Chad Gets a Taste of Aristocracy Part 2
By Sir Cum Sizemore
copyright 2005 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY.  It contains
explicit  depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If
you are not of  a legal age in your locality to view such
material or if such  material does not appeal to you, do not
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"Okay, you girls have Simon, Chris, and Glenn to play with.
Rita you are going to do Chad and I'm going to do Scotty.
Tonight we'll be watching Shrek 2.  It was a request of
Andrea's and so I rented it.  Maria will be bringing some
popcorn during the movie, but first I've asked her to bring
in the left over whipped cream from dessert."

"Mom, Maria can't come in here the boys are all naked,"
Jessica whispered.

"Oh, Jessica, she's seen your brother naked on several
occasions and I'm sure she saw Chad today.  If she didn't,
she'll get to see him now and as far as the others, Maria is
what 26 or 27 years old she's seen lots of little boys naked
before.  Besides she's got a job to do on their little

"What are you going to have her do?"

"Oh, hi, Maria, come in.  Boys you need to lie down on the
floor on your backs with your legs spread and your hands
behind your heads.  Even you Chad."  Natalie was obviously
very excited.  "Rita, I think you're going to enjoy this."

She returned her attention to the boys, "Maria is going to
pick two of you and she will smear whipped cream on your boy
parts.  You will lie still while she makes her selection and
you will let her do what she's going to do.  Maria go

Slowly the migrant worker turned maid walked among the young
nude boys eyeing their special parts.  Bending down she
grabbed Chad's penis and felt his testicles.  Then taking a
handful of whipped cream she spread it over his penis and
testicles, spreading his legs a little further apart she
smeared some down to his anus.  Then she got up and walked
over to Simon.  As with Chad she squeezed his penis and then
smeared whipped cream over his boy parts and spreading his
legs down onto his anus.  Finished she stood up and went
over to the corner of the room to watch.

"Okay, let me see, Scott and Chris come over here.  Scott
kneel down by Chad and Chris by Simon.  Now, I want both of
you boys to have a second dessert.  You are to lick the
whipped cream off of all of the parts and I want them clean.
No whipped cream or even sticky left overs.  You will lick
them clean.  If you don't, you'll visit the spanking board.
The first one done will receive a special prize.  Now go to

"Mom you can't expect me to lick his asshole."

"That's his anus and yes I can.  You will lick it and his
testicles and his penis clean of whipped cream.  While
you're arguing, Chris has gotten ahead of you." She
redirected her son's attention as she pointed toward the
other pair.

Chris was almost finished with Simon's now firmly erect
penis.  The glans was glistening from the saliva residue as
the young boy worked his way down the shaft to the
testicles.  It was apparent he wanted to avoid the spanking
board at all cost.  Finishing the entire shaft he began to
lick Simon's balls.  Meanwhile Scott was working on a very
long and erect penis too.  Chad was moaning in the pleasure
of having his dick serviced for the second time in a day.
This time his host was at work finishing up the glans.  "Oh,
Scott don't forget to lick out the pee hole I see some in
there too.  Uh, uh Scott, hands behind your back. This is a
race.  Play fair."  The boy worked furiously to get the tip
of his tongue in the bouncing penis. Having done so, he
began slow deliberate licks to the shaft of Chad's dick.  

Chris had now completely cleaned Simon's scrotum and was
beginning the least desired area, the anus.  "Simon lift
your legs up and spread them apart so Chris can do the job
right."  Doing as instructed more for the pleasurable
feeling than fear of punishment Chris was licking the area
between the base of the sack and the anus.  Having finished
he went to work on the asshole without hesitation.  He was
truly motivated to not have another round on the board.
"Chris, honey, get that tongue and stick it into his rectal
area.  You need to try and push it in the anus not just
around it.  Remember, Maria fingered him when she put it on
and you don't want to leave any or you're going to be
spanked again."

"Oh come on Scott, Chris is beating you.  Scotty, I thought
you were faster than that."

"It's no fair he started before I did." Scott offered in
defense of the criticism.

"That's because he wasn't complaining. Oooppps, it looks
like we have a winner.  Let me do a quick inspection."

Grabbing Simon's penis she squeezed the glans to examine the
urethral opening.  It was clean.  Stretching out the scrotum
she looked for any signs of whipped cream and seeing none
she examined the rest of his body for any signs.  "Nothing
but spit on any of these parts.  The anus looks cleaned.
Good job, Chris."

"No, Scotty, finish up.  You don't want another round on the
spanking board tonight do you?"  Furiously, the boy
continued to lick his friend's most private areas.  "Get
that tongue into his anus Scott.  Shove it all the way in.
I'm watching."  

"Ooooohhh look his tongue is all the way in the butt hole,"
Julie observed.

"Yeah, but that's my favorite part to watch," Andrea replied
to her friend's comment.

"I like it too, but it still is gross," Julia acknowledged.

