Birds of a Feather 3

By Running Bare
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Copyright 2014 by Running Bare, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and sexual activity of preteen and young teen children for the purpose of punishment. None of the behaviors in this story should be attempted in real life, as that would be harmful and/or illegal. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now. 

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Birds of a Feather
Part III (In response to requests)
Tonya and I are completely comfortable with our sexual orientation. Both of us share a lot of excess baggage about our male counterparts though. Let me clarify, with our straight male counterparts. What really bothers both of us, and, for that matter, many of our lesbian sisters (and I’m sure many straight girls) is the male propensity to see themselves as the dominant gender in all that matters. I realize that the culture of many third world nations and many religious orientations is to put women in second place—the Christian culture as well. Sometimes it’s due to a belief in some written documentation like the Bible or the Koran and in other cases it’s related to physical prowess. We don’t see the differential of one chromosome as being that powerful. As such, my son Sean will grow up respecting female equality or even superiority. He will learn to succumb to false male influences through female domination.
In pursuit of sending the boy the correct message, we employed Vicky from down the street to keep an eye on him. Interestingly, Vickie’s mother (and suspect father) both were on board with allowing their daughter to hold a dominant role over our son. Even though the two kids are the same age, Tonya and I gave Vicky complete authority to use the “Enforcer” (our heavy duty man’s belt) whenever she felt it necessary to ensure respect and compliance from Sean.
It was really arousing when we brought the two kids together to set the ground rules. We told both of them that Sean was immature and needed a more mature model to control him during the summer months. We said that both of us were going to be too busy to keep an eye on him, which was a bit of a lie. So, we were going to let Vicky be Sean’s sitter 16/7 for the summer.
Here we sat with the two twelve year olds facing each other. Our instruction to Sean was not met with even minimal acceptance. The shorts clad and well-tanned boy stood facing me and pleading for a different management plan for the summer. I told him it was settled and he would be completely in Vickie’s control. “You will consider anything Vicky tells you as coming directly from Tonya or me. She has our unquestioning permission to use the Enforcer on your bare ass as much as she thinks is necessary.”
Throughout the indoctrination, Vicky sat with a big grin on her face. It was obvious her promotion from observer to enforcer was much to her liking. It was just as obvious it wasn’t to my son’s liking. His demeanor was invigorating to Tonya and me. He whined and flailed his arms in frustration. The “but, but…” just added verbiage to his emotion. Frankly, the more frustration the boy showed the more empowered and lustful I felt. We introduced Vicky to the location of the Enforcer and afterward sent her home for the evening. It was evident by her smirk she looked forward to her first day which began the very next morning.
In bed that evening, Tonya and I discussed what we could do to make this arrangement work better for Vicky, and, more importantly, her and me.
“We need to make sure Vicky knows she controls his attire. I mean what if she wants him to stay naked rather than wearing those shorts? She should control that. Shouldn’t she?” Tonya was already positioning for supporting maximum embarrassment.
“I think that’s within her decision making prevue. But, we can bring it up tomorrow at the beginning of her term.” We both laughed. “Besides she has to know already that Sean can be nude whenever he swims.”
“No matter where!” I knew Tonya was pushing for complete exposure on beach trips.
“Yes, Dear, no matter where, except where we can’t like restaurants and things.” I agreed.
“What the hell? I mean he’s a kid. Why can’t he be nude in restaurants? I mean? Does she know she and whomever have complete access to his shlong and ball sack?”
“She will tomorrow. And, I think the restaurants are required to protect other customers from potential shit stains on their chairs and booth seats.” We both laughed.
Tonya continued her justification, “I mean she needs to have something to entertain her friends with. It’s a long summer.”
I had to add, “You know Sean will be completely devastated by such a thing.”
In her hostile voice Tonya, “Yeah, don’t you just love it?”
I did.
“We need to tell her if he gets any fuzz or hair in his pits or crotch she is required to use our Nair to remove it immediately. Do you think he’ll grow any this summer?”
“Well he is twelve. That’s about when it begins. But, who knows it can go for a year or two before anything shows up.” I rehashed my understanding of developmental literature I’d read when he was a little boy.
