resort."

We watched as the woman did a strip-tease down to a pair of panties, then two large men joined her on stage.  Both were over six feet tall and muscular; one was very African black, the other white with short dark hair, who looked like an Italian porn star.  The woman pulled the shorts off both men, releasing their large cocks, and took a minute to suck each of them to hardness.  The black man lifted the woman up, turned her upside down, and held her there, showing off his strength to the audience.  We applauded.  Hanging there upside down, the woman's mouth was about cock-height, and she proceeded to suck each of their cocks in her upside-down position.  The white guy pulled off the woman's panties, pushed some fingers into her pussy, then pulled out and showed the audience they were dripping wet.  We applauded.

In an impressive feat of gymnastic strength, the two men managed to turn the woman around and hold her off the ground, one pushing into her pussy from behind, the other fucking her mouth. At no point did any part of the woman touch the ground, as they passed her back and forth and fucked her in various positions! We clapped at each new position.  Eventually they let her down, all three bowed and left the stage.

The next act was two stunning, curvaceous women, both very dark-skinned, who rolled a sofa out onto the stage.  One was dressed in a very traditional African outfit, with bright colors, wrapped around her body.  The other was dressed European, with a skirt, petticoat, socks, the whole thing.  They did a comedic strip-tease, removing their clothes one by one, touching or sucking each bit of skin as it became visible.  The main point of humor was how much longer it took to get the European clothes off, with fussy zippers, buttons, and tight bra.  Finally naked, they stood kissing and caressing each other for a bit, in an exaggeratedly sensuous way for the audience, then got on the sofa.  They briefly licked each other's pussies, then one of them pulled a flexible double-headed dildo from behind the sofa, and they fucked each other with it, moving through several positions smoothly with obvious skill.  Just watching their bodies move around was erotic. They brought their pussies together, the dildo vanishing between them, and French-kissed as they rubbed against each other. They both made orgasm noises, either real or possibly just for show, then they untangled and took a bow.

They stayed on stage, sitting on the sofa, as the two large men, black and white, came out again.  They went to the first women, and jacked themselves briefly at her face, then started coming.  In a kind of choreography, the woman cried out in delight and shifted her body, as they aimed their cocks.  There was a lot of cum.  They managed to get it everywhere on her, not just her face and breasts but her buttocks, thighs, belly, neck, even her knees!  When they were done hosing her down, she stood up dripping cum and bowed for applause, then the other woman carefully licked up every bit of cum from the first woman's body.  They bowed again and left the stage.

"That was hot.  Is the show over?" I asked Shasha.

"Not quite. It's different each night, but it always ends with the school show."

A blackboard and three chairs were pushed out onto the stage, in front of the sofa.  A somewhat older woman, perhaps late 30s, came out dressed in a stereotypical Western "teacher" outfit, with skirt, blouse, and glasses.  She looked the part.  She wasn't as voluptuous as the last two performers, in fact she was quite skinny with narrow hips, but her blouse held an impressive bulge.  Next came three teenagers, two girls and a boy, in school uniforms, who came and took their seat facing the blackboard.

"Are there teenage boys here at the resort also?" I asked Shasha.

"Yes, of course, some women arrive with their boy children."

"Do the boys ... do sex work too?"

"A few do, when they are old enough. You will see some wearing the pouch.  Do you like sex with young men?"

"No, not for me, thanks."

The teacher drew a large outline of a woman's vulva on the chalkboard, and asked her students, in English, to name them.  They answered, and she labeled them on the board.

"And where, on a woman, are the erogenous zones?" she asked.  The students didn't respond.  "That's right, it's a trick question."  She turned to the audience.  "They are different on every woman!"  The audience chuckled.  "For example, for myself, my nipples are an erogenous zone."  She unbuttoned and loosened her blouse, then her bra, freeing her breasts, which were indeed large.  "I can get aroused when the right person sucks on them."  She went to her first student, and put one fat nipple in the girl's mouth to suck.  She moaned, then gave the other two students a suck as well.  The boy student seemed to be very happy to grab his teacher's breasts, pawing them and sucking on both nipples.

"Knowing about sex is more than book learning." the teacher told the audience.  "There is a lot of practice!"  We laughed.  "Who wants to demonstrate oral sex?"  One girl sat there shyly, the other tentatively raised her hand, while the boy's shot up.  "Well, it looks like we have two eager volunteers!  And one student who probably needs the practice."  She pulled the shy girl up from her seat, then pushed her down onto her knees.  The teacher lifted her skirt and pushed down her own panties, then pulled the girl's face into her pussy.  There was something oddly erotic about how the shy girl was passive, reluctant, fully clothed yet suddenly suffocated by her teacher's large pussy.

The other two students stood up, and there was some comedic jostling as they tried to agree on who would be the giver and receiver their practice.  The girl won, pushing the boy to his knees, imitating what her teacher had done, using his face.

"Sex class is every day at three o'clock in the afternoon," the teacher announced to the audience as the sound of slurping came from between her legs.  "Feel free to drop in then, or any time!"

We all applauded, and the teacher and students left the stage.

After dinner, my wife and I went for a walk alone together around the grounds of the resort.  For a long while we walked quietly, hand in hand.  It was late dusk, and there were loud insect noises, presumably some kind of African crickets.  We wore long clothes to keep away any biting bugs, yet made of thin cloth for the warmth of the night air.  With the flowering hedges, it smelled wonderful.  We paused a few times to kiss.  A nearly-full moon was rising in the east.

"Are you comfortable with everything here?" I asked.  "The sex, the women?  I know you aren't physically possessive, but I want to be sure."

"I love you," she said.  "I love seeing you enjoy yourself, and I love to watch you fuck women."

"I don't want to neglect you, that's all."

"I don't feel neglected at all.  We're on a sex vacation, having sex is exactly what you're supposed to be doing.  And I really came hard when we did it together today, with the girls sucking on my tits."

I smiled.  "Yes you did.  And you really got a charge out of watching me ass-fuck the pregnant girl, didn't you."

"Hell yes.  That was hot, and you know I'm not always into it myself, so I'm delighted that we're in a place where you can ram that cock into experienced asses and spare me."

I laughed, and we kissed again.

"Shasha and Goma are really lovely, aren't they?" she asked.

"Yes they are.  Even with all the variety available, I really appreciate them.  They're pretty, they're friendly, they're helpful, and it's easy to appreciate their intelligence thanks to their good English."

"And they can eat pussy like nothing else." she agreed.  "Too bad we can't take them home with us."

"Yeah, there's not quite room in our suitcases, or our apartment." I joked.

We walked quietly together again for while.

"Do you think they would do it with each other?" she asked.

"Shasha and Goma?  You mean, have sex?  I was wondering about that too.  Nobody has said anything about ... well, incest.  They said women bring their families here.  Daughters, sons, parents.  And almost everyone is a sex worker.  At the very least, they must be OK with watching their sisters, mothers and daughters having sex."

"Yeah.  The sisters seem entirely comfortable with each other.  And they were touching each other's pussies, this morning."

"Yeah, I noticed that too."  I smiled.  "Do you think you'd find that sexy, the sisters doing it with each other?"

"I think so.  I think it would be totally hot.  But I'm kinda embarrassed to ask."

"I'm not embarrassed.  I'll ask them next time we're having sex."


We finished our walk and made our way up the lighted paths to the main building again.  When we got to our room, the sisters were there, in soft robes, waiting in our room.

"Hello, sir, hello, ma'am," they said, nodding to us.

"I think you can use our first names now that you've had sex with us," laughed Helen.

"Yes ma'am, Helen, thank you." said Shasha.  "Do you need anything else this evening?"

My wife gave me a look.

"Um, not really," I said.  "In fact, we're just going to sleep.  But we really like having you nearby ... would you like to join us?  I mean, sleep in the same bed.  I've noticed it's big enough."

"Certainly, sir.. I mean, Trevor.  Sir."

I went to Shasha and we kissed and undressed each other, while Helen did the same with Goma.  We pulled their soft warm naked bodies down into the bed with us.  They would most certainly have been up for more sex, but I wasn't.  We fell asleep that way, Helen and I cuddled together, our bodies book-ended by our two naked guides.

Day 2

I woke up to the sensation of a mouth on my cock.

"Mmmm," I mumbled.  "Not a bad way to wake up."

I heard giggling.  "Get up, sleepy head," said Helen.  "There's a whole day of crazy sex ahead of you, and you've slept in long enough.  Breakfast is almost over."

"Fuck breakfast," I said, "this is an excellent blowjob."  I cracked open my eyes to see it was Goma, kneeling naked beside me on the bed, doing the sucking.

"Fuck breakfast?" asked Shasha, giggling.  "Would you like me to fuck breakfast, sir?  If you like, we can bring the breakfast food to this room, and you can watch me have sex with it."

Helen and I laughed, and the girls laughed with us.

"I'm only half-joking, sir."  Apparently, the using-first-names thing wasn't sticking.  "Some guests like to eat their food off a naked woman.  And there are certain vegetables that I can use to fuck myself, for your pleasure.  I have experience."

"Thanks, but not this morning," I said smiling.  "But I do like the idea of bringing food up."

"We'll go get some," said Helen.  "And just remember, you've already come in Goma's mouth yesterday, but you haven't fucked her yet."

"That's right," I said, reaching down to pull Goma's head off my hard cock.  "Let's fuck."

"Yes... Trevor" she said sweetly.  "I have been waiting to feel you inside me."

Shasha and Helen left the room while I rolled Goma over and entered her in missionary.  We kissed as I slowly found a comfortable rhythm in her wet young pussy.  It was oddly like making love.  It was very different from fucking Shasha outside in the hot sun the previous morning.  We were in no hurry, a slow gentle fuck, taking our time.

Shasha and my wife came back with food, lay it out on a table and began to nibble, watching us fuck.  I gave it to Goma strong and steady, she moaned and wiggled her hips and squeezed her pussy around me.  Without losing a stroke, I spent a few minutes sucking her adorable nipples.

"Looks like breakfast will have to wait." said Helen.

"I don't know about that," I said.  "Let's see if I can fuck and eat.  Do you have anything over there that I could eat off a nipple?"

"Stewed lentils, butter, and some rice pudding." replied Helen.

"Bring 'em."

They all giggled as Shasha and Helen moved to sit on either side of us, taking turns daubing Goma's nipples with food.  I sucked the nipples clean, Goma giggled some more.

"It's not very efficient, but it's fun." I said.

"Are you going to fuck for a while, or let yourself come this morning?" asked Helen.

"I might let myself come."  I stopped moving, holding myself deep inside Goma.  "So let me ask the question.  You girls seem very comfortable with each other's bodies."

"Yes, sir." said Shasha.

"Of course", said Goma.

"Are you also comfortable having sex ... with each other?"

Shasha smiled and paused.  "The short answer to your question is, yes.  My sister and I have sex with each other, for guests who wish to watch us together.  Would you like that... Trevor?"

My cock pulsed.

Goma giggled.  "I can feel that he likes the idea."

"Some guests have different attitudes towards incest."  Shasha regarded me carefully.  "Some guests want us to treat it like something very forbidden, something we are reluctant to do.  Other guests want my sister and I to act like we are crazy in lust with each other."

"I just want you to act natural," I said.  "I mean, you don't mind the taste of your sister's pussy, do you?"

"Not at all.  I like the taste of her pussy very much."

"Good."  I pulled up onto my knees, my cock coming out of Goma and hanging there, hard and dripping with pussy juice.  "I think it would be sexy for you to taste her on my cock."

"Yes, very sexy" agreed Shasha, bending forward and taking me in her mouth.  I let her suck me clean, then pulled back and thrust back into Goma.

"Now kiss her," I instructed.

"Yes, I like kissing very much," agreed Shasha, bending down and planting her mouth on Goma's.  There was no hesitation at all, it was a sexually charged tongue kiss.  I started to thrust again, feeling harder than ever.

"Fuck, that's hot." said Helen, loosening her clothes, watching them kiss.

After a minute, without being instructed, Shasha broke the kiss and started to suck on her younger sister's nipples.  I think we were all moaning gently, myself close to orgasm, Helen beside herself with lust.

"Can you orgasm like this?" I asked Goma.

"No, sir.  I like fucking very much, but I don't orgasm this way."

"But you do orgasm from getting your clit sucked?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good.  Shasha, I'm going to come in your little sister's pussy, and you're going to eat my cum from her cunt, then make her come with your mouth."

"Yes, sir.  That sounds very sexy," agreed Shasha.

"Oh fuck.  I can't wait." said Helen, climbing onto the bed and sitting on Goma's face.  The girl had no choice but to start licking and swallowing my wife's wetness.  Helen thrashed her hips, riding her clit over Goma's lips, tongue and nose, practically using her whole face to get off.

Helen's display, along with Shasha's eagerness to act out my desires, pushed me over the edge.  I came hard and deep inside Goma.  A minute later, as I pulled out, Shasha was right there to take my place, diving tongue-first into her sister's pussy, seeking cum.

"That's... so... fucking... hot" gasped Helen, staring at the sister-sister incest, riding Goma's face hard.  "Oh my God, I'm coming.  I'm coming!"

Helen had only just climbed off and collapsed beside us, when Goma reached hers, arching her back and gripping the sheets, coming on her big sister's tongue.

For a minute there was just the sound of heavy breathing.

"Sir... Trevor?" asked Shasha.


"I am the only one here who has not had an orgasm this morning.  I am very aroused so if you don't mind... may I commit some more incest, please?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Thank you!"  Shasha quickly stripped out of her remaining clothes, , scampered up the bed and planted her pussy on Goma's mouth, the same as Helen had done, only more gently.

"That's so beautiful and kinky", murmured Helen.  "A sister-sister face-sitting."

Either Shasha was really wound up, or the sisters knew exactly how to get each other off, because it barely took a minute of tongue-clit contact before Shasha came, adding her juices to Helen's on Goma's face.  The room smelled like sex, a little like spunk and a lot like pussy.

"I need a shower," said Goma giggling.

"I'll take one with you," said Shasha, "unless you need anything else, Trevor?"

"No, go ahead."

They giggled and went off to shower together.  I cuddled up to Helen on the bed, and we kissed through the afterglow of our morning orgasms.

Eventually, the four of us cleaned up and got ready to set out, with the goal of hiking to the top of the island.  Helen and I dressed for protection from the sun.  We were heading out of the resort, when Helen saw a young woman and called her over.

"This is Nkuli", she said.  I looked the woman up and down.  Short, slender, and probably around 30 years old, very short hair.  She looked familiar.

"I think we know her already, right?" I asked.

"She was under the table at dinner last night.  You had your cock down her throat?"

"Oh!"  I laughed.  "Thank you for that, Nkuli."  The woman smiled and nodded.

"She's very oral.  I'd like to bring her along on our hike."

"Sure.  Let's all go."

We walked slowly, the sun beating down on us, watched our feet on the narrow path that wound around the dry hills.  I walked just behind Shasha, who wore some very comfortable-looking colorful local outfit.

"I want to know more about you and your sister," I asked.  "You've been here four years?"

"Almost four years.  We came here with my mother.  My sister and I are less than a year apart, we were 18 and 19 years old."

"Did you know what you were getting into?"

She laughed.  "Well, of course I could not have imagined all the things I have learned and experienced.  But yes, I knew that we would have a lot of sex, with strange men, and with women.  I had been with a few boys my age, but never with an older man, and never with a woman.  The woman who came to our camp, she was careful to not embarrass anyone.  She spread the information as a rumor, first, that there was a place we could go and earn money and be treated well, and get an education, and get away from the camp.  She said it was only for girls and women who liked sex.  Well, I have always like sex.  Even my first fumblings with a boy were very exciting.  So I decided this was an opportunity for me."

"And your mother and sister?  Was your mother too old for sex work?

"My mother had us when she was very young.  She is not even 40 years yet, and I think she is beautiful.  She gets some attention from the guests, but not as much as my sister and I.  Do you want to meet her?"

I laughed.  "Meet?  Well, certainly."

"You should have sex with her, too.  She would appreciate it."

"I'll keep that in mind."  I chuckled.  "So, they trained you for this job?"

"Yes, very much.  Learning English, and how to perform sex for the pleasure of a guest.  There are a few men, both local men and European, who do the training.  They are very careful to be gentle, to not scare away any potential workers.  Some women decide it isn't for them, and go back to where they came from.  But others, like my sister and I, become very quickly comfortable with any kind of sex."

"How did they teach you have sex with women?"

"An experienced woman was part of the group.  She licked each of us, found ways to help us relax and enjoy it, and even have orgasms.  After that, we practiced with each other.  My sister and I were paired up.  We learned to enjoy each other.  That made us very popular.  We left the training camp before the others.  Of course, the training didn't end there.  On this island, we stayed in a hut at first, and then a real house, and we worked our way up to be greeters and guides.  We attend school most days when we aren't busy with guests.  Unlike what you saw in the sex show, there is a lot of real learning there, especially English.  My sister and I are guides for about twenty guests every year.  Some are rude, some are very nice.  Some are rough, and I have learned to enjoy that too.  You and your wife are very gentle."

"Did you have any other siblings?"

"They were lost.  I'm sorry, that is the sad part of our story.  We try not to tell the sad parts of our story.  The guests don't come here for that.  They come for lots of sex and happiness."

"You don't have to share anything you don't feel comfortable with.  I think you and your sister are wonderful, smart, and talented."

"Thank you, sir."

We walked on in silence for a while, and after a fairly long hike we arrived at the top.  There were some kind of ruins there, perhaps an ancient stone fort, weathered away to almost nothing.  We walked through the stones and came to a vantage point, where we could look down and see much of the island, including the resort and the trees and buildings around it.

"Great view." I said.

"Yes.  I know the only thing that would make it better." said Helen smiling.  "Nkuli, get down here."  The woman obediently crouched and put her head under Helen's loose skirt, obviously getting busy.  "Mmmm hmmm, lick my ass too."

"She does that?" I asked.

"She's very oral.  She'll stick her tongue anywhere."

"I can lick you, too." suggested Shasha.

"Great, idea, front and back." agreed Helen.  Shasha went over and put her face under Helen's skirt from the front.  "Oh, fuck, yes.  My clit and my ass.  Such hot little tongues.  Oh, I could get used to this."

Goma and I watched Helen for a bit, then I turned to her and we kissed, then I helped pull off her clothes.  My hands went all over, caressing her tits, her ass.  She felt lovely in the hot sun.

"You like my body, sir?"

"Yes, very much."

"Maybe you would like to put the sun oil on me?  It is good for me skin.  There is a bottle in that bag there."

I went to the bad and found the bottle.  Not sunscreen, but some kind of body oil, coconut scented.  I put a generous amount on my hands and started to rub down Goma.  She leaned forward onto a large stone, with the view in front of us, spreading her legs slighting, giving me access to every inch of her skin.  Helen was right beside us, watching how much I was obviously enjoying oiling up Goma.  Goma seemed to be enjoying it as well, moaning as if her entire body was an erogenous zone.  She moaned louder when I rubbed her buttocks, and between her legs.

"This is making me very hard," I said.

"Mmmm-hmmm.  Do you want to fuck me again, sir?"

"Maybe."  My hands were moving between her legs, over her labia, and her buttocks.  I felt the soft little bulge of her sphincter.  "Are you comfortable with anal sex, Goma?"

"Of course, sir.  I would like to please you in any way I can.  The sun oil works well as a lubricant."

My fingers pressed, and one slippery finger slipped inside her ass.  She moaned.

"How clean are you, Goma?"

"Very clean, sir.  I just bathed with my sister, and we got very clean.  My ass is also clean.  See?"  She reached for my hand, pulling it up to her mouth, and sucked on the finger that had just been up her ass.  "See, I am very clean."

"That's fucking kinky!  I love it." said Helen, watching us intently.

"You are amazing," I said, putting more oil on my fingers.  I gradually got two fingers in Goma's ass, and was working on a third, when I decided that she was warmed up enough.  I got behind her and found the right leg spacing to put my cock at the right height to line it up, searched with the my fingertips and the head of my cock to find the right place, and slowly sank into Goma's ass.

The sun beat down on us as I gradually thrust and worked my way deeper into her.  The air was warm, but with the sun, everything felt hot.  The rocks, Goma's skin, the inside of her ass. I was holding her hips and thrusting steadily.  The thing about anal sex, which I know from experience with my wife, is that the first part is always the hardest.  The longer it goes on, the easier it is for the recipient.  So after a few minutes, I could feel Goma's ass getting used to me and I started to really thrust.  The exercise just added to the heat, and sweat ran down my body.

"That looks hot," said Helen, watching me go balls-deep up Goma's ass.

"In more ways than one!" I agreed.  "Now this is a vacation.  Outdoor sex, a pretty young woman and a tight hot ass-fuck."

"You going to come again?" asked Helen.  "Two times, and it's not even lunch."

"I don't care.  I'll see how long I can hold out, but I'm coming for sure.  Her ass is just too good."

"I wonder if we can make her come too.  I want to feel what going on."  Helen stepped away from her front-and-back licking, and reached down between Goma's legs.  I felt my wife's fingers slip inside Goma's pussy, felt them moving around.

"My clit," said Goma gasping.

"Yes",  I said, "can you come this way?"

"Yes! I am going to come."

"Yes, let's make her come," said Helen, her voice thick with lust.  "I want to watch her coming with your cock up her ass."

I thrust and dripped sweat, Goma stopped pushing back at me and just gasped, Helen found Goma's clit.  Shasha got up off her knees and stood beside us, smiling, caressing her sister's oiled naked body, playing with her nipples.

"I don't know how much longer I can hold out," I gasped.

"I'm coming!" cried Goma.  I felt her pussy and ass clench involuntarily, and it was too much for me, I came long and hard deep inside her.  Goma's legs wobbled, so Helen and Shasha helped hold her up as she twitched and my hard cock pulsed in her.

I hugged Goma's slippery hot naked body as well, a group hug in the glow of our two orgasms.  Slowly, almost reluctantly, I pulled out of her ass.

"I clean," said Nkuli.

"You clean?" asked Helen.

"With my mouth, ma'am."

"She's very oral," explained Shasha, "and we did just bathe.  May she clean you?"

"I guess so," I said smiling.

Nkuli, still on her knees, crawled to us and took my cock in her mouth, licking and sucking.  I looked into her face for any sign of discomfort that she was tasting Goma's ass on my cock, but there was none.  In fact, she seemed to be humming with pleasure

"Wow, that's kinky." said Helen.

"Most of the women here will do this, if it is clean enough," explained Shasha.  "I can show you, on my sister, if you like?"

"Sure," encouraged Helen.

Shasha dropped to her knees and pressed her face between Goma's buttocks.  I watched her tongue come out and fasten itself to her sister's sphincter, licking and soothing, and I suppose getting a bit of my cum on her tongue as well.

"This is amazing," said Helen.  She took care of handing coins to each of them to put in their pouches.

When we decided we were "clean" enough, we put our clothes back on and did the long hike back down the hill.

After lunch the sisters went off to school.  Helen and I took a long nap.  We were beginning to realize how it's a good idea to nap in the hottest part of the day in the tropics.

We woke up and showered together, then lounged around our hotel room until the sisters came back to check on us.

"Hello Trevor, hello Helen," said Shasha.  "Can we assist you with any more sex today?"

"What do you think?" Helen asked me.  "You've come twice already, do you have another adventure in you today, or do you want to save it for later?"

"I'm curious," I said to Shasha.  "You said that women learn to perform sex with their relatives, like you and your sisters?"

"Yes,"  Shasha smiled.  "Not all of them enjoy it as much as we do.  For some it is just sex work.  But nobody does it if they truly do not want to.  Some ethnic groups have very strong taboos against it, at least for men and women.  But it is not such a strong or common taboo, women together."

"That includes mothers and daughters?"

"Yes.  Would you like to see that?  I know of many women here who would be happy to show you."

"Yes, I'd like to see that.  And perhaps fuck them as well.  I do feel recharged after my nap."

"My dear, amazing husband." said Helen smiling.  "You're a fucking machine."

"One woman I am thinking of, her name is Ayer," explained Shasha. "We may find her in the hotel, she may be busy with a guest, or she may be at her hut."

We slowly dressed in our lightest clothes and departed.  Goma asked to be excused as she wasn't needed, so it was Shasha that led us around the hotel and across the ground.  We saw a number of guests and workers in various stages of sex, and some workers walking around alone or in pairs, but we didn't find the woman Ayer.  Shasha led us down through the grounds to the gate, then down the dusty road towards a group of houses and huts, simple round huts with thatched roofs.

"They live in hut number twenty-three," she explained.  "Ah!  There she is!"

Beside one of the huts, just walking outside, was a striking woman.  Ebony-dark skin, thin, and exceedingly tall, I would figure well over six foot six inches.  As we approached, she smiled and waved to us.  Her hair was cut so short as to be almost bald, she wore a kind of skirt around her hips, and just an large bead necklace on her top, along with the small pouch.  Her breasts were conical and jutted directly forward through the beads.

"Is she Maasai?" I asked.

"Not, not Maasai," explained Shasha.  "I am impressed at your knowledge.  Yes, Maasai people are famous for being very tall, but we actually have no Maasai women here.  The Maasai culture is very strong, and very few are displaced from their tribe.  Ayer is a Dinka woman.  The Dinka are also famous for being very tall.  They have been displaced by the wars in the Sudan, so there are many Dinka refugees.  Ayer and her daughter have been here for two years."

