It's Not Fair 4
By Cassie

[email protected]

Copyright 2010 by Cassie, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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This story is set in the Puericil Universe.

If anyone has a comment or suggestion, I'd like to read it.

See chapter 1 for an explanation about this series. Instead of repeating the whole explanation, I'll leave you with another selection of letters from the "It's Not Fair!" letter column, in "Boy Stuff" magazine. In them, more boys complain about how little privacy they are allowed, and about the double standard that makes it OK for people to see them naked but protects girls' modesty. The intention of this article is illustrating the attitude changes that the Conservative Resurgence has brought about: children, particularly male children, are firmly controlled by adult authority figures, who often make a point of emphasizing that control, in order to keep boys in their place and out of trouble.

(Remember the magazine responses are in italics, and I'll add my own observations between square brackets).

Many thanks to Steve, who wrote the second letter in this chapter. Please, feel free to contribute any similar letters if you wish to.

* * * * *

It's Not Fair 4

Todd (13 years old)

My life was normal and happy just a few months ago, but everything seems to be worse now. Mum started going to these support group meetings about child rearing, and she started saying that I was too spoiled, and that she was going to change that. She started making me take that new medicine, Puericil, even though I'm not sick or anything. She said it would make me behave better.

I don't know if I behave better, but I know I have changed, and I don't like that. I used to do my own thing, and care little about what mum or other adults would say. I only cared about what my friends thought. Now mum has become real strict. She scolds me all the time, shouting at me as if I were a toddler or something. Instead of rolling my eyes at her, though, I look down and get teary-eyed, and it's all I can do not to start bawling. It's shameful, but I can't help it. It's like my body reacts without asking me. She is always on my case, scolding me, and even swatting my bottom all the time, which she hadn't done since I was real little. She even does it in public, like at the mall! Just yesterday she swatted me there because I was pestering her to buy me some new sneakers. She yelled at me, calling me naughty, and said that when she said no, it meant no, and I should not keep going on. Then she swatted my behind twice, hard, as I have seen some mothers swat naughty toddlers. And she said I was lucky she didn't give me a real spanking just there! There were people watching and listening. Talk about embarrassing!

She started having all these new rules too, about what I have to do, like doing all my homework before playing, and a lot of chores at home, and about what I can't do. She also started spanking me. When she is not pleased with me, she takes me into her bedroom, and takes down my pants and undies. Then she makes me go over her knees and she spanks me with her hand first and then with a ping-pong paddle. I think it's not right, and I'm too old for her to see me naked and do that to me. But she does, and I can't do a thing about it. When she is angry and scolds me I just feel very little and even start sniveling, and I can't find the way to resist. I was not like that before, a least not since I was very little.

But the worse was when I started wetting the bed. I had never done that, I swear! But it happened, and mum scolded me a lot and said that it wouldn't happen if I weren't so lazy, and that she'd "find the way to motivate me" if it happened again. Well, it did, and now it happens to me about once or twice a week, even though I try not to drink before bedtime, and even set my alarm clock to get up and pee in the middle of the night. Some nights it happens anyway, and I wake up wet. I swear I don't want it to happen, but it just does! Nowadays, when she comes to get me out of bed, mum lifts the sheet and puts her hand between my legs, and if she feels I'm wet she gets all mad and scolds me a lot, saying I should be ashamed of myself. And I am, but it's not my fault! I don't want to wet my bed! She takes the ping-pong paddle that she has hung on the wall of my bedroom, and makes me roll over on my bed and take down my pyjama trousers. She says there's no way I'm going over her lap after peeing myself. Then she just paddles me silly with that thing. I'm really bawling after that, because getting paddled on your bare bottom hurts real bad, you know! After that she takes me to the bathroom and makes me take off all my remaining clothes right in front of her and get into the tub. Then she gives me a bath, as if I were just some silly little kid who is naked in front of his mum because he doesn't know any better. I know I should resist, and defend my rights and everything, but I just can't! When she is angry she acts all assured and stern, and I feel little and weak, and I can't do anything because I feel a lump in my throat and I'm just about to start crying. So she washes me and I can't even really complaint, only some lame protests like "please, don't" when she takes my willy in her hands, and of course she doesn't listen, because I sound like a whiny kid instead of as someone who means it. And let's not talk about my willy! I was starting to have some hair down there, and I was really proud of it, but now I have none and I look like a little boy again. The other boys started noticing and laughed at me at the showers, after P.E. I think it's because of the Puericil, and I asked mum, but she just said that since I'm just a little boy why on Earth would I need any hair down there, and not to worry about it.

