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Lighting Santa's Way
Several preteen and young teen boys and girls on Christmas Eve are subjected to spanking, public nudity and performing community service for Santa as a condition of being removed from the naughty list
Chapter 1 January 10, 2016

Trick and Treat
On Halloween night, for the first time the town's children learn and experience the humiliating, embarrassing and painful punishments that form the nightmarish cornerstone of the community's spanking new taking control program.
Chapter 1 December 18, 2015


Condensed Overview and Technical Summary

Santa Strikes Back Again
Very disturbed by the ever growing size of his naughty list, Santa enthusiastically embraces the newly emerging Child Discipline Initiative that's sweeping the world. The Initiative utilizes a combination of humiliation, embarrassment and pain in the form of forced public nudity, sexual behavior and naked spankings to discipline children ages 5 to 20 in need of correction. While this story involves Santa and children on his naughty list, it is not a Christmas themed story; rather, it serves as an introduction to Nialos Leaning's Child Discipline Initiative story universe.
Santa Strikes Back Again April 27, 2014

Ghost Patrol Stories
These stories are inspired by the late ThatStings' series Spirited Intervention available on the Reader Story Submissions page of this site

Ghost Patrol Christmas Surprise
A Christmas and New Year's Eve Story Challenge Entry
As part of his plan to reduce the number of names on the naughty list in future years, Santa teams up with the Ghost Patrol to deliver some very special presents to selected youngsters on this year's list..  Presents that are particularly painful and embarrassing for the preteen and young teen recipients who all vow they won't do anything to be on the list again next year.
Ghost Patrol Christmas Surprise December 22, 2010

Ghost Patrol Bully Abatement Program
The Ghost Patrol decides its time to take drastic action bullies.  This leads to extremely embarrassing, humiliating and painful public naked punishments for a group of four boys ages 11 to 14 who are caught badly bullying and seriously injuring an eleven year boy because he prefers being a cheerleader instead of a football player.
Ghost Patrol Bully Abatement Program November 21, 2010

Ghost Patrol
Deciding that it's time to take action against badly misbehaved earth children, the denizens of the spirit world implement a program of embarrassing, humiliating and painful public naked punishments administered by a team of ghost children .
Ghost Patrol July 31, 2010

Willow Run is fed up with unruly, disrespectful and misbehaving youngsters. After many grueling hours of hotly debated meetings, the good townspeople devise their own very unique solution, Nudity Enhanced Punishment. NUDEP, as its known for short, makes use of the various "Naked in School" and "Alternate Disciple Protocol" programs from other communities as starting points. Then, to meet the community's desire for an effective punishment not to soon be forgotten, spanking, embarrassment, humiliation, and forced sexual performance are added to the mix, ensuring a lesson well learnt.

Day 1 of the Jeffers kids week in NUDEP
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Begins:

The Jeffers siblings, thirteen year old Jeremy, eleven year old Jessica and ten year old Jeffrey are condemned by their parents to a week of the miserable hell of NUDEP.
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Begins

Day 2 of the Jeffers kids week in NUDEP
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Monday at School:

The nightmare begins in earnest as the Jeffers children experience spending the day naked in school.
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Monday at School

Day 3 of the Jeffers kids week in NUDEP
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Tuesday Performance:

The nightmare continues, both at school and at a command performance at the mall.
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Tuesday Performance

Day 4 of the Jeffers kids week in NUDEP
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Wednesday Athletics:

The nightmare continues, at a school field day, in gym class, and at a college basketball game.
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Wednesday Athletics

Day 5 of the Jeffers kids week in NUDEP starring Tommy Tomaselli
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Thursday Troubles:

The nightmare continues, with Tommy Tomaselli getting himself and his classmates in much trouble
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Thursday Troubles

Day 6 of the Jeffers kids week in NUDEP
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Friday Follies:
The nightmare continues, in front of both a live and a statewide television audience, it's showtime!
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Friday Follies

Day 7 of the Jeffers kids week in NUDEP
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Saturday Wrestling Extravaganza:
The nightmare continues, in a sold out arena and on statewide television; may the best nudie win!
The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Saturday Wrestling Extravaganza March 31, 2010

Taking Back Control
A community wide effort is implemented by the adults to "take back control" from their "out of control" kids.  In the process, they're determined to eradicate the excessive false modesty prevalent among the younger generation.  Boys up to the age 14 quickly learn that there's a very high price to be paid for defying adult control and rules.  They just as quickly learn  that "little boys shouldn't be so modest" means exactly that; a few girls also have their modesty taken down a peg or two.  Forced nudity, embarrassment, sexual humiliation, spanking and other very painful punishments are among the adults' weapons of choice to forcibly demonstrate to the kids "who's in charge here."
CAUTION! while the above story is within this site's content guidelines, especially starting with part 3, it tends toward  the extreme side and may be too intense and/or graphic for some readers.
TBC1: Taking Back Control Part 1
TBC2: Taking Back Control Part 2
TBC3: Taking Back Control Part 3
TBC4: Taking Back Control Part 4

Last Boy Standing
by Nialos Leaning

Three boys, ages thirteen, twelve and eleven, make a weekend visit with their parents to the town of Edwardsville in Benjamin County.  To their disbelief and shock, the boys quickly learn that "little boys shouldn't be so modest" is county law.  A law that their parents wholeheartedly agree with.  A law that's strictly enforced with very painful, embarrassing and humiliating court ordered punishments for those boys who dare not to be bare in public.  As a result of  their refusal to undress in a public parking lot, the court sanctions the three boys to seven days of Public Nude Juvenile Punishment and along with a fourth boy to take part in a show designed to literally determine who will be the "Last Boy Standing."
CAUTION! while within this site's guidelines, this story tends toward the extreme side and may be too intense and/or graphic for some readers.