"Hello," said Ayer to us cheerfully, in a thickly accented voice.  She stood proudly and waved.  "English or German?"

"They are English," explained Shasha.  "They want to see you have sex with your daughter.  Is it a good time for you?"

Well, I thought, that is certainly getting quickly to the point of the matter.

"Yes, a good day," said Ayer smiling.  "My daughter is bathing.  She come back very soon.  You can have sex, also with me?"

"Maybe so," I said, walking up to her with Helen.

"You have an amazing body," said Helen appreciatively, caressing Ayer's shoulder, breast, and belly.  I joined my wife in the fondling of Ayer's exotic body.

"I am Dinka," she said proudly.  "We go, inside my hut?"

Inside, there was a simple firepit, cooking area, a low table, some boxes, two chairs, a cot and some flat areas for sleeping.  We sat on the chairs, while Shasha and Ayer sat on the cot.

"I'm curious," I said, "about you and your daughter.  Do you have other children?"

"Yes, I have three children.  My daughter Ataui is old enough to have sex with guests. My younger children are in school today."

"How old are you?"

"I am 30 years old.  My daughter Ataui is 16."

"You had your first child at age 14?"

"I was 13.  My husband was 40.  That is common in our culture.  But I was not a valuable wife."

"Why not?"

"I did not have the ..." Ayer frowned and paused.

"Female circumcision", explained Shasha.  "You have heard of it?  Women are circumcised so they do not have a clitoris.  It is very traditional and common.  The government tries to ban it, but a traditional man will not marry a woman unless she is circumcised."

"So you don't have... the circumcision?" asked Helen.

"Yes," said Ayer proudly.  "My mother care for me, she stops them.  I have it."  She stood and pushed off her skirt, then sat back down and spread her legs casually to show us, pointing.  "I have my clitoris."

"Thank God," said Helen smiling.  "I can't imagine life without my clit.  But I guess you never got your pussy eaten anyway, before you came to work here?"

"I'm sorry?" Ayer asked.

"Did a man ever lick you, or did you have sex with other girls or women.  Before you came here?"

"No.  Never."

"But you like it?"

"Yes!  I like it very much."

"I like it very much too," said Helen, laughing.  "While we're waiting, why don't you come eat my pussy?"

"Yes, please."  Ayer stood and took off her remaining clothing, which was just the bead necklaces.  Naked, she knelt in front of Helen, who lifted her skirt and accepted Ayer's eager mouth.

"Your legs look so pale around her dark face," I said, kissing Helen.

"And mmm, she can eat pussy well," glowed Helen.

"Shasha," I said, "I figure I'll be using my cock soon, so why don't you warm it up with your mouth?"

"Yes, Trevor," she said, dropping to her knees and helping me fish my cock out of my shorts, then swallowing it deep.  Helen and I kissed some more, side by side, as we got pleasured by two eager mouths.

Just a few minutes later, Ayer's daughter Ataui came in.  She was quite a sight.  A smaller version of her mother, but still astonishingly tall, easily as tall as me.  She looked surprised at first, then smiled at us.  She was stark naked except for the pouch around her neck.  To my aesthetics, her face was slightly androgynous, but her body was all woman, perfectly perky breasts, gently curved hips.

Helen pushed Ayer gently away.  "I'd like to see you and your daughter together, side by side."

"Yes, ma'am."  Ayer stood and spoke for a minute with her daughter, rapid-fire in what I presumed was the Dinka language.  Then they stood beside each other, facing us, their arms around each other's waists, their chests thrust forward, smiles on their faces.

 "That's quite a sight," said Helen, taking in their similar bodies, just a couple inches of height separating them.  "Ataui, you know what we're here to do?"

"Yes!  I can have sex with my mother.  You like to watch?"

"Yes," breathed Helen.  "I've never seen it, or even imagined it."

"Never?" giggled Ataui.  "It's not a big thing.  Lots of us do it here."

"You like kissing?" asked Helen.

"Yes, I like kissing very much!"

"Good.  Let's see you two kiss."

They turned to each other, and kissed gently, and then again, and then more firmly.  Their breasts touched, their hands slowly went to each other bodies, gently caressing.  The kiss got deeper and stronger, tilting their heads to suck each other's tongues, embracing.

"That's so fucking hot," said Helen.

"Yeah it is", I agreed, my cock rock-hard in Shasha's throat.

Without any further instruction, Ataui broke the kiss and trailed kisses down her mother's neck, caressed her mother's breasts and sucked on the nipples.

"You enjoy that?" Helen asked Ayer.

"I always enjoy my children at my breast.  I miss it when they grow up.  And then I come to work here.  The guests want to see my daughter sucking on me.  So I enjoy it again."

They resumed kissing and nipple-sucking for a few minutes, with Ayer giving her daughter's nipples some sucking as well, between deep French kisses.  If the passion was just an act, it was convincing.  Mother and daughter appeared to be immensely enjoying their incestuous make-out session.

"Does your daughter have her clit, too?" asked Helen.

"Yes," said Ayer happily.

"Show us."

They broke their embrace, sitting on the cot directly facing us.  Ataui spread her legs wide, with Ayer using one hand to help hold her daughter's leg over her own.  The other hand went between Ataui's legs.

"This is my daughter's pussy." she said proudly, her fingers running around Ataui's labia and clit, spreading it open for us.  "It is beautiful and it bring her much pleasure."

"It is very beautiful," agreed Helen.  "Ataui, which do you prefer?  Do you like cocks and fingers in your pussy, or do you like your clit touched and sucked?"

"I like both, ma'am!" said the girl cheerfully.

"Show us," breathed Helen.

Ayer nodded, understanding.  She gently pushed two of her strong, dark fingers into her daughter's pussy, and started to steadily finger-fuck.  Ataui sighed with pleasure, then they were kissing again.  Ayer pulled her wet fingers out, and rubbed her daughter's clit in a circular motion.  Ataui made more happy lustful noises.  We let them go on for a while, alternating between finger-fucking and clit-rubbing.

"That's so beautiful, and kinky." sighed Helen.

"Now," said Ayer, smiling at us, "I eat my daughter's pussy?"

"Yes," cried Helen, "eat that pretty little pussy for us!"  Then my wife turned to me.  "You want to give me that hot mouth you're using?  I need it."

"Sure, no problem," I said, releasing Shasha's head, letting her pull away and switch to using her mouth on my wife.

On the cot in front of us, they re-arranged, with Ataui laying back with her legs spread, and Ayer kneeling between them.  With no apprehension at all, Ayer fastened her mouth on her daughter's pussy, giving it some long deep licks, then settled on sucking her daughter's clit.

"That's it!" cried Helen, clearly getting an even bigger charge of witnessing this act than I was.  "So fucking hot!"  She gripped Shasha's head, writhing against it.  "Trevor honey, maybe you want to fuck the mother while she does that?"

"Sounds good," I agreed.  I moved over to stand behind Ayer, reaching between her buttocks to find her slit.  She felt my touch and tilted her hips, pushing them back at me in encouragement.  I lined up my cock and sank into her.

We kept going like that until Ataui cried out in orgasm.  I pulled out and motioned for Ayer to move up and sit on her daughter's face, which she did gracefully.  I moved forward and sank my cock into Ataui's very wet, well-licked hole.  She moaned like crazy into her mother's pussy as I fucked her.

By the time Ayer came, I had worked up a sweat.

"Are you going to come in her?" asked Helen.

"Maybe.  It's actually kinda hard to fuck on this cot.  My legs are working hard to hold me up."  I pulled out of Ataui.  "I could stop now, but there's one more thing I want to see.  Ayer?"

"Yes, sir?"

"You know 69?"

"Of course, sir."  She smiled big, getting up and turning around.  With some words in Dinka to her daughter, they re-arranged themselves on the cot, with Ayer on the bottom, her daughter on top.  They carefully fit their bodies together.

"I love it," said Helen.  "A mother-daughter 69. I like how you think."

"I'm looking forward to enjoying these two in a proper bed sometime," I said.  I stood beside the mother and daughter, running my hands over their warm soft bodies, listening to the sound of licking.  "Ataui?"

"Yes, sir?" she raised her face, her mouth dripping wet.

"Can you make your mother come this way, doing what you're doing?"

"Yes, sir.  I think she will come soon, if I do this."  She pushed three fingers into Ayer's pussy, then continued to lick the clit.

"Good.  Keep going."

"Let me taste you," said Helen suddenly.

"My cock?"  From our threesomes, I knew my wife could be aroused by pussy juice, but she almost always preferred to be licked than do the licking.  "You want to taste my cock, that's been in both their pussies?"


I happily put my wet cock in my wife's mouth.  She sucked on it, almost beside herself with lust.  Next to us, I heard Ayer's cries get louder, dramatically, announcing her orgasm.  Helen came just seconds later, with more subtlety, but I know my wife's body language well enough to tell.  She kept me in her mouth for the full minute it took her to come down again.  Finally she let me go.

"I did it, sir." said Ataui, lifting her head with a big grin.  "I gave my mother a big orgasm."

"You sure did.  Good job!"  I kissed her, tasting the juices on her tongue, then they were untangling and sitting up.  My wife was fumbling for her pocket, finding coins to hand to them.

"Thank you both.  I think I should tip you double for the incest," mused Helen.

"Thank you, ma'am!"  they both said, accepting their tips, putting them away in their pouches.

"Didn't feel like coming in them?" asked my wife, watching me carefully pack my hard cock away in my loose shorts.

"I might have, but not here,"  We gathered up and waved goodbye as we left the hut.  "The incest was hot, but fucking two six-foot-tall women on a wobbly cot was a bit much for me."

"Oh, you poor dear," said Helen teasingly.  "How hard you have to work on your vacation!"

"Very funny."

The sun was low in the sky, casting a golden glow over the resort grounds, as Shasha, Helen and I walked back up the hill.  On one of the large lawns beside the path, I saw a man cavorting with some women, on a large blanket spread out on the lawn as if for a picnic.  He looked European, and he had three African women with him on the blanket, one he was fucking in missionary, the other two watching.

"I see some other guests leave their rooms and enjoy outdoor sex," I said pointing.

"Yes.  Oh!  That is the Frenchman," said Shasha, waving to him.  "He is a very good man. He is gentle and tips well.  But he usually prefers the younger girls.  That is my sister there."

I looked again and saw that the woman on the ground getting fucked was Goma.

"Shasha!" the man called out, smiling, then said something in French.

"May I join them?" asked Shasha.  "Or I can stay with you if you need anything."

"I think we're fine.  Go ahead," encouraged Helen.

We watched as Shasha went over to them, chattering away in French.  The man replied and waved directions Shasha removed her clothes, sat down on her younger sister's face, and offered her nipples for the Frenchman to suck.  We stood and watched them for a minute.  The other two did look younger, certainly younger than Ayer's 16-year-old daughter we had just been with.  I didn't quite see the appeal, myself.  Ataui was at least fully developed.  But under that age, many of these African girls looked more like boys, especially those that had somewhat androgynous faces, when they haven't fully developed breasts and hips.  Doesn't do it for me.  I like my girls to be old enough to be fully woman-shaped.

"Jealous?" asked Helen, laughing.

"What?  Oh, you mean watching the sisters service other guests?"  I smiled.  "I guess, a little.  But I understand it's their job and they look like they're having fun.  And I already fucked Goma in her pussy and her ass this morning, and came both times."

"Mmmm, you sure did.  I don't know how you managed in the hot sun."  My wife tugged my hand.  "Shall we think about something other than sex for a while?"

"Like dinner, perhaps?"

"Sex or food.  You are a simple man," she laughed, as we walked off holding hands.

Dinner was delicious.  I ate a bit too much and stayed at the table longer.  Helen was chatting up a curvaceous woman from southern Africa with an accent I hadn't heard before.  As the lights dimmed for the sex show, I asked the woman if she was available to suck my cock.  She smiled and got under the table, then I felt her hot mouth trying to swallow me.

"She's from Mozambique," said Helen.  "Her name is Hanuni, she's 21 years old, she came here with her mother and a brother.  I was telling her about the incest we saw today.  She says that she's done oral sex with her family, but she won't let her brother fuck her, because she's not on birth control.  She's trying to get pregnant by a white guest."

"She sucks really well," I said.  "If she keeps that up, she's going to get my cum, but in the wrong place to give her a baby."

Helen giggled.  The lights dimmed, and the sex show began.

The first act was like the big-and-small act we saw the night before, only this time it was one very tall African woman, and one very short white guy.  He was well-hung, despite his diminutive stature.  Together, like an acrobatic dance, the two of them demonstrated several ways to overcome a height difference to have sex, without simply getting down in missionary.  They were both strong.  He fucked her mouth with alarming vigor, then fucked her pussy several different ways before delivering a money shot to her face and mouth.  They bowed as the audience clapped.

The second act was two women, again.  Instead of stripping each other and proceeding to lesbian sex, they sat side by side on the sofa with their legs spread wide to the audience, with a box between them.  One woman would pull a toy out of the box, use it on her pussy, then hand it to the other woman who would use it as well.  They proceeded from vibrators up to medium-sized dildos, then butt plugs came up and went into their asses, then increasingly larger dildos.  Finally a giant dildo came out, the audience gasped, and then cheered when the first woman managed to get it inside herself.  She smiled proudly then pulled it out and handed it to the second woman as if daring her.  The audience laughed.  The second woman appeared to struggle, but got the huge thing inside her.  We cheered.  The first woman pulled out her plug, lubed up her hand, and worked it in, fisting her own pussy.  The other woman followed suit.  Finally, the first woman turned around, kneeling on the sofa, showed the audience her ass, put on more lube, reached back, and got her hand into her own ass.  The audience cheered when both women succeeded, side-by-side auto-anal-fisting as the climax of their act.

"I hope they picked the women with the smallest hands for that act," said Helen laughing.

"I imagine that's who would volunteer for it." I agreed.

Next was the "school" scene.  It was the same teacher from the night before, this time with three pretty teenaged female students in their school uniforms, one tall girl, two short girls.  The teacher wrote on the board in big letters, "Strap-Ons", and proceeded to explain, loudly for the sake of the audience, the basics of strapping on a dildo, how to use it, things to be careful about, what angles work best.  It was actually pretty educational, on a subject I had never thought much about.  I had never seen one used in real life, certainly not in threesomes with my wife.  I'd seen them in lesbian porn, but the performers usually seemed inept at using them.

The class proceeded with the tall girl being instructed to stand up.  The teacher and the tall girl both got naked from the waist down, two strap-on harnesses came out, and the teacher demonstrated how to put it on.  When both strap-ons were firmly secured with dildos in them, the two shorter girl students "practiced" cock-sucking on them.  The teacher grabbed the head of the student on her cock, really mouth-fucking her.  The tall girl followed suit.  The audience applauded.  After a bit of that, the two short girl students were flipped around, bend over their school desks, their skirts lifted, their panties pulled down, and they got vigorously strap-on fucked.  They even cried out in orgasm, surely faked, but the audience cheered anyway.

"I've GOT to try that here." said Helen.

"What, getting strap-on fucked by a woman?"

"Hell no, I want to do the fucking."

"I knew that.  I know you very well, sweetheart."

She stuck her tongue out at me.

That night, we were exhausted and fell asleep immediately, with nobody else in the bed, and no further hanky-panky.

Day 3

I woke up again to the feeling of a hot mouth around my cock.  Opening my eyes, I saw it was Shasha, topless, down between my legs doing the sucking.

"Good morning, Trevor!" she said brightly.  "I'm sorry about last night.  By the time I came to check if you needed anything, you and your wife were already asleep."

"It's OK, we were fine, we just needed to sleep," I assured her.

Helen came in from the bathroom, wearing a towel around her waist, freshly showered and smiling.  "Good morning, honey.  Goma's going to teach me to use a strap-on this morning.  You can watch, or maybe you want to go off and get into some trouble of your own?"

"I do have some ideas," I said, "but first, breakfast."

We got ready and went down.  Over breakfast, I explained to Shasha.

"I'd like to fuck some women in their natural setting.  Not just workers here at the hotel.  Almost all the work on this island is done by women, right?"

"Yes.  They wash the clothes, work in the fields, and everything else."

"Can I fuck some women while they do that?  Or would that be rude to interrupt?"

Shasha giggled.  "You are a guest.  And you wouldn't be the first to venture away from the resort.  Women here are prepared to have sex anywhere."

"I'm also concerned about comfort.  Trying to have sex on that cot yesterday was awkward.  It would have been easier on a bed, or even on the ground, but the ground is pretty hard too."

"I can help.  I can come with you, and carry a roll.  You know, a sleeping roll?"

"Like a portable mattress?  That's brilliant."

"Good.  I will go find one, and then let me know when you are ready to go."

I kissed Helen goodbye as she went off to her strap-on session.  Shasha came back carrying a bulky roll of bedding, and we set out.

We passed a number of women on the way out, who smiled and waved to emphasize their availability, but I was seeking something else.

The first women that fit my desire was a pair of workers pruning a hedge, just outside the gate of the resort.  I stopped and watched them for a minute.  One looked 20-something, the other 30-something.  They wore somewhat Western clothes, skirt and loose tops.  They stopped clipping the hedge, setting down their shears as they saw us approach.

"Hello!" they waved.

"Hi ladies."  I saw that they both had pouches around their necks.  "I would like to fuck both of you."

They seemed surprised for only a second. "Yes, sir," said the older one.  "We come.. with you...?"

"No, I'd like to fuck you right here, right now.  Is that OK?"

They looked at each other, then back at me, and smiled.  "OK, sir!"

"Do you know them?" I asked Shasha.

"Yes, sir.  They are from my country.  They are cousins.  Not my cousins, I mean, they are cousins of each other, and good friends."

"Cool.  You!"  I pointed to the older one.  "Get on your knees, and eat her pussy?"

She seemed surprised again, but only for a second.  Quickly, she dropped to her knees in front of her cousin, lifted the younger woman's skirt, and pressed her face forward.

"That's good," I said, walking up to them, reaching for the younger woman and caressing her, un-buttoning her top.  "I'm going to fuck you right now, and I want to feel your naked tits under me when I do it."

"Yes, sir."  She helped me get the top off, and there was no bra.  I played with her breasts and nipples a bit, feeling their heft, then turned to Shasha.  "Can you put that roll down right here?"

"OK," she said, unrolling it onto the grass beside the hedge.

It took only a few seconds to pull the older woman aside, push the younger one down onto the roll, lay on top of her in missionary, and sink my cock into her.  She squealed with surprise as the sudden penetration, but she was wet enough from the licking she had received. I felt her erect nipples brushing against my chest as I thrust into her.  I allowed myself just a few minutes to savor the spontaneity of it, fucking this young woman right next to the hedge she had been working on.

"You," I said, pointing to the older woman as she stood watching, "strip naked."

"Yes, sir."  It only took seconds for her to lose her skirt and her shirt. Her breasts were larger than her cousin, yet there was still no bra.

"I'm going to fuck you next, so let's make sure your pussy is wet.  Come sit on your friend's face."

"Yes, sir."  She stepped onto the roll facing me, put her legs carefully on either side of the younger woman's head, and gracefully lowered her hips.  As they made mouth-pussy contact, I pushed up onto my hands and found myself facing those large tits, so I sucked on them as I thrust.

I spent a good ten minutes there fucking.  By that time, the older woman had already come once on her friend's mouth.  I pulled out and had them switch positions, pushed into the older one on her back, and fucked her for a pleasant stretch of time.  Her breasts were large enough to do a lot of jiggling on each thrust.

I let myself get pretty close to coming, and debated it to myself while thrusting.  The sun, the grass, the open air, the spontaneity, all of this was wonderful and arousing, did I really need to come?  I decided I didn't, stopped, pulled out, and thanked them.  They seemed surprised, but happily accepted their tips as they pulled their clothes back on and got back to work.  Shasha rolled up the mat, and I pulled my shorts back on.

"That was great," I said.  "Let's find some more."

"The fields where we grow the vegetables are just a short walk this way," said Shasha.

We wound our way down the gravel road and took a side path, turned left and walked through a line of short acacia trees and dry grass.  There were irrigation pipes, a field with various things growing, and one part that was being turned over.  I smiled when I saw a line of workers there, all women, doing something with hoes, either weeding or turning the soil.  As we walked up, one of them smiled and waved.

"I want to fuck all of them," I said to Shasha.

She laughed.  "You might be able to."  She whistled and waved her arms.  The women in the field set down their tools and came over to us.  They were various heights and ages, seven in total.  One of them didn't have a pouch around her neck.  They looked at me expectantly.

"You," I said, pointing to the pouch-less woman.  "You're not available?"

"No, sir."  She looked at me shyly.  There was chatter between the women in some local language.

"She's on her period," explained Shasha.

"Ah, no problem.  The rest of you, you're available for me to fuck, right now, right here?"

There was another burst of chatter between them, then each turned to me and said "Yes, sir."

"Great.  You six, strip naked."

It was a delightful process to watch all the clothes being removed, and placed carefully into little piles on the ground, to see each distinct body, different hips, legs, breasts.  There was some variation to the body shapes and sizes, but all were attractive women in their prime.  I considered that this was hardly a coincidence; they were chosen not only their need and willingness to do sex work, but also chosen to be attractive to foreign men.  Six random women working in a field somewhere in Africa would be unlikely to be as consistently attractive as these, not just by their own cultural standards of beauty, but also by the standards of their foreign guests.

Finished stripping, they stood in a line, facing me.

"Beautiful.  Now stand with your legs spread.  Clasp your hands behind your back.  Stick out your chest, and push your butt back."

It was clear they didn't all understand the instruction, but a couple did, and the others copied.  I went to the first woman, feeling the softness of her breasts, running my hands over her buttocks, examining her.  Her face was pretty and her breasts had a lovely curvature, accentuated by her posture.

The next woman was older, almost breastless, but had an impressive booty and powerful-looking thighs.  I went down the row, feeling their skin, evaluating them in the most shallow way, by which physical traits I found the most attractive.

"You," I said to the pouch-less woman, who was still fully clothed.  "Is your mouth available?"

"Yes, sir.  I suck you?"

"No, I want you to get on your knees and lick the pussies of the other six, from behind."

She took a moment to understand.  "Yes, sir."  She went to the first woman beside her, knelt down carefully, used her hands to spread the woman's butt cheeks, and reached in with her tongue to lick.  I pulled off my shorts, got in front of the same woman, motioned for her to bend forward, took her head in my hands, and pulled her mouth down onto my cock, gently fucking her mouth.  After a couple minutes, we moved down to the next woman, then the next.  Each did a fine job of balancing, pushing her hips back to get licked, and letting me hold their head to use their mouths.

Shasha had already laid the roll out on the ground, waiting expectantly for me to start fucking the women.

"OK, now," I said, pulling out of the last woman.  "You three."  I pointed.  "You have the best tits, I'm going to fuck you missionary.  The others, you have the best asses, I'm going to fuck from behind.  Is any of you trying to get pregnant by a guest?"

"I am, sir." said one very dark-skinned woman with wide hips.

"OK, you'll be last."  I pointed to a plump woman with the largest breasts. "You first."  I pointed to the mat.

This woman's plumpness felt lovely as I got on top of her on the soft roll, her soft skin caressing me as I slid into her.  I sucked on her tits and gave her a good hard fucking.  It was so nice, I could have kept going for an hour there, but there was a lot of pussy yet to go.  The woman under me seemed disappointed when I pulled out and motioned for her to leave the mat.

"You next," I said pointing to the next in line.  "Here on your hands and knees.  You've got an amazing ass."

She got down in front of me, I put my hands on that ass, spread her cheeks to find her pussy, and sank in.  I found a good rhythm and depth.  I gave her a good hard fucking, then moved on, one after the next.

The very last was the dark-skinned woman.  She had a pretty face, her fuzzy hair was a bit longer than the other women, and very shapely body.  She got on the mat and spread her legs, reached down to spread her pussy open with her fingers, and smiled at me.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Aisha, sir."

"Do you want me to make you pregnant, Aisha?"

"Yes, sir.  Please."

I lowered myself and slipped inside her.  She cried out happily as I sank in, her pussy adjusting to my size.  I sucked on her tits as I thrust, then noticed her pretty face was smiling at me, so I kissed her as well.  She seemed a little surprised at the kiss, but smiled and kissed me back with tongue.  She rocked her hips eagerly, trying to take me deeper.  I had been close to coming in each pussy already, so I was on a hair trigger.  I held out for as long as I could, then finally let go, deep inside, the head of my cock right up against her cervix, flooding her womb with my sperm.

Slowly, I pulled out, had one of the women suck me clean from all the pussy juice, put on my clothes and tipped each one of them.  They put on their clothes, picked up their tools and went right back to work, laughing and chattering with each other, no doubt about the funny white guy who wanted to have sex in a field.

"How did your morning go?" asked Helen when I arrived back up at the resort hall.  She was already eating lunch, with Goma and other three women around her.

"I fucked eight women this morning," I said, coming around to kiss her.  "Two of them where they were working on a hedge, six of them out in a field, and I did my best to impregnate one woman that wanted it."

