Hot Water

By Nocti Raven
[email protected]

Copyright 2012 by Nocti Raven, all rights reserved

* * * * *
This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.

* * * * *

The water’s too cold, but I don’t want to get out. I’m treading water in the deep end, keeping only my head above water.
I thought having a pool would be fun, but I was wrong. Having a pool means I have to go swimming, and swimming means wearing a bathing suit. And nothing else.
I haven’t gone swimming in years; I forgot what it was like to walk around with your body showing . . . and everyone else’s.
My sister and her boyfriend are sitting on the pool’s edge, dipping their feet in the water.  They’re fourteen, two years younger than me, and they weren’t here when I got in.
Mom was pressuring me to try out the pool, so I slipped on my bathing suit and jumped in. I was actually having fun until they showed up.
Her, with her perky, buoyant tits, and him with his stiff, corded muscles. And both of them with their smooth stomachs, clear jawlines, nimble legs . . .
I definitely need to lose twenty or thirty pounds.
I couldn’t enjoy myself while they were sitting there, looking so happy and pretty. All I could think was how ridiculous I must have looked to them.
Seems like I look ridiculous to everyone lately. Now that Mona’s brought a boy home, the whole family’s looking at me like I’m somehow deficient. Your sister’s started dating, and she’s only fourteen! What’s taking you so long?
I wish I could get out of the pool, get away from the Mona and Brock, but I just can’t. I can’t get out of the water and parade myself before them. I just imagine how pathetic I’d look, with water droplets rolling over my belly and off my butt, my chest jiggling as I walk past them.
They’re laughing. Mona’s laughing, anyway. I guess Brock told a joke or something. Well he’s just the whole package—cute, thin, funny. Makes me want to swim down the drain and into the ocean. I need to get a thousand miles from him, before his presence makes me die of self-loathing.
Oh shit—he’s coming closer. He’s slipping off the deck and into the water. He shoots in like a bullet, real aerodynamic. I wonder what his sport is; I’d guess either track or swimming.  I hope it’s not swimming; I’ve already got his appearance to contend with, the last thing I need is his athletic skill rubbed in my face.
He pops up for air, his short hair matted with water.
“Come on in,” he says, offering Mona a hand. “The water’s fine.”
“I’ll come in soon,” Mona says, reclining. “I just want to get a little more sun.”
“It’s your pool,” he says “You moved here a week ago, and you still haven’t swam in your own pool. Come on, it’s time to get wet.”
She gives him a sly smirk. Jesus Christ, now they’re rubbing their sexuality in my face. That’s something I try very hard not to think about. I mean, it’s only natural that two people as good-looking as these two should be . . . active, but I can’t believe they’re so up front about it.
“Maybe later,” she says.
He laughs. “If I can’t get my girl wet when I want to, I wouldn’t be much of a man.”
I can’t help but take that personally. I’ve never gotten any girl wet. What kind of man does that make me?
“You want me wet?” she says. “Take off those trunks.”
Brock glances over at me, but I look away before we make eye contact.
“I don’t know,” he says. “I could skinny dip, but only if you’re doin’ it too. And I don’t think you want to do that in front of Joey.”
“True,” she says. “Hmm . . . let’s make a deal.” She gestures vaguely at her chest. “I give you a little flash, you get naked, and I come in with you, but keep my suit on.”
A flash? As in she’s about to flash him? This shouldn’t excite me nearly as much as it does. Tits are tits, but the thought of my sister’s tits should not have given such a spontaneous boner.
“Deal,” says Brock.
She grins wickedly. “Joey, look away.”
I look directly at her and utter, “What? Look away from what?”
But I’m not fooling them. The way they smile at each other . . . it’s clear they knew I was eavesdropping.
“Look away,” Mona says, “from me.”
She laughs. “Because I’m about to do be a little bit naked for a second. Just look at the house for a second so I have some privacy.”
I look awkwardly from her to Brock. I really should just do what she says, but I can’t tear my eyes away. This is the first time I’ve ever come close to seeing bare tits, and all I can think to say is—
“I’m your brother. It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before. We took baths together until you were five.”
She scoffs. “Maybe your dick hasn’t grown since then, but my boobs have. Now look away.”
I surrender, and look away. I can’t stand to face her while she’s talking like that; it just hurts too much. I had no idea my little sister was such a vixen.
I face the house for a few seconds, waiting. I don’t hear anything happening behind me. I turn back around to ask if it’s done yet and—
And there it is! My sister’s left breast, pert and round and full, small but magnificent . . .
“Hey!” she cries, and quickly stuffs her tit back in her bikini top. “I told you to look away!”
“I’m sorry,” I plead, “I thought it was long enough . . .”
“Oh, you little perv!” she says. My little sister calling me a little perv.
Brock just laughs. “What the fuck, Joey? Can’t get a girlfriend, so you look at your sister?”
Mona slips into the pool a bit less gracefully than Brock did; there’s an angry splash.
When she comes up for air, she’s much closer to me. I back away from her, but her breaststroke easily outpaces my dogpaddle. She’s in my face before I know it.
“I told you to look away,” she says, practically spitting in my eyes. “You should have stayed looking at the wall until I told you it was safe!”
“How was I supposed to know? You said it was only for a second!”
