Title: Sex Slaves
Author: Unknown




This is a complete work of fiction it contains graphic sexual descriptions and language. If you are a minor or if this is illegal in your area you must leave this page immediately. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.


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Susan's Secret Life

Chapter 4

My life had turned into a heaven of love and sex, sex and love. The night of the party I slept like a blistered log in a fireplace. That is, I tossed and turned in the sweet agony of sex all night, dripping and stewing in my juices. Once, I felt Sarah's little hand on my slick pussy, but we were both too tired (and I was too confused) to do anything. Sarah had fucked two guys that night and I had fucked Steve and the brunette.


Yes, I was in love with love. In love with Bert. With the brunette. With Steve and Steve's ripe, ridged cock. And, BOY!, with the redhead. I had watched her climax and held her hand, and now all I could do was think of her. Well, of her and Bert. And . . . Well, and everything, I guess. I was hooked. Yet I still hoped, secretly, that my desires would stop with the summer. That I'd never drag my slut self home from Maine. Little did I know that my glands would know NO containment. Never again was I able . . .

But the story of that summer is not yet over. NOT BY A LONG SHOT! Or, I should say, a long squirt.

For two days I wandered as in a sexual dream. I was hooked and I knew it. But this was one fish that didn't want to spit the hook. Besides, it was set firmly in my jaw. And I mentally thrashed and squirmed in the agony of it. LOVE. And SEX. COCK. And CUNT. Not to mention BALLS, BUTTS, TITTIES, CALVES, TUMMIES, etc.

Love. Sweet and savory. I couldn't (and still can't) at times think of much else. When my motor gets warm--and sometimes it takes just the sight of a pair of tight buns to warm it--I can think of nothing else. I've been known to go for days, if not sexually satisfied, thinking and swooning in thoughts of sex. Once I get turned on, in other words, there's only one way to turn me off. And that is, of course, to HAVE me. To fuck me right and proper. To belly slap with me. To tongue me and spank my ass. To shove a big dick up my cunt. To hold me and love me, naked in your arms.

Eight times in the following three days Bert took me on long walks in the woods and eight times we fucked our brains out. He would take me to the clearing and then have me strip naked. He would have me do it slowly, one article of clothes at a time. He would remain fully clothed. Then he would make me turn around and touch myself here or there. He'd make me feel up my little pink titties, or smooth my hand back and forth over my tummy, or finger my cunt while squeezing my tits.

He'd be still dressed and the whole thing would make me feel so naked and naughty, especially when he'd have me turn around backward and bend over with a finger in my pussy. Sometimes he would feel me up as I stood there. He'd stick a finger in me and wag it around till I'd be squirming all over. Or he'd kiss my thighs and belly while grabbing my calfs or squeezing my butt. He'd suck on my titties sometimes. Boy oh boy, was I hot!

Once he made me walk around for a half hour with just my tennis shoes and pullover on. GOD! I felt so naughty and naked. Then he had me pull my pullover up so it covered my face and he came and felt me up all over while my arms were straight up in the air and my face covered.

As he palyed with my cunt, squeezing it softly like a furred tennis ball, he said, "Just like a peach! A ripe, tender peach, with soft cheeks." And he stuck a finger in. I squirmed like a bitch, but he pulled away and just made me stand there like that as he smoothed my stomach and squeezed my naked butt.

After he'd play with me, sometimes for up to an hour, he'd strip down and make me suck his cock. He really taught me how. I know I'd done it before. By instinct. But Bert gave me technique. He'd lay down and have me wrap my right hand around his cock and squeeze it and rub it up and down until it felt like a it was ready to break.

Then he'd have me shove it into one of my little tits where he'd rub it all around. After that he'd have me curl my little lips around the head and gently swirl my tongue all around and over the pee hole, but especially right under the head as I'd let him go further and further in my mouth, still gently pumping with my hand. GOD, I loved it. I was usually leaking by this time and would rub my cunny on his lower leg up and down and around and around, my belly pressing into his knee, etc.

And right before he's start to cum, I would start rubbing his flat stomach with my other hand and stroking him harder while bringing my tongue up and down and up and down the soft, secret underside of his cock bulging with cum, my mouth going up and down as far as I could, then I'd clamp those lips around his cock and hang the fuck on cause he'd try to buck me off as he would pump spurt after hot spurt of pure teenaged cum into my mouth.

But this was never enough for Bert. Hell no! He then turn me over and fuck me there in the grass, his still hard cock pushing through my little pink cunny lips, and grabbing my titties from behind. Or he'd take me "straight" (as I called it then and now), with his chest on mine and my legs thrashing all around, then up over his naked butt and clamped about his waist.

A few times as we fucked I thought him and the redhead, about the time I watched him fuck the beautiful redhead and how we held hands and all. And once I felt like I was the redhead.

I mean, I could even imagine her face being mine, so I'd not be surprised if I would have seen her if I'd look in the mirror. And I thought her cunt was mine. And her ripe breasts. And, shy as I was, I would rub myself, my tits and cunt, while Bert fucked me.

Bert seemed to like this.

After the seventh time, as we lay there in the grass,

Bert said, "Steve's coming over this afternoon. I want you to come out here with both of us."

"No, Bert. I can't believe you'd ask me to do that," but even as I answered I thought of Steve and his hard cock and I knew I wanted fucked again by him. I started trembling softly there in the grass.

"Listen, Suzi. I like fucking you and I think you know you're someone special to me. If you want to keep on seeing me and having sex fun, you'd better be ready to come out here at about this afternoon! Be ready about one." And he left me laying there shaking on the soft grass as he dressed and ran back to the house.

I went back and cleaned up and ate lunch and changed clothes. I put on my tightest white shorts over plain cotten panties and wore a yellow pullover which accented my blond hair. Still, a part of me was too embarrassed to want to go and get naked in front of two boys, even if they were such hunks. But all through lunch I could only think of both Steven and Bert naked, theri hard cocks sticking far out from their bellies.

I squirmed all over my chair and found I was shaking again. I almost choked on my baloney. Getting dressed was also frustrating. I wanted to fuck myself right there as I slipped my cotton panties up my tanned legs and over my pouting cunt. JESUS! Each item of cloths felt like a boy's hands all over me. I keep shaking and hugging myself. I felt like I was going to fly apart with lust and fear and shame.

I knew what was coming, and I dreaded it and lusted after it at the same time. I was a shameless slut but wanted to be a good girl with a good reputation and live the all American life. If only I could do that and be fucked every minute of my life . . .

Steve and Bert were in the front room when I came down. I couldn't look Steve in the face, but I mumbled hello and walked outside with them and down the path into the woods. The boys walked ahead, and this gave me a good opportunity to look over Steve's hot buns inside his thight jeans and notice both boys' muscular builds. Bert was dark and handsome in an aristrocratic way. Steve was blond and handsome in a little boy way. Both were hunks! And I couldn't wait. But, at the same time, I was terribly ashamed.

Bert and Steve sat down and lit cigarettes when we got to the clearing. I went over to Bert's side and began to sit, but he said, "No. You keep staning. Over there. In front of us."

"Now, turn around," he instructed. "Slowly."

And I did. Wearing the white shorts and pullover in front of these tow guys who were looking me all over made me feel terribly ashamed and, even, nanked. My shaking increased and I tried to hug myself with my arms to make it stop.

"NO!" Bert shouted. "Hands to your side. Just keep turning till I tell you to stop."

The boys smoked and I turned and shook.

"Okay, Suzi, unsnap your shorts."

"No, Bert. Don't make me do that." I couldn't even look at Steve.

"Do as I say, Suzi. It'll be o.k. Trust me." His voice was soft but firm.

I reached with both hands and unsnapped them. My fingers were shaking pretty bad.

"Now let them fall down your legs."

"Oh, God, Bert! Please?" I looked at him, pleading with all my might.

"Do as I say," his voice was soft, but firm. I let the shorts slide slowly don my tanned legs. I was shaking and on the verge of tears.

"Now pull down those sweet undies, lil' Sue."

I was too far gone now to stop, I mean even if I'd wanted to, but I didn't. I hooked my thumbs on either side and bent down, slowly pulling down my underpants. I knew Bert liked me to do this real slow, so I did it slow this time, stopping at my knees a moment.

"Freeze!" Bert said.

I knew this game, too. I was half bent over, my naked butt slighly sticking out, my panties around my knees, my blond pussy mostly hid between the valley of my closed thighs, a few blond wisps of hair sticking out.

"Now, let go of your panties and caress your thighs."

I couldn't look at the boys so I closed my eyes as my shaking hand stroked my upper thighs. GOD! I was getting into it. I felt so naked and HOT rubbing myself before these two hunks! Gradually I let a hand rub my buns as the other came around in front and cupped (very softly) my cunt, and slowly rubbed until I realized what I was doing and quickly let that hand come up under my pullover and rub my stomach.

"Goddamn! Look at her!" I heard Steve say. "She's great! What a hot pussy!"

When I heard that I started visibly shaking with lust and shame and I stopped rubbing myself except letting my hands caress my upper thighs like I was putting on sun lotion or something.

"Now pull up your top," Steve said.

"Oh!" was all I could manage as I reached down and grabbed the bottom of my pullover with my hand crossed and pulled it slowly (I knew how Bert liked it!) up over my pert, little breasts with their ripe nipples (I cold feel it rub over them then the rush of warm air as they were exposed to the hungry view of Bert and Steve), then up exposing my armpits and covering my face until my arm were straight over my head, then . . .


And I stopped. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER have I felt SO NAKED. There I was, titties, tummy, cunt, and legs exposed out in the open in front of two fully dressed boys! My yellow pullover was over my face, my arms were straight up in the air, my white panties were bound around my knees, and my shorts were in a pool at my feet around my sneakers.

GOD! I was embarrassed and uncontrollably horny! I was now shaking so that all could see and probably covered with goosebumps of anticipation (I couldn't see, but it sure felt like it!) But I had to stand still ith my arms tight in the pullover and my whole body, almost, exposed.

"Just stay still, Suzi. I'm going to touch you now. Don't be scared. It's just Seve and me."

I felt a hand on my right tit that squeezed a bit and rubbed me. Then I felt lips on my tummy and two hands grabbing my ass and gently squeezing. I couldn't stop shaking but I pushed my belly out against the lips and tried to push my butt back into the hands.

"Let's look at her first," I heard Bert say. And the hands and lips stopped.

"Look at these sweet titties. They're so little now, but they're ripe and juicy. I'll bet they'll get to be 32s by the time she grows up. You going to visit me then, Sue?"