My friends have noticed that there's something different about me, and they tease me and don't like to hang out with me any more. Mum said that my old friends were too wild and disobedient, and that I shouldn't be their friend anyway. She told me that I was lucky she cared enough about me to take me back under control, and that I should be friends with other boys who had been taken back under control too. That's what they call it, "take back under control". She said she'd organize a play date with some of the sons of the mothers in her support group, who also take Puericil and are under control like me. I also made some new friends at school, because I guess some boys there are back under control too and we kind of got stuck with each others. This worked out, and I guess I like having them as friends and we have fun playing, even though they are not the kind of boys I would have wanted to be friends with some time ago. However, I guess I'm not that kind of boy either, not anymore. I mean, I know I'm different. My mum gave all my new friends' parents permission to spank me if I misbehave, and some of them have! Really, some time ago, I swear I would have died before letting Kyle's mum spank me, on the bare bottom no less, but that is exactly what she did yesterday, and I couldn't do anything to avoid it. We were playing at his home, and we started roughhousing and it kinda got out of hand and we broke two porcelain figures. Kyle's mum was mad, I felt just like I feel when mum scolds me, real little and powerless. Then she took down Kyle's shorts and briefs, and spanked him hard on his bare bottom, and then she did the same to me! It's just so embarrassing! It's bad enough when mum sees me naked at my age, and spanks me, but at least she's my mum. This was Kyle's mum, a lady I had not even met a couple of weeks ago! I cried too. We also had to stand in the corner, right there in the living room, with our red bottoms bare for all to see. What I mean is that I would never have let something like that happen before. But now I did, and there was nothing I could do. I just couldn't, there was nothing inside me that would let me refuse her orders.

Since I started taking Puericil I feel defenseless and infantile. I like games that I used to regard as childish. I'm shy around adults, and when they talk to me I'm almost in awe. Even though I'm a teenager, I feel as if adults have some terrible knowledge and power that I'm much too young to understand. When they raise their voices I feel butterflies in my tummy and wish real hard that I'm not in deep trouble, and I do what they tell me to without talking back. I also have less control over myself, like, if there's something that feels fun but that I know will surely get me a spanking, I do it anyway, because it seems I can't contain myself. Then, of course, I get spanked. Instead of refusing or resisting, I let whatever adult wants to spank me do exactly so. It just seems unthinkable to refuse, and I cry and carry on like a little kid. I even wet my bed. I didn't use to be like that, I swear. It's not fair!

Whoa! There was a lot you wanted to get off your chest, Todd! It's too bad life has suddenly become so complicated for you. We understand your concerns, although we'd like to encourage you to keep a positive attitude. Above all, remember that even if she has brought about distressing changes, your mum loves you and is concerned for you. Other things in life, you'll find out, are less important than having people who love us, and whom we love. Regarding your friends, you deserve friends who like you because of who you are, and not because of how you behave (or misbehave?).

About your bedwetting problem, it might just be a side effect of taking Puericil. It has that effect on some boys. You might try asking your mum to take you to a doctor, because in most cases bedwetting problems are really out of a boy's control, also some steps might be taken to alleviate them.

Our advice is to make the best of it and remain cheerful. Things won't seem so bad after you get used to these changes.

[[This long letter is quite interesting, because it directly addresses some of the effects of Puericil. It was written when Puericil was first being introduced, in the midst of a social movement called the Conservative Resurgence, which included the return to some old-fashioned values like expecting children to obey and respect parents and other adults. This support group Todd's mother attends is quite probably part of that social movement. The whole process was probably more difficult for Todd than for children who take Puericil today, since its use was still not widespread when this letter was published.

Occasional bedwetting is indeed a possible side effect of Puericil. Most boys are not thusly affected, but some are. On the other hand, the elimination of androgenic body hair, including pubic hair, is a well-known and general effect. Many parents consider it an important and positive part of Puericil's effects, since it places teen males firmly back in the place where they belong, as the little children they still are.

