Strings and Sacks, Inc. - Chapter 1
By Sir Cum Sizemore

copyright 2006 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Chapter 1

It was mid July and Sharon was visiting her closest friend Andrea. As they lay sunning themselves at the backyard pool, Andrea's girls Karen and Jamie dove in and after pulling themselves out would noisily run back to the diving board sprinkling water on the two women and Steven, Sharon's eleven year old son.

"They're really cute kids, Andrea, and really active. Their suits are really colorful, where'd you get them?"

"What do you care? They won't fit you and I'm sure that good lookin' hunk Steven over there won't wear them." Then reaching over to the boy she playfully slapped his Speedo covered bottom and continued, "Will you Steven?"

"No, Aunt Andrea, no, I wouldn't wear those." The boy replied without even lifting his head from the rolled up towel supporting it. The sun was warm and he was enjoying the moment.

"You know Sharon, he's getting really brown. Look at those muscular little legs. And his six pack abs are just as cute as can be. How can a little boy be so trim and in-shape? I wish I could get the weight off Jamie. She's pudging up, and for a seven year old that isn't a good thing."

"Yeah, well it's not a good thing for thirty year olds either," Sharon replied.

Again, Andrea patted her best friend's son on the bottom, "Hey, Slick, why don't you slip out of the suit so you don't have tan lines?" Half kidding and half hoping he would comply she continued. "The girls and I won't care. Besides, I've seen your little thing before when I used to bathe you. So did Karen. She used to be in the tub right next to you. Come to think of it, that wasn't so long ago, was it Sharon?"

"I think the last time that happened was when he was five or six." Sharon noted.

Looking pensive Andrea reminisced, "Seems like only yesterday." Then slapping the boy's bottom again continued, "So how about it, Stevie, get the suit off so those cute little buns get brown too. Your boy parts will tan up too. How cute could that be?"

"No, Aunt Sharon, I think I'll pass on that. I'm not getting naked it would be embarrassing."

"Sharon, have you seen him naked lately?"

"Andrea?" The boy's mother lifted her brow to signal that was a borderline comment.

"Well, have you?"

"I'm his mother. Of course, I've seen his private parts."


"Hey, I'm right here. Mom you don't need to talk about this kind of thing do you?"

"It's okay Steven, Aunt Andrea is just playing." Then turning toward her friend she said emphatically, "I was with him last week during his physical. Dr. Stevens made his strip naked for the whole darn thing. So, to answer your question, yes, I have seen his penis and his testicles and his bottom lately. Okay, now, can we change the subject?"

Andrea smiled and continued, "What? Does this kind of thing embarrass you?"

"No, but I'm sure it's embarrassing Steven."

"Yeah, it's embarrassing me!" Steven interjected. "Mom you didn't have to tell her about the doctors."

"Well, Honey, I thought that would shut her up."

Everyone chuckled and Andrea briefly stared off at her girls. "So, tell me, Sharon has his little thing kept up with his growth? As I remember it, it was quite long for a little boy. And that cute little helmet sitting on top. Remember when he'd get those little woodies while he ran around nude at the beach or in the yard? We used to say, 'Someday, some girl is going to be really lucky.'"

"Andrea, that's enough." With a half smile and a forced look of disgust, Sharon patted her son's thigh to reassure him.

"Come on Aunt Andrea, let's just change the subject." The boy begged without lifting his head. He was used to Andrea's chiding, but wished she'd get off the subject of his boy parts and nudity.

Steven rolled over and put on his sunglasses as he began to "roast" the front of his body. Andrea couldn't resist another assault.

"Would you look at that bulge? He has kept up hasn't he? It's really packed in there, Little Buddy. Bet we'd like to see that."

"Andrea, that's enough. Leave him alone. Just ignore her, Steven!" Then Sharon threw a towel over his genital area to provide extra coverage from probing eyes.

"Mom, when's lunch?" Jamie asked as she dripped from her recent dive.

"Honey, I'll fix it in a few minutes," then she turned to her guests, "Sharon, you hungry? Steven?" Steven was quick to indicate his need to eat something.

"Yeah, and a Coke would be nice."

"Sharon, why don't we go in and get something ready for the kids?" With that the two women wandered into the kitchen.

"You know, I wish I'd had a little boy. Not that the little girls aren't great and I love them dearly, but I'd love to have a little boy swimming naked out in the pool. I'd love watching his little wanker moving to and fro as he walked or ran. I really would."

"They have a name for people like you, Andrea, pedophile."

"No, I don't want to have sex with a kid. I just want to watch them in all their glory. Yeah, rubbing his little penis would be kind of relaxing, and, yes, probably arousing, but that's all. I just would love to rub a little boy's penis and testicles and play with his little hard-on. I bet the girls would too. Maybe, it's the whole divorce thing. I can't get a man, so I'll settle for a boy?"

"First of all, what you described is pedophilia. You say no sex, then you want a prepubescent replacement for Rob. I'd say that qualifies."

Andrea responded sarcastically to her friend's diagnosis, "Well, Doctor, like I said I don't want it for sex. I just want to play with it for awhile. Steven might love his Aunt Andrea fondling his little package. Admit it, he'd soon love it."

"We'll never know."

"Oh, come on Sharon, a little rubbing, maybe some pictures, and maybe some disciplining if he needs it. Tell me, do you make him pull his pants down when you spank him?"

"I haven't spanked him in a year I'd bet. But to answer your question, yes, I used to make him strip naked for a spanking. Then, I'd make him spend a couple of hours nude while his butt cooled down. Why?"

"Oh man. That must have been great."

"No, spanking isn't a fun thing to do."

"Tell the truth. You mean you didn't get a little aroused when you took a belt to his bare bottom. Come on! Come on, now Sharon, you know you did."

With a half smile the mother replied, "Well, yeah I did. I guess that's what made me insist on him staying naked afterward. I liked the hard little dick and the red little bottom. It was a little exciting. Now, let's talk about something else."

"Come here, look out there," the women looked at the handsome eleven year old sunning himself completely oblivious to the women's stare, "Tell me he wouldn't look cuter without that old Speedo on."

"Well, I guess he would, but he won't take that thing off. He might for me, but certainly not in front of you and the girls."

"You could tell him to take it off. He'd do what you told him."

"Maybe for some things, but he wouldn't do that. Let's talk about something else. What are we going to fix for the kids' lunch?"

"Don't go changing the subject. Hey, I've got an idea. We could strip him gradually."

"What? What in the hell are you talking about? Gradually, he's only wearing a Speedo, how's that going to be gradual?"

"We could buy him a thong—one with string going up his butt crack and securing that little triangle thing to his wiener. That'd be cute as a button. Admit it. Come on, admit it, Steven would look beautiful in one."

