CAUGHT - THE TAMMY SERIES Part 21 (Ffff,Exib,Blackmail)
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By: Hooked6

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story line by rereading Chapter's 1-20 at

We looked at each other in the semi-darkness as we each tried to
come up ideas. I drew my arms up over my chest to hide myself as
I was now feeling VERY vulnerable sitting naked in Kerry's
stalled car in the middle of a strange neighborhood.

"Is there a gas station within walking distance? If there is I'm
sure they would have a spare gas can they could lend you to put
gas in to get us going again." I offered as a suggestion.

"I really don't think there's anything close by," Kerry said

"Do you even know where we are?" I asked pointedly.

"OF COURSE I DO," she responded almost insulted at my
insinuation. Just then the headlights of an approaching car
illuminated us and I quickly ducked for cover. Of course it
passed by harmlessly but I was scared to death!

"RELAX! Will ya? Look, I have an idea," she said positively. "I
know that Billy Ray lives on this street. He's a friend of mine.
His house is only a couple of blocks down the road."

"Do you think he'll be home?" I asked hopefully.

"Well . . . that's a good question because he goes to Trembly
High. He might be at the game. I don't know. We'll just have to
take that chance."

WE?!!" What do you mean WE have to take that chance? I'm staying
right here. YOU can run down there and see if he's home." I said

"Tammy, I know you think I'm being ridiculous, but I don't want
to go by myself. . . It's dark outside! Couldn't you go with me?
After all, my mom's always saying there's safety in numbers and
well, YOU don't want to be left all alone naked do you? What if
somebody comes along? You could get into real trouble!" she

You've GOT to be kidding?" I blurted out.

"NO, I'm serious. PLEASE come with me. You can hide in the bushes
or something." She said.

"Ok fine, I'll come with. Let's just get this over with," I said
giving in to her request. She smiled an appreciative grin and
thanked me as she opened the door.

"DAMN IT, Kerry!" I said reacting to the sudden illumination of
the interior car light. I jumped outside and crouched by the side
of the car hoping to hide myself from anyone who happened to be
looking our way.

"Oh, sorry," Kerry said as she quickly closed her door shutting
off the car light. "It's this way," She said pointing ahead of
us. "If we stick close to the houses we can always seek cover if
we need to." We both took off carefully looking around to insure
our safety.

A couple of cars came down the street and I jumped behind some
bushes but wasn't seen. Here I was naked, away from familiar
territory FAR away from my clothes! My heart was beating faster
the farther away from our car we traveled. After about 10
minutes, Kerry stopped and joined me crouching low in front of
some shrubbery.

"I think this is it," she said whispering to me.

"What do you mean, you THINK this is it? Don't you know?" I
replied incredulously.

"Well, not really 100% sure, but I am pretty confident this is
it. Just hide between the plants here and I'll go up and check it
out." She instructed. I quietly made my way in between two tall
shrubs in front of the house and ducked for cover. At least it
was fairly dark where I was hiding. Kerry went up the three steps
and onto the porch and knocked. There was no answer. She knocked
a bit louder . . . still nothing!

"I don't think anybody's home," she said in a loud whisper. Just
then the porch light came on and I almost pissed myself right
then and there! My dark hiding place wasn't so dark anymore! I
heard the chain being removed from the front door and a deadbolt
being unlocked. As the door opened I was prepared to run like
hell, leaving Kerry to fend for herself if some crazy person
answered the door.

"Hey Billy Rae," I heard Kerry say.

"Why Kerry! Long time no see. I'm surprised to see you. Won't you
come in?" said the guy at the door. At least he didn't sound
crazy I thought to myself.

"Uh, I can't tonight, Billy. Listen I need your help. I ran out
of gas up the block and I was wondering if you could help us, I
mean, ME," Kerry said nervously correcting herself.

"US?" Somebody with you?" the guy asked.

"Ah, no. It's just me. You think you could come to our, I mean MY
rescue," Kerry said nervously once again.

You've got another guy with you, is that it?" Billy said in a
rather indignant tone.

NO! There's no other guy, I promise. Look, if you must know, it's
a girlfriend of mine and we really need to get going," Kerry said
hoping her explanation would suffice. Meanwhile I was ready to
come up there and do her bodily harm myself for screwing up. I
was pretty sure she wasn't trying to do me in on purpose. She
just wasn't really calm under pressure.

"Well, bring her on in and let's PARTY a bit!" Billy Rae said in
a flirtatious manner.

"I CAN'T Billy. It's a LONG story, but could you please take me
to the gas station so I can get some fuel?" Kerry pleaded.

Perhaps Billy Rae had been drinking a bit or maybe he was just
showing off and being a jerk, but I heard footsteps on the porch
then onto the steps! "HEY Girlfriend! Are you OUT HERE somewhere?
Don't be shy! Come on in!" shouted Billy in a musical voice.

I tried to move back into the bushes to hide myself better and of
course stepped on some twigs or something and there was a loud
crackle,  a result that drew Billy's attention. Kerry, realizing
my imminent discovery shouted, "BILLY, Come back here! I need to
talk to you!"

