Erotic Fiction

by Michael K. Smith

First, a little history:

I started publishing erotic fiction in usenet newsgroups in 1993, and I imagine I'm one of very few authors who started doing it back then, who's still doing it now. I'd been writing sexual fiction for a number of years and had several more-or-less completed stories put by when I got my first Internet account — which is why you'll find 1993 copyright dates on so many of the early ones, the actual writing of which was spread out over the previous decade or so.

In 1995, my life got suddenly a lot more complicated and I went on hiatus from usenet almost entirely. A couple years later, a fan tracked me down and sent me a very flattering note by email. My Internet provider had changed twice since 1993, so I was a bit surprised he was able even to find me. But he mentioned that my stuff was being regularly reposted in a.s.s. — so, naturally, I went and had a look. I was rather taken aback to find that I was apparently being regarded as a "lost author." So, I posted a couple of stories I had written in the intervening years. (Not being active in the newsgroup didn't mean I wasn't writing.) Then I discovered A.S.S.T.R., so I brought everything together here in one web site that almost everyone can access.

Why do I write this stuff? First, because I can. I write fiction all the time, almost every day, sometimes twenty hours or more in a given week, when I'm really hitting on all cylinders. (And it sometimes gets in the way of the contract writing I do.) Second, because I've always had a very sexual/sensual mind-set. That sometimes got me in trouble when I was a lot younger (and is the principal reason my grades in high school and college weren't a lot better). Also, my imagination is very highly developed. Combine those traits and you may understand why writing erotica became a necessary outlet for me.

However, I don't consider what I write to be "pornography." These are short stories that happen to have an explicit sexual content. I write a lot of other stories that contain no obvious sexuality at all. Most of the stuff I've seen posted on and other such newsgroups over the years is pretty hideous. No plot, no characterization, no progression of action — none of the things that would make me want to read a story, regardless of theme. Often, such efforts resemble one of those pasted-together compilation adult films, just one sex scene after another, with no continuity from one to the next. Pretty boring, actually. For more of my opinions on this (and a lot of other things), see How to Write Sex Stories Good.

You'll find a number of repeating themes in my work. I grew up in the 1960s, so a lot of my stories are set there, in the college world I knew, before the appearance of AIDS, when things seemed a lot simpler in retrospect — but they really weren't, of course. Life never seems simple at the time. I went to college in California but have lived mostly in South in the years since, so many of my stories are set in one or both locales. Likewise, many of my characters reflect various aspects of real people of my acquaintance, including a few of my relatives.

Some of these stories are written in first-person from a female perspective, usually a young female. I've done this partly out of curiosity, to see whether I could pull it off, and partly because "erotic" means something very different to most women than to most men, and it's a difference I'm very sympathetic to. When I get fan letters from female readers — and there're quite of few of you out there, I'm happy to say! — I often ask them to comment on how well (or not) I've managed to get into the mind of a female narrator. I think I'm getting better at it.

Many of my stories feature young girls and younger women — a fantasy-preference I believe I share with a sizable majority of American men of all ages. (And the entire male population of Japan, if manga themes are any indication. . . .) Middle-aged men drool over the cheerleaders on televised college football games, and for every mega-tit fan there's another guy who prefers girls with small, natural breasts. But I emphasize the word "fantasy" here, since many emotional and moral conservatives, most of whom seem not to understand the concept of "imagination," equate fiction with fact and assume that every male who ogles the adolescent girls while waiting to pick up his kids after school must be a practicing pedophile.

Another theme that appears frequently, and which upsets some readers, is incest. I got interested in that subject while researching a psychology paper in college (there's a story here about that, too), and became annoyed in later years that when people use the word "incest," they equate it with "abuse." Myself, I'd like to make a case for consensual, noncoercive incest, especially between siblings. That is, I'm neither for it nor against it, but I believe it's certainly nobody else's business. And I suspect there's a great deal more of that out there than anyone realizes but, because it is consensual, it never gets reported anywhere. (I'll add that I'm against coercion by anyone, in any form, for any reason.) And I've read a number of news stories over the years which lead me to believe that a number of happily incestuous siblings have very definitely been coerced "for their own good," by the Law and the Establishment, and that only pain has resulted. So I keep coming up with story lines in which incest of a very particular variety is shown as not only harmless but sometimes a good and loving thing. (Okay, we all have our hobby horses.)

Most of the "positive" stories you'll find here are highly romantic, featuring sex as a result of love. Some of them even end Happily Ever After. But I've also written several "erotic horror" pieces that are meant to disturb the reader. If you don't like them, that's okay — they aren't exactly meant to be "liked" — but I'm afraid you'll have to accept them for what they are.

Considering how long I've been doing this, you might expect a much longer list of completed stories. Since I don't write erotica under a deadline — I mean, I don't get paid for any of this — I prefer to take my time. I'd rather not let a story out in public until I'm certain it's ready and that its "production values" won't embarrass me. I mearly always have half a dozen pieces in the works and some of them have been there for a couple of years, now.

Anyway, I write erotic stories of the sort that would appeal to me: Personally involving, teasing, slowly building action, carefully paced, very visual, very detailed in description of the characters. Hopefully, something the reader can really immerse himself (or herself) in. And whether you scroll one-handed is up to you. . . .

