Cuckold Uncle

by Mandil


He had just celebrated his thirteenth birthday the previous month.

Ever since his tenth birthdays, since the death of his mother, he has been living with his father in a big city.

It had been very difficult for him at first to accept the death of his mother and his father also had found it hard. Even though he was just barely a teenager, he could tell that his father missed his mother as much as he did.

As he grew older he concentrated all of his energies in getting good marks in school. But since he didn't like sport activities much and having no close friends, he was alone most of the time. Then, about a year ago, his father met Barbara, a woman who worked in the same building where his father worked.

Soon his father was dating her and before Ricky knew exactly how it happened they were going out steady.

Now his father and Barbara were going to get married, and for two weeks - during his father's honeymoon - he was to live with his Aunt Danielle in Oakville. It was a small town about two hundred miles away.

He had seen his Aunt Danielle about half a dozen times in his life and all that he could remember about her, was that she was much younger than his father was and also she had a most beautiful face with shoulder length auburn hair. But it was her green eyes that fascinated him the most; he had never seen eyes like hers before.

As for her husband, his Uncle Peter, he had seen him only twice and he didn't know him enough to say if he liked him or not, all he knew was that he was also much younger than his father was and that he and his Aunt had no children.

He wasn't too happy about going to live with them for two whole weeks. It met that he would be missing school during these weeks and beside, his Aunt and Uncle weren't even living in Oakville but rather just outside of the small town, yes he told himself, he was going to find it very boring during these two weeks.


She had been very surprised when she had heard her brother on the phone telling her that he was getting married in three weeks. She and her brother weren't that close, but they did keep in touch - by phone mostly - and even though he was fourteen-year-older than her twenty-five years of age, they were the only family that each other had. Both, her mother and father were now dead and Paul was the only one left in the family.

After congratulating him and accepting the invitation to come at his weeding, he had asked her if she could keep his only son Ricky while he was on his honeymoon.

Of course she had accepted, how could she refuse. They chatted about his wife to be as well as her life with her husband Peter and a couple of other things that she couldn't remember too well afterward, then he finally hung up after promising her to phone again before the wedding day.


He was a little disappointed upon hearing from his wife that she had already accepted to have her nephew spend two whole weeks with them in Oakville, she hadn't even bother to talk to him about it before accepting to have this teen living with them.

But he didn't make a scene over this since he knew that her brother and Ricky were the only two relatives she had and he understood her eagerness to accept Ricky with them. After all he told himself, she had no choice on the matter, what sort of a sister would she be if she had refused to keep Ricky. Her brother had nowhere else to send his son while he would be on his honeymoon, and he couldn't certainly bring him with them.


On the day of his father weeding he felt both happy and depress.

Of course he was happy for his father, his new bride and his future mother Barbara, seemed to be a nice enough person, even though she looked a little older than her thirty-eight years. But the knowledge that once the ceremony and the afternoon reunion would be over, he was to go to Oakville with his Aunt and Uncle, was cause enough to depress him.

But upon seeing his Aunt Danielle a few hours before the weeding ceremony, his mood changed. He hadn't seen her in two years, and even though he was well aware that she was very beautiful, as he remembered from the last time that he had seen her, he was stunned when he saw her once again. She had the same shoulder length auburn hair, and the same beautiful green eyes that had so impressed him a couple of years earlier. Beside her pale and smooth complexion she had the most beautiful face one could hope or. He was now old enough to appreciate her voluminous teats as well as her nicely curved waistline ending in her round bottom at the back. But now being two years older than the last time he had seen her - mother's funeral - he noticed for the first time her sensuous thick lips as well as her sparkling and even white teeth that could be seen each and every time she would smile.

At the weeding he could tell that she was by far the most beautiful woman there, and more than once he noticed men as well as women looking at her as he sat with her and his Uncle in church.

By the time his father left with his bride, Ricky was almost anxious to leave with her for Oakville.


She was happy for her brother. Barbara seemed a decent woman and she hoped that she would replace the mother that Ricky had lost two years earlier.

She liked Ricky; he acted and even looked older than his thirteen years. She would have loved to have a boy just like him, but after five years of marriage with Peter they still had no children yet.

Worst still she knew that her chances of ever becoming pregnant were very slim indeed. Just the previous year they both had gone to see a doctor about this problem, she had been examined and tests were made on her, there was nothing wrong with her. Then her husband also took a series of tests, but she never got to see the result of those tests. When she asked Peter about them, he simply said that he had called the doctor and he had been told that his sperm count was quite normal and they had to be patient.

Even before they had gone to see the doctor, she was having doubts about his capacity to impregnate her. Later, without her husband knowledge, she had called his doctor on the matter. As she expected, she was told that his chances of ever becoming a father were very slim indeed.

She never told him that she was aware of his incapacity since she didn't want it to be a burden on their marriage, but at the same time she became depress for a while since she had always wanted to have children of her own.

Yes, she told herself that she certainly would love to be the mother of a boy that had such good manners and was as intelligent as Ricky was.


While driving toward Oakville, he couldn't help thinking about Ricky sitting in the back seat of the car. He seemed quiet enough and well behaved, his previous fears that it might be a burden to have him around, were disappearing quickly as he got to talk to him.

His only fear now was that his presence in the house would reawaken in his wife her desire to have a baby. He now knew that this was impossible and for a while about a year back, she had been on the edge of a depression because of this. Not because of the fact that she knew about his incapacity, he had never told her about the results of his tests. But being over five years since they were married he knew that she was seriously beginning to suspect that something was wrong with him. But in the last six months she seemed to have gotten over it, and he could tell that she was accepting the fact that she most probably would never be a mother. But now with Ricky in the house for two full weeks, he feared that his presence might reawaken in her the ever-present desire in all women to be a mother.