With a half embarrassed grin and her eyes set as if to visualize that, Sharon replied, "Yes, I guess you're right. That's kind of why I make him wear Speedos—maximum exposure for my visual pleasure. You know, I've never seen a thong for boys. Where would you get one?"

"We could buy a plain color from a girls' shop and tell him it was for boys, or I can make one for him. I bet I could find material up there to make one today. We could 'fit' it for him."

"You don't need to fit a thong. Aren't they kind of one size fits all?"

"Well we'd want to make sure the triangle just barely covered his you know what. Oh God, Sharon, I'm getting excited here. I'll look around after lunch and we'll make one for him today."

"Not so fast. What if he doesn't want to wear it?"

"You're his mother, don't give him a choice."

"What if he refuses, though. We can't make him do that."

"Yes, we can. If he refuses, tell him if he doesn't you'll beat his ass with the belt and his naked time will be spent at the pool. He'll agree to wear it then. At least it covers his boy parts. Then after he gets used to it, we'll pull the bow loose while we put sunscreen on his butt and whip it off him. Bang, there he'll be naked. Then we'll have the girls get rid of the thong."

"Okay, if that will get you to shut up, we'll do it. You're right, it is exciting. My little boy lying there with his boner pointing to the heavens. Those two girls of yours stroking it for him."

"My girls nothing, they're going to have to give me a chance too." Picking up a try of sandwiches prepared as they talked the two women went out to feed the kids their lunch. The unsuspecting eleven year old stood up and his shapely, muscular legs were well displayed as he stretched, putting his ball cap on he came to the table.

"Girls, Steven, there are Cokes and Sprites in the cooler over there. Help yourselves." Andrea was delighted at the negotiated settlement over her friend's son.

As the children ate, Andrea began her chiding again, "You know, Steven, in Europe and other places, boys your age often swim nude even on public beaches. You shouldn't be so modest."

Innocently, Jamie asked, "Just the boys?"

"No, Honey, little girls do sometimes, but boys do more often than girls."

"That's not fair. Why do girls have to wear stuff and boys don't?"

"I don't know, Jamie, maybe it's just that little boys shouldn't have any modesty and little girls should. Maybe people just like looking at little boy's bodies."

"Mommy, can I take my suit off after lunch and be naked?"

"Well, maybe all three of you can stay naked after lunch, how's that?"

Karen was ignited, "Not me. I'm not going to be naked. I'm twelve and I don't think that's a good idea. But, I must admit, I'd like Steven to be naked. Now, that would be cool." Teasingly, she elbowed the boy in his side.

"In your dreams, Karen, in your dreams," the eleven year old smiled as he responded.

"You know, Steven, you and Karen used to share the same tub when you were little. So there's nothing to hide."

"Aunt Andrea, stop talking about that. That was when we were little, not now. I'm not getting naked." The boy replied with a touch of anger.

After lunch Jamie again asked to strip. Andrea gave her blessing, "Okay, Jamie you can take your suit off. So can you, Steven."

The boy walked back to the pool without acknowledging the remark as the seven year old girl stripped. Steven dove in from the side of the pool and the naked little girl ran and jumped in next to him. When they came out of the water, Andrea remarked. "See she's not a bit shy."

"Yeah, well, she's only seven. I'm eleven."

"Ooooooo, four years older, that's a lot." Andrea playfully and sarcastically responded.

"And, Mom, she's a girl and doesn't have anything to look at right there. He's a boy and I think he'd be more interesting," the usually quiet Karen joined the teasing.

"I'm going in to watch TV." Steven attempted his retreat.

"You're going to stay out here with the girls while Aunt Andrea and I go in. We've got a project to work on." His mother countered.

"Karen, or if you want to Steven, put some sunscreen on Jamie. Be sure to get the parts her suit was covering. We don't want her to burn." Andrea tossed Karen the bottle of sunscreen.

Though he really was interested in touching some of the little girl's private areas, just out of curiosity, the boy pretended not to be interested. "I don't want to put that on some old girl. Tell her to put it on her herself."

Smiling at the response, Sharon instructed, "We'll be down in an hour or so. You kids play."

While the women were engaged in their project in Andrea's sewing room, the bantering at the pool resumed.

"Hey, Steven, I really would like to see that wiener of yours. I don't remember what it looks like from when we took baths together. Why don't you do what Jamie did?" Karen teased as she coated her sister vulva with sunscreen and gently rubbed it in. The sight did attract the full attention of her brother like friend.

"Well, why don't you take off your suit too, then?" He countered.

"Because I'm older and my body has changed to be more like a grown up."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, for one thing I've got boobs in case you didn't notice." And he had. "And, I've got hair down in the other place. Do you?"

"Nooo, not yet." The boy replied with a blush.

"Well, that's why. And, Mom says boys shouldn't be so modest, you know shy, about their bodies. They should be made to be naked, even in front of us girls. She also says, girls should be modest when they get to my age. So, what about it? Gonna' take it off?"

"No, please stop asking me that."

"I'd rub it for you. You know put the sunscreen on it and that little sack of yours too."

"What sack?"

"The little bag with your balls in it."

"How do you know what's down there?"

"I'm not stupid. I baby sit. I've seen lots of little boys, including yours. So, why don't you just show us?"

"Yeah, Steven, I want to see that bag thing. Could I touch it too?" Jamie asked.

"No, stop asking me that!" Then Steven retreated back to the pool and dove in from the side.

Up in the sewing room. "Oh, look Sharon, I have some white material. You know what happens when that gets wet. Let's use the white."

"Let's use a dark color so it's gradual."

"If we use the white and he dives in, we can make him keep his hands way from his front. Then we can reason that because it's on display anyway, he should just shed the thong. It might work."

"Okay, make the white and we'll get it on him."

"I'll make the 'string' out of a quarter inch doubled up piece of material. Oh shit, look at this Sharon, do you think this will cover it?" Andrea held up the triangular piece which had been hemmed to prevent unraveling.

"Just barely. When he lies just right or sits right, it'll give a side shot of his goodies, won't it?"

"That's the idea, isn't it?" Andrea giggled. "Let's get the straps attached. We could use that elastic stuff instead."

"Well then how are you going to untie it while you sunscreen his butt?"

"Good point." The sewing machine hummed briefly as Andrea attached the homemade strap to the triangular piece. Holding up the finished product she said, "Oh my God, Sharon, he'll look fabulous." Emphasizing the 'fabulous' with a Spanish accent. "Call him up here."

Sharon went to the slider and called to her son. He walked to the door wet from his recent plunge. "What?" he asked indignantly.

His tone angered his mother, "Steven, get your attitude straightened out or I'll borrow a belt and do it for you. Come in here I want to try something on you."


"Just get in the bedroom over here and get your suit off."