All I could do was gulp, and nod, and keep on shaking. I felt two hands on my tits.

"They're so soft and young." It was Steve's voice, and probably Steve's tongue I felt licking a nipple tenatively.

"And look at those fucking legs! Jesus, they're so tan and smooth. And they really have power. You should feel her wrap them around you. She can really squeeze with 'em."

And I felt their hands all over my legs and calfs, squeezing and rubbing and carressing up and down, and up and down and over and around then a pair of lips, two pair of lips and a tongue kissing and feeling and licking my tanned, teenage legs. God, I rubbed them together trying to get off with my cunt, but I onl;y managed to get hotter and hotter, not to mentioned more ashamed.

"Now come around here and look at her sweet butt!"

Both sets of hands and lips left me and I felt disappointed momentraily. I could hear them move around behind me and kneel down. I kept rubbing my legs together slightly, hoping no one would notice.

"Whooo. Sloow down. Easy, girl," Bert spoke to me as if I was a horse. "You'll get there soon enough. Just stay still and do what I tell you."

I was terribly embarrased that he noticed that I was trying to masturbate with my legs.

I was terribly horny and frustrated and feeling naked as fuck in front of two guys I couldn't even see. My arms weren't tired, but I sure wanted my fingers somewhere else than way up in the air holding my pullover up and over my face.

I felt one set of hands grab my butt from behind.

"Look at that sweet ass! Goddamn! She's going to be one beautiful woman."

I couldn't help but blush at such flattery. I also pushed back against the hands slightly, probalby exposing more of my butt crack and maybe asshole than I wanted too.

The hands caressed their way down my thighs and came up under my buns, holding one in each hand.

"Look at 'em. So tight. I mean, she's really packed IN THERE! Wouldn't you love to spank them, Steve?"

"Fuckin' A!"

"Look at that one little mole. It's so lovely there all alone."

And I could feel someone kiss a very small spot as he rubbed both buns then around my legs and thighs in front, keeping his distance from my dripping, little pussy.

I shoved my butt back in whoever's face was kissing me and rubed it across his face, trying to get his nose to slip deep into my crack. JESUS! I didn't know what I wanted. Probably for him to tongue my cunt from behind. I don't know. Something. "Whooo, Steve! Plenty of time, lad. Let's look at this sweet cunt, first, then I'll let you two alone for awhile."

I heard what he said and I was scared. I know that Steve had already fucked the daylights out of me, but that was different. That just happened and then there were plenty of people around. NOW it was planned. Bert had probably planned to get me out here and get me naked with him and Steve all along and then planned to let me stay here with Steve.

I really felt vunerable, now. I'd be almost stark naked in front of a nearly total stranger! What was I going to do? I was choking and shaking with lust, but I was scared as shit and embarrassed that I'd let them get me here like this. The air seemed to get real cool all of a sudden, but I could tell that it was me, not the air cause I could see that the sun was still out.

There were no hands on me and I cold hear them arrange themselves in front of me on their knees, probably.

"Open up a little bit, Sue. Open your knees," Bert said.

My panties, having slipped during all the feeling and kissing, were around my calfs now so I could open my knees a bit, but not too much.

"Hell, let's get rid of these."

And I felt both guys pull down my panties while feeling up my smooth legs somemore. They steadied me so they could pull both legs off my feet and got the shorts out as well. Then I felt them untie my sneakers and pull them one at a time off my feet. Occasionally one would stroke my legs or kiss my thighs, or lick my hip, as the other one would be undressing me.

"Now. Spread 'em, bitch," Bert said playfully.

I was shaking now harder than ever, but managed to put my feet about two feet apart so my pussy was totally exposed. I tried to bend forward and shove my butt just a bit back so they couldn't see so much of me, but I felt Bert's hands on my ass as he pushed forward.

"NO. No," he said. "We're gooing to see what we can see. Don't fight it, baby."

I could feel his other hand on my pussy.

"Now look at these ripe little cheeks. Pussy cheeks. Like they're pouting or something. Looks like two halves of a peach, don't it?"

"Oh, yeah. And she's got peach fuzz too. Pretty blond pussy."

"Look at the tender lips! So soft and juicy. Look at them puff out and pooke out."

I could feel a finger going over and over my pussy lips.

"Don't they look just so sweet?"

"Yeah, man. They sure do," Steve replied. "Let me taste."

And I felt a tongue on my pussy lips and almost jumped outta my skin. I was uncontrollably shaking and so fucking hot I shoved my pussy against the lips, but they left my pussy and travelled up my tummy to my tits as a finger shoved its way into my cunt.

I humped against it, swirling it around inside me. Trying to cum and cum and cum. But the finger left my cunt and mouth left my titties. "Well, I'm going to leave you two alone for awhile. Suzi?"

"Yes?" I answered, muffled as much by my fear and lust as by the pullover which still obstructed my sight.

"I want you to do everything Steve says. Got that?"

"Un, huh," I nodded. "But why can't you and I just. ."

"Shut up! If you don't mind Steve, he'll punish you. I told him what to do and he'll do it. Got that?"

"Boy, I sure do," I heard Steve say.

I asked you if you got that!" Steve yelled at me.

"Yes, Steve. I understand," I said. I was softly crying now. Partly due to Steve's having to yell at me and partly from my embarrassment.

"Bye, now."

And I could hear him walk away. "Oh, Suzi. You can take off your shirt and let your hands down," Steve instructed.

I did as he said, then tried to cover up with the pullover, putting it over my cunt. "Oh, no you don't. Drop it and come here."

I was still crying a bit and shaking a lot. But I want over to him where he sat on a low stump. He motioned me to kneel down betwee his knees and I complied.

"I hear you've learned how to suck cock real good. Is that right?"

I closed my eyes, still crying, and nodded. I wished was a thousand miles away. But not until I was satisfied.

Steve stood up. "Pull down my pants and suck my cock."

My hands fumbled with his belt. I was never very good at taking off a belt backward, but I managed to free it and then I unzipped his pants, my hand pushing past the beautiful bulge.

I grabbed the jeans and his underware from the top and started pulling them down. I only got a few inches and I stopped. I just couldn't go further. I was too embarrassed.

"Let's go, bitch." And he slapped me. Not hard, but enough to surprise me and to really make me start crying. I was fumbling with his jeans and shorts, pulling them down, and crying like a baby. Even when I saw his hard cock poking out (and BOY I wanted to grab it and stuff it into me after licking it and sucking him off), I kept crying, tears running down over my cheeks and the sun shining in my face, and a big cock before me.

"Come on!" And I pulled his shoes off and his jeans and shorts over his feet. "Now show me your stuff, Suzi. Suck me, and do it good!"

"Please, no. I don't want to. Please."

"Shut up and suck it. You know you want it, now suck!"

"No, I don't want to," I lied. I just want to go home and go to bed." I was crying and shaking uncontrollably now.

"You're going to suck or you're going to suck," Steve slapped me again, harder than the last time. I just knelt there, crying.

"Okay, bitch. You're going to get a spanking! Right NOW. Young lady, lay over my lap. Right the fuck now!"

He slapped me again and sat down. I was really scared now, and I remember what I'd said to Bert. "I'll suck you. I'm sorry," I cried.

"TOO THE FUCK LATE. NOW GET YOUR ASS HERE!" Steve was really angry and slapped me again, real hard. I could feel the tears splash off of my cheek.

Meekly, I stood and lay over his lap. I could feel his hard cock shoved in my tummy and he seemed to puch against me, rubbing his cock into my belly. His right hand, over my ass, began to squeeze, not too hard, but enough that I knwe he meant business. His left hand held my back down over his lap as he poked his cock into my stomach.

Soon I felt his right hand raise up and come down, SMACK, onto my left cheek. I was crying, again, and harder. The pain wasn't so bad, but the humiliation was very real. His hand raised and fell, smack me over and over. After avout the fifteenth slap, I started to feel REAL strange. I was still crying, but now I was hot as the devil.

GODDAMN! I started squirming all around in his lap, and even reached down and started squeezing and gently pumping his hard dick, shoving it all over my tummy as he spanked and spanked and spanked me. I cried and pumped. Pretty soon, I felt his hand leave my back and start feeling up my little titties as he kep spanking me. I LOVED IT!

He was slapping my ass and squeezing my titties and shoving a finger in my mouth, and I was pumping his precious cock, the cock I loved so much the other night and still loved now. I kept cryinbg, now out of lust, and didn't even really notice when he stopped spanking me and started feeling up my naked ass and feeling my pussy from behind and sticking a finger in me. I was rubbing all over him and trying to get him to cum on my tits or belly and he fingerfucked me. We were HOT AS SHIT! And we both knew it.

Suddendly he seemed to snap out of it. I felt his finger stop in my pussy and his other hand stop. I tried to get him going again by squirming all over him and jerking on his cock, but he wasn't budging. Then he stood up, and I fell on my back on the ground.

"I said, SUCK MY COCK!"

God his cock, ridged and deeply veined, looked beautiful and obscene at the same time. It pointed up into the air bursting with life. As he stood there, framed by the few soft clouds, his cock pointing to the blue heavens, it felt like the world fell out beneath me. There was the rod and the staff of life, and here was I, worshipping before it.

I stopped crying, and as he sat down on the stump, I picked my self up, knelt before him and gently took hold of his magnificent cock and softly wrapped my lips around it, letting my little tongue carress the underside beneath the head. I let him slip deeper and deeper into my mouth, as I tried to keep the underside well stimulated with my swirling tongue, and the whole shaft excited by making my lips slide tightly over the ridges and bulges.

He started thrusting deeper and deeper into my small mouth, and I tried to keep up with him. I was horny as SHIT but I was trying to give him a good blow job before my needs were met.

I wagged my ass in the air behind me, but could get no relief. I just kept sucking his beautiful godhead cock and feeling his legs and flat belly and bulging biceps as he fucked my mouth and, occasionally, felt my tits and pulled my head further into his lap, thrusting and rolling his cock around in my mouth.

Suddenly, I felt someone grab my hips, one hand on either side, and I could feel a cock push against my pussy lips from behind.

I was really scared. Who was it? I wondered. I couldn't see and when I wnet to look, Steve clamped his hand on my neck and shove his cock even deeper into my mouth.

The cock behind me got its head into my puyssy even though I tried to clamp my legs from behind. Now I had had it. I couldn't stop. I had to have that cock in me from behind, and I had to feel Steve's cock thrusting into my mouth.

I pushed back and forth, getting the cock further and further into my tight, slippery cunt. Inch by agonizing inch the cock came deeper in. I could feel my pussy cheeks puff out as it shoved further and further, and I could feel the pussy lips dripping around the cock.