Too late! He spotted me in the shadows. "THERE she IS!" he
shouted as he peered into the bushes. He grabbed a hold of my
hand and pulled me up and out of my hiding place in one swift

"Come on out, sweetness. You don't have to hide from old Bil . .
. What the hell? You ain't got no clothes on!" he said with a
southern twang as he ogled my body up and down. Of course my free
hand was desperately trying to conceal my nudity and I felt my
face flush red with embarrassment as I unsuccessfully tried to
cover myself. Kerry ran down and broke his grip on my arm
allowing me the use of my other hand to hide my breasts.

"Billy! LEAVE HER ALONE! It's not what you think!" Kerry said
trying to diffuse the situation. Billy just stood there with a
shit-eating grin on his face and stared. His eyes were literally
burning their way through my hands in a vain attempt to see what
they were concealing! I could have just died!

Finally Kerry stepped in front of me forcing him to break his
perverted concentration on my body. Kerry then found her courage
and forcefully tried to take control of the situation.

"NOW do you see why we need your help?" she asked. "I'm begging
you, Billy Rae. Would you PLEASE take me to the gas station  . .
. NOW?"

"Aw come on Kerry. I can't pass up an opportunity like THIS!"
Billy said jokingly. I was beginning to get worried that things
were going to get WAY out of hand.

Look! I'll PAY you if that's what you want, hell I'll even go out
with you, but right now we've got to get to that gas station."
Kerry again said urgently. Billy just stood there trying to look
around Kerry to get a better look at me.

I made up my mind just to run back to the car and was poised to
make my move when he said, "OK, I'll help you girls. . . but it's
going to cost you."

"Fine, how much?" Kerry said a bit relieved.

"Oh I don't want your money," he said quietly.

"Alright, I'll go out with you then, next week maybe," Kerry

"No I don't want to go out with you, either" Billy said obviously
prolonging his view of my charms.

"Well what DO you want?" Kerry asked growing more impatient. I
had an idea that what he wanted was ME! And I for one wasn't
going to stick around and let him get what he wanted!! He was
cute and all but I wasn't ready to give up my virginity like
this! I tensed my muscles once again and was ready to flee.

"What I want," he said, as he took his eyes off of me and shifted
his gaze toward Kerry, "Is your clothes!"

"YOU'RE OUTTA YOUR FUCKING MIND!" Kerry yelled emphatically.

"Calm down, will you?" Billy said softly. "I'm not going to try
anything. I just, you know, have always wondered what you looked
like and well, seeing as how you deliberately got me all worked
up by teasing me with your slutty friend here, I think the LEAST
you could do is give me a peek. Don't you?" Kerry just shook her

"Fine. Just get your gas somewhere else. Of course I will
probably have to tell everybody at Trembly what showed up on my
doorstep tonight   Kerry and her lesbo girlfriend!" Fear overtook
me of a different sort. If he started talking to his friends
about Kerry and me they would eventually connect me as the Red
Panty Streaker. I pulled Kerry aside whispered in her ear. "Come
on Kerry. You've GOT to do this. You don't want everybody you
know thinking your gay, and another thing, people will certainly
figure out that I'm the Red Panty Streaker!"

"What's wrong with being gay? She whispered back   something that
took me quite by surprise, making me instinctively cover myself
all the more. I was pretty sure Sam at least had bisexual
tendencies but Kerry was a complete shock!

"Nothing," I said trying not to offend. "Do it for me then. Do it
to protect your own IOU. I mean if I'm found out that'll surely
be the end of all this."  

"You sure are asking a lot!" she whispered back as she glanced
over at Billy making sure he hadn't snuck up on us.

"P-l-e-a-s-e!" I asked pitifully.

"Oh all right! But I'm going to make the most of my damn IOU when
I redeem it - I can guarantee you that!" she finally said
relenting her objections. She purposefully walked back toward
Billy Rae and stopped right in front of him and looked him
straight in the eyes.

"OK, Billy but these are my rules or it's no deal. First we do it
in the house not out here; second, absolutely NO touching; third,
I'll cut your balls off and tack them to your front door if I
even THINK you're taking pictures of me or if you DARE breath a
word of this to ANYONE! Oh and lastly, you only get 1 minute to
stare at me!" Kerry said authoritatively.

"FIFTEEN minutes," Billy countered, "and then I'll take you for
the gas."

"TWO minutes," Kerry offered.

"TEN then," said Billy "and I'll even PAY for the gas."

"THREE minutes and you're damn lucky to get that," Kerry snapped

"OK - SEVEN minutes and your friend here has to stand next to
you." Billy replied. "And THAT is my final offer." My eyes got
large as saucers at this unexpected twist as I certainly didn't
like the idea of modeling myself to this stranger. Standing here
covered was one thing but deliberately strutting my self was

Kerry looked at me, winked and then said, "OK, seven minutes and
my FRIEND joins in with me." I winced as she emphasized the word
"friend". I guess I couldn't blame her as she WAS doing all of
this to help me out. I certainly could understand why she wanted
me to share her humiliation. Billy motioned us up the porch steps
and soon we were inside. After turning on a few lights, he took a
seat with his back towards the large front window. "You girls
just stand in the middle of the room there. You can start
whenever you're ready, Kerry." He said politely but with all the
anticipation of a kid going into a candy store.