"Okay, Glenn come over here.  Lie down and spread your legs.
Hold them up just like Simon did when he was getting his
butt licked by Chris."  The boy did as he was told.  "Okay,
Maria insert the banana.  This might take awhile."  Maria
came forward with a can of olive oil and a fairly green
banana. Placing the oil on her fingers she inserted them
into Glenn's nine year old anus.  She began working
furiously stimulating him back and forth.  His penis began
to respond to an erect posture.  Maria grabbed the erect
member and rubbed it while she worked the anus.  She then
poured oil over her middle and index finger and inserted
both.  Glenn grunted with displeasure at the feeling.  Maria
continued to rub the boy's penis with one hand while she
opened the anus wider and wider with the other.  Eventually,
Maria had three fingers inserted and worked them wildly in
an effort to widen the hole.  The little girls giggled and
shouted comments at the sight they were observing.  "I sure
hope no poop comes out," Cindy offered.  

"How can it, Maria's fingers are plugging it up." Andrea

Glenn was about to lower his legs.  He wasn't sure about
what was happening to him.  "No sirree, boy don't you dare
put those legs down." Natalie warned.

"I'm intrigued.  Are you going to put that banana in Glenn's
ass?" Rita asked as she was glued to the sight.  

"I sure am," replied Maria with a strong Spanish accent.
"Watch me."  She removed her hands and wiped the oil off on
her apron.  Then she peeled the banana.  Again, she inserted
her three fingers and worked the obviously much wider anus.
Removing her fingers she quickly replaced them with the
peeled banana and managed to shove it in deep enough that
only half was sticking out.  Then taking whipped cream she
covered it lightly and topped it with a cherry.

"Okay, Scotty, here's your ass cream Sunday," Maria beckoned
with her hand as she made the announcement proud of her

"Now, Scott, because you lost you must eat the entire banana
and you can't use your hands.  Now get busy.  Glenn you will
like this after you get used to the weird feeling.  Scotty
get busy." Natalie directed her son.  "Oh, Cindy, I want you
to grab Scott's ball sack from behind.  If he stops eating I
want you to squeeze hard.  You know really squeeze them
until he cries.  If he doesn't stop just keep rubbing them
gently.  Okay?"

"Sure. Before tonight I never felt a boy's wiener or his
bag.  Tonight I get to as much as I want.  This is fun, Mrs.

"I'm glad you're having fun, Cindy.  Now just grab hold of
them.  There you go.  Give 'em a little squeeze to get him

She did and Scott obviously tensed from the pressure.  He
nipped off the cherry and began to lick the whipped cream
taking big bite of the banana as he worked his way down.  He
had to chew quickly and swallow to avoid Cindy's vice like
grip.  Finally, at the anus the rest of the treat was inside
the boys bowels.  

He stopped to ask his mother a question as he did so Cindy
squeezed.  "Ow, ow, ow, Mom how can I get it without using
my fingers.  My tongue can't lick the banana apart.
Owwwweeee, owwwweee, stop Cindy I need to ask a question."

"Keep squeezing Cindy, he's not trying."

Quickly the boy returned to sticking his tongue in the
nether reaches of Glenn's colon.  "Keep trying Scotty.  You
can do it."  Furiously, the boy tried to dislodge the rest
of the banana with is tongue but to no avail.  "Okay, Cindy
let go and let Maria take care of the rest."  With that
Maria picked Glenn up pulling continually on his penis as
she did.  Slapping his cheeks she spread his legs and the
banana half fell out onto the floor.  It was evident from
the color streaks where it had been.  "Okay, Scott eat it

"Mom you can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am.  The spanking board or the banana take your

With that the boy began gulping down the remnants from the
floor of the living room.  "And now, Chris you won the race
so, Glenn, come over here and play with Chris' boy parts
until he's hard."

"Why me?" Glenn asked.

"Because I said so.  Jessica run in the study and bring me
that cane."  The young girls quickly jumped to her feet and
ran to the study.  She returned within the minute carrying
the implement of torture.  Before she handed it to her
mother she swished it through the air.  All five boys sat up
and took notice.  "Now, Glenn, do I need to improve your

"No ma'am.  I'm doing it right now."

As Chris' penis reached optimal size, Mrs. Andrews
instructed Glenn to suck it.  She was totally unaware this
was the second time in the day the boy was order to perform
such a task so much of his hesitancy was gone.  To the
adult's surprise he immediately put the penis in his mouth
and began sucking and licking.  After three minutes Chris'
pelvis left the floor as he trembled, his breathing rate
increased and his eyes stared at the ceiling.  A look of
delight crossed his face.  "Glenn I want you to keep sucking
until Chris does that again."  The nine year old complied
without comment.  When he finished inducing the second
orgasm, Chris just lay there unable to move.  "Did you like
that Chris?"

"Um, hum, can he do it again?"  

"No, you just stay there.  If you keep minding and behave
better, it'll probably happen again, you sweet boy."
Natalie was pleased he liked his reward.

The girls were relatively quiet during the ordeal, but they
were getting ideas for the slave days to follow.

"Okay let's watch the movie.  You three boys get on your
backs over by the little girls.  Remember, anything they
want to do to you goes.  You let them.  Rita you can spread
Chad out across your lap there and just stimulate him to the
hilt.  Come over here Scotty, Momma wants to make nice.
Maybe you'll like me again."

Maria's Query

The next morning Natalie was in the kitchen planning
breakfast as Maria reported to work.  "Buenos dias, Maria."
That was the extent of Natalie's Spanish. "I hope the bus
trip was pleasant."