"That's great honey."  She smiled.  "Sounds like you got to enjoy your thing for outdoor sex.  I learned so much about strap-ons today, and I fucked Goma and a lot of women this morning too, including these three."  She motioned to the pretty women around her.

"Your wife, she even make me come." said one of them.

"It was awesome," said Helen.

We had a nice lunch, then a long nap through the hottest part of the early afternoon.

After our nap and another shower, Helen and I took Shasha's advice and walked down to the school.  It looked much like any other school in Africa, with two long buildings set around a clearing.  Walking around and looking through the doorway, we saw that class was in session.  One building held two rooms, each of which appeared by English instruction.  The students there were all ages, from children up to the elderly, mostly female with a few men and boys.  In the other building, the students appears to be mostly young women in their teens and twenties, a couple teenage boys, and a female teacher.

"Welcome, come in!" said the teacher as we came near the doorway.  She was a lighter-skinned African woman and wore a classic uniform, a dark short dress over a long-sleeve white garment.  It was snug on her wide hips.

"Is this the sex class?" asked Helen.

"Yes, yes.  We welcome guests to watch or assist with the class.  Would you like to take a seat?"

We looked around and saw that half the room was desks facing a blackboard, the other half was cots and narrow beds, close together in rows.  The students were sitting at all the desks, so we found a bed to sit on facing the front of the room.  We read the blackboard.  At the top was the words "Anal Sex" in big letters, then a lot of description under that in English and German, and beside it was a giant anatomical sketch, a cross section of a woman's pelvis, showing the relationship of the vagina to the colon with all the little parts labeled, the Latin names and common names in several languages.

The teacher called on one teenage girl student, apparently for the activity they had been in the middle of when we arrived.  The girl rose and told a story in broken English about her first time having anal sex.  It sounded pretty painful and bad.  The teacher then asked the whole classroom about what was wrong, how it could have been better.  Each student raised their hand and offered something, being sure to use a lot of anatomical terms, with their answers and pronunciation corrected by the teacher.

"Now for the practice period," said the teacher firmly.  The students rose, and with the ease of habit, stripped off their clothes, leaving the clothes in tidy little stacks on their desks.  It was quite a sight to watch a roomful of people undressing, then they walked over and sat on the cots and beds around us.  The teacher continued to give instruction, organizing the students into pairs, opening a large box and taking out what appeared to be bottles of lubricant and dildos of various sizes.  Mostly of the room was girls and women paired together.  The two teenage boys were each paired with a 20-something woman.  At the teacher's instruction, one woman in every pairing got on her hands and knees, then other lubed a skinny dildo and very, very carefully worked it into the ass of her partner.

"You see," said the teacher, taking a break from instruction to speak with us, "this is how they learn."

"They learn to enjoy anal sex?" asked Helen.

"Some of them learn to enjoy it, some will only learn to tolerate it comfortably.  They learn how to avoid the discomfort, and also this experience simply gets them used to it."

"Have all the students done anal, before they came here?"

"No.  Some of them have their very first time here, in the classroom."

"At these classes, do the students all have sex with each other?" I asked.

"Of course, yes," replied the teacher smiling.

"Even the ones which are related?"

She smiled some more.  "You are asking about incest?  Yes, sometimes they have reservations about that.  The women and girls usually don't mind practicing sex with their sisters.  Some of the men and women won't have sex together if they are related, and they simply don't attend the same classes together.  But some don't mind.  That young man there," she pointed to one of the teenage boy students, "his name is Mabior.  He has two sisters in this class, including his older sister Nyandeng that he is partnered with right now."

 "So they have sex?"

"Certainly they do have sex in this class, but I don't think they do it outside the class.  Nyandeng is becoming more experienced and self-confident, so she wearing her pouch more often and spending more time with guests.  Would you like to watch them have sex with each other?"

"That would be hot," said Helen.

"Very well.  And your husband, would he be available to help with our class?  After the students have practiced with the small dildo, they should practice with an adult male."  She regarded me carefully.  "Is your cock very large, sir?"

"I'm pretty average," I said grinning.  "Not too thick, I should be able to help your students."

"I bet you could," said Helen giggling.

The teacher turned back the class, giving instruction, correcting technique, adjusting how the girl students were moving the dildo in and out of their partners, encouraging them to ask and answer to tune the experience for anal comfort.  We went and sat next to the boy Mabior.

"Your older sister?" asked Helen.

"Yes, ma'am."  The boy beamed, clearly having fun.  He rested one hand on his sister's back, the other steadily and gently pushing the thin dildo in and out of his sister's ass.

"You've had sex with both your sisters? Do you like it?"

"Yes, ma'am.  I like it very much."

"You've come in their mouths?"

"Yes, ma'am, and in their pussies."

Helen paused.  "Do you feel any... embarrassment about having sex with your sisters?"

"No, ma'am.  In our village, it would have been... embarrassment, if I could not find a woman of my own, if I do it with my sister.  Of course it happens, but it is not discussed, it is shameful.  But here it is different.  We are just practicing, I am just helping her to become a better sex worker."

"And how do you feel... Nyandeng?"  Helen caressed the young woman's back.

"Yes, ma'am.  I practice sex with my brother and my sister.  I am not embarrassed.  My brother is more gentle than the guests.  I was not...  I did not enjoy anal sex, with the guests.  So, I am here.  I will learn."  She reached one hand back to slowly rub her clit in a circle.  "I am learning anal sex to be a good part of sex, or not a bad part."

"Have you been inside your sister's ass before?" I asked Mabior.

"No, sir.  I am excited today."  His hard, thin cock bobbed in agreement.  "It will be the first time.  I want to be gentle and help her learn."

Across the room, the teacher called out instruction, each of the pairs switched so that the other girl was on her hands and knees getting the lubed dildo in her ass.  The teacher came over to us.

"Do you feel ready, Nyandeng?"

"Yes, teacher."

"Good.  Go ahead Mabior, but do not orgasm.  You need to help the rest of the students practice also."

"Yes, teacher."

Helen grasped my hand in excitement, grinning as we watched Mabior gently extract the dildo, then move into position and very, very carefully insert his cock into his older sister's ass.  He wasn't that much thicker than the dildo, so there wasn't that much resistance as he got in and slowly sank deeper.  They were attractive together, brother and sister with matching skin tone and physique, moving gently.

"God, I love this, so kinky," said Helen, who had one hand under her skirt masturbating.  Around the room there was a lot of other slippery clits being rubbed as the students tried to enjoy their penetration.  Some were already making gently sounds of arousal, getting into it, while others were quiet and focusing to trying to relax into it.

"Does anyone feel ready to try the guest's cock?" asked the teacher.

"I do," said a few students.  I noticed it was the older ones, in their 20s, who volunteered first.

"Can you help us?" the teacher asked me, smiling.

I grinned back,  "I sure can."  I was hard as a rock.  Losing my pants quickly, I moved to the first pair.  The woman on her hands and knees looked around 30, the girl working the dildo into her looked barely teenaged.  They scooted a little so that I could stand next to the little bed with my cock in the right position and height.  I smiled and patted the younger one on the head.  She shyly smiled back, took hold my cock and rubbed some lube onto it, then helped guide me into the ass of her older partner.

I was gentle, very slow and careful.  This allowed me to hold off, giving the woman on my cock a few minutes to gradually get used to my girth and my gentle thrusting.  She made soft moaning noises, I started to really get into it, then it was time to pull out and move on to the next pair.

By the time class was over, I had my cock in practically every female ass in the room.  I honestly lost count.  There was so much else to notice, that counting was far from my mind.  Each one was different: different age, size, body shape, eagerness, comfort with being anally penetrated.  For most of the younger or less experienced women, Mabior and the other teenage boy took a turn in their ass with his skinny cock first, then I came afterwards and stretched them just a little more.

One woman, who looked around 20, may have been in the class to learn anatomy or English, but she sure didn't need any practice with anal sex.  She invited me into her ass eagerly, then asked for it deeper and harder, and actually seem to get off on it.  The other students around us watched in awe as I thrust vigorously.  Looking over to my right, I got a surprise.  Helen was naked and sitting astride a girl's face, rubbing her pussy on the girl's mouth, but that wasn't unexpected.  The surprise was she was leaning forward, Mabior was behind her, working his skinny black cock into her ass.

"Way to go!" I said over to my wife in encouragement.

"Yeah!"  She smiled back at me.  "I got so fucking turned on I couldn't take it any more.  I want to learn to enjoy it more too."

"I hope you do!"

"Of course you do!" She laughed.

The experienced ass on my cock, and watching Helen, nearly pushed me over the edge.  I had to pull out and try to calm myself down.  I took a comfortable seat, and we all watched as Helen gradually worked her way up to an orgasm.  Mabior's cock moved faster, his dark thighs a stark contrast against my wife's pale hips.  The girl underneath seemed to be coping pretty well with Helen's abundant pussy juice and vigorous pussy mashing.  Mabior seemed to be in great concentration, looking slightly off to the side.  I recognized the look of a man trying desperately not to come.

"It's OK," I said, "Mabior, you can come in her.  I think class is over and I bet it would turn her on."

"Yes!" cried Helen.  "Come in my ass!"  I know her well, so I recognized all the signs of her own orgasm welling up and crashing over her.

Mabior stopped concentrating and broke into a grin, as he pumped his cum into my wife's ass, holding himself inside her as her orgasm took its course.  Finally he pulled out and sat back, drained.

"Do you want my ass?" asked Helen, looking at me with pure lust.  "I'm never going to be more ready than right now."

"Hell yes, you don't have to ask twice."  I smiled thinking that off all the tight young ass in the room, I would end up in my wife.  And yet I was completely thrilled.  I love my wife, I love sex with her, and anal was a rare occasion.  I got into place, pressed myself through her sphincter with only gentle resistance, took hold of her familiar hips and thrust.  The sensation of her ass gripping me, though hot, was almost beside the point.  My excitement was about being invited to share this act with her.  I had been right on the edge in any case, so in under a minute I pressed myself as deep as I thought she could take comfortably, and let myself come deep inside my wife.

There was gentle clapping as we slowly untangled our bodies.  We had become an unplanned demonstration of how actual, loving anal sex was supposed to look like!  Helen and I kissed deeply as we calmed down, then we shook hands with many of the students, exchanged thanks, and gradually found our clothes.  Mabior came over for a more profound handshake, and we looked into each other's eyes.  Though we hadn't exactly gotten to know each other, he had ass-fucked my wife and I had ass-fucked his older and younger sisters.  It felt curiously intimate.  We smiled and thanked each other again.

Back at the lodge, Helen and I took another shower and nap before heading down to dinner.  After dinner, the sex show consisted of a woman showing off things she could do with her pussy, then a two-woman strip-tease, and finally the "school show" which ended up in some complex sort of teacher-student daisy chain.  Helen liked the show, but I confess I am not nearly the voyeur she is; I'd rather do than watch.

After dinner, Helen and I took a long romantic walk around the grounds.  We took a couple workers with us, very attractive women, one younger and one older, following behind us.  When the sun started to go down, we stood out on a veranda.  We guided the two women down on their knees, led one's mouth to Helen's pussy and the other to swallow my cock, which she did to an impressive depth.  In that way, while being serviced together, my wife and I kissed romantically, in the last golden rays of the setting sun.

"That was pretty wild today in the classroom," I said.

"I know.  It just came over me, watching all that anal play.  And watching the brother-sister thing.  That turned me on so crazy."

"I'm glad it did.  Think it'll happen again?"

She smiled, and we kissed again.  "You in my ass, you mean?  It might happen again this trip, if I keep getting so turned on."  She moaned.  "Mmmm, my girl is doing big circles with her tongue."

"And mine is taking me so deep, I can feel her tongue on my balls."

"Nice.  There's no way I'm going to come again today, but it's nice."

"Yes, I know what you mean."

A cool, gentle breeze picked up, and the scent of flowers wafted its way over us.

"Sweetheart, I felt so special when you offered me your ass today.  I know, on one level it's just sex, it's just our bodies, but it felt meaningful.  To be surrounded by all this indulgence, all this sexuality, and yet still feel so connected to you by a simple act.  I love you, Helen."

"I love you, Trevor.  I feel the same way about it."

After a long while, we went up to our room.  I thought I might have one more orgasm left in me, so I brought the two women with us and fucked them, side by side, in missionary while Helen lay next to us and watched, bemused at my stamina.  In the end, I did not come, although both girls eventually did.  My cock was sore by the time I finally stopped, sent the girls away with their thoroughly-fucked pussies, and cuddled up with my wife to sleep.

Day 4

The next morning at breakfast, Helen found another married couple, from Belgium, and struck up a conversation with the wife, a chubby blonde woman named Lotte.  I overheard most of the conversation, about the things they both liked having sex workers do for them, about watching their husbands having sex with lots of African women.  Lotte had been down to the resort before, and spent a week figuring out what she liked best, which apparently consisted of having a small group of worker girls follow her around, using their mouths and fingers to suck and caress every part of her body as she lounged around the pool, the gardens, the veranda, etc.  Helen like the idea.

"I especially like the younger ones, the teenage girls," said Lotte.  "How about your husband, does he go for them as well?"

"I actually prefer my women fully-developed," I interjected.  "I like womanly women, with curves."

Lotte chuckled.  "They do have some teenage girls here with many curves.  But for myself, I don't really care if they are boys or girls.  I just like to see a pretty face, between my legs, or servicing any part of me.  I can get a massage, and a girl on my clit, and on my toes, and on my nipples, all at the same time."

"That sounds wonderful," said Helen.  "Lotte, I'd like to go with you to find girls, and follow along with how you use them."

"Splendid!  We shall!"

"I want to go see more of the island," I said, "so perhaps go off on my own?"

"Of course, dear," agreed Helen.  "See you later, have fun fucking whomever you find!"

The wives laughed.  I kissed Helen and went off to find the concierge desk.  I saw Mrs. Kalungu, the resort manager, who asked about our stay; I assured her than my wife and I were enjoying every day.  I then learned from the concierge desk that to get to the other parts of the island, they could get a driver to take me.

A few minutes later, I sat on a bench by the hotel entrance waiting, when my ride pulled up.  It was one of those tiny things, smaller than a golf cart, which I had seen before carrying guests around, basically a scooter with a back seat and a roof.  The driver was a dark, pretty woman who called my name.  She wore a bright orange fabric head-wrap, bright white buttoned shirt with collar, and a beige skirt, an outfit I had seen on several of the workers when they were attending hotel jobs, not when they were acting as sex workers.  She did, however, have a pouch around her neck.

"Hi, thank you," I said, getting in behind my driver.  "What's your name?"

"Grace, sir."  She had a pretty voice, with a happy sound as if she was speaking with a smile.

"And where are you from, Grace?"

"Tanzania, sir.  I am Sukuma, we are a Bantu people.  Where should I drive you, sir?"

"North, I think.  I'd like to see what's up there."

"Yes, sir.  There is some dry forest and some settlements where some of the new workers live."

"Great! Let's go."

The little cab puttered to life, with what must have been a tiny little engine.  It didn't go very fast, but that was fine for sightseeing.  It carried us away from the resort buildings, down back the gardens and fields, through the gate, past the school and then turning north onto a dusty open road through scrub.

Along the way, I learned more about Grace, how she had heard from cousin about the existence of this place, how her husband had left her with two small children, how she found her way here, how quickly she learned to speak English because she had already been exposed to it back in Tanzania, how happy she was to be in a safe place where her children were well-fed and getting an education.  Although I was sitting behind her, I found myself really attracted to her voice, her personality.  I had to ask.

"Grace, are you available for me to have sex with?"

"Yes, of course, sir.  Should I take you back to the resort, or find a place...?"

"No, I'm sure we'll be fine where we're going, I love outdoor sex."  I reached forward to caress her neck, which was easy to do given the tiny space between us in the mini-cab.  "Could I undress you, while you drive?"

She laughed.  "Certainly, sir.  I have never had a guest do that with me."

The cab puttered, the dry landscape went by slowly.  I reached up and around, and unbuttoned Grace's shirt; she was bra-less so I cupped her medium-sized breasts and teased her nipples.  She giggled.  The air was warm and the wind flowed over her body as I moved down and lifted her skirt.  She spread her legs gently, keeping her foot on the pedal while allowing me to reach between her legs.  I played with her labia and clit for a minute and then pushed a finger in, finding her wet.

We arrived at the settlement area.  There were shacks and huts, and many tracks on the ground from a lot of traffic to and fro.

"Where are the people?" I asked.

"Mostly the women are working at the resort, the children are in school," explained Grace, eyeing the tent in my shorts as we got out of the mini-cab.  "I am sorry there is no good place for us to have sex, here."

"Do you know the people who live here?"

"Yes, sir.  I know a few of them, and I myself stayed here with my boys," she pointed to a hut, "right here, until a few months ago."

"Can you show me where?"

"Yes, sir."  We left the cab parked, and went down a footpath.  The sun was intense.  Grace's skirt was loose and her shirt hung open, a look which further aroused me.  "Here, sir."  She pointed.  There was no door on the hut.  "We are in a better place now, a real house, close to the resort.  Newer arrivals stay here, in these huts."

"Do you know the people who moved in after you?"

"Yes, sir.  I met them when I was moving out."

"Do you think they would mind if we borrowed their hut for a while?"

Grace smiled.  "I think they would understand, sir."

The shade of the hut was a great relief from the hot sun.  Even more of a relief was getting Grace on her back, with my cock inside her.  There, on a soft bedroll on a woven mat, in a stranger's hut, we had a long and excellent fuck.  She was totally into it, in a way that is impossible to fake.  Everything about Grace felt genuine, the happy way she spoke, the way her hips moved to take my cock deeper.  I sucked her tongue and her nipples between deep breaths.  Her nipples appeared to be erogenous zones for her, from the way she moaned.  The firmness of the bedroll on the ground of the hut meant I could really pin her to the ground, hard and deep on each thrust.  Her personality, her eagerness and her smile provoked me to kiss her in a way I would not usually kiss a sex worker.

Even in the shade of the hut, it was hot.  Sweat ran down my body and pooled between us.  Here I was with my cock in a total stranger, in another stranger's bed, in a land that was strange to me, and yet it felt right in a curious way.  The air smelled of dust, and the scent of the dry wood of the hut baking in the sun. Grace and I moved through phases of hard and soft fucking, sometimes pausing with my cock deep inside for her pussy muscles to rhythmically squeeze me.  She appeared to come close to orgasm repeatedly, or perhaps was even coming though she didn't announce it.  I came close several times and had to hold back carefully, deciding whether to spend my first orgasm of the day here.

"You're special, Grace." I told her during a moment of rest, her pussy gripping me.  "I think I'd like to come inside you."

"Yes.... sir," she said with a smile.  "You are special too, I am amazed you did not come already."

I started thrusting hard and fast, grabbed her breasts with both hands, and gently bit one of her nipples.  She shrieked and her pussy gripped me, starting my orgasm, which I dragged out to sustain for as long as I could.  Eventually the spurting and pulsing slowed down, and I pulled back, sitting up and looking down at Grace's body, wet with my sweat, her beige skirt still bunched up around her waist, her unbuttoned shirt laying open, her dark belly and breasts rising and falling with her breath, her wet pussy slowly leaking some of my white cum.

"May I clean you with my mouth, sir?" she asked sweetly.

"Sure."  I moved up to feed my half-hard cock, dripping with our mutual fuck-juice, to her eager mouth.  She sucked eagerly, getting the last drops of my cum and a lot of her own wetness.  She moaned as if happy to taste us.

"You seem to like the flavor of sex," I said.

"I do, sir."  Like everything about Grace, it felt genuine, not an act for my benefit.  "I love the flavor of sex."  I pulled back, and was surprised when Grace rolled her hips up, reached down with one hand to spread her pussy lips, and used the fingers of her other hand to reach inside and bring bits of my cum from her pussy to her mouth.  She did this casually, in a relaxed way, cleaning her pussy of our fuck-juice and sucking her fingers clean.

"I'm really hot, is there water out here?"

"Yes, sir.  Follow me."  We got up carefully, partly pulling clothes back on.  I followed Grace out into the hot sun and down a few huts to where there was a large clay structure with a water tap.  She explained that the water was very pure, brought by jeep from the main resort.  With cups and buckets, we drank, then kissed, then fondled.  One thing led to another, we took our hot clothes off and splashed each other with buckets of the cool, pure water.  Standing in the dust, in the hot sun, after our sweaty fuck, the water felt amazing.  Watching it run down Grace's body, and the feeling of her wet body in my hands, was also delightful.  She was naked except for her bright head-wrap that protected her from the sun.  I started to get hard again and considered fucking her standing up by the water tap.

"There will be lunch soon here," explained Grace.  "Many workers will come back from the resort, to eat here.  Do you want to stay for that?"

"Sure," I said.  With the sun and the breeze, we were already drying rapidly.  Grace pulled her clothes on, leaving her shirt un-buttoned.  I pulled on my loose pants and followed her down past more huts and around to the back, where the was a large hut with a firepit.  An older woman was there, tending a large pot of something cooking over the fire.  Grace called out a greeting.  The woman looked up in surprise as we walked up, and they chattered away in some language.

"Her name is Amanishakhete," explained Grace, "but for English speakers, she uses the name Amanda.  She doesn't speak much English."

After more chatting, Amanda looked at me in surprise, then ran into her hut, coming back out with a pouch around her neck.

"She wanted to let you know," explained Grace smiling, "that she is available.  But she is 40 years old and doesn't earn much here.  She is here because she came with her three children.  She has two daughters who are old enough and work at the resort."

"I'm all fucked out for now, but perhaps she could suck my cock," I pondered, looking at Amanda.  Her body looked attractively curved under her bright clothes, she wore a head-wrap similar to Grace's, and her pretty face was looking at me with smiling encouragement.

"Yes, you would be doing her a favor," said Grace smiling.

I walked to stand beside Amanda, and  loosened my pants.  She stopped stirring the pot, dropped to her knees and quickly took my half-hard cock in her mouth. Grace came over and took over the job of stirring the pot, so that Amanda could focus on giving me a proper blow-job.  I got harder and longer, and put my hands on Amanda's head to guide her.

"She's taking me really deep," I remarked.  "Really deep throat."

"That's wonderful," said Grace.  "I am not good at that.  I am better at fucking."

"You are amazing at fucking," I agreed.

Several minutes went by.  I was fully hard and actually slowly fucking Amanda's throat.  She breathed carefully between thrusts.  From around the huts, I heard the sound of a vehicle, and a commotion of people.  A dozen women of varying ages, and a few men, walked over and all started chatting away.  Some looked at Amanda sucking me and pointed and smiled, others ignored us and starting serving the lunch from the pot on the fire.  Grace chatted away with several people, then came back over to me with a teenage girl.

"This is my friend Bahati," explained Grace.  "You and I had sex in her hut, which she shares with her brother and sister.  Amanda is their mother."

I nodded and looked back and forth between Bahati, who looked around 19, and the older woman sucking my cock, noting the resemblance.

"Pleased to meet you," I said.  "Thanks for the use of your hut and bedroll."

Bahati laughed.  "You're welcome, sir.  And thank you very much for tipping my mother.  I have been tipped by two guests already this morning, but she almost never gets work from the guests."

"That's a shame," I said, "I've never known a woman who could suck me this deep, and she doesn't even look uncomfortable."

"Yes, my mother is amazing." agreed Bahati with a proud smile.

"Would you like to suck it together?  Then I could tip both of you," I suggested.

"Yes, of course, sir!"  Bahati dropped to her knees beside her mother.  I moved my cock from one mouth to the other, then back and forth.  There was no danger of me coming, but this mother-daughter team blow-job was pleasant.  They took turns, one sucking my balls softly into her mouth as the other sucked the shaft.  Around us, the other people either watched or just chatted and ate their lunch.  All the females had the pouch around their neck, and several smiled at me to let me know they were available, too.  Eventually I grew tired standing, and found a rough wooden chair to sit in.  Grace brought me a bowl of the food, which was greens and grain cooked together with spices; it was excellent.  Amanda and Bahati moved to kneel beside me, left and right, and continued sucking.

"Have you had sex with your mother?" I asked Bahati.

"Yes, sir.  We attended sex classes together, and learned to do it with each other."

"How about your sister and brother?"

"I have had sex with my sister many times, sometimes we work together for a guest.  But never with my brother.  I know that some women here will do that, but I do not want to."

"That's OK, I'm just curious!  Actually, my wife finds the incest very kinky and arousing, more than I do.  I think watching women together is always hot, and I've been with sisters here, and that's arousing to me."  I paused and considered.  "Could you stand up and strip for me?"

"Yes, sir."  Bahati got up and removed her clothes.  She didn't wear a head-wrap, so she was soon completely naked.  She thrust her 19-year-old breasts at me, clearly proud of them, and rightfully so; their size and shape was enticing.  At the V of her legs, her pussy was neatly shaved.

"Come and stand by your mother here."

"Yes, sir?"  Bahati moved over.

I pulled Amanda's head off my cock, and gestured to Bahati.  "I want your mother to get you wet.  Pull her face into your pussy."

"Yes, sir." she smiled, spreading her legs slightly and taking Amanda's head into her hands.  Amanda showed no reluctance at pushing her tongue between her naked daughter's legs.  I looked over at the group, and our activity drew little attention; a couple people pointed and chuckled, but otherwise apparently nothing much of interest.  I watched Bahati, who seemed to be enjoying her mother's tongue, so I let them go for a minute.