They were in Oakville at half past seven and as soon as they got there, Ricky began to move his luggage into his room, which was situated on the second floor of the big house. It was a rather large room with a view on the mountain at the back of the house. He almost panicked when he saw the size of the large room. He was used - ever since his mother died - to sleep in one of the twin bed in the same room as his father. He had a sickening fear of sleeping alone, especially in a large and dark room. Before the death of his mother, he had been sleeping in a room of his own, but soon after she died, he began having bad dreams and he would often wake up in the middle of the night screaming. His father brought him to see a doctor and it seemed that there was noting to do about it, his fears of being alone in the darkness were supposed to gradually died down, but they hadn't. This was the reason that his father had separated the twin beds that he and his wife had shared before her death. With both beds separated only by the low night table, Ricky felt much safer knowing that his father was close to him. For the last year he hadn't had any problem sleeping and no bad dreams had reoccurred.

But now seeing this strange, large room, he began to have doubts about his being able to sleep in it. Of course he realized that his father had forgotten about his problem. Probably in his excitement with the many preparations for his upcoming marriage he had completely forgotten to warn his Aunt about his not being able to sleep alone in a room. But he had no choice now; he was certainly not going to mention this to her, since she might take him for a baby.


She had given Ricky the rooms at the end of the hall so that he wouldn't be disturbed by the noises that she and her husband made once in a while as they made love.

Peter was sometime very noisy while they made love and it wouldn't do to have Ricky hearing them. Beside, she figure that the room was much nicer than the one next to their own room since it had a beautiful view of the mountain. Also just in front of his window, there was the old and very large oak tree in the yard which would provide shelter from the wind and shade from the sun in the morning.


It hadn't been his idea to have Ricky sleep in the last room at the end of the hall but he soon realized that it had been an appropriate choice. It was certainly far enough from their own room so the chances of Ricky hearing them while they were fucking were slim indeed.

He had an obsession about being heard during these intimate moments. In the first few years of their marriage, both of his sisters often came to Oakville to visit him them. They would spend a few days with them on those occasions and he always feared of being overheard while in the heat of passion when either of his sisters were there in the house.

Therefore, for this reason that he had installed the solid oak bed in his room. His neighbor, being a good carpenter as well as a good friend, had made the bed for him. Peter had then bought a thick mattress having independently wrapped coil springs inside, these mattresses springs could allow a person to move on the bed without making noises and also without disturbing the other person sleeping in the same bed, at least that was what the company selling them advertised. Therefore, Peter thought that it was a most appropriate choice that his wife had made in choosing for Ricky that room that was as far as possible from their own room.


It was one in the morning when he was suddenly awakened by a low howling and a cracking sound. As soon as he was awaken enough to realize that he was alone in the strange room, he began to panic. Then, to make matters worst, he saw a shadow moving against the wall opposite to his window.

At first he thought that he was imagining this but when he looked again there it was, now moving in the opposite direction on the wall.

He began sweating and shaking, had he been younger he knew that he would have started crying, but he managed to control himself enough so as to hold back his tears of fright. But his shaking got worst and he couldn't move as he sat on the bed with wide eyes of terror.

Then there was a sharp noise against one of the glass windowpane.

That was more than he could endure, a loud moan escaped from his mouth and he buried himself under the blankets, he was almost in a state of shock as his trembling body became paralyzed with fear.


She and Peter had made love earlier and she was about to fall asleep when she heard a funny noise coming from the other end of the hall.

It seemed to have come from Ricky's room. She didn't dare to take any chance in case Ricky was sick and while still in her sleeping gown she quietly got out of bed. Her husband was fast asleep and the noise had not awakened him. Once she was in the hall just outside Ricky's closed bedroom door, she could hear a scratching sound coming from the inside of the room where her nephew was sleeping. Her first though was that he was sick, she didn't bother to knock and she entered the room. The noise was much louder once she was inside the room, it seemed to be coming from the window.

As soon as she investigated the bed, she discovered her nephew under the blankets; he was in a state of panic. He was shaking like a leaf in the wind and his body was covered by sweat. As soon as he saw her he threw both of his arms around her neck. As she held Ricky in her arms, she still could hear the noises, but she soon realized that the wind had partly broken a branch from the large oak tree outside the window, the strong wind was making the half- broken branch rub against the window. In then occur to her that Ricky was not used to sleeping by himself, she then remembered her brother mentioning that he and Ricky slept in the same room since the death of his mother.

She tried to calm him down by hugging him tightly in her harm and soon indeed he stopped shaking. When she saw that the panic and fear were leaving him, she explained to him what the cause the noise was and she said to him that at night in the country, these thing could be expected. She then tried to put him back to bed but he would have none of this, he began to beg her to let him sleep on the floor at the foot of her bed.

Of course she couldn't do that, it was quite cold outside and the heating system in the house was not on yet, beside it wouldn't be decent she thought to have a child sleeping on the floor next to her bed.

She therefore proposed that he should come and sleep in bed with her and her husband. The beds was large enough since it was a king size bed and if they were careful, her husband wouldn't even know Ricky was in bed with them.


As soon as he heard the door of his room opened he became still more frighten, thinking that the shadow that he had seen on the wall was responsible for the sudden opening of the door. But when he realized that it was only his aunt entering the room, it put a damper on his fears and soon he became calmer.

Even though he was still shaking from fright, a fright he couldn't control when he was alone, he could now feel himself calming down and getting over his phobia of being alone in the darkness. As he felt her comforting arms around his neck while the side of his face was pressed hard against the sponginess of her bosom, he couldn't help himself thinking that only a thin layer of cotton was separating his left cheek from her warm breasts.

She explained to him that the source of the noises he had heard was of natural cause, namely the half broken branch rubbing against his window in the high wind. This and the moonlight caused the branch to cast the shadow against the wall of his room. But when she tried to convince him that he should go back to sleep, he again began to panic. He therefore propose to her that she should let him sleep in her room on the floor, but much to his surprise, when she told him that she would let him sleep in her bed, he could scarcely hide his joy.

They both went quietly to her room. As he entered the room, he could hear his Uncle's heavy breading thus indicating that he was still asleep. His Aunt Danielle got in the middle of the wide bed and she made room for him to climb under the blankets next to her.

