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Three Hundred Million - Cecil's Revenge

Part 3 [1 2 3]

© XXXecil

It all made sense now; and she could feel him - feel a man nearby. The voices and images that had bombarded her made sense now - and they had washed away her old reality. All she remembered was being sucked up by the blue light into the alien warship, and the gas she and the other women had been subjected to....no, not gas exactly, the were tiny particles like...dust or...spores. Spores. She knew that now.

Finally, the it all made sense. She had eons worth of memories; the biologically-encoded memories of a great race, an ancient race. The body of knowledge that filled her brain overshadowed all ethical, political, or religious beliefs; her race-memory was all. She had awakened at long last from a prison of petty, weak, female morality and anxiety, And she knew what she had to do.

Increase. Reproduce. Again, and again. It was not a means to an end, reproduction was the end. It would be beautiful; she was beautiful. She had been given a gift when the aliens sprayed her with their spores; she knew that she did not need to age, she need not fear rejection. She knew that she had a choice of any man... she was erupting with the power of limitless seduction - no matter a man's station, committment or preferences - she could have him...she could possess the best men...but... but...she didn't want the best man...

Snarling, she ran a hand across her slippery cunt. No, she wanted...all men! All of them! She would spread her legs, shake her ass for any chance to copulate. She laughed when she realized that normal women would be selective for the most suitable man. Foolishness! What mattered was breeding! When she had been human; she had wanted only to attract the right man; now she could attract any man, and wanted them all!

She closed her eyes, and felt a sweet sensation. It was an aura that teased her senses like electric sugar. She could see glowing blue threads in the air, many of them with a common root - but with a few wild branches. The glowing threads that waved and wandered in front of her seemed to radiate that energizing sweetness.

She grasped a tangential strand, and gained a flash of images - massive breasts, platinum blond hair, metal studs and piercings, a feminine shape. She visualized herself putting the glowing strand in her pussy, and the sugary bliss intensified and stimulated her yet more. She was dimly aware of her flesh flowing, bones popping, chest expanding. And in a flash, she knew that she had become the very soul of desire! The sweetness grew more intense, and was accompanied by a sense of invincible power. She was desireable now, a perfect match...but....for what?

For a man...she could practically smell his lust; it was not the nature of the man himself, but the strength of his libido that drew her. It made no difference what he looked like; she knew that she would spread herself for any male even...males from other planets? Yes...yes...their libidoes captivated her, made her wet, made her pulse flutter with longing. Imagine! There was a time when she would have rejected a man based on meaningless emotional impulses! She scoffed at the human woman she used to be, she was.... yes, a slut. She embraced the term as normal, natural. She had reached the inevitable evolution of the female organism - absolute promiscuity. She looked forward to impregnation - she knew that she could birth offspring quickly, easily, without pain or risk of injury - in her new, advanced body she realized the process would be highly pleasurable! And imagine, she had been afraid when the aliens had first captured her! No...not aliens...

"Coit'ii," she breathed. She was one of them now, they were her people, her species. It was human women that were alien now. Her new sisterhood ruled this planet; and they would steal every living male away from their own women. But that had already been done; Only a tiny handful of men in the most remote places on Earth could have possibly escaped the Great Harvest. She knew that ships had even combed the Kalahari Desert and Amazon rainforests, to capture every possible male to ejaculate for the Empire. But there was one left; he must have somehow escaped; he had a cunning, powerful mind, but his lust was strong. That was what drew her, the greater the male's lust, the more her own sexual craving was fed - and she knew she had taken the shape of a deep-rooted desire.

She was drawn to him like a magnet, from his sperm, she would derive both pleasure and sustenance, from her cunt, he would gain a potent addiction. She loped forward to follow the strands of desire across the stripped soil where blue moss from the Coit'ii Homeworld had been planted. There was a ship; it was a small shuttle made from rough, bluish-purple crystalline blocks. Not Coit'ii manufacture; her race memory told her that it was made by an ingenious, telepathic species smarter on average than humanity, but far less fertile. Nonetheless, the males of that race could not restrain themselves from the limitless sexual indulgence the Coit'ii promised - and had thus become one more planet of lesbian savages and stud-slaves. Now, there were Coit'ii who had added that race's genious and greater telepathy to the gene pool at large; making them all the more capable to conquer Earth.

"Intelligence is limited; Lust is eternal." She droned, her race memory feeding her a popular Coit'ii maxim. The mating instinct was a weakness shared by the smartest, strongest, toughest species - none could resist The Empire. And the leaders of this planet had been so eager to ejaculate their freedom and power into the accepting pussies of the First Wave agents. This ship's presence here was a mystery. A mystery that she would explore after she'd gotten a crotch full of sweet, virile, human semen.

A mystery that was fleeting, it seemed. The bluish blocks began to fracture, crack and smoke. In a few moments, it was clear that somehow, the ship was disintegrating from some reaction inside its own structure. The blocks fragmented and faded into sandy debris, flowing downwards into a pile around the crash site. Beneath the blocks oozed a substance that resembled molten metal that flowed in steely rivulets. In less than a minute, evidence of the alien craft had vanished, and what remained could easily resemble the melted wreckage of any human-manufactured aircraft.

And in the center, stood the Man. He was wiry, of medium height for his species, not bulky, but with a hint of lean muscle. Clean shaven, his brownish hair resembled a spiky crew-cut, and there was a fierce gleam of cock-sure certainty in his smouldering eyes. And his rod... his manmeat stood poised, half-erect as if ready at any moment to surge into steely rigidity. His sausage-like cock throbbed, seeming to beckon her forward.

Knots of desire twisted in her gut, and her cunt began to quiver with the raw instincts that burned in her blood. She thrust her pelvis towards him, willing her mating musks towards him, and instinctively she began to growl. With the power of her mind, invisible fingers reached out towards the nest of strands that surrounded his aura, and she poked at his mind, provoking the parts of his brain that controlled lust and aggression. His eyes closed as her telepathic assault continued; sometimes sentient males had false ideals of honor and chastity that interfered with mating, she knew that her attack would amplify his deepest, animal urges and remove the threat of his morality. It was working, the male smiled as he rushed to meet her, and she would melt in his arms, and his cock would melt in her pussy, and he would seed her womb, and she would grow ripe with his young.

She was almost counting the seconds before his steely meat was within reach of her dripping female portal, closer...closer...and further...further away... what? There was a humming sound, and a waviness to the air as if a powerful energy field were near them, what would...

Above, a Coit'ii flier made a sweep of the crash-site, matte-green and with lateral panels that glowed pink on the bottom. The male was drawn away, magnetized upwards to cling to the ship as it carried off a wayward prize. She grasped for his cock, snarling her outrage. But there were two ships on approach; one of them was identical in manufacture, except with blue-glowing lateral panels, this one magnetized a group of feral human tribeswomen, binding them to the bottom of the ship and out of the way as it slowed to hover close to the ground.

Yes, this was for her. They knew that she had become one of them, and they would take her now to her new home, where she would have a place among those who understood the Call of the race memory, where she would have ready access to cock and sperm.


Her heels clicked softly against the white, sterile metal of the laboratory. "Shoes..." Began Dr. Cox as she paused for a moment, appraising herself. She was entirely naked save only for a pair of ruby-red, stilleto heeled women's shoes. "Normally, we Coit'ii detest the gross textiles that lesser females cover their bodies with, but these...I could get used to wearing shoes. The high heels encourage a posture that seems to push my breasts forward - they draw attention to my sexuality, rather than conceal it. Yes, this is an Earth custom that I could accept."

"It's a beginning." I replied, gasping for breath and trying to calm my upset stomach. I kneeled on a white, absorbent circular pad on a raised dais inside a technical room with a multitude of the hovering, spherical screens that were typical of Coit'ii computer systems. Despite my distress, the computer nerd in me was asking questions about their hard drive capacities, if their operating system could beat Bill Gates, and if they had Wi-Fi. But I had more pressing concerns at the moment, I was really feeling the gut-twisting effects of sex-withdrawal that the recorded scientist had warned me about. And like that scientist, I too had lost count of the aliens I'd knocked up since I'd escaped from the Reality Simulator. I had also felt that euphoric, floating pleasure that followed an orgasm into the cunt of a Coit'ii - and I was paying for it.

That was their hold over men; the sex they offered seemed to be free and clear - why not have as much as possible? Then you'd realize that you have to keep screwing them and only them - or the withdrawal from the pleasure of their pheromones and sex-oils would be fatal. I knew this had happened to me because my cock just kept getting harder, and I'd been sick before - any other time my gut was wrenching, or my head was spinning like this, sex had been the furthest thing from my mind. Not now; my body seemed to know what it needed; the greater the suffering, the longer, harder, more rigid I became. I knew the Coit'ii where the enemy, but I'd long ago fallen into their trap - and I'd die unless I played by their rules.

Just as well, because there was something that they didn't know. I'd gained something on that ship before ordering it to self-destruct. The sultry invaders wouldn't understand the weapon I possessed until it was far too late.

"All sentient species survive based on their ability to adapt..." The red-haired sex-demon continued. "My kind are expert at this; in more ways than the obvious." She riveted my with her wide, blue eyes. " I can adapt to wearing women's shoes, when most clothing is abhorrent to the Coit'ii, so then you too shall adapt to your own circumstance.

"You...Cecil are the annexed property of the Empire; you are an Imperial Stud-Breeder for the Coit'ii, and every last sperm cell you produce is the property of our Empire."

"I didn't intend to make you angry with my escape." Basically true; I was trying to foment revolution, I didn't really care whether the alien invaders would be angry or not.

"I am not angry, I am simply stating fact." The alien xenoneurologist began rubbing her own nipples together. "We like our Studs to be cunning and aggressive, and to pass those qualities on to the daughters they father upon us, so outbursts are to be expected for males clever enough to awaken from Simulation." And I was the first human to do so. "The simple reality is that we are now in absolute control of this solar system, this planet, and you." Her eyes narrowed with a sinister gleam. "Make no mistake human, we will have your sperm, you WILL cum for us. You will either enjoy it, or you will not." She ran her fingers down from the canteloupe slopes of her cleavage across her taut belly to her hot bush.

"But I think that you shall enjoy it, because the Coit'ii specialize in Pleasure to enforce Power. In time, you will accept the demands of your male sexuality. In time you will grow accustomed to the sight of Coit'ii bellies fully gravid with your offspring."

"Is that what happens now?"

"Soon enough, Cecil. But first you will be taught discipline." She squeezed a floating, pink orb that hovered nearby, and a shimmering curtain of energy cascaded down around me. I'd watched enough of the Sci-Fi channel to know a force-field when I saw it. She began to sway her hips in a kind of stripper-manuever that all Coit'ii seemed to understand instinctively. And then came her purr.

I had felt it before, but that didn't mean I was able to resist the empathic-psychic lures that these beings turned on stubborn men. As Dr. Cox rolled her perfect ass in a circle before me, I began to feel my emotions twist. Yes, my beefy cock sprang to life, but when the Flier had captured me, a machine had reattached the clear plastic cock-cap that would prevent masturbation - and of course I couldn't rip the thing off without wounding myself.

There was sense of power, entitlement. I deserved to blast my seed into every pussy in the galaxy! To hell with anyone that would deny my inherent right to breed! I threw myself against the energy field, to be gently repulsed by an intangible, yet irresistable motion. As she bounced her ass at me, she would turn back, smiling sharkishly as she growled; the noise seemed to sing to my very manhood, enflaming my urges to a fever pitch of rutting aggression.

I pushed with relentless abandon against the force-field, straining every muscle past the breaking point to lay claim to the teasing feminine flesh so close. Cox turned around, groaning, snarling eyes closed as she groped herself in front of me. She pinched her nipples, panting savagely - and she seemed able to entice her nipples to harden, lengthen from mere eraser heads to plump thumbles. Were her aureoles spreading further across her breastflesh? Yes...like an ever-widening stain of eroticism as her breasts jerked and throbbed.