"OK, I'm sure you're wet now, come here and sit on my cock," I instructed.  "Your mother can help."

After some chatting in their own language, they got the idea.  Amanda held my cock up, aiming it, using her other hand to spread her daughter's pussy lips and guide me inside.  I usually prefer doing the thrusting, but I felt lazy now and sitting on my rough chair,  there wasn't much else I could do beside let Bahati sit in my lap facing me and gently fuck me.  Amanda went back to tending the food.  Grace came over and smiled at watching me fuck her friend.  Casually, she moved to stand beside us, running her hands over Bahati's naked teenaged body as it moved up and down on me.

"I usually like to do the fucking, but this is pretty convenient in hot weather," I told Grace.  "Anyone else over there want a tip?  You could bring them over."

"Certainly, sir."  Grace smiled and went over to the group eating.  After some chatting, she came back with three other women, one teen and two adults.  They didn't speak as much English, so Grace helped to explain what I wanted them to do: strip naked, suck on each other tits, finger each other's pussies to get them wet, then take a turn on my cock for a few minutes of fucking.

They did an excellent job.  I didn't have to do a thing, just watch and enjoy the sight of each body, the different feeling of each pussy as it lowered onto me.  Grace, while fully dressed, was very helpful in making it happen smoothly.  She handled their clothes, translated and explained, even reached into my pocket and took care of tipping each of them, a coin for each neck pouch.

The last one on my cock was the petite teen.  She looked familiar, and I struggled to remember where - had I seen her around the resort?  I put my hands on her body and played with her nipples as she smiled and moved up and down me.  Then I remembered.

"Two nights ago, the sex show, after dinner?" I asked.

She paused to understand, then smiled and nodded.  "Yes, sir. You remember me?"

"The school show, with the teacher and the tall girl, teaching about strap-ons.  You were one of the shorter students that got strap-on fucked by the teacher."

"Yes, sir."

I held her gently down on my body, to stop the bouncing up and down on my cock.  "That was a good act... what is your name?"

"Narolie, sir."

"Narolie, you seemed to have a big orgasm from getting fucked.  But that is an act, right?"

She smiled.  "Yes, sir.  It is an act, I learn how to do it."

"Do you ever have orgasms, when a guest fucks you, in your pussy like this?"  I glanced down at our conjoined bodies.

She paused.  "No, sir.  I have learned to enjoy it, but I do not never... have orgasm."

"Do you have orgasms when your pussy is licked?"

"Yes, sir.  Sometimes I do."

"OK.  Grace!"

"Yes, sir?"  Grace was right beside us, in her resort outfit.

"Are you good at licking pussy?"

"Yes, sir, I am very good at licking pussy."

"Great, let's try giving Narolie here an orgasm.  Like this..."  At my instruction, Narolie got up and turned around, sitting back down in my lap, my cock back in her tight pussy.  She then spread her legs and Grace knelt down between them.  I felt Grace's breathing, then her tongue, on my balls and shaft, then she focused on Narolie's clit.  I used my hands to hold Narolie, reaching around to cup her modest tits in my hands as she gradually relaxed into it, her pussy starting to gently quiver around my cock.  It happened a lot faster than I thought it would - barely a couple minutes before Narolie had a quiet but unmistakable orgasm while still tightly gripping me.

"Thanks, Narolie," I said, smacking her rump playfully as Grace and I helped her get up off me, onto wobbly legs.

"Thank YOU, sir!" she said with a giggle.  She accepted her tip then got dressed to go back eating lunch with the group.

Grace offered to suck me clean, then I felt like kissing her again, so we shared a long kiss with the taste of Narolie's pussy on our tongues.  I actually felt like fucking Grace again, but the sun was so hot and it was time to go back to the resort.  I got up and got my shorts back on.

"Thank you everyone!" I said to the group finishing their lunch.

"Thank you!" replied several of them, and there was laughter all around and a burst of chatter.  I considered again that they probably found me fairly ridiculous - a weird pale man wanting to have sex in the hot sun, during lunch.  Mad dogs, and Englishmen.  Grace and I made our way back to the fountain, splashed some water to cool down, then got back in the mini-cab.  With Grace's shirt open and skirt hiked up, I was able to fondle her nipples and clit on the drive all the way back to the resort.

I asked Grace to eat lunch with me, so after parking the minicab she followed me to the dining room.  We found Helen sitting with two dark teenagers, boy and girl, one either side of her.  They were smiling and watching Helen.

"Helen dear, this is Grace," I said, as we sat down across the table from her.

"Oh yes." Helen looked up and smiled.  "We've met already, she's a lovely woman.  Hello again Grace!"

"You've met?" I looked at Grace, puzzled.

"Yes, sir."  She laughed gently.  "I didn't know it was your wife, but she... she fucked me yesterday."

"Remember, in the morning?" explained Helen.  "Goma teaching me to use the strap-on?  It was here in one of the resort rooms, I fucked a lot of women that were available, and two of them I managed to bring to orgasm."

"Including me," added Grace.

"That's great," I said.  "I was going to tell you about what a fun morning I've had, and the hot fuck that Grace and I shared..."

"Tell me everything," she said.

I gave a story of the morning, the minicab ride, the sun, sex in a hut, the fountain, sex at the village, the woman with the deep throat, all the details.

"And what about your morning?" I asked.

"It was a lot of fun.  You remember that Belgian lady, Lotte.  We each found several cute young workers, and went to the massage rooms where they massaged us, sexually.  It was quite a delight, strong hands rubbing my muscles with hot mouths on my nipples, my clit, my toes.  Then we took them up to Lotte's room where we had big group showers together with more rubbing and sucking under the water.  You know how much I love a tongue in my ass, well I got that almost all morning.  Then they took us onto Lotte's big bed and finally made us come again and again.  My favorite helpers were these two.  Could you say your names again, sweeties?"

"Garai", said the teenage boy on her left.

"Farisai", said the teenage girl on her right.  "We are Shona people from Zimbabwe."

"They're brother and sister," explained Helen.  "They promised me they would let me watch them fuck later.  You know how hot I think that is."

I nodded.  "Your kink, I know.  Grace, you have children, right?"

"Yes, sir.  I have two boys.  They were young when I came here, but now they are teenage.  They do not want to be sex workers here, because they would have to do sex with big European men.  I think in a year or two, I will have earned enough for us to go back to Tanzania, to live in a town where nobody knows our past, and they can take wives of their own."

"And you, ... Garai," I asked the boy next to Helen.  "Do you have sex with the men, here?"

"Yes, sir.  I get used to it, it does not bother me.  I have always been attracted to boys and girls.  My only worry is, after I leave."

"It is not good in Africa," explained Grace, "for people to think you are a homosexual."

"Ah.  Right."  I nodded.  "Grace, do your sons have sex with.. anyone yet?"

"Of course."  She laughed.  "They are young men, and there are a lot of available young women here, it is as you would expect.  But they also attend the school and they learn about health, and contraception, and even about how to make sex enjoyable for the woman.  So I think when we leave and they take wives, the wives will be very happy!"

We all laughed with her.

"I'm ready for a long nap after lunch," said Helen.  "And then more sex. Trev, I'd like to watch you and Grace, and watch you fuck these two, if you're up for that."

"Sure, sounds fun.  After our nap, then.  You three available to join us, at, say in 3 hours?"

"Yes, sir." said Grace.  The teens nodded.

We finished our lunch, then Helen and I went up to our room, undressed and showered together and fell asleep.

"They're here, sweetheart," said my wife's voice gently, waking me up.  She was naked and cuddled against my body in the bed.

I squeezed her and kissed her groggily.  "Where are they?"

"In our shower, getting ready.  I want you watch you stick your cock in every hole, so they're getting clean for anal sex."

"Oh.  That sounds nice."

We kissed and cuddled a bit more until Grace came out into the room, naked and smiling.  Helen threw back the covers and motioned for Grace to come lay on the bed, between us.

"I can see my husband's taken a real liking to you," said Helen, running her hands down Grace's body, caressing her fine breasts and shapely curves.

"Yes, ma'am.  I like him too." said Grace smiling.

"There's something special about you.  Where did you grow up?"

"Tanzania, near a city called Mwanza.  It is a modern city, very nice place."

"But you decided to come here... to do sex work?"

Grace told us the story of her childhood, her church, explained that Grace was her Christian name, and then her marriage, her sons, the loss of her husband.

"And so," she concluded, "I could have stayed and tried to work, and raise my sons by myself.  I did not have to come here, I am not like most of the others here, who were desperate or refugees.  But I did not like the jobs available.  I wanted to make much more money, to give my sons a good life.  I could have worked any number of dirty, difficult jobs back in Mwanza.  But I come here instead, because I love to fuck."

Helen smiled.  "That's an excellent reason."

She then surprised me by kissing Grace on the lips.  I looked down and saw that Grace had spread her legs slightly, and Helen was touching her pussy.  I reached down as well and my fingers played with my wife's, between Grace's labia.  There was wetness there already.

"While we were fucking earlier, I noticed her nipples are erogenous zones," I mentioned.

"Is that so?"  Helen smiled and sucked on one of Grace's nipples.

Grace moaned with arousal, so I took the opportunity to kiss her.

While the three of us were getting into our make-out session, the Zimbabwean teens came out into the room, standing there naked and patient.

"Join us," said Helen waving.  "Here, let me tell you what to do."  She had the boy, Garai, get down between Grace's legs to eat Grace's pussy.  The girl, Farisai, was instructed to suck my cock.  I was already hard from playing with Grace's body.  Farisai knelt between my legs and took me enthusiastically in her mouth, managing to swallow around half my length.  I reached down to hold her pleasantly fuzzy head, guiding her to slow down and suck more gently.

"I want to see the boy suck your cock," said Helen.  "This is a big moment.  You've never done anything like that before."

"That's true."  I thought back to times that Helen and I had played with other couples; I had sex with Helen together with other men, side by side, our cocks sometimes in her body at the same time, but that was as close as it got.  "You know how I am.  Men don't turn me off, but they don't turn me on either.  I've never had my cock anywhere inside a man's body."

"Well, if you're ready, I'll have them trade places."

I swallowed.  "I'm ready."

Helen motioned, and the brother and sister switched, Farisai moving to eat Grace's pussy, and Garai moving between my legs and casually taking my cock in his mouth.

"Oh, that's so fucking hot," said Helen, watching intensely.

"It's OK," I said.  "He's a pretty boy, I can kinda imagine him as a girl sucking my cock."

"Does it feel different?"

"Physically?"  I paused to feel the sensation of Garai's mouth.  "Not really.  It's just like his sister doing it.  But mentally, it does feel different."

Helen nodded and let us go on for a minute.

"OK, OK, I want to watch you and Grace together," she said.

The teens moved aside and I rolled over onto Grace's soft body.  My wet cock found its way into her wet pussy.  We both moaned.  We kissed, I found a comfortable way to straddle her body, and then I started thrusting.

"Lovely," said Helen.  She watched us for a minute, then turned to the teens.  "OK, you two.  You promised me some incest."

"Yes, ma'am?" asked Garai.

"Yes.  I want to watch you kiss your sister, then suck her nipples, then eat her pussy, then fuck her."

"Yes, ma'am".  I could hear the siblings getting busy, but I was focused on Grace.  Most of my brain was occupied by the sensation of fucking, but the small analytical part was trying to figure out what was so special about Grace.  Was it the mysterious smile on her face?  The obvious pleasure she took from fucking, even fucking a pale stranger, a tourist, a customer?  The way her body moved, the way her pussy gripped me?  The way she softly moaned when I sucked her nipples?

I felt Helen's hand on my buttock, feeling me clench rhythmically as I thrust into Grace, then looked and saw her other hand was on Garai's buttock, as he plowed his cock into his sister.  Farisai had her face tilted up, looking away from her brother, and her body was hardly moving, entirely unlike Grace.  Although she had clearly consented to fucking her brother, I wondered if she was feeling some shame or embarrassment now that his cock was inside her, and we were watching her.  Garai didn't seem to be apprehensive at all, he was rock-hard and enthusiastically fucking away at his sister's inert body.

For the first time since we arrived, there was something about their sex that felt slightly wrong.  But, I was barely paying attention as I was balls-deep in Grace in a fuck that felt completely right.

Helen was in control, having us act out her desires, and I was happy to let her.  She asked Garai if he could come, he said he could, so she let him come in Farisai's pussy, then instructed him to turn around to 69 on top of his sister, fuck her mouth with his wet half-hard cock, and eat his own come out of his sister's pussy.  He appeared to do so eagerly.

Helen cuddled up to Grace and I, and we resumed our three-way kissing and nipple play as I kept fucking Grace.  Soon Helen climbed up and planted her wet pussy on Grace's mouth.  We kept going until Grace had a large, obvious orgasm on my cock, and Helen appeared to come as well.  I concentrated on holding back, not letting myself come with them, knowing my erection would be needed for more holes.

We all tumbled apart and lay around the bed, breathing hard.

"Garai," asked Helen, "Have you ever been in your sister's ass?"

"One time.  In a sex class."

"I am still learning to enjoy it." said Farisai carefully.

"I am much better at taking a cock in my ass," said Garai, "The men enjoy it very much with me."

"I am also very good at anal sex," said Grace.

"Good!"  Helen smiled.  "But first, Trevor, you haven't fucked the girl yet."

"No problem," I said, rolling over onto Farisai's body, my very wet cock finding her pussy already wet with her brother's cum.  I noted her reaction, there was none of the looking away like when her brother fucked her.  She looked at me with a bit of a smile as I sucked on her small firm tits, and her tongue met mine when I kissed her and started to thrust.  In my mind, I compared her to Grace.  The teen's body was smaller, firmer, her pussy plenty snug, and her body even responded a little as I got going.  But it was nothing like Grace.  I thought about how much the guests were missing who came to this resort only to fuck the teenage girls.

"OK!" announced Helen after some minutes.  "I want to see some doggy-style ass-fucking, and I want to lube you up and put you in."  She directed us, with Grace and Farisai moving onto their hands and knees, side by side.  She came to me first, with a bottle of lube in her hand.  Together we carefully worked some lubed fingers into Grace's ass, then Helen lubed my cock and aimed it.  I grabbed Grace's hips and gently pressed forward.  Grace moaned deeply as I sank in.

Next to us, I was aware of Helen helping Garai get into his sister's ass, but all my attention was on Grace.  My gently thrusting got firmer, my cock going deeper each time.  Sure enough, anal sex with Grace felt special too, just as straight fucking did.  It was almost as if the sexual excitement in her brain, her body, were flowing through her into my own.  I stopped to add a little more lube, and soon I was all the way in, my balls slapping gently against her pussy on each thrust.

"God, your cock feels so good inside me!" gasped Grace, looking back at me with pure lust.

"Tell me in your own language?" I asked.

Grace giggled.  "You want me to talk dirty in Sukuma?  Certainly."  She spoke a long sentence, her voice dripping with lust that needed no translation.  "That means, your cock feels so good fucking my ass, I am feeling so horny."

"I love it.  Tell me more."

Grace continued telling me things in Sukuma.  Beside us, the siblings were in a gentle, steady assfuck.  Helen had moved up the bed to put her pussy under Farisai's mouth, which moved with each thrust. After some minutes, Helen got up and went to the cupboard to get a strap-on, with a dildo that looked around the same size as my cock.  She pulled Garai aside, making him pull out of his sister's ass and move up the bed to put it in his sister's mouth instead.  She then took over where he had been, pushing her dildo first into Farisai's pussy for some minutes of straight doggy-style fucking, then shifted up and pushed it into the girl's well-lubed ass.  If Farisai was struggling with the assfuck, she had no way to say so with her mouth full of her brother's cock.

"Switch!" cried Helen excitedly.  I reluctantly pulled out of Grace, trading places with my wife.  I sank my cock into Farisai's ass as Helen pushed her strap-on into Grace's ass.  Again, I found myself comparing.  Physically, there was nothing wrong with the hot, tight, teenage ass gripping my cock.  But it was nothing like Grace.  This was just sex, but fucking Grace was... something more.  Remembering that the girl was apprehensive about anal, I thrust slowly and carefully, not too deep.  The tightness was actually kinda uncomfortable, for me and no doubt her as well.

I looked over at Helen ass-fucking Grace.  It seemed so improbable, a woman doing that to a woman, with very little clitoral or even vaginal stimulation.  And yet, they both seemed to be really enjoying it.  My wife, no doubt because of the psychology of it, the sense of power in being the one doing the thrusting.  And Grace, because Grace simply enjoyed fucking, any kind, any way.

"Where do you want to come, sweetheart?" asked my wife.  "In that hot little teenage ass, I bet."

"Actually I'd like to come in Grace."

"Oh!  Yes, I understand.  Of course."  Helen slowed down and carefully pulled out, then unsnapped her strap-on and got onto the bed, pull the two teens apart and put them between her legs, letting them try to eat her pussy at the same time.

Grace and I moved together.  She seemed confused for a moment as I rolled her over onto her back, climbing onto her body and kissing her.  Then she felt where my hard cock was pressing against her.  She smiled, and rolled her hips upwards to allow me easier access.

"You going in her pussy or ass?" asked Helen.


"Oh, that's lovely!  A face-to-face anal, I love it.  Take your time and enjoy it."

I didn't even have to ask if this position would be comfortable for Grace.  I knew it would be.  It felt for a minute like our initial hot fuck in the hut, with my body and Grace's melting into each other, except now we were in the cool air of our resort room, with my wife watching, and all the heat was between Grace and myself.  Fully stretched and lubed, her ass responded to my thrusts perfectly.

"You enjoy this kind of anal sex?" I asked Grace between kisses.

"Yes, sometimes, very much," she said between soft gasps.  "You feel, perfect, inside me.  Are you going, to come in me now?"

"Not until you come first."  I grinned.

"Oh, you, are amazing."

I kept it up for another few minutes.  I was balls-deep, my body slapping against her labia and clit on each thrust.  I didn't slow down at all as I moved to suck Grace's nipples.  That did it, launching her anal orgasm.  Grace moaned loud, I heard Helen cheering.  I sped up and let myself go as well, holding myself deep inside as I came.

Eventually, we had to pull apart.  Helen was kissing me, the teens were sucking my cock clean. Grace was still moaning softly.  Helen got up, paid each of the teens a double tip, then cuddled back into bed with Grace and I.

"Wow." was all I could say.

"I know!  Wow."  My wife glowed and we kissed, then she kissed Grace, then Grace kissed me.  "That's several kinky things I was hoping to see.  And watching you two together, you're amazing!"

I reluctantly broke off my kiss with Grace.  "What do you think of it?  I know you're not jealous."

"Of course not, silly."  She kissed Grace again, one hand caressing her soft body, still warm from the sexual workout.  "Clearly, you're an amazing fuck."

"Thank you," said Grace.

"As are you," I added.

Helen laughed.  "Sure, but we're in love with each other."  She turned back to Grace.  "The amazing thing about you is how sensual it is to be with you, even though we don't know you at all."  Helen ran her hand down to Grace's wet pussy to caress it, and found my hand already there, so we caressed the wet labia together.

"I have been told that by other guests," said Grace.  "A few European men even fell in love with me and offered to marry me if I would come to Europe.  But I would never leave Africa."

"I can understand that," I said.  "And I think my dear wife has described it exactly.  Sex with you is sensual."

We all kissed again, but there was something on my mind.

"Helen dear, did you notice that the girl, when you had her brother fuck her?  She seemed to be looking away, like in shame or embarrassment."

"Yes, I did.  A little disturbing, I guess.  But also, hot."  She giggled.  "I mean, I asked them before, and they said yes.  They were fully consenting.  But then when the time came, he was really into it, and she wasn't."

"I didn't notice that," said Grace, "because your husband was fucking me so nicely at the time."

 "Yes I was."  I chuckled.  "Well, I guess that means they are really brother and sister."

"What?  Oh."  Helen frowned.  "But they look so much alike.  You mean, they might be pretending...?"

"The thought crossed my mind.  But they told you they were related before you suggested incest, right?  And her reaction makes perfect sense for it to be her real brother."

"Yeah, I see.  You're pretty smart.  I guess I made a real brother and sister fuck each other.  And ass-fuck."

"It's a kind of power.  Maybe we should be careful how we use it."

"Careful, like when you were fucking that Dinka woman as she ate her daughter's pussy, and you casually told them to 69?"

I laughed.  "OK, point taken.  But they seemed to really enjoy that!"

"I don't believe anyone here will pretend to be related," said Grace.  "Think about it, you were going to pay the brother and sister for sex anyway.  They didn't make any more money because of incest.  So they have no reason to pretend.  If you are worried about making somebody do something they aren't happy about, just ask.  Nobody will be offended, they will just say no."

"Like if I asked you to have sex with your sons?" asked Helen.

"Yes, exactly.  I am not offended, but the answer is no.  I would not want to, and they would not want to either."

"That's completely alright," said Helen with a kiss.

The three of us cuddled together until it was time to get up, shower and head to dinner.

At dinner, Grace joined us, and Shasha and Goma saw us and came to sit by us as well.  They wanted to know all about our experiences, so Helen and I filled them in on all our adventures, starting from taking their advice to drop by the school, then my trip with Grace on the mini-cab, sex in the hut, sex at the worker's camp, Helen's morning with massage and teens, then our romp with the brother and sister.  Shasha and Goma already knew Grace well, and smiled knowingly when Helen and I raved about how much we enjoyed sex with her.  They didn't seemed shocked or surprised at all when we told them about making the brother and sister fuck each other.

"Lots of worker here will do this for you, incest," said Shasha.  "You have already seen my sister and I, and the Dinka woman and her daughter."

"What about a whole family?" asked Helen.

"It is possible.  There are not many men here.  But some of them came with their wives and daughters, accepting that their women would do sex work here.  I know several women who have sex with their fathers, even before they came here, and also when they are here."

"I'd love to watch that," said Helen.

"I can help to arrange it," said Shasha.

After dinner, there was the usual sex show.  The small woman with two big men, then a lesbian scene, then a classroom scene.  It was starting to feel natural now, as if live sex was just a regular sort of thing one might expect after dinner.  It also seemed tamer than the sorts of things my wife and I had been getting into.

Another guest, a thin European guy, came up and asked Grace if she was available.  She looked at us, we smiled and nodded, so she went off with him.

After dinner, Helen and I took another walk in the moonlight, talking and holding hands, enjoying the cool night air, then turned in for the night.

Day 5

The next morning, I woke up with my cock growing hard in someone's mouth.  Helen was already up, puttering around the apartment.  I looked under the sheets and recognized Nkuli, the woman who'd sucked me under the table at dinner earlier in the week, and joined us on that hot hike.  I remembered she was very oral, and was impressed as I grew harder and she managed to deep-throat me.

"I thought you might like a wake-up," said Helen giggling when she saw I was awake.

"Wake-up deep throat," I added.  "Nice."

"Yes, it's her specialty."  Helen lifted the cover to watch Nkuli rhythmically swallowing my length.  "Very good.  I remember you enjoyed her before, so I knew she could handle it.  You want to get your first come of the day out of the way, like down her throat?"  Helen smiled, casually grabbing the back of Nkuli's head, and pushed it down on my cock.  Nkuli showed no signs of distress even though we must have been choking her.  Helen finally let up, then used her grip to push Nkuli's mouth up and down on me.

"Damn," I said.  "I see that you're using her throat to fuck me with."

"Yes, I her asked beforehand if I could, and she said she could take it.  Remember that day on the hike, how she used her tongue up my ass then sucked you clean after anal sex?  She handles a lot of rough sex, even S&M stuff.  So, you want to keep going till you come?"

"Tempting, but I'll just stay hard and let her suck while you get ready."

"OK, fine."

Helen went back to bathroom to do whatever it is that takes women forever to get ready in the morning.  I propped myself up on pillows to better watch what Nkuli was doing to my cock.  Her lack of a gag reflex, or the ability to ignore it, was amazing.  I pulled her head up, and looked into her face.

"Rough is really OK with you?"

She paused to understand.  "Rough...  Yes.  It is OK.  Rough, with me."

Reassured, I took hold of her head in my hands, my fingers around her ears and in her short soft curly hair. She opened her mouth, and I pulled it down on my cock, all the way down.  I counted one, two, three, four, five seconds.  Her nose was against my short pubic hair.  At ten seconds, I was watching for any sign of distress that I should let her head up.  Instead, I felt some delicious motion inside her mouth, her tongue extended and came out and tried to lick my balls.

"Damn," I thought.  I let her up for a few gasping breaths, then settled into a slow head-grabbing throat-fuck, pushing really hard each time I was deep.  I was in no danger of coming, but it was lovely.

After Helen was ready and Nkuli was thanked, tipped and dismissed, we went down to breakfast.  We said hello to a number of women we already knew, turning down many offers of sex.  Then I saw Ayer, the tall dark Dinka woman, across the room, and called her name to wave her over.  She was dressed as we saw her the other day, wearing just a skirt and an elaborate bead necklace, with her conical tits poking through the beads.

"Oh yes," said Helen.  "Did you say that fucking her and her daughter on that cot was awkward, and you wanted to fuck them in a proper bed?"

"Exactly," I said.  "Ayer, is your daughter around this morning?"

