CFNM Growing Up Part 1 - Family 1 to 5

By Vikram

[email protected]

Copyright 2016 by Vikram, all rights reserved

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It may contain depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Chapter 1
My dad worked abroad throughout my childhood. During my early childhood in the 80's, I lived in India with my mom, sister and maternal grandma. My sister, Anita, is 2 years older than me. My mom got married at 19 and had us immediately after, so she was still quite young. We lived in one unit in a 2-family urban home.
Every year, we would visit the family of my uncle, my dad's eldest brother. He was well-off and had 4 daughters, my cousins. They were/are incredibly pretty, and they adored little me.
When I was 4, my eldest cousin, Rita, who was 19, married an intelligence officer, Raghav. It was an arranged marriage, as was customary in India. Her wedding album has several pictures of the main ceremony, with me standing right next to the pedestal, looking bored and lost. It appears I'm standing close to the proceedings (instead of in the audience) because of how attached I was to my cousins. Every one else is brilliantly decked. I'm wearing a half-sleeved shirt buttoned up to the collar, but I'm completely bare from the belly button down. I'm obviously quite restless; you only need to flip the album a few pages to see my front, back and sides. In later photos, my second eldest cousin, Veena, who was 17, is carrying me on her side with my legs straddling her waist. She has one arm around my bare back, my shirt scrunched up above it. She is wearing a Sari, and you can see my tiny penis squished up against the bare side of her waist. I'm oblivious to the proceedings, as I chew on the collar of my shirt.
To this day, my cousins still take great pleasure in using the album to tease me, as they do with several other photos, which we'll get to later.
I remember very little of my life at 4 years of age, but one thing that really stuck with me was everyone being in awe of Raghav. He was always seen in a suit, which wasn't a common sight there back then. Government service never paid very well, but made up for it with insane perks. He was given a spacious villa, car and driver, 24x7 security guard, a maid, a cook and even an errand boy. Their villa happened to be in a government residential complex that was just a few blocks from my house.
However, Raghav himself was rarely ever around at home. He was often gone on assignment for weeks at a time, leaving Rita feeling lonely. Cultural norms prevented her from staying more than a few days with her parents after marriage, and they lived several hours away. So Rita decided (and Raghav and her parents agreed) to bring her 3 sisters to their villa instead. The two younger girls (Sonia, 12 and Sita, 14) joined the school where I was going for kindergarten, while Veena, the second eldest, looked for college admissions.
Rita had her driver pick up and drop off all 4 of us (Anita who was 6 at the time, me, Sonia and Sita) to and from school everyday. Whenever we got to my house, Anita would apparently get off and run home, but I would cry and scream that I wanted to stay in the car with Sonia and Sita. Eventually, my cousins convinced my mother to allow them to take me to the villa. They would sometimes send me back home when I had fallen asleep, but more often than not, I stayed in the villa. I also made a few playmates with kids living in other villas in the complex.
Raghav's job took him abroad every now and then, and one of the gadgets that he gave Rita soon after they got married was a portable Japanese camera, a rare novelty at the time. The result of this is over a hundred photos of me from ages 4 through 7, while I was in the villa. Except for a few photos where I am in my school uniform, most of these photos feature me either bottomless or completely naked.
While my own memory of this period is quite foggy, my cousins have taken great pleasure in walking me (and several other relatives over the years, to my embarrassment) through these photos several times when I was much older, recounting my antics as a naughty little boy, as chronicled in the photos. They adored me and never had any sinister or untoward intent, always viewing it as innocent fun.
A few snippets from their tales, as evidenced in the photos:
- I hated wearing anything below the waist, and would drop my shorts soon after getting home
- Either Rita or Veena would give me my bath in the morning. Once they dried me up, I would run away and refuse to get dressed. They would coax me into my uniform if it was a school day, but would let me stay naked throughout the weekend.
- I often went to other villas bottomless or naked too. Sometimes I would go in my uniform and come back naked. They would then have to find out where I went and retrieve my clothes.