Her nude torso undulated against the force field, allowing her crotch to graze the outer edge, I watched her labia engorge before me, lips ripe and ready to receive my phallic intrusion. And I deserved it! But I could only howl as my cock enflamed, my mind clouded with rage and lust, and my blood boiled. In my savage lust, I knew that she had made a mistake; I was stronger than their technology, I would find a way through and ravish the alien tease as no cock had done before! I howled in a primal passion somewhere between rage and rut. I pressed myself against the immaterial repulsion, uncaring for the strain to my muscles! Always her growl simmered in the back of my mind, banishing morality, restraint, and intellect. And Dr. Cox shimmied her jiggling chest as she continued her deliberate stripper-dance - not exactly a strip-tease, since she wore nothing but high-heel shoes.

I was the one who felt stripped, divested of covering. She was not trying to entice me to mate, as had the first Coit'ii I had met, she was subjecting me to a rare form of sexual torture. My higher motivations were being torn away by her psychic lust attack - and my mind could only descend deeper into a depraved web of cock-hardening madness. Not being able to touch her, while her telepathic powers faned the flames of my desire resulted in a rabid anguish that I had never imagined possible.

The alien neurologist squatted, her ass and cunt raised before me, as she grasped up one of the ubiquitous penis-robots and began to leisurely masturbate her hot slit. "So much better... after the male suffers a severe withdrawal reaction... when the male craves me more than his own life...his own sanity." again more growling as she pressed home her telepathic waves of lust.

"I am.... principle overseer of your case.... as such; I am entitled to five copulations per Yearn." I still wasn't sure what length of time that represented. "I've been saving them, saving them for whatever stunt I knew you would attempt - knowing that you would try to resist your normal male urges, and you would feel the pangs of addiction that men of all species suffer when they flee the Coit'ii. *NAAAHH*" Her dialogue broke down for a moment from the jolts of self-inflicted pleasure she was directing at her own cunt.

"Yes, human...free sex forever, but when a man ejaculates into a Coit'ii cunt, he belongs to us, whether he wishes it or not! He must come back to us, groveling for the change to impregnate us once more...and he shall have it! He must only surrender everything....body, soul, power, and loyalty. That is what I crave, Cecil. A man so desperate for my body, so maddened with lust to impregnate me that he has abandoned himself to the beast!

"We...my kind...this is what we lust for. To encite lust! We lust for males to lust after us...until they gladly abandon the lesser women of their own species! And now..." a louder growl... " It is your turn, Cecil. You have sired many offspring upon my kind, and thought that you could escape... now you feel the folly of your hubris. The suffering will end, all you must do is surrender....surrender to my cunt!" I didn't see any switches, but the force-field was gone, as was any and all resraint.

I mounted the sultry alien like a crazed, male grizzly bear at the height of the mating season. With one liquid thrust, I had rammed myself up to the hilt in the hottest reaches of her cunt. Bareback we began to move against each other, a cacophony of moans, snarls and grunts coming from both our throats. There was no coy, girlish reluctance - this was a bitch in heat that craved cock as much as any man could crave pussy.

My groping hands reached around to her chest, where I could feel her melons swelling in my grip; engorging nipples digging into my palm like cut diamonds. Her scent slammed into me all at once; the aroma of wine and peaches of her sex-musk seemed to enhance my arousal into an intoxication of libido. Within seconds, her panting, quivering flesh beneath me was slick with her fragrant, alien body oil as her first orgasm hit. Her cunt clenched my raging shaft with enough dexterity to achieve what felt like suction.

Time and space vanished as our mating accelerated; kneading the fluid bulges of breasts whose size I feared to estimate, ramming myself against the swells of her tight ass, I began to fade in and out of normal consciousness and a bestial delirium willing to commit any crime for a chance at some hot pussy.

The Coit'ii scientist emitted a low wail that rose in pitch until it became a piercing whine of passion which in tone and lust exceeded any normal human range. In the corner of my vision, I saw her eyes begin to glow that same shade of radiant pink just like I'd seen in the video with that blond seductress and the general. The scent that blasted me next was so strong I thought I could taste hot apple pie.....triumph...victory....Enticing sentient males to breed them brought these beings their greatest feeling of accomplishment. And now our entire planet had been seduced.

She rose, my cock still within her as she undulated against my naked torso. She bent her arms back to hold and caress the back of my head, thrusting her bosom forward...I could dimly sense that she was about to cum again, and her body trembled - her pussy rippling around me until it settled into a vice-like grip around my manly rod. As her back arched, her breasts began to leak. Hot, white lactation began to run in rivulets, then in thin streams as I felt her mammaries tighten.

Now, it was she who had lost all control as she spasmed against me. I tried to gauge how vast her breasts had become; my hands could sink into them entirely, each boob seemed able to contain at least a half-gallon. My fingers began slick with her warm lactate as I began a milking motion with my hands, and my cock...always my cock speared her moist womb, beyond all reason or restraint.

"Y-you're...different somehow....s-so rare....a male can....excite me enough...*AAAAHHH!!* to...lactate...against my will...." she explained between thrusts. I could only grunt in savage acknwoledgement. Her eyes flashed hot pink again as another orgasm shook her, breasts flinging and flopping and sending wide a stream of rich milk. Despite her beauty, a few days ago I would have fled in terror from an inhuman sexual parasite as these creatures were, but I was discovering how fast one's sensibilities can change in the face of overwhelming physical stimulation. I tasted some of her rich product; tangy and pungent, like a woman's pusy juice, but impossibly sweet; far too sweet.

I wasn't sure when my own orgasm hit; it came during one of the moments when my mind was submerged into animalistic savagery; but I knew that I was spurting; giving yet more of my cum to this she-monster perversion, whose race had arisen to exploit the timeless male instinct to mate with as many females as possible. When next I was conscious, the red-haired doctor was sucking greedily upon my spent shaft, deep-throating me with abandon.

"N-no good babe...." I drawled in my post-coital delirium. "Human men...gotta have a rest between rounds....just the way we're...we're....*MMPH*!" A taut nipple was thrust between my lips, for another spurt of that too-sweet sex-milk, and I felt a deep heat surging through my flesh! My spine tingled, my groin burned, as if a new thread of hot lava was flowing back into my member...in moments my potency was restored! I wrapped my entire body around the tempestuous alien and we coupled savagely amidst the heady scents of wine, apples, and peaches all together.


"Excellent Cecil..." Purred Dr. Cox, as she lay naked upon the cool, sterile metal floor of the computer bay, rubbing her volleyball-sized belly. "You've given me twins..." Her eyelids fluttered as she savored the alien bliss of Coit'ii hyper-gestation. I could see her belly swelling...bulging...creeping outwards as her otherworldly reproductive system grew offspring thousands of times faster than any earth-mammal was capable of. She was already entering her second trimester.

"You make an excellent stud! And I...shouldn't be surprised... human semen...sweeter than the others...your sperm are so vigorous and eager.... our genes mesh so easily with yours...Mmmmmm... human men are going to become a hot commodity in the Empire!" She grunted as her navel popped out. A penis-bot began to work its way into her pussy to ensure that none of my prized human sperm were wasted.


"Let me guess; you're going to whine about how you've got a brain too! Or maybe; you're more than just a penis...right? Self-indulgent nonsense." she writhed in bliss as she condemned me. "We all know that most everything men work towards is intended to advance their wealth and status that they may impress or attract a female...it is timeless and undeniable!

"But now....every man on Sol-Three Hundred Million has more sex than they can handle forevermore, so there is no need for labor or struggle for your species any longer." She concluded.

"But...it's not so simple! A man needs something to give himself purpose!" I protested, my penis seeming to retreat away from the demands of the aliens as it went limp.

"Purpose, human? Ohhh....yes, there's no denying that you shall have purpose!" Purred the heavily gravid Dr. Cox as she rubbed her belly. I could see faint throbs from the half-human offspring I had seeded her womb with. "I only wish I could keep you for myself awhile longer; but the military requisition is still binding, and by law I cannot interfere any longer. The Chastities want you for themselves, Cecil. But they are....less indulgent than I am, by far.

"Your escape has them worried; they don't want you thinking, plotting and scheming...they want you breeding. To that end, they've scheduled you for Phase 1 Virility Enhancement."

I gulped. I remembered the recordings I'd seen of the Coit'ii scientists and their devices that multiplied human male libido - at the expense of higher brain functions.

"Phase 1 Virility will put you back at the peak most human males achieve in the middle of their teenage years. But I wouldn't be surprised if they schedule further treatments, to increase your potency far beyond the normal biological limits. That's something else that pleases us about your species; not only do you have the highest natural sperm count we've seen, but our biotech has shown great promise in triggering cellular mutations to increase your sexual productivity yet further!

"And there's nothing you can do to stop them."


At first, it was not unlike an erotic massage; the beam of pink energy radiated into my crotch and started an immediate tingling sensation. It was smooth, blissful, and energizing as an alien heat suffused my member. Not unlike a gentle pair of expert hands caressing my dick everywhere at once but deeper and more perfectly than should have been humanly possible.

It was a dim closet with walls of blue-white metal where the caravan of levitating force field bubbles carried me, with no opportunity for escape or evasion. The device itself was a shaft wrapped in coils with a breast-like emitter aimed straight for my groin, as I hung spread-eagle in the air, caught between four elastic green tendrils of a tensile strength far beyond the capacity of my muscles. It took me a moment to recognize what was depicted on a floating, holographic screen in the left corner of the chamber - an exact photo-realistic 3D image of an erect penis, with a row of alien digits beneath it...it was me...that was my cock, I recognized my own organ. This was how I was to be identified; not by my face, but rather by my penis. It was amazingly dehumanizing.

I had thought at first that I might be able to lie back and simply enjoy the pleasure....pleasure...too much pleasure! It was sort of like the twinge of revulsion you might get from a soft drink overloaded with sugar; or the feeling you might have on a hot, hot day when you're desperate to get cool, only to be locked in a walk-in freezer. The stimulation, while desireable soon exceeded any sane, healthy human limit.

I didn't believe my cock could grow any harder; my steely meat rose so high and strong that it seemed suitable for the hook of a coat-rack, surely no wood could be harder than my alien-enhanced dick at that moment.My spine tingled; as the ray continued its bombardment, I became convinced that someone was injecting my balls with miniature bolts of lightning. I strained more mightily than before against the tentacles that held me, as the lust battered down my mind, as if my libido was finally catching up with my body.

The most exquisite, mind-bending torture, to have one's sexual potency enhanced by this technology. The feeling of thwarted power. Raging passion with no hope of release. I was a corked volcano. A tsunami in a bottle. Surely, as aroused as this evil ray of alien energy was making me, even the faintest breeze against my member would have surely sent me blasting into orgasm. But the machine was designed too well; it mutated my reproductive organs to be more virile than any man my age had a right to be, but without giving the stimulation that would have allowed me to cum. It was so bad, I even tried to blow air at my crotch, knowing the most minute touch should send me spurting into relief. But it was to no avail.

And I was aware of the two-fold purpose of such a device: Yes, the Coit'ii wanted to get as much sperm as possible out of their stud-slaves, of course. But more than that, if there was a resilient, cunning male not content to spend his days as a mere sperm-factory, then this treatment would change his priorities. I remembered from the recordings that these effects were permanent; I'd have the raging hormones of the randiest teenage boy forever! And that was only if they decided not to push me outside human limits; and I believed that they could do so easily.

The Military arm of this empire of sexual parasites had taken notice of me, and they wanted me so distracted by the fire in my balls that I'd dare not think of anything else. The Virility Enhancements had psychological as well as physical dimensions to turn me into the perfect stud.

