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By Leslie Schmidt

Joan was absolutely beside herself with conflicting feelings. First, she was watching her child, her baby girl, being grossly violated, penetrated by a stranger. Her sex was being breached by a man at least four times her age, a man who should have no interest in children. Then, she knew that she was responsible for this outrage. She had sought out this place, these people with the full understanding of what they would do to her child. She had talked, coerced, her little girl into allowing this to be. But then, she could see, she could appreciate that the child was actually beginning to enjoy this assault. She had no idea how she was being used, to her it felt good, and that was all she considered now. She didn't understand that in a few days, maybe a few hours, hundreds of sweaty old men would be taking pleasure in watching this outrage. She would be raped hundreds, thousands of times in the minds of strangers as they sat at their computer screens and masturbated, their cocks in their grubby hands, imagining that they were the man in the video, envying him, wishing to have the eight year old. Soon, to the the sight of her little girl being molested and raped, they be desperately stroking themselves with sweaty hands until their slimy spunk dribbled out of their pathetic cocks. Then they'd grunt, and lean back, letting their cum stain the carpets under their chairs.

The movies would be saved on hundreds of hard drives, a virtual rape to be watched over and over again. Should she by chance meet one of these perverts on the street or at the mall they'd only see her as if they had personally fucked her. Worse, they may try to take her themselves.

And then, worst of all, Joan was herself taking pleasure in watching her little girl being molested. The sight of her pleasure, of the care and skill of her would-be lover, was itself making her want to be in her daughter's place, feeling his hands on her body, his gaze against her skin, his fingers probing her most private places.

Her nipples were hard bumps in her brazier, they tingled and snapped every time she moved. She could feel herself getting wetter down below, if she moved her legs she could feel her lips sliding against each other, stimulating her clitoris. She held her knees tightly together and tried not to move but couldn't control her desire to swivel her hips, move her thighs against each other. She was sweating, her sides were damp and she could feel the moisture drying on the back of her neck where the air conditioning gently blew on her.

Charlie was watching closely for signs of Sara's growing ardor. She was becoming shiny with perspiration, her skin was becoming flushed around her throat and chest. She was breathing deeply, in time to his moving his finger inside her tiny vagina. She had her eyes closed, mouth open for her breaths. The roots of her hair across her forehead were damp, a few tendrils stuck to her cheek. As he watched, she began to hump to met his pushes, lifting her legs slightly, this time not to protect but to facilitate him by spreading her legs wider. Her thigh pushed up against his hard cock.

He waited for just the right moment, just when she took short breaths, then caught her breathing with a small vocalization. Just as she humped to meet his hand he pushed his finger deeper, beyond the second knuckle and felt her preteen pussy shiver as she came. She rocked her hips twice more, each time grunting quietly, before she froze, hips forward, head thrown back, overcome by the small explosion in her abdomen.

Everyone smiled at the sight of the eight year old having an orgasm, even her mother who was too caught up in watching the third grader's pleasure to pay attention to her other feelings. Joe knew he had an awesome film, even if things stopped here. Sally felt good for the child, knowing the feelings she was experiencing. And, of course, Charlie felt a bit of elationit was always a big challenge to get a little girl, totally innocent of sex, to let go. He also knew, from her reactions, how quickly she had come, that in a few minutes he'd fully consummate the act.

Sara relaxed, her legs again on the bed, breathing deep, easy breaths. She opened her eyes and looked at Charlie when he pulled his finger out of her.

See honey, that was pretty nice, huh? he said.

Sara looked around with wide eyes, as if she was seeing the people around her, the room, and the lights for the first time.

Charlie sat up, still turned toward the girl. With the break in the action, she also sat up. Then she put her hands between her legs and pulled up on her crotch and hunched over, peering down at her pussy, trying to see what had caused her to have such an experience.

Charlie slid off the bed onto his knees. He put his hand on hers. Here, honey, do you want to do that again?

Sara looked up at him from trying to inspect her sex. Then she straightened up a bit and gave a little bit of a smile. I guess so...

Ok, lay back down. But, this time, I'm going to do a bit more that I know you'll love.

Sara sank back onto her elbows, looking down at the man as he used the fingers of his left hand to spread her pussy lips and then pushed his pointer finger of his right back inside her. Joe filmed an extreme close up of the action as Charlie went back to finger-fucking the child. He then started rubbing her clit with his free hand.