- My dad brought me a sweatshirt and sweatpants from abroad when I was 6, and they were quite loose. I loved them. For a few weeks after I got them, I loved jumping on the couch to make the pants slip off my hips leaving me bottomless. Then I would pull them up and do it again. The novelty soon wore off and I went back to being naked.
- Whenever I got a scrape or bruise, my cousins would kiss it better. I apparently loved the attention and came up with imaginary boo-boos. They always obliged. Well, almost always. There's a picture of me (6 years old) sitting naked on the couch, holding up my penis between the thumb and index finger of my left hand, and pointing at it with my right hand. I am making an exaggerated sad face. Veena is sitting next to me, her head tilted back in laughter. No, they didn't do it, so I switched to my nose instead, which got lots of kisses. Veena even showed this one to my wife, Jayanti, nearly 20 years later, when I took Jayanti to meet her when she was my fiancee. Jayanti joined her in incredulous laughter as I squirmed red-faced in my seat. But when Veena stepped away into the kitchen, Jayanti alternated between my face and my crotch with a smiling look that I just knew meant that I was in for some fun that night.
Bottomline: I learnt from my cousins that I was a budding nudist until I was 7 years old. But that came to an abrupt end soon after.
Chapter 2
When I was 7, my dad took us abroad to live with him. We lived in his bungalow there until I was 11. Nothing really noteworthy happened during this period of my life. My mom bathed and dressed me up every day until I was about 9, but I have no lasting recollection of these. I went to the pool often with my mom and the older lady next door. They never swam, but they dressed me in swim briefs, put floats on my arms and off I went. Unfortunately, I don't remember the rest of the details of these events either. Unlike with my cousins, I have no one to recount these instances to me, let alone with pictures.
When I was 10, I discovered that playing with my penis yielded some interesting sensations. So I started spending a lot of time in the bathroom doing so. I was starting to get erections, but had no idea what to do with them. I insisted on taking my own baths so I could explore myself more.
While still 10, I once took part in a fancy dress contest. My mom dressed me up as an Indian farmer. She wrapped a white towel around my head and a sheer white 'dhoti' around my waist. I had briefs on underneath, but my upper body was bare. I kept tripping on the dhoti, so she folded it up and tied it in a way that left my legs bare from well above my knees.
I didn't think anything of the costume at first. But as I waited in line off-stage with my classmates who were all fully dressed, I felt very naked, though I wasn't any less dressed than I would have been at the pool or beach. Some of the kids in the back were pointing, whispering and giggling. The girl in front of me was dressed as a fairy. She was very pretty and we had never really spoken before. She kept turning back to look at me and was smiling a kind smile. Tame as it was, the incident left an indelible impression on me.
Soon after, my dad decided that we should continue our studies in the competitive schooling environment in India. So my mom, sister and me went back while my dad stayed abroad. We bought and moved into an apartment. My grandma moved back in with us. Rita had moved far away to Delhi by then, taking Sonia and Sita with her. Veena had gotten married too and was living in Bangalore. I saw very little of my cousins the next few years. But my real CFNM experiences were just getting started.
I was 11 years old when we moved back to India. My hormones were raging and I hadn't found an outlet yet. I knew very little about sex, yet I had erections at the slightest provocation, often none at all. This meant that I was often prancing around with an obvious tent in my shorts. To compensate, my mom bought me tighter briefs and had my shorts and pants stitched looser.
The country was as hot and humid as ever. Our bungalow abroad had air-conditioning. Our apartment in India didn't. The plethora of ceiling fans barely made an impact. For the first few months, I was sweaty all the time. Whenever my grandma saw me sweating, she would ask me to take off my shirt. I usually complied, but if I was busy reading a comic or playing a handheld, either my grandma or my mom would come and pull it off me, leaving me in just my shorts. I would raise my arms momentarily and continue with what I was doing. This disrobing would give me an instant hard-on, so I would plop on the bed on my tummy since that made me feel good.