"I...I don't care anymore..." I murmured towards three of the floating, pink-glowing glassy orbs near the ceiling that seemed to be monitoring me. "I don't care what you...really are...It's OK....if you've all got tentacles and bug-eyes....just...just gimme some pussy! I need....something...female...to cum inside of!" The orbs suddenly faded to transparency and clattered lifelessly to the ground.

"But you don't want a female with tentacles and....bug-eyes... You want me." Purred a soft voice from behind me. My senses were bombarded by a strong, sweet scent like English Toffee. It was her....again.

The Coit'ii that had aided my escape, that had shown me compassion and understanding. She'd latched onto one of my teenage fantasies about super-boobed pornstar Crystal Gunns. No tentacles. Just outrageously bulging tits, that saucy and exotic face with a lusciously naked body.

"Angel..." I breathed with elation. I knew, without doubt that she would help me cum. Pregnant though she was.

"I know...I know how frustrating the virility treatments are; and I know that you're angry with us, you hate the Coit'ii for...what we did to your planet, and your species." She edged closer, as if I was a viper that might strike. "Understand Cecil, the demand for fresh sources of men is too powerful for our Government to suppress; our Empress didn't chose to invade Earth, our leadership is simply, riding out the storm. We need sperm so desperately, that even if the Empress hadn't wanted to invade Earth, she couldn't have stopped it; the regime would have fallen from power if they'd tried to hold us back from a species as virile as yours." Angel moaned and kneeled before my cock, inhaling its odor as if it were fine wine.

"NNHHHNNN...." I gurled in my frenzy. My penis seemed to twitch, as if reaching out with a mind of its own towards the female; the fact that I'd already impregnated her not diminishing my ardor the least.

"But none of that matters to you, does it. You're angry, shocked at the changes to your planet. I can't change it, but I can visit you as often as possible, make the new situation easier to bear."


"Can you take no joy in the new life you've given to my people?" She pressed her belly against my pelvis, and I could feel my daughter kicking inside the womb of her alien mother.

"No right....to take away all mankind's...accomplishments...." I managed to hiss.

"I know you think so, and with me, the shock will be easier to bear,...it's not so bad....not that bad." And Angel descended onto my agonized cock. It amazed me, how aroused I was, that I did not spurt the instant her tongue caressed my shaft. A rising surge of stimuli blasted my consciousness, my lust so great that my stomach began to churn as though sexual hormones were bubbling in my veins.

"Whhuuuuu...why...do you c-care? Other....Coit..tiiii, only think about...my sperm...wh-what do my...feelings...m-matter to you?" Any further words were lost in the gurgle of delight that her lips and tongue brought to my shaft.

"**MMPHSLURP** I am...*SLURP* Accursed among the Coit'ii...**MMPH**... I am...what is called....an..*SUCKLE* Atavism...primitive...they call me.*MMM OHHH! SO BIG!!*" Her explanations were punctuated by gulps as she deep-throated my rampant manmeat.

"I retain... *GULP* too much of the *GULP* character of the races we interbreed with... *GULP* I am...*GULP* too much like the women of bi-gendered sentient *GULP* species. Too much *GULP* sentimentality." She moaned softly, my brain struggling to process her words rather than the pleasure.

"Joined...*SUCKLE* the Chastities... to try and *GULLLP* earn respect...*GULP* and I...I thank you *GULP* for planting your potent seed in me, *GULPP* the others...*GULP* didn't think I had it in me...Once...they caught me...*GULP* with a male, and...we simply talked...*GULP* for an entire throb....I was so...*GULP* engrossed in conversation that I failed to - *GULP* seduce him. I will never...*GULP* live down the shame...but you... when you...impregnated me so quickly...*GULP* it did much to improve..*MMMM-*GULP* my status..." she sucked and sucked.

It was obscenely logical; in a race of whores, a woman like Angel was the pervert.

"Tired...*GULP* of denying who I really am...*GULP*... I want more...I want..." but it was too late. My own arousal erupted like a bucking bronco, and all reason was consumed by a white, creamy firestorm that blazed uncontrollably from my cock past the moist mouth and swallowing throat of my alien ally. The sheer ecstasy was so awesome as to be frightening; as if my brain didn't know what to do with so much pleasure, and turned on a host of toe-curling passions along with. I laughed, cried, and gurgled all at once. There was no way to know how much time passed. I only knew that my cock had been licked clean.

"No...I see it now..you just...you swallowed my cum...all of it...you...consumed every last drop of my semen...I know...that's forbidden...why?"

"P-please, don't be upset, I was...I...I...AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Her eyes rolled back into her head, almost as if she was having a seizure, she collasped backwards, thrashing violently, her boobs began to grow, the perfect grapefruit-bubble size of Porn-starlet Crystal Gunns changed...swelled an inch outwards at first, as her aureolas spread. She cooed in forbidden delight as her body was instantly wet with her oily, Coit'ii sex-musk.

"Lives...." she breathed. "I can see them...all of them..." She was delirious, insane....what was happening? Yes, her breasts had sprouted from mere melons onward to a quivering girth not unlike cereal bowls...but there was a psychological element too. "Your children.....millions....I see all...." It was some sort of potent, narcotic reaction - the jiggling extraterrestrial was in the midst of some psychedelic episode. Human cum; the galaxy's drug of choice.

She arched her back as her erect nipples began to spurt. Hot milk jetted crazily with each gurgling moan of toxic delight. "So many lives...so many fates...I feel them...I know them..."

This was beyond the pale; was she....seeing the lives of my would-be offspring? She seemed to experience the full genetic potential embodied in each sperm cell - this uncanny race continued to amaze me. Her milky breasts, now with a diameter challenging that of dinner plates shook with regular spurts as her fertility powers blossomed beyond all control.

"This....this operation is controlled by a branch of the Coit'ii ...m-military, the Chastities... you're... one of them... but it was you ... who warned me when and where I could escape... probably planned it...why? You...m-must have known that your commanders would be upset and... assign me here...to the Virility Treatments...thinking it would make me more manageable; if I was too horny to think straight! This must be... a place where you could have easier access to me, where you were able to confuse the security monitors.... giving you the chance you needed.... to give me a complete blowjob." They hadn't taken away my mind yet!

"Raw sperm ingested orally clearly has a potent, intoxicating effect on your physiology, I'm not sure you care about me at all, y-you're just a semen junkie!" I accused.

"How right you are," purred a deeper, more sultry voice from behind me. Craning my neck I could see an Honor Guard of blond Chastities wielding glowing pink staffs filing into the Virility chamber and bowing on one knee as if to prepare the way for some great dignitary. "Fortunate that you will contribute cunning as well as fertility to the new generation that you will sire upon us." I thought that my peripheral vision was deceiving me as I twisted my neck to behold the new speaker.

"No...." I murmured... "You're not...it isn't...You...are not....

" Susan! "


The personal boudoir of the Supreme Andrologist was a cozy, plush chamber that might have resembled a ritzy penthouse at an exclusive resort hotel; but the six-foot tall sculptures of alien penises throughout the galaxy created a somewhat disconcerting ambience for me. One was corkscrew-shaped, another was bifurcated, yet another seemed to possess ribs near the surface to maximize female stimulation.

So came the unavoidable question: How would the human penis compare to a female entity that had sampled male members from across the galaxy? Better than before, no doubt - as the alien overlord had ordered her guards to ensure I was given another full throb...errr...hour of the male-enhancement radiation beam before the floating force field carried me up-up-up to the pinnacle of the sperm-harvesting tower where I spent my days. Before Angel gave me her illegal blowjob, my virility had already been increased; so my recovery time after orgasm was faster than I'd believed possible, and the continued exposure to the beam for another hour had energized my balls so much that it felt like I'd never cum at all.

Now, even after the beam deactivated, it seemed as though the changes were not yet complete. The skin was painfully tight, I was sure that my rod had grown at least two inches since before treatment - and my balls....not larger but tight...so tight.

My stomach lurched, my entire body was reacting, churning with the sizzling sex-hormones flooding my bloodstream - of course, the clear hard-cap had been replaced, preventing masturbation; I could only writhe inside the force field with the galaxy's worst ever case of blue balls awaiting my mistress's pleasure.

"I rose to power by seeing the hidden truth of what was before me..." purred that sultry voice that conveyed both passion and authority. "I look deeper, to the heart of all things." It seemed that she too, had picked up a few customs from Earthwomen, as she wore a flimsy, gauzy veil-like lingerie that draped over her ample figure, teasing far more than concealing. And that body...Susan's body.

"I can taste your yearnings," Hissed the new de factor ruler of my planet. "I am the female for whom you feel more than lust." The imitation was perfect; from her shoulder-length red-blond hair, to the way her cheeks dimpled, down to her ample D-cups and the wide, flaring hips that Susan herself had always been self-conscious of. There was even that mole beside her navel. The effect was striking in a way I had not expected; rather than copy an image floating around my mind of an unattainable porn star she had become a life-like, natural woman with imperfections complementing her charms. After the days I'd spend surrounded by impossible beauty the contrast was more appealing and refreshing than I'd imagined it could be.

"I am the woman that you failed... you were....impotent when last you faced her..." I sighed with dismay at the apparent publicity of my sexual history.

"Why...why do you care?" I ventured, trying not to think of my cock. "You're not my Susan, you're the Supreme Andrologist of Sol Three-Hundred-Million, you lead all the Coit'ii here. Is my escape that important in the grand scheme of things?" I tried not to look over to my left at the red, velvety mattress that floated six inches off the ground, beneath the layer of glossy fabric there seemed to be innumerable writhing shapes.

"It is not your escape human, but rather the cunning and drive that went into it's effort." Her hips swayed as she approached; the same way Susan used to when she wanted to get a rise out of me; her mannerisms were nearly identical, though the voice was far more imperious. "I have determined that you are to be mated with some of our best.... the word does not translate into your language...but they can be called Breeder-Spies; the first contact agents that begin the seduction of new planets and proliferation of our kind. Yes... your sperm...your genes will be a boon to the next generation of our most capable agents."

"What if I refuse?" She laughed musically - just like Susan used to.

"By now you should know better than that. We are Coit'ii. We are whatever we must be to drive males insane with desire. You will not resist." And the Supreme Andrologist ran her hands between her breasts, ripping away the gauzy lingerie and thrusting her assets forward in a stripper-move I'd seen on one of those behind-the-scenes docu-dramas of the gritty realities of strip-clubs that I'd drunkenly suggested Susan attempt. My real, human girlfriend was not amused, but this creature found my yearnings and exploited them ruthlessly. I felt a thrill run through me at the memory, and the promise of fantasy realized.

She shuddered and gasped, while flooding the room with an apple-pie scent of success. I knew instinctively that this alien was feeding from my pleasure and growing more energized. I would not resist. Or would I? With no control over myself, my movements, or my own body, I found myself almost craving something....anything that I could make a decision on, I hated being anyone's puppet.

The Andrologist grazed her nipples against my chest, raised her arms to the back of her head to thrust her bosom forward as I detected her own unique rut-musk; a scent like pears covered in maple-syrup. At her scent, my cock became so rigid, as to be painful and I grasped the wide birthing hips of the Susan-Doppleganger and prepared myself to...

No...I would not be a puppet. No....instead I grasped her hips and kneeled down to her twitching cunt - and plunged my face into her muff!

"Wh- no, human! That's isn't why I...*UUURRHHH* I don't need that...I...I... ohh..." her fingers grasped the back of my head. "It's your penis I want, I would feel your vigorous seed swimming within me...What quality are the offspring that you will father inside my womb? I must know! You have alerted my interest and I must...must experience you seed..."