 “Just sayin’ I like ‘em smooth and clean. Besides it will absolutely devastate him, especially in front of his fellow little chauvinists. I just wish I could go into the locker room and exfoliate the whole herd.” Now, my partner was huffing with her own frustration.
“You think we should give her some ideas on how to punish the penis?” Now I was getting brutal.
“What’s that mean?”
“Oh, maybe encouraging her to use the enforcer between his legs.”
“Good God, you’re more devious than I am. Wonder if that might wreck him? I mean how much punishment can a guy’s balls take without permanent damage?” I couldn’t believe that concern came from my vengeful Tonya, but it did.
“We can talk it over with Frank and Richard. They’d probably know the answer to that. If not, Alicia might know. I mean, aren’t principals and teachers schooled in such things?”
Tonya sometimes gained the voice of reason. “Let’s just leave it to Frank and Richard. If they don’t, don’t they have a friend, Scott something, who’s a pediatrician?”
“Yeah, Scott Vaught, he’s Richard’s old live in. Yeah, he’d know. We’ll get it straight. I sure hope we can do that. I’d love to watch Sean get his balls spanked. Wonder if they’ll swell up?” I loved the idea of watching the kid spread eagle for Vicky’s rath with the belt. I really wanted things to work out in our favor.
That summary of our discussion set up the first day of Vicky’s control. On the first morning, Sean came down to breakfast and found Vicky at the table. He was wearing his boxer shorts, which until then were his sleep wear. Realizing his state, he immediately started to quickly leave the room. I yelled, “Hey, Sean, get back in here.”
Sullenly, the boy returned to the kitchen.
“Where you going?”
“I need to, ah get dressed.”
“No you don’t. Vicky can see you like this. Hell, Sean, she’s going to see you naked, if not today then very, very soon. You don’t need to change.” A quick glance her way showed what I’d hoped. She received this information with a great deal of excited anticipation. She tried to hide it, but her face told the whole story. It was my way of giving her the idea that he could be made to be naked in front of her.
Then he pissed me off. “No way. She’s not going to get to see my stuff.”
I glared at him, “Let me be a little clearer. I don’t think you understood the meeting we had with you last night. Tonya and I have given her permission to do whatever she thinks is best for you this summer. She is in-charge of you for the whole summer. If she decides she wants you to stay naked all summer, that’s up to her and you will comply. If she wants to offer your “stuff” to her friends to play with or anything else she can do it. You will do what she tells you or face very painful consequences at her hand, or if necessary mine and Tonya’s as well. Let me also remind you, you are a boy and your “stuff” shouldn’t be private. It belongs to all of us until you’re eighteen and can go off on your own. If we want to see it, play with it, take pictures of it or whatever, we can do it. Your mouth is going to get you in trouble. Got it?”
With that tears welled up in his eyes. Vicky was trying hard to hide her smirk. I was really getting that sexual horniness fully realizing I’d purposely dropped the idea that Vicky could require his nudity at her whim. I was certain she’d caught that idea and it appealed to her. Now the only question was how long it would take her to try using her authority to make him do so.
I continued, “Now, sit down. What kind of cereal do you want?”
After eating he retreated to get dressed. All that entailed was putting on the short shorts, some white ankle socks and athletic shoes we provided for him. He wasn’t allowed a shirt when he wasn’t in school. He also was required as I said before to swim completely nude no matter the venue. Something I was anxious to see Vicky respond to on our first trip to the lake or even Hampton Beach—the more public the better.
While he was out of the room Vicky took the bait. “Did you mean it?”
“Mean what, Honey?” I knew full well where she was going with her questioning, but it was more arousing to play the game.
“Can I make Sean stay naked if I want to?”
“If you think that’s what he needs you certainly can.”
“I mean, like I can make him be naked in front of my friends?”
“Vicky, you are in-charge and Tonya and I will support any decision you make about how or what he needs to be doing. Hell, we were going to train you to bathe him tonight.”
“He doesn’t know how to bathe himself?”
“Vicky he’s a boy. Boys aren’t naturally good at hygiene. They wash half their body or just step in to the tub or shower and step out. They’re allergic to soap. The only way you will know he’s clean is to wash him yourself—especially, his boy parts and butthole. Tonya or I have to do that at least once a week to his private parts are you?”