"Mrs. Andrews, I have questions about last night?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Why you do that to those little boys?  Why you make them
naked all the time and do those things to them?"

"Well, Maria, American boys are shy about their bodies.
They don't like to be naked, but we women and the little
girls do like to see their beautiful bodies all the time.
Don't you like to bathe your son?"

"Yes, and my daughter too."

"But don't you like to touch your son's penis and his
testicles?" Natalie asked point to the particular spot on
her anatomy where they would be if she had them.

"Well, yes."

"It makes me proud to show off those boy parts to other
people.  And, I think most other people like looking at them
too or there wouldn't be so many wanting pictures of them.
People like to see naked little boys, they just feel
admitting it would make them some kind of pervert or
something.  I mean if people didn't like it, they wouldn't
have the naked kid pictures in the family photo albums and
video tapes and DVD's would they?  Don't parents in Mexico
take pictures of their kids naked?"

"Yes, if they have a camera."

"Here the boys learn their bodies are good and that they can
be proud of them, while I get to look at them, take pictures
of them, and touch them whenever I want to."

"Don't you like when Scotty runs around naked?  I mean he's
usually always naked."

"Yes, I know, but I didn't know why."

"Well, now you do.  It's a boys place to please the females
in this world and at our house we start them young and keep
them there."

"Mrs. Andrews, I will need the next two weeks off."

"Oh, Maria, how can that be?  We need you here.  Is there
someone you can have come in for you?"

"No.  My husband is going back on days.  My children are
home and I need to watch them.  We cannot put them in day
center, we can't afford."

"How old are they, Maria?"

"My son Eduardo is eight and my daughter Carmella is six."

"Why don't you bring them here?  They can play with the kids
while you take care of your chores.  You'd be able to feed
them here too.  We just can't afford to lose you for two

"My Eduardo is shy about his body too."

"Well, he can keep his clothes on.  He doesn't have to be
naked like the others."

"No, I want him naked all the time too.  I want his sister
to feel his boy thing and see him naked."

"Well you know how I feel.  Just bring him naked."

"We have to travel on the bus.  How can I bring him naked on

"Just put some shorts on him, not shirt shoes or socks, no
underwear just short shorts like Scott wears.  Then take
them off when you get here.  You can put them back on him
when you go home.  Now if he's here, he'll be spanked if he
misbehaves.  He must have the same rules and consequences as
the other boys."

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Andrews.  If he is bad, his Poppi spank with
belt. You spank if he's bad."

"Well, then you do know your daughter will be pulling on and
playing with the boy parts she sees.  In other words, if you
have a problem with Carmella seeing and touch naked boys you
might want to rethink bringing her here."

"She is only six.  They won't let her touch them."

"Oh yes they will, I will spank them and then let Carmella
spank their little boy parts if they don't let her touch.
She will be able to make them do things to themselves and
each other too.  Carmella is a girl, as such she's a boss
for them."

"She will be boss?  Oh, she will like that.  I want her to
touch her brother always."

"Well, she can play with Eduardo, but she'll also play with
the other boys."

"Okay! I will bring them."

Photo Session

"Boys I have spoken to all of your parents.  We have decided
to put you on exhibit for the entire community.  This
morning we'll be going to Chamberlain Park for the day.  You
will play on the playground equipment, the ball diamonds,
and romp in the open spaces.  You will be photographed by
many amateur and professional photographers as you play.
You will pose however any photographer asks you to.  The
girls will keep tab on your behavior the whole time and I
better not hear any complaints."

"Great Mrs. Andrews, where'd you put our clothes?" Chris was
first to ask.

"Clothes? Did I mention anything about clothes?" Natalie
looked at her eldest daughter.

"I don't think so, Mom.  Actually, I last remember you
telling them they'd be naked all weekend.  I would rather
share their cute little peckers with the community anyway so
let's make them stay naked."

"Jennifer, I do remember saying they'd be naked all weekend.
Humm, I think you're right their little penises and scrotums
and bottoms are cute and I'm sure they'll make for more
interesting photographs.  Tell you what, the first
photographer to complain about them being naked, we'll put
some shorts on them.  At least until he or she is finished
photographing them.  How's that?"

"I'd take the shorts anyway.  I'm sure some would like a
stripping segment. You know clicking or filming away as they
remove their shorts and those little wieners bounce up and
down."  Jessica then whispered, "You know I bet you five
dollars nobody who has the opportunity of watching and
taking pictures of these nude little boys will ask to have
them dressed."

"Uh, uh.  I'm not taking that bet.  I can't imagine anyone
not liking to watch their cute little bodies either."
Natalie refused the bet.  Then in a whispering, "Of course
dear, all this modesty about boys' bodies is self-righteous
bullshit.  Everyone likes looking at their little peckers
exposed as they freely run around.  Anybody who seems upset,
is a prude putting on a show and they know it.  What is it
that Shakespeare said, 'Me thinkst thou doth protest too
much!'" Then turning to the boys who were in the state of
shock with the revelation of their public nudity she
ordered, "Andrea, you and your friends get the boys in the
van.  I quickly pack some shorts and sandwiches.  Come on
girls each of you grab a penis and pull them to the van.
Let's go. Cindy, yank his penis don't pull nicely, pull
hard." Cindy who had grabbed Chad's dick then yanked it hard
enough to get an 'ouch' from Chad.  "That's more like it.
If he doesn't move that way grab one of his balls and
squeeze it and pull him along by it rather than his wiener.
You can do it."  Chad was perfectly in tow with the young
girl pulling hard at his penis.