"My daughter," she said, pausing to understand me.  "Yes, around.  You would like to have sex, with her?"

"And with you too." I clarified.

"Yes.  Like you did sex with us, before." She smiled at me.

"Helen sweetheart, do you want to help me fuck them this time?" I suggested.

"Yes, I'd like that.  So.. Ayer... please go find your daughter, Ata...?" suggested Helen.

"Ataui, ma'am."

"Find Ataui and come up to our room."  Helen gave her our room number.

We finished breakfast casually and went up to our room.  Minutes later, they knocked at our door and Helen let them in.  Last time we saw Ataui, she was naked, but this time she wore an outfit of skirt and beads, like her mother.  The similarity was striking, just the color of the beads and a couple inches of height distinguished them from each other.  Helen motioned for them to sit on the bed across from us.

"Should we... be naked?" asked Ayer, touching her beads.

"Not yet," directed Helen.  "First, let me ask you.  Are you both comfortable, having sex with each other?"

"Comfortable?" asked Ayer, puzzled.

"I mean, do you really like to do it?  Do you enjoy it?  I don't want to pay you to do something you really dislike."

Ataui said something to her mother in Dinka, and they launched into a rapid-fire discussion in their melodious language. It sounded complicated, but Ataui turned to us with a simple conclusion.

"We enjoy.  I like to sex my mother.  She likes to sex me.  We both have sex with many men, many foreign men.  But we don't always enjoy.  When we sex together, we enjoy."

"Good!  I'm glad to hear that," said Helen.  "My husband and I are going to "sex" both of you, so please get yourselves warmed up.  Kissing, nipple sucking, and fingering each other's pussies."

"Kissing... nipple... fingering..." said Ataui, "Yes.  I understand.  And I enjoy!"  She turned to pull her mother's face to her own.  There was real passion in their kiss.  They shifted to face each other, so they could conveniently lift their skirts, and reach between each other's legs.  Ayer wet her fingers with the saliva of their kiss before working them into Ataui, while Ataui's fingers seemed to go right up into her mother's pussy without any help.

"Nice!" said Helen, pulling off her clothes and grabbing the strap-on from beside the bed.  "Look, I've chosen a cock that's a little thicker than yours."

"I see that," I said while helping her strap it on.  "I guess you're going to stretch 'em out a little more than me."

"It looks like they'll be plenty wet to handle it."  Helen pointed to the pair, who were now gently rocking their hips, grinding their pussies on each other's hands as they kissed.

"Yes, they look ready.  And really quite beautiful together.  It's making me very hard to watch them."

"It's beautiful and exotic," agreed Helen, holding the fake phallus between her legs with one hand, and caressing my hard cock with her other.  "Like if National Geographic and some hard-core porno magazine put out a joint issue."

I chuckled.  "I don't know if you get mother-daughter incest like this, even in hard-core porn."

On the bed in front of us, Ayer had her mouth open, gasping with lust.  Ataui was sucking hard on one of her mother's pointy dark nipples, and was struggling to hold her hand between her mother's legs with all the wiggling and grinding going on.  Their bead necklaces swung with the rocking of their aroused bodies.

"We should probably take off those necklaces," said Helen.  "You want to start with the daughter?  I'll take the mom."

"OK."  We scooted around the bed, to the women, gently untangling them from each other.  I saw Ataui's fingers were literally dripping with her mother's pussy juice, so I held her arm and brought the fingers up to her mouth.  She looked at me, figured it out, smiled big and sucked the fingers, moaning as she did so.  It didn't seem like an act.

"You really love the taste of your mother's pussy," I told her as I helped her remove her large, elaborate necklace.

"Yes!" She said. She looked so happy and cute, so I kissed her.  Sure enough, the kiss tasted of fresh pussy, it was quite nice, and enthusiastically returned.  Still kissing, I pushed her down onto the bed, lifted her skirt, spread her legs, and lined up my cock.  Looking beside me, I saw my wife with Ayer in the same position.  I helped Ataui scoot a little sideways so that she was side-by-side with her mother.  I saw their hands reach out and find each other, clasping.

"On three?" said Helen giggling.  "One, two, three!"

I sank my cock into Ataui's wet young pussy, and my wife thrust into Ayer.  Delightfully, they both gasped at the same time, then moaned together.  Helen started to move, and I matched her tempo.

We settled into a good, long fuck.  Periodically we would glance over at each other and grin.  I lowered myself all the way down on Ataui's body, relaxing my weight onto her as I thrust.  Even at 16 years old she was several inches taller than me.  My face had to reach up a bit to kiss her lips; it was easier to reach her nipples, so I sucked those as I fucked her.  Next to me, I noticed that Helen was rougher, really giving it to Ayer, who was gasping and moaning louder than her daughter.

"OK, switch!" said Helen.  I gently pulled out of Ataui and scooted around Helen to get on top of Ayer.  I waited until Helen was in position, lining up the head of her fat dildo.  Now I sank into the mother and my wife sank into the daughter.  It took a minute to find a comfortable tempo and most stimulating angle.  My mouth again found a dark nipple to suck, and we found a groove.  I looked for the differences between mother and daughter, the feel of the pussy, the size of the nipples, the way their bodies responded, the noises they made.  The differences were subtle.

As my wife knows well, I have a lot of stamina.  When I'm in the mood, I can fuck almost endlessly.  Helen seemed to be similarly enthralled, so we just kept going.  We switched back and forth a few more times between mother and daughter.  We tried many positions.  When instructed, they ate each other pussies, completely casual about the incest.  Helen and I took turns doggy-style fucking Ataui as she ate her mother, then Ayer as she ate her daughter.  After a while, Helen pulled off her strap on and tried several ways of face-sitting each of them while I fucked them.

 We found one particular lovely position. We lay Ayer down on the bed, putting her daughter on top of her in missionary, their hot naked bodies in full contact.  We let them kiss and grind against each other for a bit, then I spread their legs and got between them.  Their pussies were right next to each other, so I was able to switch back and forth, fucking mother and daughter alternately.  Helen climbed up to settle her pussy on Ayer's mouth, facing away from me.  I pushed Ataui's face forward between my wife's buttocks.  Ataui got the idea to push her tongue up Helen's ass while her mother sucked Helen's clit.  My wife loved it, I loved it, and we lasted for a long time in that position.

"God, I'm getting close again," gasped Helen.  "Do you want to come in one of them?  I'd also like some penetration, if you're up for it."

"Any time, any way you like, dear."

Helen giggled, climbing off their faces.  "OK.  I want you to fuck me, I want my clit sucked, and I want to watch them incest each other.  I think we can do that all at the same time."  She rearranged us on the bed.  Ayer lay out with her legs spread.  Helen got on top of her on hands and knees, as if getting ready to 69.  I got the idea and got between my wife, lining up my cock with her pussy as her clit was sucked.  At the other end, Helen had an up-close view as she instructed Ataui to use her fingers and mouth on her mother's pussy.

I was pretty close to coming as my wife's familiar pussy clamped down me.  I thrust, with my balls slapping against Ayer's face underneath us.  Helen was apparently really excited to watch what was going on at the other end, slipping into a perverted, rambling monologue.

"That's it," she said.  "Suck your mother's big hot clit.  You're such a good girl.  How many fingers is that, three?  Try four.  Yes, all the way in, finger-fuck her deep.  That's good.  Now pull them out and suck on them.  Good.  Now stick out your tongue and tongue-fuck your mother.  Push your face in there!  I want to see you try to crawl back in where you were born from.  Suck up that pussy juice, good girl.  Now stick your tongue in your mother's ass, I want to see you French-kiss it.  Oh, yes.  Oh, you are a nasty girl.  You like that, don't you?  Now finger-fuck her again and suck that clit.  Make her come.  Oh, fuck.  I think you're doing it.  I'm coming too!  Oh, fuck!"

I waited for the tell-tale signs that Helen's orgasm was past the point of no return, then I sped up my thrusts and drained my balls into her as her body trembled, spurting into her pulsing pussy.

I pulled out and collapsed back on the bed, drained and happy.  Helen shifted her hips so that her pussy hole, not her clit, was pressed against Ayer's mouth.  I heard slurping, so Ayer was apparently doing what was clearly expected, drinking my cum out of my wife's pussy.  After a minute, they untangled.  Ayer asked if they could use our shower to clean up, we said yes, so mother and daughter went in to shower together to wash all the sex off their bodies.

"That was perfect," said Helen as we kissed and cuddled together, naked in the afterglow of our orgasms.

"You really got into it," I agreed.

"I loved feeling her mouth and your cock at the same time. That's something we can do again when get home, in our next threesome."

"That's true.  But you won't be able to command your own lesbian incest show while we do it."

Helen laughed.  "I guess  not.  But fuck, that was hot."

Ayer and Ataui came out of the bathroom all clean and naked, put their skirts and beads back on, and accepted their tips.  Helen and I cuddled until we fell asleep together, then woke from our nap to shower together and head down for lunch.

At lunch, we made conversation with other guests, and exchanged greetings with workers we knew by now, who ambled around the tables.  As usual, we only ate a little of the Western fare, opting for the native African foods from the other table, which were delicious.

Shasha and Goma came by, with plates of food, and an older woman.

"This is our mother.  Her name is Makemba," said Shasha.

"Please join us," I said.  We made space for the three of them to sit by us and eat lunch together.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Makemba," I said,  "Your daughters have been wonderful hosts."  I eyed her up and down.  As the girls had said, their mother was very attractive, a big broader in face and chest.  She wore a bright yellow head wrap, and a western-style shirt with a plunging neckline, exposing generous cleavage. The sisters had said their mother wasn't yet 40, but didn't get nearly as much attention from the guests, which seemed foolish to me.  Makemba was clearly hot, by any culture's standards.

"I'm pleased to meet you," said the woman, in a deeply accented, rich voice, while smiling at me.

"She speaks very little English," explained Shasha, "just the words for sex, that she learns in the classes.  But I'm happy to translate for you."

"Tell her," said Helen, "that my husband and I have really enjoyed you and your sister, both sexually, and as very helpful guides to the resort."

Shasha exchanged some long sentences with her mother in whichever Congolese language they spoke, and they both smiled.

"You said before, you might want to enjoy sex with her?" said Shasha.  "She would be very grateful for the tip."

"Of course, of course," I said.

"We could send her to your room, or..." Shasha giggled, "you could take her outside for sex.  I remember that you especially like it outdoors."

I laughed,  "Maybe.  But I'd want you and your sister to be there too... to translate."

"And maybe for you to have sex with your mother, also?" interjected Helen.  "Trevor and I just had a great workout this morning with the Dinka pair you introduced us to.  What do you think, honey?  She looked at me with lust in her eyes.  "Shall we make mothers and daughters the theme of the day?"

I laughed and nodded, then looked at Shasha.

"Yes," she said carefully.  "I can have sex with my mother.  We have done that in our training, and one other time.  But she has never had sex with Goma before."  She turned to her mother and sister and launched into a rapid-fire conversation.

"I don't want you do anything you're not comfortable with," I tried to interject.

They continued on, until seeming to come to a conclusion.

"I'm surprised, but she says she'll do it," said Shasha.  "I tried to make sure she is comfortable and let me know anything in particular she might not want to do.  But she is certain she will enjoy any sex act, with you and your wife, or with my sister and I."

"I.. sex..." said Makemba said to me.  "Very sexy for you.  Mama ná muana."

"That's 'mother and child' in Ki-kongo," explained Shasha.

"Great!" said Helen.  "I know my husband will want a proper bed, and I'd like to see where you live.  Could we go there to have sex?"

Shasha considered it.  "Yes.  My sister and I are advanced workers here, we live in a good house nearby.  There are nice beds."

"Great!" I said.  "But one last thing, Goma, we haven't heard from you.  I know you are happy having sex with your sister, but are you ready to do it with your mother too?"

"Yes, sir."  Goma smiled at me, and spoke with pride.  "Shasha and I are very experienced, we are full-service workers.  We do rough sex, we do watersports, we do anal sex, and BDSM and other kinky things.  You are asking me to lick my mother's pussy, it is not such a big thing.  I am good at it and I think she will enjoy it."

"Are there toys and lube at your house?"

"No," said Shasha.  "I will bring some with us."

We finished our lunch, and left as a group.  Shasha swung by the concierge desk and grabbed a duffel bag as we departed the resort building.  She seemed to be the natural leader, taking us on a winding path out the southern gate of the resort's wall, past fruit trees to a series of bungalows.

"Welcome, please make yourself comfortable," said Shasha as she waved us through the door.  "Please excuse me, mother and I will go get cleaned up for any kind of sex.  Goma will stay with you."  She headed off with her mother in tow.  Helen and I looked around.  It was a simple, clean dwelling, just two rooms and a kitchen.  Both rooms had beds.

"Where do you sleep?" asked Helen.

"My sister and I sleep in this bed," said Goma.  "Mother and grandmother sleep in that bed."

"I see," said Helen.  "Grandmother?"

"Yes, she came with us from the village, of course we could not leave her."

"Of course."  Helen's eyes twinkled.  "Would it be appropriate if my husband had sex with her also?"

Goma looked surprised, then laughed.  "Oh! Certainly. She is not a sex worker here, but she would accept a tip.  But she is old."

"How old?"

Goma thought for a second.  "51 years."

"That's not that old," I said.  "When my wife and I swing, sometimes the other swingers are in their 50s.  They're perfectly fine and they know how to have sex.  You and your sister and mother are very attractive women, your grandmother must be fine."  I pondered.  "And your mother, Makemba, she is how old?"

"38 years, sir."  I did some arithmetic in my head.  Both generations had their children pretty young, which I guess was pretty typical for an African village.  "I will go and find grandmother, we will get clean for sex, and I bring her here."

"And would you be comfortable having sex with her, too?" asked Helen.

Goma laughed.  "Of course, I will do anything.  But she will think it is strange.  I will ask her."

Goma left, and a couple minutes later Shasha and Makemba came back, looking freshly dressed in brightly colored, attractive African skirts and loose tops.

"I saw Goma and I heard your plan," said Shasha, laughing.  "My grandmother!  Very surprising."  She led her mother by the hand over to us, as if presenting her.  "Would you like to start having sex with us now?"

"No hurry," said Helen.  "Let's wait until the others get back.  In the meantime, just come sit by us."

The women sat beside us on the bed.  The similarity was striking, with just 16 years separating them.

 "Tell us about your childhood, your village, how you came here," said Helen.  "I'd like to get to know more about your family before we have sex with them."

"Most of our story is sad," said Shasha.  "I try to avoid telling the sad parts to guests."

"Then tell us the happy parts," suggested Helen.

"OK, yes.  My  mother's father was a wealthy man...." Shasha launched into a full story, of their life in their village, how they grew food, how they played as children, how hard their mother worked to provide for them.  Her voice glowed with pride and love when she spoke of her mother.  She skipped nearly over the loss of her father and younger siblings.  She told of first hearing the rumors of a "sex village" where everyone became wealthy and health care was free.  Then one day a truck came by the village, and a call went out for volunteers. 

"Many of us came out, "said Shasha, "wanting to know if it was true, what we had heard.  The recruiters gathered us together in an area.  First, they asked if we were comfortable removing our clothes, being naked in front of everyone.  A few girls left, the rest of us removed our clothes.  Then, they apologized to a few girls, that they were not attractive enough to work at a resort with foreigners.  I felt sad for them, as they left.  Then, a very pretty young man stepped forward, and removed his clothes.  They asked us if were comfortable sucking on his cock, in front of everyone.  My sister and I looked at each other and laughed.  We were 16 and 17 years old, we had not taken husbands so were still virgins, but sucking cock was not new to us.  And he was a very pretty young man, and he looked kind.  A few more girls left, but my sister and I happily got on our knees and sucked his cock for a minute, very gently.  We had passed the test!  There were five of us from my village who were taken to the next town, where there was a clinic.  There they confirmed we did not have HIV or any other diseases, so we were accepted.  We went back to my village, and had to convince my mother and grandmother that we should do this, that my sister and I would be sex workers, and earn a lot of money and live much better.  She was very uncertain, but our situation in the village was not good, not just our poverty but also great danger.  So, my mother agreed, and we came here."

I looked at Makemba, and she gazed back at me with a soft smile.  I thought about how hard her decision must have been, to leave the only home she knew, with no way to know if what they were promised would be true, that her daughters would be treated well or not.

"My mother was with us for most of the training," continued Shasha.  "When she saw it was done gently, she also wanted to join.  They looked at her naked body and decided she was attractive enough, at 33 years old, and she passed the health tests.  So she joined.  In the training classes, the first this we learned was to enjoy kissing and foreplay and oral sex.  The students with more experience practiced on us.  That was very easy for me to learn to enjoy."  Shasha laughed.

"You were still virgins?" asked Helen.

"Yes. We physically lost our virginity in the clinic, a doctor did it without pain.  And in the training, we learned to enjoy tongues and fingers and toys inside our pussies, gently stretching us."

"Who was the first man inside you?"

"We got to choose.  My sister and I chose the same boy we liked.  He was very nice, and it was fun to have him inside me, even though it wasn't until much later I learned to have an orgasm that way."

"You said you had oral sex with your mother, in the training?"

"Yes.  We were usually in pairs for the training.  One day I am paired with my mother."

"I'd really love to know how she felt about that."

"OK."  Shasha turned to her mother, and exchanged some sentences.  "She says, it felt very strange at first.  We were to practice lesbian sex, so it was kissing, and mutual masturbation, and finally eating pussy.  We had both practiced this with many other women and girls, so we knew what to do.  The acts themselves we had both learned to enjoy.  But for her..."

Makemba interjected, and more conversation ensued in their Bantu dialect.

"Yes," continued Shasha.  "She says, holding me and kissing me like a lover was easy.  But she was very uncertain about actually licking me.  We were on the training cots, and my legs were spread in front of her face, and she had to look up at my face for a minute to see me smiling to know it was OK.  Then when she finally licked me, it was surprising."  She looked at us.  "This part of her story, you might not believe."

"Tell us," encourage Helen gently.

"My mother says, when she licked my pussy, she felt a sensation on her own pussy, as if she were licking herself.  Perhaps because of our bond, how much she has loved me and raised me."

"I believe her," said Helen.  "That's a beautiful story, and I'm glad she shared it with us."

"Thank you," I added.

  Just then, Goma came through the door, followed by an older woman.

"Hi!" said Goma brightly, seeing us all sitting on the bed.  "This is our grandmother, Jeta."

"Hello, welcome," said Helen, waving them over to sit on the bed with us.  The bed was getting crowded.

"Her name means 'encircled' in our language," said Shasha.  "As in, to be surrounded by friends and protected."

"That's a beautiful name," said Helen.  I looked Jeta up and down. She wore a loose dress, with a floral pattern.  Sure, there were some wrinkles on her cheeks, but it was easy to see her as a sensual being, and she still held some of the beauty she shred with her daughter and granddaughters.  She was smiling at us gently.

"I.. am.. pleased to meet you," she said, clearly stretching the limits of her English knowledge.

"I explained to her," said Goma, "that we had a guest who would like to try having sex with her.  I told her you are very kind and gentle."  Goma smiled at me.  "She said yes immediately.  I was surprised.  It has been 10 years since she had sex with anyone."

"And have sex with you and your sister," added Helen.  "She's OK with that?"

A long family conversation ensued between the African women.

"She is OK with it, in principle," said Shasha finally, smiling at us.  "And for a good tip, she will try it.  She says she gets to keep the tip herself.  She has not had money of her own for many years, and there are things she can buy here, she would like to have."

"That's fine," said Helen laughing.  "Well, we can start having sex then!  Trevor, honey, I called all the shots last time.  Do you want to lead this time?"

"Sure," I said.

I looked at the four attractive African women, three generations, considering their beauty and sexual experience, and their varying levels of comfort with what I was about to ask them to do.  They looked back at me patiently, smiling.

"First of all," I said,  "You are all clearly beautiful, intelligent and resourceful women, and my wife and I are very fortunate to be invited into your home and to have sex with you.  Thank you."

"You're welcome, sir," said Shasha.

"Let's start you in pairs.  Shasha with your mother, Goma with your grandmother.  Please stand by the bed and face us."

They slowly moved into position, facing us expectedly.

"Now, strip each other, and make out.  Shasha, you can leave that beautiful yellow wrap on your mother's head."

Shasha and Goma giggled.  They each spoke a few sentences to their older relative, no doubt explaining what "strip and make out" meant.  First, they slowly removed each other's clothes.  Makemba's shirt came off, and her breasts were indeed much larger and looser than her daughter's, but still very attractive.  Jeta's dress came off.  Her breasts and belly did sag a fair bit, but her waist and wide hips were very attractive.  When they were naked, each pair pulled into an embrace.  Their breasts nestled, their mouths met, their hands roamed, caressing each other.

"This is already good," said Helen, taking off her shorts.

Jeta seemed to take a minute to get the hang of French-kissing Goma, but soon she was into it.  Goma also had to make the first move of caressing her grandmother's breasts and body before Jeta reciprocated by fondling her granddaughter's perky tits and curves.  Next to them, Sasha and her mother took no time at all to get into passionate kissing and touching.  Shasha sucked on her mother's nipple, eliciting a moan of pleasure.  I considered that a good sign, moaning already.

"That's beautiful, ladies," I said.  "Girls, let's lay your mother and grandmother out here on the bed so we can all touch them."

The older women were led to gently lay back on the bed, side by side.  Helen and Goma were on one side, and together they caressed Jeta's body.  Shasha and I were on the other side, and together we caressed Makemba.  Just as I had concluded while looking at her clothed, Makemba's naked 38-year-old body was still hot by anyone's tastes.  I felt the heft of her large dark breasts, and caressed her belly down to her shapely hips, gently spreading her legs, and ran my fingers over her labia, exploring the dark folds, spreading them to find her pink inner folds.  She was already wet.  Shasha was bending down to suck her mother's tits.  I noticed that one of her own tits was hanging near her mother's mouth, so I led the nipple to Makemba's lips, who got the idea and sucked it.

"Nice," said Helen.  "A titty-nine.  Goma, let's see you try it too."  Goma nodded and bent forward to put one of her modest nipples in her grandmother's mouth, then grasped one of Jeta's loose breasts, brining it up to suck.  Helen shifted down to spread Jeta's legs.

"Interesting to notice the difference and similarities in their pussies," I said.  There was just a tinge of grey to the short-cropped hair around Jeta's pussy, and her labia were looser.

"Yes," said Helen, teasing Jeta's folds with her fingers.  She looked up at me.  "You gonna enjoy fucking these nice older pussies?"

"Yes, they aren't that old, and they're more than pussies to me, since we've gotten to know the woman a little already."

"Yes, I know what you mean."

"This one's wet already."

"This one could use some help.  Maybe some daughterly help, if you know what I mean."  Helen chuckled.

"OK, yeah.  Shasha, Goma, it's time to pleasure your elders with your mouths."

"Yes, sir," said Shasha, breaking her titty-nine.  They moved around the bed and got in position.  Makemba surprised me by grabbing a pillow, and putting it under her head so she could more easily see down between her legs, then she handed a pillow to Jeta so she could do the same.  Shasha gave her mother's pussy some long licks, then immediately went in for her clit.  Goma was more apprehensive, exchanging a few sentences with Jeta, who responded with a reassuring tone.  Finally Goma settled her mouth down on her grandmother's pussy, and both girls got busy.

"Oh, that's so beautiful and sexy," gasped Helen, who still wore a shirt but was touching herself between her legs.

"It sure is," I agreed.  I bent down to kiss Makemba as she moaned softly.  Her sexual fire was clearly burning already, while next to her, Jeta's was still warming up.  I was uncomfortably hard in my shorts, so I stood up to remove them, then knelt on the bed to dangle my cock in Makemba's face.  She smiled, grabbed it and put it in her mouth, sucking.

It was so nice, I let it go on for several minutes.  Makemba moaned around my cock.  Jeta's expression slowly changed from surprised to relaxed to some signs of pleasure as Goma applied her abundant pussy-licking experience.

"Fingers, too," I said.

Shasha looked up me, smiled and nodded, pushing two fingers into her mother's pussy then resumed clit-licking.  Goma licked her fingers to wet them, and pressed at first one, then two into her grandmother.

I noticed that both girls were kneeling with their butts off the edge of the bed, so I pulled out of Makemba's mouth and moved around, getting behind Shasha, lining up and sinking into her pussy, holding her youthful hips and fucking her as she ate her mother.  After a couple minutes, I pulled out and moved behind Goma, giving her the same treatment.  I made mental notes about their feel of both their young pussies on my cock.

"OK, Shasha, your mother is more than ready," I said laughing, patting her rump affectionately.  "I'll fuck her now."

"Yes, please!" said Shasha, lifting her wet face away and moving to sit beside Makemba as I got into missionary position.

"Put me in?" I suggested.

"Yes," she said, her eyes sparkling.  She grabbed ahold of my cock and led it forward, moving it up and down to tease Makemba's wet labia.  "Please, fuck my mama."  She put the emphasis on the second "a" in mama.  "She is horny and a good fuck.  You are doing us a kind favor to fuck her."

I slipped forward, past Shasha fingers.  I sank all the way in on one smooth thrust, burying myself completely.  Sensing no need for additional warm-up, I lowered myself forward, finding Makemba mouth to kiss as I started to fuck her deep and strong.