Meanwhile I pumped on Steve with a hand and slurped his cock as he pumped into me and as the cock behind finally hit my depths and I squirmed against the man's belly behind me before he pulled back and started slowly trusting in and out with short strokes first then deeper and gradually deeper. I felt sure it was Bert, but the cock seemed a bit longer and a great deal thicker. But I was too hot to think very clearly.

I was getting it good from both ends now. Both cocks coordinating their thrusting so neither fell out, and both going the distance, as they say. The thrusting came harder and harder and, seemingly, deeper and deeper, plumbing my very depths and filling me in the sweet hell of fuck and suck. I thought about the redhead for a moment, and I was her in an escasty of confusion.

I had a hard dick that I pushed into her from behind. And I also had a hard dick that she could suck. And I had two dicks, one to fuck her with and one to let her suck at the same time. And I came back to myslef, and felt the hot cocks as they rolled in me like an ocean of snakes, and the man behind grabbed my hips and crushed my tits, and I was two seconds from REALLY BLOWING IT!

I loved it! I was squirming all around and I could feel both cocks were ready to explode in me. I was shaking my head as much as I could and keeping up with Steve when I saw, out of the corner of my eye someone else standing behind me, off to the side.

It was BERT! It wasn't his cock in my cunt. That fat, hard cock was someone else's! GOD! I wanted to scream. I want to run and hide. But I was also starting to shudder and cum and cum heavily, shaking all over and squirming my butt into the man behind.

Steve grabbed my neck so I couldn't turn anymore, and he shoved harder and quicker and deeper into me and I could feel his cock PULSE big like a mountain of cock, and he shoved a glob of sweet, hot cum into my mouth, and he kept thrusting, and the unseen man behind was thrusting and pumping, and his hot cum seem to jump inside, and he kept thrusting and humping, and I was CUMMING at the SAME time, jerking at the end of two fat, hot lines like afish at opening day caught with two hooks, swallowed and gaffed, and Steve kept thrusting and pumping loads down my throat.

The man behind was grabbing my titties and squeezing them as he blasted and gushed and pissed his sperm in me deeper and hotter and deeper than ever before. Steve kept pumping, then pulled his dick out and squirted slimy ropes of sperm all over my face, and kept rubbing his cock around in the slick, hot cum, then shoving it back into my mouth for another pumb, then out again, and I was shaking with an orgasm that hit me like a railroad train.

The man behind kept grunting and hosing my insides, making me bloat up full of more and more cum, now mauling my tits, and grabbing at my tummy, and shoving his hand over my cunt, and sticking a finger in and over my clit and he kept shooting hot load after hot load into me until I never thought any of this would EVER stop, and I didn't want it to, every cell in my body screaming for fuck and more and more and fuck.

I was cumming like an airplane crash, as I felt the cocks go deep in again and then stay almost still except pulsing and pushed as far into me as possible, drippling out their last little strings of cum, I was shaking with an intense orgasm from the gods, blessed with a fuck from Olympus, the man behind kept rubbing my buns, my stomach, my tits, my cunt, still pulsing and Steve still throbbing in me, now the man carressing me gently.

I could see Bert out of the corner of my eye come over to me with the yellow pullover in his hand, and he stroked my back and said something soothing like to a horse.

I was cvrying with my orgasm that was only now subsiding, and I kept pushing back intot the man and grabbing Steeve's cock and trying to get it to go deepering in my stroat, and Bert spread the pullover over my eyes so I couldn't see and tied it behind my head.

What a fuck! I was weak with it. I was a saint with it. I didn't care if I went blind with it. If could never see again.

And I felt Steve's cock slip out of my mouth and gently rub over my cheeks, and I kept licking at it. And the man behind, the man with the long, thick cock, finally pulled his so slowly out while I was trying to prolong the moment by shoving back into him and squirming aganst his hairy beyy, as he was feeling up my ass and back, and I could feel his cock fall out and a sudden rush of air over my cunt, the wound of my world.

Then he was wiping himself off on my asscheeks, and rubbing his still hard dick up and down my crack from behind, once even poking it gently into the opening of my little asshole.

He kept on like that, just gently shoving the very tip got into the little ring there, then pulling back and rubbing it up and down, still feeling my little dripping cunt occasionally, or one of my tits, and I kept squirming and whimpering with the deity of fuck surrounding me, inside and out. And I felt abandoned in a world of sin and sorrow. Naked on my haunches, trying to get Steve's cock, still throbbing, but growing smaller, into my sweet little mouth.

And the man pulled back and way, and I could hear him whisper something to Bert, and Bert laughed and I could hear him putting on his pants or jeans and then zipping them up and walking away, out of the clearing.

All the while I was still licking Steve and rubbing his cock over my face, and I put one hand in my tail and fingered myself back there.

God I was embarrassed. But I was fucked, too, and I knew then and forever which mattered more! If ever thereafter I had to chose between self respect and a hard cock, between dignity and dick, well . . . It would be NO CONTEST! I needed stuffed. And I needed it over and over again.

I was exhausted and fell down and lay in the grass. Steve lay beside me and caressed me tenderly from behind. I fell asleep with my tit in his hand, the pullover still tied behind my head.

We woke a few hour later, Steve's cock in my rump, but too pooped to pop up. He took off my blindfold, we kissed, dressed each other--we took a long time doing this!--and walked back to the house. It was getting dark.

Neither Bert nor Steve ever told me who was fucking me from behind that day, and I only asked once. To tell the truth, I didn't want to know. If I knew, I've be embarrassed when I would see him. That is, if I would ever see him. This way, I didn't even know if I ever ran into him or not. In fact, I din't know who it was for over three years. Then I knew I bumped into him all the time. But I didn't know it then.

The next day, after a slow tender fuck in the clearing, Bert asked, "You wanta go to a formal dance with me?"

I blushed. Bert was asking me out on a formal date! I was thrilled.

"Sure, Bert. That'd be great. You sure you want to take me?"

"Suzi, you're something special. I really get off on you. ~And in you," he laughed. "Afterward maybe you can join a club." "What club?"

"Justa club. You know some guys and girls." And, as though in an afterthought, "We have a really good time."

"Bert," I choked. "I love you. I'll do anything you say." And he stroked my naked body and kissed me on the cheek. He was SO sweet.

"O.K. Dress up tonight. Borrow some clothes from Sarah. Make yourself real sharp. Pretend you're going to a prom, kiddo." He lit a cigarette and blew smoke over my tummy. Then rubbed me and kissed my tits, letting smoke escape between licks. "Yep, tonight after the dance you can join the Four-Leaf Club. Be ready by six. First we'll go out and eat. We'll double with Steve and his date." He stood up, "But maybe you better catch a nap before then. I think you're going to need your rest." He smiled. "Come on. Let's get back."

And he pulled me to him and kissed me long and hard as I melted in his arms.

I couldn't wait!

Susan's Secret Life

Chapter 5

That afternoon, after Bert had asked me to the formal dance, was an exciting haze of preparations, enthusiasm, and anticipation. Bert had asked me out! ME! I felt so grown up and adult. Like I was going on my first real date, if you don't count handholding in a movie and kissing after you and some girls meet some boys at the theatre or the mall.

Anyway, that was all I was used to. And though I'd gone to dance class, I'd never been to a formal dance except the one at the end of the class, and that doesn't really count.

Needless to say, I couldn't take a nap even if I'd wanted to, and I didn't.

After showering and setting my hair, etc. Sarah and I picked out a lowcut, formal white dress for me to wear. It came down just over my knees. I also wore a pink bra, white high heels, white nylons held up with a red garters, pink panties, and a pink slip. BOY! Did I feel grown up. I looked in Sarah's full-length mirror and I thought I looked simply delicious! So big and sophisticated and yet sweet and innocent at the same time.

Sarah had already left with her date (she was also going to the dance) before Bert called down the hall to see if I was ready. BOY WAS I!

As I walked down the hall Bert gave a low whistle. "You look great!" he said. "Doesn't she, Dad? Doesn't she look marvellous?"

Uncle Bert set his paper down and said, "Yeah, she looks fine. Fine, indeed. Very pretty. So grown up, little niece. You look real nice."

I blushed at all the attention from these two as Bert pinned some flowers on my dress. We walked out and got into his 1954 Chevy. Well, really it was both his and his Dad's car. They had found it in someone's barn and spent over two years reconditioning it. Now it was in mint condition. Two-door, white over yellow. Bert had waxed it in the afternoon and it shone brightly in the late afternoon sun.

We drove over to Steve's house and picked him up. I sat between him and Bert as we went to pick up Steve's date, Julia.

Steve was a perfect gentleman on the way over, but he did peck me lightly on my right cheek when he got in. The rest of the way over to Julia's house, he talked about how much he liked my dress and how grown up I looked. You know, nice talk. Real sweet.

Steve went in to get his date and I almost dropped a load when I saw who "Julia" was. SHE WAS THE REDHEAD! The beautiful redhead I'd seen in my dreams and in moments of fantasy. Julia. Now I had a name. I wish I was Julia. I wish I knew more about her. I wish I looked more like her. I wish my breasts were as developed as Julia's were.

I had to get out of the car for Steve and Julia to get in the back seat.

"Suzi, this is Julia. Julia Roberts. Julia, this is Suzi. I think you've already met once before," and Steve gave a sly little wink and grin, but he didn't dwell on it. Like I said, he was sweet.

Julia seemed to be very gracious and friendly. She smiled at me and said, "So very pleased to meet you, Suzi."

I mumbled some pleasantries in return. God! All I could do was stare at her. She was SO beautiful. She wore all pink except for black net stockings, but not the cheap kind with the big spaces.

She was stunning. Her long white legs were clearly visible through the black mesh. The pink dress which didn't quite reach her knees accented her beautiful light red hair, and its low cut front allowed me to see just the beginning of her breasts, the white tops of those young, soft mounds. Her smile had a way of melting me on the spot. It was broad and sincere, and her even white teeth seemed to sparkle in the evening sun. God! She was beautiful.

As she bent to get into the car, I couldn't help but to try to look down her dress. I could see more of her beautiful tits, almost down to the pink nipples, I thought.

But then I realized that Bert, still behind the wheel, was watching me trying to peak. He looked at me and almost laughed out loud. But just winked, turned back in his seat, and restarted the car. I was deeply embarrassed. Now it was me, and not the guys, with all the dirty thoughts. I blushed and got in the car after Steve.