As they were loaded into the crowded van, Maria walked up
the driveway with Eduardo and Carmella.  It was their first
day.  As told, Eduardo worn nothing but a pair of short
shorts.  He was a beautiful boy dark brown skin, jet black
straight hair, round little face and big brown eyes.
Eduardo's legs were very muscular and well shaped for a
child his age.  Carmella was a sweet and beautiful little
girl.  She appeared a bit shy, but that was to be expected
of a six year old.  Both children spoke better English than
their mother did.  Thank God for the school programs for
English as a second language.

"You must be Eduardo," shyly the boy dropped his head then
raising his face.  Natalie spoke to the little girl, "and
this precious thing must be Carmella.  Maria, your kids are
beautiful."  She couldn't help but wonder why Hispanic kids
always seemed to be beautiful, was it the dark skin and jet
black hair or those huge brown eyes, no matter they were

"Thank you, Mrs. Andrews," Maria responded to the

"Carmella, I want you to pull Eduardo's pants off and put
them in this bag."  Mrs. Andrews opened the beach bag which
contained the other boys' shorts.  Carmella looked at her
mother for clarification.  Maria nodded and pointed toward
Eduardo with her finger.  Eduardo got a panicked look on his
face as his sister grabbed the waistband of his shorts.  He
also grabbed to hold them up.  "No Eduardo.  You are a boy
and all of our boys are naked all the time so the girls can
feel their boy parts.  You must let Carmella take your pants
off and you must let the girls touch whatever they want.
You must also do whatever one of the girls tells you to do.
They are boss."

Still clutching his waistband he turned to his mother.  She
instructed him in Spanish to allow his sister to remove his
shorts.  Giggling the little girl pulled her brother's pants
to his ankles.  Maria then instructed him in Spanish to step
out of them.  Doing so, his sister put them in the bag.
Eduardo's hands were clutching his penis and testicles and
this was obstructing Natalie's desired view of the perfect
little boy.  Maria reached down and slapped his hands then
said something in Spanish and the boy put his head down and
hands to his side.  She continued to chastise him apparently
telling him that would be accepted.

Surprisingly the hard little penis was circumcised the same
as the boys in the van.  What intrigued Natalie was she was
expecting a foreskin as the boy was Mexican not from the
U.S.  Grabbing his little hard-on she asked Maria as she
encircled his penis head with her finger.  Not knowing
Spanish for circumcision she tried to get the point across.
Maria responded, "Cut at birth."

"I thought you didn't do much of this in Mexico."

"Oh no, many boys in Mexico are cut at birth.  Not so much
as here, but many."

"I didn't know that.  Well, I like them cut like this
anyway.  It makes them more fun to look at and to play with.
I just love the texture of their tips."  She squeezed the
boy's glans and continued the conversation.  "Maria, can you
drive?  Do you have a license?"

"I can drive, yes.  My husband has our car, but I have

"Good, we'll be needing to take both the Lexus and the Dodge
to get all these kids to the park today.  Rather than
cleaning and cooking, why don't you come with us and help us
supervise the boys?"

"I would like very much to help."  Maria replied.

"Let me give you the keys," she searched through her purse.
"Here the Dodge van is in the garage.  You can take your
two, Glenn and Julie and Chris and Cindy.  I'll take mine
and Chad and Simon."  She ushered the various children
toward the appropriate vehicles and the caravan left the

When they arrived at the park there were several families at
the picnic area.  It bordered a large well equipped play
ground constructed of logs.  There were people with Frisbees
and some with dogs.  A few brought cameras.  In the first
picnic pavilion it was apparent some folks were hold a
reunion.  The second pavilion was opened and was soon to
become the Andrews' base of operation.  "Okay kids, out.
You boys wait behind the car for something to carry.
Jessica run over and make sure to save the pavilion until we
get there."

"Mrs. Andrews, I don't think I want to get out. There are
people all over the place."

"Nonsense Simon, they've all seen boys naked before, now get
out and help us get these things to the tables."

"Please let me wear shorts and I'll take them off later."

"Simon, I will take the cane to you right here in front of
everyone, if I hear another word about this.  Now get out."

Guardedly the three boys slid out of the van trying to keep
their penises and testicles facing the van.  No one seemed
to notice them as they were each handed coolers, bags, and
folding chairs.  Trying to keep them in front of themselves
they walked toward the tables Jessica had reserved.  Still
it didn't seem anyone noticed, then...

"Hey those kids are naked.  Look at them," a teenaged boy
was pointing in their direction.  "Come on let's go have a
look."  He led a procession of other kids over toward the
Andrews' pavilion.  Adults at the other pavilion and those
at the play area watching as their kids began to look in the
direction and chatter with each other.  Everyone had excited
looks on their faces.