“You mean I’m going to wash him everywhere?”
“I hope so. That’s part of your responsibility as his keeper. If it’s a problem for you to wash his penis, balls or hole ask some of your friends to help you if you’d like.” Again, I planted a new seed hoping it would germinate soon. I could just imagine three or four sets of young female hands rubbing, pulling, poking and swatting his nether areas. “Actually, if you keep him naked those parts will have to be washed several times a day.”
I pushed or agenda even more strongly hoping she’d take the hint. “So you need to think about whether you want him nude all summer or in his shorts. You also need to plan on keeping him clean especially if he’s running around naked all day. We sure don’t need skid marks on the furniture, now, do we?”
“I’ve never seen a boy his age naked.” She tried to lessen the naiveté of her remark with a follow-up. “Well, I mean I’ve seen my cousin naked for diaper changes and running around the backyard naked, but he’s only three.”
“Well, did you ever feel his little weewee or sack or anything?”
“No, my aunt took care of those things. I just got to watch him run around, she took care of all his bathing, diaper changes and stuff. I mean, I watched her, but never did it myself.”
“Is he cut or does he still have his foreskin?”
“I’m sorry.” She had a blank look on her face.
“His wiener. Is it cut? Is he circumcised or not?” Still blank look on her face. “When boys are born, the tips of their penises are covered with a foreskin. It’s like a sausage casing. When they’re circumcised, the skin covering the tip is cut off by the doctor, or sometimes by a rabbi, but it leaves their mushroom head exposed. Tonya and I like ‘em cut. It just looks cleaner, and for me it is one less covering between them and the viewer. I’m just surprised you haven’t seen Sean’s yet. We’ve made him play nude outside over the years and I’d have thought you’d seen his.” More baiting, “Sean is quite gifted in the boy parts. He’s really hung. His penis is longer than most boys. How that happened I’ll never know because his father isn’t nearly as gifted down there. Most eleven year old boys are two maybe three inches, but Sean must be four or five and that’s when it’s soft. Our friends like to rub it and pull on it to get it hard. That adds another inch or two. Wait til you see it.”
“My dear girl, you are going to learn a lot this summer.”
With that Sean bounced back into the kitchen. “Mom, can we go to the pool today?”
“That’s up to Vicky. She’s in-charge now.”
“Vicky, want to go to the pool? I mean we could go for the whole afternoon. Come on it’ll be fun.”
“Okay, I guess we can. But, I have the suit you’ll be wearing right here in my purse.” She began fumbling around in her bag. Finally she pulled up what appeared to be a string thong. “You have to wear this, Sean.” She unfolded the damn thing and it absolutely was a string thong. “It was my sister’s bikini bottom from when she was in college. I think it’ll fit, but I don’t know about how much of your front will be covered. Why don’t you take off your shorts and underpants? Let me put it on you to see how it fits.”
“No, I’m not wearing a girl’s bathing suit. No way. It isn’t gonna happen.”
I was intrigued with the thought of seeing him pack his generously proportioned package in the triangular sling attached to the strings. I could feel myself getting that lump in my throat that amplified my horniness. I loved it for two reasons. One, Sean’s junk would be on display for the most part, but I was equally turned on by his absolute defiance. It could only mean he would be totally humiliated.
Vicky tried to get his compliance diplomatically, “Look Sean, I found this one because it was plain yellow. No pink, no girly designs, just plain. It could be unisex. You know worn by either a boy or girl. You are going to try it on so we can see if we can get ‘all of you’ inside the pouch. Now, get your pants off .” She had that devilish grin going for her. I was sure she was committed.
“Vicky the Enforcer is over there in the corner. Why don’t you get it and whip him until he gets undressed. Don’t let him call the shots or even bargain. Tell him to strip and give him a second or two to comply and then start whipping the hell out of him until he does.” I was so hoping Sean would defy us so I could watch his female age mate beat the living daylights out of him. She started to retrieve the belt and I guess Sean knew he was going to be nude in front of Vicky sooner or later and to undress now would be the less painful route. He started to pull his shorts down. They hit the floor at his ankles and I told him to remove them completely. Then he pried his shoes off (never could understand why males didn’t take the shoes off first, but my experience is most of them don’t). Then he obviously was buying time as he took his socks off. As he raised his feet to pull them off his pecker head and about three inches of shaft stuck out through the fly of his boxers. He was stiff and I was excited. Vicky’s eyes were wide and glued to the display of his boyhood. He stopped and tried to put his stiffy back in the barn.