The dance was a dream. It was held at the local country club, and everyone was SO grown up and polite and friendly, even to me, an outsider. My dance card was all filled up after the first few dances with Bert, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The band was young and many had long hair, but they played well and played a lot of slow dances.

The clubhouse ballroom had a mirrored globe which spread fragments of starry lights all over the room. It was VERY ROMANTIC! Bert and I had a number of dances together, and on the slow dances he would hold me close and tenderly. I was in love. I was had. I only hoped he felt the same about me. Steve was utterly a gentleman also, and I knew I was also VERY FOND of him.

The whole night I also kept my eye on Julia Roberts. We sat together at the table and she seemed to take a very friendly interest in me. I only wish my interest was just friendly.

I seemed to be the only one with bad thoughts, and I tried to wipe them from my mind.

I would try to watch her dancing sometimes. I always wanted to know where she was. And sometimes, she would see me and smile back. I'd almost melt, and whoever I was dancing with would look at me strangely because I had pushed myself against him in those few moments. Then I'd catch myself, pull back, and try to put Julia out of my mind. But it wasn't easy. My eyes kept drifting back.

Once, at the table when we were both there between dances and Steve and Bert had gone for drinks, I saw her bend over her dance card and I raised up in my chair a bit to try to see more of her breasts. I just couldn't help myself, it seemed. AND GOD! I think I saw the top of her right nipple at the bottom of the cool, alabaster mound cupped in her dress. She happened to look up right then and I lowered myself quickly and turned away. I blushed. I was deeply embarassed, but when I looked back at her, she just gave me a warm, friendly smile, that seemed pretty innocent enen though it lasted a bit longer than I would have expected.

The last dance was heaven! It was slow and went on forever, and Bert held me in his arms closely, but not sexily--just VERY, VERY, VERY romantic. And I was so proud to be there with him, and I felt like he was MY MAN, and I was all grown up and at a real prom at high school or something. God, I was happy.

And everytime I turned around, Julia seemed to be there, her eyes half closed as she slow danced with Steve and smiled at me. It was like magic. We seemed to be right near each other for the whole time.

Here were three people I really cared about, accepting me and letting me be with them and making me feel SO accepted and grown up. It was great! I wished the dance would never ever ever end.

But of course, it did. And after applauding the band, and collecting our things, Bert and I walked hand-in-hand into the magic of a Maine summer evening with stars in the sky and lightning bugs and a warm breeze and the smell of pine washing over us. My, it was grand! I was with the man I loved in a land I was falling in love with at just the right time in my life. If he would have asked me to marry him right then and there I would have said "I do" a thousand times.

As we walked to the car, Bert stopped and hugged me closely but like a lover should, nothing indecent. "You up for going with me to see the ol' Four-Leaf?"

"What?" I'd forgotten about what he had said about a club. "Our club. You wanta see?"

"Yes, Bert, anything you say." I didn't want the night to ever end.

I sat close to Bert and held onto his right arm as we drove down the main highway then turned off on a dirt road at the edge of town. We drove for another 10 minutes, and I thought I could hear a rustling in the back seat. I turned and saw Julia and Steve softly kissing. It was just romantic, but I was a bit jealous. Strange as it sounds, I wish I was kissing Julia, not Steve. But I turned around and tried to concentrate on Bert. I kissed him softly on the cheek.

"Um," he said, and smiled.

I didn't know what I expected the club to be, but I certainly didn't expect what I saw. The house, with the words "Four-Leaf" on a large plaque over the doorway, looked like a country estate. It was circled by large, freshly mown lawn and surrounded by woods except to the front which looked over a lake. The lawn itself must have been 10 acres.

It was huge, and a barn behind the house (I saw as we drove past) held the tractor it took just to keep the lawn mowed.

The house had two stories with a veranda in front, a tennis court and swimming pool in back. How, I wondered, did these kids get to come here? How could they ever afford to rent a place like this? Little did I know then that they actually OWNED the place!

We walked into the huge main room (almost as large as the ballroom we had just left) which had a very high ceilings and a mirrored globe suspended from the center of the ceiling. Jesus, I thought, someone holds dances here, too. There were a bunch of kids (maybe sixteen when we arrived) from the dance already there, and just then music began playing from a stereo along the back wall. Some of the kids began dancing again, just like we'd never left.

Two pingpong tables with paddles and balls were against the far wall. And four guys began playing.

More and more couples arrived until about 40 people were there. Bert and I danced a couple dances while the place filled up and in between I talked with some of the girls. An air of expectancy filled the room with an exciting atmosphere.

If I had know what was to come, I would have run out then and there, but in the long run it's probably best that things went as they did. At least I tell myself so.

Someone stopped the music and Bert stepped up to a mike that was along the back wall.

"Greetings, club members!"

Everyone yelled "Greetings" back, as if on cue.

"Tonight we have two new initiates. It promises to be a fantastic ceremony!"

Everyone screemed their approval. I just stood there enjoying the fact that Bert, who I was with, was so important that he was running the show. I felt proud and important to be with him.

"So without further adieu . . ." Bert said, his speach rising like a circus m.c., "will the two initiates please step forward? James B. White and Suzi Q. Johnson, COME ON DOWN!!!!" Bert was yelling now, having a good time and not the least bit self-conscious. I was dazzled. So happy I could have been twins.

I hadn't recognized my name. I was concentrating on Bert and his importance.

I saw one guy step forward and recognized him as the guy who danced with me three times earlier. More than anyone else except Bert. Even once more than Steve.

"Come on, Suzi. Don't be shy, now," Bert laughed into the mike.

I was shocked! I felt the hands of some of the guys and girls pushing me forward. I'm too shy to stand in front of these people, I thought. Not me. Not me. I just wanta watch. Not me!

But I couldn't say anything. I just walked (and was half pushed) to the front of the crowd, almost falling over a curved mirror that was built into the center of the floor. I slipped, but someone grabbed my arm. I was embarrassed already, imagine how I would have felt if I had fallen!

"Come here, honey," Bert said when I got to the front of the crowd. I walked to his side and held his hand, but I couldn't look at the faces in the crowd so I looked down, feeling stupid as I did so. "How 'bout a round of applause for our initiates?"

The applause was gratifying but embarrassing. I felt myself blush. If I had known what was to come, I certainly would have done more than blush!

"Let's see these two dance in the middle of the floor. In two days they will be full members of ol' Four Leaf! So let's get a good look at them."

Again there was applause as the crowd let Jimmy and me step to the middle of the floor. The lights dimmed a bit, the music started, and several colored lights hit the mirrored globe. It was a slow dance, and Jimmy held me loosely and respectfully. I remembered how we had danced earlier, and it was the same now. Jimmy seemed just as shy as me, and didn't try to draw me too closely to him. I thought he seemed like a real nice guy and we could be good friends in the future, being initiates together and all.

But I was still apprehensive. Worried about the "two days." About the club. What did they do? Was it just a social club? Dances and picnics? Outings on the lake? I just didn't know. But going there at midnight after a dance seemed strange, vaguely troubling.

We danced for four or five minutes cheek to cheek, but softly of course. I could hear people talking and when I looked at them I realized that they were talking about us, about Jimmy and me.

Some were pointing at us occasionally and looking thoughtfully. Soon the lights came back up and the music faded. We were left awkwardly in the center of the floor not knowing what to do. For maybe 15 seconds we keep dancing, but then the ridiculousness of the situation made us stop. The crowd was strangely silent, now.

We stood apart and looked at the crowd. They had somber, determined faces. I looked around and saw Bert. I gave him aquestioning look, but his face didn't change a bit. it was stony, strangely without any depth or caring.

"Jimmy?" Bert said.



"What?" I meekly questioned.

"It's time for your initiation. Stand facing each other in the middle of the floor." I didn't know what to do, but all the grim faces somehow told me I'd better do as I was told. I found Julia's face, and even it seemed hard, menacing.

We walked to the center, looking down. But in the center, built into the floor was a curved mirror, Ithink they call it "convex." We didn't want to step on that. In my high heels, I'd slip if I did.

"O.K.! Now, take off each others clothes!" Bert barked.

"One item at a time! Vary it. Boy, girl, boy, girl!"

I could see by Jimmy's expression that he was just as shocked as I was. I felt faint, and a hot flood of emotion swept through me. I was betrayed! Shamed for anyone even thinking I'd do such a thing! Belittle and confused. Panicked. And, yes--you guessed it--hot. Just plain sexually hot. In the sweet fever of cock and cunt. Thinking about naked skin and being exposed and having someone lick me or having to choke on a fat cock or . . . Well, you get the idea.

"Bert, what are you doing?" I whimpered.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Jimmy asked.

"This is no joke. You were told to strip each other. Now do it!"

"I'm going home!" Jimmy said and he walked toward the front door. But the crowd was about five deep in that direction and they pushed him backward, hard. He slipped and fell on his face cause he slid on the mirror in the floor.

"JESUS!" I said. "What are you doing? Stop it! Now." I was already beginning to cry by this time, I think. It's a bit hard to remember.



He was scared now having come into contact with the solid force of the crowd. The beast of raw, uncaring power that a mob had, but this seemed contained, directed, well rehearsed.

"Take off Suzi's shoes," Bert instructed.

"No! Please, Bert." I was sobbing by this time. Confused. Hurt. Hot. "Listen, Susan! Do as I say! If you don't . . ." The pause was calculated to be menacing and it WAS! I felt fear to my very core. His voice told me that no matter how bad it would be to follow his instructions, it would be far worse to disobey.

Jimmy was already cowed. His face was completely white with fear and his hands visibly shook. He got down on his knees and lifted my right ankle, steadying me, as he pulled off my right shoe then he did the same with my left.

Foolishly, I told myself that maybe it would end there. We'd both have to take off each others shoes, then there would be a big laugh and everyone kick off their shoes and dance in their stocking feet until dawn. It even seem more romantic. Or maybe they'd get our shoes off, blindfold us, make us stand on chairs and throw tacks in front of us and then jump. That old one. Where they catch the tacks in a blanket or something.

"Your turn, Suzi!"

I was still crying, but I felt a bit better and I knelt to take off Jimmy's shoes. Then stood back up waiting for the ice to melt.



"Your turn!" Bert's voice was louder.

Jimmy had apparently fooled himself as I had. Now I could see his hands trembling more and his face flush with resentment and anger and fear. He seemed to be in a mild state of shock. As I was.

Now he bowed his head and walked around behind me, his hands fumbling with my zipper.

I was really scared! I looked at Bert. At Steve. At Julia. But I got the same stony stare from each. I wanted to curl into a ball and disappear. I stared crying a little more. I looked pleadingly around. The same stare! It seemed SO cold.