Next to us, there were some sort of female playing going on.  Helen had her shirt off, letting Jeta suck her nipples.  Then she and Goma were using their fingers together in Jeta's pussy, then Helen was kissing Goma.  I heard Helen call Shasha over, to take her sister's place between their grandmother's legs.

I focused on Makemba, not just fucking her and feeling her respond, but considering her story.  She had taken a great leap of faith to come here.  She was trained on all forms of sex, practicing with younger men and women.  She must have observed her beautiful daughters having sex with foreign guests, men and women of every color, from every part of the world.  And wearing her own pouch every day, hoping for a man to find her attractive enough to stick his cock in her mouth or pussy.  Watching as her daughters earned so much money, enough for them to leave soon, but also changing them by the experience.  And now some strange guest didn't just want to fuck her, but wanted to watch her whole family commit lesbian incest with each other.

Then she was coming hard, on my cock.  She moaned and gasped and kissed me harder.  I wondered what could be going through her mind.

I let her orgasm take it course, then pulled out, hard and dripping.

"Goma," I said, gesturing.  She walked around the bed to me.  "So, you've never tasted your mom's pussy?"

"That is correct, sir."

"Here you go."  I waved my dripping cock in face.

"Thank you, sir."  She swallowed my cock, sucking it clean, then letting it go.  "It is delicious, sir."

"There's a lot more down there."

She nodded.  "Thank you, sir."  She knelt and started to slurp her mother's wet pussy.  I looked up at Makemba, looking down.  The language barrier was frustrating.  I wanted to ask Makemba what it felt like so watch her youngest daughter between her legs for the first time.  The look on her face, though, gave an indication, it was a mixture of lust, and love.

Next to us, I patted Shasha on the butt.  She raised her face.  "Is your grandmother ready for me?"

"I think so, sir.  I have made her come twice already."

"That's wonderful."  I smiled and kissed Shasha.  I was getting used to tasting pussy in every kiss.  She moved aside to let me get into missionary on Jeta, who smiled sweetly at me.  Shasha aimed my cock, and I sank into Jeta's pussy.  Honest to goodness, there was nothing wrong with it.  Sure, it was less snug than her daughter, and significantly less snug than her granddaughters.  But it was well warmed up, and she moaned with pleasure as I found an angle of penetration we both enjoyed.  It had been many years for her, but she hadn't lost the ability to enjoy sex.

I employed my stamina to stay hard and steady, pumping Jeta while listening to her reactions carefully.  After a good ten or fifteen minutes, she came on my cock.  I pulled out, proud of myself, and of her.

"OK", I said.  "It's time for the elders to return the favor."  I motioned, they slowly rolled around bed and repositioned.  Shasha and Goma, side by side on their backs with their legs spread, Makemba kneeling between Goma's legs, Jeta between Shasha's.

"She's never done this before, ever," said Shasha.  She started to speak gently to Jeta, coaching her.

Beside them, Makemba didn't hesitate to plant her mouth on her daughter.  I went up to Goma to kiss and caress her, as we looked down between her legs.

"How does it feel?" I asked Goma softly.  "To feel your mother's tongue down there for the first time."

"It is wonderful, sir."  Then she kissed me, hard, lustfully.  I played with her nipples.  Then she surprised me by reaching down and grabbing her mother's head, holding it steady on her.  I wondered if Makemba was feeling what they told us before, that licking her daughter was like licking herself.

Beside her, Jeta had moved on from tentative licking to full-on eating her granddaughter's pussy.  For her first cunnilingus experience, she sure took to it readily.

"Again, they are so beautiful," said Helen, watching both pairs as she touched herself.  I got up and went around the bed to fuck Makemba and Jeta each for a few minutes, doggy-style, as their ate their offspring's pussies.  After a while, I had the women change places, with Makemba eating Shasha, and Jeta getting her first taste of her other granddaughter's pussy.

"I'd like to see them fuck each other," suggested Helen after a minute.  "That's something we didn't do with the Dinka ladies this morning."

"Great idea," I said.  "Shasha, do you have strap-ons in that bag your brought?"

"Yes, sir."  She patted her mother to let her up, walking naked across the room to the duffel bag, rummaging around in it.

"While she's busy with that," I said to Goma.  "Maybe we can get your mother and grandmother to do it."

Goma nodded.  "Maybe.  I don't think they will..."  She started conversing with them in their language.  She looked surprised, as Jeta suddenly turned right and kissed Makemba on the mouth.  "Oh, they will!  We can all do it together."  Goma pulled them up to lay on either side of  her on the bed.  The three of them all kissed together, then rolled around playfully while groping each other's naked bodies, until Jeta was in the middle.  Goma and Makemba kissed and licked their way down Jeta's body, then spread her legs.  Goma held the labia open invitingly.  Makemba looked up at me, then bent down, and ate her mother's pussy for the first time.

"Nice!" said Helen, watching lustfully.  "Mother-grandmother action.  Shasha, are you ready?"

"Yes, ma'am,"  Shasha sported an impressive strapped-on phallus.  She waved it at Helen.  "See, ma'am, this toy is a double dildo, so I can be fucked while I do the fucking."

"Awesome," said Helen. "Come and fuck your little sister first, to give the older ladies an idea of what to expect," I suggested.

"Yes, sir.  I love to fuck my sister, I have done it many times."  She approached the bed, rolled Goma onto her back, settled on in missionary, and kissed as she pressed her phallus in.  Their youthful bodies were beautiful together, mouths locked in a deep kiss, tits rubbing together, their hips rocking as they found the best angle.

"Nice, a sister fuck!" said Helen.  "This is so fucking kinky, I'm going to come just from watching."

The pussy-eating beside them stopped, as the older ladies sat up to watch with interest as the girls fucked.

"Shasha, are you ready to fuck your mother?"

"Yes, sir."  She pulled out of Goma.

"Did you do this before, in your training?"

"With my mother, no.  I learned to strap-on with other girls and women."

"So this will be your first time?"

"Yes, sir."  She moved over on the bed and gently arranged Makemba on her back, embraced by Jeta.  She got between her mother's legs, lined up, and sank in.

"Fuck, I need something in me," said Helen.  "Goma, lie there.  I'm going to squat on your face while my husband fucks me."

We moved into position.  I got behind Helen and pressed in, finding her incredibly wet.  I felt Goma's hot little tongue licking where our bodies met.  In front of us, Shasha was fucking Makemba gently and firmly.

"You are a beautiful mother-fucker," said Helen, beside herself with lust.

"Yes, ma'am," agreed Shasha.  "I am a beautiful mother-fucker.  It is exciting and fun to do this."  She lowered herself down in missionary and the kissed, embracing.  I was surprised to see Makemba shift her hips to take her daughter's cock deeper.  Helen was beside herself, trembling with lust, squeezing my cock.

I let this go on long enough that Shasha actually managed to fuck her mother to an orgasm.  That impressed us all.

"Now your grandmother," I said.  Shasha nodded, they rearranged, Jeta spread her legs., and Shasha sank in,  She fucked her grandmother gently, but with genuine passion.

"Damn!" said Helen, coming again on my cock.  "OK, I can't take it anymore."  She gently pulled away from my cock, and Goma's mouth.  "Trevor, honey, don't you want to come somewhere?  Like maybe do one of them in the ass?"

"Great idea," I said.

"You already had my ass the other day," said Goma.

"You haven't been in my ass yet," said Shasha.

I pondered the many options, with many complicated arrangements possible, then decided to keep it simple.

"Shasha, can I do your ass while you're still inside her?"

She paused to consider.  "Yes, sir.  Then, I do not need the straps."  She pulled back, unfastening her harness, and removing the double-dildo from the ring.  She then put one end of the dildo back inside herself, then leaned forward to slide into her grandmother.  The dildo vanished inside them, bringing them clit to clit.  Shasha rocked her hips, moaning.  Then she pushed her hips back slightly.  "I am ready."

I had Goma fetch lube and another dildo from the bag, then we all gathered around Shasha's buttocks.

"Lick it," I said.

Goma smiled sweetly and pressed her face between her sister's cheeks with tongue extended.  I saw her lick, then press her tongue inside.  After a thorough tonguing, we proceeded to lubed fingers.  Makemba surprised me by offering her fingers to be lubed as well, and took her turn pressing them into Shasha's ass.  Finally, I handed Goma the dildo, which she lubed and expertly worked into her sister's ass.  With both her holes stuffed, it looked very tight, but Shasha seemed to be loving it.  She was moaning happily, rocking gently on Jeta's body.  I had Goma hand the dildo to Makemba, for her to experience pushing a dildo into Shasha's ass.  Given that ass-fucking her daughter was something she probably never imagined doing, Makemba did well.

I was hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum.  They pulled out the dildo slowly.  After a quick suck in Goma's and Makemba's mouths, my cock went in its place.  Shasha's ass was so slippery and ready, it wasn't hard to get in, even with the dildo stuffed in her pussy making it tighter.  I knew she was experienced at anal and rough sex.  I knew I didn't have to hold back.  Shasha was moaning loud on each thrust, which she tried to muffle by sucking one of her grandmother's nipples.  Each time I drove forward, her body pressed its dildo more firmly into Jeta, so it felt like I was really fucking both of them at once.  Then my brain shut down, I was thrusting wildly and then coming, deep inside Shasha's body.

When I finally came to and pulled out, the women under me were still quivering.  I felt Goma's hot mouth, sucking me clean, as I flopped back on the bed.  Very gently, Shasha raised herself up, pulling the dildo from their pussies.  The Shasha and Makemba were kissing, smiling and chattering softly in their language, then Jeta joined them.

"I think that was a success," said Helen.

"Better than I could have imagined," I agreed.

"We must tip them all generously." said Helen.

We did so, during the process of finding our clothes.  A tip for all four for fucking me, an extra tip for Shasha for anal, and two extra tips for all of them, for fucking each other, and incest.

Shasha got her clothes on again first.  We said our goodbyes and profuse thanks, then she led us out the door and down the path again, back to the resort building.  I saw her removing the pouch from her neck as she turned to leave us.

"Enough sex for one day?" I asked, smiling.

"Never.  But you have tipped me enough to take the day off.  And I have a lot to talk about with my family."

I nodded, a small part of my brain worrying if we had asked too much, urged too much perverse novelty, but she was smiling as she walked away.

My wife and I were exhausted, so we showered and napped until dinner.

"I can't believe what we did today," she said as we cuddled in bed.

"It does seem a little extreme."

"What we did this morning with the Dinka pair, that was wild enough.  But this afternoon... I don't think we're going to top that, on this trip, or maybe ever."

"I think that's OK."  I paused to kiss my wife's hair.  "I'm fine with that being a one-time, special event in our lives."

"I'm going to be remembering it, while you and I have sex, for a long time to come."

"I think that's a fine idea."

"Those two are amazing.  Shasha and Goma.  They can have any kind of sex, anytime, with any number of people, even their own family... and enjoy every minute of it.  I mean, they've been at this camp for four years so they've had plenty of practice... but still.  They're special."

"Yes they are.  Just like Grace was special, in a different way.  I think the longer we stay here, the more we'd discover what's special about each of the workers here, as people as well as sexually.  They are all individuals."

"I really like that part, getting to know them.  I'm so glad we heard the family's history today.  It made having sex with them more... meaningful.  And it made watching them have sex with each, more kinky.  More real."

"I know what you mean."

At dinner that night, I realized we knew an increasing number of the sex workers because many of them came by to greet us, including the ones we had sex with that day.  Others we recognized, or recognized us from the day we dropped in on the sex class and helped them practice anal.  One worker who came by was the very dark-skinned woman, Aisha, that it took me a minute to remember, from the line of women I fucked in the field.  Then I remembered doing my best to impregnate her at her request.  She happily announced that she was, in fact, now pregnant, and that I might be the father, and that she was very grateful!

The show after dinner was different.  Instead of some oddly-sized man and woman going it, the first show was a lesbian show with mild S&M, involving women who using riding crops on each other while stuffing toys and fingers into each other, and finally their fists.

"I bet they would have done that today, if we asked," said Helen to me as we watched.  "Fisting, I mean.  The girls and their mother and grandmother."

"Probably, but I think we asked enough of them, don't you think?"

"Of course.  I'm just thinking out loud."

"You still have more kinky ideas to make people act out here, don't you?"

"You know me."

After the lesbians, a male MC came out on stage, with a very attractive young woman following him.  She didn't wear a pouch around her neck, but she wore an attractive white robe, embroidered with green and gold trim.  Her hair was fairly natural, short dreadlocks which perfectly framed her pretty face.  He introduced her to the crowd as Adina, from Ethiopia, 18 years old, just finished training, her first day at the resort.  And then the MC said all that again, in German.

"She is ready to have sex with guests now, for the first time.  I need one woman, and three men, one for each of her pleasure zones."  I laughed.  Pleasure zones?  "Do I have any volunteers?  You have up to 5 minutes."  And then, in German.

The woman who volunteered, to my surprise, was an Asian lady who smiled as she confidently strode onto the stage, kissed Adina, then lifted her own skirt and pushed Adina to her knees.  The audience cheered.  We couldn't see much of what was going on as Adina got her first taste of foreign pussy, but the Asian lady sure seemed to enjoy being in control, holding Adina's head and riding it.

A few minutes later, she bowed and got off the stage.  A small, nerdy German-looking guy hopped up.  He helped Adina to her feet, then helped her pull off her robe.  Under it, she wore panties but was otherwise topless, and quite stunningly so; I could see why the recruiters picked up this girl as appealing to international tastes.  The guy took a minute to grope her amazing tits, then guided her back down to her knees and put his cock in her mouth.  The audience cheered at every step, and cheered louder when, barely two minutes into the blowjob, he pulled back and delivered a visible ejaculation right into her open mouth.

Next was a big beefy guy, that I recognized from the Belgian couple; he was Lotte's husband.  He lumbered onto stage, and did a curious thing, taking Adina's hand and kissing it.  She giggled.  With no common language but waving their arms, he led her towards the couch-bed the lesbian act had been performed on, eased off her panties, lay her down on her back and climbed on in missionary to fuck her.  Adina made cries that could have been pleasure, or perhaps surprise, at the feeling of a big pale man plowing into her in front of an audience.  He didn't manage a cum shot, but kissed Adina's hand again as he withdrew when his time was up.

Last was the guest I recognized as Takeshi, the Japanese guy we saw on our first day, having anal sex with several workers out on the lawn.  Anal was clearly his thing.  He got on the stage, and Adina was already turning around on all fours to offer herself to him.  He dropped his pants, his half-hard cock dangled forward, then he proceeded to caressed Adina's ass until he was rock-hard.  He went in, and she must have been very well lubed and well trained, because there was no visible discomfort on her part.  In fact, they both seemed to be really into it.  We didn't see it, but from the way Takeshi's body shook after a few minutes, it left no doubt he was giving Adina her first load of foreign cum in her ass.

We all cheered.  The MC came back out on stage, handed Adina a pouch, tying it around her neck.  He then made a show of giving her one, two, three, four tips for her pouch.  She smiled broadly, then gathered her clothes and left the stage to more applause.

"There's at least one new girl, every week," explained one of the guests at our table, from his accent, an American.  "She'll be in huge demand tomorrow.  Everyone loves a fresh face."

Day 6

The next morning, I was the first to wake up.  I got up to pee, then came back and admired my wife's softly snoring body lying half-covered on the bed.  No matter how many exotic, stunning women I see or have sex with, I always find my wife incredibly desirable.  She had been sleeping naked most nights on this trip, so I got an idea.

Stepping softly out the door, I went down the hall and looked.  There was a young dark-skinned worker girl, passing by, topless, with just a skirt on.

"Pssst!" I said, getting her attention.  "Are you available?"

"Yes, sir."  She turned toward me and smiled sweetly.  "Fuck or suck?"

"Neither.  You're for my wife."

She nodded.  "Yes, sir.  I service your wife."

"But she's asleep, so let's be very quiet."

She smiled and nodded.  We padded back into our room, approaching the bed.  I carefully pulled back the covers and gently moved one of my wife's legs to give access to her pussy.  She slept soundly.  Carefully, the girl crouched on the bed and extended her tongue, started to lick my wife's clit.

Helen managed to sleep through a full minute of increasingly confident licking, then she started softly moaning and woke up.

"Good morning, sweetheart," I said, kissing her as her eyes opened in surprise.

"Oh!  You devil," she gasped at me, glancing down at the girl between her legs.  "I love it.  I guess this is in return for the deep-throat wakeup I arranged for you yesterday."

"You're welcome," I said.  We cuddled for a minute, watching the girl at work.

"Well, as lovely as it is, she's going to have to let me get up soon or I'm going to piss all over her."

"She might be fine with that," I said with a straight face.  "I've heard that many of the workers specialize in it."

Helen giggled.  "But then we'd have to call housekeeping to change the bedding."

We let Helen get up and head for the loo.  The girl smiled at me invitingly, and I was already half-hard, so I got behind her on the bed, lifted her skirt and put myself in her pussy.  I got completely hard as she started to push back at me, fucking herself.  By the time Helen was ready, I had put the girl through a few positions, spanked her (at her request, she seemed to really like it), fucked her mouth, and tried fucking her tits.

"I see you're raring to go today," said Helen, fully dressed.

"I am," I said.  "The last two days we've been getting to know people and have quality sex.  I love that, but I also enjoy quantity.  I think I'll rack up a lot of quick fucking this morning."

"Have fun, but shouldn't we go to breakfast first?"

"Of course, dear."  I tipped the girl, slipped on clothes and went downstairs with Helen.

We didn't make it all the way down.  In the hallway, there was a tall lighter-skinned woman, with loose clothing on her thin body.

"I'll catch up with you," I said to Helen.

She laughed as she walked off.  "Sure, honey."

"Fuck or suck?" asked the tall woman.

"Suck and fuck," I said. "Right here in the hallway."

"Yes, sir."  She let me guide her down onto her knees.  She was tall enough that she still had to crouch a little to take my cock in her mouth, which was still wet and mostly hard from the girl in our room.  I held her head for a couple minutes of sucking, then stood her up and leaned her against the wall, lifting her dress.  She spread her legs wide enough to lower her pussy to a convenient height for me to fuck.  I only fucked long enough to pick up a few subtle details that made fucking her different, her noises, the firmness of her buttocks.

Then I went down to breakfast.  I picked up one small woman on the way, and sent her under the table to suck me as we ate.  My wife was smiling at me.

"Keeping your cock wet all day, I guess," she said giggling.

"That's a nice idea.  Why, does that seem excessive?"

"Oh, don't think for a minute I'm being critical," she said.  "I've got a girl under the table between my legs, too."

We laughed together and enjoyed breakfast.

After breakfast, Helen went off to get a massage, and I fucked my way across the resort.  One woman after another, a few minutes each.  It was like chain-smoking, even as I was fucking one woman, I'd call another one over and switch to her, sending the first one off to bring me another woman.  I fucked two in a hallway, three up on the balcony, another few on the lawn.  Some I knew, or looked familiar, some I suspected or knew I had fucked before.  One was Masisi, the 7-months-pregnant girl, who sucked and fucked me on her knees on the lawn.  I stayed away from doing anyone in the ass, although it was tempting.

After the lawn, I headed down the path towards the school buildings.  I saw a pair of women walking together, and recognized them as Bahati, the teenager whose hut Grace and I had sex in, and her mother Amanda, that had deep-throated me that day I went to the worker village.

"Hello!" they waved as they approached.  Bahati stuck out her (impressive) chest and pointed to her pouch.  I nodded to accept her offer, and looked around for a place.  There was only a park bench along the path, so I pointed to it.  They went to the bench but seemed unsure of what I intended to do.  Amanda spoke little English so Bahati helped translate, as I put them through some positions.  I knew from before that they would not be shy about each other's pussies.  I had them strip naked and sit on the bench side by side with their heads together, as I stood in front of them for a good mother-daughter double blowjob, which was best when Amanda was deep-throating me while her daughter sucked on my balls.  Then I pulled Bahati up and turned her around, leaning her over her seated mother, pushing into her pussy from behind as I had her kiss her mother and suck on her mother's large nipples.  I moved from Bahati's pussy to her mother's mouth, then had Amanda spread her legs, telling Bahati to finger her.  I almost lost it down Amanda's throat when Bahati shifted from finger-fucking her mother to putting her whole hand in.  Amanda seemed to groaning with sexual pleasure, as well, as she rocked her pussy around her daughter's fist.

I had to pull out to save my orgasm, then tipped them and sent them on their way.  Just as they were pulling on their clothes, a worker girl walked by, looking barely teenaged.  Not my type, but I was on a roll, so I called her over.  I didn't ask her age.  I did pull off her clothes to make sure she looked old enough, and determined the presence of breasts and hips, that she had more signs of woman than girl.  I was getting tired of having to fuck standing up, so I sat on the bench myself and had her suck me, then climb on and lower her dark young pussy onto my cock.  Her firm tits didn't jiggle in the slightest as she gently bounced on me.  She had a soft smile on her face as if this seated fuck was easy and pleasant for her.  She seemed disappointed as I asked her to climb off, but she happily accepted my tip.

It was only a short walk to the school buildings.  I poked my head inside the first building, finding a classroom of mostly children, too young.  The next building held older students, male and female, from teenage and up.  Most of them wore pouches.  It was a male teacher, who stopped what he was saying to look at the door.

"Hello, sir," he said.  "How can I help you?"  He spoke in a rich, deep, accented voice.

"I've heard that I can have sex with the students, during classes?"

He chuckled.  "Yes, sir.  Not only in the sex classes.  This is an English class today, but please, enjoy yourself.  Many students here today will appreciate your tip."

He didn't stop class as all.  I found it kinda surreal, but also kinda exciting, to walk up to the first girl, stood beside the desk she shared with an older woman, and casually put my cock in her mouth.  She smiled around my cock and took her attention away from the teacher just enough to suck me.  When I was fully hard, I helped her up from the desk, bent her over it, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties, and fucked her.  Again, it felt surreal.  The teacher nodded at me but otherwise ignored that one of his students was getting fucked in class.  The other students kept their attention on the lesson.  They were reciting vocabulary, spelling it out as the teacher wrote it one the board.  It was actually quite noisy and boisterous.  I moved, like a ghost, from one student to the next.  I did another teenager the same way as the first, then noticed the beds at the back of the room, the ones for the sex class that also happened here.  So, I took two students with me, who looked to be in their 20s, back to a bed, had them kiss each other as I pulled off their panties, then lay one down to fuck her.  I got between her legs and lined up.  I played with her pussy first and it seemed like it could use some lubrication.

"Lick her," I said to the other woman.

She paused, as if remembering some vocabulary, then said, "My sister."

I nodded.  "Is that a problem?"

She thought for a minute.  "No.  Is not problem."  Then she bent over and planted her mouth on her sister's pussy.  I patted her head as she licked, smiling to myself about the casual lesbian incest.  My wife got off on seeing it, as a kink.  For me, I just found it very convenient, that pretty much any two women or girls here could be convinced to eat each other's pussies, no matter if they were related.

After the bottom sister was good and wet, I fucked her and had the other one sit on her face.  It was quite nice.  After a bit, I pushed them down into a 69 and went around to fuck the other one from behind.

By the time class was over, I must have fucked more than a dozen girls and women, in all ages and sizes, one or two at a time.  Some were familiar faces, and the last one I recognized from when my wife and I were there for the anal sex class.  She was the younger sister of Mabior and Nyandeng, the Sudanese siblings that my wife was so excited to watch doing anal.  I got her name, Sarah, as I enjoyed her mouth and pussy.  By now, I was used to the fact that about half the workers here used a Western name, and the rest used an African name.  Of course, I had already had my cock in Sarah's ass, in that class, but I remembered she had struggled a bit to take me, anal wasn't easy for her.  She did great, however, at giving head and seemed to really enjoy the pussy fuck, in missionary on the classroom bed.

"Thank you, sir." She smiled when I kissed her and tipped her.  "I remember your wife.  She was very excited to see me and my sister and brother."

"That's right," I said.  "My wife gets off on watching family members together."

"I live here with my family."

"You have both your parents here?"

"Yes, sir.  Maybe your wife like to watch me have sex with my mother?"

"Perhaps," I said.  "Why don't you ask your family if we can eat lunch with them, and then you can ask my wife what she'd like.  Helen might like to fuck your brother, too.  I remember she took him in her ass during that class."

"Yes, sir.  I like sex with my brother too."

"Helen will like that."

She finished dressing and went out with the other students.  In the throng, I tapped two women on the shoulder, the sisters I had fucked while they 69'd.

"Yes, sir?" they said, smiling at me.

"I've got a load of cum I've bee saving up all morning," I said.  "Do you want it?"

You would think I had just offered them a huge present.  "Yes, sir!" they both said excited.  "I love to drink cum!" said one.

I chuckled.  No way to tell how much of their enthusiasm was trained, but it was convenient.  "Good.  Get back on that bed, strip naked, suck each other's tits, finger each other's pussies, and I'll let you share my cum between your mouths."

"Thank you sir!"  They stripped and got busy, sitting down with their legs entwined so they could mutually finger-fuck but leave their heads close together.  I put my cock in one mouth, then the other, letting them suck hard.  I was close.