I tried to approach the exercise clinically; I wanted to keep the aliens off-balance for once, I wanted her to be the one writhing in hopeless lust - as I was. My lips and tongue ran rhythmically, up and down her lower lips, my chin already soaked with her lubricant. I ramdomized my stimulation by periodically nibbling on her hooded clit, before plunging my tongue as deep as it would go into her hot cavern in a valiant quest for the Coit'ii G-spot. Her pussy pulsed with an obscene life of its own and grasped my tongue furtively. My hands sinking deep into her buttocks to push her closer against me.

The scent of apple-pie had faded, being replaced by a whiff of lemon. This wasn't what the female entity had expected; as Supreme Andrologist, she was accustomed to control. To surprise her, I reached upwards without warning and plunged my hand into the pillowy masses of her expanding breasts. I soon located a nipple and gave it a quick twist. Her entire being spasmed with a girlish cry of lusty surprise. And I kept my left hand there; knowing that this stimulation would keep her breasts growing, and I wanted to feel it - firsthand.

As I pinched her thimble-sized, diamond-hard nipple, I could feel the rest of the breast spreading out around my hand. Over the course of two seconds, her swelling mammaries grew enough to bury my thumb that I had placed beneath her aureolas and grow an inch past it. Soon, I would be in danger of losing the nipple as her ripening juggs blossomed beyond all reason.

After her cunt had bathed my face in her tangy, female juices a second time, I abruptly broke contact, leaving the stunned alien stumbling in an erotic haze as her hands struggled with futility to support mammalian payloads just a little smaller than the interior of one of those plastic shopping bags one might get at a supermarket. I slid behind her, noticing that the hard cap over my penis had disengaged. Wrapping my hands around her run-away breasts from behind, I slid my rod against the crack of her ass to tease and torment.

Her body - Susan's body was slick with her alien sex-oil when I felt the shudder, and the smaller nubs beneath her breasts....yes, that would be her second pair. The Andrologist gave a strangled moan, her breathing accelerated whilst her eyes rolled back into her head with the torrents of pleasure that ravished her - as her second pair of breasts exploded onto her chest beneath the first - swelling in a series of jiggling throbs from mere raisin-sized barely-A cups, to cones long enough to conceal a prune, into tight mounds not unlike the dimensions of peaches, with yet another pulse into grapefruit territory, and then the growth slowed down into a gradual creep as her skin slid past my wrists above her second pair on their way towards football size, and she gasped harshly as her bloating boobs widened into gallon-jug girth. She collapsed panting against me, as my cock continued to tease her ass.

"Losing...control.." she grunted, as I caught a hint of black liquorice in the air. She had never expected to become this aroused, and it seemed that excited Coit'ii suffer extreme exaggerration of their sexual traits when pushed this much. How much more feminine could she become? I had a theory; four breasts should permit even greater potential for stimulation than two - and so my hands began their dance across old and new nipples alike, weaving an unpredictable pattern of tweaks, twists, and pinches that sent her groaning and kicking into an altered mental state of explosive erotic delirium.

"I am...in command...of...your planet....Order you....end this torture...sire your young into my cunt and let it end!" She began her snarling; that feral growl that heralded the psychic attack of her kind that drove males animalistic with desire. But I was through being jerked around; I was no one's puppet; no matter how good it felt.

I bit my lip, gambling that the pain would be distraction from the arousal. I locked down my mind as I teased her nipples. But the urge...the Right to mate with this female pushed me beyond all reason, yet I told myself that I was no one's stud-slave. When my every instinct told me to plunge myself screaming into her cunt and blast away with my seed; I held back the tide of desire with internal declarations of my own worth, and freedom. It was almost enough, yet I was about to give in....

"No one...no male...has ever resisted my Lure! Your species continues to surprise us! It makes me want your seed even more, human!"

"I'll knock you up when I'm good and ready, you over-breasted dirty slut!" She didn't need to know that I was seconds away from yielding to her Lure, and becoming putty in her hands.

"Flatterer...." she moaned.

Had I pushed her sexuality to the limit? I wasn't sure, but as her hips bucked against mine, I knew that I had brought the alien overlord to yet another orgasm through breast-stimulation alone. One more and then, she'd be ready. But the Susan-clone began to shake and grunt all over grinding her backdoor against my twelve inches of rock-hard manmeat while she made a whistling gasp and then snarled as if pushing something out of her. I felt her center of gravity shift as...yes... a third pair began to emerge!

I turned the six-breasted alien towards me, and pushed her backwards upon the floating bed with something writhing inside it, and buried my face into the multi-tiered expanse of her outrageous bosoms. I began sucking upon a nipple - not sure which number it was, sucking...sucking as I brought my cockhead just inches above her drooling slit. You had to be careful, because while a Coit'ii cunt might look like that of a human woman, they could move and grab on their own in a way that no earthly female should be able to.

I suckled one of six breasts as I kept my steely shaft just touching the lips of her engorged pussy, but jerking it back whenever her predatory sex tried to make a grab for my meat. Finally came the hot, wet spurt. Impossibly sweetened fluid like sugary girl-cum flooded into my mouth from the nipple I had tormented, and now all the breasts started to weep rivulets of sweet lactate as the creature's female anatomy went berserk.

When I decided it was time, there wasn't any thrusting and grinding of our naked bodies together, it was more like a cruise missle striking its target. I impaled her groin in one mighty stroke, and exploded like a warhead reaching its target.


Back in my quarters, minutes later, I paced restlessly as I pondered the recent events. Now that my ardor had cooled slightly, I began to think of the Coit'ii known as Angel; was it more than just a sperm addiction? Was I wrong about her? I had no answers as the plastic tubes attached themselves to my torso, pumping me full of chemicals that satisfied all the natural needs of my human metabolism.

Well, on the upside, for now at least that seemed to be the end of my Virility Enhancement; my twelve-inch cock inflated in seconds at the merest hint of anything female. And it seemed to take me no more than three hours after cumming before I was rigid and ready again. I knew now that there was no real hope of ever escaping the Coit'ii. Me...and all the world-leaders they'd seduced would die if we didn't screw one of the alien strumpets on a regular basis - they had Earth by the balls and most of mankind didn't even know it.

"Look at this cock," I lamented as I studied my foot-long manmeat again. "If there were any sane human women left, could they handle this weapon I've got between my legs?" Some had been uncomfortable with the ten-inches I had before, but now? Plus I was so horny; I needed to cum inside a female at least three times a day or I'd be jumping the walls. Could any human woman handle my increasing need? I feared that only the Coit'ii could match the demands of my cock. They seemed able to take a penis of literally any size, the bigger the better. It was always easy to penetrate them to the hilt; and they'd been to dozens of worlds. Natural selection had indeed given them the ability to reproduce with any sentient male lifeform. I seemed to be part of an ingenious strategy; even if I could survive the sexual pleasure-withdrawal, I would be unavailable to the women of my own kind as my potency and size continued to increase far beyond human limits.

But I had a secret; which I didn't think they'd discovered; the alien ship - (alien to them as well) had given me something; A bio-weapon within me that would give me a power not immediately obvious...yes, I now had something that would quite literally catch the Coit'ii with their pants down! They thought they had the right and power to seduce and conquer any planet in the milky way; and that would be their undoing! I chuckled at the irony of what would happen to them.

The matings were as enjoyable as ever, but I noticed that the rooms I was taken to had a higher number of the blonde, pregnant Chastity Guards; and I assumed that my couplings were now under military control. The simulated venue in the breeding chambers again seemed to be under the control of the aliens, but the face and form of my partners was under my control.

Once, the force field carried me into a room, and dropped me into a roiling, violet ocean beneath a green sky with two moons, there was no land in sight. But I felt a tug beneath me as a strand of something grasped my foot. It felt like seaweed; and I was pulled beneath the purple waves by dark algae-like strands that were...attached to a mermaid-like woman with the face of super model Cindy Crawford and breasts as large as bowling balls. The strange mermaid-succubi-alien was attached to the seaweed; more than that, it was her hair! Strands and forests went on and on under the extraterrestrial ocean floor, all flowing from the head of my seductress! Her hair was prehensile, and would move at her mental command, I was entrapped by the seaweed and drawn in to her. Her mouth latched onto mine, and I could breathe only through her. I was a captive in this fantasy, as the alien wrapped her legs around my pelvis to receive my sperm.

We coupled underwater, and I ejaculated explosively into her greedy pussy until her swollen belly began to force us apart, the strands released me and I swam to the surface for more air. I saw a penis-bot wriggling like an obscene fish to the crotch of my watery paramour to ensure that not a single sperm was wasted.

In another fantasy mating later that day, I found myself running through a blue forest of tall, scaly trees beneath an orange sky....orange sky - it looked like the world from prior fantasies that I believed to be the original homeworld of the Coit'ii. I soon emerged into a clearing, strewn with boxes of sweet smelling food-stuffs, and bottles of water outside a cave opening. I took a moment to study the setting, when I heard rustling in the bushes behind me.

There emerged a gang of luscious, nude females, and they were in a position to surround me. I hadn't seen or heard them until they were on top of me. Each of them resembled my default fantasy, the platinum blond fitness model with too-wide, car-tire width birthing hips, trim waists and fertile boobs the size of honey-dew melons. Their expressions were hard, predatory, ruthless... and I backed away - only to run into another Coit'ii that had emerged from inside the cave.

She was built much like the others, but had a smooth cascade of red hair - with a swath of white-blond in bangs over her eyes, the effect was striking, it was a fantasy I didn't know I had; I responded with a raging hardon before I knew it. I felt arms gripping me; it was the other Coit'ii, they mobbed me and secured my arms and legs - they were surprisingly strong, and there were a lot of them, I was helpless and naked before I knew it, pinned to the ground with my crotch and torso still exposed.

The blond-redhead began to sway seductively, growling with that eerie, psychic-seduction ability. She was performing an erotic, stripper-dance - ass moving in sensuous circles as she squated near me, breasts jiggling as she shimmied and fondled herself before my watchful gaze - her flesh slicking with her sex-oils as I was blasted by an odor of watermelon and lanolin.

I was being held down the other impossibly gorgeous aliens as they sat on my legs and arms, determined to hold me in place for another of their number to take her time teasing, tantalizing me. I strained against my captors, not sure if I wanted to escape or plunge myself into the mocking pussy before me.

Finally as she plunged herself down atop my ramrod cock, I realized in a flash what this all meant. The food packets, the bottled water, the cave-setting....and this was the homeworld of the aliens... I was taking the role of a man living a rustic, survivalist lifestyle... mobbed by Coit'ii... I'll bet...I'm the Last Man! Yeah, that would make sense; the aliens control the venue I appear in; I am the last free man left on their original planet! These creatures are reliving what to them, is a pivotal moment in their history. The capture that put them - without doubt - in absolute control of their birth-planet, where the nymphomaniacal shape-shifters had once been hunted and purged like parasites....like a disease. Now that disease had metastisized, spread and proliferated until all resistance had crumbled beneath pumping thighs and jiggling breasts.

I orgasmed beneath the gorgeous alien parasite far faster than I imagined possible, it was the sort of shocking, wrenching climax that paralyzed me with spasmodic blasts of hot semen into the rippling cunt that had capture me. Now, the last man to escape them had orgasmed into the rutting pussy of an aroused Coit'ii; the exposure would make him addicted to their sexual musks, and there could be no escape.

I was delirious with pleasure as the others bound me with rope, trussed me up like a prize stag, and carried me back out of the woods. The she-demons smiled widely and laughed, all the while communicating with the pungeant, happiness-pheromones they exuded to each other in a subtle, chemical language as they exulted in the ultimate triumph of their race. All I could smell was baking apple pie as I was carried off to a life of unending sexual slavery to provide sperm for the new mistresses of the planet.


