Strings and Sacks, Inc. - Chapter 5
By Sir Cum Sizemore

copyright 2006 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Chapter 5

"Okay, kids it's off to the pool," Andrea announced having packed them back into the van.

"Mom, Timmy's wiener is stick up again," Jamie tattled.

"Fix it for him, Honey, you know what to do," Andrea responded. With that Marjorie turned to see the twin's penis peeking out from the side of the pouch, but it was extended to about two inches. She wanted to watch the little seven year old girl fix the problem.

"Okay Timmy, take off the thong thing." Jamie commanded.

"I don't want to and you can't make me," he responded to his prior classmate.

"Yes, she can young man. You get that thong off now. You have to follow her orders any time she gives them. You move it mister. Now!" His mother straightened out his attitude and the boy pulled the string.

"Marjorie, may I use the lanyard to fix it?" Jamie asked.

"What's the lanyard, Jamie?"

"The lanyard to whip it with," she responded.

"Marjorie, look inside my purse you'll see a whistle lanyard in there. Give it to her." Andrea directed and Marjorie open the purse to find the vinyl woven lanyard sitting right at the top. Grabbing it she gave it to Jamie and directed her further.

"Here, Jamie, and because he was slow to do what you told him we'll spread his legs and let you whip all of his boy parts for awhile. The more pain the more gain. Timmy spread your legs apart and put your hands behind your head. Steven, hold his hands up there, Karen you take one knee and Teddy you hold the other. Hold him tight now. Okay Jamie let him have it."

The lanyard whistled through the air as it sharply slapped his testicles and penis all at once. Timmy writhed under the pain causing Steven to have to strengthen his grip and the two hold his legs to push harder. Karen slapped his hip to gain more control. Suddenly the familiar whistle of the narrow lanyard passing through the air was heard again. It connected with a snap on his penis and scrotum leaving a red strip across each. He tried to move but was held tightly enough he couldn't. Again the lanyard cut into his boy parts. Through his tears he begged to be left alone. He promised to do whatever Jamie ordered. But that wasn't good enough. The lanyard whistled and landed again. Watching the beating was intriguing to Steven as he wasn't the victim, but thoroughly enjoyed the rush of watching his younger protégé getting punished. Teddy was cringing and somewhat disturbed at what he was watching. Karen was prodding her sister on with, "Is that all you got Jamie. Hit his nut sack a few times. Really whip hard." The rush of the show was causing an erection visible in Steven's mesh sack. It didn't go unnoticed by Karen.

"Aunt Sharon, Steven's got a woody too. Look it's real hard."

"Jamie, when you're done with Timmy, give Karen the lanyard. If Steven doesn't cooperate, Karen, you can whip his balls too. If he does only the penis, okay?"

"Oh please let me whip his sack too," Karen begged.

"Only if he gives you a ration of crap," Sharon reiterated.

"Oh please Steven, give me a hard time. I want to put stripes on that ball sack of yours to show off to the other girls at the pool. Please give me a hard time." Karen begged her soon to be victim.

Fearing the ramifications for giving Karen a rough time Steven undid the bow in anticipation of the penis flogging. That would be bad enough. As he did so, Timmy screamed in pain as Jamie applied the tenth strip to his little boy package.

"That's enough, Jamie, now give the lanyard to your sister," Andrea commanded.

"Oh please Mom, I'm not finished. I want to whip his tip a few more times."

"Jamie, I said that's enough. If you give me a hard time, I'll pull your suit off and whip your naked little butt right in front of the boys. Now give the lanyard to Karen."

Proud she had reduced her classmate to tears and sobbing and with a look of satisfaction on her face that she made him hold his little boy parts and roll in pain after ceasing the whipping, she followed her mother's directive. She handed the lanyard over to her sister who immediately began flogging Steven's penis. Under the barrage of stinging contacts it quickly retreated to a flaccid state. He was told to put his thong back on as they pulled into the parking lot of the community pool. There were few adults at the pool, but many bikes locked to the rack outside. Children were everywhere.