"Can you keep doing that, but also jack me off into your sister's mouth?" I asked the one on the left.

She took a moment to understand.  "Yes, sir."  She kept her left hand in her sister's pussy, and used her right to hold my shaft and jack it as her sister sucked the head.

"You know how to cum-swap?" I asked.

"Yes, sir," said the one whose mouth wasn't full.  "We learn cum-swap."

"Good," I said.  I let myself go, filling one sister's mouth with cum until her cheeks bulged.  I pulled out, and they proceeded to do a cum-swap straight out of American porno, complete with sloppy kissing, cum running down their chins onto their breasts, licking up each bit of cum from each other, sucking the last drops out of me, and kissing until it was all gone.

"Bravo!" I said, finding my own clothes and tipping each of them again.

"I think I've found you a family," I told Helen when we caught up together, back at our room, still an hour before lunch.

"Oh, that's exciting!" she said.  "I had such a lovely massage and full-body tongue treatment this morning, I am so relaxed and I've come twice already.  I'd love some kinky stuff."

I told her about Sarah, younger sister of Mabior and Nyandeng, and their parents.

"You've already seen Mabior do each of his sisters in their ass, that day.  And you even had him in your ass yourself."

"Oh, I remember perfectly.  Such a handsome young man!  So polite, so smooth, and so kinky with his sisters.  I'm not promising I'll be in the mood to join in again, but I'd love to watch them."

"And their parents?"

"Oh, that would be hot.  Are they expecting it?"

"The parents, I don't think so.  I only asked if we could have lunch with them.  They don't know what we'll ask of them, and we don't know what they'll agree to.  But like Grace said, nobody will be offended, they will simply say no if they aren't willing."

"In that case, I'm looking forward it!"

We went downstairs, and found Sarah and both her siblings sitting on sofas in the lounge area.

"Trevor and Helen!" said handsome Mabior, getting up to shake our hands.  "My little sister says you want to meet our parents, to have lunch together?"

"That's correct," said Helen.  "We got to meet one family in their house yesterday, and we enjoyed the experience."  We sure did, I thought to myself with a chuckle.  "I hope we are not imposing?"  We sat down across from them.

"Not at all, my parents will be happy to meet you.  And my mother is a worker here, perhaps your husband might favor her with a tip?"

I smiled, both at the casual way he suggested I have sex with his mother, and at the fact he didn't know what else we'd ask for.

"Quite likely," I said.  "But first it is a social visit to get to know you."

"Thank you," said Nyandeng, from the sofa.  "Many guests come and leave, and for most guests, we are just for sex.  It is kind of you to treat us as people, and learn about us."

"I find it is not only interesting, it make the sex better," said Helen.  "We got to know a woman called Grace, and the more time we spent with her, the more we liked her and enjoyed sex with her."

"Yes, Grace," said Nyandeng, and they all nodded knowingly.  "She is popular."

"Soon, we will walk to where will live," said Mabior.  "My mother will be preparing food, and my father will be there.  But first, is there anything else you like to know about our family?"

"Tell us how you got here?" suggested Helen.

Mabior launched into the tale.  Their childhood, in a semi-nomadic tribe which managed cattle.  He left in some of the hardship, the wedding of both daughters for large dowries of cattle, losing those cattle, and eventually having to flee, because of war.  How the girls lost their husbands and had to re-join the family.  How their father became injured and had to walk with a cane.  How close they had come to starvation.  How their father, once dominant, now had to submit to his wife in all matters, how it was her decision for the family to join the sex resort recruiters who came to their refugee camp.  How they had been here two years, how he and his sisters quickly learned enough English, but their parents had not.

We thanked him for the tale, then we all got up and left the resort grounds, heading south along a path toward the same set of bungalows as yesterday, but we walked farther until we came to a series of large huts.  A few of the huts had a women cooking in front, in simple pots sitting on rocks.  We came to one, and the woman joyfully greeted us.

"This is our mother, Amer," said Mabior, "and that is our father, Isaac."  He pointed to an older man sitting in a low chair beside the hut.

There were greetings and introductions all around.  I was grateful for the shade of a large tree as chairs were produced and we sat around in a circle.

"How much does your mother know about us?" I asked Nyandeng, who sat to my right.  She translated for Amer, and they spoke for a while.

"She knows how you met us, in the class.  She knows your wife liked watching me and my brother having sex.  She is willing to have sex with me and my sister, and with you and your wife.  My mother is 33 years old, she is still beautiful, yes?"

"Yes," I agreed, looking Amer up and down.  Under her body wrap I could detect curvy hips, large breasts, a little pudgy.  Her face was pretty, and yet also quite firm in expression.  I considered how she had to assume responsibility for the family, and like Makemba, make the risky and possibly desperate choice to bring her family here, not knowing how they would be treated.

"Ask her," I suggested, "if the recruiters that brought you here were honest about what would happen to you here."

Nyandeng translated, and the whole family launched into a long discussion in their language.  Even Isaac interjected periodically from his seat.

"It was mostly true," said Nyandeng finally.  "We have food, and medicine, and school, and comfort here.  And we only have sex when we want to earn money, and we can say no to anyone.  But the recruiter made it sound like we would be here one year and then so rich we could leave and live in a city.  But, we are here two years, and we are not so rich.  We could leave, but we could not afford to live well, like we live here.  And, the school is good.  So, we stay here, maybe three more years.  My sister and I are still young, we can earn good money for sex, for a long time."

Sarah went into the hut and produced dishes and utensils.  She served from the pot her mother had been stirring, and it was passed around.  The flavor was mild, the spices unrecognizable, but I found it delicious.

After some further conversation and translating back and forth, as the food was winding down, Mabior changed the subject back to sex.

"Helen, Trevor.  Now you have met our family," he said.  "Would you like to take my mother and sister back to your room at the resort, to have sex with them please?"

"Actually," said Helen.  "I was hoping to do it right here, in your hut.  And with your father as well."

Mabior laughed with surprise, and then the family erupted in a bout of chatter and laughter, which finally died down.

"My father is old, 40 years, and no foreign woman has ever asked to have sex with him," said Mabior.

"Oh, I might," said Helen cheekily.  "But really, I want to see your whole family have sex with each other.  At least, as much as you're willing to."

There was a long pause, then Mabior nodded and translated for his parents.  The family erupted in conversation again, which went on for quite a while.  It turned serious a few times, and also with laughter.  Finally, Mabior turned to us.

"There are some things we don't want to do."

"No problem," said Helen.  "What will you do?"

"You know I will have sex with my sisters, and my sisters do it together, and my sisters with my mother.  But I don't want to fuck my mother, and she doesn't want to either."

"That's fine.  What about your father?  Has he ever had sex with your sisters?"

"Yes," said Nyandeng, interjecting.  "When we are young, he did not do anything, because our virginity was very important for our marriage.  But after we lose our husbands and returned to the family, he would sometimes do it in our mouths, and then my sister and I figured out that if we let him fuck us, he was nicer to us.  So, we let him sometimes, but always to finish in our mouths, so he did not get us pregnant.  Once, I even let him try anal, but I did not know how, and it hurt, so we never did it again.  And then, he was injured, and my mother controls the family.  She said we didn't have to fuck him any more, he depended on us.  So we only suck on him sometimes, because we love him and he is our father, we feel sorry for him."

"Is he willing to do it with you, in front of your mother, and in front of us?" asked Helen.

Nyandeng turned to her father, translated, and replied in the affirmative.

"Wonderful! Let's begin.  Nyandeng, can you go to the resort and get one of those bags of sex equipment?"

"Yes, ma'am."  She departed, and the rest of us went inside the large hut.  It was round, yet very large for a single-room building, with furniture and three large bedrolls.  We brought our chairs in.

"First, this will be easier if we all get naked," said Helen.

There was a great shuffling of clothes.  In the soft light of the hut from the open door, I eyed Amer's body, which was just as pleasantly plump and curvy as her clothed shape had suggested, her areola large and dark.  I was a little surprised to see her pussy looked shaved.  Mabior's skinny cock came into view, already half-hard.  Sarah's young body I already knew, but it was pleasant to compare it to her mother's.

"Let's start this in pairs," said Helen, taking control.  "Mabior, Sarah, please get on the bedroll there in front of us, and start kissing and move on to sex."

"Yes, ma'am!" said Mabior smiling.

"I like this very much," said Sarah, getting on the bed with her naked older brother.  They got on their knees facing each other, embraced and kissed deeply.  Their hands went down to caress each other's smooth brown bodies, then Mabior was kneading his sister's buttocks, kissing his way down her neck to her nipples.

I looked at their parents.  Amer and Isaac seemed calm, almost bemused.  To my relief, there was no sign of anxiety or distress at watching their naked children making out in front of them.  I thought about it, and it made sense.  They had both seen no end of sex, here at the resort.  They had already seen their children attend sex training classes, and no doubt watched them together many times already.  And to top it off, it was obvious that brother and sister were enjoying themselves greatly.

Now Sarah was sucking her brother's hard cock, cupping his balls in one hand, and he was reaching down to fondle her tits as she bobbed her head.

"Don't forget to eat your sister's pussy too," said Helen.

He smiled.  "Yes, ma'am."  They moved around, with Mabior going down on Sarah.  She squealed with pleasure.  Helen let it go on for a couple minutes, then told brother and sister to fuck, which they did in missionary, with practiced ease and enthusiasm.

I looked at the parents again.  Not only did they not seemed disturbed at watching their two younger children fuck each other in front of them, they looked slightly aroused.  Amer's legs spread a little, and Isaac's cock was starting to grow.

"God, that's beautiful," said Helen, spreading her legs and touching herself, her eyes pinned to Mabior's handsome body as his buttocks clenched, on each thrust into his little sister's pussy.  Despite being 17 and 15 years old, this was no awkward teenage coupling, this was two highly experienced young adults who knew what they liked, knew how to enjoy sex.

"Don't come inside her, yet," said Helen.

"Yes, ma'am," replied Mabior.

After a few minutes, Nyandeng returned.  She saw us sitting around naked, her younger siblings fucking, and she smiled, removing her clothes as she set the duffel bag down next to Helen.

"OK, thank you, Mabior and Sarah.  You can stop fucking now.  Next is... Nyandeng, you and your mother."

"We have sex together, here?"  Nyandeng walked around and took her mother's hand, leading her to the bedroll as her siblings untangled and moved aside.

"Yes.  Start with kissing, and move to full sex."

"OK!"  They sat together on the bedroll, Amer and her oldest daughter, and kissed.  This was something I was getting used to; mother-daughter sexual affection.  Soon they had a hand between each other's legs, and were enthusiastically sucking each other nipples.  Amer's large chubby breasts were nearly the size of her daughter's head.  They seemed in no hurry to move on.  Finally Amer gently lay her daughter back, spread her legs, and proceeded to eat pussy.  I noticed that the stern look had gone from Amer's face, she was no longer anxious about what would happen here, she was relaxing into it.  She and her daughters must have practiced oral sex on each other in their training, enough that there was no reservation about it now.

"Mmm, nice," moaned Helen.  She spread her legs wider and gestured for Mabior to come lick her pussy, and he quickly did so.  I was pretty hard too, so I drew Sarah over to me and pulled her head down onto my cock.

Amer seemed intent on not only putting on a display of lesbian incest, but actually making her daughter come for us.  She had fingers inside Nyandeng's pussy, moving them as she sucked her daughter's clit.  It seemed to be working.  In fact, it was barely three minutes before Nyandeng came audibly on her mother's mouth.  Gradually they flopped over and Amer spread her legs.  Nyandeng looked drunk with arousal as she sloppily ate her mother's shaved pussy.

"If you don't mind, honey," said Helen to me, "I'd like to send Sarah in there too."

"Go ahead," I said, releasing the girl's head from my cock.

"Sarah, sweetheart, go sit on your mother's face." said Helen.

The girl nodded and moved onto the bedroll to squat and lower her small hips directly on Amer's mouth, which already had tongue eagerly extended to suck her younger daughter's pussy.

"Now that's beautiful," said Helen.  We all watching, admiring the two hot young women, framing their plump mother's body between them.  "I wonder if Amer will come like this."

"Yes," said Nyandeng, lifting her wet face to us for a moment.  "I know my mother.  She is close."  Then she returned to her work.  Sure enough, a few scant minutes elapsed before Amer moaned, loudly, into Sarah's pussy.

"Yes," said Nyandeng simply, with a look of proud accomplishment on her wet face.

"Wonderful," said Helen.  "Next, I'd like to see one of you with your father."

"Let me?" said Nyandeng.  "I am the eldest."

Helen nodded.  Sarah helped her mother get up and back in her chair, leaving the bedroll empty.  Nyandeng went to her father, and there was some indecipherable looks exchanged between them.  I knew she had no qualms about doing this.  She had done it before, even before the sex resort, even before his accident.  Was he ashamed to be seen, by his wife, or by his son, or by strangers, to be doing this with his own daughter?  But, he had agreed.  Quietly, he let Nyandeng help him out of his chair and onto the bedroll., facing Helen.

"For you," said Nyandeng, looking up at Helen and smiling.  "I suck my father's cock?"

"Yes," gasped Helen, with her grip tight on Mabior's head between her legs.  "Suck that incestuous cock."

Nyandeng casually bend down and, making sure Helen had a good view, grabbed her father's half-hard cock and put it in her own mouth, vigorously sucking.  Helen moaned, and Isaac made a small grunt of pleasure.  I looked over at Amer, who was watching casually as her daughter sucked her husband.  She must have known this was happening, but had she ever seen it before?  There was no surprise on her face.  She seemed to be quite relaxed, in fact, perhaps still in the glow of her orgasm.

"Can you fuck him, too?" said Helen, beside herself with lust.

"Yes, ma'am."  Nyandeng gradually eased her father back on the bedroom, then climbed onto him, grabbing his cock to hold it up, and lowering herself on it.

"You're a father-fucker." gasped Helen.

"Yes!" agreed Nyandeng.  "See, he is inside me.  I am a father-fucker."

"So kinky.  So hot." gasped Helen, pushing Mabior's head away.  "God, I just came again, give me a minute.  In fact, go stand in front of your sister and feed her your cock."

"Feed?  OK."  He stood and carefully stepped onto the bedroll, moving into position and offering his half-hard cock.

Nyandeng slurped it in.  She seemed utterly comfortable with having her father's cock in her pussy, and her brother's cock in her mouth at the same time.

"I'd like to fuck someone too, if you don't mind." I interjected.

"Oh, my poor husband.  Of course," giggled Helen.  "Why don't you fuck the mom, but do it doggy-style so she can watch everything?"

"Works for me."  I went over to Amer, helped her to move forward onto her hands and knees, and got behind her to spread her lovely, fat buttocks.  I sought my way forward with my cock, finding her bare pussy folds and driving in, knowing she would be wet and ready.

After a few minutes, Helen sent Sarah in to take her sister's place.  Nyandeng carefully got up, and Sarah first sucked her father's large cock, tasting her sister's pussy all over it, then moved up to straddle and impale herself.

"Is your father strong enough to fuck you doggy-style?" asked Helen.

"Yes," said Sarah, translating and helping her father up.  He struggled a little bit with his left side.  Nyandeng stepped in to assist him, getting him into position behind Sarah, and holding his large cock, aiming it forward into her sister.

"My mother," said Mabior to Helen, "and I do not want to have sex.  But she will suck me."

"Oh, that's great!  Please go ahead." agreed Helen.

He came to where I was fucking Amer and got on his knees in front of her, feeding her his cock.  This blocked her view of what was going on with her family, but Helen loved it.

"Yeah, that's it, fuck her front and back," she giggled.  Mabior and I timed our thrusts together, both holding Amer's body as we drilled her.  Next to us, Isaac had his hands firmly on his youngest daughter's hips, fucking her quite vigorously from behind.  He was muttering something.

"He is asking," translated Nyandeng, "if he can please orgasm?  My sister and I have never let him do it inside us, before, only in our mouths.  But now we are on birth control."

"Sure, let him!" agreed Helen.

Isaac leapt on the affirmation with relief, moaning as he unloaded inside his 15-year-old daughter's pussy.  Nyandeng let him finish quivering, then looked up at Helen with a knowing look.  It was clear to me she had figured out what pushed Helen's buttons.  She smiled as she bend down to pull her father's wet cock out of her sister's pussy, and suck it clean.  Using her hand on his cock, she slid upwards, squeezing the last drop of cum out of him, and making sure Helen had a good lick as she slurped it into her mouth and swallowed it.

Helen reached beside her for the duffel bag.  "That's beautiful.  OK, give your poor father a rest."  She pulled out a strap-on harness.  "Do you know how to use this?"

"Yes," said Nyandeng, "we learn it in our training, and we practice sometimes."

"Good.  Put it on, with this dildo.  In the meantime, Sarah?  We don't you take your brother's place and use your mother's mouth?"

"I have... my father's cum inside me," she said.

"Yes, that's the idea.  I want to watch her eat his cum out of your pussy."

Mabior moved aside for Sarah to sit in his place.  Amer did not hesitate to bend forward and plant her mouth on Sarah, sucking her clean.  I was surprised.  Amer had come across as such a stern lady, the head of the family, laying down the rules.  Now that she was in the throes of sex, apparently, it was "anything goes".

"My turn," said Helen, moving naked out onto the bedroll.  "Mabior, come fuck me with that beautiful cock.  Nyandeng, I want you to fuck your sister with that cock."

"I could use some lube, here," I said.  Nyandeng brought me some from the bag, before helping Sarah to roll away from under her mother's mouth.  I pulled out of Amer, squeezed some lube on myself, and started to work it into her ass.  She murmured, but didn't move away or make any other sign in the negative, so I got myself in and started to enjoy a good steady ass-fuck.  Amer's plump buttocks made a lovely cushion to push against.

Now we were three fucking couples, Mabior in my wife's pussy, me in Amer's ass, and Nyandeng with strap-on doing her little sister.  Isaac had gone back to his chair, looking on with curiosity as his family was roiled in sex.  Helen told Mabior to come inside her, which he did, then she went around making his mother and sisters eat his cum from her pussy.

At that point, things got a little fuzzy.  I don't recall everything that happened in that hut that day.  Mostly, I remember that towards the end, Helen kept suggesting more and more anal sex, and we went along with it.  The good thing about anal is, the that once you're relaxed into it, it gets easier.  I'm pretty sure I did both girls in the ass, and Mabior also did each of his sisters in the ass, and they strap-on fucked each other in the ass, and I definitely recall them sucking their father's cock back to sufficient hardness so that he, too, could spend time in each of their asses.  At some point, Helen made the parents ass-fuck, with one daughter underneath them, sucking her father's balls and mother's pussy as it happened.  I'm grateful that their training, practice, abundant lube, and several orgasms, got the girls to the point where they could handle that amount of anal penetration.  Helen strapped on and fucked Amer and the girls in all their holes, and she even did Mabior in the ass, while he was balls-deep in some incestuous orifice.  I wasn't paying close enough attention to see whether Amer and Mabior kept to their insistence on not have "sex" which each other.  I suspect not, because I remember that when I came, I was in my wife's ass, one of the girls had the top half of her body under us licking Helen's clit, while her lower half was tangled in a sexual heap with her sister, brother, mother and father, with cocks, pussies, fingers, a strap-on or two, and some well-stretched asses all engaged with each other.

It was Helen's final orgasm that triggered mine inside her.  We were the first to pull back from the sexual pile, then Isaac groaned and extracted himself from whichever hole he had just come in, then Mabior pulled away, and finally it was Amer and her girls locked in a sexual trance.  I saw a shiny curved double-dildo between two pussies - when did that come out? - and Nyandeng was frantically trying to make herself come by mashing her pussy on her mother's face, until she succeeded.  Finally, even the lesbian lusts ran down, and they untangled and extracted the sexual props.

We sat back in our chairs, all still naked and covered in sexual fluids.  Outside, the dry wind was picking up, it swirled inside the hut and its coolness felt wonderful.

"Thank you," said Helen.

Amer laughed, and then we were all laughing with her.  It was funny.  Something crazy had happened, and 'thank you' didn't begin to describe it.

We were sure to generously tip the four that were sex workers.  We even gave Isaac a tip, even though, I considered, it was more like doing him a favor to pay both his beautiful daughters to engage in every kind of sex with him.

Both men shook my hand as we left.  Again it seemed like an odd gesture, and one from my own culture, but I can't imagine any culture having a gesture to encompass what had just transpired between that family and us.

"Do you think we went too far?" asked Helen after we were back in our resort room, freshly showered and in clean clothes, lounging on the bed and cuddling.

"You mean, indulging your kink to watch people commit incest?"

"Yes.  And today in particular.  I mean, this resort must get plenty of sexual perverts.  But each time I suggest incest, it seems to be a surprise.  Like, no other guests are asking for it, or get off on it."

"Maybe." I said.  "I mean, obviously some guests come down here and want to indulge their kinks, like BDSM or watersports or whatever, and some of the workers are trained for that."

"Sure.  But incest is different," she said.  "For starters, it's more about voyeurism here, because it's something you watch other people do, which is part of why it turns me on, I'm a voyeur.  But also, incest depends on who people are, at least in terms of who they're related to.  In some ways, it's more personal than learning to enjoy some pale man paddling you, or driving his cock in your ass.  And it wouldn't work, if it was a commercial thing, an advertised fetish.  The easiest way to appeal to that kink would be to set up fake families of sex workers, who pretend to commit incest.  But it's been real for us on this trip, exactly because it wasn't expected, so we learned who was related first, and then asked them.  Strangely, it's the only fetish that requires sex workers to be themselves, real people, not just interchangeable meat with fuck holes and trained sexual skills."

"I see you've thought about this a lot," I said.  "You're a lot better at that kind of thinking than me.  All I know is that when we fucked all those mother and sisters and daughters yesterday, or that family today, at no point did I get the feeling you were going too far with them.  Today, you just started slowly and gently, and it was their own lust as well as ours that led to things getting crazy."

"I guess so.  I'm not sure we should ever do anything like that again."  We cuddled and she looked up at me.  "But I'm glad we did."

"Tomorrow is our last day," said Helen to me over dinner.  "I know we both need to rest our bodies and recover our stamina tonight, but we should think about what we want to do tomorrow, and maybe make some plans?"

"Sure," I said.  "Well, I think we covered pretty much everything I've ever imagined doing, sexually, and then some more things I never imagined.  I got to indulge my love of casual sex and outdoor sex, and you got to watch incest and get your pussy eaten by countless beautiful girls, and even fuck a bunch of women yourself."

"That's true, and those are all memories we can savor for a long time."  She smiled at me warmly.  "I was thinking, though, about doing a bit more together, you and I."

"You mean, just you and I, having romantic sex together?"

"Don't be silly.  We're at a sex resort.  We can have that kind of sex when we get home.  No, I mean, I strap on a double dildo, and we fuck women together."

"Sounds great to me."

"Good.  I was thinking of lining up our favorite workers, and seeing how many we can do that way.  Which is why I'm mentioning it this evening, because it would help to let them know in advance.  And we need to decide where we'll do it.  Our room is pretty convenient, but I know how much you like it outdoor.  How about half-way in between, on the veranda?  It's protected from the sun, but has that huge open-air view."

"Sounds great.  I'm pretty sure I've seen a bed out there sometimes, so it must be easy to roll one out."

"Perfect.  I see a lot of the women I want here tonight, so I'll go let them know.  And they can tell the others."  She got up, kissed me excitedly, and went around the dinner hall.

Day 7

Helen kissed me awake the next morning.  I woke to find her leaning over me, with Shasha and Goma on the other side of the bed, dressed in simple white robes.  They were all smiling at me.  I affectionately tugged at Shasha and Goma, and they also leaned in to kiss me.

"Good morning, sleepy head," said Helen.  "They girls are going to help us this morning with what I've got planned.  And before we get the day started, I'd like to try something new with them."

"I think we've done everything possible with these lovely ladies," I said, caressing Goma.

"Well, I was curious about watersports.  Do you want to try peeing on them with me?"

I chuckled.  "It's not a turn-on for me, but sure, why not.  Do you think this is a new interest for you?"

"I don't know, but I'm curious if I'll find it hot or not.  And we have," she laughed, "a golden opportunity to try it here."

"My sister and I are very experienced," said Shasha reassuringly.  "We even enjoy it now, very much."

"I was talking about it with them, and we can do it in the shower, or we can do it here on the bed." said Helen.  "The shower is tidier, but there is a liner on the mattress here so we can also just get the sheets wet, housekeeping is coming around anyway."

"Whichever you like, sweetheart," I said.

"Great!  Let's do it here on the bed.  I guess I'll start."  Helen pulled back the covers.  "Ladies, could we try... me peeing on you?  Like, lay down right here, both of you?  And you can leave those robes on."

"Yes, ma'am."  I scooted over to let the girls lay down on the bed next to me.  Helen wore only a nightshirt, so her pussy was bare as she got onto the bed and squatted over Shasha's body.  It took a few seconds to relax enough, to pee briefly.  It splattered on Shasha's chest.

"Wow, this is strange," said Helen.

"Thank you, ma'am," said Shasha happily.  She rubbed one hand where the pee had made her white robe translucent, on her belly and breasts.  Then Helen scooted over and did the same to Goma, who also responded positively to being peed on.

"That's kinda fun," said Helen.  "Trevor, you willing to give it a try?"