He was no longer shaking, the fear that the strange noises as well as the darkness had initiated in him were far behind now. The memories of his beautiful Aunt's breasts against his face just a minute earlier began to make him feel bawdy, and now he was going to stretch himself under the blanket next to her. These thoughts were beginning to excite him; his hardening cock was proof enough of that.

The instant that they were both under the still warm blanket, he felt his Aunt reach for him, as she pressed him tightly against her body she whispered in his ear that there was nothing to be afraid now. But fear was the last thing in his mind. While his head rested on her left arm and also touching her neck, the rest of his body was in contact with much of her own body, reminding him how beautiful and what a well-shaped body she had. This caused his cock to twitch against her thigh.

He told himself that she probably wasn't noticing this since she kept on stroking the back of his head with her left hand while her right hand was pulling his against her.

Never before in his life had he felt like that. He could still remember when his mother was alive, she used to hold him in her arms, but he never experienced then what he was feeling now while in his aunt's arms.

He remained a very long time in her arms, it was getting almost uncomfortably warm but nothing in the world would make him move. After about half an hour, he noticed the regular breathing of his aunt. She was still holding him in her arms - but much less tightly now - but his cock was even harder than before. He had never been so horny in his life and his twitching and aching cock was so hard that it actually caused him pain.

He was lying with his lower body on its right side, - his erection was in contact with her right thigh, which was partly between his legs - his upper body was stretched on his back while his Aunt was still lying on her left side facing him.

Earlier, before she felt asleep, both of his hands had been limply lying over his chest while his Aunt's right arm was stretched over his ribs. Now that she was sleeping he could easily move his hands under her arm and he slowly got them out from under her arm.

He still had his head resting over her left arm and against her neck, and he could smell the perfume on her body, then he became conscious of the fact that barely a few inches from his mouth, began the swelling of the most beautiful pairs of teats he had even seen.

Yes he had seen naked breasts in magazines, his father had a collection hidden in a locked drawer in his room, he knew where the key was and he had often looked at them.

But the breasts in the girly magazines of his father were nothing compared to what he had already seen in her low-neck dress that she had been wearing at the weeding.

This kind of thinking didn't help to calm his pulsating cock.

It took him a lot of courage, but after a couple of trials, he carefully placed his left hand on her shoulder, then slowly he turned his body until he was completely lying on his right side, at the same time he pulled himself a couple of inches lower on the bed. He thus had his head just next to her breasts while his cock rubbed against that portion of flesh just next to her right knee.

He was close to an orgasm now and he dared not cause too much friction against his cock. Slowly, very slowly he lowered his left hand until it was just bellow her right arm - which was still stretched over his chest -, then an inch at a time, he moved his hand until his open hand came to rest over the material of the gown exactly on her right breast.

What an erotic sensation, what a heavenly feeling. Against the palm of his hand he was experiencing the warmth, the softness and yet the firmness also, of her right breast. It felt much bigger and heavier than he would have imagine, and yes, right there underneath the palm of his hand, he could detect her nipple. It was as big as the eraser at the end of his pencil and he could feel it getting bigger and harder as he gently moved his hand over it. He began to wish that there would be no gown to unhindered his exploration, then it occur to him that he had previously seen half a dozen buttons at the neckline of her gown. Only the top one had been undone.

Could he unbutton the rest and reach inside with his hand? Yes he was going to try it.

It took him well over a minute before he had undone the remaining buttons at the neckline of her gown. But the instant this was done, he couldn't resist pulling aside as much as possible of the gown, then after shoving his hand inside, he reached under her right breast and he pulled it completely outside of the gown.

There barely an inch from his face- he could actually feel its warmth radiating on his face - was the exposed breast of his beautiful Aunt Danielle.

He just had time to press his whole face against the soft and yet very firm breasts before he felt his cock exploding as his whole body was seized in the grip of a series of convulsions.

His body began twisting and shoving so much that his Aunt started to move, before he was half aware of it, she took him in her arms and held him tightly against her.

Only when the erotic storm was over, was he able to realized that his Aunt was still sleeping, at first he had thought that she had awaken. But she was still motionless and breathing regularly as she held him in her arms, he was overjoyed to see that she hadn't been aware of what had happened while he was in her arm. He also felt very tired and it was late in the night now, this plus the fact that he was lying in the arm of the most beautiful woman he knew, was too much and he soon felt asleep also.


As soon as she pulled away the covers on her bed, he was ready to jump in, but she wanted him to be near the edge of the bed so that he wouldn't disturb her husband if he was sized once again by a panic attack.

Once she climbed in, she could tell his eagerness to get beside her.

As she felt his body pressing against her own, a spark of long repress motherly love took hold of her and she passed her left arm around his head and cradled him in her arms.

Poor child, she told herself, he has been frighten half to death and he has no one to turn too. The least she could do was to try to replace, - for the couple of weeks he would be living with them - the mother he no longer had.

In response to her holding him tightly in her arms she could feel him pressing his head against her shoulder, it was easy to see that he was in need of a mother's love.

But soon a feeling of warmth and wellbeing took possession of her and without being aware of it she fell asleep while she was still clutching him in her arms.

It was beginning to get lighter in the room when she opened her eyes, she was lying partly on her back and partly on her left side.

It took her a few seconds to recall the events of the previous night, and when she looked in the bed beside her, her husband was still sound asleep on her right while on the other side Ricky's body was tightly pressed against her as he laid on his right side. Then she noticed something else that caused her to panic for a second or two.

The neck opening of her gown was wide opened; all the buttons were undone. She told herself that somehow they must have become undone while she tossed herself around in bed. But worst still, most of her right breast was exposed while Ricky's had the side of his head pressing against it. What should she do? If she was to move too fast, so as to cover herself, she was sure to awaken Ricky. It was then certain that he would notice her exposed breast before she would have time to cover herself properly.

She slowly turned her head in the direction of her husband lying on the other side of the bed; he was still very much asleep.

Then very slowly, with her right hand, which was still free, she tried to force Ricky's head away. But he still had his left arm over her belly and there was no question of making him turn on the bed without awakening him. Instead she concentrated her efforts in trying to pull the material of her gown until her nakedness was covered by it.