And so it went for several days, but there were several curious events in between fantasy-breedings that attracted my notice. Soon, during the travel times inside the floating force-bubble between sessions, I was carried briefly out into the main shaft of the tower, out with the thousands of human men in this structure wrapped in their Reality Simulator helmets, as they ejaculated into plastic tubes endlesly, obliviously, to provide sperm for the Empire, and I could hear more snatches of Coit'ii conversation and...wait...one of them on a catwalk two levels below me...I recognized Cindy Crawford with bowling-ball tits, hugely pregnant with my offspring, and she had an odd tattoo there on her belly...why...those symbols...had I seen that nomenclature before? Yes! That day, in the virility booth, when I was being enhanced, I saw the same set of alien digits labeling the image of my cock! It was a serial-number of sorts...the same digits were tattooed on the belly of a Coit'ii I had mated with.

She had a laughing, exultant expression, and I saw a blond alien pass by and glare daggers at her angrily. My lover laughed and rubbed her belly. What an interesting development; she was identifying me as the father of her young as a...status symbol. My sperm was in high demand; the first human to escape the Simulator, I'd even managed to escape the tower.....and women love rebels. She was proud that she'd pulled the right strings to arrange a Direct Mating with me, and was flaunting the fact that she bore the young of the most troublesome human to date. And indeed, my special status was making other Coit'ii jealous whom I had not had a chance to impregnate.

"..still need the requisitions signed off for the neo-natal incubators."

" The orders that were deferred to the office of the Supreme Andrologist?" I was hearing a pair of long-legged, pale asian women - erh....Coit'ii that had copied the fantasy of someone with an asian fetish.

"Yes, but she took the day off."

"Now? Homeworld has been pressuring us to raise efficiency! They want detailed reports on everything we're doing to increase human libido, and sperm-count!"

"She had to; you didn't hear about her Direct Mating with the Rebel yesterday?"

"That's absurd; our wombs can gestate human sperm even easier than the Originals! That's why Homeworld is so eager for more! There shouldn't be any complications!"

"Normally you'd be right, but not if the human fathers quadruplets upon you! We can adapt to their genome easily enough, but you try squeezing out four human-spawned young and see how you feel!" The first women jabbed a finger accusingly at the second.

"By the Great Mother's Teats! The Rebel is that potent?" The first one smiled like the cat that ate the canary, and held up a pink-glowing, irridescent card. I couldn't see it clearly, but it meant something to her friend.

"I'm going to find out! I burned favors from twenty-three spawn, and it was enough to get onto his Mating Docket! What sort of females does he like? I can't wait to feel his fantasies!"

How interesting...very interesting.


I began to see Susan's face above me in booths that lined the hallways of the mating chambers. It was the Supreme Andrologist, observing me as I was conveyed to and from mating sessions. The look on her - Susan's face was eager, anxious, was she blushing? There seemed a hint of trepidation, as if she were appraising a prize stallion but afraid to get too close to the wild beast. I looked at her pointedly a blew her a kiss before the bubble carried me into the chamber.

I was naked, but seated in a plush, high backed chair. I was seated in a rounded office with books and documents in English...so my latest alien lover had a fantasy involving Earth. This office...more than rounded, it was...oval-shaped? A flag stood on a pole near the door, and I noticed on the lust carpet...

The Seal of the President of the United States.

The door swung open, and a raven-haired woman wearing a tight, short sleeveless blue dress sauntered into the room with a sultry gleam in her eyes. As soon as the door was closed she pulled down the front of the dress to reveal glistening tits as large as canteloupes that were already moist with her sex-oil. She lunged to the desk and grasped my mighty cock and thrust it between her bosom. My member, large as it was still stuck up beyond the valley of cleavage far enough for her to lick my cockhead with a tongue more agile than any human woman should possess.

On the large desk next to the Red Telephone was a small, wooden box. In between gasps, thrashes, and moans of pleasure, my dark-haired alien partner opened the box and removed a thick, hard Cuban cigar and plunged it deep into her pantyless pussy. Wait a second, this is...

"AAAHHH!" Our orgasms were simultaneous as the cigar was coated with her slick, alien cunt juice, as my human sperm jetted forth upon her sultry face, the blue dress, and her boobs in an oscene Facial.

"I see....*PANT*...you've studied human history..." I replied as my body shook with afterspasms of my great spurt.

"One of our...favorite eras..." the Coit'ii answered breathlessly.

The virility treatments did their job, and I was erect again after mere minutes later with only a boob-jiggling stripper routine on the Presiden'ts desk, followed by an obscene pattern of licks and nibbles up and down my bare chest. As my enhanced cock rose tall and proud, energized by a new load of sperm, my lover licked off my last batch, (after a discrete penis-bot had siphoned away my live sperm cells) and then wrapped her legs around me, and the back of the chair as she ground herself upon my crotch - more than eager to be knocked up by the virile human seed of the Rebel.

I did not disappoint.


What surprised me was that it was after another such exhausting impregnation that the bubble again called me to the quarters of the Supreme Andrologist.

"You called me at a bad time," I gestured at my flaccid cock, retreating from the demands placed upon it just minutes ago.

The creature with the face of my ex-girlfriend gave me a curious, quizzical look, then disengaged the force field and beckoned me to follow her further into her quarters. She sat down upon a red couch-like object that squirmed beneath her.

"Come sit beside me." She was comfortably naked, but very relaxed. There was a smooth, bubble-gum scent pervading the lush quarters.

I scratched my head, and soon joined her as I walked past a giant sculpture of a cork-screw-shaped penis. The strange shapes beneath the furniture began to stroke and massage me like hundreds of expert hands. A floating screen hovered in the air before us, as my host offered me a bowl of strange, sweet-smelling white balls.

"You must be tired of the metabolic substitutes we feed to stud-slaves, try some solid food." She was right, the weird tubes that latched onto my torso every day took care of waste and nutrition, but I did miss a good old-fashioned Porterhouse steak. Yum.

"Uhhmm.... sure, but....what is it you want from me?" She was the Queen around here, she could just order whatever she wanted. Is she trying to cajole me into a favor? What sort of favor would the Supreme Andrologist require from one trouble-making stud-slave?

"Even WE must sometimes think of something other than sex; we had to, in order to build a star-faring civilization. Eat. They won't harm you." Guess not; they've had ample chances to harm me if they wanted. I popped a white ball into my mouth and...

"MMHP! It...*MUNCH* it is a Porterhouse! Hot...succulent...somehow this is..." Then I understood; this species had risen to power by metamorphing into whatever their enemies most craved; they had taken this ability and applied it in other areas as well. These food nuggets would no doubt simulate the taste and texture of any food I could imagine! I tried another, thinking of a hot fudge sundae....and sure enough the exact same experience was duplicated! It even tasted cold as I chewed on the unearthly confection.

"You are worried and anxious, human. There is no need to be. Let go of your fear, anger, and resentment." She ran her fingers through my spiky hair.

"Mmm*GULP*...sure, OK. So I'm letting go of my resentment...now what is it you want from me?"

"I want you...to become more than a stud-slave." Susan's green eyes burned into mine with a curious intensity. "There are many forms of pleasure, human. And many forms of desire.

"You..." she hooked her sleek, naked leg over my own. "...will desire me more than any others in your Mating Docket.You will crave me for sex, yes...and I shall give you the sex that all carbon-based males crave. But there shall be more. You will wish to spend time with me outside the Breeding Chambers, because I can give you many more comforts. The emotions that you felt for the human that I resemble shall return." Well how about that!? The Alien Overlord wanted to be my girlfriend! She really did want something that could not be ordered or commanded: Affection.

"Oh...I...I see I...well that's surprising; from listening to Dr. Cox I thought that - "

"DO NOT MENTION HER!" snapped the Andrologist. "She and I have...disagreements...do not spoil our moment by discussing that pretentious, prudish fool. She thinks she should lead the assimilation of your planet; she who has birthed no more than ninety-eight offspring!" Well, after our last moment together, that number was probably an even one hundred.

"But I have no doubt you're vastly more fertile than she is." I offered. Absorbing the information. She smiled, and deluged me with apple-pie scent.

"Achieving command of this project required the political support of two-thousand, seven-hundred and thirty five offspring! And I still have many more to spare!" She almost glowed with pride. I hid my shock at the outrageous declaration of fecundity. So many... with yet more children if she needed them! I was beginning to piece together the basics of their social structure; to rise higher in Coit'ii society, you needed the support of other Coit'ii, apparently the best way to get it was to give birth to them. I suspected that laws existed allowing mothers to enforce favors and gifts from their adult children as tribute. And these favors gave one the clout needed to achieve greater power and position.

With trillions of individuals, and with sperm cells as a valuable commodity, I surmised that most Coit'ii would never have the chance to breed more than a hundred times. But the lucky, cunning, and ruthless ones probably found ways to get access to yet more men, more sperm, and were able to grind out more young who would owe them favors for the benefit of being born.

I suspected that a powerful Coit'ii would use her increased status to get access yet again to greater and more reliable supplies of semen; creating an ever-increasing cycle of greater and greater influence. Eventually, the Elites of their Empire could command the loyalty of thousands upon thousands of offspring to make tremendous power-plays. As fast as I'd seen them grow young inside their wombs, it was conceivable. For this species, birth was a painless, enjoyable process, and if they could grow so quickly in the womb, probably young Coit'ii could grow just as fast out of it; and it seemed that they possessed race-memory, so there was almost no care required for their offspring. No reason not to get pregnant; every reason to get pregnant. No wonder they spread their legs so easily; every child I'd fathered inside one of them was like money in the bank!

This Being cuddling next to me had coupled with countless legions of males, given birth thousands upon thousands of times! Yet I could only assume that I compared favorably with the hordes of men of many species that had had their chance between her legs. And I'd just given her four more young that she could squeeze someday for more power and wealth.

The floating screen came to life with an image of a starlit background into which emerged a brilliant pulse of blue-white energy roiling with an incandescent fury that I knew was far greater than all the energy my own solar system could ever produce.

"It was known to your astronomers as the Pistol Star; and it's going Supernova."

"The chance to see the beginnings of a Supernova....and not get toasted by it." I stopped myself before saying that the opportunity was almost worth the invasion.

"You will see far more than that, human."

"You know, I have a name, and it isn't 'human'. Your people have mastered interstellar travel, but you don't seem to know much about real relationships. I guess you rely on your mind-control powers to get your way with men, but there's a lot you're missing out on."

"I admit that most all Coit'ii use males for a single purpose, and only our most gifted Breeder Spies study what you call....relationships. And I have suspected that males may be enjoyable in other ways, as well."

"To start, you can call me by my name; Cecil. Now...." I ventured to put a hand upon her smooth shoulder. "What should I call you?" Her expression was enigmatic for a moment before replying.

"In private, you may call me.....Suzi...yes, that will do."

"Suzi it is, then."

I was distracted by an interesting development with the Supernova. As the pulsar of cosmic energy ripped though space, it seemed to leave....afterimages? I was seeing impossibly regular patterns of sinuous sillhouettes of alien creatures entwined and tangled.

"S-some kind of....stellar art?"

"It certainly beats....fireworks, doesn't it...Cecil." The exact cultural signifigance of the elaborate patterns was lost on me, yet Suzi would wistfully murmur about "The Last Orgy of Vega Fifty-Thousand," or... "The Battle of Ten-thousand bosoms..." as eerie, fluid and voluptuous alien shapes coalesced in the wake of the Supernova blast. She laughed uproariously at a shape that resembled a humanoid female with breasts the size of beachballs who seemed to be running.

"Hah! The Evacuation of Aldebaran Two-Million! What a sense of humor." I had no idea what any of it signified, but I would have plenty of time to learn, since I would no doubt spend the rest of my life immersed in Coit'ii culture.