“No need to do that. Take the boxers off now!” I commanded.
He started to get tears in his eyes and that made it even more enticing for me.
“Stop the crying. Vicky was going to see and feel that part sooner or later today. Might as well get it out of the way this morning.”
He defiantly pushed the green boxers down with his thumbs. As the elastic cleared his hard-on bounced free and came to a stop pointing right at Vicky. Instinctively he quickly tried to cover.
“Vicky, slap his hands. He doesn’t need to cover.” She did as she was told.
“Sean hands behind your back.” He stood there staring at me. “Put your hands behind your back or I’ll tie them there for the rest of the day. No do it.” I punctuated the final statement with a hard swat to his bare left cheek. He complied. At this point, tears were rolling down his cheeks.
“Vicky, spend a few minutes feeling his stuff. Go ahead rub it, play with his ball sack, whatever. If you feel him for a while, he’ll get over his shyness.” Her look when I said that was one of disbelief. “Go ahead give it a yank if you like.” She took his erect penis in her hand and paused momentarily before giving it a tug. It resulted in a giggle. “First time you’ve felt one of those or did you feel you little cousin’s?”
“No, it’s my first time. It’s hard as a tree branch. I didn’t know how hard they got.”
“Well, now you do. Go ahead feel his sack there. Move his balls around. Just do anything you want to and then we’ll try the thong on him.”
She played with Sean’s balls for about five minutes. It was cute watching her learn about boys but more that rewarding watching Sean being completely humiliated. I loved it. She took time to squeeze his glans and check out his pee hole. She patted the erect penis and bounced it back and forth. Then she smiled and said, “I don’t think we can get all of this in the pouch on the thong, do you?”
“We can try. If he doesn’t fit we’ll just let what’s sticking out stick out. Go ahead and try it on him.”
She pushed the patch against his erection forcing it up toward his navel. It was apparent the darn thing wouldn’t fit under the pouch in its current state. His balls were pressed against his pubic area and it was apparent they too might not fit, but Vicky continued. She told Sean to hold the cloth in place as she moved the center string between his legs and up his butt crack. Sean just stood stoically and still crying as Vicky treaded the loop on the butt floss end through one of the waist strings. Then she tied a bow to join the waist pieces together. Her first guess was right. Sean’s junk didn’t fit under the patch completely. His penis was sticking out from the side of the pouch at a forty five degree angle. As a result the boy’s scrotum was visible as well.
Vicky sat back to admire her handiwork. “How long is his thing anyway?”
“Hard or soft?” I couldn’t resist.
“It isn’t always hard is it?”
“No, but wouldn’t that be great?” Again, I couldn’t resist.
Sean just stood there sniffling and looking down at his exposed penis head.
“I guess we could measure it. It looks about five inches hard and I’d say it’s probably about four soft. And, that’s pretty good of a kid who hasn’t been through puberty yet.”
“When it’s soft can it be pushed in there?” She was really into getting the right fit.
“Doesn’t matter he can wear it anyway. We can wait for him to relax a little and see what we’ve got. I think you should make him wear it anyway. He’s used to his cute little ass being exposed. Did I ever tell you about taking him to school in assless chaps?”
“In what?”
“Assless chaps—leather pants with the butt cut out of them.”
“You did that to him?” She was really tickled by the thought.
“Why not? He’s a boy. A good lookin’ one at that. Tonya and I took him to parent-teacher night like that, when was it Sean, fourth grade?” I couldn’t resist embarrassing him further by bringing him into the conversation.
“I don’t remember.”
“I think you do. Maybe, we should do it again now that you’re in middle school to refresh your memory.” I had to rub it in.
Vicky was thoroughly tickled. “Do you still have them?”
“No, I doubt they’d still fit him, but we might be able to get another pair.”
“No, please don’t Mom,” Sean cried.
“Oh, so you do remember them.”