Occasionally, I would be wearing long jeans/pants instead of shorts if we just returned home from shopping or after visiting someone. In those instances, as long as we didn't have any visitors, when my mom took my t-shirt or shirt off, she would also unhook and unzip my pants, and pull them off my legs as well, leaving me in my briefs. My hard-ons were very obvious in my briefs, but I got them so often that no one at home took any notice of them. The front of my briefs would stretch out and leave a small gap on top, though you couldn't really see anything.
There were 2 people outside my household who did take notice; my aunt (my mother's youngest sister) and our maid. My aunt was studying in a women's residential college at the time and would visit us for a weekend once a month. She was often around the house wearing a 'salwar' top, without the bottoms that they were intended to be worn with. It looked like a form-fitting tunic that went down to her knees, but with the sides slit almost up to her hips. I wasn't yet aroused by the sight of bare legs at that age. Whenever she saw my mom taking off my shirt, she would insist that she take off my shorts too so I could be more comfortable. When my mom was out of earshot, she would suggest to me that I slip my briefs off too and 'be free'. I usually ignored her, but the lurch in my briefs would bely my nonchalance. She would then suggest that my briefs looked too tight and uncomfortable and beckon me to come to her so she could slip them off for me. I would roll onto my tummy and end the show. Whenever she saw me headed to the bathroom with my towel, she would offer to give me a bath. I would ignore that too, even as it had its intended effect on the bulge in my briefs. She did get her opportunity to see me in the buff a few months later. More on that later.
Our maid was probably in her early 20's. She wasn't the typical maid; she was never in a hurry, and always well dressed. For a household without men, she had been specifically chosen as someone who didn't need the money. She was well-paid and nobody ordered her around; she was treated as someone in the family. She came in every morning to clean the apartment, do the laundry and wash the dishes, and would leave late in the morning when she was done. I was quite messy and would apologize to her as she cleaned the room I shared with my sister. She'd just give me a loving smile. Within a few weeks, especially after seeing my aunt teasing me, she slowly started teasing me too, but she'd do it with a more gentle demeanor. If I was in my briefs, she would come and ask me if I wanted to add my briefs to the laundry. I'd decline, blushing. She'd then ask me if I was sure, suggesting that I could just slip them off if I wanted to and she'd take care of them for me. The exchange would leave me with a deep blush and a raging hard-on. She'd look at my briefs and then back at me, give me that loving smile again, and carry on with her work.
A few months later, my mom was pulling off my shirt one day when she noticed tiny red bumps all over my back. She called my grandma to examine me. My grandma took a look and told her I was getting sweat boils. She asked her to buy Neem talcum powder and apply it to my back every day to keep the sweat off my back. My grandma also declared that I was to be given an oil massage every weekend that summer to cool my body down.
Chapter 3
The following Sunday, my grandma gave me my first oil massage. She came into my room Sunday morning with a bottle of oil and a floor stool. My mom came with her to learn how it's done. My 13-year-old sister, Anita, was reading a book; it was her room too. Grandma placed the stool on the floor in the middle of the room and made me sit cross-legged on it in my briefs. She then vigorously massaged my scalp with oil for several minutes. This is usually the highlight of the massage, and it made me feel so cool and relaxed that I almost dozed off. She then made me stand up, still in a daze. She immediately hooked her thumbs into my briefs, and pulled them down my legs! That woke me up with a jolt. She nudged me to lift my legs and I did, while she took the briefs off each leg and gave them to my mom, leaving me standing in the middle of the room completely naked.
I turned bright red. My penis was bobbing up and down from the sudden strip, rapidly stiffening. My grandma either ignored it or didn't notice it. I was afraid to react since it might 'out' me as not so innocent; my mom wasn't used to modesty from me. So I stayed standing passively with my arms at my sides. I looked around the room to see everyone's reaction. Mom was still intently looking at grandma, who was vigorously rubbing oil into my chest. Anita, on the other hand, had a shocked expression on her face as she stared agape at my naked and erect penis. It was still completely hairless, with nothing to cover it from view. Worse, it was now fully horizontal, exposing my scrotum below. That thought only made my penis twitch and rise even further. She then saw me looking at her and recovered immediately. She looked embarrassed as she quietly slipped out of the room with her book.