Jimmy wasn't crying but he was scared. Finally he got my zipper down then just looked around in shock.

"Come on! Pull it down." I felt Jimmy's hands softly on my shoulders as he grabbed the shoulders of my dress, trying to touch me as little as possible. "I'm sorry," he whispered in my ear. And I truly think he was. But if he was like me, he was getting a bit hot, too.

I felt the dress being pulled off my shoulders, over my arms, and down my body. I felt it was best not to fight it and I was trying to be as passive as possible so as not to incite the crowd. Maybe this would be it. They'd see me in my slip and then we'd all start dancing. Or maybe all the girls would strip to their slips and come over and hug me. I wanted to feel Julia's naked arms around me when we were both half dressed. I wanted to feel her lips on mine

But I was still crying, probably because I knew this wasn't going to stop with my slip. We were on a long slide, and wouldn't stop until we hit the bottom. I was just fooling myself if I tried to believe anything else. I could feel the fear in the pit of my stomach along with, I must admit, my confused sexual desires.

I was now standing in front of a crowd of formally dressed people in only my slip. Those who seemed so accepting, those with whom I had felt I belonged just a short time before, now seemed menacing and strange. Aloof. And I felt like a small frightened child in the midst of a city of adults. This was a one-ring circus and I was its naked clown.

"Take off his jacket!" Bert's abrupt order brought me back from my reverie.

I felt so helpless and even more naked and afraid than Jimmy. I walked over to him and he tried to comfort me. He nodded slightly and softly whispered, "It'll be alright. Go ahead." I took off his jacket from behind and, on Bert's order, removed his cumberbun as well.

"Now her slip!"

Jimmy looked at me apologetically, but I could tell the prospect excited him. I could see a bulge in his pants! Although he still tried to befriend me. He knelt down and pulled up my slip. Apparently he didn't know that all he had to do was pull the straps over my shoulders. I could hear a few girls giggle as he pulled it up my legs, over the tops of my white stockings--bringing my red garters into plain view!--and up my thighs. I felt Jimmy's fingers on the backs of my naked thighs and thought I was going to burst. I was still crying, and now I started that old familiar shake, the shake of lust and confusion and humiliation and, well, just plain wanting COCK!

His fingers proceded to pull across my pink panties and tummy as he pulled the slip higher and I raised my arms as he brought it to tit level. Again, his fingers scraped my tits through the little pink bra. I realized that he was probably trapped in prision of lust as well, and though he wanted to be respectful of me, he couldn't help himself. I forgave him that.

He stumbled a bit getting it over my head and off my arms, and bumped into my almost naked body, but I'm sure that this was not intentional.

I was in pink bra, pink panties, and white stockings, held up by violent red garters, in front of the crowd. I felt like I was going to be sick. But I managed, through my crying and shaking fingers, to take off Jimmy's shirt. His chest was pretty broad and he had fairly stong arms for a young teenager. But I was too scared to notice much. Then, when Bert told me to take off his pants, too, I almost dropped!

I undid his belt and couldn't go on. I looked at Bert, but all he did was sneer. I looked up at Jimmy, and he quietly nodded encouragement to me. I think I loved him then. We were both so vunerable and alone and he could have been, as I was, consumed with self doubt and loathing and pity and fear, but he was concerned with me instead. What a nice guy, I thought, but I was still very scared.

As I undid his zipper my hand went over his bulge and, again, my heart almost stopped. What a cock!, I thought. Boy, I'd love to . . . But I was still crying scared and had to go on. I pulled his trousers down and my hand accidentally (I think it was accidental, at any rate) rubbed against the back of his cock through his boxer shorts. The effect--beside the hot flood of lust in me--was his cockhead poked out of the opening!

I was dumbstruck. I was eyeball to eyeball with cock (it was pink and lovely, like a little pony poking its head out of the stall at sunrise). I could hear a bunch of the girls and some guys, giggle and laugh. Hard as they tried to be to us, the sight of a guy with his naked cock sticking out was too much to bear.

Jimmy blushed all over and stuffed the beautiful apple- shaped cockhead back in. I looked at him, hoping he wouldn't blame me. He didn't. He looked at me in a way to show he understood. And I took off his pants.

I was on an emotional rollercoaster. I didn't know what to feel. Shame or lust or fear or . . . I felt like all my insides were being rearranged all at once. Everything was hot and gooey and slipping and mucking about. My insides felt like outsides and the outsides, in. There were no borders anymore. Maybe there never were, but I felt as though I had suddenly lost all moorings and was adrift, and I was used to stability. I NEEDED it. But it wasn't to be had. All sense of order and propriety and human dignity and mutual respect had be violently wrenched away from me. I felt like I was lost and l was found I'd never be at home in the world again.

"Jimmy, peel those stockings off the bitch!"

Jimmy tried one last stand. "Isn't this enough! Haven't you seen enough. What do you want? Huh?" He was shouting and they let him. "What the fuck are you trying to do. Maybe we don't want in your stupid club. Maybe you can go fuck yourselves. Fuck you! Fuck you! You son-of-bitches. What the hell do you want? Huh?"

Bert's voice was low and steady, "We want you to do what you're told." The calmness in his voice made it all the more frightening.

Jimmy, barely holding back his tears, dropped to his knees in front of me. He grabbed my right thigh above the stockings for support (though his hand directly and surely on my naked flesh made me jolt and start shaking even harder--I felt like I was going to lose my stomach).

Then he grabbed my bright red garder and began pulling it and my white stocking off my leg. I could see my tanned and pink flesh emerging from the soft white casing of the stocking.

"Slowly!" Bert said.

Jimmy slowed down and, I cannot blame him for this, began to caress my thigh, knee, and calf and he pulled the pink stocking off my firm leg. I was crying, sick, and embarrassed, but fucking HOT, too. I lifted my leg and pointed my toe for him to take the stocking off. I wished everyone would disappear and he would eat me right there! He did the left leg the same way only a bit slower and caressing, even squeezing once or twice, all the way. My crying and trembling seemed to increase.

"Now. His teeshirt and socks."

Everything was swirling and bumping around. I pulled his teeshirt up and off, rubbing into him as I did--no longer was it an accident. I WANTED FUCKED! And I could see his white, hairless chest, fairly muscular (only not like Bert's or Steve's) through the sheen of my tears. Then I took off his socks, with shaking fingers, slightly caressing his thighs as I did. But I could feel black bile in me rise as I stood up again, in my little pink bra and panties.

"Her bra!" Bert barked.

Jimmy went behind me as I began shaking and crying harder. I could feel his hardon poke in my right cheek as he struggled to unhook my bra. He rubbed it around a bit, I'm sure on purpose, but I didn't blame him. I was too fucked up to blame anyone anymore.

As he remove my bra and the cool air hit my little pink titties there in front of everyone, so everyone could see, I fell to my knees in shaking dry heaves.

There I was, with only panties on, puking (or, rather, trying to puke) through my tears for all the world to see. Coughing and choking, I spasmed as my stomach lurched and lurched, and I shook and lurched like a dog in front of everyone. I was sick as shit! My crying came in loud gusts between empty heaves.

My hands would go to my mouth and then to the floor. I tried to snap out of it, but I no longer had any control. EVEN MY BODY HAD BETRAYED ME! I shook with lust and shame and fear, and heaved, tears pouring out of my eyes, and noody said a fucking word. They all just watched and watched.

Soon, I felt a cool hand on my brow.

I looked, and through my tears and embarrasment, still with a few short heaves, I could see Julia. Her sweet face was looking directly at me with understanding and sympathy.

"Relax. Don't you understand? We've all been through this," she said comforting me. "A lot of girls and some of guys have even gotten sick. You're not alone." And she stroked my hair and back as I kept shallow heaving for several minutes and then settled down somewhat.

She was right. I shouldn't feel so bad. And to think, JULIA came over to comfort ME. Hell, I felt a better. I was still shaking some, after the heaves had passed, and still crying, but Julia had stregthened me. I felt better and was able to stand again, even though I was almost completely naked in front of a crowd of mostly strangers, all of whom were dressed to the teeth.

Bert looked at me, a little more sympathetically, I thought, but said only, "His shorts." I gulped and wiped my face, pushing some of my tears aside, and let my shaking hands go top the sides of Jimmy's shorts. As I gripped the elastic, I seemed to feel that Jimmy was, perhaps uncontrollably, shoving his pelvis somewhat forward.

I wanted to pull his shorts down fast, to get it over with, but before I started Bert told me to do it slowly, do I closed my eyes and started pulling them down. I could feel the tug of his boner as it caught in the elastic and the sudden release as it sprung free. I could hear some oh's and ah's from several girls. One even said, "Yum. Yum."

I was scared as shit, but I couldn't keep my eyes closed. There was his COCK! Still bouncing and swaying slightly right in front of my face. It was hard and strong, not as ridged as Steve's, not as dark as Bert's. It was a young, teenage cock with a bold pink, apple-shaped head, still a bit plump, with some baby fat on, but able to be firm.

A bopping, muscled, mouthing cock beating a tattoo of lust into my heart. Scrolling a scrimshaw of hot sex on my Irish tooth. Fat and pink as a baby! BOY! YES, fans, IT'S A BABY BOY!

I was HAD! My sex drive was in forth, but my fear was in reverse. Where to go? Where to go?

"Off!" snapped Bert, and off they came.

Jimmy stepped out of his shorts and stood there before me. I was on my knees. I simply couldn't move. I wanted to pop that fat little cock in my mouth and warm it up. It must be cold, I thought in my confusion of sexual lust. It must be looking for its mother! Here, honey, I thought, I'm over here. Just let me get my little lips around . . .

"Go ahead and touch it," Bert said.

I reached up and grabbed the baby's red head and squeezed. It *was*. It was soft as a baby's cheeks. But warm and alive. It kept pulling up as I pulled slightly down. Wonderful! I wanted to nurse it. I wanted to nurse on it.

But then I realized where I was and let go, terribly ashamed for what I had done. I wanted to fuck it and everyboy now knew. I wanted to stuff it in my mouth, feel it swirl over my tongue, jump like a goat and spit down my throat. Now everybody knew. I waas a shamelessslut! They could all see through me. I'll bet I blushed. "Stand up!" Bert said.

I stood and Jimmy, on his own, now walked up to me and held me close to him. I could feel his whole body next to mine! He was BUCK NAKED and I only had on my little pink panties. He held me close, as if to comfort me, but I could feel his dick lurch argainst my tummy, and I think I could feel him push it around a bit.