Despite our claims to the contrary, there is simply no way I could spend an evening with a nymphomaniac copy of my ex-girlfriend and not think of sex. The good thing about Coit'ii was that you could grab and grope anytime you wanted and knew that your attentions would always be welcome. After the Supernova show I lunged at Suzi, my uber-virile cock having recovered (sooner than before) from a lengthy series of impregnations; and I felt eerie, primal yearning to father yet more offspring. I eagerly sucked on her turgid nipples as the chief administrator of alien-conquered Earth allowed me to ravish her amidst coos of delight.

"I think that I shall assign you new quarters...closer to mine." she gurgled as I teased her body, relying on foreplay to distinguish myself from her prior breeding mates.

"I guess....you can do...**MPH** pretty much anything. I thrust my middle finger wetly into her lubricating cunt.

"Oohhh....I can even...lay claim....to fifty-percent of your copulations myself!" she boasted. I didn't have the heart to tell her that each of my human girlfriends had the temerity to claim one-hundred percent of my copulations.

"Don't you have....a face of your own?" I ventured, as I came up between her breasts for air. What is....*MMMM* your true shape?" She seemed puzzled amidst her erotic thrashings.

"My form is that which our male prey most craves...."

"Yes but...*SUCK* Before that....what were you?" She giggled

"The desires of the last male that craved sex who was near."

"But you...don't any of you have...**SLURP** identities of your own? Most women...I know...would be ashamed to...pretend to be....another woman..."

"That is how....lesser females retain pride in themselves, they...who cannot change their forms....for us; our pride comes in the subtlety of our ability to embody lust with perfection...it is, both Survival and Art to us...to make a sentient male lose control with yearning... that is our hunger... a wise and old Coit'ii will become...not only beautiful to the male, she will learn to penetrate yearnings he did not even know he had, and be hopelessly seduced from first glance." And with that, she surprised me.

She twisted from my grip, and wrapped her legs around my head, her juicy cunt plastered to my face, and I was overpowered by her maple-syrup pear-juice sex-musk. She leaned over and snarled in my ear; the sudden combination of her musk and psychic lure caught me off guard, and shattered all cunning, intelligence and resistance.

I was dimly aware of pressing the wanton alien against her wriggling mattress as I pounded her groin like a raging bull driven beyond all reason. I was in a surreal, altered state of aroused madness. It was not so much that I wanted to jackhammer her welcoming femalia with my turgid meat, I had to screw her - I had to cum inside her to restore some semblance of sanity!

But it wasn't enough for her - her right slipped away from my grasp as I pinned her nubile body to the mattress - and a long finger plunged deep into my ass!


"I know....I am...Supreme....Andrologist....I know more about your own male organ....than you do... and I know...this secret weakness of the human penis!" She declared with a vicious grin.

I was a puppet with my strings cut. My body spasmed beyond all control - my spewing, exploding cock became the center of my universe as her pussy was blasted with more cum than I had dreamed possible! I could only gurgle. The magnitude of the orgasm was wrenching.

"There will be times, Cecil....when I will want to talk....but there will be other times...when I want you insane with lust for me!" Soon, I had lost count of the massive breasts she had sprouted as I collapsed into her warm, alien bosom and reflexively suckled her milk. "I shall breed many....many spawn from your cock!"


The next few hours were a blur. I remember laying there upon a self-massaging mattress, with Suzi's silky hair draped over my crotch as she sucked me off. And something odd occurred to me... I hadn't seen a single penis-bot anywhere in her quarters! But I was too exhausted.

I must have dozed off, because I awakened to feel my new girlfriend riding my cock maniacally, face and cunt straining as if to devour my penis within her greedy folds. I passed out again.

Alive...dead...awake...dreaming? Too much sex with these creatures threw me into crippling fatigue; and I wasn't sure of what I was seeing. In a haze...I seemed to behold Suzi, licking my sperm off her fingers, and rubbing my white cum into her breasts and nipples.

"izzzzz it legal? t-to drink my cum?" I slurred.

"I will make it legal!" she declared as I drifted off to sleep.

I felt much more clear-headed when I awoke next, and the alien overlord had left me to recover for a while - I could see her about fifteen feet away, at a glowing console...entering in some sort of data. The Supreme Andrologist was a perverse sight; practically dripping with a lurid mixture of sweat, her oily sex-musk, my smeared cum, her own milk, and the copious lubricant of her own cunt. Her gait was changed; she almost waddled from the burden of a ripe belly enormously full with another load of my healthy, vigorous children - she seemed almost nine-months gravid with twins.

"Mmm...Grow quickly, my daughters, and make room in my womb for more; your father's work is not nearly done!" She rubbed her gently pulsing belly sensuously. I guess I should be flattered; but....the screen...what was on it? Though it was an alien language, I had been exposed to much of their nomenclature, and in a sudden burst of insight I began to recognize details...

A string of sharp, angular symbols..I'd seen that sequence before....yes! My own penis-identification serial number! I'd seen it on a Coit'ii's belly not long ago! There were more digits under it, probably numerals...and Suzi was making adjustments...adjusting...changing the numerals. In a flash of comprehension, I realized that she was downgrading my rate of ejaculations! Altering the reports of my sperm output! The truth was clear to me: Live spermatazoa being such a commodity, she was exploiting her position to secure more of my semen for herself! A lesser Coit'ii, Angel had been arrested for the crime of giving me a blowjob - for the loss of valuable sperm that could have been sold to hundreds of millions of others in their salacious empire!

I supposed such corruption was to some extent inevitable with great power. This was probably standard for Elite Coit'ii; lying...embezzling...falsifying to secure more men, more sperm for themselves - allowing them to outbreed their peers and have a greater power-base to call upon for political maneuvering. Probably happened all the time. And it seemed her Time had come; after finishing her adjustments she hurried off into an adjoining chamber - and I could hear her grunting, moaning, squealing and knew she was birthing the new Coit'ii I had sired. Would these spawn retain some vestige of humanity? How much of my DNA would be useful to this species? But it wasn't that we had a unique trait this race needed; what mattered to them was quantity, not quality. They had already mated with races stronger, smarter, and with more unique abilities...but human seed would magnify everything. The race would become mightier, and Suzi would gain in status each time I impregnated her....more and more power... It gave me a lot to think about as I pretended to sleep.


Something was in the air. Though stud-slaves were not routinely informed of...anything, I could tell for several days that something big was happening...there was one word I heard whispered among the gossiping workers as they went about their errands, casually mimicking the sexual fantasies of their captives. One word....


I wondered if my cerebral implant was working properly, because each alien I overheard during the next few days seemed to anticipate this coming event with glee. I had also learned of a new, standard pheromone they could produce during conversation, a smooth, sweet coconut scent... it seemed to signify expectant glee!

I saw Dr. Cox again, her face appeared on a floating screen on the wall as a force bubble shuttled me towards what I presumed was the next contestant on my Mating Docket.

"Dr. Cox, it's been - "

"I tried to stop them;" she interrupted.

"You mean the sex - I never - "

"I tried to convince them that your brain was of more value in its native state, but the military has overode my objections...it seems the demand for your cum is growing greater and you..."

"and I what?"

"They have selected you as the Androsium... that is - it is difficult to translate into your language... perhaps the closest approximation is: Prize Bull."

"And....I don't think they'll have me charging a skinny guy with a red cape?" I ventured.

"Hardly. The Androsium must be a stud among studs; a male of such virility that he will exhaust any woman with orgasms long before he himself has finished venting his seed. The Androsium must be a male paragon of limitless libido."

"L-limitless....but that means..."

"Yes, my authority has been overrode... you are scheduled for Level 5 experimental sexual enhancement." I knew, I had seen what that must mean, the side-effects.

"So that would have to be....not just my cock but..."

"Yes, Cecil... the treatment will permanently multiply your sex-drive, as well as your physical potency, far beyond anything that would have been tolerable under human society."

"I remember the recordings of a similar procedure; the pleasure centers of my brain will overtake my...my memory...personality?"

"You will...find this hard to believe..." her voice lowered as the screen hovered behind me, as I was conveyed to my fate. "But it was your mind that I valued the most; you escaped my Simulator; no other humans have duplicated your accomplishment. I wanted to tell you that....while....while you are still you." I admit, I was touched.

"That means a lot to me, and....well, I have something to tell you, too."


Cold... I was cold against the wind...and I was...outside? It was...harder to think....harder to remember...I wasn't sure how much time had passed. I heard the roar of the crowd - thousands upon thousands of voices, accompanied by an indecipherable cornucopia of sweet pheromones that suffused the air. It was some sort of open-air auditorium. A great ceremony, a ritual that I could not understand...would I have understood it before....before the treatment?

Those crazed, maddening hours came back to me in a flash. I wasn't sure how much time had passed, or how much time I had spent undergoing the Level 5 enhancement, but slowly...the events were returning to memory. I had spent hours...days? inside a clear, crystal booth - and there had been a green, egg-shaped object there with me, it was some sort of alien life-form....when it opened I was blasted by an irresistable floral scent that sent me moaning with bliss. The green, plant-thing lashed out, and wrapped itself around my cock...stroking, massaging me like a woman's cunt. Then...the rays came.

I had remembered from days before; the pink beam that assaulted my groin and boosted my potency - only this time my whole body was bathed in scintillating, pink light that made me tingle from every pore; and I got hornier...so horny...but it was no good. The plant-pod was masturbating me...yet I couldn't come! Ever! The energy filled my groin with the seething heat of dozens of orgams, yet there could be no release - only a perverted, psychedelic pleasure from so much erotic stimulation. I could only giggle with mad, artificial glee as the teasing torment continued past the point of exhaustion.

I tried to lock away my mind, my memories - trying to catalogue my own thoughts as if to preserve them from a gnawing, rutting abyss in which there could never be enough pussy, and in which my cock was forever hard. I didn't know if I had succeeded. Was I still myself? Probably not. But the predominant emotion that I felt was not lust...rather, it was fear.

My cock was so hard now, my balls were so tight that I lived in fear of losing the frequent, endless sex that had been forced upon me. I knew as surely as anything that I would never protest again the chance to impregnate a Coit'ii.

So here I was, strapped spread-eagle to a round pallet in some sort of open air stadium...that must be it. Rows upon Rows seated a legion of shapely aliens as though I were the guest of honor at the Universe's biggest Porn-Star Convention. Round, floating holograms displayed expanded images for all the crowd to see, many of them were of my own, augmented penis. It took me a few moments to realize that I was larger, harder than ever. My member was like a massive sausage, far over a foot long, more like...fourteen, fifteen inches? I knew that I truly belonged to the Coit'ii now; no Earth woman could hope to handle my dick and come out in one piece.

There was an honor guard of Chastities, and they raised to their lips phallic-shaped musical instruments which blew out a clear, crisp clarion call that sounded like a teenage girl screaming in orgasm. The crowd began to quiet their voices and scents alike.

"Her Honorable Judgeship Lustrotiqahri, Overslut of the Seventh Parsec!" came the announcement. A gravid female who resembled a dark-haired, pregnant beauty sauntered towards a raised desk that hovered thousands of feet above. Round screens projected images all throughout the stadium to be visible to all. She was sultry, with an air of olive-skinned mystery about her as she rubbed her gravid womb. An important judge should be someone older in human culture, but the Coit'ii showed no evidence of aging - her smooth, youthful features made her look like a teenage pregnancy statistic. She was wearing decorative body-oil, rainbow-sparkled, which I imagined must convey high status. A floating screen drifted closer to me, and I caught a whiff. I realized that Coit'ii telecommunications technology had the impressive ability to somehow convey scent as well as light and sound! - look out Dish Network! Her personal arousal musk was like strawberries mixed with brown sugar.

Why pregnant? My brain labored more slowly than usual before I realized that it must be the same logic as that of the Chastity Guards. Only judges pregnant for long time periods could be trusted to make rulings involving men and sperm; on the hope that once pregnant her libido would be diminished. She was probably more important than the Supreme Andrologist! How many thousands of copulations had she secured, to breed enough young to gain such an illustrious-seeming position?