"You boys are not to cover with anything.  You stand there
with your hands on your heads while the rest of the children
and their parents get a good look.  Understand?  You cover
and I've got the cane with me in the SUV.  They'll really
get a show.  Now, when I tell you, I want you to face the
crowd and wiggle your hips so your penises bounce around for

"Hey lady, your kids are naked," the teenaged announcer

"Oh really, I hadn't noticed," came Natalie's sarcastic
reply.  "Now boys.  Give them a show."  With that the boys
began wiggling their penises for the audience.

"Geez look at that one, he's got a long wiener," some young
girl noticed Chad's penis.  

Her friend responded, "Well none of them is all that little
for their age, but I must admit the boy's is long, and that
one's is fatter pointing at Simon.  Oh my God, look at the
little Mexican boy he is so cute.  His little peepee is
adorable, it's kinda long too, isn't it.  How old is he?"

"He's eight," Natalie responded.

"My God, he's cute," the girl who appeared to be a young
teen reveled.  

"Want to feel him?"

"Oh can I?"

"Sure, just go over and hold him in your lap.  You can play
with his little boy thing as much as you want."

"Come here, Honey.  You are so cute," the girl picked him up
and plopped him in her lap and began to stroke his genital
area gently.  Maria watched in a somewhat guarded way still
obviously not comfortable with the idea of 'public
property'.  Her son was showing signs of fear which
eventually turned to acceptance and pleasure as the girl
continued her fondling.  "Look his little brown ball sack.
It's tight and firm. Feel it Shirley.  Go ahead you can feel
it."  With that her age mate friend reached down and
supported the boy's scrotum with her right hand.

"The rest of you boys go play," Jessica ordered.  "Go on get
out there on the play equipment, you aren't going to hang
around in here. I have lunch to get ready.  After lunch
we'll take a nature hike."

Reluctantly, the boys sauntered toward the play structure.
As they approached they were met by two men and a woman each
with digital cameras at the ready.  One of the men thinking
of protocol yelled over to Natalie, "Hey lady can we take
pictures of your kids?  You know the naked ones?"

"Sure go ahead.  Make them pose anyway you want to."
Natalie gave the green light.

"I think we would just like some candids of them as they
play, thanks!" He waved.

The clicking of the cameras continued.  The man who asked
permission yelled, "Hey honey, get me the extra memory card
from the camera bag.  We will have to download these and
keep the cards coming."  With that a young woman in the
adjoining pavilion walked out to their car and returned with
another card for their camera.  "Aren't they cute?"  They
sure are.  "Hey, why don't you strip Adam and let him play
nude too.  After all this group set the precedent and we
don't have a whole lot of nudes of him.  They'd be cute on a
Christmas card."

Their son who appeared no older than five or six was playing
in the pavilion.  His mother returned and undressed him
right in front of the rest of their group.  Swatting his
bare bottom she ushered him toward his father who was
getting extreme close-ups of Chad's penis.  Adam ran to his
father completely unfettered by his exposure. His little
five or six year old nub sat retracted above a very bulbous
scrotum.  The kid looked and acted more relieved at his
freedom than embarrassed by his nudity.  It appeared from
his behavior modesty was an acquired trait.

The young father walked over to Mrs. Andrews.  "Hey, how
come only the boys are naked?"

"Well we believe boys shouldn't have a whole lot of modesty.
That quality should be left to the girls.  We believe it
helps the boys accept their bodies, but also teaches them to
respect the young ladies.  Our girls would be spanked if
they took off too much clothing.  Our boys will be spanked
if they put any on."

"Incredible," the man shook his head and walked toward the
pavilion, "Honey, guess what she said?"

The little girl entourage from the Andrews house, became
more involved in playing with each other on the structure
than having interest in the boys.  Perhaps it was the fact
they could do to them whatever they wanted at home.  But
they didn't have such a great play opportunity at home as
they did at the park.  Anyway, they kind of turned the boy
entertainment over to folks who weren't even in the group.

"Okay you boys, especially you, Chad is it?"  Chad nodded
his head, "I want you to do the hand over hand thing from
one end of the money bars to the other and make sure this
bad boy," the man pinched Chad's penis and wiggled it,
"swings back and forth as you go.  I want some action
footage of that penis of yours doing it's thing.  Hold on
for a minute," the man reached up and began pulling on it
and rubbing it, "we want it good and hard as it swings."
All the handling definitely stiffened Chad's already
erecting penis.  "Okay no go Chad".  Hand over hand the boy
crossed from one platform to the other with each alternating
grasp his long boyhood bounced from side to side, "Oh yeah,
oh yeah, this will play well on the net.  I can round up
some of that boylover money real quick.  Go back and do it
again Chad and keep that dick hard."  Meanwhile the lady
photographer was intrigued with capturing the whole scene in
stills.  Again, Chad was made to hand over hand it across
the bars as pictures were snapped and videos were filmed. On
his third trip a woman carrying a very professional looking
video camera joined the group.  Chad heard Simon remark,
"Shit, it's Miss Blivens.  Scott old lady Blivens is here,
Chris, Glenn look he pointed at the middle aged woman with
the video camera.  How did she know we'd be here?"