"Oh shoot. It doesn't appear to be a good day for sales. There won't be many adults in there the lot is not full. That equates to few parents folks," Marjorie observed.

"We'll go in anyway and let some of the kids feel the boys up a little. If there aren't many adults, we can leave early. We have a lot of thongs to put together just to fill the orders." Andrea coached.

As they entered the pool area the three boys were trying desperately to cover their jewels from the sight of the mid- sized audience present on the pool deck. Karen ended up slapping Steven's hands and Jamie pulled Teddy's hands away from his crotch. Suddenly the snap of a belt echoed as it connected with Teddy's backside and tears immediately began to flow. Marjorie the released a sharp slap of the belt on Timmy's rear. He too began to tear. "Get those hands away. You let the people see what you've got. Don't you dare cover yourselves." Fire was in her eyes. Seeing this Steven slowly dropped his hands and tried to shelter the view of his crotch by turning toward the fence.

"Sharon? Aren't you Sharon…" Sharon turned to see an attractive black woman of about thirty with a questioning look.

"Yes, I'm Sharon Richards."

"You don't remember me, do you?" the lady asked.

"Your face is familiar, but I'm afraid I do….." Sharon took pause, "You're Susan Wooten. We were room mothers when the boys were in first grade. Now I remember you."

"So how has life been treating you?"

"Oh pretty good, I've really gotten myself bogged down lately though. We're opening a new business." Andrea approached the two women. "Andrea this is Susan Wooten. She was a room mother at the school when our sons were in the first grade."

"Nice to meet you," Andrea extended her hand to the new acquaintance.

"Likewise. Is Steven here with you?"

"Yes, that's Steven standing over there."

"The boy with the bare bottom?"

"That's him in his new thong. He hates it and I love it. Cute buns, huh?" Sharon kidded.

"How did you get him to wear that thing? Sammy would raise holy hell if I suggested he wear something like that."

"You don't ask. You tell and you carry a big belt and whip the fire out of their asses if they don't do what their told. We believe little boys don't deserve modesty and they should be proud of their boy parts. Steven, come over here and show Mrs. Wooten your thong."

Slowly the boy turned and began the approach. He could feel his penis begin to harden.

"Oh my, his butt isn't the only show in town. I like, I like. Look at that little…I thought white boys weren't hung very well. Guess that's a commonly accept belief in the black community. He's pretty well endowed." Susan was quick to note.

"Not to worry. He's gifted with a longer penis than most," Andrea reassured her.

"Yeah, it looks bigger than Sammy's. May I examine the thong?"

"Sure take your time. We're making these now and sell them only for young boys. If you like it, we can work something out for you."

Sharon's long slender fingers were each topped by a long finger nail painted a mother of pearl pink color. She ran the nails around the boy's waist under the string. Slowly she drew her fingers down the basting keeping her fingers between his skin and the material. Steven could feel the woman's fingers brushing his now erect penis and scrotum. The touch complicated the situation by making his erection even harder. As she removed her fingers, she guided the head of his penis out the side of the triangular patch.

"I'm impressed. The sewing is excellent and the nylon should make it last longer. Tell me, does he usually walk around with that stick poking out?"

Sharon was quick to respond, "Karen would you get Steven's penis soft for us?"

"No, please, Mom, I can do it. I'll do it myself." Steven begged not wanting to have to shed the only covering he had skimpy as it was.

"Untie, Steven," Karen ordered. Steven slowly complied and began to cry. He pulled the tail of the bow. The thong fell to the pool deck. Grabbing his sack Karen cradled it with her left hand and forcefully flicked the balls with her index finger. Steven grabbed defensively, his knees went together as he fought to maintain his standing posture. The pained look on his face displayed his displeasure. "Move those hands, I want to see if it went down." Karen demanded. The boy with tears flowing down his cheeks exposed his boyhood to the women and the dictatorial girl. "Looks like another flick or two might do it," she fired off two more in rapid succession which dropped the boy to the concrete of the pool deck. He rolled groaning and crying, totally nude on the deck. Jamie approached and pulled his hands away as a black girl, who appeared to be a little older than Jamie but not as old as Karen, raced over with a black boy who appeared to be Steven's age.