The most interesting part of the letter, however, is the description, in Todd's own words, of the psychological effects of Puericil. Indeed, it makes male boys submissive and easy to manage, and slightly 'infantilizes' them.]]


Steve (13 years old)

Okay, I admit it. I messed around in school last year. I was more concerned with being the class clown than learning the material. Mrs. Gordon was so young, pretty and sweet, and I didn't listen to her warnings that I was going to fail if I didn't work harder. I always thought I could pull it out at the end, but I ended up failing 6th grade and was held back. I FAILED! My parents were so mad. I got a weekly spanking every week all summer from both of my parents, right in front of my 2 younger sisters, and I am now taking 6th grade again.

What makes it even worse is that just because the way the birthdays fell, I was the OLDEST kid in my 6th grade class last year, so this year, I'm the only 13 year old in a class of 11 and just 12 year old kids. There are 32 kids in my class, 17 girls and 15 boys, including me. My parents made sure I got Mrs. Burns as my teacher. She is the strictest and meanest teacher in the school. They also had a meeting with Mrs. Burns and the principal and gave permission for some special rules for me.

Mrs. Burns calls on me every day to see if I did all of my school work and home work. She also has a mean paddle she keeps in her desk drawer, which she uses to spank boys. Mrs. Gordon never spanked us. She would just threaten to send a boy to the principal sometimes, but she never even did that. But Mrs. Burns does spank, and she does it in front of the class. The WHOLE class, even though she doesn't spank girls. The paddle is heavy and has small holes drilled through it, and Mrs. Burns really spanks hard. For all the other boys except me, she calls the boy to the front of the class, makes him pull down his pants, and has him bend over her desk with his tush facing the class in just his underpants. For me, though, it's different. I'm not spanked bending over the desk. I'm spanked standing up. I have to pull down my pants AND underpants, and Mrs. Burns then pulls my shirt and undershirt up high around my shoulders. She then grabs my arm and whacks away with that nasty paddle. I can't help but try to get away, so I look like I'm dancing around the may pole, except this may pole is whacking my naked tushie with that paddle as I stumble around with my pants and underpants at my ankles. All the kids in the class get to see my bouncing peenie and my red tushie, and it really HURTS! Sometimes, my peenie even gets all stiff, and I can't help it. When she finally finishes, she leads me crying like a baby to the chalk board, draws a circle on the board, and makes me put my nose in the circle with my hands behind my head and my red tushie in full view to the whole class. I'm not allowed to rub my tushie, and only after I stop crying am I allowed to pull up my pants and return to my seat, sniffling with a red face.

The teasing later is awful. While I am getting spanked, through my tears I can see the smirks and smiles on the faces of the girls watching my spanking, and later I have to listen to them telling me about how red my tushie got, how my peenie bounced around so much, how they liked seeing my "boner," and how I cried like a baby. They also remind me that I'll never see their tushies or watch them being spanked like they saw me. A couple of the girls like to lightly smack their own tushies and say "WAAAAAAAA!" It's Not Fair!

Steve, not doing what you are supposed to do has consequences, although we are sorry you are finding out in such a harsh way. Even though it may seem boring now, school work is actually quite important, because it will allow you to have a good job in the future, and that is why your parents are being so strict with you. No matter how embarrassing Mrs. Burns' spankings are, the most important thing now is that you pay attention to your schoolwork, so that your grades are as good as possible. If you do that, you'll see that your parents and teacher will have more confidence in you and won't be quite so stern.

Once your parents see you are really making an effort, you could try asking them to talk with Mrs. Burns, so that she doesn't single you out like that. It won't work before they see you are doing your best, though, so start working!

In the meantime, the only advice we can give you is to behave and try to avoid Mrs. Burns' punishments. We know being good all the time is very difficult, but it'd be worth it if you manage, because that way you'll prevent your tushie from being bared and paddled hard in front of all your classmates, including the girls! As you know very well by now, some girls can be quite smug when they see boys spanked and they know that their own tushies are safe (why is it that so many people think spanking only works on boys?) Some girls really like to tease boys when they see them getting spanked, even more so when the spanking is done on the bare and the boy is older than they are. That's embarrassing, we know, but don't let it get to you, and remember that avoiding those spankings is in your hands!