Having been chastised to take it slower so the footage was
more erotic, Chad did as instructed.  Jessica was
supervising the activity with that cane thing in her hand
and tapping it against her thigh.  Chad got the message.

"Hey, young lady, what's that you've got there?" the man

"It's a cane.  We use it to spank the boys if they aren't
doing what they've been told."

"A cane, huh.  Didn't they use those at schools in England?"
the man asked.

"Yeah, but I think they've gotten away from them.  You know
that child abuse bullshit. Find something that works on
little boys and they call it abuse.  Now they give them
pills and think that's a good thing.  Bring back corporal
punishment.  We still use it at our school. I wish we could
use the cane on their bare asses.  There'd be less problem
that's for sure and no need for using medication either."
The Blivens lady remarked.

"Well, how much to use it on this boy with the long dick?"
the man asked.  The lady Simon called Miss Blivens spoke up,
"I'd be in for that too."

"Who Chad?  Well if he's disobedient or defiant to you I'll
do it, but I can't just whip him to whip him.  Make him do
something wrong and I'll lay him out with it for you.  You
might set him up or make up a story for my Mom and she'll
let me use it on him."

"Hey, Jessica, that's not fair.  If I don't do anything
wrong, then you can't do that.  If you make stuff up it
would be wrong."

"Yeah, I guess it would."

But the seed was planted in the avid videographer's mind.
He was convinced he'd get footage of Chad getting his pretty
little ass and legs striped by this twelve or thirteen year
old girl.  Both he and the Blivens lady walked off and
chatted occasionally looking back toward Chad.  He knew they
were up to something.

The other boys were trying to keep out of sight.  They were
now congregated at the pavilion and were sitting at the
picnic table which sheltered them from view.  This Miss
Blivens had apparently not heard them nor had she seen them.
Chad walked to the picnic area and grabbed a handful of
chips.  As he munched on them he said, "Hey, Simon, who's
Miss Blivens?"  

"She's the assistant principal at our school.  She's real
mean.  She uses a belt or a paddle to spank the boys and she
just talks to the girls when they get in trouble."

"Yeah, she got Scott right before the summer break.  Didn't
she Scott?"

"Yeah, she made me be naked for the spanking too.  My mother
told her to strip me before she hit me with the belt so I
could remember the feeling.  So old Blivens said fine and
took my clothes off.  She wouldn't let me take them off.
Nooooo, she had to strip me piece by piece.  She had to
examine my boy parts before she spanked me too.  She felt me
up saying, 'if these aren't healthy it might hurt me' so she
had to check.  What the hell does my peter or my balls have
to do with my ass?"

"You don't like her, huh?" Chad came to the pretty apparent

"No, but my mom and dad love her.  They say it's too bad
other schools don't have such good discipline."

"My mom and dad say the same thing." Chris offered.

"Mine, too." Glenn seconded. "In fact, mine told her to
strip me to spank me too.  She pulled my peepee too.  She
even squeezed my sack before she spanked me.  Then she made
me stand in the corner naked facing out with my hands behind
my head and she let other people come in and out.  Even some
of the sixth grade girls came in and she asked them to watch
me for a few minutes.  They played with my privates.  When
she came back in I told her what they did and she said,
'Good if you don't want that to happen then don't get in

"Whoa, at least nobody came in when I was in the corner.
That must've been embarrassing." Scott added.

"Embarrassing?  Here we are naked as the day we were born in
a public park, being poked and prodded by anyone who wants,
having pictures and movies made of us and our peters, and
you think standing in a corner naked for a half hour is
embarrassing.  Shit, I must have missed something."  Simon

Natalie approached the boys, "What are you boys talking

"Oh we were just talking about Miss Bliv..." Chad was cut
short by Scott who grabbed his arm to hush him.

"What about Miss Blivens, Scott?" his mother asked. "Oh
speaking of the devil, isn't that Miss Blivens over there
talking to your sister?  Well, yes it is.  Bet she doesn't
know Jessica is your sister.  I'll be right  back, I think
I'll bring her over here."

"Oh please Mom, not over here.  Please just let her be."

Scott's pleas were ineffective.  His mother left the boys
and walked to the play area to greet the infamous prefect of

"Let's hide."  Glenn yelled.

"It won't matter she'll make us come out and if she knows
we're hiding she'll whip us on the spot.  Better just stay
where we are and pray."

"Oh hi, Miss Blivens."

"Why Mrs. Andrews what brings you out this way?"

"We brought the boys and girls out here to play.  I see you
met Jessica, Scott's sister."

"Well I didn't know."

"She goes to St. Margaret's School.  Its for girls
kindergarten through twelfth grade as does his younger
sister Andrea."

"Where's Scott?"

"He and his friends are the naked kids you've heard the
rumblings about.  He and Simon, Chris and Glenn are over

"Oh shit, she just point to us.  Oh my God, they're coming
over here.  Quick sit at the table it'll cover up your
privates."  With that all of the boys except Eduardo sat on
the bench with their legs beneath the table.  Eduardo was
over on the net climbing area of the play structure being
photographed by three or four adults.

"Hello boys.  Oh, aren't you the boy who was swinging on the
monkey bars a minute ago?"