Slowly, a little at a time she began to pull on the top of her gown.

Ricky's head was blocking much of her progress and she had to go very slow. Then she noticed the nipple of her exposed breast barely a fraction of an inch away from Ricky's lips.

The sight had a strange effect on her causing an itch between her legs. Until then, only her husband had ever suckled on her nipples and since it was an almost certainty that no babies of hers was ever going to feed on them she had figure that no other lips ever were going to press themselves on them.

But the sight of Ricky's lips so close, was beginning to excite her.

Would it be cheating on her husband if she turned her body slightly and make the now erected nipple lightly press against Ricky's lips?

She knew that she was under the influence of an erotic urge, one that she had not experienced for many years. She could feel it building up deep inside her, she had never cheated once on her husband since they were married, but now she was experiencing pleasure at the idea of doing this. Before she had more time to think, Ricky settled the mattered without even knowing it as he moved his head still closer to the now very erected nipple, with a very slight help from her part, her now swollen nipple was pressed between his parted lips.

Being still asleep, he didn't suck on the tender morsel, but it did slip halfway between his lips.

Without even thinking about it, she began pressing her whole breast against his mouth as her nipple rubbed in and out and also along the length of his parted lips. Soon she realized that she was extremely wet between her thighs, she was experiencing a most erotic pleasure as her breast rubbed against Ricky's face.

How long did this go on, she couldn't say exactly, but after a while she felt Ricky's lips around her nipple begin to close and then all of a sudden he began to suck on it amd soon part of her breast was into his mouth.

She knew that he was probably awake now and he therefore knew exactly what he was doing. She was stunned and on the verge of panic, not knowing exactly what to do. She just closed her eyes and pretended to be sleeping.


He had never before in his life felt so cozy. A couple of times in the night he did get awake because of the fact that he was not in his own bed, but the warmth and closeness of his Aunt next to him made him feel very good and each time he felt asleep again after only a few seconds.

Later near morning, something warm and soft was rubbing against his lips. It had been doing so for a couple of minutes, but not being fully awake he hadn't bother to investigate what it was. But now he was suddenly pulled out of his sleep when he began having trouble breathing. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw in the half-light, his Aunt's exquisite breast pressing against his face and thus preventing him from breathing from his nose whereas in his mouth there was also something that was partly blocking the passage of air.

He could see her right hand pressing her breast as she was purposely holding the soft half sphere in place against his mouth. Before she could see that his eyes were opened he closed them again and he pretended to sleep.

He couldn't prevent himself from sucking on the tip of the breast that she was holding for him. This was just what it took to kindle the fire of passion in him as he felt his penis burgeoning into erection, then as though it had a mind of its own, his mouth began suckling eagerly on the gorgeous and inviting nipple and breast.

By now, he knew of course that she was aware that he was no longer sleeping, but she didn't try to make him stop, instead she just felt back on the pillow and closed her eyes.

By doing this, he asked himself, was she giving him permission to continue? He didn't care, all he wanted to do now was to probe and fondle the mount of flesh that he had in his mouth, he then brought his hand to the rescue and he proceeded to cup the marvelous breast that she had offered him.

It felt very soft and full, never would he have believed that he could experience so much pleasure just by stroking and pressing a woman's breast.

He kept at it for a long time and only when he felt her hand taking hold of the material of her gown and gently forcing the gown over her breast, thus dislodging his mouth in the process, did he stop sucking.

Without even looking at him, she told him to let her get out of the bed since she wanted to get dress and prepare breakfast.


She was dumbstruck when she realized that he was now eagerly sucking and even fondling her exposed breast. What should she do?

Pretend to be angry at him? No she didn't dare since she was the one that had initiated this intimacy. When she couldn't think of anything to do or say, she chose the easiest course of action, she did nothing and kept on pretending to be sleeping.

She could now fell his tongue rubbing against her nipple as he eagerly sucked on the now completely erected morsel.

Her husband had never given her breasts that much attention.

The wetness between her thighs was now itching. She was in urgent need of attention there, but there was nothing she could do about it since one of her arms was pined against the mattress by Ricky's head while the other was resting on her stomach as her hand still held the material of her gown. His sucking and squeezing on her breast went on for a long time, and then all of a sudden she began to panic when her husband changed position next to her.

She had to do something and fast, therefore with the hand that still held the neck of her gown she slowly, but also with determination, proceeded to pull on the gown until it dislodged Ricky's mouth. She then whispered to him to let her get out of the bed.


When Peter got up in the morning he was surprised to see that Ricky was in bed with him instead of his wife. But at least, he told himself the brat didn't wake him up when he came into the bed. But why was he there anyway? Well he was going to find out soon enough, as soon as he would see in wife. Since it was almost time to get up he got dress without making too much noise and he went into the kitchen where his wife was in the process of preparing breakfast.

She explained to him that Ricky sometimes had bad dreams at night, her brother had omitted to tell her that he was not to sleep alone in a room.

Peter was annoyed to hear this but there was nothing he could do and he told her that he would try and think of a solution to the problem.

Peter was an architect and he spent a lot of time working in his house office, which was situated in the basement of the house. Since he was already late in his work he ate breakfast and went to work in his office.


When he got out of bed later, not a word was said about the events of the night. He ate breakfast and afterward he sat in front of the television. Later in the day he went outside for a walk in the small wood behind the house as he thought about what had happen during the night.

He was almost certain that his Aunt knew exactly what he had done and she had even cooperated with him, was she going to let him do it again? He certainly hoped so and soon he became anxious to see the evening arrive.

There wasn't much to do and there were no other boys to play with, but this didn't bother him since he was used to that, he had lot of books to read and he could watch television all he wanted and more important still he had the next night to look forward too.


By the end of the day, she was nervous. Peter was supposed to place in their room the small bed that was in the attic, but he hadn't done so, even though she had reminded him twice about it. Now she knew that it was too late, the bed wouldn't be in the room for Ricky this comming night, which met that he was going to sleep once again in bed with them.