Sara let her head fall back, looking up, then lay back down. This was even better than before. The feelings built very quickly. She raised her right knee into the air (Charlie was leaning on her left) and started swaying as she again started to breath harder. She built very quickly, what before had taken ten minutes now took only two before she was approaching the edge of her climax. As Charlie watched, he judge when she was just about to let go and then leaned forward and ran his tongue over the girl's clit.

Sara looked down, her eyes wide with shock as an explosion went off inside her. Uuaaaggghhh! she moaned. She sat up and pushed Charlie away, pulling her knees together and wrapping her arms around her stomach.


She kicked her legs and fell forward, keeping from falling off the bed when her feet hit the floor.

All right! Joe muttered from behind the camera.

Charlie laughed, Pretty wild, huh?

Joan had her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide.

What did you do? the girl asked as she tried to regain her breath.

Just a little mustache ride, he said (even though he was clean shaven). You just lay back again but this time don't curl up, you'll have the ride of your life.

Sara leaned back and Charlie pushed her knees apart. She again went back on her elbows. This time, Charlie spread her legs wide, outside his arms and leaned down.

Sara pulled in her breath when she felt his tongue on her sex. It insinuated it's way between her lips and started stroking her clit. Her mouth was open as she tried to keep her breath and watch Charlie go down on her. Charlie sort of shrugged and pulled one of her knees up over his shoulder, her calf was now down across his back. As he lifted up more, Sara was forced to lay down. She stared at the lights overhead as her anxiety gave way to the growing waves of pleasure.

Charlie just lapped at the little girl cunt, pushing his tongue hard along her slit and as much as he could inside her vagina. Looking up along the flesh plain of the little girls body, her flat belly and chest, her nipples just sharp points, he watched her eyes lose focus and her body start to roll.

By this time, Joan had given up. The sight of her eight year old daughter cumming twice and submitting totally to the sexual control of a strangerher obvious ecstasy at thishad made her lose control. She tried to keep her knees together but still had slipped her hand between her legs and was moving it against her cunt.

Sara started mewing, small vocalizations, as she humped her pussy into his face, working with him toward a crashing climax. Suddenly she lost all control. Her body seemed possessed as she writhed, her orgasms passing up her frame as visible waves. She groaned and shook as she was gripped by multiple climaxes, her hands crushing and pulling at the covers, her head arched back, lifting her shoulders off the bed.

Charlie covered her entire sex with his mouth, sucking the vulva, lashing at her slit, clitoris, and vagina with his tongue. Continuing the child's frenzy until she collapsed, pushing his face away, her breath coming in gasps.

He pulled back, lowering her legs so her feet were back on the floor, kneeling on his heels between her knees. Her pussy was shiny wet with his saliva, the lubricant, and her own vaginal emissions. She panted, looking down at him, her eyes dark.

Charlie, Joe said, I think it's time.

Oh yeah, he responded. Then he stood up.

Sara, he said, looking at her, it's time.

She came too and looked at him, an expression of fear passed over her face as Charlie undid the snap and zipper of his shorts. He pushed them down, taking his briefs with them, and bent down, slipping his last clothing off his feet.

When he stood back up, Sara's eyes flared, her face took on shock, at the sight of his cock, sticking out straight from his closely trimmed pubes.

Like the rest of him, Charlie's dick was not big, it was 'compact', and at six inches, proportional to his body. It wasn't thick either, again, proportional. The head strained, a bluish-pink bulb at the end of a darker skinned staff. Blue and red veins ran up the sides, some pulsing with his heart.

Joe moved around to his side, getting a good close up of his cock, then zooming back to show him standing over the child, she gawking at his manhood. Sally lowered her camera long enough to give Charlie the small tube.

Joan smiled at the sight of his dick. Maybe it was a bit small but there was no question that it would be expertly operated. She had had her own small orgasm as she watched her child cum, now she imagined what it would feel like to have him inside her.

Charlie lowered to his knees, the bed was at just the right height, and Sara watched in wonder as he put a dab of the goo on his dick head and spread it around. He then shuffled forward on his knees and directed his cock against the little girl's hairless virgin cunt. As he started to push, spreading the clean lips, Sara tried to pull away, her eyes wide with fear.