"Bring forth the Accused!" Declared the Overslut of the Seventh Parsec in an amplified voice.

Two poles were rolled forward, bearing elastic bands that secured a thrashing, moaning Porn-Star; it was...


She still wore the form of stripper-model Crystal Gunns that I had jerked off to years ago, her eyes were forlorned, yet ultimately resigned. Her belly was taut and smooth again, had she delivered my offspring? I feared to ask.

"Anjiiishelvethlest, you stand accused of stealing over three-hundred million spermatazoa from the Interstellar Authority of the Coit'ii Empire through unauthorized oral sex! How do you plead?"

"I never - "

"The Plea is Guilty!" declared the Overslut. The crowd twittered with excitement. "And the verdict...

"Shall be declared at the conclusion of the Tournament!" The Judge raised her arms with a dramatic flourish. The crowd erupted into wild cheers and coconut-scented pheromones. What was this? They turned their judicial proceedings into entertainment? I guess that was a way to get the common people interested, but it seemed remarkably unjust. No Earth court would have been conducted this way....Earth....I...that was it; it was getting harder for me to remember details of the old planet, when humans ruled it. My memories were being taken over by my increased sex-drive, but I hoped that my natural cunning was still intact. It was as though there was a storm cloud in my mind... I knew that at the slightest provocation, I would erupt into a copulatory frenzy beyond all reason. My old plan was impossible now, there would be no human resistance that I would be a part of, because I could no longer live among humans.

I knew that if I saw a pretty girl walking down the street, the raging libido that lurked in my thoughts would roar to life, and I would proposition her regardless of the consequences... and pity the woman who accepted my advances, and risked my mutated, crow-bar length cock. This was my life now, but I had still had a secret... a precious secret...

The Overslut clapped her hands, and there was a great grinding moan as heavy machinery raised up two massive, scultped pillars from the ground in the center of the stadium. Each great pillar had two small mounds above a great, swollen mound with a vertical slit near the bottom. The slit was made of some sort of liquid metal that squeezed open with a blow from the orgy-trumpets. From each of the pillars, six Coit'ii emerged, naked and eager and aggressive. On the left, all the females had varying shades of cascading red hair, and on the right, all had honey to platinum-blond hair. They had a sleek vigor that belied their voluptuous, top-heavy figures. On the screens that hovered above me, I could see their faces and their perfect, sculpted bodies. There was something odd about their faces...there was a great deal of variation...I couldn't put my finger on it, but there was something unique about these Coit'ii that I hadn't recognized in any others. Her Honor waddled to the edge of her stage to address the crowd, a hand supporting her massive gravidity.

"My Sister Sluts; I give you a time-honored and sacred tradition upheld since the first seduction-conquest so many Yearns ago! These twelve contestants you see before you were not born on Homeworld, aboard ship, nor any of the Colonies! Rather, they were each born here, on this very soil!

"Yes, these twelve were once human females! They possessed the strength necessary to survive and flourish when blessed with out race-memory spores, and have now metamorphed! They have been reborn! They are as we are!" The crowd roared again, many in the audience spanked their own asses by way of applause.

It hit me then what was so different about these twelve....most of the aliens... they copied the deepest cravings of nearby men...but these...no, they hadn't done that... these neo-Coit'ii that had been infected had a different psychology than the others - they were not copying the fantasies of others, they were fulfilling their own! So many women lived their lives never satisfied with their own bodies - but now that they had transformed, they were shape-shifters... and had given themselves the impossibly gorgeous bodies they'd always wished they could have! And there would be more like them; I remembered still that while human males had the highest sperm count of any species known, human females seemed to possess the greatest likelihood of assimilating the alien biology and becoming Coit'ii themselves! It was better than a dream come true for these women - Perfect beauty forever, easy sex and painless, quick pregnancies.

"These new Sisters need a place in our great Empire; they begin with no connections or resources... but they shall be provided opportunity! The winners of the first Sol Three-Hundred-Million Tournament shall be granted one-hundred free copulations with the males of their choice; to provide them the beginnings of the status needed to rise in our society! Shall it be Gold team, or Red team? But in addition....the victors shall also gain unrestricted access for seventy-two throbs with....

"The Androsium!!" Proclaimed the Overslut in a booming voice that carried for miles. Machines lowered the platform I was strapped to, spread-eagle between strong, elastic bands and held helpless. But my cock was rigid, ready and impressive! The crowd shouted and thundered their approval. I was now in plain view above the middle of the stadium field between the two pillars with orb-screens giving everyone intimate closeups of my enhanced manhood as it gorged with blood and lust. Some of the lesser Coit'ii in the stands began openly masturbating.

The contestants glared greedily at my member on display for thousands. (perhaps millions if the event was to be broadcasted.) I could tell that what had made the women truly human was now gone from them; when I looked into their glamorous faces, I sensed none of the emotional complexity of a human female; now there was only that ruthless hunger for sex at any cost - a cold nymphomania that would drive them to spread their legs without compassion or discretion. I knew that each of the twelve would committ any deceit, break any vow, for the chance to impregnate themselves upon my cock.

"MYTILINI! MYTILINI!" what did that mean? As I pondered what was to happen next, a third team, probably of natural-born Coit'ii ascended from a staircase I could not see from my position, onto the platform where I was bound. They had unusual haircolors, green - blue - white - and purple. Their faces and bodies shivered slightly as they morphed into the tall, mega-busty, sexy-svelte body-ideal that I craved even more now that ever before! Each member of the quartet was decorated with sparkling body oil that matched their color.

"Hnnn...what, a warm up session?" I hoped. These newcomers did not speak, but rather danced, jiggled and strutted their nude charms before me in a blatant invitation that I was in no position to accept. "What....what are you doing? C-cum here...to my cock..." I gurgled, realizing the futility of denying my augmented sex-drive. Rather than speaking, Green-hair gave my beefy rod a smooth, precise lick. I bucked against the elastic restraints hopelessly.

Their insight was formidable; not only did they know the exact body shape to make me stew in my own hormones, they seemed able to read my mind and know what moves I most wanted to see a woman perform. How did they know that I craved the sight of a woman shaking her naked ass in my face like that? They knew how excited I became from a gal able to slap her own breasts together with a noise like clapping hands. Blue-hair would growl in my ear slightly, teasing me with her erotic Lure.

Through the haze of my lust, I finally realized the true purpose of this torment: These Coit'ii were not here to have sex with me - it was part of the show. While these entities might be willing to spread their legs for virtually any male, it was all the better if the man was a rampant stud howling with his own frustrated cravings, a male beast as primal as possible was an enormous stimulation for them. So these dancers were here to tease; they were keeping me right at the cusp of climax, then let off for a while...studying me with careful precision.

It took great skill to perform as they did; they must be experienced professionals with deep insight - keeping me at the snarling pinnacle of arousal - making me stay there - without letting me cum! They played me like a fiddle! My erect rod showed the contestants what lay in store for them; and all knew that I would have a very, very full load of cum for the victor's cunt.

But there was more; while I'd been distracted; new equipment had somehow been moved onto the field, there were a series of...what looked like hammocks, but they hung like sacks rather than supportive nets. A white ball about the size of a bean-bag chair hung floating through alien superscience near the center of the blue-moss field, below my platform.

"MYTILINI! MYTILINI!" The crowd proclaimed once more. The teams separated, a blonde and a redhead each slipped into one of the six hammock-bags together - and immediately began to fondle, caress, and molest each other. Yes, it made sense...Mytilini must be the official name for the Coit'ii sport of competitive Lesbian sex. Another round screen flickered into being, showing a pair of identical brunettes that both resembled Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen.

"And we're off to a rousing start; both teams have assimilated our Race-memory and have been instructed by the best!" began the Giselle-clone on the left.

"Red-Team has been schooled in the Sacred Art by none other than Dykkmisukkya, the reknowned Slut of Sirius Fifteen-Million - who was assigned to ply her salacious skills in the seduction and entrapment of the original human rulers of this very planet!"

"But don't forget that Gold-Team has been trained in Mytilini by High Harlot Analascia'houri, who single-handedly proliferated enough offspring to conquer Antares Five-Hundred-Thousand!" countered righty. "Not to mention her ranking among the top 1% of the Empire's Most Fertile!"

"But she hasn't been challenged in sixty yearns! Has that lofty desk-job softened the teaching skills of the High Harlot? I guess we'll find out!"

"Ohh...Firstcum! The Point goes to Red-Team!" The audience spanked themselves as a freckled red-head in the sack-hammock ground her middle finger into the gaping slit of her blonde competitor-lover while flicking her clit with a dextrous thumb. One of the pillars began to groan and shake, and the stone belly of the structure began to flow and shift, swelling larger in some mockery of pregnancy. That must be the scoreboard.

"Well, with Firstcum we have the first variable!" announced Giselle to the left. The white ball floating near the center changed color to green with a flicker, and began to pulse. The contestants grunted as their already ample breasts began to inflate. None of them were below a D-cup in size, but blondes and red-heads alike shivered with ecstasy as their assets blossomed an inch every three seconds - bosoms squeezing and pressing against each other to form compressed quadrants of canteloupe-sized cleavage. The contestants knew to focus on their enemies' breasts and nipples now, most grinding their chests against each other, looking for a chance to pinch or flick an opposing nipple. Their growth slowed to quivering spurts of inflation as each mammary expanded near the territory of soccerball size. Amazing; the Ball somehow tied-in to the shape-shifting powers of the Players.

Finally, a red-head squealed as a blonde took her nipple between her lips and began a squeezing-suckle. I could see the red-head's naked pelvis shake with fury, and knew that the next orgasm had been reached. The sculpture across the field shook and groaned, as the belly grew and swelled to track the score of Gold-Team.

"G-gotta admit...s-sure beats Monday-Night Football!" I conceded, as a floating screen showed an intimate close-up of the bloated breasts squeezed together, close enough to see the rivulets of oily musk that the females secreted when aroused. The ball changed again, flickering to a blue color - matching the hair shade of one of my tormentors. The slits beneath the pillars opened again, and a fleet of penis-bots darted out, one going to each sack, trying to squeeze between the wet thighs of the contestants.

I suddenly felt soft lips kissing and biting my bare man-nipples, it was white-haired, apparently wanting to command my attention. Green had seated herself past me, where I could clearly see her puffy-lipped pussy as she spread herself for my view. Blue had secured a penis-bot, and thrust it mercilessly between Green's legs with a wet squelch. The pair grunted and moaned as Green's hungry cunt was luridly pleasured with slippery strokes. Her eyes riveted mine with a mesmerizing intensity - those eyes alone where enough to seduce me.

Down below, the competition had shifted into high-gear, legs kicked and spines arched within the hammock-sacks as the contestants squeezed their eyes shut and bit their lips, each struggling to bring her enemy to climax without crossing the precipice herself. Finally, on a corner of the field, an auburn-red neo-Coit'ii and her honey-blonde enemy both surged together, their pussies quivering; it looked like a simultaneous orgasm! The bellies on both pillars swelled larger - but that still left Team-Red with the advantage!

But I had my own problems; a soft hand grabbed and pumped my ramrod cock. Just once; more than that would have sent me over, and they knew that. Green-hair snarled as the penis-bot being ground into her sex pushed her to her own climax, while Purple-haired standing behind them performed what resembled a naked belly-dance, while pinching her own nipples. But it turned out that Green was a spurter. Neck-muscles clenching, she groaned as her twat began to spasm, my own cock and groin sprayed by her slick, tangy girl-cum!

"Y-you...sluuuuuuuuut!!" I exclaimed, striving, straining for climax. It was too much, the scent of her sex-musk, like honey-mustard barbecue sauce unlocked the deep urges burning in my mind.