She was scared stiff of what could happen. She had enjoyed his cuddling against her and even more his sucking on her breast, but she couldn't predict what was going to happen if he was to spend one more night in bed with her, the later in the day it got the more nervous she became.


It was too late now, he hadn't had time to go into the attic for Ricky's bed so he asked his wife to let the boy sleep in bed with them one more night. After all, he hadn't even noticed his being there the previous night. Ricky was still a child and if his wife didn't mind his presence there, it didn't create a problem with him. After talking to his wife about this it was agreed that the following day he was going to move the new bed in their room.


They all went to bed later than usual that evening and by the time Ricky's Uncle suggested that they retired for the night he was very nervous. His Aunt went into her room to put on her night gown while he went to his own room to undress and to put his pajamas on, when he shyly knocked on the door of their room, his Aunt opened the door with a smile. He knew that earlier in the day, she had discussed with his Uncle, his problem of being unable to sleep alone in a room, and his Uncle acted as though he had been expecting him. His Uncle was already in bed when he entered the room and as soon as the three of them were lying in bed with his Aunt in the middle, she reached for the light switch just over the headboard of the bed and she turned it off. It was so dark in the room that he couldn't even see his hand in front of his face.

In the darkness he could hear his heart beating. What should he do?

Should he reach for her breasts and continued from where he had left off the previous night? No, he didn't think it would work.

Instead, he moved himself in such a way that he didn't shake the bed too much and he slowly pressed his body against hers. She was lying on her right side with her back toward him, and he stopped pressing only when his body was in contact with hers from hid chest to his knees. They were lying on their side like two spoons, one fitting perfectly into the other. When he realized that she didn't protest, he pushed his left arms over her hip and let it rest there. He felt extremely bawdy, his cock was constantly jerking without his willing it, he was sure that she could feel it twitching and bumping continuously against her bum that was firmly pressed against it.

Then without his really being aware of it, his hand began to move against her hip. Over her gown he moved his opened hand in a circular fashion and he could feel the flare of her hip as well as the swell of her bottom cheek. The more his hand moved, the more his passion increased, soon his hand was making greater circles that included in theirs trajectories the edge of her right thigh and the crack of her bottom. But this new exploration by hand was making his erection jerk even more and he began shoving harder and harder his lower body against her bottom. He could even feel his cock trying to enter the crack of her bottom cheeks. If it hadn't been for her gown, he knew that he would have succeeded.

He had noticed just before climbing in bed, that his Aunt's gown, although not short was neither very long. It went just below her knees and when she had been walking to open the door for him, he had been able to see both of her knees as she stretched herself to close the door behind him. Could he pull on the gown, he told himself, so as to lift it until it could expose her bottom.

He had no doubt whatsoever by now, that she was aware of his intention and far from making him stop, he could even detect the pressure she was applying against his cock as she pressed her bottom even harder against him.

As his exploring left hand made a pass against her upper left thigh, he garbed a handful of gown material and he began pulling on it steadily as his hand went higher up. For a second he thought that her body had jerked, but she didn't protest and soon the cumbersome garment was out of his way.

But he was in for a surprise when he placed a tentative hand on her bottom, she was wearing panties. He could feel their silkiness as his hand moved over them.

He was disappointed, but even then it was a great improvement, since her undergarment were molding her bum much more than the gown had.

He began caressing her bottom and soon his fingers discovered the deep channel between her cheeks. Her panties went deep in this valley and he was able to shove his whole hand halfway in her crack. It felt hot and he could feel her body trembling as he tried to move his fingers, her bottom cheeks were exerting much pressure against his fingers and even on his hand, this gave him an idea.

How nice it would be if he was to shove his cock in this warm and tight depression?

The idea began to excite him and he brought his exploring hand on the front opening of his pajamas, then in a matter of seconds he had his steel-hard prick in his hand. After aiming the tip at the base of her bottom cheeks and between her thighs, he began pushing. What a heavenly feeling, it felt as though his prick had been seized in a soft and warm clamp and the more he pushed the tighter it felt.

In this most exquisite manner he began to fuck her as he let his left hand roam over her breasts and finally cupping one as if his hand had been deciding which one to choose. As he kept shoving, his hand proceeded to squeeze and kneaded the voluminous breast it had chosen, gradually he began to feel her answering his pushes by shoves of her own as she began to meet him each time he plunged his cock as far as he could at the base of her panties covered crack.

All of a sudden, without much warning, he felt the explosion as squirts after squirts of cum was expelled with great pressure from his daring cock. The pleasure he experienced was almost too much to endure. After the erotic storm was over he felt tire and soon he was asleep with his half-hard cock still lodged between his Aunt thighs.


She didn't dared to take any chance as she undress in her room, usually before putting on her gown she would remove her panties, it was easier when her husband made love to her. But now with Ricky in bed with them she didn't trust herself, especially after last night.

She could see the way he was looking at her when she opened the door of her room for him. He had love and passion written all over his face and this far from disturbing her did actually pleased her and she felt a sensation of power and pride. She thought that it was a great compliment that he was paying her, even if he wasn't aware of doing so. After all, for a mere boy to fall in love with her was more than many woman of twenty-five could brag about.

By the time they were all in her bed, she turned herself on her right side and noticed that her husband was already in a deep sleep.

Then before she had time to think of anything, she felt Ricky's body making contact with her. He was pressing himself against her starting from her upper back and she could also feel him against her bum. Even his thighs were in contact with her own and against the back of her knees she could feel his knees there. He remained with his body pressed tightly against hers for a while, at one point she almost tried to force him to move away, but she didn't want to cause him any chagrin, beside she felt very cozy with him so close to her, then soon she detected the bulge of his cock pushing against her bottom. It felt huge, could it be possible for a boy of thirteen to have such a penis? She had often experienced her husband's erection pushing exactly as Ricky was now, but it never felt so big.