My grandma continued rubbing oil vigorously on my body. She was vigorous yet quick, never staying on one part of my body for too long. She did my chest first, then my neck, then my tummy, then my upper back, and then my lower back. Then she took each of my arms and rubbed them from my shoulders down to my fingers. She then rubbed oil on my ass cheeks, followed by my erect penis and scrotum, one in each hand, for barely 2 seconds. I felt my penis bobbing and lurching when she let go. She then moved on to my legs, rubbing oil into each of them from the thighs down to the toes. My mom was watching her intently through it all. She then took the old threadbare towel that mom handed her and tied it around my waist. My penis was still erect and tenting up the towel, but she ignored it. She told me to let the oil soak for at least 30 minutes, but warned me to stay standing so I wouldn't get the oil on anything in the apartment. She'd then give me my bath.
I opened my mouth and found that I had lost my voice. I cleared my throat and feebly reminded her that I was now taking my own baths. She said, "Ah yes, you're a big boy now aren't you? You can take your own bath. I just need to wash the oil off your hair. You'll never get it off on your own. Then you can do whatever you want." And she left the room.
My penis stayed erect for several minutes as I remained standing in the room, still in shock and arousal. My grandma's 'massage' had hardly been sensual, but what kept me incredibly aroused was being so blatantly exposed in front of them in that manner. I felt an intense mix of embarrassment and arousal that I had never felt before. I imagined the pretty girl in the fairy costume being in the room while it happened, smiling the same kind smile she had given me when I was standing in my farmer's costume. I felt my penis lurch once more and shivers ran through my body. Then I immediately felt guilty and stopped thinking about it. I picked up my handheld game and forced myself to play with it while I waited for my body to calm down.
30 minutes passed by quick and my grandma hollered for me from the bathroom. I ventured out of the room. My sister was sitting at the dining table. She was still too embarrassed to look at me. My grandma and mom were waiting for me in front of the bathroom. I went in and my grandma followed me in. She had placed the floor stool on the floor of the bathroom. She casually removed the towel from my waist and hung it up, leaving me naked once again. She then told me to sit cross-legged on the stool, which I did. I folded my arms on my lap and hunched forward, hiding my penis from view without making it look obvious that I was trying to. My grandma proceeded to vigorously wash my scalp and hair with 'Shikakai' until she got all the oil off. Then she told me to finish up and left, closing the door behind her.
The rest of the week was uneventful, and my sister gradually started talking to me again as the week progressed on. I noticed changes in her demeanor though. She's always been the perfect child; studious, perfect grades, very organized with her things, and never got into trouble. I was in many ways her opposite. We were often quarelling about something or the other, never seeing eye to eye. However, things had suddenly changed. She didn't scold me anymore when I dropped my things on the floor. She gently told me not to, while she picked them up herself. If she went to get a drink, she'd get one for me too. If my mom was scolding me, she'd speak up on my behalf. She'd seemingly transformed overnight into this protective big sister that I never knew I had.
Chapter 4
The next Sunday morning, my mom and grandma were back in my room. I knew what was coming, and yet I was hardly prepared for it. My penis twitched nevertheless at the thought of my impending exposure. My sister quietly slipped out of the room, presumably to reduce my embarassment. This time, my mom gave me the massage, while my grandma supervised. When she was done with my scalp and asked me to stand, my penis was almost bursting out of my briefs at what was coming next. My mom tugged my briefs down, pulling them forward as they snagged on my erect penis. My penis bobbed out in the open. It was almost at a 45 degree angle. She continued to pull them down my legs and I lifted them so she could take the briefs off, leaving me naked once again. I lowered my head in embarassment. My mom was a bit slower than my grandma, who kept telling her to redo areas with greater pressure. It seemed to be taking forever. She rubbed the oil on my penis and scrotum just as quickly as grandma had, but she rubbed my ass cheeks just a little longer. My penis stayed fully erect throughout.