“Uh guys,” says Brock, suddenly next to us. “I have an idea.” I notice that Brock’s discarded his bathing suit as he agreed to—I can’t help but stare; the shifting water’s make it tricky to get a good idea of how big he is . . .
“Hey,” Brock says, “I’m up here.”
I flush.
“What is it, Brock?” says Mona.
“Well, Joey saw your tit when he wasn’t supposed to . . .”
“Yes, I’m aware of that.”
“Well, maybe to make up for it, he should . . .” He looked down suggestively.
Mona smiled. “Yeah, I like that. Joey, off with your trunks!”
“What?” I say, “No! It was an accident!”
But before I know it, Brock is gone. He’s underwater, and he’s definitely a swimmer. He’s got my bathing suit down to my ankles before I even know what he’s doing.
“Hey!” I cry, but it’s too late. Brock is halfway across the pool, and he’s got my swimsuit in his hand.
“Haha!” Mona taunts. “Joey’s naked!”
“Give that back!” I command, but my voice breaks.
Brock tosses my bathing suit onto the table beside the pool. As soon as my brain stops applauding his accuracy, I realize with dreaded horror that I won’t be able to retrieve it without getting out of the pool. Without exposing myself completely.
Suddenly Mona’s underwater as well. Shit! She’s looking at my privates! I quickly cover up with my hands but . . . then I start to sink. I compensate by frantically kicking my feet, but Mona’s—she’s grabbed my wrists! She’s pulling my hands away, and I’ve barely got the strength to resist.
She releases me and comes up for air.
“Ha!” she cries. “I was right! You haven’t matured since you were seven!”
I’m flushing bright red, I’m sure.
“Fuck you,” is all I can think to say.
Mona does a mock gasp. “Such language! You’ve been a bad boy!”
I’ve been bad? I have? She’s the one who just flashed her tits in the backyard!
But I can’t say any of that. I can’t even think about her tits without going speechless.
“Give me back my bathing suit,” I say, trying to sound stern but instead sounding close to tears.
“I don’t have it,” Brock says. “If you want it, go get it.”
“I can’t get out of the pool without my bathing suit! Mona, go get it!”
She just laughs.
“Actually,” says Brock, “it’s not so hard. Watch.”
He effortlessly hops out of the pool, not even bothering with the ladder like I have to. He squats low by the side of the pool, grinning broadly. Muscles bulge in his bare thighs, and his . . . my god, his balls hang nearly to the ground. And his dick . . . it’s bigger soft than mine is hard. Even after being in this chilly water!
 “See? There’s nothing to it!”
I frown. “Well, now that you’re out, can you throw me my bathing suit?”
“I could,” he says, “But what’s the point? Even if you put it on, I’d just take it off again.”
Mona finds this very funny.
“This isn’t fair,” I say. “I saw her . . . I saw her for just a second! Now you’ve seen me for a lot longer than that, so give me back my—”
“Hold up,” said Brock. “You saw her tit nice and clear, ‘cause she was out of the water. You’re in the water, so you’re not clear. You’re not even till you come out of the pool and show her your dick. So you might as well come grab your trunks.”
 I don’t move. I’m treading water, both in the pool and in this conversation.
“Hmm,” Mona says. “I think if we work together, we could drag him out of the pool.”
“Yeah,” Brock says. “I expect we could.” He’s begun shamelessly scratching his exposed ball sack. I can’t imagine being so free of self-consciousness. Brock is truly overwhelming.
He looks me right in the eye. “Last chance, Joey. Come out, or we’ll fish you out.”
I give up. Brock could probably wrestle me into submission and hoist me out of the pool all by himself. I can’t give him the chance to humiliate me like that.
Then again, if I stand my ground here in the pool, I’ll at least have a chance. Maybe I could beat him . . . get him in a headlock, force Mona to get out and throw me my trunks . . .
He crosses his arms over his chest, and I see the corded muscle bulging out. There’s no way I can take him down.
I suck in my potbelly, cover my privates with one hand, and grab the ladder. I hoist myself out of the pool a bit too slowly.
Wincing with embarrassment, I quickly hobble across the deck to the table. But Brock blocks my path.
His eyes are wide and playful—and terrifiying. Standing next to him, with both of us naked, the humiliation is just too much. He’s two years younger than me, and two inches taller . . . and three or four inches longer.
He gives me a doughboy poke in the belly. “Hands off!”
I slowly lift my hands, bringing my tiny shrunken dick into the light of day for the first time in . . . in living memory.
Brock puts a friendly arm around my shoulder, and turns us to face Mona in the pool. She laughs uproariously.
“Okay,” I say, “can I get my bathing suit now?”
He laughs too. His arm tightens, muscles squeezing the back of my neck. His stomach muscles rise and fall with his laughter, and his dick sways like a pendulum.
“Why bother?” he says. “We’ve already seen everything you got to cover.”
“Still, I’d really like to—”
Brock swings his arm forward, pushing me face-first back into the pool. I wasn’t ready, wasn’t holding my breath. Water rushes into my nostrils and I’m momentarily certain that I’m about to drown. I break the surface, hair in my eyes and water in my lungs, coughing furiously.
As soon as I get the water out of my nose, Brock cannonballs in right next to me. Over-chlorinated droplets assail my eyes.
Mona’s still laughing her little ass off, like she’s having the time of her life.
I don’t care if they see me anymore; I grab the edge of the pool and try to climb out. If I’d gone for the ladder I might have made it, but climbing the edge is hard for me. Before I could pull myself all the way up, I feel Brock’s fingers wrapping around my ankle. He pulls me back into the pool with one hand.
“Stop it!” I cry “Let me get out!”
“Nope,” he says, “You’ve  been a bad little boy, and you need to be punished.”
“What? I showed you my . . . we’re even now!”

