Groping - Part 2

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My family would have probably watched completely unmoved as well. I was hoping I might spot you wearing a summer dress in a department store over the weekend. You're asking a shop assistant about some product, and he's giving you the usual spiel. I'd walk up behind you and run my hands up your sides, before moving them around and under your heavy bust, feeling the weight of them in my palms. The assistant carries on talking regardless, unfazed by the apparent stranger who's started to molest you. My grip tightens, squeezing your tits up out of your low neck line, and releasing so they bounce back in to place. I'd keep repeating this, each time my grasp on your supple flesh becoming stronger. As I hold your tits up with my palms, I start fumbling with the buttons on the front of your dress, and when I finally release my grip, your dress falls open, exposing your 34DD chest to the shop floor, only your full cup blue bra covering your decency. I hold on to the straps and begin shaking and bouncing your tits up and down and side to side obscenely, the light smacking noise of your breasts attracting the attention of some passer-byes. Pulling the straps down your arm, I pull my head down to take one of your beautiful pert nipples in my mouth and begin sucking loudly. More people turn their heads to see where the wet noises are coming from, but don't stop to look. Taking his invitation, the store assistant leans down to take your other breast in his mouth. The two of us suck hungrily, almost as though we were trying to draw milk. I pull my face away from the spit soaked reddened peak and take it in my fingers. It's slippery at first, but I grip around your nipple and pull. My twisting fingers make your breast contort, and I shake it up and down to watch it jiggle enticingly. Taking my lead, the sales assistant follows suit, and we hold your slippery nipples out away from your body, twisting them, watching them softly bounce under the strain. Our hands lower, pulling you down to your knees, and with our fingers still clamped to your nipples, we undo our pants, and push our cocks under your tits before releasing your nipples. Your heavy breasts cover our cocks well as we begin to thrust. It doesn't take long, and after lightly slapping and prodding your breasts with our hard cocks, we start shooting load after load of semen across them. As I squeeze out the last few drops of my hot spunk on to your nipples, the assistant resumes his sales pitch, and we bring you back to your feet. I pull the cups of your bra back in to place, being sure to capture as much cum as possible, before replacing your dress and simply walking away as your family waits patiently for your purchase decision.

I love to work out. I have to keep my chest muscles firm to support my big tits and my husband loves to spot me while I'm bench pressing and there you are sneaking under him and lifting my sports top releasing my sweaty, hot tits. I keep pressing, encouraged my husband, who even adds more weights as you slap my natural tits about. First making them jerk violently from side to side with smart whacks to the side. Making them flop about, before you shift your attention to my already stiff nipples, raining glancing slaps on them with your fingers held flat. My husband assumes my little squeals are because of the effort of pressing, and like a good spotter he encourages me to do more repetitions. Your cock is hanging in my face brushing my cheeks and lips as you roll my nipples between your thumb and forefinger feeling the turgid tasty tips, pulling them upwards stretching the nipples making my back arch, then releasing to knead and squeeze my soft titty flesh. All around people continue working out. The line of running machines is facing me, being pounded by a row of people, but nobody even glances over at the spectacle of my tits being tormented and pleasured. You dig your fingers into my tits pulling them in all directions, slapping them together, then wrap your hands around the base of my fat tits and grip them tightly, wobbling the bulbous meat. You lap at my bruised nipples, pressing your sharp teeth into my nipples, swapping from left to right, slapping my bulbous tits on your face, as I bench press over your head. You pull my head back then grip both my nipples and slide your cock between my perspiring tits. You yank my tits back and forth over your cock until you coat my tits in copious amount of cum. You wipe your cock on my face, pull down my sports bra and saunter away adjusting your big cock.