"Why, Mom?"

"Steven don't get me upset. I'll whip the fire out of you. Your attitude is getting a little rough. Now, get in the bedroom and get naked now." Secretly Sharon was getting excited at the prospect of exposing more of her son to others. As she entered the room with the new thong she couldn't help but notice the tan lines now exposed at her son's groin line. He stood covering his penis with his hands.

"What am I going to wear?"

Holding the skimpy piece of clothing out, she offered, "This."

"I'm not wearing a girl's bikini. No way."

"This isn't a bikini. It's a thong and men and boys wear them all the time."

"No men or boys I've seen. Dad doesn't wear one."

"Dad doesn't wear a Speedo either, but you're going to wear this for the rest of the weekend."

"No, I'm not. Please don't make me do that, Mom."

"You will wear this. Now, put your hands down and I'll show you how to put it on."

"Please don't make me, Mom. I don't want to wear that thing."

"I didn't ask, now put your hands down and I mean now."

Slowly the boy lowered his hands exposing his well endowed penis and testicles to his mother. She looked at them imagining how beautiful her son would look with a consistent tan. He was almost godlike in his appearance and she couldn't help but be thankful for having him circumcised as an infant. It left nothing to the imagination. She approached her son and playfully squeezed the glans and wiggled his penis back and forth. "At least this little guy will be covered up. I don't see what the problem is."

"No, Mom, I don't want to wear it." The boy pulled away.

"Either put this on, or I'm getting a belt and I'm going to wear you out. Then you'll spend your naked time out at the pool. It's either having some cover or none at all, it's your choice." Walking to the door she yelled, "Andrea, I need to borrow a belt for a few minutes." As she waited for the enforcer, Steven stood naked in full view of the opened door. Hands were again down covering his crotch. "Steven put you hands on your head and you face this way."

"Please close the door and I will."

"You will and the door stays opened as long as I want it to."

Steven began to cry as he moved his hands slowly to his head.

"I'm going to talk with Dad when we go home tomorrow. I'm going to tell him about how you are behaving. You know, if I use the belt on you, he will too. You know that don't you? Now, get those hands on you head. And yes, Aunt Andrea is going to see your boy parts when she brings me the belt. You've earned that."

Andrea approached the room. As she looked in the door she was rewarded with a sight she hadn't seen in five years. Her best friend's son in the altogether. "Oh my, he has grown well hasn't he? Look at that little dick. Or should I say well big dick? Maybe, we don't need the thong, huh? Karen and Jamie would probably prefer this to the thong."

"No Andrea, he'll be wearing his thong. Won't you, Steven?" She looked sternly at her son. "Now, do you want me to help you put it on or should Aunt Andrea help?"

"I want you to."

"Are we done with the belt?" Andrea asked.

"No, I'm going to keep it handy. I'm sure we'll need it sometime during the next two days. When Dave gets back tomorrow night I'm going to have him have a father and son chat with Steven. If he doesn't adjust his attitude, I'm sure Dave can make the 'chat' get the message across." She turned and had her son hold the skimpy triangle against his boyhood as she ran one strap under his legs and ran the waist band through the loop, securing it on the boy's left side with a bow. As the two tails of the bow lightly fell against his bare hip, his mother lightly slapped his now bare buttocks and said, "Now, let's have a little look."

"Oh, Andrea, that is cute. I'm glad we did this," then turning toward her tearfully embarrassed son she continued, "See, Steven, isn't that easy? It's easier to put on than that old Speedo, now, isn't it? You are cute as a button in that thing. Now, let's go out and get that bottom of yours caught up with your back and legs. We can at least start to even out that tan. What do you think?"

"Mom, please don't make me wear this in front of the girls. Please don't."

"You will wear this in front of the girls, you will wear this to the beach, you will wear this to the public pool. You are going to wear this no matter where you swim this summer. Let's not make the matter a disaster by beating your backside. If I leave stripes every one you swim around will know you got your bottom warmed. Do you want that?"

The boy shook his head "no" as the tears continued down his cheeks.

"Now, let's go. Get out there and let the girls have a look." Grabbing the belt she followed her son to the sliding glass doors separating the family room from the patio and pool deck. "Go on, go out there." Slowly, the boy stepped over the threshold. The women's voices drew the attention of the girls.

"Hey nice ass," Karen was quick to remark.

"Karen, that's enough," Andrea cautioned.

"I like your new bathing suit, Steven," the still naked Jamie chimed in. "It looks nice."

"Thank you, Jamie," Sharon acknowledged her compliment for her son. "Go and get in the pool. After you're done in the pool we'll get Karen to put some sunscreen on your bottom." The boy's mother couldn't believe she'd just put one of her instant fantasies to words. Oh well, now that it was said, so be it.

As he walked to poolside he became aware of the opening and closing of the sides of the triangle as he walked. Each step gave potential shots of his penis and testicles. Soon his penis was hard as a rock and it pushed the material completely away from the pubis giving full view of his scrotum. Before the girls could notice or comment, Steven jumped in the pool. He was completely ignorant of the effect of the water on the white material.

Standing with his arms extended to support him he remained stuck to the side of the pool. At least the cool water had made his erection subside somewhat. While he stood there Jamie continued her diving and running back to the board completely non-caring about her naked state. Karen did some diving and underwater surveillance of Steven's groin until he pushed her away. The two women settled into the chaise lounges anticipating the show when he crawled out of the pool.

"Hey, Steven, why don't you swim some laps?" Sharon hollered over to her son.

"I don't want to."

"What do you want to do?"

"I want to get out and get dressed."

"Well that's not going to happen. You will wear that thong all day, all night and all tomorrow—NO OTHER CLOTHES!! Understand?"

"Mom I don't like this thong thing."

"I do. The only better thing would be naked." Karen chided her adopted cousin.

"I agree, Steven," Andrea added, "Why don't you just take that old thing off?"

Steven didn't dignify the remark with a response. He just turned his head away. The tears had stopped and now he was just pissed off, but what could he do.

The oblivious Jamie was getting out of the pool and momentarily gave him a clear view of her vagina as she put her knee on the edge. His interest was piqued. He thought the vulva was the whole thing, but now, what on earth was that other hole? As the little girl continued her play he glued his eyes on her as she climbed out of the pool each time getting a view of her vaginal area. On her latest round, she climbed out within three feet giving him a clear view. Soon his glimpses caused his penis to harden. Even in the cool water the impulse was uncontrollable. Andrea seeing Steven's averted attention each time the little girl climbed to the poolside, called her daughter over and instructed, "Jamie, I want you to go sit on the side of the pool by Steven. Spread your legs way opened so he can see your little girl parts, okay?"

"Okay, Mom," innocently the little girl got up from the lawn chair to oblige her mother's request.