Last Boy Standing Part 1
Last Boy Standing Part 2
Last Boy Standing Part 3

Special Detention
CAUTION! while within this site's guidelines, this story tends toward the extreme side and may be too intense and/or graphic for some readers.
by Nialos Leaning
Eighteen naked boys ages 10 to 14 must take part in a Saturday Special Detention for misbehaving at school.  A detention in which they're split into nine boy teams to compete against each other in a series of games designed to inflict extreme pain.  As an incentive to win, the losing team of each game is awarded a special pain penalty; the overall losing team suffers a penalty much worse than anything else they've endured during the day.  As the day progresses, the tortured battered boys truly learn that "pain is the name of the game."
Special Detention

Public Property
by Nialos Leaning
Three boys, two fourteen and one thirteen, pay the price for their wild rampage at a theme park, a rampage that caused havoc, damage and injury. As punishment, the judge declares their private parts public property, their sentence to be served at the park for the entertainment of attendees.
Public Property

Timmy's Terrible Saturday
by Nialos Leaning

Twelve year old Timmy loves disrespecting and playing pranks on females. Finally, mom has had enough and enrolls him in a special court approved public two hour "Saturday Intensive" naked punishment session at the local high school gym. A session featuring nudity, spankings and forced sexual activity, all designed to be so embarrassing and painful that afterwards the unwilling participants won't even begin to think about ever misbehaving again.
Timmy's Terrible Saturday

By Order of the Court
by Nialos Leaning

Five preteen shoplifters become their town's first Nudie Juvies. They're sentenced to five days of being naked and two public spankings.
By Order of the Court

Alex Loses His Pants Forever
by Nialos Leaning
Poor twelve-year-old Alex may not have been convicted of any crime, but his parents and his school have both petitioned the court to impose punishment for "non-criminal juvenile delinquency."
Alex Loses His Pants Forever

Party Plan

CyberSpank Industries sells their computerized home spanking machines on the party plan. Woe unto the children used to demonstrate the nasty things!
Party Plan

Paul Crewe has written a follow up story The Scoutmaster's Model Part 1

Naked Jensen
Billy Miller and Tommy Jensen just can't seem to avoid being stripped naked and spanked in front of audiences, sometimes very large audiences.
Naked Jensen 1: The Swimming Pool Caper
Naked Jensen 2: The Insult Incident
Naked Jensen 3: The Taunt Tantrum
Naked Jensen 4: The Fight Fiasco

This ice hockey loving family bases their discipline program on that sport's penalty system.

Santa Strikes Back
Santa has a plan to correct the rampart naughtiness of today's youth and get more names back onto the "who's been good" list. Oh, boy, does he have a plan!
Santa Strikes Back
 Spankatorium Stories
In response to the ever escalating increase in general youthful misbehavior, the government has established walk in Juvenile Punishment Centers where computerized machines administer spankings and other humiliating embarrassing unpleasant punishments. The auditoriums where these punishments are carried out, open to the public for the price of an admission ticket, are known as Spankatoriums.

Timmy's Unpleasant Encounter of the Mechanical Kind
Young Timmy has a decidedly unpleasant encounter with the computer controlled devices at his local Juvenile Punishment Center.
Timmy's Unpleasant Encounter of the Mechanical Kind

The Callahan Clan's Catastrophic Computer Clash of the Corrective Kind
The three Callahan youngsters, fourteen-year-old Jimmy, his eleven-year-old sister Jackie and their younger brother nine-year-old Jerry have a decidedly uncomfortable time at the Jacobs Avenue Juvenile Punishment Center, especially with some of the new recently installed extras.
The Callahan Clan's Catastrophic Computer Clash of the Corrective Kind
Betty's Diary
Twelve year old Betty has two very bratty brothers, aged thirteen and ten.  Under Mom's guidance, she begins to get her revenge as she and her girlfriends train the boys in the ways of showing of proper respect.
Betty's Diary 1: My Greatest Birthday Ever!
Betty's Diary 2: My Naked Slave Brat Brothers
Betty's Diary 3: My Fantastic Bus Trip
Betty's Diary 4: My Most Wonderful Retreat

Eleven year old Joey doesn't show respect to any female, including his mother, sisters and teachers.  But mom and the girls, with the help of the next door neighbors, are out to change that!
Joey 1: Joey Learns the Hard Way
Joey 2: Joey Visits the Clinic
Joey 3: Joey Stays Home
SSS 1997 Short Story Contest Entries
These short-shorts were entries in the Soc.Sexuality.Spanking summer 1997 short story contest. Another Fine Mall Service was nominated as a finalist in the Youngster category.
SSC: Another Fine Mall Service
SSC: Escalation
SSC: The Red, White and Blue
The Strickhand Chronicles
Mr. Strickhand, a school disciplinarian who brooks no nonsense, is every school child's worse nightmare.
Strickhand 1: An Old Era Returns
Strickhand 2: Fifth Grade Massacre
Tales of Brian's Bare Tail:
Poor ten year old Brian and his next door neighbor Samatha, known as Sammy the Brat, constantly earn themselves bare bottom spankings.
Brian 1: The Christmas Tale
Brian 2: The School Tale
Brian 3: The Friday Tale
Brian 4: The Halloween Tale
Brian 5: The Beach Tale

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