"Yes, that's Chad he's visiting us for the summer."

"He's very handsome.  Nice legs and excellent boy parts.
Not to mention that cute little butt.  I'll bet you treasure
your times with him."

"Oh yes, we keep him nude all the time.  We're trying to
even out his tan.  Well you boys, where are your manners?
Stand up over here and greet Miss Blivens like gentlemen."
Without many options the boys stood with their peters
bouncing.  "Each of you line up and walk up to her so she
can shake..." with that Mrs. Andrews nodded toward their
genitals  Blivens got the message.  As each boy presented
himself she reached down and pulled on their penises.

"I'd like some footage of these boys playing naked and maybe
some of the little girls fondling them.  I want to show it
at school next year.  Maybe all of the girls' gym classes
need to see how boys play."  She smiled that vile smile.
"Mrs. Andrews, could I speak with you over here for a
minute?  You boys don't go away we have some movies to

The adults walked to a spot twenty five or thirty feet away.
"I wonder what they're talking about?" Scott thought out
loud in front of the others.

"I was wondering if we might not get some footage of the boy
with the long penis there getting his ass torn up by your
daughter with that cane?  I would find that incredibly
interesting and, just between the two of us, arousing.  Is
she any good with it?"

"Well, yesterday she spanked Scott for using bad language
and she left some pretty good stripes.  If you look you can
see some are still there, but have become a little faint."

"What would be better would be if you filmed me giving him
some licks with it.  I know I could make a point.  Besides,
I'd love the rush of doing him.  He's got such good looking
legs and that ass, geezzz little boys shouldn't be so

"Well if you can catch him in wrong doing I'll let you lay
ten on him right here in the picnic pavilion.  We'll just
bend him over the picnic table and you can have at it. How's

"Ten, huh, wow that would really leave an impression.  We'd
need to make him be at an end spot so you could video that
peter bouncing around with each swat."

"We could do that."

"Okay, I'm going to watch him like a hawk.  One bad move and
we've got him."

"Shame on you Miss Blivens," Natalie smiled the conniving
smile and patted the educator on the shoulder.  "Have you
met Eduardo?  He's over there with his mother and sister.
See the Hispanic lady.  Eduardo is the naked boy getting all
the attention.  My God Mexican kids are beauties."

"Well, I'm not big on foreskins, so I'll stick to these boys
over here."

"That's the thing.  Eduardo is circumcised.  His mother told
me many Mexican boys are cut as babies.  I didn't know

"Nor did I.  Guess I'll have to check him out.  What color's
the glans? Chocolate?"

"Nope it's dark pink just like the others."

"Well, I'm on the prowl to catch that Chad boy doing
something wrong.  See you when I catch him."

"Boys go out there and play.  I'm not telling you again.
Lunch is in one hour, so go and get the playing in before we
eat because we're going on a nature hike after lunch."  The
boys took Natalie's direction and headed back toward the
play structure.

"Chad," Miss Blivens called, "Chad come over her for a
minute or two, I want to examine your boy parts."

"Man don't do it Chad.  She'll hurt you, just act like you
didn't hear her." Simon coached.

"Young man," Chad felt his ear being twisted, "when an adult
tells you to come to them, you come."

"I didn't hear you, lady."

"The name is Miss Blivens and you did hear me, you looked
right at me and we weren't ten feet apart.  Come with me, I
want to talk to Mrs. Andrews about your behavior."  She took
Chad to the pavilion.

"Mrs. Andrews, this boy ignored me purposely.  I wanted to
examine him and he acted like he didn't hear me.  I know he
did because he was standing ten feet away and made eye
contact when I called him."

"Is that what happened Chad?  Did you ignore her?"

"Well, Simon said to pretend like I didn't hear her.  He
said she would hurt me if I went over to her."

"Chad no adult would purposely hurt you.  Who's in-charge
Simon or the girls and the adults?"

"The girls and the adults."

"Well, I'm going to let Miss Blivens drive her point home so
you don't make the mistake of doing this again." Turning
toward the play structure where Jessica was still tapping
the cane against her hip, she hollered, "Jessica, bring the
cane over here, please."

"Excuse me a minute, I have to see that man over there for a
minute."  Miss Blivens went to inform the man his wish had
been granted.  Chad was going to get the cane publicly.  He
immediately picked up the tripod and brought his camera to
the pavilion.  Blivens set hers up at the end of the table
next to his.

"Hey Chad's going to get caned." Andrea announced to her
girl friends.  "Let's go watch this."

Word spread over the area.  People from all around
approached the table.

Chad kneel on the bench, put your head and face down on the
table, and spread those legs so we can see your ball sack
between them.  

"But I was going to go over to her.  Please she can touch
me.  I wasn't ignoring her."

"Enough.  Get on the bench and lay on the table.  Jessica
get me the rope from the car, quickly."  The girl left at a
trot and returned all too soon in Chad's mind.  Natalie
bound his hands to the bench opposite the one Chad was
kneeling on and then tied his calves to the bench he was
kneeling on making sure his free hanging scrotum was clearly
visible between his legs.

"Okay, Miss Blivens, here's the cane.  Give him ten, or as
the English said, "give him ten or your best'.