"You are nasty, Andrea. Shame on you! Looks like Dave is going to have to do the father son sex chat thing, too. I'm sure Steven will be curious."

"Hey, the kid's eleven, it's time. Next year don't they teach it in school?"

"I think so, but they don't use live models."

"Well, he should get an A then shouldn't he," glimpsing over to her daughter the little girl had just settled on the edge of the pool and spread her legs.

"Hey, Steven do you want to look at my girl thing?" She innocently asked.

Glimpsing from the side of his face, the boy said, "No. That's private."

"I don't care if you look."

"Steven, look at her twat," Karen yelled.

"Karen, the word is vagina, not twat," Andrea corrected. "And, Steven, if you want to look at it, go ahead. It won't bite you."

Though it was well below the waterline, the eleven year old boy's penis was sticking straight out as he turned momentarily for a better look. Then turned back as if to say, "Are you all satisfied?"

"Steven, you want to touch it? You can touch it if you want," Andrea coaxed. "Go ahead feel it. I know you want to."

"You can touch it if you want, Steven," the little girl reassured him she wouldn't mind.

"Go ahead and touch it Steven," Karen jeered.

"Steven, if Jamie said you could touch it, you can," his mother reassured him. "Go ahead and feel it with your finger."

Momentarily, the boy turned as if his mother's go ahead was all he needed. He stuck out his index finger and touched the area surrounding the opening. Then out of curiosity, he felt the curious looking little nub causing a shiver to rise up Jamie's back. The little girl had never had that part of her body touched by anyone other than herself or her parents during bathing. This was different. It was a kid and he was going way beyond maintenance type touching.

"Okay, kids, let's get out of the sun for awhile and play a game. How about Monopoly?" Andrea asked.

"No, let's play Rook," Jamie chimed in as she pulled away from the exploratory touch of her pseudo brother. She was completely innocent over the touching and her nudity.

"Okay, come on everyone. We'll play Rook. Karen, Steven, come on." Andrea directed.

"Come on Steven," his mother reiterated Andrea's direction.

"In a minute," he was still nursing a hard on from his anatomical lesson of only moments earlier.

"Now, Steven. Out of the pool. You've had too much sun. Get out now!"

Slowly the boy lifted himself out. He could feel his glans as it poked the ceramic tiles of the rim of the pool. Ideas for hiding it flipped though his mind, but there was no way. Maybe if he acted nonchalant it would call attention to his head instead of his crotch. He briskly turned and walked toward the covered part of the patio, but Karen was first to notice. "Wow, his peter is sticking straight out. Look, Mom, you can see the hole on the tip right through the cloth." As she pointed Steven's hands dropped to cover his now transparent covering.

"Put your hands down, Steven. You look like you're playing with yourself." Sharon demanded.

As he sat down he moved his hands to the table. "Boy I sure would like to feel that," Karen giggled as she looked under the table at his lap.

"Maybe you'll get your chance." Her mother replied.

"I want to feel it too. He got to feel my private place. I want to feel his." Jamie pouted.

"She's right, Sharon. He did get to feel hers," Andrea reasoned.

"Yeah, but you told me to." Steven replied in an attempt to ward off the impending order.

"Okay, let's just play the game. Steven you might feel better if you took that thong off and let your little peter be free while it's hard." Andrea offered.

"I don't think so."

"Well, we've seen the whole thing already when you came over here, so what's new to see?" Karen argued.

"Let's just play."

"Steven, they're right. It might feel better if you let your penis free. They have all seen it." Sharon tried to get her son to remove the thong.

"Let's just play. I don't want to take it off."

"Suit yourself." His mother responded.

During the game of Rook, Karen occasionally looked at the silent and still embarrassed eleven year old and would occasionally laugh out loud. "Karen, leave him alone. He's not a happy camper at this point and you aren't helping." Sharon warned.

"I can't help it, he's soooo cute when he's pissed. And such a cute little ass," she reached down and pinched his right butt cheek.

"LEAVE ME ALONE, KAREN. It's not funny." Steven yelled on the verge of crying from frustration.

"Karen, if you can't leave him alone, you'll have to go to your room. Now, just let him settle for awhile." Andrea warned her daughter.

When the game ended, Sharon directed her son back to the pool. "Why don't you go get some afternoon sun and I'll help Aunt Sharon with supper." Then handing Karen the sunscreen she continued, "Karen, put some of this on him. Be sure to cover his bottom well, rub it in so he doesn't burn."

"Can I do the other side too?" she asked in a way to purposely anger Steven.

"Well you can get the white parts," Sharon agreed.

"All the white parts?" She was clearly referencing his white thong.

"Karen, where his white skin is showing, you need to cover well. Be sure to do the tanned areas too. Just go." Sharon smiled knowing the mind game the girl was up to.

"Mooommm, why don't you put it on? Or let me do myself. I can do it."

"Nonsense you can't do your back and I'm not sure you can do a good job on your bottom either. Karen can put it on and you'll just have to let her. Now go!" his mother pointed toward the pool deck.

Apprehensively, the boy walked toward a lounge chair. Karen patted the fiberglass webbing and said, "Lie down here on your tummy." Compliantly the boy settled on to the chair. "Let me see where do I want to start? I know your butt. Then I can do the rest and then do the butt again." He felt cold drops of lotion dripping on to his butt cheeks and sooner than he'd liked he felt his age mate's hands rubbing the lotion on the globes. "Ooooo, such smooth skin. Firm but smooth!!!"

"Cut it out Karen. I'm gonna tell if you don't stop it."

"Go ahead. Your Mom told me to put it on here."

"You don't have to talk about it. Just put it on."

Jamie having just gotten out of the pool ran to the scene and announced, "Hey, let me put some on. I want to put some on his butt." He could feel the cold water dropping of the seven year old's body as it dripped on his legs.

"Okay, just a little, then I need to finish up."

"No, Karen, don't let her." Steven protested.

"She can do it. Go ahead, Jamie."

He felt the smaller hands begin rubbing his cheeks. "Ooooo, Karen, his butt is hard."

"That's because he's squeezing his cheeks together. I bet that's not all that's hard, huh Steven? Here Jamie, put some on your finger and rub it up and down his crack."

"NO!" the boy jumped up, "No way, just get out of here." His voice was so emphatic his mother and her friend heard it in the kitchen. Looking out the window Sharon saw him push the little girl away.

"Andrea hand me the belt. That's just about done it." She walked out to the pool deck. "Young man, get over here and bend over this chair arm, now."

"Mom, she was going to rub that stuff in my butt crack."

"I don't care over the arm of the chair, now." Slowly the boy bent over the chair arm. "You're lucky you've got this thong on and I have your bare ass in my sights. If I have to use this again, though, the thong comes off and I don't care who's in the audience. Do you understand?"