While my mom was moving from my ass cheeks to my legs, I sensed another pair of eyes on me and looked up, thinking perhaps Anita had returned. What I saw sent fresh shivers down my spine. Our maid, Leela, was standing in the doorway, her eyes locked on my erect penis. Mom and grandma had their backs to her. When she saw me looking at her, she immediately gave me her sweet smile. I suddenly felt a rush of pleasure through my body, mixed in with the embarassment I was feeling. My penis twitched. She looked down at my penis again, and then back at me, her smile growing wider. My mom was finally done and tied the towel around my waist. Leela then walked in and started cleaning my room as my mom and grandma were leaving.
A few minutes after they left, I had just stepped out of her way as she was mopping the room, when she stopped barely a foot away from me and looked up at me, smiling once again. I couldn't help smiling back, still embarassed. "You looked very cute when you were standing there", she said. I blushed. "Your towel is soaking up the oil", she teased, looking down at my towel that was tenting up again. "You should just take it off. You looked fine without it." My face was turning redder with embarrassment, but the stirring under my towel was unmistakable. She gave me a wide smile, and then continued to mop the floor. I went out later so my mom could wash the oil off my hair. The rest of the day was uneventful.
The next morning, I woke up from bed and was startled to find Leela standing there. She came in early on weekdays. She had a bucket of clothes at her feet and she was smiling at me. "You look cute while sleeping too", she said, looking down at my morning wood straining against my briefs. "I'm doing the laundry. Do you want to give me your briefs?" I blushed as I usually did, but didn't move. "Come on, you can just slide them off and give them to me", she teased, even extending her hand. I stayed frozen. "Do you need help taking them off?", she continued to tease, smiling. She even extended both her arms and nodded her head, beckoning me towards her like a little child.
I knew she was only teasing, but my hormones were raging and I couldn't resist the invitation. I slowly slid down the bed towards her, my heart beating faster as I did. She looked a bit startled at first, seeing me call her bluff, but her smile returned immediately. I stood in front of her, my erection pushing my briefs forward as far as it could. She nonchalantly slipped the fingers of both her hands into my waistband; the contact gave me shivers. She proceeded to gently pull the waistband away from my body and down at the same time. My erect penis popped out. She looked at it, smiling again, and continued to slide my briefs down my legs. I lifted my legs so she could take the briefs off, rendering me naked. She dropped them with the rest of the laundry and turned back to look at my penis. I could feel her breath on it. It lurched up, going into a 45 degree angle, as if it were reaching for her nose. She looked up and gave me a grin. "That is much better. You should always be this way when you're home.", she said. I shuddered at the thought, little realizing that my aunt was visiting again the following weekend. Then Leela got up, lightly pinched my nose, and then picked up the laundry bucket and left, leaving me naked. I almost panicked, but then realized I could just go to the bathroom wearing my towel, and so that's what I did, hoping nobody would realize that the big tent in my towel meant that I was no longer wearing my briefs.
The next morning, I was up bright and early. I'm usually the last to be up. My sister was surprised, and told me so, but she soon went for her bath. I stayed in bed hoping Leela would come again. She finally came in and my penis stirred in anticipation. She smiled at me, but then she proceeded to clean my room. I kept hoping she would ask me for my briefs, but she just went on with her cleaning. It felt like a really long wait. My sister peeked in through the doorway and asked me why I was still sitting in bed. She was already ready for school. She told me she was going to have breakfast, and asked me to go have my bath instead of rushing in the last minute as I usually do. I mumbled an OK and told her I'll be out soon. Leela smiled at me after she left. She asked me "Aren't you getting out of bed?" I just smiled. The corner of her mouth curled, making an expression as if to say that she knew what I was up to.