While she was trying to compare the size of their cocks in her mind, she suddenly felt his hand on her hips and at the same time she could detect an increase in the twitching and bumping of his erection against her bottom. With all of her attention being focused on the humping of his cock agaianst her bottm, she did not feel immediately his hand beginning to explore her left hip and bottom cheek. When she did realized where his had was she did not dare to make him stop. What wrong was there in letting him feel her a little, beside her husband nowadays never touched her like that.

His hand was now roaming and rubbing even further and with more insistence, then she felt his fingers in the crack of her bottom, it moved on her thigh and in between again. His hand was making her feel very good as his shoving and grinding kept going on at an ever increasing rate. After a while he began to pull on the hem of her gown. Higher and higher she felt herself being exposed until her whole lower body was now covered by her panties only.

Barely a few seconds later, his hand was on her naked thigh, from there it gradually moved over her half-exposed bottom and then between her bottom cheeks. She could tell that he was trying to push his erection between her thighs at the base of the crack of her bottom, for a few seconds she felt his hand and fingers there as he tried to aim his cock in the right spot.

She was even tempted to help him with her own hand for a while since she could tell that he was having trouble finding the right place. It would have allowed her at the same time to judge how big his cock was, but she changed her mind when she felt the stiff rod finally digging deep within the panties covered crack right at the base of her bottom cheeks.

It had to be extremely long and thick she told herself, it felt as though he had shoved his whole wrist there, further more she could tell that its tip was reaching as far the front of her cunt on the other side.

She was paying so much attention to what was going on between her thighs that before she realized it, she felt her breasts being mauled and pinched. Far from being painful it felt fantastic as his hand went everywhere as though it couldn't make up its mind, finally it came to rest over her left breast, after cupping and lifting it a few times it closed on it as if it was trying to crush it.

But all of a sudden she could tell that something was about to happen. His shoving became long and deep. She now had both hands at the front of her panties and she was touching and rubbing the huge head of his cock each time it would appear in front. Then his breathing became fast and shallow. All of a sudden, even if she was half expecting it, she felt her hands being flooded by a thick slippery paste. Naturally she knew exactly what it was, but what did surprised her was the enormous quantity of semen that kept on jetting over her hands. Each and every time that her husband would come, either in her mouth or on her teats, he would eject only a small fraction of what she had on her hands now. But even as she was having these thoughts, still more spunk was jetting out of the monstrous tip which she had now covered with the palm of both hands.

At last the eruption stopped and she felt his cock as if it was deflating, it kept on shrinking until the tip retracted deeper to finally disappears completely between her thighs. But the proof of its deed was still there on her hands which were now completely coated with semen. As soon as she thought of the word "semen", it began to ring a bell in her mind.

Semen was what made a woman pregnant. She wanted dearly to be with a child, but her husband's semen wasn't abundant and healthy enough for it.

Here she was with her hand covered with healthy semen, she knew that there was enough on her hands to impregnate half a dozen women and she was wasting it by letting it drip away.

What she did after that, was done without thinking, there on her hands was the remedy that could make a baby grow in her belly and she was letting it go to waste as it dripped away.

With one hand she suddenly pulled aside the elastic band of her panties at the waist, then with a quick and determined movement, she shoved her other hand coated as it was with the still fresh spunk, and she proceeded to rub it all over and between her cunt's lips. As soon as she had done this, she brought the other hand and did the same thing with it. When she was done with smearing cum and wiping her hands, she then shoved a couple of fingers deep within her cunt and she tried to force as much of it deep inside her vagina.


He had had a good night sleep and he only noticed Ricky in the bed when his wife called him from the kitchen to tell him that his breakfast was on the table.

Both his wife and Ricky were not talking very much as they ate breakfast. This was new since Danielle usually always had a lot to say.

She hadn't even reminded him to bring Ricky's bed from the attic.

But even if she had, it would have to wait since he had to be in Walltown - a town that was just over a hundred miles away - to turn over and explain the changes he had done on the plan for the new town hall to be built there. Since Walltown was a good place to shop, and neither Danielle or Ricky had anything special planed for that day, he asked them if they wanted to come along.

They both agreed, but still he was a little surprised by his wife's lack of enthusiasm.


He spent most of the day with his Aunt visiting two difference malls.

He was able to buy a few science fiction books and while she went in one store after another - clothing store mostly- he would sit and wait for her outside. He didn't mind of course, he would have done anything for her, through the large windows and opened doors, he watched her move around in the store and he kept reliving in his mind the events of the previous night. Of course he realized that she was fully aware of the things he had done to her and he was relieved that she hadn't said a word about it to her husband. This fact made Ricky feel very good. If she told her husband, apart from being very angry at both of them, he would have insisted that he no longer sleep in the bed with them. Her silence about the events of the previous night left the door open to more of the same. Beside he could tell that she had also enjoyed the things he had done to her.

He knew now that if he was careful, and didn't go too fast with his taking liberties with her body, she was probably going to let him fuck her. He already knew what fucking was of course, at school in his Physical Education classes Mr. Harden had explain everything to the whole class with the help of films and pictures.

Fucking was the meant to produce a baby and it was very pleasurable even more than masturbating, but in the case of his Aunt there were no danger of it since he had heard her say to his father that her doctor had said that there seemed to be a problem with her and she couldn't conceive. Yes he was going to try to fuck her.


When she got out of bed in early morning both Ricky and her husband were sleeping.

In the washroom after removing her panties, she examined her cunt.

It was covered with dry crusty scales just like it sometimes happened when her husband used to fuck her twice in a row, except now there were much more than she had ever seen at one time.

She didn't feel sorry for what she had done with Ricky's semen; she only hoped that it had been enough to make her a baby.

Even though nothing had ever been discussed between her and Ricky, it was almost as if an understanding had been concluded.

Whenever they were along in the house nothing was ever mention about what had gone on between them in bed. It was as though nothing had ever happen and she was thankful for his being so discrete since she didn't know if she would have been able to discuss the matter with him.

As she went from one store to another, she watched Ricky patiently waiting for her in the wide hall of the mall. She could tell that whenever she was not looking at him, he was watching her and she knew also that he was falling in love with her. But far from discouraging her, she felt flattered that a boy so young would even be interested in her. Beside she did like him a lot and he was more of a man than her husband had ever been.