Charlie grabbed her hips and held her, then moved his hands down to her thighs, squeezing them, holding them as he slowly moved his hips forward.

Ohhhh.....nooooo..... Sara whined, again grabbing handfuls of the covers.

His cock head spread and stretched her little girl slit as it pushed inside.

Sara suddenly jumped. Owwwwwweeeee...... she cried as his cock sank into the girl.

Joan gasped as she watched her baby girl's virginity ripped away. Tears ran down Sara's temples.

Half of Charlie's dick disappeared up inside the girl. When he pulled back there was a stain of red along the top of his cock. He pushed back into the tiny cunt, holding the child to keep her from pulling away.

He stayed deep inside her, holding still, for a while, then started slow movements back and forth. At first, his cock remained, unmoving inside her as they both moved just a fraction of an inch. But then, slowly, he started moving inside her, pulling back slightly, then pushing in. Each time, he moved a little more as the pain of her ruptured hymen passed and was replaced by a growing desire. Now she was no longer crying, the sensual feelings took over. Soon she began to push her hips up to meet his, her breathing became deeper as she looked up at him with dark eyes.

Charlie knew he had wonit was only a matter of a minute or two before another preteen little girl would be gripped by her first true climax. This girl was exceptional, she responded with a fury he had rarely seen beforea truly hot little cum slut that he knew he'd be fucking over and over again. Watching her below him, slick with sweat, her hairless little pussy stretched and bloody around his cock, made him build quickly. Still, there was no reason for him to hold back, the girl was about to go over the edge, his balls were ready to empty.

Again she caught her breath and shivered. Charlie felt her tight pussy squeeze him and he just let go. After two more thrusts he began blowing his sperm inside the eight year old. White goo oozed out of her cunt, around his cock, taking strings of blood with it. He shoved into her as she grunted, sweat ran down his back, as he emptied his nuts inside her.

The two calmed, sinking down and panting. Again Sara moved to try to get away but Charlie held her, his cock still deep inside her.

How was that, girl, he asked, panting.

Sara looked over at her mother, her eyes filling with tears. She held out her arms.

Ohhh Mommmmyyyy.... she cried.

Joe kept filming and Charlie pulled back, sliding out of her. As her mother jumped up and crossed to her, taking her child in her arms, Joe zoomed in for a close-up as cum and blood ran out of the little girl's destroyed cunt and ran down her ass cheek. Sara buried her face in her mother's chest and sobbed.

Charlie stood up, cum and blood dripping off the end of his cock. He looked up at Joe. Pretty good, huh?

Awesome, Joe said as he finished up with a shot of Charlie's bloodied cock.

Sally came up to them. So, how many does that make?

Oh, maybe eighty or so, Charlie said.

Fifty-six movies, Joe said.

Sally went over to where Joan was still hugging her little girl. You can put her in the bathtub.

Joan looked up and nodded, Thank you.

As she helped Sara up off the bed Charlie took her hand. You OK dear?

The child looked up at him and nodded, Yes. Then she looked down at his cock, still glistening with cum and pussy juices but also stained with her blood. She turned away, burying her face in her mother's hip.

The next time won't hurt at all, he said.

She nodded and sniffled, then went with her mom into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, while Sara sat in a warm bath, Joe came in.

You did wonderfully dear, he said to the girl.

I'm sure this will be one of our most popular films, he said to Joan. He handed her a card. I'm having a party at my place next Saturday. A lot of the girls who've made movies will be there. They'll be some filmingan opportunity to make some more money.

Joan took the card, it had an address and time on it. Oh, OK. We'll see.

Buy her the sexist bathing suit you can find, he said. Even though she won't wear it for long. He chuckled. Sara, it'll be a great time.

She looked up, OK.

He looked at Joan, Come into my office when you're done, I'll pay you.

Half an hour later, as she pulled onto the Costa Masa Freeway, Joan looked down at her daughter. She could almost feel the fifty-two $100 bills straining her wallet. That wasn't so bad, was it?

Sara looked up at her mother. I guess not. He hurt at first but then...

Do you want to go to that party...they'll be making more movies. They'll be other girls there too.

Will Charlie be there?

I'm sure he will.

The little girl smiled. Yeah, I'd like to.

Joan looked down at her third grader, wondering what sort of slut she was creating. Then, with a shock, she realized that, as they talked, million's of sperm were swimming around inside her little girl.


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