"Momma, momma what's wrong with that boy?" the girl asked. "Where are his clothes?"

Then Steven heard a more familiar voice. "Steven? Steven is that you?" A hand grabbed Steven's arm in an effort to help him off the pavement. Still clutching his genitals more for comfort than from embarrassment Steven arose catching the eye of Sammy Wooten a classmate from last year. "Steven, how come you're naked?"

"He has to be for his punishment. Because we're at the public pool, he may put his thong back on." Sharon instructed.

As Steven tried to straighten out his skimpy covering the new audience member remarked, "Oooooo, Mom, you can see his wiener through that thing," the girl announced. "It has holes all over it."

"Shaqueta, leave Steven alone." Susan instructed her daughter.

"Sharon this is my daughter Shaqueta and you remember Sammy of course. Shaqueta is nine, soon to be ten."

"This is Mrs. Richards and her friends," she introduced Andrea and Marjorie to the children.

"Steven's got a big wiener, doesn't he Momma?" the nine year old noted with simple honesty.

"That's enough, Shaqueta. Why don't you run along and swim."

"Because I wanna see that boy's naked parts. I can swim any time, but seeing this…" She began to explain. Steven had reinstalled his thong and the girl was choked by the fact it didn't hide much more that his total nudity. "That's a weird swimming suit."

"Yeah, Steven why are you wearing that?" Sammy inquired. "Man, you can see your dick and balls plain as can be."

"Because my Mom makes me," he told his friend with a look of disgust at his mother.

"Can I touch his thing?" Shaqueta asked.

"Shaqueta, keep your hands to yourself," Susan cautioned her child.

"Oh, no, she can touch if she wants. Steven's parts are for public examination. She can feel them if she wants." Sharon remarked.

The timid little girl reached for the pouch containing the boy's package with one finger and quickly touched. The second approach was made with the full hand and cradled his ball sack. "His peepee is different than Sammy's".

"Yes, Steven is circumcised and he doesn't have the skin on the end like your brother does." Susan explained to her daughter. Then she turned her attention to the ladies glued visually to the sight of this little girl fingering the boy's penis. "I don't let Sammy lock the bathroom door and he has to let his sister in and out as she wants, so she gets to see quite a bit of is boy parts." She explained. "Of course, I won't let him walk in on her while she's in there. I also believe boys don't deserve modesty, but little girls certainly do."

"Well, why don't you put him in one of these? Steven will be wearing one almost exclusively all summer long." Sharon replied.
About that moment, Jamie ushered the twins from the pool to the gathering. "Oh my, what cute little boys. Twins, and they have a matching set I see."

"Yes, those are my boys," Marjorie claimed. "They will be wearing thongs all summer also. That is, when they aren't made to stay naked."

"Can I have a look at the little boys' wieners too?" Shaqueta asked her mother.

Before Susan could answer, Marjorie piped up, "Go ahead, Honey, knock yourself out. Boys, let Shaqueta feel your penises and testicles."

Reluctantly the boys spread their legs and allowed the child's exploration. Both hardened almost immediately. "Jamie, you need to make Timmy and Teddy soft again." The eight year old took Teddy's balls in her right hand and Timmy's in her left and pinched hard dropping both boys in agony to the deck. Teddy teared up and Timmy shouted in anger as he rolled on the deck trying desperately to regain their composure.

"Oh shit, Sharon, I wanna do this to Sammy too. Where do I get the thong?" Susan was choked with arousal as she spoke.

"Here just fill out the form and we'll get one made for him." Marjorie reached in her purse and handed the mother a copy of the order form. "Right now we have the mesh and a solid model. They're both the same price. You can pay Sharon when she delivers it."

Karen had made Steven drape his body over a chaise lounge chair backwards so Shaqueta could get her fill of feeling his balls and penis. Sammy somewhat curious as to what was going on walked over to the ladies. "What's that Mom?"

"It's an order form for one of those thongs like Steven's."