While examining him as she pretended to be looking at a blouse she made up her mind that if he ever tried to put his erection within her she was going to let him do it. What better way was there for her to become pregnant. As for her husband, she did love him and she knew that he also loved her, but she could also tell that the spark of love in their marriage was weakening, her becoming pregnant would be a good way to strengthen the bond between them.


While driving back to Oakville, he could tell that his wife was in a joyful mood. He told himself that she had probably found a dress she liked while shopping and thus feeling good about the purchase.

Ricky sitting in the back of the car, seemed also happy as he examined the two books he had bought. It was well over seven in the evening when they arrived at their house in Oakville and there was no question of him going into the attic to get Ricky's bed.

He told himself that having him spend one more night in their bed wasn't going to matter very much, beside he didn't even notice his presence while he was in bed with them, Danielle didn't seem to mind also therefore it could wait till the next day. But it then occurred to him that Ricky's presence in their bed was going to prevent him from performing his marital duties, in other word he felt a little horny and he wanted to fuck his wide that night.

No problem he told himself, I will wait until the boy fall asleep and then, while Danielle lay stretched on her side, I will fuck her in that position. It was his favorite position since it didn't demand too much physical effort from him and later when it was over, all he had to do was turn on the other side and go to sleep.


While they were watching television in the living room that evening, Ricky turned his head slightly and he began examining his Aunt. She was sitting on the couch near his Uncle and she didn't appeared particularly interested in the movie that they were watching, whereas his Uncle was completely absorbed by the detective story.

She was wearing a pair of jeans with a yellow blouse, and while she had her legs crossed at the knees she often glanced at her watch.

Then she saw him looking at her, and for a moment their eyes met and locked. It was as if a spark had jump back and forth form one to the other, there was a mutual - though invisible - acknowledge of what she had been thinking, and during the very short instant that they were looking at one another in the eyes, Ricky could tell that she was anxious to be in bed with him.


She had seen Ricky look in her direction more than once, and when she was caught staring at him, she couldn't move her eyes away and she knew that he was thinking about his being in bed with her very soon. At last the stupid movie ended and Peter proposed that they should retired for the night since it was getting late. No one objected of course, and while her husband went to the bathroom and Ricky got to his room to put on his pajamas, she got undress in her room and put on her gown. But as soon as the gown was on she remove her panties, she didn't want to wear them on that night since she knew that Ricky wouldn't want to be hampered by them. Once they were all cozy in bed and the light was off, she felt her husband hand on her breast stroking her as he usually did each time he wanted to initiate sex with her.

What should she do? Ricky had just cuddled closer to her and he was also stroking her thighs. Then her husband whispered in her ear to turn on her side so that her bum was toward him. She knew that it was better to do what he asked or he would climb on top of her while she was on her back, then Ricky would be in for a much greater surprise. She knew that Peter considered Ricky a mere boy who knew nothing about sex.

Therefore, she chose the less of the two evils and she positioned herself as her husband wanted.

In a matter of seconds she felt her husband's hand lifting her gown and then his stiff prick was pushing between her cunt's lips. But she was now facing Ricky who, she told herself, probably thought she had turned over so as to allow him to fondle her breasts. And as though to prove this, he immediately began to undo the buttons at the neck of her gown.

With her husband cock pumping in and out of her cunt while his right hand was resting on her hip and his left pinned between their bodies, she felt Ricky's hands - one inside her gown and the other outside-massaging her breasts. She then fully realized that there were two men or rather a man and a boy having sex with her at the same time, but this fact had an erotic effect on her and at the moment she felt extremely lewd.

She could tell that her husband was in for a long bout of fucking,- by the way he slowly pumped his prick into her hole - and the more this went on, the more her passions were being set ablaze.

Then, while she was having these thoughts, she felt Ricky's lips beginning to press on hers and soon her tongue was dancing with him as a new field of exploration was opened for both of them.

She was now lost in a fire of passions and her hands suddenly went to the front of his pajamas where she took his erection out. As expected it was huge, thicker as well as longer than what her husband was shoving into her cunt at that very moment.

The idea of cheating her husband even as he was fucking her was greatly exiting her now, the chances of being discovered was a small price to pay for the excitement and the new sensations that were being awaken within her.

Ricky was now shoving his prick in her hand at the front, while her husband was doing it in her cunt from behind, and beside this, there were also three hands fondling different parts of her body all at the same time. What more could a woman ask for, she thought as the irony of her situation began to sink in her mind.

Finally, after many minutes of being poked from the back as well as from the front, she began detecting signs that her husband was about to climax. For one thing his hand on her right hip started to close and open and also his breathing became faster and shorter.

Then it happened, she felt the convulsions of his cock and at the same time a couple of short jets of cum were injected half way inside her vagina.

Then it was over as far as his performance was concerned, without even bothering to say a single word to her, he turned over on his right side thus presenting his back to her, and he was asleep half a minute later.

She was still slowly stroking Ricky's cock and as she did this she couldn't help comparing it to what her husband had just fuck her with. These were the only two male organs that she had ever seen in her life, she came to the conclusion that either her husband's cock was much smaller than average or the one she was holding in her hands now was much longer as well as thicker than average. She couldn't tell which of these two alternative was the true, but all that she knew now was that she had to try Ricky's monster which she was now stroking.

She no longer cared if her husband was sleeping or not, she turned on her right side, thus facing the back of her husband and after pulling her gown high around her waist, she reach for her nephew's cock behind her and she aimed it between her slippery cunt's lips.

Once in position she knew that he wouldn't need any further help.

He got half way inside her hole, then he stopped gaining ground, it seemed as though he was having a second thought about what he was about to do. But being used to her husband smaller cock, she thought that he was all the way inside her hungry passage and for the moment she didn't find much difference from the stretching she had just finished experiencing from her husband's cock.

But when he resumed pushing she realized that he was not in all the way. Another two inches and she felt herself completely stuffed and stretched, but again she felt him pushing and still more of his monster of a cock got within her. By the time she felt his abdomen touching her bottom, she was about ready to tell him to stop.

