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First Time Party, Page 3

By Leslie Schmidt

Traffic was considerably heavier on I-15 and Joe realized that the naked preteen might be noticed in the front seat now. "Honey, you'd better climb back here," he said.

Sara dove head first over the front seat, then sat in the back. "Guess we kind of used up these guys," she said, looking at Ming.

Ming smiled, "Guess so," she said.

"I need to pee," Sara said as Joe turned around and sat down, facing her. "Can we find a bathroom?"

"Can you pull off?" Joe said to Carlos.

"Yes sir."

He adjusted the seat and steering wheel again, then steered with his knees while he did his pant up. Meanwhile, in back the girls started gathering their discarded outfits.

"Just put on your bathing suits and shoes-girls are so sexy dressed that way.

Sara picked up Ming's bikini bottoms. "Want to trade?"

"Sure," Ming shrugged.

Sara pulled the black bottoms on, they were too small for her and cut tightly into her hips and around her legs. Still, they conformed perfectly to her flesh, showing the shape of her vulva and her slit and pulling into her ass crack. She picked up her own hot pink top, just two triangles of fabric strung together with strings.

Ming pulled on Sara's almost-thong bottoms. They were too big and hung loosely on her with gaps around her legs. The openings gave glimpses of her soft pussy flesh. Then the girls pulled on their own high-heeled sandals and worked the laces in criss-crosses up their calves to tie them just below the knees.

Carlos exited the freeway and turned left, under it, then pulled into an AM/PM market. Still a bit disheveled, he jumped out, then opened the door for the girls.

"Here," Joe said, pulling out his wallet, "get yourselves a snack if you want." He handed Sara a $10. He looked across the parking lot where a van with "Hemmit Valley True Bible Church" was parked. Standing around it was a group of kids, some teens, some younger. The boys were in dark slacks, white button down shirts and ties. The girls all had on white blouses and ankle length skirts. Some of them watched the two sexy bikini clad girls walk across the lot to the store.

There was a line at the bathrooms and the girl's looked really out of place in line with the super conservatively dressed church group. Ming and Sara made small talk about the upcoming school year.

"Where are you from?" one of the girl's asked Sara.

"Anaheim," she answered, noticing the nasty expression on the face of the older girl in line behind her.

"We're on our way to a revival in LA."

"Cool," Sara said. "We're going to a pool party in the mountains."

The door opened and a girl came out, she gave Ming a once over, then went "Humph" and walked off. The next girl went in and closed the door. The lock snapped.

Ming was dancing when they finely got into the bathroom. Even though it was a one-holer, they both went in. Ming was already pulling her bottoms down before Sara got the door latched. As she peed, Sara looked at herself in the mirror. Ming pulled off some toilet paper and wiped herself. She looked down at the wad.

"I'm really goopy," she said.

"Here." Sara took a sheet of paper towel and wetted it, then handed it to her friend. "Yeah, Joe really shoots a lot."

"I liked that, he felt really good. And, I really liked the way he rubbed me when we were doing it, Daddy doesn't do that."

"Charlie is really good too," Sara said.

"Do you think Daddy would let me do a movie with Charlie?" Ming asked as she pulled the thong up and flushed.

"I don't know, just ask."

"He might get mad," Ming said as Sara worked her bottoms down and then sat.

"It can't hurt to ask."

While they waited in line to pay one of the boys was obviously checking the girls out. It embarrassed Ming but made Sara smile.

As soon as the car pulled out of the parking lot Sara called out, "Are we there yet?"

"Pretty close," Carlos said over his shoulder.

"OK," Joe said, "I guess that, when we first get there, you girls just hang out-most of the guests will be arriving soon. After a while, I'll tell you what I want you to do. After that, well, we'll just see how things go. Don't be surprised if things get kind of wild-it's that sort of a crowd-but remember that I'll be watching and if you begin to feel uncomfortable I'll come and get you, OK?"

"OK," the girls said in unison.

"And be careful how much you drink, you don't want to get sick. Also, there'll be more than booze there, I'll be keeping an eye on you and, if I say not to try something, please don't."

"Do you mean drugs," Ming said, her eyes big.

"Pot, maybe some coke-but don't take any pills."

"Mommy told me that sometimes guys put knock-out pills in your drink," Sara said.

"That won't happen here," Joe said. "Not with this group."

Carlos slowed the limo and exited the freeway, then, after a few businesses, they started up a twisty road into the mountains. The girls looked out the windows at the views of Temecula and the valley before they made their way around the side and could see into a long canyon.

"Wow, quite a view," Sara said.

Almost immediately they turned onto a steep driveway to climb to a house near the summit. The house was very modern with large windows and slanting but flat roof. There were a number of cars parked around, three Mercedes, a Bentley, and at least two Rolls.

"Come on, girls," Charlie said after Carlos opened the door.