A panicked look appeared immediately in Sammy's eyes. "Oh no, you're not going to get one of those for me. You can just forget it, I'm not wearing it. Mom, don't even think it."

"I'm going to and you will wear it or go naked, your choice." Susan took a tough tone with her belligerent son.

"Oh come on Mom. That's probably against the law. I mean look you can see his whole ass and the front is right there where everyone can see it. That front part just keeps it in one place it doesn't hide anything. You can't believe I should wear one of those."

With a diabolical grin and a glint in her eye Susan reiterated, "Oh, yes, I do and you will. Look at it this way Sammy, the whole white world thinks black males have bigger rods than any other race. We know that isn't necessarily true, don't we? I mean look at Steven's yours isn't that long, but it's still respectable. One thing, your balls have fallen more than Steven's so you have something on him. With a thong I can kind of keep up with the changes on your way to manhood. So don't worry about it, boy, you're going on display. Just think how pleased your sister will be to show you off to her friends."

"I'll let you see it everyday Mom. You can measure it, touch it whatever you want. Just don't make me wear one of those things."

"That's nice of you, but I don't need your permission to touch it. You're my child. I can touch it, look at it or change it any way I want to. With a thong so can everyone else. I'm the generous type, son, you know that, I'll share anything—even my son's package." Susan then returned to conversing with Sharon. "So what are your folks doing this weekend, maybe we can get together."

"I'm not sure what Dave has planned for this weekend. I'll give you a call. Maybe we can deliver Sammy's thong. Steven might feel a little better if one of his friends has to wear one too. Anyway I'll let you know."

Susan walked over to retrieve her daughter who had her hand under the mesh and had a death grip on Steven's erect penis. "Before I go can I do that flick thing?" the younger child asked Karen. "Sure, Steven undo the bow so I can take your thong off."

Steven hesitated, but then released the string. As Karen removed the thong Sammy appeared and watched as his little sister flicked his friend's scrotum. "He's not doing anything".

"That's because your aren't doing it right. For now, just grab one of his 'grapes' inside the bag and pinch it real hard. I'll show you," Jamie coached.

"No I want to do it," Shaqueta separated one of his testicles and applied a quick but effective pinch to the gonad. The result was immediate as Steven rolled off the lounge chair and hit the concrete with a high pitched shrill. The girl smiled with pride at the power she'd just exercised. "Look, I did it. He's crying."

"Yes, you did. You'll be getting a lot more practice real soon. Won't she Sammy?" Susan gloated.

"No Mom. Please don't do this." Sammy begged as his family walked toward the pool exit

"You know Sammy when I asked you to change in the locker room here at the pool you wouldn't go in there. You said everyone gets naked and you didn't want to get naked in front of other men and boys. That's just not normal for boys. They're supposed to not worry about being naked. You know, not so long ago boys were expected to swim naked at pools. Oh, they had separate times for boys and girls, but the girls could come watch the boys if they came with their mothers. There wasn't any modesty involved as far as boys. Today, boys are wusses. They're pussies. I'm going to make you tougher, I'm going to get rid of that modesty. You'll thank me for it, son."

As the boy's voice was heard saying, "I'll change in the locker room every time, just don't make me wear one of those things." Both the voices and the silhouettes disappeared into the parking lot.

Chapter 6

Later that afternoon Dave called Sharon on her cell phone. After hanging up she and the women shared weekend plans. There were a lot of orders that had to be filled if this was to become a lucrative project.

"Dave and I are going to take Steven out to the beach this weekend. Of course, he'll be wearing his mesh thong. I really haven't decided whether we'll take anything else for him to wear. Well, maybe his mesh top, too, but I'm not sure we need much more."

Hearing this, Marjorie felt compelled to use this as an initial marketing 'feeler'. "Maybe I could ask my husband Bob to take us all to the beach too. I'd take Teddy and Timmy in their mesh outfits. We could sit about a 100 yards from you on the beach, so people wouldn't know we're together. It would look like this was an up and coming thing as far as boy fashion. You know we'd act as though we didn't know each other and give people some advertising if they asked where we got them. If we sit together, they'll just think we're two 'perverts' or something and just shrug it off. But if we're apart it looks like a new trend. What do you think?"