To keep up with your cardio, you're running through a busy park on a hot and sunny afternoon. Men walking with their wives and girlfriends don't try and hide the fact they're staring at your huge tits bouncing up and down in your shirt and sports bra. As you approach the end of your jog, you check your watch and slow to a walking pace towards the water fountain. You go to take a quick drink, but no water comes out. Disappointed, you decide to stretch out. Starting with your sore calves and working your way up, you relax your muscles. As you stand with your arms raised in the air, I approach you casually. You're not surprised when my hands come up to your breasts and begin kneading the warm flesh through lycra and polyester. I struggle to contain the mass of your tits in my hands as I push them around your chest, sliding in your sweaty clothes. I pull up the soft, damp polyester shirt over your breasts and up over your head as you continue to stretch. Discarding the shirt on the ground, my hands return to your warm supple tits, compressed in to a pink lycra sports bra. I bring my right hand away and then bring the flat of my hand across your clammy breast, smacking it gently. I watch your tits bounce and settle before repeating the same with my left hand. Each time I alternate hands, my smacks become more firm, sending your tits flailing around your chest. Just as I land my last strong left hand slap, a couple jog up to the water fountain and stop for a break. They don't seem to notice your position, hands above your head, partially undressed with a strange man slapping your tits about. They jog away as I tuck my thumbs under the elastic of your bra and stretch as hard as I can to let out your reddened tit flesh. Rather than leave it tight around your shoulders, I pull it all the way off over your head, and throw it on top of your shirt. I don't waste any time getting my hungry mouth on your stiff caps, sucking in as much of the 34DD tit in to my mouth as I can. I gargle my spit over your nipple, before slowly closing my mouth, feeling the bulging flesh slide under my teeth until I have a grip on your areola. With your whole nipple clamped in my mouth, I suck hard and pull away, drawing your breast from your body. Releasing it with a loud wet sucking noise, I repeat the same to your other tit. I use my free hand to flick your other nipple until it's hard enough to wobble your entire breast. Another older jogger stops at the water fountain and leans to drink from it, but also finding it to be out of order. Casually he shrugs, and bends down towards you and takes one of your spit covered nipples in his mouth and begins sucking, lapping up my frothy saliva. I take out my erection, and start stroking it's length. The old man lets your tit fall from his mouth as I push you down to your knees, and he also takes out his cock. The two of us slap our cocks across your sloppy tits, prodding the swollen, sensitive nipples. The old man pulls his dick away and I take my place between you heaving mounds, sliding my cock up, grabbing you nipples and pulling them up and inwards, sealing my erection in your tit flesh. I fuck your tits in earnest, and I'm soon releasing thick globs of semen up on to your chest, and all over your breasts. Releasing your sore nipples, the old man takes my place, shoving his cock up in the sticky mess. He thrusts several times, shaking your whole body with his powerful strokes and starts to blow his load over you. The two of us wipe our cocks across your cheeks, and I flick the last spots of cum across your brow. Being the gentleman we are, we help you to you feet and gently replace your shirt, making sure it sticks to our viscous seed. I take your pink sweaty sports bra, and tuck it in to my pocket and leave you to finish your jog.

My husband had always been as oblivious as everyone and it was always best when he was around. On our wedding day I wore a white silk and lace dream of a dress with a tightly laced up bodice under a lace fitted top. I had carefully stained my nipples a deep red as a naughty contrast to my virginal white. As the priest read the vows and pronouced us husband and wife, he boomed, you may now grope the bride, then you reached out and carefully undid the tiny pearl buttons and eased me out of the top. The wedding guests stuttered into a hymn, continuing as usual. My breast were plump, generously swelling at the top of the bodice and you took full advantage of your position as priest grouper to feel my soft skin. The best man steps forward and pulls out my left tit enjoys a good grope, grinning as he lashes my nipple with his tongue then slurps it into his mouth. With enthusiastic gusto he slopperly, slobbers saliva all over my tit, unzipping his fly and pulling on his cock. The guests finished singing and sat down, as my father-in-law stepped up to the podium to do a reading. Everyone listened while a groomsman stepped over to me and grabbed my right breast and slapped it against his fashionably stubbly chin and cheek, rasped my sensitive nipple over his sand paper face. All the grooms-men got their cocks out - black ones, big ones, small ones, white ones, fat ones and long ones were all represented - and crowded around me reached out their hands to squeeze my tits, pinch and pull on my nipples. My father-in-law finished the reading, walked towards me through the randy groomsmen, pulling his cock out as he came. He cruelly grabbed a nipple in his teeth and shock his head from side to side like a wet dog, squeezing my other nipple in a hard milking motion. Everyone ignored my pleading screams as he continued his assault until he was dragged off by the hungry groomsmen. My sister had taken my father-in-laws place on the podium and was singing a beautiful love song, turned towards me, her eyes trained on me unaffected by what she was seeing. The groomsmen swarmed in again and I was pulled from left to right by my tits as they groped at me as you had instructed, briefly tasting or feeling me up before being nudged out of the way. Only when you stepped forward did they stand back to watch as you enjoyed pulling my tits about in an obscene manner, pressing your face into them, licking them luxuriously all over, not leaving a single milimetre dry. My sister finished her song and smiled at me as she returned to her seat, a tear in her eyes. You squished the cleavage part of my right tit against your mouth sucked as much of it into your mouth as possible then chewed and sucked like a baby on a nipple. You left small, angry red marks, that took days to fade, then released it and concentrated on the other. You spun me round and pulled me to you and held my arms back so my tits stuck out boldly and with the other hand you lifted each tit by its nipple and shock it which forced me to lean against you arching upwards. All the wedding guests were all focused fully on me listening to what should have been your sermon. All the grooms stepped forward and slapped my tits until they were tinged red, then they lapped loudly again jostling for position. You pull me out of the crowd and push me to my knees, lifting your vestments and pulling your rock solid cock out of you pants, you slap it between my new wife's slick tits and slid up and down hard and fast, your cock glancing my throat. You tilted my head up for the grooms wanking cocks, as one by one they wanked over my mouth, groped and lightly slapped my tits and exploded into my mouth two by two - except my father in law who deliberately came over my closed eyes - until my mouth overflowed with cum which slide down my chin onto my tits. The congregation stands and again begins to sign, glancing over their books at us. One by one they finished and wiped their cocks in my hair and on my neck, straightened their clothes and returned to their positions and joined the wedding guests in their hymn. You shot your load over my cum drenched tits, helped me to stand and slid my slippery tits back into my brilliant white, cum splashed wedding dress and replaced the lacy top and buttoned all the tiny pearls. We both joined in with the song, just as it finished. You did the sign of the cross over us and I walked back down the isle with cum seeping through my fine lace top.

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