He held and rubbed my young back, gradually letting his hands roam down to my ass. He grabbed both cheeks and squeezed, rubbing them as he did. I felt one of his thumbs, outside my panties, go up and down my little ass crack.

All of a sudden I could see what he was trying to do! The darling boy was trying to take my mind off of my fear and shame and trying to make me hot so I wouldn't get sick again. He was stoking my furnace so the whole world wouln't turn upside down.

God, he was considerate! Most boys would only thinking about themselves at a time like this, but NOT JIMMY. He was trying to get me FUCKING HOT so I wouldn't be so freaking scared.

Then Jimmy slid down my little body, rubbing against me and feeling up my little titties and tummy and back, and grabbed my pretty pink panties from either side and began to pull them down slowly. When he got to the top of my cunt crack, he licked my belly and grabbed my ass.


I got real scared and tried to pull away from Jimmy, but he pulled me back, squeezing my buns and shoving a thumb up and down my ass crack, almost down to my virgin butt hole, and I could feel mysef push back against him as my body refused to do as my brain ordered. Then Jimmy exposed my little blond cunt for all to see and I could hear oh's and ah's from a bunch of the boys and, strange to say, from some of the girls, too, I think.

When I stepped out of my pink panties and Jimmy stepped back, to look at me, his hard cock bobbing in front of him, I realized we were both more naked than jaybirds (because jaybirds have feathers!) in front of ALL THESE FUCKING PEOPLE! I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there trembling and sobbing quietly while I felt myself juiced up sexually, really squirming inside and all.

I kept my hands awkwardly to my sides and tried not to appear too dumb and look at the floor or close my eyes, but not face anyone either, but I found myself gazing directly at Jimmy's hard, apple-headed dick.

I was STUCK. Still crying a bit, hot as hell, stark naked in front of 40 teenage boys and girls, all of whom were dressed to the teeth, in suits and formal dresses, high heels, etc. And only a short time ago I had been at a fancy ball and I felt like I was in heaven. NOW here I was, embarrassed out of my mind, having cried and pleaded with the man I loved (and the man who now barked orders at Jimmy and me), having fallen to my knees in dry heaves, and having been stripped naked, piece by piece in front of the entire crowd to my eternal humiliation.

NOW I was looking down the loaded barrell of Jimmy's ripe cock! Jimmy, who at first had seemed as shy as I was, appeared to be more sexually agressive as he stripped the last items from me, feeling me up and even licking the top of my crack and touching my titties and ass cheeks, but I believed then as now that he was only trying to help me get over the hump, so to speak, that he was trying to get me excited so that I would stop crying and worrying and being scared. He wanted to help, not like some boys who would only think of themselves at such a time.

"Suck him, Sue," Bert's voice was low but firm.

"What?" I had started crying a bit more again as I realized this affair was not going to be over with our disrobing.

"Suck his cock," Bert said, then, "Like I taught you."

Now I was even more embarrassed. Bert had talked about me sucking him in front of all these people! My crying was more pronounced, my shaking a bit more intense.

"Come on."

Jimmy sympathetically nodded encouragement to me. He was really trying to help me through this, a step at a time. He walked over to me and held me by my shoulders in a brotherly sort of way, but his dick poked me in the stomach and he moved it around a bit on my soft skin as he held me. "Go on, baby, you can do it." He took my hand and brought it too his prick, and as he kissed me lightly on the lips, I couldn't help but squeeze his cock softly and give it a few tenative pumps.

BOY it was something! Hot and hard, but smooth with, as I said before, a bit of baby fat still on it. I was HEATIN' UP FAST! But I still didn't want to get down there on the floor and suck his cock in front of all those people.

We just stood there for almost a minute softly kissing me while I was still crying and lightly pumping his cock as he pushed it back and forth, touching and rubbing it on my stomach occasionally. I was getting hotter and hotter, but at the same time I was scared, because I knew I'd have to DO IT. I'd have to kneel down, buck naked, and suck a boy's cock in front of a bunch of people.

Yet, and this was the first time I think I realized it, the humiliation was adding to my sexual heat. I mean, I really didn't want to suck a cock in front of people, but . . . well, I really did, too. (Maybe that's why I'm writing my sexual autobiography biography--the humiliation itself seems to do something for me . . . I don't know what.) I just knew I was really scared but that I also REALLY wanted to taste that cock.

I grabbed it from behind the head and, in front of all those kids, started shamelessly rubbing it all over my belly while I began kissing Jimmy harder and then frenching him with my tongue and his squirreling around and then me squirming a bit against him. I was still was crying a bit, but I started sliding down Jimmy's hard body, still squirming a bit, trying to rub against his naked skin.

When I got my titties to cock level, I couldn't help but stop for a moment and rub the fatty ripe head over both of them. GOD, that felt naughty. And nice. I slid down to my knees and just looked at it for a minute. Jimmy was still pumping into my hand a bit, his hips going back and forth a bit, his breathing shallow.

"Oh, yeah," he said.

I think he was really into it now, and I was so grateful for him getting me hot that, even though I was still scared, I licked the tip of the soft apple head while still pumping him. GOD, it was nice! Then, to my ever-lasting shame, I let my little lips circle the head and let the head slide softly into my mouth. JESUS! IT WAS FANTASTIC. What a great cock! I grabbed Jimmy's butt with one hand and reeled him in, squeezing his buns.

I got two then three and four inches in while my hand still worked him over. I remebered to swirl my tongue under the head of his cock, a sweet cherry of flesh,.I

remembered to licked him further down, keeping my lips real moist and tight, waving and wagging my tongue back and forth on the underside, and softly moaning. Bert had taught me and taught me well. And I knew I was so far into it that my ass was swirling around in the air behind me and my pussy was sticking out and everyone could probably see it.

Soon Jimmy's whole cock was just covered with my saliva, and my hand slipped and slid up and down the sweet tube as I sucked and my arm hugged his butt. Jimmy pushed harder and harder and held my head, really pushing himself in. But I was ready. BOY, WAS I HOT!

I stuck my ass higher in the air, shaking it and rolling it around, wishing that the lights or the air or something would become big big big cock and fuck me from behind. I wanted THAT CREAM. When I heard the crowd muttering its approval, I remembered where I was, but even though I realized that I was still crying and shaking from being so damn ashamed at what I was doing, I still wanted CUM CUM CUM CUM CUM.

I pulled his cock out and let him smear my saliva and his juices all over my face while I licked at him and pumped him. Then I kitty-tongued the jerking head some more, teasing it, and let it slip back between my tightened lips. I let it out again and spread it all over my cheeks and over my chin, while sticking my tongue into his belly button and pushing my fingers up and down in his ass crack.

I felt SO WILD AND WICKED AND DIRTY AND GRAND, with his cock in my mouth and my ass fucking the air. But I was still scared especially when I noticed that some flashbulbs were going off. But I was TOO FAR GONE TO REALLY FUCKING CARE, and I sucked that glorious cock back in.

Now Jimmy grabbed the back of my head so I couldn't take him out again and tease him. Golly, I thought, I'm going to get his cum in my mouth and everyone will see. I was really ashamed and probably blushed all over, but like I said, I was too far gone to stop, so I pumped him faster and harder until he grabbed my head with both hands and shoved it all the way down my throat and pumped and pumped.

I made my lips tighten and swirled my tongue as much as I could, trying to feel every inch of his cock in my mouth, and he started spurting burst after joyous burst down my throat, as I kept gulping him down and pulling him in over and over, my butt in the air moving in tight little short circles, and me gulping (breathing through my nose like Bert had taught me), sucking him in like I was a baby goat sucking the last drops from its mommy. I wanted to sing and cry and run away and fuck him right there and hide my head and . . . Hell! I wanted to become THAT COCK. I wished I fucking WAS THAT COCK spruting a load down past my red lips and down my pretty little throat or shoving and rubbing itself over my titty nipples or tummy or . . . Well, you get the idea.

And Jimmy had been groaning as he shot his load into me and pumping his hips back and forth while holding my head and shoving me down on his cock. God, he had a load! And he dumped load after load in me, his cock still throbbing and hard as I finally was able to pull it out and, gasping for breath, I kept rubbing it all over my face as it spurted out its last little dribbles. And I licked it, too. God, I love it then! And my tail was thrashing about around behind me in the air for everyone to see, but I'd forgotten all the other kids until I was shocked out of my dream of COCK AND CUM by their polite applause.

JESUS! What had I done???? Everyone was looking at us. I'd sucked this sweet cock in public and everyone had seen! And they had also probably seen my cunt from behind as I pushed it back and let it squirm in the air, like I was flying the flag ofmyself for all to see.

I was never so embarassed in my life. But the evening was far from over, and I was FUCKING FAR from being sexually satisfied.

I kept sticking his cock in my mouth and nursing on it as Jimmy got smaller and smaller, but he kept pushing against me as best he could, thrusting his hips at me while my own hips were, of course, still going.

Out of the side of my eye, I saw Bert motion to someone and looked over to see two boys part the crowd, caring a low table. I wondered what the hell was it for.

They came up beside me and set it down. It only stood about a foot off the floor. Like one of those tables the Japanese eat off of or something.


"What?" I had to let the limp, wet cock slide from my mouth. I wanted to pout, but I was still crying a bit and shaking since I was still scared and embarrassed. At the same time I was hot as a goddamn firecracker--you know, like one of those firecrackers they dropped from the Enola Gay. Boy, I was HOT HOT HOT! Everybody better stand far the fuck back.

"Get on the table." I meekly crawled up on the table on all fours. Now everybody could even see my pussy better and see my little tits hang down. This made me hotter, but the second I'd let go of Jimmy's slick dick I felt like I was cut loose, all alone, and that made me even more scared and embarrassed. My trembling, both from lust and fear, began in earnest again and I couldn't stop.

"No! On your back!"

"No, please, Bert," I looked at him through my tears, choaking a bit, and still gulping for air.


I laid down carefully on my back, with my arms around my small, pink breasts, hugging myself, trying to cover myself and stop the shaking at the same time. There wasn't enough room for my legs to stretch out, so I bent them at the knees and held them tightly together. I knew everyone could see me from behind, my cunt and all, but I felt a bit better, a bit more secure with my knees held thightly against themselves.


"Y-y-yes." Apparently some of the fear had returned as sexual feelings had been drained.

"Eat her."

The second I heard that, my little butt automatically jerked two inches up off the table surface. GODDAMN! I was going to get eaten! I was going to get a hot tongue in my snatch, a licking in my picnic basket! But then the thought that eveyone would see me with a head between me legs while I came, scared the shit out of me.