Andrea looked pensive. "You know that might just hatch this thing wholesale. I like it."
She continued, "Why don't you ask your husband? Then call Sharon and set up a time and place. One of you could arrive before the other by a couple of hours. It just might work. We might be able to finish these orders we took at the pool and get those folks to visit a quarter mile or so up the beach. Man, I like it. Boy thongs all over. Women and girls get an eye full, modesty rules for boys head south, and we get rich doing it. Maybe, we need to patent the damn things. Hilfiger and Calvin Klein watch out here we come."

Marjorie handed Andrea a stack of orders, "Here are the orders from the pool. I would suggest we take the Wooten's order, call her and see if she can't get Sammy to the beach. We need a minority kid in one. Being black it'll make it look even more popular. Tell her she can have her order for free and we'll give her a 10% commission on each thong she sells. Our first commissioned sales person. Oh my God, I can't stand how fast this is all happening."

"Now you girls are thinking like marketers," Marjorie blustered. "Let's get those little penises and balls exposed. It's for the public good."

Sharon assumed another responsibility, "I'll call Susan Wooten. I know her from the health club. I think she'll like the idea of getting a commission for showing off Sammy's package. Sure wish she'd get him circumcised though, I like to see what color a black kid's head is."

"No, if he's not circumcised he'll be another variation to the show. If you're that interested, pull off his thong and push the foreskin back. I'll bet its pink." Andrea chided.

"Not if it's been circumcised for awhile. It is more bluish than pink on our boys. Look! They aren't pink. Oh sure, they might have been if they kept that skin, but they certainly aren't now. Well, maybe a little pink, but not like a kid with a foreskin." Sharon argued. "Besides, I think it's cuter to see that head. You know that one eyed worm in a turtleneck sweater as they say."

"Well, why don't you tell Susan you like it better and see if she really gives a shit?" Andrea teased in an effort to end the line of conversation. "Let's just get things organized rather than talking about 'Tip-off Weekend', how about it?"

"Okay, but I still would like to see that boy circumcised."

"How do you know he isn't, pray tell?" Marjorie asked a question that didn't even occur to Andrea.

"Sammy and Steven were on a swim team together a couple of years ago and parents were allowed in the locker room. Hell, there are a bunch of kids whose privates aren't really that private to me." Sharon confessed.

"Got to see all that boy meat?" Marjorie summarized.

"Yes, they felt that as mothers of boys we'd all seen it before. How wrong is that reasoning? Each boy is a little different and it makes this a very interesting point of view. All of us were all eyes as each little boy stripped. Some of us purposely 'lost their underwear' so they had to stand there with their little dicks swinging and sometimes sticking out as we pretended to look for the item. You know kind of displaying our son's genitals to the rest. Of course we all looked but acted like it was nothing. Then some of us would comment on the kid's parts in the parking lot after practice."

"Sharon you never told me about that. I'd have volunteered to pick up my 'nephew' from swim practice for you. You kept that all to yourself." Andrea feigned indignant.

"Let me put some salt in the wound. Your girls could have gone in the locker room too. There were little sisters, big sisters and brothers with the mothers too. Those boys had absolutely no privacy at all. Most tried to creatively use their towels to hide themselves. Some parents let them, but I would take and fold Steven's towel before he pulled his Speedo off. Then I'd slap his hand if he covered and say, 'Quit, it looks like you're playing with yourself'. He'd turn toward the lockers to restrict the view to his cute little ass while I acted like I was looking for his underwear. Sometimes another parent or little girl would come over and talk to him as I put on the act. Then I'd say, 'Steven turn around and look at whoever while they talk to you'. When I did that, I got a look that would make lasers mild. But the heat from his stare would sooth when I looked at the face of the mother or child visually examining him."

"Then this public nudity is nothing new to him." Marjorie inquired.

"Well, he's older now and the scale has changed. We're not talking locker room anymore and now we allow girls to feel the goods rather than just look. But the pool and the beach are not a locker room. There's no place to hide. And there's no eminent cover coming."