He led them up some stairs that worked their way around the side of the house. Both girls stopped when they saw the view. The grass and a few trees made it look like they were on the edge of a cliff looking over the canyon-the bottom was 1200 feet below. Looking down the canyon the Pacific Ocean could barely be seen in the haze. At the other end of the yard was the pool. It seemed to end at the cliff edge too, an 'infinite pool' ending in the sky.

There were a few people standing around, a couple of women, topless, were lounging in the water. There were tables with snacks and, near the house, a bar with a tuxedoed tender. Joe led the girls to the bar.

"Do you want anything?" he asked.

"Can I have a Coke?" Ming asked.

"I'd like red wine," Sara said.

"Go look around the place," Joe said after the girls had their drinks. "Oh, wait! There's the host, let me introduce you."

A man had just come out of the house, dressed in khaki pants and a sports jacket. He looked familiar to Sara, she thought she'd seen him on TV.

"Girls, this is Representative Dunter," Joe said.

"Hi girls," he said, looking the two preteens. "I loved your movie."

Both girls smiled with some embarrassment, Ming blushed some.

"Well," he continued after a pause, "I hope to see a lot more of you later."

For the next two hours the girls explored the house and played video games. Once they accidently walked in on two men-one was standing against the wall with his pants undone while the other sucked his cock. The closed the door real quick.

They were just getting bored when Joe found them---

The two girls walked out onto the patio. A lot more people had arrived. The two topless women, wearing only bikini bottoms, were carrying trays of drinks. There were some people in the pool, batting a ball around, the music was loud.

Sara led Ming across the grass to a palm tree. Then Ming stood up against the tree and the two hugged. They started to kiss, their tongues exploring each other. As they kissed, Sara brought her hand up and started massaging Ming's chest through her top.

A few of the people stopped what they were doing and started watching the girls.

Ming was beginning to breathe harder as they kissed. Then Sara moved her hand down, under Ming's (Sara's) thong bottoms.

Ming pulled her breath in when Sara pushed her finger up inside her friend's vagina. She bent her knees, spreading her legs a bit to help Sara. She put her hand on the back of Sara's head, holding in their kiss.

The place was quiet now as everyone watched the preteen-lesbian sex show. Sara used her free hand to untie one of the strings on Ming's thong and it fell to her knees. Ming reached behind herself and undid the knot at the back of her neck, then the clasp between her shoulders. The top fell free between them onto Sara's hand. She pulled it free and dropped it.

The two girls kissed more deeply as Sara continued stroking and fingering Ming's hairless pussy. Ming was rocking to Sara's strokes as she became flushed. Then the third grader gasped as she came, Sara jamming two fingers deep up into her cunt. Sara held her as she shivered and moaned-very with her lover.

She relaxed, lowering her head on Sara's shoulder, breathing hard. Then she started to laugh and the two broke apart, giggling.

As instructed, Ming stayed naked for the next while and the party resumed. Both girls were talked to by a number of the other guests, but it was still the kind of things adults talk to kids about, except for one Hispanic man, maybe 25, who introduced himself as Alex.

He talked to them for several minutes, not treating them like kids but like adults. He didn't ask them anything about school, or their families, instead they talked about TV, the beach, Disney Land. He told them about Disney World in Florida and swimming in the Florida Keys. He said he had grown up in Miami but had spent a lot of time in Columbia and Panama. When he got them drinks he didn't even pause when Sara asked for a Tequila Sunrise and, after Sara had dared her, Ming took some rum with her Coke.

They went into the game room and were just getting into a game of Resident Evil when someone came in. "Alex," he said. "The Congressman'd like to see you upstairs."

"Oh, OK." He looked at the girls. "Sorry ladies but this is a kind of important meeting. I'll be a while so I guess we can hook up later."

"OK," Sara said.

"Love your outfit," he said to Ming. "Hope to see you in it later." He winked.

Ming blushed as he got up and left the room.

After another half an hour, just as the girls were getting bored, Joe came in. "Girl's why don't you go for a swim?"

This time, Ming led Sara outside and to the pool. They walked down the stairs into the water together, holding hands, then, as they moved to deeper water, they swam to the other end. There, holding onto the side, they kissed-just a small tap on the lips. Then Sara turned around, putting her arms out behind her to hold onto the side, and Ming faced her-pressing Sara's back against the edge while Ming held onto the lip over Sara's shoulders.

Now their kiss was intense. The lights were on, so their movements under water could be seen. Ming brought her knee up into Sara's crotch. As they kissed, with Ming helping some to support Sara, Sara untied the knot that joined the two triangles of hot pink fabric covering her chest and opened the suit. The girl's giggled some as they, together, worked it off, but Ming lost her hold and they both slipped under water. They came up, the top was sinking to the bottom.