Crying the boy acknowledged, "Yes, Mom, but…."

There was a swishing sound and the leather met his skin leaving a stripe that covered both cheeks. Then another blow left its sting across his right cheek and thigh. Another blow followed and the boy screamed in response to the stinging pain. "I won't do it again, I promise, I won't do it again…Mom…" another blow fell.

The girls with wide eyes covered their mouths to hide their giggles. Blow after blow fell leaving a bottom well striped and red. "Now, get over there and let those girls put the lotion on and I don't care how they do it. You will do what I told you and if I have to come out here again the thong comes off and I won't stop after ten swats. Got it?"

"Y….umph…..EEEE….ummmp….SSSSS, ummppp, M….Oooooo… ufff…..Mmmmmm."

"Get over there."

Returning still whimpering with tears rolling down his cheeks he was met by the smiling eldest girl. He was instructed to lie down on his stomach again. He felt the cold drops of lotion as they were squirted on his hot backside. "OOooooo, that's red." Karen observed.

"It's hot, too," Jamie acknowledged as she again began putting the lotion on. She eventually started sliding her fingers up and down the boys cleft. "His butt hole is right here, Karen."

"Where, Jamie, stick your finger in it." With that Steven began to balk. "Oh no, Buddy, if you give her a hard time I'll have to tell Aunt Sharon and you know what will happen. Let her stick her finger in there. Go ahead Jamie."

"Really? I mean all the way in?" Jamie wanted confirmation.

"Yeah Jamie, shove it all the way in." The boy felt the little digit as it forced his sphincter to allow access. Soon the little finger was completely inside him.

"Oh it feels gushy in there."

"Okay, let me finish him up, Jamie," Karen said, "Steven roll over and put your hands behind your head."

"Can I help?" Asked the seven year old.

"No, let me do this side. You can watch. Steven spread your legs." He responded moving the apart slightly. "Wider." More movement. "Wider. Come on, spread 'em way apart."

He felt the drops on his legs and her hands went to work on his calves, but her eyes were obviously glued somewhere else. The material from the triangle was lifted from his pubis by a tent a four inch tent pole.

"Look, Karen, his boy thing is big again. Like when he got out of the pool." The seven year old was pointing at his erection. With a definite aire of excitement she continued, "I can see his bag thing." She squatted down to get a better view through the opening between the hem and his skin.

Steven's hand made its way down to the protective position. Karen warned him, "Don't put your hand there Steven, 'it makes you look like you're playing with it'. The final portion she tried to mimic his mother's voice.

As Karen worked her way up his legs, she stopped suddenly and did his face, then his chest and abdomen. Slowly she worked her hands to the pubic area first using circular action around the white areas of the pubis that was showing. Jamie still was squatting and squinting with innocent interest trying to visually examine the boy's testicles and shaft as best she could. Then a finger found its way between the cloth and his skin and he could feel his penis being flicked. Steven indignantly shoved Karen's hand away. "Don't….." he began.

"Uh, uh, uh, little boy. If you do that again, I tell Momma and you know what that means."

She again inserted her finger followed by her hand as she cupped his boyhood pretending to rub the lotion on in slow circular motion. The penis was hard as a rock. She rubbed his tight little sack and slid her hand up and down the shaft of his penis. "Hey, Jamie, you want to put some one him here?"

"On his thing?"

"Yeah, we wouldn't want his thing to get burned now would we?"

"Are we allowed?"

"Sure, go for it." The older girl gave the lotion to her younger, naked sibling. Quickly, the little girl squirted lotion on her hand and reached under the thong. Steven started to object but was again reminded as Karen pretended to yell, "Aunt Sharon". He then settled to let the little girl continue.

"Ooooo, his thing is hard, Karen. Are all boy things hard like that?"

"Only when they are excited, Jamie. It'll get soft when you stop rubbing it."

The little girl finished up, her curiosity whetted, she removed her hand. "He's done." His penis was tenting the cloth so much his scrotum and part of the shaft were even more visible under the hem line.

Andrea came out with some soft drinks for the kids. "Mommy, I got to feel Steven's wiener. Karen let me feel it."

"Karen, let's not do that. His mother might not appreciate it. Just do the parts you can see."

Karen blushed. "I know, but I guess I got carried away."

"Well, from now on, let's let the adults do the sunscreen. I don't want you to get in trouble."

Hearing this Steven vowed to tell the next time either one of them went for his crotch.
The only saving point of what had transpired was they hadn't seen it, they just felt it—a small point, but point just the same.

Andrea looked down at the tent rising from his groin, "I guess you girls must have done a pretty thorough job. It looks like he liked it."

"I didn't. It was wrong for them to touch me there." He said gruffly.

"Get over it, Stevie, or we'll all touch you there as much as we want. I've cautioned the girls about doing that to you again. Just get over it. Or should we get your Mom out here to settle the matter?"

"No, but it still was wrong."

As if on signal, Sharon walked through the slider on the way to the pool, beer in hand. Sitting on the other side of her son from Andrea, the women started their chatting. "Steven, why don't you go over and swim with the girls, so we can talk about adult things?"

"Ah, Mom, please let me stay here."

"Go on now. You beg to come here to swim and then you just sunbathe, go and get in the pool."

"If I get in the pool, I'm going to need more sunscreen on when I get out and I don't want to have more on me."


"I just don't, that's all. Please let me stay here."

"No, go and get in the pool now. I don't want to hear another word. Look, Karen is watching you. She wants you to come to the pool."

"That's because she wants to play with my dick."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Karen and Jamie rubbed some of that sunscreen on my boy parts. They reached under this little cloth thing and rubbed me there."

Andrea gave the boy an angry glance as if to say, "You shouldn't have told that."

"Well I'm sure they were just curious. After all they don't have one. It didn't hurt you did it?" His mother was completely unconcerned.

"You mean you don't care?"

"That's exactly what I mean. I do care if you get in the pool though, because if you don't I'm getting the belt. Now get in the pool and leave us to talk." Seeing the seriousness in her eyes the boy walked toward the pool.

"Well it appears my girls got a privilege I'm still waiting for. When do we take that thing off him?" Andrea asked.

"Next time he needs sunscreen—maybe a half hour. I'll pull it off him while I rub it on. That is unless you want to do it."

"Sharon you are really a great friend. Pulling his little patch off would be really arousing to me. I hope I don't get so wet it shows."

"Cut it out Sharon. He's just a little kid. You're sounding like that pedophile I described before lunch."

"Can I cover his dick and balls with the sunscreen?"

"Well, I should think those parts will be most vulnerable to the sun as they haven't been exposed to it since his was little, five or six maybe. I guess you better make sure you do that area well. Don't you think?"