Never before had she felt anything as big inside her, not only did she felt stretched to the limit, but she could tell that the tip of his cock was resting against her cervix.

Then he slowly began to move in and out of her, it felt kind of strange at first but after the first half dozen strokes she began experiencing ever increasing pleasure and suddenly she was in the grip of the ultimate of experience, her first climax ever.

Never had she imagined that the sexual act could be so fulfilling, so beautiful and so pleasant. Her husband, in all of his years of fucking with her, had never even gotten close to giving her half as much pleasure.

Her nephew was now shoving in and out at a faster rate and before he came within her she had time to climax again twice. Just before he came within her, she could actually feel his cock swelling even more. Then as if his organ had a life of its own, it began to throb against the walls of her vagina, seconds later she felt the strong, endless jets of his semen, inundating her grotto in such a way that she had never experienced before.

Ricky remained very still after the grand crisis and when she turned her head to check on him, he was sleeping while his cock was still stuffed inside her hole thus preventing the generous amount of his semen from spilling out. She knew that if she was ever meant to have a baby, it was certainly going to happen now.


The minute that the light was turned off, he turned on his side facing his Aunt.

He was anxious to see if she was going to let him play with her breasts as she had done the previous night. She was lying on her back and he slowly placed his hand on her thigh and he began stroking her. But all of a sudden she turned around so that she was facing him, he could tell that her husband was in the process of lifting her gown behind her. He was disappointed at first, but soon he felt the regular jolting of her body as his Uncle slowly fucked her from behind. This made him feel very funny inside.

Here he was in the same bed with his Aunt and Uncle while they were fucking. He knew exactly what fucking was, for the last year he had secretly try to overcome his shyness while he was in the presence of girls, he had been hopping to be able to talk to Sally Charles the daughter of his neighbor. She was about his age and he often saw her in her pool in the backyard of her house. At night he often masturbated while thinking of her as he tried to imagine what it would be like to fuck her.

Yes he knew what fucking was and he had been hoping to do exactly this to his Aunt this night. But now she was doing it, but not with him.

He could tell that she was getting some sort of pleasure from what his Uncle was doing to her, not much but some. Then he couldn't resist the temptation and he placed his hands on her bouncing breasts.

As he was stroking her shaking breasts he felt an urge to kiss her.

He had never kissed a girl yet but he was more than willing to try.

As soon as his lips were resting on her sensuous lips he felt her mouth parting open a little, he knew an invitation when he had one, so he plunged his tongue within. For long minutes they explored each others mouth, and during all that time, he could feel the regular and erotic shoving of her body while her husband was ramming his cock within her.

Then much to his surprise he felt a hand on the front of his pajamas, his Aunt's hand went in the opening, then he felt her warm and soft hand seizing his cock. As soon as she pulled the column of flesh out, the other hand joined the first and he could tell that she was exploring every portion of his now extremely hard prick. Her hands went to his balls a few times as she squeezed and lifted his bag and thus crushing the two eggs shape organs in the process. The pain was wonderfully delicious, it made him even lust more for her.

After a while she placed one hand around his vibrating bulge and the other around the base of his penis, as she held him thus he felt her hands giving his erection slow but also regular strokes along the length of his cock.

He couldn't prevent himself from helping her, his lower body as if having a mind of its own, began to push and pull thus making his cock rub even more in the tight grip of her hands. More than once he came very close to spilling his seeds in and over her moving hands. But he wanted to prolong his pleasure as long as possible and on these occasions he slowed his shoving and tried to think of unpleasant things so as to take his mind away from the heavenly pleasure she was giving him.

He then noticed that she was also shoving her bottom faster and harder against her husband and then all of a sudden, his Uncle turned around on the bed and settled on his side away from her.

His Aunt immediately began paying more attention to his cock, but after a while she turned the other way so that her bottom was against his cock. Before he had time to ask himself what was happening, he felt one of her hand reaching behind her as she grabbed his erection, she then placed the head of his cock between her slippery cunt's lips.

Ricky could tell that she wanted him to help her in what she was doing, he therefore slowly moved his lower body forward and he was soon lodged halfway within her.

Never before had he felt anything approaching what he was experiencing now. His cock felt as though it was clamp tight in the grip of a warm and slippery tunnel, it neither felt hard against his cock nor caused him any pain. On the contrary it was as though a continuous suction was applied on the tip while her vagina muscles were trying to milk the whole length of his shaft.

He had stop all movement when he felt himself lodged halfway within her vagina, but now his body was demanding more, he began to slowly push deeper and deeper until he felt himself completely wrapped by the grotto of her tunnel and the sheath of her lips.

He didn't need any further instructions for what he had to do next, his lower body began to pump and thus he embarked on his first voyage in the adventure of copulation.

Later, he couldn't say exactly how long he had kept on fucking his Aunt, but he did remember fucking her faster and faster after a while and then the sky fell in on him, he had the impression of having been struck by lightning as the storm of erotic pleasures seized his whole body as he passed out in a maelstrom of pleasure.


For the rest of his stay in Oakville, Ricky slept in his Aunt and Uncle bed, and each and every night after that memorial first fuck with her, he was allowed and sometimes urged to fuck her again.

Danielle for her part, after discovering the ecstasy or multiple orgasms after her first fuck with her nephew, became addicted to his huge cock and she was ready to make up for the lost time of her five years of marriage to her husband.

On a couple of occasions, while her husband was away she and Ricky spent many hours in bed together and during those occasion they fucked in all of the possible positions that they could not use while her husband was in bed with them.

She did indeed get pregnant with Ricky's baby, and from then on she always made sure that every time that Ricky was on vacation he would stay in Oakville with them so that they could work on their second baby.

As for Peter, he was the happiest father in Oakville when his wife gave birth to a baby girl. He figured that the doctor had made a mistake in evaluating his capacity to impregnate his wife and he was looking forward to prove the doctor wrong again.

(All is well that end well)

The End

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