Kerry went to the center of the room and gave a big sigh. I
reluctantly took a position next to her still keeping myself
covered   one hand across my chest and bending a bit at the waist
using my other hand to cover my crotch. We looked at each other
quietly for a second or two and then Kerry reached for the bottom
of her T-shirt. She had just started to raise it up a few inches
barely showing her belly button when she dropped it back down
again. "HEY! CLOSE THOSE DRAPES! I agreed I would allow YOU to
look - not the whole neighborhood!" she said emphatically. I
stooped a little further downward as I saw that she was right.
The drapes on the large picture window were completely open.

"Hey, you made the rules and I agreed. There was no mention of
how my furniture or house was to be arranged." Billy argued back.
"They stay open. I might like watching your squirm. I think it
might be sexy."

Kerry mumbled under her breath, "jackass!" She then looked the
mantle clock over the fireplace and noted the time. "Seven
minutes starting now," she said as she lifted her T-shirt over
her head exposing her dark blue bra.

"Uh uh. Seven minutes starting when you're naked and your friend
here moves her hands!" Billy replied.

Kerry tossed her T-shirt on the floor and started unsnapping her
jeans. There was no attempt at putting on a show or acting all
sexy. It was like she was just changing her clothes as if no one
else was watching   but there WAS someone watching and that made
me get very, very aroused once again. Knowing he was looking at
us and I was watching HER undress!

She stepped out of her jeans and kicked them away from her feet.
She then reached behind her and unhooked her bra, pausing after
letting the straps drop off her shoulders but still leaving the
cups in place covering her breasts. She made a not so subtle look
out the window to see if she could see anybody outside, but it
was too dark with all the lights on in the room. She sighed once
more and took it off. My gosh was she BEAUTIFUL! With one quick
motion she dropped her panties below her knees and they then fell
to the floor on their own. Stepping out of them she kicked them
over to the pile and said matter of factly, "Seven minutes
starting now!" She noted the time and jabbed me with her elbow as
if to say "move your hands stupid, I'm not giving him one extra
second to look because of you!"

Unlike me, Kerry was completely bare around her pubes and her
swollen lips stuck out like proud slices of a fresh peach. I
reluctantly dropped my hands, starting first by exposing my
breasts and then finally my pubic hair. I found it extremely
difficult to look at him gawking at me so I looked out the
window. That made me even more self-conscious wondering if anyone
was watching! I then looked at Kerry. She must have felt the same
way because she too was looking at me rather than Billy.

"Turn around," Billy said. "I don't want to miss admiring your
backsides before my time is up."    

That seemed to suit us both as we wasted no time turning our
backs to him. We weren't in any hurry to turn back around either
as we both just stood there facing the wall. At least we didn't
have to face that damn open window, I thought!

After some time had past, Kerry glanced to her right at the
mantle clock and announced, "FIVE MINUTES left."

"OK," Billy said. "I've seen enough of your asses. Turn back
around so I can look at the good stuff."

Again Kerry let out a deep sigh and we both turned back around.
What I saw next will stay etched in my mind forever! There sat
Billy with his pants and underwear down below his knees and he
was stroking his now erect cock with his right hand!


"Oh come on, you adding MORE rules now?" Billy complained without
stopping his wrist action.

I just stared. Here I was only a couple of feet from watching a
guy jacking off. I saw that man doing it on the train as it past
by while I was flashing it with Sam   but he was quite a distance
away. This was up close and personal!

"ONE MINUTE LEFT, CREEP!" Kerry announced. I was surprised that
time had flown by so quickly. Billy for his part kept up his own
self-pleasure while shifting his gaze from Kerry and then to me!
When my eyes met his looking at me, I got all weak-kneed and my
heart began pounding again. There were sparks flying everywhere
and the tension was so great I could barely handle it. I checked
the clock and that "one last minute" was up, but Kerry said
nothing and kept on exposing herself.

Then Billy Rae's breathing sped up and got deeper and deeper. He
closed his eyes, arched his back and proceeded to shoot SIX
streams of white stuff all over his belly. I know it was six
because I actually counted!! His cock was pulsing long after the
white stuff stopped spurting out and then he finally collapsed
for a few minutes back in the chair   his eyes still closed!

Kerry looked at me and smiled. That weasel knew he was close to
cumming and had actually waited for it to happen before getting
dressed!!! I wasn't sure if she did that for MY benefit, hers or

She gathered up her clothes and proceeded once again to get
dressed. When Billy finally did open his eyes he was obviously
disappointed at seeing Kerry dressed and me covering myself.

"AW! You don't really have to go now do you?" he asked meekly.

"What's the use of hanging around. You're obviously done for the
night!" she said laughing. "Now let's go get my gas."

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