"Makes complete sense to me," She reaches over to high five her friend.

An hour later the boy returned to the lounge chair. "Mom, can I stay out of the pool for awhile? I think I've had enough."

"Yes, you can sun for awhile. Aunt Andrea is going to put the sunscreen on you. Just lie down on your stomach and let her get started. I'm going in for another beer. Andrea, you want one?"

"Yes, I believe I do. Oh, and you might grab that other bottle of sunscreen off the kitchen counter, too. This one's almost empty."

Andrea squeezed the lotion bottle. It kind of farted a few drops on her hand. She, like her daughters, began by rubbing his bottom. She pounded the bottle on its top trying to get the remaining lotion to settle to the tip so she could continue and managed go get a few more drops. Round and round her hands went over the mounds. Slowly she slid her fingers between the thong strap and his back. It felt good to have the area stimulated as the strap had been tight. As she worked her fingers around with one hand, she slowly pulled at one of the strings hanging from the bow that secured the thong. He felt this movement, but it took a few seconds for the sensation to register. As he pulled up to protest the string was pulled loose and the thong was quickly yanked off by Andrea. "Ooooppps, guess you shouldn't have moved so quickly. Just lie back down, you don't need this anyway."

Steven flopped to his belly to protect the view of his penis. He heard Karen yell, "Hey, Jamie, Steven's naked. Mom took off his thong thing. Let's go look at his wiener."

Quickly, the seven year old got out of the pool and rushed to the lounge chair where she was met by her sister.

"Let's see his thing." Jamie demanded.

"You girls go back to the pool and keep swimming. Leave Steven alone while I finish him up."

"Oh Mom, let us have a look at his wiener." Karen reiterated her sister's plea.

"I said go back to the pool." She winked at her eldest daughter.

"Okay, Jamie, let's go back to the pool and leave him alone."

"Aunt Andrea, let me have it back and we can put it back on."

To his surprise, his mother had returned with the beer and another bottle of sunscreen. She had heard the last couple or remarks and replied to her son's request. "Steven, just leave it off so Aunt Andrea can do a better job with the sunscreen. She's already seen your penis and won't be surprised."

"Well Karen and Jamie haven't and I don't want them to see it."

"Steven, you just told me they put lotion on it. If they've touched it what's to seeing it? Don't worry! Just lie there while Aunt Andrea puts on the sunscreen."

Steven could feel Andrea's hands as they covered his neck and back. The pressure felt good to the boy. She worked her way down to his bottom and again massaged his cheeks as she applied the sunscreen. He felt the side of her hands up and down his crack. Though embarrassing it was strangely comforting. Eventually both hands worked their way down his legs. Then there was a playful slap to his bottom. "Okay, boy, turn over."

Quickly his mind sorted though excuses to give so he didn't have to do that. "It's okay Aunt Andrea, I'll just lay like this so you don't have to do the front."

"Nonsense. Roll over so I can finish you up."

"Really, I'm okay."

Suddenly there was a sharp burning pain to his backside. Again, the sharp sound of a belt landed on his bare backside. The boy yelled in pain and protest as still another hit his backside. "I believe," whack another hit landed, "Aunt Andrea", whack still another and the boy cried out in pain. Tears began to flow, "said" whack, "to roll over" whack, "so do it" a final burning welt was applied to his already very red ass. He was crying so hard at that point he didn't hear the giggles of the two girls who had moved in for a closer look at the show.

"Steven are you going to roll over, or do you want me to keep doing this?" His mother asked. The pain of the belt was more persuasive that the pain of the embarrassment of exposing himself. The boy rolled over. Even in the pain of the moment his hands left his sore hot bottom and quickly shield the family jewels from sight.

Andrea instructed him, "Steven, move your hands. You don't cover those parts with your hands. It doesn't look good for boys to do that. Besides, how am I going to get that little peepee of yours protected if I can't get to it?"

"Look at it Karen. He's hard again like when we put the stuff on. What's this?" The seven year old grabbed his glans.

"That's called a glans, Honey. It's the tip of his penis. See the hole here? That's where his peepee comes out. This bag is called a scrotum, and inside are two testicles. Sometimes they're called balls. Here put your fingers on the bag and you can feel his testicles." Totally embarrassed he could do nothing but lie there for the little one's anatomy lesson. Here's a naked seven year old girl feeling his eleven year old balls and his mother sitting there watching as she does it. "Okay, let's let Mommy finish him up with the sunscreen."

Steven was still while the girls' mother continued the sunscreen coverage. Coming down the middle of his body she spent extra time lubing up his erect penis and testicles. There as an intense feeling as her hand slid effortlessly up and down shaft to glans, glans to shaft. Then her hands traveled down his legs. Finishing his feet she returned to his genitals. "We want to make sure these parts are covered well. After all we don't want them burned now do we?" She stroked up and down with one hand and massaged his testicles with the other. Suddenly his butt cheeks squeezed together and an uncontrollable thrust brought his bottom off the surface of the lounge chair. The feeling was indescribable.

"Well, looks like Dave has another explanation to add to his talk." Andrea remarked to his mother still smiling at the thrill of having seen her son's orgasm.

"At least he's still dry. In a year or two, you'd have to be having a chat with your seven year old." She countered her friend's remark.

Still sniffling from the whipping, but definitely satisfied with the feeling he had just experienced, Steven spoke up, "I'm going to put my thong back on, so you don't have to put more on there."

"No, Steven, if you recall young man, you were just spanked and what follows a spanking?" His mother interrogated him.

"I don't know, what?"


"Naked time?"

"That's right. You will spend the rest of the day naked. You will also let Aunt Andrea put as much sunscreen on your penis as she wants. The girls may want to examine you too and you will let them. Do you understand?"

"I don't want to. I want to go in and go to bed."

"Heavens no, Steven, it's only three in the afternoon. You've got six or seven hours before you have to go to bed. Make the best of it."

Hearing this, Karen walked over and whispered in her mother ear. Andrea responded, "I don't care, but ask Aunt Sharon first."

"Ask me what?"

"Aunt Sharon, I got a digital camera for my birthday. If Steven is going to be naked for the rest of the afternoon, would it be alright for me to take pictures of him?"

"I don't see why not. It's kind of a family photo thing. Be sure most of them are frontal though." Karen looked quizzical about the term 'frontal'. You know, be sure to take most of them of his front—his penis and stuff. They'd be most interesting to your friends and I'd like a few copies to print for the family album."

Partly in excitement and partly to annoy Karen remarked, "Did you hear that, Steven, I get to take pictures of you and especially that little wiener and you have to let me."