"You dog, you. You kept that all to yourself." Andrea shook her head in disbelief.

Later that evening.

"Hi Susan, its Sharon."

"Hi Sharon. Is there a problem with my order?"

"No, I'm calling with a proposition. We were discussing using Sammy to model the thong at the beach with the rest of us this weekend. We'd be willing to give you the thong and we'd provide you with a ten percent commission for each order you could round up. In other words, when people notice, you just give them an order form with your sales number on it and we reimburse you. What do you think?"

"You mean, if I sold say a hundred of them I'd get two hundred and fifty dollars?"

"Yeah, but you don't have to sell if you let Sammy's little worm attract the fish. You just reel them in."

"I like it. You know, I'm quite a seamstress and I could help you make these things too. I noticed how many orders you got at the pool today and I think you might need the help filling those orders."

"Let me talk to Andrea and see if we're ready to take on more staff. But, what we really need is more sales. That's why I'm calling you. If you parade Sammy around with that thong on, it'll attract a lot of attention and might even pay for the weekend and then some."

"Well, his dead beat Dad isn't keeping up with the child support, I guess Sammy could help support himself this way. Besides, if his Dad saw him parading around the beach in that thong, he'd shit. He'd be sooooo pissed, but there isn't a damn thing the asshole could do about it. We'll be there."

"Okay, but we can't act like we're together. Marjorie is bringing the twins and we're going to sit way apart so people think this is just a new trend rather than a group of friends who like exposing their boys. If you could set your stuff up oh a quarter mile east of the refreshment stand where we usually sit, we'd 'bump into each other' and act like we both found the same outlet for our boys. Then we could chat it up. You know?"

"You know Sammy is going to blow a fuse. He got really mad at me when I ordered one of those for him. He called me everything but a white woman. No offense intended. I beat his ass with a belt for being rude and now he won't talk to me. This will really piss him off. What time do you want us there?"

"How about you show up at about eleven or so on Saturday morning? We'll already be there. It'll separate our relationship a little more if we do it that way. I'll run his thong and some order forms by your place tomorrow morning at eight or so and then we'll head to the beach. He can see Steven wearing his and maybe it'll make it easier for you."

"Oh, hell no. There ain't anything gonna make that child feel good about wearing that thong. I'll probably have to stripe his ass with the belt again, but we'll be there and he'll have his thong on."

"You know if you do stripe his ass, should it be noticeable, it's a sales gimmick. You can say, 'And if he needs a good whipping, you have no pants to remove, you just grab something and cut loose. His ass is always bare.'"

A short burst of giggles and Susan responded, "Good point. See you tomorrow morning. But, tell me, is it normal to get aroused at the prospect of publicly exposing your son?"

"Oh yeah, it's great. Enjoy the moment. Wait until you sit there and watch some young girl fondle him. You'll really get wet down there if you know what I mean."

"I did watching Shaqueta rubbing Steven's at the pool today."

"Things don't do anything but get better." Then as a parting statement Sharon added, "At least you don't have a husband to try to convince. Anyway we'll see you tomorrow at the beach. I'll bring Sammy's thong with me. We'll meet at the refreshment stand so people don't connect us. You can take it and make him change at your blanket. You'd better bring a belt. I wouldn't be surprised if he refuses. You'll find the belt helps make them more compliant."

"Oh I will."

"See ya." Sharon hung up and dialed Marjorie's number.

"Hi, Marjorie?" after confirming the identity of the voice on the other end, Sharon continued, "Geez I was afraid I was going to get Bob and have to listen to his complaints about what I've gotten you and he boys involved in."

"Oh, he's okay with it. He even wants them to wear them to the family reunion this year. He says he's proud of their little dicks and doesn't mind showing them off. I think it's some macho thing to say 'see I fathered some boys'. No, he likes those thongs. He says we should just save the money and make them run naked all summer. They cried when he said that, thinking it might happen. Not that it would be much difference. They hate the thongs. They're afraid they're going to bump into other kids from their class. I guess being exposed to the neighborhood didn't sink in yet. They really haven't been out of the house since we put those thongs on them. Bob, teases them. He grabs their little packages and says 'squeeze the meat', gooses them and goes on. They get a real angry look and tell him to stop and he just laughs at them. He teases them when they go hard too. Well, what about your friend Susan, is she coming tomorrow?"