THE RULES: Okay, there's only a couple of things I have to say about this. I own the copyrights to all my work, period. Any commercial misappropriation of my work that comes to my notice will be pursued, I promise you. You, the reader, may make a copy of any of these stories (either from this page or from the ftp site), but it is understood to be strictly for your own use and enjoyment. And I ask that you leave intact the copyright statement that appears at the end of each story. I would very much prefer that other web sites not post my work locally. (But feel free to link to this site!) And I don't suppose I can stop anyone from reposting my work to the newsgroups, but since it's all available here now, they really shouldn't have to.

Also, for what it's worth, I tend to continue to tinker a bit even with stories that were published years before, changing a word or a phrase, correcting an inconsistency, whatever. For that reason, you should regard the texts that appear at this web site as canonical.

Okay — these are all the stories I have published online, in more or less chronological order, oldest stuff first:


Until Next Year
The first story I posted to A.S.S. — now only of historical interest

A love story, about looking for one thing and finding another.

Ah, those cool summer nights in a hotel jacuzzi. . . .

A Lovely Girl
A rather graphic horror piece.

Also a semi-horror story, about dichotomies.

Just for fun: Getting to know the ladies next door.

In/Out Law
A sentimental exploration of brotherly(?) love.

Road Trip
A love story about the very open road.

Getting It Right:
The trials and tribulations of finally figuring things out.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
My take on the "mind control" genre, an experiment that got kinda away from me.

A fun little sister-in-law fantasy.

Charly the Yard Guy
A personal favorite — a love story about yard work.

Vamps: Brazil
My own take on the bloodsucking genre — with what I hope are some original interpretations.
(There's a sequel to this one farther down the page.)

The Dare
Girls just want to have fun, right?
(There's a sequel in development for this one, too.)

Dating Ritual
"Hey bartender! Gimme a short one with a twist!"

A horror tale that may have you hiding all the kitchen utensils.

The classic familial seduction theme — but with a difference, of course.

The Big Time
Angela looks after her kid sister.

The Chair
A short one for the B&D crowd, about trust.

Dancing in the Dark
A romantic excursion to the world of wire hangers.

The Babysitting Drama
Who cares if the pay is low?

The Bedpost
A B&D horror story — and you'll never look at your four-poster the same way again.

Molly in Suspense
An inverted B&D adventure.

A Missy Christmas
The rich aren't really so different.

A think-piece about homework.

Snow in July / Stevie in August
There's no telling what a kid might collect.

With the right kind of help, you can handle almost any personal tragedy.

Field Trip
Just like going to the zoo.

The Nursing Exam
Gotta stay healthy, right?

Beach Boy
Summers at the beach aren't just for working on your tan.
(And another sequel in the works . . .)

Going Up
Lydia rises in the world.

Weekend with Tina
Giving assistance to the troubled has its rewards.

In the Playhouse
Everyone needs a family retreat, right?

Paying the Price
If you do the crime, you gotta do the time . . . or whatever.

Party Girl
Erotic horror about the relativity of having a good time.

Art Works
M&Ms considered as performance art.

Goofing Off
Sometimes, there's not much to do on a warm summer morning.

Hey, what are big brothers for?

Gotta do something about that homework.

Choices & Consequences
You makes your choices. . . .

The Babysitter's Initiation
Everybody's gotta grow up, right?

Ancient Days
Back in Ye Olden Days. . . .

Lights, Camera, Action
And don't forget the popcorn.

Ghost Sister
We all believe in ghosts, sometimes

Observations on Character
Where do writers get their ideas?

Squeaky Squeaky
Sounds in the night

Beach House
Life is a beach

Carrie Comes to Visit
It's always nice to have cousins.


Bathroom Encounter
Sometimes you just gotta go.

Sensual Explorers
Smoking isn't necessarily bad for you.

Lipstick Party
Life is a beach.

Sister Goth
Independence is everything.

Vamps: San Francisco
Not a lot of explicit sex this time, but lots and lots of story.

Sister Goth 2: Pool Party
The Three Musketeers make some discoveries and some conquests.

Loving Sister
There are worst things in life.

When you don't know whether you're coming or going -- or coming..

Taken for Granted
Take someone for granted, it could turn around and bite you.

Groupies aren't just for rock stars.

They can be good for something besides the soul.

The SIBLINGS novel:
Please don't write and ask where "the rest" of this novel is. Everything that's been posted anywhere, you will find here! I began writing this thing for a number of complicated reasons that I won't go into. I started at the beginning and went straight through until I finished Chapter 5. Then I began to skip around a little; the most recently written chapter actually was "Marta." I constructed a complete timeline to hang those later chapters on, but the intervening chapters have not yet been written, okay? They're mostly blocked out, and I work on them at odd moments, but they may or may not ever be completed. Meanwhile, enjoy what you find here!

Chapter Outline

The Early Years (from chapters 1-5)

Opening Moves (from chapter 4)

Patty (from chapter 5)

The First Time (from chapter 6)

At the Drive-In (from chapter 6)

Showers (from chapter 6)

Marta (chapter 7)

Connie (from chapter 11)

Extended Family [aka 'Connie 2'] (from chapter 12)

Chapters still under construction:

"Family" (chapter 8)

"Transitions" (chapter 9)

"Crisis" (chapter 10)

"Mothers & Brides" (chapter 13)

"Climax" (chapter 14)

[ . . . 11-year interregnum between chapters 14 & 15 . . . ]

"Grace I" (chapter 15)

"Grace II" (chapter 16)

"Consumation" (chapter 17) — which takes place in 1993. . .

Please direct comments and inquiries to: Michael K. Smith

©1999-2016 Michael K. Smith
All rights reserved
Last revised 2/01/2016

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