“Please I don’t want to wear them. Please don’t get them.”
When his erection subsided it was evident he was well packed. Even the slightest movement of his hips resulted in side peeps of his goods. To my mind, the thong was perfect. I gave Vicky the go ahead as to putting it into his summer wardrobe.
“You know, Vicky, you can make him swim nude at any time. Tonya and I used to not let him wear anything when we went to the beach or the lake. I can understand your concern about the community pool so I think the thong is fine, but at home or the beach or lake I’d suggest nude.”
“Then I can make him wear the thong to the pool this afternoon and it’s okay with you?”
“Absolutely. How about that Sean?”
”I’m not going!”
“If that’s where Vicky wants to take you then you are going.” Just let me know when and I’ll drive you two kids to the pool.
“I said I’m not going.”
“Vicky hand me the Enforcer.” She did and I immediately started striping his still bare ass. He contorted his face in a valiant effort to avoid crying but after three he broke. After eight stripes he was begging me to stop and promising to ‘be good’. I gave him two more just for good measure. “Now, Vicky when you are ready for him to go with you to the pool just let me know and I’ll take you. Oh and feel free to feel his butt. I think you’ll find it much warmer than the rest of his body.”
Vicky put her hand on Sean’s backside and just exclaimed, “Wow! It’s hot!”
“You need to do that to him whenever you think he needs it and don’t stop until it’s cooked.” I left another suggestion in her head hoping to be available to watch the action when it happened.
Sure enough Vicky made Sean wear the thong all morning long. There were times I passed through the family room where they spent most of their time and she had Sean sitting in a position such that his rosebud was exposed with that butt floss running over it. Other times Vicky was rearranging his package to try to get it to fit in the pouch better. Sean was sufficiently humiliated, but I’m sure was thankful it was in the house and not in a more public venue.
At lunch she fixed him a PBJ and glass of milk. I believe it was thirty minutes later she was asking for a ride for the two of them to the community pool. Sean put the skids on when we tried to get him to the car, but some well-placed swats with the Enforcer helped him along. We arrived at the pool and boy was it busy. It was truly the gathering place for most of the youth of the community during the summer heat. As luck would have it, Sean appeared to be the only one—boy or girl—to be wearing a thong. And, before pulling away, I watched anticipating the reaction of the other kids at the pool. I didn’t have to wait long. Boys and girls alike were pointing and laughing. Some were bold enough to rub his still slightly pink ass cheeks. I just wish I could have been looking at that boner peeking out from under the patch. I’m sure it was quite a sight for all present. What I missed was the reaction of some of his friends bumping into him and the comments and teasing he’d get from them, perhaps not though, because many of them had grown used to seeing Sean in the altogether when they played with him (literally) at our home.
Vicky was going to have quite a summer. You should have been there when Tonya gave her instructions on shoving her index finger up his hole; working it a bit; and then reinserting both her index and middle finger together. He was so humiliated and cried the whole time. Neither of us saw it, but Sean complained that she did that to him in front of her friends just to show her power. We were delighted at the report, I wanted to see that presentation before the summer was over.
As far as nudity, Vicky allowed him a pair of skimpy shorts, shoes and socks for most places. She did require complete nudity at the beach and lake. He was to wear the thong only on frequent trips to the community pool. At least once a week Vicky invited some of Sean’s friends over to run through our sprinkler, in the front yard. If it wasn’t a traffic stopper, it sure did slow the passing traffic down. I would say, there were a lot of cellphone cameras at work on those days.
There were other times when she invited her friends to our home for a crash course in massage therapy. On those occasions a naked Sean was put on the floor in what I’d call a “frog” position and the girls (and on at least one occasion boys) would “massage” him. She also had photo sessions for her friends. Sean would be made to pose in any of a variety of ways so the kids could record his naked body for posterity. I know, again, on more than one occasion a mother or two came along to “supervise” the sessions.
I had to ask her why she didn’t require nudity at all times. Her answer was that she felt more powerful when he had clothes on and she ordered him to remove them in front of others, especially her friends. And, she made the point that if he had to be nude at all times it wouldn’t have been as exciting for her. Guess she felt the thrill of the dominant role we girls were meant to have.


(The End)

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