"Yeah, but I think we ought to have a convoy to the beach so we all end up at the same area. With all the activity and all the snack places someone is going to get lost. We can all park in the same lot and act like we don't know each other and stake out spots a hundred or two yards apart. It'll give the desired effect."

"Good idea. It wouldn't do to get separated."

"I'll call her back. We can meet at Indigo's Market off Turner Road. That's a great idea. What time?"

"How about 9:30?"

"Okay, I'll be able to give you two some order forms when we meet there. That way it doesn't look like a marketing ploy at the beach."

"Do you really think we'll get that many requests?" Sharon sounded skeptical.

"What? We got how many at the pool? And, that was a small audience. The beach will be crowded this weekend and I assure you every true female will want to show off her son's parts. We aren't the exception, we actually represent the majority. You'll see. Once we sell enough of these, the boys will no longer have anything to hide. We're setting a fashion trend that is long over due."

After hanging up Sharon called Susan back with the meeting plan. Susan decided to make her son change to the thong in the parking lot at Indigo's Market.

The following morning Dave and Sharon woke up Steven. Sharon handed him a new black mesh thong and said, "Here's your suit. Put it on. I think the black will make you look sexy."

Steven stretched as he slipped out of bed sporting a morning hard on which bounced up and down to his mother's amusement. He was required to sleep nude ever since his mother got on the thong kick. To his mind it wasn't bad because he had covers to hide his condition, but this thong thing he couldn't abide. Sharon chose to fight against the counsel of the others as far as her son's erection. She liked his little boners and couldn't understand the other women's desire to stop them. Marketing in her mind would be enhanced by his little hard-ons, however, she'd comply when she had to, but otherwise stiffies were perfectly wonderful to watch and touch.

"Come on, Mom, I don't want to look 'sexy'", he mimicked making quotation marks in the air. "Let me wear my Speedo. I don't want everyone to see my thing."

"Well, your 'thing'," Sharon mimicked back making the same quotation gesture, "is beautiful and I'm proud of it. Look it's a black thong. Maybe it won't show as much, try it on and let me see. Here let me help, I want to rub that penis for a minute it looks pretty hard."

"That's 'cause it wants me to go pee. You can rub it when I get back from the bathroom, if I don't have to wear the thong."

"How about we take a few rounds with the belt and then we see what you'll do?"

"I'll be back in a minute," pouting he headed to the bathroom.

As he passed his Dad in the hallway, Dave reached down a cradled his son's penis in his hand and said, "Whoa looks like you gotta go. It is a nice one though, Son, you have nothing to be ashamed of."

"Oh that makes me feel better, Dad. If you think it's a nice penis, I shouldn't be ashamed of everyone on earth being able to see it and touch it. Okay, Dad, why don't you wear one of those thongs?"

"Don't get smart with me or you'll be wearing some colors on your backside at the beach. I won't have a smart ass for a son. Besides, when I was your age, I was made to be nude in public. All the boys were on public displays at various times. We didn't have the same need to be covered all the time the way kids today do. We didn't have thongs either, we were completely nude."

Steven continued to the bathroom. When he returned his mother massaged his boyhood for a few minutes and then slipped the revealing thong between his legs, joined the waist string to the string which went up his cleft and tied them in a double bow on his left side. "Oh, how sexy can it get. Look at yourself. Go over to the mirror and look at that stiff little wiener and that tight little sack. The black mesh just makes it more inviting. Humor Momma and push the head of that little dick out the side of the sack until it goes down."

"Moooommm, why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I like to see what I helped create and you are just a little boy so you aren't allowed the modesty to deny me. Now, push the head of that dick out the side of the thong now. And keep it there as long as its hard."

"But, but, what if it doesn't go down before we go to the beach."