"You want to pee on me?" I asked, straight-faced.

"No silly, on them!"  Helen laughed.

"Right, then."  I knelt up on the bed, and aimed my half-hard cock at the sisters.  "Let's make this sexy for me, why don't you two kiss and fingers each other while I do this?"

"Yes, sir."  They rolled to face each other.  There was nothing under their thin robes, so it was easy for them to access each other's pussies.  I aimed my stream between their bodies, peeing on their tits, and then down their bodies, on their bellies, and hips.  Thin streams ran down between them to where they were gently fingering each other.

"That is kinda sexy," said Helen.  "I mean, incestuous make-out is already nice, but there is something pleasantly extra kinky about them doing it while being peed on."

"We also drink it," said Goma, opening her sister's robe to expose Shasha's perfect breasts, which were shiny with urine.  "See?"  She started to lick and suck up the pee from her sister's tits.

"That's really kinky," said Helen.  "I could pee on your faces, then?"

"Yes, please," said Shasha.  "I love to feel it on my face, and I love to drink it."

Helen's eyes sparkled.  "OK, let's try that!"  They moved apart slightly, so that Helen could squat over Shasha's face.  Pee went everywhere, but Shasha had her eyes closed and mouth open, and managed to catch a lot in her mouth.

"Please, may I share it with her?" asked Goma.

"Certainly," said Helen with a giggle, moving aside.

Goma planted her mouth on her sister's, and they must have passed the pee between them, because I heard Goma swallowing.

"We can do it with each other, too" said Goma enthusiastically.  Helen nodded.  Goma slid down, putting her face between Shasha's legs.  She briefly licked her sister's pussy, and then she moved back a few inches and opened her mouth.  Shasha tilted her hips and held her labia, and with obvious skill, aimed a single stream of pee directly into her younger sister's open mouth, who slurped and swallowed as if thirsty for it.

"I admit, that's pretty hot," said Helen.  "Trevor honey, you want to do it their mouths too?"

"No problem," I said, although I admit it felt quite strange to point my half-hard penis at Shasha's open mouth and letting go.  I did it each of their mouths, then Helen took a turn riding each of their faces, letting some pee go while they sucked her clit. 

"This is fun!" declared Helen, climbing off.

"It is a messy sort of foreplay," I said.  "But unless we're moving on to real sex before breakfast, I suggest we all get in the shower and clean up."

It was crowded in the shower, which was pretty fun in itself, my wife and myself with our two giggling, beautiful young ladies, all naked and soapy and rubbing against each other.  There was a lot of fondling and kissing.  Personally, I found this to be better foreplay than the watersports.

Eventually, we got clean and dry and dressed and made it down for breakfast.  At the table, Shasha and Goma left us to help round up the set of workers that Helen had in mind for our final bout of sex that morning, before we had to leave.  Helen also got up to chat with the other guests, saying goodbye to some she had come to know.

Shasha led us out to the spot on the veranda, on the second floor of the resort, facing west.  There was one large bed and two plush chairs facing outwards, towards the beautiful African landscape.  There were several women already sitting on the bed waiting for us, wearing little in the way of clothing, and I saw a lot of familiar faces.

"Before we get to the fucking, let's let our breakfast settle and let them go down on us," suggested Helen.

"Lovely idea," I said.

We dropped our shorts and sat in the plush chairs, facing the view.  Shasha went over to Helen, and got between her legs.  Goma came to me, and I was pleased to see she had brought her mother Makemba with her.

"We suck you, sir?" said Goma sweetly.

"Yes, but kissing first," I said.  Goma smiled and bent in to kiss me, then Makemba smiled and took her turn kissing my lips.  Goma was topless, but her mother wore a loose shirt.  I caressed them as they hotly and deeply kissed me and each other, then they went down to my lap to start a nice mother-daughter blowjob.

After a few minutes, the next woman came over, 7-month pregnant Masisi, topless. I kissed her and played with her puffy, pregnant breasts until it was time for her to take her turn sucking my cock.  Next was a tall, lighter-skinned woman in a teacher's uniform.

"I remember you," I said.  "The day Helen and I dropped in on the class you were teaching, on anal sex."

"Yes, sir," said the woman.  "I am Ms. Lumunga.  I wore my outfit today so that you would remember me."

"Nice, keep it on, it's sexy with you as a teacher.  You know what you're here to do, today?"

"Yes, sir.  You and your wife will enjoy double-penetrating us.  I volunteered because I am very good at double-penetration.  I have even taught classes on it."

I laughed.  "That's great."

"Now may I suck your cock, sir?  You may be rough with me if you like."

"Sure."  I tapped Masisi on the shoulder, who pulled her head back and scooted aside for Ms. Lumunga to take her place.  I let her suck deep for a minute, then placed my hands on her head to fuck her face.  As roughly as I held her head and pushed my cock into her throat, she seemed completely comfortable with it.  It felt oddly sexy to be doing this with a woman who was not just wearing a teacher's uniform, but was an actual teacher.

The next young woman came up, wearing a thin outfit over her abundantly curvy dark body.

"Hanuni, sir." she said.

"Yes," I said.  "21 years old, from Mozambique, sucked me under the table at dinner recently, you're hoping to get pregnant by a guest."  I was unbuttoning her shirt as I spoke.

"Yes, sir," she smiled broadly.  "You remember me well."

"My wife also told me you have oral sex with your family members here, but you don't let your brother fuck you, because you're not on birth control." 

"Yes, sir."  Her large breasts swung free.  I sucked on her nipples, then send her down to take Ms. Lumunga's place sucking my cock.  Ms. Lumunga moved over to take her place between my wife's legs.

"This is fun," I said to Helen, looking over at her in the throes of lust, her hands on the head in her lap.  "It's like farewell to each of our favorite workers."

"Exactly," said Helen.  "I get to feel again how each one of them eats pussy, and then we get to fuck them all together."

Next was dark-skinned, fuzzy-haired Aisha, the one I had done my best to impregnate in the field.  Then, the woman from the anal class who hadn't needed any instruction, she had enjoyed anal already.  I got her name, Jamelia, as she went down to join Aisha in sucking me.  She was only a couple minutes into it, when two very tall women approached my chair.  I recognized the bead necklaces first, and then recognized Ayer and Ataui, the Dinka mother and daughter, one on either side of my chair.  I motioned for them to bend down and kiss me.  It was a three-way kiss, and quite pleasant with the two other mouths working on my cock.  I reached out with my left hand under Ataui's skirt, finding her pussy.  Without breaking the kiss, she spread her legs to give me better access.  With my right hand I did the same to her mother.  I had a mouth on my cock, one gently sucking my balls, two eager tongues in my mouth, and my fingers in two wet pussies.  It was nice.

Soon enough the Dinka ladies took their turn giving me a double blowjob.  The next woman to walk up to me, I recognized from the sex show two nights before.  Short dreadlocks, a white robe edges with green and gold.

"I am Adina," she said.

"18 years old, from Ethiopia," I said.  "The new girl.  I imagine you were very busy yesterday!"

"Yes, sir."  She smiled.  "I earn more in one day, than in my entire life before now."

"Well done.  Did you keep track of how many sex acts?"

"Yes, sir.  I do four women.  Twenty men have sex with me, some of them finish in my mouth, and six of them tip extra to do it in my ass."

Remembering her body from the other night, I unbuttoned her robe.

"Your breasts are spectacular," I said.  "Big enough to fuck, yet perfectly holding up their weight.  Did anyone fuck your tits yesterday?"

"No, sir."

"That's a shame.  Do you know how to wet between your tits and fuck me with them?"

"Yes, sir.  I practice this in the training."

"Great.  Show me."

The Dinka ladies released my cock from their mouths and moved aside for Adina to practice tit-fucking me, drooling between her breasts then holding them together, moving them up and down.  Her practice showed, and her silky tits felt great around me.  Her pretty face smiled up at me, making sure she was doing it correctly, and I smiled back at her to encourage her.  Next to me, I saw that Helen had her legs spread really wide, to make room for Ayer and Ataui to eat her pussy together, their mouths side by side.

Next was Grace.  She wore her worker outfit from the first day we met, bright orange fabric head-wrap, bright white buttoned shirt with collar, and a beige skirt. Delighted, I pulled her in to kiss me.

"I'm happy to see you too, Trevor," she laughed.  "I'm sorry, that sucking cock is not my strong point."

"Are there other women waiting after you?"

"No, not unless you would like me to find some more."

"No, this is perfect.  Just kiss me for a minute while Adina does her nice tit-fuck down there.  And then I'd like you to climb on my lap and fuck me."

"Oh, thank you!"  She kissed me back hotly.  I unbuttoned her shirt enough to fondle her naked tits, and she undid her skirt.

"Helen dear," I said to my wife, "I'm going to start by fucking Grace, here."

"That's lovely," she said.  "Just send that new girl over when you're ready.  I haven't enjoyed her mouth yet."

Soon enough, we switched.  Grace climbed up into my plush chair, which was wide enough for her to straddle me.  Holding onto my body for support, she lowered her pussy down on me.  It felt fantastic, in a way that sudden penetration can feel when you are really excited and ready for it.  It had little to do with tightness or wetness of her pussy, and everything to do with the long build-up in a dozen women's mouths, Grace's obvious pleasure at taking me cock inside her, and my joy at watching her receive it.  With little choice, I let her do the fucking.  Her well-trained pussy muscles were delightful, gripping me as she moved up and down slowly.  We were in no hurry.

Next to me, Helen had a number of our crew of mostly-naked young women around her, caressing her, and the "new girl" Adina down between her legs.  I was mostly enraptured by the feeling of Grace's pussy around me, and the look of genuine please on her face, but I also heard when Helen let herself have a long, slow orgasm on Adina's mouth and fingers.  It seemed to go on and on.

Finally, Helen kissed and patted all her girls away, then got up and moved to my chair.  We kissed, long and deep, through the continuing glow of her orgasm.

"Give me a turn, Grace," said Helen.  Grace smiled and climbed off my cock, and Helen climbed on to settle down in her place, my wife's familiar pussy extremely hot and wet around me, from her long orgasm.  We kissed for a long time, just holding each other.  My hard cock pulsed inside her, and her pussy muscles flexed around me, which felt delicious.  I heard a bunch of giggling and commotion on the bed beside us.

"We're going to double-fuck all of them?" I asked Helen.

"That's what I was thinking."

"Do you want to be on the bottom or the top?"

"Top, I think.  I like doing the thrusting when I'm fucking a girl."

"Do you want to do them in the pussy or the ass?"

"We can take turns."  She giggled.

"Cool.  What are they doing now?"

Helen glanced at the bed.  "They're getting ready for us.  Shasha is leading them.  They're all eating each other's pussies and working lubed dildos into each other's asses."  She giggled.  "It's quite a sight."

"Let me see."  Helen carefully got off my cock, and we got up from the chair and turned toward the bed.  Sure enough, there was a tangle of bodies on the bed, mostly paired up.  I counted, eleven women.  I also noticed we had an audience; several of the resort guests had pulled up chairs on the veranda a short distance from the bed, and were watching the show.  Two of them were beefy German guys I had seen around.  They sat in chairs, each with a dark girl bobbing her head in his lap.  One was that Japanese guy we had chatted with a few times, with his special love of anal sex.

"Takeshi!" I said.

"Trevor-san!" he said, smiling back.  "You put on a show for us."

"Do you want to help us out?"

"How can I help?"

"How about you put your cock briefly in the ass of every woman on this bed, to make sure they're lubed up and stretched and ready for us?"

"Ass of every woman..." he repeated, pausing to understand, then laughed.  "Yes. You know me. I can help."

Helen and I found a little room to sit at the edge of the bed as we watched.  Right next to us was Goma, naked and bend over with her head between her mother Makemba's legs, eating pussy and slowly working a toy in and out of her mother's ass.  Makemba still wore a skirt, hiked up around her waist, even as she spread her legs wide for her daughter.  Takeshi dropped his shorts and pushed his skinny Japanese cock into Goma's ass from behind.  She took it easily, with her obvious professional experience.  He spent only a minute before pulling out and moving onto the next woman, dark Aisha, who was completely naked and eating the pussy of Mrs. Lumunga, who had just enough of her teacher's outfit moved aside to allow access to her lower holes.

I patted Goma's rump, and she lifted her face to face me, smiling.

"Has your mother ever done this before?" I asked.

"Do you mean, a double penetration?" said Goma.

"Yes.  I'm sure you and your sister have."

"Yes, we have many times.  My mother, she has not.  So, I want to really make sure she is ready."  She very gently moved the lubed toy in and out of her mother's ass.  Makemba's eyes were looking at us, but she appeared to be concentrating, perhaps on how to relax and take the toy in her ass more comfortably.

"She's very brave, to volunteer to do it today," I said.

"Yes, she is brave, and she likes you and your wife." Goma smiled.  "She was very happy with how you treated her, and us and our grandmother, the other day, when you had sex with all of us.  You are patient and kind.  And, she wants another tip."  She laughed.

"I'm ready to start," said Helen, getting up from the bed, taking off the rest of her clothes and accepting a strap-on harness which Shasha handed her, and helped her put on.  Helen carefully chose a toy which was double-headed, with a short wide part to go in her own pussy, and skinnier part sticking forward.  She was quite a sight wearing nothing but a strap-on.

"Comfortable?" I asked.

"God, yes.  It feels great already," said Helen, fully strapped in, holding her artificial cock in her hand, stroking its lubed texture.  "I'm so fucking turned on."  She pulled Shasha to her in an embrace, and they kissed deeply while caressing each other.  "Let's give it a test.  Shasha, your ass?"

"Yes, ma'am."  Shasha turned around and bent over, putting her hands on the bed.  Helen widened her stance to find the right level, then carefully aimed the head of her phallus into Shasha's ass.  It sank in easily, making Shasha moan at the sensation.  Helen held Shasha's hips and gave her some gentle thrusts.

"I love it." said Helen.  "I love how it feels in me, and I love fucking her."

"Ready for us to try DP then?" I asked.  "We can start with her."

"Great.  You want to get under?"

"Works for me."  I gently lay back on the bed, with squirming naked women moving aside to make room for me.  Somebody put a pillow under my shoulders, so I could easily look down at Shasha as she came forward and lay on top of me, gently sinking her pussy down around my cock.  She gently rocked, which felt great, then Helen got on the bed behind her.  I could feel Shasha's pussy get tighter around me, as Helen's cock carefully worked its way into Shasha's ass.  Once Helen was fully inside, she started to thrust.  I couldn't do much, but I didn't need to.  Shasha's pussy undulated around me, as her ass was rhythmically penetrated.  It felt great, and Shasha was really into it.

"Both of you.  You're going to make me come," she gasped, grinding her pelvis against mine.

"Did you hear that, honey?" I asked.

"I sure did.  Let's try!" said Helen.

I lost focus on everything else around me, the bed full of women, Takeshi moving around, the giggling and shifting of bodies.  I was entirely enraptured by Shasha's naked body on mine, the way it moved, the sounds she made, the feel of her pussy around me, the look of lust on her face, her mouth hanging slightly open as she gazed at me, softly moaning.  I held her jiggling breasts in my hand as her body gently shook.  Helen was in control, she was the conductor, and we were the orchestra.  I don't know how long it went on, but I could feel Shasha's tone rising slowly until it broke forward in loud, wet orgasm.  Shasha's arms went weak, so she fell forward onto me into a kiss, ours tongues wrapping around each other as her orgasm ran its course.

"That was fun!" said Helen, as she carefully pulled back and let Shasha get off of me.

"That was fantastic," I agreed.  Helen bend down to me and we kissed hotly for a minute, then she pulled back.  "Who's next?"

"I'm ready," said a young woman next to us. I took a second to remember her as Jamelia, from the anal sex class, the one who really enjoyed it while much of the rest of the class struggled.

"Good," said Helen, "It's my husband's turn for the ass, so sit down there, on top of him."

"Yes, ma'am."  Jamelia turned around and carefully squatted on me, reaching down to hold my cock and guide it into her own ass.  With all the lubing and warm-up, it went in very comfortably.  She moaned, with a sigh that sounded like pleasure, as she settled down, the weight of her body driving me deeply up her ass.

"Now spread your legs," said Helen.  "I'm going to fuck your pussy."

"Yes, ma'am.  Thank you!"

"You're... welcome." said Helen laughing, as the three of us settled in, finding a comfortable way to conjoin our bodies.  Jamelia lay back against me, my hands went to her breasts, and her hips found the best angle for keeping me deep in her back hole while still accepting my wife's cock in her front.  Again, I was treated to the indirect undulation of Helen's fucking motion, this time squeezing into the anal passage which tightly held my cock.  Jamelia was just as enthusiastic and vocal as she had been in class, moaning about how much she loved her double fucking.  I don't think she came, though, by the time Helen slowed down and pulled out.  My own balls were feeling close to coming.

"We've got a lot of ladies to fuck today," said Helen, patting Jamelia affectionately.

"I understand.  Thank you again," said Jamelia, carefully lifting herself up, off my cock.

Waiting next in line was Masisi, the 7-month pregnant woman that I had already fucked in all her holes on our first day of vacation.

"Do you want to wipe off my cock," I offered.  "It was just in that other woman's ass."

"Not a problem, sir!" said Masisi cheerfully.  "I know Jamelia, she is my friend, she is very clean."  Then she bend forward and took my hard cock in her mouth, sucking it enthusiastically.

"Oh, fuck," I groaned.  "Helen dear, I might lose it.  I haven't had my first orgasm yet today."

"Go ahead sweetheart."  Helen came around to kiss me, and I felt her hot hand reach down to affectionately hold my testicles. "You came in her pregnant ass on our first day, but you haven't come in her mouth yet.  It could be, you know, nutrition for her baby."

Masisi moaned around my cock in encouragement, without breaking her suction.  I stopped holding back, letting my orgasm take its course through my body and my nutsack my wife held, spurting into Masisi's eager sucking mouth.

I didn't have to do a thing but lay there, recovering my erection in a series of sucking mouths, until it was time to DP the next few women.  My wife and I continued to switch off.  I got the teacher, Mrs. Lumunga in her outfit, in her pussy while Helen did her ass. Then it was Hanuni, the curvy one from Mozambique, in the ass, who almost managed to come on my wife's cock.  Then Aisha, the one I probably impregnated in the farm field, in her pussy.  She seemed very happy to be fucking us, with a lot of smiling and kissing me, even as my wife gave it to her in her ass quite vigorously.

Next were the Dinka women.  Ataui said her mother wasn't used to anal sex, so we were gentle with her.  The geometry of our bodies was different, with Ayer's conical tits already up by my face as we DP'd her tall, dark, strong body, my hands on her sides as she focused on trying to relax while being so full of cock.  Her daughter, on the other hand, easily sank her well-lubed ass down on me and accepted a pussy-fuck from Helen.

The bed was getting less crowded as the women we had already DP'd accepted their tip tokens from Shasha, who was handling our payments for us.  Now it was just Helen and I, Shasha with her sister and mother, and Adina and Grace.

"I need to take a break," said Helen smiling, "Fucking is hot thirsty work."  Still wearing nothing but her strap-on, she walked over to the German guys watching us, and took a glass of water from their table.  They uttered some words of appreciation at the show we were putting on for them, praising Helen on her skill at fucking women.  She laughed and chatted with them for a bit.

"I am... ready," said Makemba, in her awkward English, cozying up next to me on the bed.  Next to us, Adina was on her hands and knees, with Takeshi still "warming up" her ass.  I pulled Makemba to me, kissing her.  She had lost her skirt and shirt, so I also sucked on her large, loose breasts.  Goma was beside us, caressing her mother's naked body, leaning forward for a three-way kiss with Makemba and I.  Helen came back at sat on the bed for a minute, watching me making out with Goma and her mother.

"Do you want to want to take a turn on top?" Helen asked me.  "I could use the rest and I know you like it better."

"I've actually been really enjoying letting you do the fucking.  But sure, I'll take a turn.  Let's do Makemba here next, you take her pussy.

"OK."  Helen lay down on the bed, adjusting the pillows under her for comfort.  Slowly, Goma and I helped Makemba to straddle Helen's body.  Goma aimed the head of Helen's cock up into her mother's pussy as Makemba settled down on it.  We let them settle in for a minute.  I noticed that Makemba and Helen were kissing as Makemba's body slowly rocked, making some pleasant motion between their two pussies.

"Let me help," said Goma, holding my cock softly as I got in position behind Makemba.

"Please go ahead," I encouraged.  Goma reached behind her for a little lube bottle, putting some on her fingers and gently working them into her mother's ass, then lubing up my cock.  Eventually she pointed my cock carefully as I leaned forward.  Together we got my head through the sphincter.  I spent a minute gently sinking in deeper, until I was balls-deep.  I leaned forward further, Helen moved her face around, and we managed to kiss, even with a full-sized, adult African woman sandwiched between our bodies.  I broke the kiss and started to thrust.

"Wow," said Helen.  "It feels kinda like you're fucking me."  I focused on enjoying myself in Makemba's ass, without being too rough.  Next to us on the bed, I noticed that Takeshi had moved from "warming up" Adina to doing the same for Grace.

"Goma, darling, do me a favor." I said.

"Yes, sir?"

"Suck on my balls."

"Yes, sir.  I could also rim you?"

I smiled.  "Sure."

She moved around and I felt her hot tongue as she licked my sphincter for a bit, then moved down to hold one testicle gently in her hot mouth, then the other.  To make it easy, I stayed deep in Makemba's ass and just gently rocked forward and backward as Goma's tongue moved from sucking my balls to tonguing my ass.  Makemba and Helen were moaning as they kissed.  I could have kept going, but I sensed Makemba was struggling a little with the intensity, so I carefully pulled out.

Shasha and Goma reached in with strong arms to help their mother up, then help the next girl into place.  Adina still wore her Ethiopian robe, opened at the top from when I had been tit-fucking her earlier.  She smiled and lifted her robe, enough to sit down and accept my wife's cock into her well-prepared ass.  We helped her settle down and get comfortable.  I reached down and found her large, slippery clit, rolling it between my fingers, then I got into position and pushed into Adina's tight hot pussy.  I grabbed her exquisite tits, fucking her hard and fast.  Her mouth went wide with surprise, gasping at the sensation of double penetration, but she handled it well.  I think she was actually approaching orgasm by the time I pulled out, and I was pretty close myself.

"We saved the best for last," I said as I pulled out, Adina carefully got up, and Grace came to us, naked except for her bright orange head-wrap.

"Thank you, sir," said Grace sweetly, kissing me.

"I really like you too," said Helen, pulling Grace down for a long kiss of her own.

"I've got one last load of sperm left in me, before our vacation ends," I said.  "I've saved it for you."

"That's very kind, sir.  How do you want me?"

"I want to kiss you," said Helen, "so face me, let me have your pussy."

"As the lady says," I agreed.  "Grace, I guess that means I'm going to leave the last of my cum deep up your ass."

"Yes, please," she giggled, settling down.  I put my hands on Grace's lovely round ass, holding it as she rocked gently, moving the double-dildo that stuffed her pussy and my wife's.  Out of curiosity, I pushed one, then two fingers into Grace's ass.  It was perfect - just the precise right amount of heat, tightness, lubrication and resistance.  Even more perfect was how Grace responded, her soft moan, the way her hips moved, making it perfectly clear how turned on she was, how much she loved any kind of penetration, even two fingers shoved into her tight ass was pleasurable.  I replaced my fingers with my cock, and away we went.

I was in no hurry.  This was our vacation, it was coming to a close, but I knew there was still an hour before our jeep would take us away.  I alternately slow and fast, soft and hard.  Each time I bottomed out, I knew that the pressure was passing through Grace into Helen, to the dildos in their pussies, pressing their clits together.  After several long minutes, I paused to catch my breath, and felt Sasha and Goma behind me, sucking my balls, tonguing my ass.  I enjoyed that for a while, then resumed fucking, feeling my own closeness to orgasm rise and fall, going right up the edge, my cock twitching and jumping, holding myself back until I couldn't any more.  I had lost track of the number of times Grace had come, and she seemed to come once again just as I was delivering the very last contents of my balls deep into her bowels.

I heard clapping and applause from the crowd of onlookers around us, on the veranda.  There were strong arms to help us untangle.  We flopped out on the bed, Helen and I with Grace between us, three-way kissing and holding each other.  Soft tongues were licking all our genitals clean.

Eventually we had to say all our goodbyes, go up to our room for a quick shower and packing, then we were off in the jeep.


As Helen and I slipped back in our regular life, memories of that trip stayed with us a long time.  It informed our fantasies, mentions of it fueled our sex drives, retelling before or during sex was always hot.  We periodically had a threesome, and would share stories with our designated third person until they were piping hot and raring to jump into bed with us.

We're already making plans for our sex tourism trip next year.  Going back to Africa would be great, but we're also considering paying a bit more to go to Southeast Asia.  I'm wondering if I'll find an Asian equivalent of Sasha and Goma, or of Grace.  Helen is looking forward to lots of cute Asian boys and girls to eat her pussy, and also hoping to see some incest, to convince some Asian sex workers to eat their sisters and mothers and daughter's pussies.  Just talking about it gets Helen and I hot, so once again it's off to the bedroom, or barring that, the nearest piece of furniture.

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