“Isn’t that cute?” Mona says. “He can’t even say dick.”
“But he said ‘fuck you,’ before,” says Brock. “I think he’s got some discipline coming.”
“Yeah, you know, that’s true! When we were little, Mom used to spank us when we did stuff like that.”
“And he hasn’t really matured since then, if his dick is any indication.”
They share a conspiratorial smile, then both turn to me.
I scramble for the pool’s edge—the ladder’s just too far. I begin climbing out of the pool. Miraculously Brock hasn’t caught me and—
And he’s in front of me. He’s already out of the pool, and standing over me. He squats again, putting his long, rubbery, wet manhood just inches from my face. He grabs my wrists and pulls me up a little, then holds my arms down against the deck. From the waist-up, I’m on dry land, but my legs still dangle into the water.
My heart skips a beat as I realize the implications of this position.
“No!” I cry. “Please don’t!”
I start kicking up splashes, but Mona suddenly appears next to Brock.
“Sure you can hold him?” she says.
“I’ve got him,” Brock says breezily. “Go right ahead.”
“No! Stop!” I’m wailing like a child now, but I can’t help it. I can’t move my arms; Brock’s grip is like iron shackles. I’ve never felt so trapped. “Please!”
“Get ready,” Mona says.
“Please, please, please, let me go!”
“On three!”
Staahp!” I scream.
“One,” they say together.
“No, no, no . . .” My voice breaks.
Please! Please, I’m sorry!”
But nothing I can say will change their minds.
Having a pool was supposed to be fun.


 The End

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