[[With the Conservative Resurgence, corporal punishment has returned to the schools, and laws have been passed to protect teachers from being sued. The reasoning is that school officials act in loco parentis, and therefore schools have a lot of leeway when it comes to implementing disciplinary policies. Social attitudes have changed so much that there is strong parental support for the school. Most children nowadays would not even dream of complaining to their parents when they are punished at school, if they are lucky enough that their parents have not been already informed, since they know they'd only get additional punishment to reinforce the school's authority.

It's also worth mentioning that there's a clear double standard in most schools: boys are regarded as less mature and more unruly, and because of that are punished more harshly than girls, even for the same offence. Moreover, very little importance is given to boys' modesty. If it's convenient to remove boys' clothes for punishment, few people would think twice about doing so, even in front of female students. Most adults would say, "why, they are only boys!" Some would even regard it as beneficial, since nudity is a good way to keep boys in their place and prevent them from getting too self-confident and arrogant.]]


Bryce (12 years old)

I'm 12, and my mom still gives me my baths. I'd be embarrassed if my friends found out, but apart from that it's not really a big deal when she bathes me. She tells me to take my clothes off and then she takes me to the bathroom. She puts me in the tub and has me stand up. She washes my back and my bottom and then she sits and looks at me as I wash the rest of me, to make sure I do it fine. If I don't she doesn't get mad or anything, she just does it herself.

Then she dries me, and when she is done she smiles, slaps my bottom gently a few times, tells me to put on my pyjamas and I have to wear my pyjamas until she sends me to bed.

I don't really mind if mom bathes me. She's seen me naked so many times anyway. And she says I'm only a little boy, really, and have not even reached puberty yet, so I don't need to be embarrassed.

I explain that so that you'll see that I'm not really too modest or anything. But what I really don't like is that my mom is a piano teacher. Well, I don't mind that, what I mean is that she teaches some kids in the neighbourhood, and one of the girls in my class, Judy, comes to our house for a piano lesson at 7 o'clock.

Well, one day she came too early, and mom was still bathing me. Dad opened the door for her, and mom yelled "Judy, I'm still bathing Bryce. Please, come in!" I thought she meant come in and wait in the music room, but Judy opened the door of the bathroom and came in!

I quickly covered my wee-wee and yelled at her to go away, but mom swatted my bottom and told me not to be rude at people, and not to touch my wee-wee. So I had to take my hands off, and Judy saw it, and she was really staring!

My mom started talking to her about her piano lessons, while she bathed me, and all the time Judy was looking at me, and she saw everything!

The worst is that since that day Judy always comes early for her lesson, and she always comes into the bathroom to talk with mom, and she always sees me, and I can't do anything.

She has also told the other girls in my class, and she teases me in front of them, telling me that she sees all of me every day, and she tells the other girls how I look like down there. They tease me saying that a girl sees me naked, and that I'd never be allowed to see a girl naked. I really hate it when they tease me like that.

I complained to mom, but she told me not to be silly, that it is very childish, and that it doesn't matter at all if Judy sees my little wee-wee or my bottom.

It's not fair!

Bryce, when those girls are teasing you, remember that sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can't really hurt you. You are actually lucky to have a mother who cares about you and about your hygiene, and it's not your decision or your fault that she decides to bathe you herself.

It's a pity she lets Judy see your bath, but you know how moms are. They never seem to think that boys may want to keep their private parts... well, private.

Anyway, it is mean and childish of those girls to tease you so much. Try to ignore them.

[[Another example of double standard. That mother would never dream of letting a male classmate watch her bathe a daughter of hers, but she thinks nothing about letting this Judy watch young Bryce's bath. And it's obvious that Judy comes early on purpose, just so that she can stare at her classmate's little penis and buttocks. Probably Bryce's mother knows it, she is not stupid, but she undoubtedly regards it as childish, harmless and even cute.

By the way, it's no wonder that those girls tease Bryce so much, I know by experience how ruthless we girls can be when we feel empowered by the knowledge that we are allowed to see a boy naked and that there's no way the opposite situation would be allowed. We can really feel superior and haughty, thinking that our supremacy over those silly boys is clear and proven. A childish emotion, yes, but quite real. Girls may be more mature than boys the same age, but they are still immature!]]

(The End)

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