Jimmy sank to his knees before me. "Open up, honey," I could feel his hands on my little knees, gently prying them apart.

As I gradually opened my legs, Jimmy's hands caressed my soft inner thighs gently squeezing and rubbing up and down while pushing out, helping me open my legs in front of all these people. I still hugged myself and shook, softly crying, but Jimmy was trying to put me at ease, trying to relax my fears and, at the same time, focus my mind on my body so I would be hot enough to get through the night. What a sweetie!

Jimmy's hands came closer and closer to my cunt as my legs widened. Then he slowly bent down, as if in a daze, and lightly licked the tippy tops of my pink little pussy lips (which were now exposed for ALL TO SEE!). GODDAMN! I spread my feet apart and finally let my legs go wider and wider. I WANTED HIM IN ME. ALL OF HIM! Not just his tongue or cock, you understand. EVERY FUCKING INCH OF HIM!

I wanted him to wear me like skin. Put me on like a wetsuit. Crawl inside me like momma bear and snap me shut. I wanted the outside in, kept down and round, sealed and healed. I wanted cranked. I wanted dump fucked, rump sucked, and sump pumped. I wanted waddled, wagged, and wafted. I wanted to MERGE, baby, MERGE. And not just files, you understand. You can keep your mountain oysters. I wanted the WHOLE HOG!

Jimmy's hands and tongue had found an immediate response in me. My butt started jerking up off the table and Jimmy got down to some serious licking after shoving his nose and chin all over my snatch fur, my soft cunt cheeks, and my pussy bone.

I was leaking hot girl-cum, gushing it out of me and, as Jimmy smiled up at me, his face shone with my juices. WAS I PROUD!

Jimmy's mouth went back to my cunt as his hands caressed my tummy and butt, one hand pulling me up to his mouth sometime and a the thumb and forefinger of the other holding me open for his tongue. I had gradually stopped hugging myself and even though I was still crying softly and shaking a bit, my hands had started caressing my own little titties, rubbing over the pink nipples and squezing some.

JIMMY WAS DRIVING ME FUCKIN' WILD! Sometimes he'd get a finger or two in me while he was licking up toward the top of my crack or gnawing on my nub, and I'd flop like a landed fish. I'd thrash like a meat packer. Jerk like a jukjoint on Sat'day Nite.


As I was flopping there and squeezing my pink little titties with Jimmy's tongue sloshing around my insides and my legs now grabbing his head tight, now shaking and trying to open even wider to get more of him in, I noticed the crowd had come closer and many of them were getting a real eyeful. Now and then I could see the flash of cameras, but I felt when I flashed it would blind everybody. Suddenly I noticed that Julia had come around behind Jimmy and knelt down a bit, but I didn't know what she was doing down there. HELL, I was too far gone to give a fuck. Jimmy's tongue and roving hands had brought me to the goddamn brink and now I was over, falling down free fall toward Nagasaki or whatever. I started bucking with every tongue waddle, every slurp and sip tripped my wire, sent me shaking with lights spilling out of me all over, sound sucking back into itself like a great womb of blasted silence, and words in my head breaking down into hundreds of syllables, and the syllables spinning off into letters, and the letters cracking into ten billion black brick, and the brick breaking to bits, and the bits pulverized into black sand then dust, and then it all vaporized into scalding black steam, cracking my heart and scalding my bowels, and burning my womb.

I could feel black lightning ripping up and down my sides. My toenails snaked and frazzled. My tongue burnt to a stump. And I goddamn came and came and came and came and came-

My cums started running all together like a fucking chain reaction that could have blasted silhouettes onto the sides of brick walls, melted the fucking sky, spit a shock wave that could have heaved down to the ocean floor and brought it gushing up, spinning.


I could hear oh's and ah's from the crowd as people pushed forward to see. My legs over Jimmy's back, now, thumping him with my feet, then rubbing and squirming them up and down his sides, then wrapped around his head, trying to pull his face up my cunt. I COULDN'T FUCKING STOP. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Even after Bert and another guy pulled Jimmy back (and I heard Bert say "Whow, Big Fella" to Jimmy), my hands shot to my cunt and my fingers started doing their ol' naughty dance in me bringing up and over the damn time after time . . . I WAS ELECTRIC!

Then I felt someone pulling my hands away from my cunt and pulling me up, or rather two people, girls, pulling me up by my arms, but I wasn't done yet and wanted to fucking cum more and more and more and never stop, but some guy slapped me and said, "Wait!"

I was sobbing now, with a bit of embarrassment at having a crooked, crashed, chain reaction climax in front of all these kids, but also from the tonguing itself. They took the table away and brought me and Jimmy to the center of the room. They pointed to the curved mirror and told Jimmy to stand in it. He did without any trouble. It was just gradually curved hree or four feet across. Then the two girls who had pulled me up and away from my cunt playing, brought me to Jimmy. His cock was about 3/4ths hard again, and I immediately grabbed it and started pumping. I WAS STILL HOT HOT HOT HOT and my string of firecrackers was not even half finished. I was kissing and squirming against Jimmy but the guy who had slapped me grabbed my shoulder and said, low but firm, "Back off!"

So I stood back, not touching Jimmy, and shaking with the effort. I WANTED FUCKED AND FUCKED GOOD! AND NOW!

I heard Bert tell someone, "Get the three incher." And I just stood there trembling, naked in front of all those people who had damn near seen me do everything but shit.

I was still crying from the tonguing Jimmy had given me and from wanted to jump his pole right then and there, even if all these people could see.

Two guys brought a small platfrom which they placed in front of Jimmy and which had a fitting which kept it in place in the floor. It was really just a step, a few inches high, and now it was all that separated Jimmy and me. "Suzi?"

"W-w-wh-wa-what?" I was choaking now on both my embarassment and lust between my sobs. I was still hot as hell, but I'd got a bit more scared as I looked around and saw everybody watching me. When I looked down at Jimmy's nearly hard pole, I'd forget everyone again, but then I'd hear the rustling of formal dresses or someone cough or a flashbulb go off, and I'd come back to what everyone refers to as "reality."

"Stand up on the step."

I did as Bert said. Now I realized what the platform was for. It brought my cunt just a bit above the height of the base of Jimmy's sweet pecker. God!, I thought, I AM. I AM going to get fucked. I was excited as holy shit as I stepped up and I wanted to bounce up and down on my toes, but I didn't dare. And I didn't even grab Jimmy's cock again. I didn't want to get slapped.

"Okay, Suzi. You can mount up."

For a second I didn't know what he meant, but then I realized he meant I should climb on Jimmy's cock. Gosh!

Boy I wanted to, but I was scared again. Hot as I was, the idea of having all these people watching me get fucked frightened the piss outta me. But I looked back down at Jimmy's cock and all my doubts, if not my fears, disappeared. I knew I had to have IT up in me. That sweet, baby-fat cock with its pink, apple-shaped head. Just think of it, snug and deep in me, spurting its sweet apple juice! Gollygoddamn!

I went up on my tip toes and grabbed his cock as Jimmy lifted me up a bit around the waist. JESUS MOTHERFUCKIN' H. CHRIST ALMIGHTY! I felt the head poking around my pussy cheeks looking for an opening, then Jimmy slid over my pussy bone and we rubbed his cock up and down alown my pussy crack.

We pushed and squirmed our bodies together, my titties rubbing against his chest, both of us kissing like bandits, then I raised up a bit, and still wiggling around, slid down that thing and felt him sink in a little at a time.

I could feel the darling head part my pearly pink pussy lips, then pass into my sweet tunnel, pushing out the cheeks and pushing out against me from inside. GOD it was great! I could feel him slide in slowly inch by inch.

I kept wiggling my tail about as he lowered me both to help him and to stimulate both of us as he lowered me onto him. He wasn't totally hard, though, and when I raised up on my tiptoes for a second thrust, he slipped out.

"Wait!" Said Bert. "Hey, Red, you wanta do the honors?"

Julia came forward. "Quit grabbing," she said as she went over to Jimmy, made him step to the edge of the mirror, knelt down and stuffed his cock straight into her beautiful mouth. She started giving him a pretty straight forward blow job, from what I could tell, but she kept twisting her head around real naughty like.

I felt abandoned. I had been on my way to what had promised to be another series of magnificant fire-cracker atom-bomb explosions, and now I was watching darling Julia with that sweet cock of Jimmy's. They were having fun with each other. What about me?

I was standing alone, naked and dripping in front of a roomful of strangers. Again I felt the sudden sharp pain of humiliation welling up within me like black bile, and knew I was going to begin crying again soon if something didn't happen.

My shaking started up all over, but whether it was from lust or shame, I couldn't really tell. Probably a bit of both. I could feel the air all around my naked body, cooling me a bit where my juices had been leaking, and it felt like my titties and even cunt stuck out two yards from my body for everyone to see.

Soon, I could hear Jimmy groaning and squirming (while still standing) under the ministrations of Julia's tongue. "Oh, yeah! Oh, FUCKIN' YEAH, BITCH. DO ME DO ME DO. OH, BABY!" And his hands went to her head and started shoving her down.

Now I was crying for real. She was so beautiful. I wish I was Jimmy's cock. I wish her mouth could wrap around me. Over my head, and her tongue squishing all around like that, then over my tits and around my waist. I wish she'd swollow ME! Why can't she swallow me?

I was crying like a hard rain. Lost and afraid and lonely. I wanted SEX SEX SEX, but got air on my body only.

As Jimmy started really poking into her and holding her head down, she abruptly pulled back and slapped him as if he was getting too fresh or somehting. She a nice girl, I thought. Like me.

"Get the fuck over there now and FUCK HER!" Julia said.

Jealous as I was at not being able to touch Julia, as ashamed I was for being so naked in front of a crowd, crying and shaking . . . I was PLUM glad when Jimmy came over with his dick as hard as dynamite. SONOFABITCH! Then Bert came over and wraped a belt around our waists, pushing us belly to belly against each other. Jesus, I wondered, what's that for? We both want fucking. We're not going to run away. Doesn't Bert know that?

But my attention shifted from the belt quickly as Jimmy grabbed my waist and lifted me onto him. I was tighter now and scared of his big, baby-fat dick, which seemed to have increased in diameter as well as rigidity. GOD, I came down even slower feeling him part the Red Sea of Me. His cockhead was probbing where man had never been before. They should name a fuckin' space ship after it, I thought.

That first stroke was long and hard. I felt like I would choke. My sobbing came in big bursts as he shoved me down further and further, and I pulled him to me and fuckin' rubbed up and down against him, trying to feel all of him at the same time (the belt certainly didn't stop our squirming motions!), kissing and licking his sweet face. I wanted to wrap my legs around his back, but I was afraid we would fall over if I did that. So I just let him lower me shuddering and weeping down on his beautiful fat dick.