Joe was standing off to the side, not at the edge of the pool but close enough to watch the girls. He smiled to himself as he saw Ming start to pull at Sara's bottoms. They were tight, and did not come off easily and the girls giggled some more as they worked together, each using one hand, to get them free. Through the small wavelets, Joe watched as they worked them over Sara's hips, then she had to reach behind herself and get them off her ass. Finally, when they were around Sara's knees she was able to work them down with her legs and, finally, just as Ming pressed her hand into Sara's crotch, they came free of her feet.

The two preteens made out as Ming caressed Sara's sex but, after just a couple of minutes Sara whispered to Ming and they broke their embrace. Together, they swam to the shallow end.

They were not alone in the pool; there were three others, two women and Alex. One of the women, maybe forty, was already naked as was Alex. She did show some mid-life spread but would not be called fat. Her large tits were floating in front of her as she stood in medium depth water. She was talking to a younger black woman (wearing a sleek one-piece) and Alex.

"I've got to tell you," the older woman said as the two preteens swam by, "I'm not sure I approve of the entertainment our host arranged for tonight."

"Oh get off it, Lydia," the younger woman responded. "They look like they're enjoying each other-there's no harm done."

"Yeah, I guess, but where do you think he found them? Where are their parents?"

"You know Joe Anderson?" Alex broke in. "He runs a kiddy porn site and has made some really big campaign contributions for protection."

"Really?" she said. "I thought he made commercials."

"That too," he said.

When the naked girls reached shallower water, they found their feet and walked, holding hands, toward the end, like two mermaids, Lorelei and Thalassa, rising from the waters. When they reached the edge, Sara pulled herself up on the side and sat down, her legs in the water. She bent down and the girls wrapped their arms around each other in a deep kiss. Then Ming pulled away, moving down, and kissed Sara's throat, then her shoulder, then her right nipple.

Sara rocked her head back, looking up at the night sky as she held her lover's mouth to her chest, feeling her nipples stiffen and become more sensitive to Ming's lips. Ming pushed her tongue out through her closed lips and ran the tip in a circle around the firm point of Sara's nipple. The audience watched as the eight year old pulled in her breath, then blew it out with a low whispering sound.

Watching, Alex's cock had grown. Being in the water, it was had been floating out from him anyway, now it was hard and crying for attention. The two women he was with were also watching the girls and the older one, Lydia, had at first been shocked and offended by the sight of the two grade-schoolers. But then, remembering her own experiences with her tennis coach when she was only a couple of years older, her feelings had changed. Now she was feeling glad that the two girls were so close, obviously had such strong feelings for each other, and that they could share themselves so innocently.

Ming had slowly slid deeper into the water and, when she covered Sara's sex with her mouth, there was a flutter among the guests. Sara leaned on her hands behind her and arched her back, spreading her leg wider as she felt her friends tongue probe her slit.

Alex was stroking his cock, not thinking that he was masturbating in front of anyone who cared to watch. He thought about sitting with the two girls, one naked, the other almost, and how they had talked and played video games. He remembered Ming's inviting smile when she had caught him looking at her sex while she sat cross-legged on the floor.

Without thinking he walked over behind her. Sara's eyes were closed as waves of pleasure passed over her. She had lay back onto the concrete, her knees up out of the water, as she humped into Ming.

Ming felt someone behind her and, when she lifted up and looked over her shoulder, she was surprised, and pleased, to see Alex. She smiled at him, an inviting smile, then turned back to Sara. Still, she jumped in surprise when she felt Alex's cock brush between her legs. Again she smiled back at him, this time flaring her hips back.

Alex was in a haze as he ran his cock along the girl's sex, then he gasped when he felt her hand, pressing him against her. He pushed forward and didn't even realize that his cock had slipped into the girl. When he pushed again and felt her move with him, his dick at the top of her vagina, he groaned with the realization that he was fucking an eight year old.

Ming lifted her mouth off Sara's sex and moaned. In the back of her mind she was aghast at the idea that she was having sex with a stranger. But still, the feelings, of her friend and lover, and being filled by the strange man, were overwhelming. She went back down on Sara with new energy, pushing her tongue deep inside her friend as she, herself, felt her own climax building.

Sara looked down at the two and had to smile-boy, shy little Ming was surely getting fucked now. She held Ming's face and watched as she was overcome by an orgasm, her eyes clenched shut, mouth open, a look that might be pain but was really ecstasy on her face.

The spectators standing around the pool were mostly amused to see Alex throw his head back and shudder as he pumped sperm into the little girl. Wisps of white strings floated off in the water between him and the little girl.

The three of them all relaxed, Ming pillowing her head on Sara's belly as Alex slipped back and his cock floated free of the child. More white strings and blobs of sperm floated away from the little girl.

"Damn, quite a show," Lydia said to her younger friend. "It'll take him a while to recover from that."

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