Chapter 5
Leela nodded her head and waved, beckoning me to her. I slid down the bed slowly and stood in front of her, my penis hardening in my briefs by the time I got there. She looked at it with a smile, her head to one side. Then she kneeled in front of me and slid her fingers into my waistband. "Do you want me to take these off?" she asked. I just stood there, frozen. She waited for me to respond, not moving. I slowly nodded my head, to indicate yes. I was immediately overcome with embarrassment and hung my head. She lifted my chin gently to meet her eyes. Then she proceeded to slowly pull my briefs out and down. My penis swung out, grazing her fingers. I shuddered and looked away. She gently turned my head to look at her again, then proceeded to pull my briefs down slowly, exposing my scrotum, and then down my legs and off. She held the palm of her hand under my penis, as if to hold it, but didn't touch it. "It's so cute" she said softly. I shivered and stiffened, my penis lurching up. She slowly got up, rubbing my chest as she did. Then she ruffled my hair and left, leaving me standing naked with a throbbing erection.
We had a few more of these episodes. Every time, she made me indicate that I wanted her to take off my briefs before she pulled them down. She was slow and gentle whenever she stripped me naked, and she would caress my face and upper body lovingly.
And then the weekend arrived. And with it, my aunt.
Sunday morning, my mom came to my room alone, while grandma stayed in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I was relieved that aunt was still sleeping in the spare bedroom. She'd been out with her friends until late night on Saturday. She had already teased me the previous day about slipping off my briefs and the last thing I wanted was for her to see me naked. Anita was in the kitchen helping grandma.
Mom was more gentle today, with grandma not there. I relaxed as she massaged my scalp, telling me how fast I was growing up. I got up and she took off my briefs. I was so comfortable at that point, being alone with her, that I only had a partial erection. She rubbed oil into my body gently, ignoring grandma's instructions to 'knead it in'. She rubbed oil into my penis and scrotum quickly as usual, but spent a long time lovingly rubbing it into my ass cheeks. I closed my eyes and felt my penis getting erect, enjoying the massage. Then I heard a sharp sigh coming from the doorway and looked up.
My aunt was standing there in her knee-length nightgown, her hair disheveled, her mouth agape and her hand in front of her mouth in astonishment as she stared at my naked penis. I was incredibly tempted to cover up, but managed to stop myself. She then looked at me looking at her and immediately masked her surprise, giving me a grin instead. My mom was still working my ass cheeks, oblivious. My aunt came in and sat on the bed close to where I was standing, commenting to my mom that she didn't know I had started getting oil massages. She was still staring up and down my naked body as she did so, her eyes lingering each time they locked on to my penis. My mom told her about my sweat boils and grandma's advice. My aunt got up and went behind me to take a look. They were mostly gone, but she rubbed my back, saying she could feel them. She then took some oil and started rubbing it into my back.
Mom proceeded to rub oil into the front of my legs, more quickly this time, and told my aunt that only the back of my legs were left. She asked my aunt to finish up and gave her the old towel to wrap around me. My aunt looked at the towel, frowning. "He doesn't need a towel. It will wick the oil away" she said. "But he needs to wait for some time before his bath. He has to wear something" mom reasoned. "He's just a little boy. He doesn't need to wear anything" aunt insisted. Mom didn't look convinced, as she glanced at my erect penis. Aunt reminded her how, when they were little, their brothers never wore anything after their oil massage, and how even the men only wore a 'komanam' (Indian loin cloth) while they sunned in the backyard after their oil massage. I wondered how little my uncles were when they pranced around naked. "Don't cover him up. It's good for him to soak in the oil" aunt persisted. At that, mom finally relented. She held my chin and smiled at me, ignoring the fact that my penis was now lurching as I realized what this meant. Then she took the towel back from aunt and headed out the door with both the towel and my briefs, leaving me naked with my aunt.


(End of File)

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