The Tomes of Mythical Traveller

A little about myself...

Name: Mythical Traveller
Aliases: mythrav16, centaur1729
Gender: Male
Age: Over 18, Young at heart
Current Stories: 6
Works in Progress: 2

As the name implies, I am very interested in mythology; some might say it shows in my writing ;). My main areas of mythological interest are ancient egyptian, greek and, to a lesser extent, roman mythology, but I also like mythology and folklore from other areas of the globe as well.

Some of my other interests that you might see in my stories are sci-fi (which is really just another form of mythology), and a certain series of videogames about a gun-toting, sexy, female, brittish archaeologist whose name is uncannily similar to that of the protaganist of one of my stories, Clara Roft. Needless, to say, I found the heroine of that game series to be a very, very attractive basis for a character I could really enjoy writing about. Without even meaning to, I reinvented the character to my own ends and sent her through a magical and erotic adventure in .

What I read

I don't do much reading these days, as I try to spend as much free time as I can writing. Sometimes I'll pull out the notebook and browse the internet for a good story if I'm having trouble getting to sleep, but that doesn't happen too often. The kinds of things I like in an erotic story are mind-control, love/romance, magic, dominance/submissiveness (but not with bondage, leather, etc.), loyalty/devotion to the character's partner and, my absolute favourite, genies! Don't ask me why, but there is something about the idea of a loyall female genie, eager to please her master (wink wink, nudge nudge), that is just uber-erotic. Besides, if you're attracted to women, you must admit, those genie outfits (ala Barbara Eden) are pretty damn sexy!

Although I don't read much these days, I was an avid fan of erotic stories for a few years before I wrote Raider. I mostly browsed , as I find mind-cotrol to be an enticing feature in an erotic story. Then, about two years ago, I decided to take a shot at writing a story of my own, and once I started, I just wanted to keep writing!

What I write

My stories (spoiler!) tend to deal with loving relationships, or falling-in-love or at least romance. I don't often write one-night-stand type sex scenes, as I find the notion that that warm body in your arms will soon drift out of your life, as quickly as it drifted in, to be a big-turn off. I haven't written any lesbian scenes as of yet, although who knows what the future may bring? I can't see me ever writing a gay male scene. I have no moral objections to homosexuality - it simply doesn't interest me. So far, it has only been straight, and I have done one female masturbation scene.

After some delays I experienced with Raider, I will now only post stories when they're complete or very-near completion (for multi-chapter stories). I do this because I believe it's unfair to people who are hanging out for the next chapter of your story if you won't have it ready for another six months. It also gives me the luxury of being able to retcon the story without disturbing people who have read the initial chapters.

I am not after ideas for new stories as, at the moment, I have enough of my own ideas to keep my writing for quite a while. But if you think you have a really good idea for a story, I encourage you to try writing it. There are many sites on the internet, including ASSTR, that would be happy to host your work, and you might be surprised by how well your story is received - I know I was.

Well, I think that's more than enough of a snapshot of me and my style. All that's left is for me to invite you to actually read one (or more) of my stories. Please feel free to leave a comment on whatever you read. I hope you enjoy them.

- MT

The Curse Of Arnford Manor

Be Advised: This is an erotic horror story with a creepy and often gruesome tone - even in some sex scenes.
In the dawning years of the Great Depression, a dark, viscious creature appeared in a small North Carolinan city. What ensued from that incident is a tale of danger and mystery. A tale of magic, monsters, witches and warriors. A tale of secrets, forbidden sex and an old building with a complex past...

Witches' Rising

One Friday afternoon, Ethan, a highschool senior, is invited over to the home of Brooke, one of his school's sexiest belles, to tutor her. Upon arriving, he is promptly seduced by not only Brooke, but also her three gorgeous friends. Ethan looks set to have the best night of his life, but from a secret chamber, four myterious women are watching and casting spells upon the amorous teenagers...

The Lengths One Will Go To

Despite his brilliance as a computer designer, Sean Adams finds himself distraught over the sudden system failure of his latest creation. Enter his best friend, Joe, who insists on taking Sean out to a bar to cheer him up. To Sean's delight, a beautiful woman at the bar takes an interest in him. But was their meeting a chance encounter, or something more deliberate?

(currently only on )

English professor Cassandra Marsh gets asked on a date by a visiting grad student from Yale. At first, it seems like the evening will be the latest addition to Cassandra's long list of dating disasters, but when an ancient relic intervenes, the Professor finds herself climbing to new heights of passion with a man she barely knows...

The Perfect Species

During the course of a relatively-normal job, apprentice jeweller Kurt Foley suddenly finds himself in posession of a magical servant. While trying to discover who and what this extremely beautiful, but enigmatic young woman is, Kurt discovers that she has one very interesting personality trait...

Raider and the Lost Lamp

Relentless adventurer, Clara Roft, sets out on a solo expedition to recover the legendary lamp of Alladin, only to fall victim to an ancient curse. Her only hope for salvation lies with Jeff, an eager young archaeologist who is largely oblivious to the dangers of treasure-hunting and whose true motives are unknown. With life as she knows is on the line, can independant Clara overcome her lone-wolf tendencies and work with her new partner, to try and break a nine-thousand year old curse?

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