Returning with her camera the excited preteen rubbed it in, "Steven, stand up and spread 'em. I want that hard-on in my picture. You know, Aunt Sharon, when I get this memory card filled, I can just download the pictures and start over with more. I'll have hundreds of him naked. Come on, Steven, stand up so I can get a better shot."

"Mooommm, don't let her take pictures. Please Mom, she goes to my school. She'll show them to everybody."

"Steven, stand up!" the excited girl repeated herself.

"No, you fucking asshole. Leave me alone." Steven was angry and frustrated at Karen, but he knew he'd just pushed the envelope as far as his mother was concerned.

In shock, his mother responded to her son, "Young man get over here and bend over the back of this chair. Do it, now." She grabbed the belt off the pool deck.

"But, Mom, she…."

"I said over the chair."

He bent his upper body forward over the back of the chair as he grasped the arms with his hands. As he braced for the belting, his mother commanded, "Karen, put the camera down and get over here." Compliantly the smiling girl put the camera down and approached the scene she'd hoped to photograph not completely sure of Sharon's intentions. "Here take the belt. I want you to whip him for saying those things to you and don't stop until I tell you to."

"But, I wanted to take pictures of him getting it."

"I'll tell you what, I'll take pictures of you whipping him, how's that?" Sharon offered.

"Great. Mom, would you show Aunt Sharon how to take stills and videos. I'd like to get both. I want videos especially when he starts crying. Oh God, will the kids love seeing this when we get back to school. They won't believe it."

Hearing this Steven began to cry. The thought of the embarrassment of the video was more devastating that the impending beating.

"Okay, you guys ready?" Karen asked.

"Let him have it," Sharon acknowledged.

Jamie was squatting down beside her now dominant sister, watching Steven's penis, hoping to see it move as her sister warmed his bottom.

Suddenly there was a rather awkward feeling as the leather made its first contact with his skin. It didn't hurt, but it wasn't comfortable either. The second swat made contact causing a red stripe but not enough pain to cause Steven to audibly react. "Karen, you have to hit him hard. Bring the belt all the way back and then swing it fast and hard when you come forward. Make some stripes on his ass, Baby." Andrea coached her daughter. The next stripe was painful. It was as if one of the more practiced adults had administered it. Then another hit with just as much force landing on his upper thigh. It cause him to acknowledge, "Oooowwweeeee". Then another tore into his bottom. As the young girl became more adept the stripes started to accumulate. After ten Steven was very audibly sobbing and begging for cessation. Compassionately, the twelve year old punisher stopped. "Honey, Aunt Sharon didn't say to stop. Keep whipping him."

Without taking her eye from the monitor on the back of the camera, Sharon confirmed the order. "Keep going Karen, we don't condone the language he used. Let him have some more. Let's make a point that won't be tolerated."

"Mom, his wiener is hard again. Look…" the seven year old was pointing at the boy's penis.

"How in the hell can he have an erection while he's getting his ass beaten?" Andrea remarked.

"Haven't you heard of S and M?" Sharon joked.

"What's S and M?" Karen inquired.

"Never mind, Karen, we can discuss that at some other time." Andrea cleared her throat while raising her eyes toward Sharon to indicate the faux paw, "Just keep beating Steven, Honey he isn't done yet."

The belt again started falling on the boy's backside. The sobs and pleadings continued. After six more lashes, Sharon gave the order to stop. As the belt stopped contacting his backside, Steven collapsed over the chair and continued to cry. The ever curious seven year old reached out inquisitively and pinched the tip of Steven's erect penis. His bottom was hurting so bad he didn't pay attention to the girl's touching.

Sharon walked over to her sobbing son and added salt to the wound with, "Now you have added to your naked time. You will be nude until we go home tomorrow night. In fact, I believe I'll take you home naked. Oh look, Steven, I can put this new bathing suit in my purse. It's going to be so much easier at the beach and pool. I bet you can carry this in your pocket. How convenient does it get?" With that, she put his thong in her purse.

From the pool deck Andrea saw Sharon put the thong away. She couldn't help anticipate what that meant, but had to ask. "Where's the thong?"

"Oh, I put it away. It seems Steven's naked time for his punishment has been extended for the rest of the weekend. He won't be wearing anything at all." As the girls joined the discussion, Sharon continued, "He's not to cover his penis for any reason. You girls can examine him as you wish, Karen, take all the pictures you want, pose him as you want, he's yours to play with. If he gives you any trouble, Karen you will get to beat him with the belt. Andrea, I think dinner is ready."

"Oh shit, I hope that casserole didn't burn. With all this excitement I forgot all about it."
Andrea ran to the kitchen.

Sharon turned to Jamie and said, "Jamie, why don't your rub his peepee and make him feel better. Would you like to do that?" Hesitantly the still nude seven year old girl nodded her affirmation. "Karen, that should be a real photo op for you a naked seven year old girl rubbing the boy parts of a naked eleven year old boy. Guess that's the things kiddie porn is made of. Have fun." Then pointing at her devastated and much more subservient son she continued, "And, Steven, no more crap and I mean it. You know the rules, shame on you. Spread those legs and let Jamie fondle you. I want that penis always showing so keep 'em spread whenever you're sitting or lying down. If you don't I'm going to let Karen practice some more, understand?" Back in the kitchen the two women watched intentively as the little girl stroked the boys hardened penis and her older sister stood by ominously holding the belt just waiting for a chance to use it again. "She apparently found whipping his ass a real turn on, huh?" noted Sharon.

"Yeah, well, don't you? I mean doesn't it get you kind of horny when you whip the fire out of his ass?" Andrea responded without taking her eyes off the poolside activities.

"I don't know. I guess I whip him when I'm pissed and I don't think about it. I do get a little turned on by making him stay naked afterwards. Not at first, but oh the thought of exposing him to other people against his will, oh, that makes my hot. Shit, Andrea, I shouldn't be talking like this. I'm his mother for God's sake. This is disgusting."

"Oh relax, I'm like a priest. You tell me and it never goes anywhere else. You're my closest friend. We can share thoughts without worrying about them going anywhere. At least, I hope that's how you see it." Andrea spoke with sincerity. "No, it's not disgusting. He's a boy and boys shouldn't be concerned by their exposing their naked bodies. Just think of it this way, if we make him expose himself now, he won't find a need to become an exhibitionist in the future. And, whipping his ass, shoot parents need to do more of that for both boys and girls, but especially boys. They need the physical communication of right and wrong more than girls do. You haven't done anything wrong. Look out there. If girls playing with his penis makes him feel good, we're helping him develop as a heterosexual. My girls are too. You gotta admit, boys' parts are more interesting. Maybe it's because they're completely visible and external. Just look at that cute little boner on him. Jamie can't get enough of it. And, I fear Karen can't get enough of punishing him."