"Then its going to be sticking out the side when we get there. It'll go down. Keep up the complaining and I'll make you stick it out every time it gets hard and you and I both know its going to get hard when we get to the beach. Isn't it now?"

Compliantly the boy reached in the top of the pouch and adjusted his boner so the head and an inch and a half of shaft were sticking out the side of the pouch. Sharon reached over and twirled it between her thumb and forefinger. "Now, that's cute, I don't care who you are. That's cute as a button. Let's go. We have to meet the others at Indigos we'll get Daddy to stop and get us something to eat at a fast food place on the way."

"We don't have to go in, do we? I mean he'll go through the drive in window, won't he?"

"Well maybe just this time. Why are you so shy about those little boy parts and that cute little bare ass?"

"I just don't want to go where people will see me. That's all."

"We're going to the beach. People are going to see you. All of you! What's the difference?"

"Yeah, well the other kids will at least be undressed except for their swimsuits. It's not the same as everyone completely dress except me."

"You do have a modesty problem don't you?"

With that the pair walked out toward the idling car where Dave somewhat impatiently awaited their arrival.

As they approached the drive-in lane speaker to place their orders Sharon noticed her son with the towel draped across his lap. "Steven, give me the towel. You are to sit with your legs spread wide apart and keep those hands on the back of your head or neck. Do you understand? There's no reason the lady at the drive up window shouldn't see how nicely you're developing or how cute that thong is. If I have to say it again, we'll go in to eat." Compliantly the boy handed the towel to his mother.
"Hey, Steven, what do you want?" his father asked.

"I want a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and can I get fries?"

"Whatever you want," his father reassured.

"Okay then a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and order of fries and a large orange juice."

His father relayed the order to the lady operating the speaker. He then added additional items for he and his wife.

"Pull ahead to the first window, please," came the directive.

Steven had apparently forgotten the two step process here was to order at the speaker, pay at the first window and pick up the order at the second window. That meant twice the exposure. As the car rolled forward his mother check to make sure his position was as revealing as it could be. The lady took the ten dollar bill from his Dad and as she turned did a double take through the back window. "That is the cutest swim suit I've ever seen on a boy. Oh, look you can see his thing. Is his ass bare all the way?"

Dave responded before Sharon could gloat. "Yeah, his butt is bare. There's a string going right up the crack and that's about it."

"Oh my, what a wonderful little suit."

Steven could feel his penis begin to salute to all the attention it was receiving. The lady then pushed a button on her microphone and said, "Hey Glenda, check out this kid's bathing suit when they pull ahead. It's a knock out." Giving the change back to Dave she said, "Thank you, you come again and be sure to bring that cute little stud in his thong when you do."

Dave gave a cursory smile and nod and pulled ahead. As Sharon turned she could see her son had developed a woody. "You need to put the head out for Momma again, honey. Just push it out the side."

"Why they can see it the way it is."

"What did your mother just tell you, son? You don't need a reason. Do as she said or I'll pull you out of here and tear up that bottom right here in the parking lot. Now, do it."

Steven pushed the head out the left side of his patch. "Oh I think you can push more of it out than that Steven. Should we take the thong off. Now, get it out where people can see it." Steven put his hand down the top and pushed two inches of shaft out as well. The car moved ahead to the pick-up window.

"Okay where is this boy with the perfect swimsuit?" Glenda said as he handed Dave the bag and drinks.

"He's right back there," Sharon prompted.

Glenda leaned out the window and her mouth circled and she let out and "Ooooohhhhh," she momentarily pressed her hand against her mouth, "Look that precious little thing has a hard-on. His little mushroom is sticking right out. Wish I could pick it." She giggled.

Sharon replied, "Maybe some other time we have to get going, we're meeting someone, but we'll come back some day and you can pick it as much as you'd like."

"Well, honey, that would be an all day pickin' spree and neither of us has the time," Glenda said, "Thank you for sharing him. He's beautiful."

Dave drove out the drive and the half mile to Indigos to meet Marjorie and Bob and Susan. Steven was made to keep his erect penis out the side of the pouch the whole time. He was concerned this would become a regular pose for him when he sported a stiffy.

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