FUCK! I was filled to the rim with him, but he wasn't caffine free. HELL NO! He had me at the edge and cranked, wired with racing stripes, blue and zapped, and all with just that one beautiful, fat, shuddering, choaking stroke! I almost fainted to even think of what the rest would be like!

I cried out loud and slowly lifted up on my little tip toes, feeling him slide big, and fat, and slow back through my canal, feeling the weight of him and the suction, and evey inch of that fatty cock with its apple-shaped head push against the insides of my cunt, preparing for another stroke as he bent and sucked in my little right tit, pulling his cock down at an angle.

Then I heard a loud THWACK! and felt Jimmy shoved fast and sharp into me and he cried out, "WHAT THE FUCK!" pulling his mouth dripping from my pink tit.

Then I felt it, too. THWACK! my ass was all of a sudden on fire, lifting up with the sharp pain, then falling back and Jimmy's cock now half in, then THWACK! and Jimmy shoved up far inside yelling, his cock bloating up in me, and I was screaming "STOP! STOP!" and tried to pull back, but the belt held me shuddering belly to belly with Jimmy, and then THWACK! and a broad pain spread over my ass again.

I went up on tip toes to try and get away, then came down fast pushing against Jimmy as I heard THWACK! and Jimmy bit my ear as he pushed deeper and deeper in while I was all the way down and still confused with pain and now crying with both lust and HARD pain, starting to gulp down air, then THWACK! and it felt like my ass exploded, like it was blown the fuck off and I jerked up feeling (and now I could notice it a bit more) Jimmy's SUPERHARD COCK sucking down and out.

I started coming down on it again as THWACK! Jimmy bolted way up my cunt and grabbed me now about the waist as if he now wanted to keep fucking hard hard hard through all the pain and, to my shame, I was starting to get into it too as I rubbed against him, the belt holding our tummies each to each quivering and shaking, taking him in on the upstroke and waiting for THWACK!

YOW, I came up again, feeling that barge they call Jimmy's cock pull down through my slue, then came down again as I heard Jimmy get it

TTHHWWAACKKK!!! and I was hot as a string of fucking firecrackers, and this time I looked and saw that we were getting it in turn by two kids with pingpong paddles slapping our ass cheeks in perfect timing for one of the GREATEST PAINFUCKS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!

They would take five turns each THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!! then the next two, without missing a beat, would jump in, paddle already ready freddie and THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!!

GODDAMN it was something, getting your ass tanned while getting heartily fucked by Jimmy's fatty cock going up and down and us squirming and thrashing and quivering in pain and our own juices just rolling out.

I thought it would never stop, his BIG COCK in me THWACK!! pulling up and down THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! and fucking grabbing at him while THWACK! THWACK!! getting spanked and having Jimmy try to sneak sweet sucks on my titties between THWACK! HIS HOG like farmer Brown's rooting in every corner of my pen, shoving.

I could feel my pussy cheeks puff out then THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! ol' apple-head down again, sobbing and shuddering and rubbing my thighs all over his and around TTHHWWACCK! THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK! THWACK!! and kissing and gulping for air and breaking in half with the sweet pain, the thousand stinging sings on each cheek THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!!

He was mashing my cunt and pussy bone into his pelvis and twisting around, rubbing THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! and trying to push my little tummy against his THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! and his cock seemed bigger and bigger like it was growing a couple arms and a leg THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!

He kept pushing into me like a mountain into a mousehole THWACK! THWACK!! and our tummies, pussies, and cocks--like I couldn't even bother to remember whose was whose any more--rubbing and touching THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!!

I could feel myself BLASTING OFF, splitting off into two then four then THWACK! THWACK!! eight, sixteen of me, countdown three, two, one and clouds rolling quick away THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!! crying and rubbing, choaked with cock greed THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! and the sea trembled then lurched, boiling on the surface. THWACK! THWACK!! thirty-two, sixty-four, my juices spitting out and sizzling as they hit the air and the floor, the belt pulling, our tummies rubbing, the BIG COCK THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK! THWACK!! and all the air shoved out of ground fucking zero so fast that buildings and trees blew away before they could vaporize THWACK! THWACK!! one-hundred-and- twenty-eight, jumping now.


I remembered that everyone was watching and felt so ashamed because I knew they all saw me as a slut and a whore who was getting fucked and beaten and loving it. What made me even more ashamed was that it was true, I was a slut. So I let them watch me impale myself on that big cock and my thighs squirming, up on tip toes then THWACK! and everything !!!

My orgasm blasted me onto a fantasy collage and I saw strings of firecrackers going off while the plane pulls up and away, swerving hard, boards and cows exploding in the air, skin ripped from bodies five fuckin' miles away THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! five-hundred- and-twelve THWACK!! the big cock breaking me in half goddamn and the fucking sands melting to a sudden mirror then vaporized into the screaming air darkness at the very center the fire ball rising over our heads THWACK! TTHHWACCK!! and we were now really the fuck fucking had become death and life and pussy and sex, Jimmy blowing up way inside, me imploding on COCK THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!!

So deep I thought he'd found the fucking NILE THWACK! and now it's a fuckin' fireworks factory workers and all half the town gone THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! and me choaking now one-thousand-and-twelve air rushing into the pocket of silence and no hope left for anything the earth blasted a city gone to shards and rubble THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! two-thousand-twenty-fuckin'-four our bodies slamming and squirming, tightening into each other THWACK! THWACK!! the belt holding our sweating bellies together now squirming with each sweet spurt TTHHWWAK!! and turning into each others bodies five-thousand-fifty-eight THWACK! and it was too bright to even fuckin' look at, a day in infamy squeezed out the sides of night and hell THWACK! THWACK!! fuckin' THWACK!! even the devil crying and us quivering in pain and fuck.

I felt Jimmy's cock get bloated inside me and then explode, throbbing blasts of sperm, hot, sticky, slimy globs spurt after spurt in me like a fire hose I'm hugging and kissing Jimmy

THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! and he's grabbing my tits, now at his deepest reach inside be damned the TTHWWACCK!!ing THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! the great high pain, me shuddering with the richest fucking multiple set of firecracker blasting orgasms in the history of warfare sign the fuckin' treaty and get outta here THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!! and we're laughing and crying with the pain and shuddering at the same time we look down THWACK! THWACK!! holding each other tightly and fucking THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!! our mouths mashing pressed against each others, tongues in THWACK! THWACK!!

Then the slapping TTHWWACCK!! THWACK! THWACK!!s stop at the same time we both see it there in the fucking mirror.I watched as Jimmy's cock way up inside my belly exploded again, throbbing and shuddering and spitting and squirting another load, more hot blobs of sperm into me.

I heard people saying things about the slimy ropes of sperm that were drooling out of me. I remember thinking "That's nothing, they should see what's still up inside me, a river of sperm."

Then we're rubbing all around on each other, both happy and sad that there are no more THWACK!s and the silence rushing in, and I hear Jimmy giggling then we break out laughing and crying even harder

I can feel Jimmy's tears on my back as we see it there in the floor it's so funny and we both the fuck realize how the club gets its name still squeezing my tits now rubbing my HOT BUNS

We began laughing it's funny as we see we two see in the floor in the mirror there jiggling before us our ass cheeks quivering and shaking there but nothing else we're laughing at those four cheeks in the goddamn convex mirror and they're like a trembling mass of flesh in four bright red hot leaves like a fucking red clover or something and we're laughing and can hear the crowd break into bright applause and some cheering.

Jimmy still draining in me, and I can hear Bert's voice as he saw we saw and he said loud so everyone could hear and join in the fun:

"YEP. You guys guessed it. That's the four leaves. That's why we call ourselves the Four-Leaf Club.

And," Bert laughed hardily, "that's why everyone else calls us the Lucky Fuckers!!"

And we laughed and cried holding each other and grabbing at each others' leaves, rubbing and squirming softly against each other, the belt still keeping us dripping belly to belly, Jimmy's baby cock still in my juiced-out pussy, still fat and happy in me and me so happy with those last orgasms that must have singed everybody's hair and it's a wonder there's a damn world to go back to and anybody alive in it, hot damn, I could hardly stand up and I knew I couldn't sit down, hot fucking damn!

And I can't exactly remember how I got down and out of there cause I was in cotten and all with sweet dark at every edge of me. But I do remember Julia-- sweet Julia, bright red hair so soft I wanted to kiss her--leading me out through the crowd and I was still crying with the pain and the fuck and still bloated with sperm.

I was really embarrassed again, being naked and fucked in front of everybody, especially when I stood up and felt a hot, slimy wave of sperm gush out of me and ooze down the inside of both thighs.

Somehow I made it through the crowd holding onto Julia's sweet arm, and unsteady as hell up some stairs then in a locker room where I lay on a bench

Julia undressed and I could see the sweet gauze of her flesh and then felt her next to me and lifting me again, helping me into the shower where she stroked me all over but didn't sex me up just cleaning me like you would a baby but her hands all over my flesh, so I leaned against the tile sides.

Then Julia lead me into a steam room, hot with steam and the air burning my ass cheeks and caught in my lungs at first, and she sat down.

I lay down on my side with my head in her sweet lap with her long legs stretching down and away, and I could remember her soothing me through my soft tears, saying "Shush, little Sue, it'll be alright. It'll be alright honey," the way you'd do it to a baby who just fell down, "Shush, little Sue, go to sleep now, baby."

I was crying still but now also out of sheer gladness at the rim because Julia was hold me and stroking my face and hair and every now and then she'd stroke my shoulder then maybe my little soft titty then back to my hair, and I was smilling and drifting away in my soft tears no longer in spasms when I heard her say, "It's all over now, baby. It's all over until tomorrow. So hush, sweet Sue. Go to sleep. Go to sleep little baby," and I felt all safe and warm but I'd heard that word "tommorrow."

I struggled to open my eyes and finally could see her face, still drifting away though, questioning her with my eyes, and she said, "Oh, Sue, don't worry. Go to sleep. Go to sleep, little baby," and I wanted to but that word "tommorrow" stayed in the air before me and finally she said, "Oh, Sue, go to sllep. Don't worry about it now. All that happens tomorrow is you get initiated by all the girls in the morning and then by all the boys in the afternoon.



But a deep blackness started at the edges of my sight curving and narrowed quickly down to the pinpoint centers and I must have passed out.

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