"How am I going to talk with Dave about what we've done? I mean how do you tell him you want his son to wear a thong or be exposed in public places? I'm not sure his macho mechanism won't get blown way off and he'll get pissed thinking we're "sissifying" him."

"Well, Sharon, just come out with it. You are his parent too. Ask Dave about those times at the Y, scout camp, swimming hole, swimming lessons at school and stuff back in his day. I know for a fact in most of those instances he was naked as the day he was born. Then tell him it made him healthier in his acceptance of his body and you want that for Steven. See what he says. Don't project, Dave's pretty level headed and he thinks things through. I think he'd be proud to see his boy being accosted by two little girls. That would certainly feed his macho image, wouldn't it?"

"You know, it would. He'd be proud his boy was being stimulated by a couple of girls. It is macho. I'll discuss it with him when I get home. You know he often looks at him when he's in his underwear or that Speedo and says, 'He's a good looking kid, isn't he? We must have special genes.' Maybe you're right. Maybe he'll agree the more of him we show off the prouder he'll be."

"Why don't you call him and tell him to stop by here on his way in from the airport. We'll discuss it with him here and I can help you with the argument if need be?"

"Sounds like a plan. Let me go call him now. He's got his cell with him."

Andrea continued to watch her girls play with Steven's penis while Sharon went into another room to call her husband. By her count, the girls had given Steven two dry organisms while they were talking. At least his hips left the lounge chair and thrust up and one would think something exciting occurred. She longed to get some time with him herself. He was beautiful.

Sharon reentered the kitchen as her friend still gazed at the goings on at the pool. It was getting dark, but the flood lights illuminated their exploration. "Oh, look, oh Karen is going to finger his hole. Look Sharon, his eyes went wide open while she shoved it in there, then his eyes closed. Look he's in nirvana. Hey, did you see that show about animals and their babies on one of the nature channels the other day?"

"How the hell is that pertinent?"

"Well, did you see it or not?"

"No, I didn't see the nature channel show about animals and their babies," Sharon replied sarcastically.

"Okay, Sharon, don't be a smart ass. On that show they talked about mother's grooming their young and licking their genitals. Do you know why they licked their babies' genitals?"

"Yeah, to keep them clean. Thus the term grooming."

"I used to think that, too, but nope. They lick them there and orally stimulate them so they are regular in urinating and defecating. Their licking gives the young a good feeling, but it also causes them to toilet regularly. It is also part of the bonding process. I sure would like to help Steven be more regular and strengthen our bond. I'd love to suck on that little 'popsicle' of his for awhile."

"Shit, Andrea, you are becoming a bona fide pedophile, aren't you?"

"Noooo, I just think it would help him stay healthy."

"Yeah right."

"Hey, what about Dave. Is he coming here?" Andrea jerked the conversation back to the prior discussion.

"Yeah, but he isn't too pleased with the idea of spend time here. He feels uncomfortable ever since you and Rob broke up. He feels like a fish out of water without another grown male to hang with. But, he'll be here sometime around noon tomorrow." Sharon skeptically replied.

"Good. Now, what about the kids? Should we break up the orgy?"

"I'll call them in."

Sharon called the children in. A naked seven year old, one naked eleven year old and a fully clothed twelve year old—all present and accounted for. Steven still was sporting a hard on. "You gonna keep that thing stiff like that all night?" she chided her son. At least he wasn't crying or complaining, but it was clearly evident he was still pissed. "Well, young lady, did you have to use the belt on him again?"

"No, he was very good and did as he was told. I thought when Jamie stuck her finger in his ass I was going to have to warm him up, but he settled down and let her do it." Then she whispered to her mother's best friend, "Secretly I hope he gives me another chance. I know I can make it hurt more than the last time."

To which Sharon whispered, "I'm sure you'll get another chance. Just keep the belt handy."

His preteen antagonist smiled and slapped the belt against her own leg to call attention to it.

"Jamie and Steven you need to get a bath and get ready for bed. Karen you need to bathe them both." Andrea was getting things organized.

"At the same time?"

"Yep, put them both in the tub and make sure you get his boy parts and hole really clean, your sister has been playing with both so I'm sure a good cleaning is in order. Jamie's nightgown is on her bed. Just look at her. Sunscreen or not she's red as a lobster. She's really erased a lot of those tan lines today hasn't she. Look no bra outline on her little chest and back and her panty line is going away too. Maybe we'll let her run naked from now on." Andrea assessed their bodies.

"Yeah, but I'm more interested in Steven. I can't wait until he browns up. If his ass, dick and balls can get as brown as his legs, WOW! Will I show him off?" Sharon was truly lusting over her son's nudity.

"I've always told you he was good looking. Remember, I used to comment on the size of his penis even when he was just a baby? Didn't I tell you he'd be a looker. Then along about seven those muscular little legs started shaping up. I loved seeing him in short shorts or running around in his underpants. But this, who could ask for anything more?" Andrea concurred.

"Mom, do I have to get a bath with Jamie? She's a kid. Besides I can wash myself. I always do."

"Yes, well things have changed. Yes, you do have to get a bath with Jamie and I'll be up with Karen's camera to take pictures of it. Yes, you do have to let Karen wash you so we know your penis and testicles are clean and more importantly so will your anus. It's important to control for skid marks on Aunt Andrea's furniture."

"Please Mooommmmm. Let me take my own bath."

"No and that's final. Do I need the belt?"

"Did you bring my pajamas or am I sleeping in my underwear?"

"Were you somewhere else when I told you, right out there, you'd be naked for the next two days? That means no clothes. Nothing. Not underpants, not pajamas, not anything. What part of naked is it that you don't understand."

"Come on Mom, Aunt Andrea is letting Jamie wear her nightgown."

"Well, Jamie isn't being punished. She's been naked because she wants to be. Is that the way it is with you?"

"No," the boy replied coyly.

"You better get up in the bathroom before Karen decides to use the belt to usher you in. Go on now."

"When's Daddy coming home?"

"He'll be here tomorrow for lunch. Then we're going to talk about what you've been up to here lately."


"Your behavior and my feeling that you need to lose some modesty and suffer some punishment and humility. You'll be there while we talk. Now, get up to the bathroom."

Almost simultaneously Karen yelled down, "Steven if I have to come down there you're ass is mine. Get up here now. One, two, thr…." He apparently made it.

Sharon grabbed Karen's camera and followed. The entire bathing session was to be recorded. As Karen worked over the boy's erect penis she filmed the entire scene. "Karen where's your mother?"

"Oh, she's downstairs. She asked me to put Jamie to bed and send Steven to her in the living room. She wants to massage him for awhile and then something weird. Sounded like she said something about helping him with licking and urinating and defecating? Or something like that. It didn't make sense."

With that Sharon got a smile on her face and just said, "Oh."

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