Swwwiiititttt twattttttt, the first stripe was almost
immediate.  "How's that look? Do we need to adjust the

"Nope.  I even got his boner swinging when it hit."

"Great."  Swwwwwitttttttt, twattttt the stripe crossed the
already red one which preceded it.  It stung so bad Chad was
beside himself.  He'd been stung and burned, but this was a
combination of the two.  Tears were already swelling in his

Swwwittttt, tttttatttttttt. a stripe was clearly visible
just below the butt cheeks.  Chad had begun to cry.  

Swwwwwittttttt, tttttttatttttt.  Another stripe and Chad was
crying audibly.  As he begged for cessation, Miss Blivens
tickled his ball sack with the tip of the cane.  "Let's slow
this down and savor each welt.  You know, I'm going to put
one on that little ball sack before we're done, even if we
have to turn you over to do it."

Swwwwwitttttt, tatttttttt.  The other boys whinced as their
cohort screamed in pain.  The rest of the observers mumbled
or cheered and whistled.

Swwwwwittttt, taaaatttttt.  That's six and if I should lose
count, I guess we can count the stripes.  

"Hey, lady his wiener has gone limp.  Guess we can still get
it though, man that kid's got a long one."

Swwwwwwittttttt, taaaaattttt.  Chad screamed again.  They
stung but his backside was becoming numb.  The heat was very
evident to him as the lady again raised the cane.

Swwwwitiittttttt, taaaattttt.  That's eight.  "Good Lord,
Mrs. Andrews, this thing is wonderful.  As tan as his ass
was, I imagine it'll be tanner tomorrow."

With that the woman jumped up on the table and straddled the
boy's trunk.  Swwwwwiiiitttt, taaaattttt.  This lick came
down between his butt crack and followed the path til the
end of the cane contacted the anus.  Even the crowd let out
an empathetic "ooooohhhhhhh" as Chad screamed a shrill

"Last one to the balls," he could feel the woman flicking
his ball sack with the tip of the cane.  Suddenly there was
an upward swish and an excruciating pain to his testicles.
"There that should hold him!"  The proud strutting woman
handed the cane back to its rightful owner, leaving the eleven
year old victim crying uncontrollably draped across the
table.  The onlookers both children and adults applauded the
session.  That is the children, except the other four boys
applauded.  They knew all too well what their friend had
just suffered.

As the crowd disbanded, the onlookers could be heard, "Man,
if we did more of that the kids would be better behaved";
"That's the way it was when I was a kid"; "I think ours
needs a taste of that."  Not one objection was voiced, at
least not one within earshot.

"Okay, Simon, untie him," Jessica directed.

Chad was untied but continued to lie across the table and
cry.  He did reach back in an effort to comfort his stripe
ridden backside.  Then he switched sides and tried to
comfort his testicles.  Scott got some ice from the cooler
and asked permission to put it on his butt.  His mother
said, "no, not yet, let him feel it for awhile.'

The crowd of onlookers and photographers disbanded.
However, the man with the video cam just kept it rolling as
did Miss Blivens camera.  They wanted all the footage of the
punishment they could get.

"Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to video a licking session
with the other boys over by the swings.  We'll have two of
them sit on the swings with their legs spread while the
other two lick their balls and dicks.  Then we'll switch
them and have them suck each other off.  That is if it's all
right with you, Mrs. Andrews."

"It is as long as you make Scott as sucker rather than a
licker and put him on Simon's penis.  I just wish Simon was
old enough to shoot a wad.  I'd love to watch Scott choke on

"Done!  Come on boys."

Andrea and her group decided to tag along with Miss Blivens,
because 'for an old lady she sure knew how to make boys
behave'.  Besides, they so enjoyed the dessert social Maria
put together the night before, they wanted to watch a

After the group left, Scott was able to stand up.  His
bottom was as sore as it had ever been and he still had an
ache in his testicles.  His eyes were bloodshot and his face
was red.  He used his palms to wipe the remaining tears from
his face.

"Would you like some ice for your butt?" Jessica asked.

"Your mother said I couldn't have any."

"Well, I think you've suffered enough.  Here lie down on
this towel on your stomach and I'll rub the ice on your butt
for you.  It really doesn't look too awful bad, Chad."

"It wasn't fair.  I shouldn't have been spanked that hard
for what I did."

"Now, Chad I'd keep that to myself.  You might get more if
you don't.  You must obey the adults when they tell you to
do something, do it.  Did you really ignore the old battle

"Well, yes, but Simon told me to do it."

"Yeah, but you know the old line, 'do you do everything
Simon tells you to do?'  Here lie still," Chad could feel
the cold ice being rubbed on his cheeks.  It initially stung
when it was applied, but then it felt so good.  Jessica was
liking being able to gently work on the boy's backside.  It
made her feel needed and gave her two soft but firm mounds
to caress.  "Hey spread your legs, let me put some in your
crack and on your ball sack."  Compliantly, he spread them
apart.  The cold ice and the lubricating water brought some
much needed relief especially to his testicles.  Though
having a girl, or for that matter anyone, but especially a
girl touching his private areas was really distasteful to
him, this time it was more than welcomed.

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