"Thank you!" she replied.

The Coit'ii no longer had a sentient male; my cunning and intellect where locked away inside the roaring man-beast I had become; a volcanic rage to impregnate crushed out all else. I didn't know my name; didn't know who they were..didn't know Earth, or remember. All I knew was that I was male, and they were female. Amidst my roars, one of the elastic straps began to weaken, but the Judge noticed and clicked something behind her desk, and the strand that I was on the verge of snapping hardened into some sort of metal concretion. The crowd was impressed! And the teams paused for a moment to exult in the libidinous fury of the male that would be servicing the victors! It seemed I was making an excellent Androsium.

But then the ball changed to purple, and the dildos penis-bots fled the field, but... a cunning blonde grabbed one of the shafts as it was flying away -

And plunged it into her enemies' ass! The Red-head howled in surprised shock, and her pussy slickened with orgasm.

"Ohhhhh....that was dirty!" exclaimed Giselle on the right.

"Nothing in the rules that prevents it!" replied Lefty, her eyes widening in surprise at the unexpected tactic. The swollen bellies made it a tie score!

But then the contestants gurgled, squirming in pleasure and pain as the Orb forced a new change upon them; with several quivering spurts, each female on the field had sprouted a second pair of breasts - that rapidly grew to the same size as the first, yet all the mammaries continued changing slightly - until they were perhaps two inches short of the girth of small watermelons.

"Hmm....back in the old days, Analascia'houri always got into trouble when we got to the multi-breast round! Can her proteges pull themselves together?" wondered one of the Giselles. I wouldn't find out, because my tormentor-seducers were distracting me again. Blue had straddled me in a sixty-nine position, the swollen lips of her cunt hovering inches above my face. I was deluged in her pungent musk as she blew air upon my member - not enough to finish me off...but my cock spasmed....so close....how long could they hold me here, on the precipice between agony and release? She rubbed her pussy in my face, and I snarled with desire for her pineapple and honeydew scented sex.

"Rrr....Revenge...on you..." I rumbled ferociously. She licked my cockhead. "I'll look...for you...find you...dirty, alien slut... when I do... get you back for this... I'll pump you so full of cum...you'll be giving birth to human babies for ten yearns!" I vowed between clenched teeth. Blue-hair laughed, and answered me with a hint of bubble-gum followed by a whiff of coconut.

"Ohhh... we're in the final round - and you know what that means: Combo-Time!" declared Giselle on the right. The orb changed back to white, and began to pump, pulse. The effects on the competitors where two-fold; their massive racks of supernummary breasts began to squirt tight streams of milk, while their hips popped and their thighs and asses widened - butts swelling before my eyes until they reached a size like basketballs cut in half. Most tried to squirt their new, milky assets into each others pussies, while mercilessly kneading the ass-cheeks of her opponent. But one cunning green-eyed red-head with a tiny mole on her cheek reached down to nibble three of the blonde's nipples in rapid succession, followed by a shocking slap to the ass! The surprise worked, and blondie exploded into a deluge of slick, female ejaculate!

From somewhere a bell rang, and the belly above Red-Team expanded into a ripeness that exceeded Gold-Team, and the match was over!

"Well that's it! By order of Her Honor, Overslut of the Seventh Parsec, all members of Red-Team are awarded one-hundred free copulations with males of their choice, in addition to seventy-two throbs being serviced by the Androsium!" I roared, knowing that meant me. So I would be impregnating red-heads for...three days? *Rrrrrrrrhhhhhh* Not enough; I didn't care if the blondes had lost; I wanted them all! I wanted to see all twelve of the neo-Coit'ii bearing my seed! After I finished with these four sluts on my platform; if I ever escaped, these teases would have to be carried out on stretchers from the weight of all the young I wanted to father upon them! Somewhere above, a container of something like confetti exploded, raining down upon the stadium.

"So be it!" Declared the Overslut, sitting behind her desk. Now that the tournament is satisfied; the verdict shall be recorded. The Accused is found Guilty!" Even in my mind-numbed state, I sensed that this was a tragic mockery of justice. The crowd whispered and murmured. Angel seemed on the verge of tears.

"As the Accused has no reasonable expectation of repaying the value of the sperm she illegally ingested, she shall be remanded to the penal colony of Hyst'rectomi, in the Pruhdd Sector!" There were murmurs of shock. "She shall be denied all copulations, all impregnations whether Single-Seeding, Simulated, or from Direct Mating!" Angel wailed in torment; and sagged in her bonds from the tragic verdict. The crowd murmured and gossiped.

"Hold!" Declared the Judge; "The proceedings are not yet complete! There is yet one more Case, other charges to be levied." I heard the grinding of yet more machinery. It seemed that some sort of basin was being slid into view from beneath the platform where the Overslut held court.

"The Court calls forth..."

"Supreme Andrologist Anjiiulliishsuzz!" A collective gasp hissed from the crowd, there were several minutes of murmurs and whispers.

"Of all the temerity! I am the highest ranking official on this entire planet!" hissed Suzi as she strode on the platform with her pregnant honor guard entourage.

"And I am the highest ranking official in this region of space." Countered the Overslut of the Seventh Parsec. "The accusations have been filed; the charges are severe - you too, are now on trial!" The Judge's belly throbbed as though her gestating young shared the crowd's excitement.

Suzi was sputtering in disbelief..."But you can't just...wh-who? What is the Charge?!" The Judge smiled;

" One Billion counts of Sperm Theft." The virility of humanity was a two-edged sword in the Coit'ii judicial system; with so many spermatazoa possible in each orgasm, the crime of theft became more severe!

"Wh...how...m-my accuser! Who dares!" As they spoke, the basin below the platform locked into place, extending fifteen feet beyond the edge. This receptacle was filled with an eerie, chocolatey brown oil of some sort.

"I DARE!" boomed a voice as the naked figure of Dr. Cox stepped into view. She kicked off her high-heeled shoes as though preparing for battle. "And I claim resolution by the Ancient Rites!" The face of my ex-girlfriend contorted in anger. From where I was bound twenty feet away, a potent scent of lemon juice reached me.

"You can't just....it is not so simple! Against one of my rank, no one is allowed to simply fabricate wild claims with no evidence! For the Ancient Rites you need a corroborating witness! Who would testify against me?" A hush fell over the crowd.

"I WILL!!" I boomed; was my voice getting deeper? From the look on Suzi's face, you could have knocked her over with a feather.

"This...ungrateful...this...is irrelevant! A male stud-slave cannot testify under Coit'ii Law!!" she spat. The Judge, unmoved by the outburst nodded slightly.

"Under Traditional Codes you would be correct; however there exists sufficient precedent if the stud in question has been elevated to the rank of Androsium." Whispers shot through the crowd. Well, don't that just beat all?

"State your charge, human." the Judge ordered.

"*HRRRRHN* She drank my cum. So much of it; she sucked my cock - and when I orgasmed, there were no penis-bots to filter my sperm. We had regular sex two...at least three times; and when I came, it all went into her pussy. Later, she drank it...what she didn't drink, she rubbed onto her tits...millions of sperm cells that could have been used to fertilize less-fortunate Coit'ii!" I knew that would play well for the crowd. There were hushed gasps. Class envy. Works every time.

"At any time did the Accused make an effort to use a filtration device to capture your spermatazoa?"


"At any time did the Accused employ a preservative to store your semen for later use after she was impregnated?"

"NO. She simply sucked my cock...ate my cum."

"That Charge is made! In accordance with precedent; the Ancient Rites are to be fulfilled!" At that pronouncement, Dr. Cox stepped into the slick pool of chocolatey oil. It was knee-deep.

"By Law and the Order of the Overslut of the Seventh Parsec, the Accused is compelled to obey!" Her own Honor Guard turned against the Supreme Andrologist, prodding her with their glowing, pink staffs until she complied with the ruling of the Overslut.


The Pool began to bubble as soon as both challengers had stepped inside. There was no love lost between these two, and all could see a hints of their adversarial history. They lunged, splashing the oily mud as Dr. Cox's mouth went straight for a nipple, and Suzi's middle finger thrust with deep precision into her enemy's ass.

Their nude, slick flesh entwined before the teeming throngs as they fought to mutually pleasure the other. Moments into their ardent coupling, a pungent confluence of odors reached me.

"The Elixir of the Ancient Rites contains a catalyst that will amplify emotions of guilt and deceit, changing them into erotic stimulation! She who lies will be revealed by first orgasm!" The Judge called out with amplified voice to the riveted crowd. The scents...so strong...I eventually realized that the chemical compounds were reacting in some way; the natural arousal musk of each Coit'ii in the pool was being amplified to overpowering levels. I was blasted with an odor of peaches and wine strong enough to be intoxicating, while the maple-syrup and pear-juice was so potent I could almost taste it.

The combatants were only driven to greater frenzies by the musk of their enemy. Dr. Cox tried to grapple her opponent's hips to drive a tongue into her pussy, but both times Suzi slipped past while managing to tweak a nipple! Finally the Andrologist pressed her advantage by attempting to tackle her rival, but Cox went low, and plunged into the oil deep enough to cover herself. The moment's disorientation as Suzi's eyes scanned the slime was enough of a distraction for Dr. Cox to surge to her feet behind her enemy and hook her arm between Suzi's legs!

Both collapsed into a nude, thrashing sixty-nine through the elixir as their breasts began to grow. It seemed as though each pair of mammaries waged a struggle of their own, as they fought through grape-fruit, canteen, and basketball sizes, throbbing with erotic growth as the sensual armageddon drove onwards to a pussy-quivering climax!

Dr. Cox was staggered for a few precious seconds as her hyper-aroused breasts began leaking, then shooting milk in crazy arcs through the pool. But as Suzi was about to go for the clit, she stumbled as her hips began to widen! Their bodies were reacting to their own arousal with uncontrollable expansion of their sexual characteristics. It seemed to be an involuntary stress reaction; with competition for sex so fierce in their culture, they were equipped with natural mechanisms to increase the odds for pregnancy.

But soon, they no longer cared. They forgot their rivalry, forgot everything but the now burning need to cum! Their mammoth breasts sandwiched each other as the lurid competitors pressed themselves together, fingers buried in the other's cunt. Their widening, expanding, blossoming breasts formed multiple layers as they erupted from two - to four - then both of them sprouted simultaneously until their where six! Twelve mammaries assaulted each other, taut nipples pressing, cleavage deepening, oils slithering down their sleek flesh.



Her pussy clenched against mine. And I could feel her rampant breastflesh straining against my grip, unable to hold her mammalian bounty as I pounded my shaft into her welcoming sanctum.

" - s-so... She has been recalled to Coitus-Prime; for a f-full...full...investigation." She breathed through moist lips.

"Who then?" I grunted, pounding her slit as I leaned up against the wall of the Ladies' Locker Room. Several red-headed neo-Coit'ii lay scattered upon the floor and wooden benches as they cradled their throbbing bellies; each of them experiencing Coit'ii hyper-fertility for the first time, and cooing with delight.

"Word...has returned... she is given....special consideration....for her high status...but...until then... the High Harlots have declared..."

"RRHHNNHH...You." I guessed.

"That's right; I have been appointed interim administrator until a permanent replacement can be selected." Dr. Cox admitted.

"AHHHHRRHH...legally...would not have been possible; but it was Suzi who put through the orders to have my libido multiplied, to make me the Androsium!"

"She wanted you so horny, you wouldn't be able to think about the way she was stealing, wasting your sperm. And...I know...that the Level 5 enhancement did take away...some of your memory...replacing it with sex-drive...but not enough... you still had...the mental acumen....to come up with your plan...and it worked. But why....why bother to get involved at all? Why not bury yourself in the pleasure of endless sex with women you've craved all your life?"

"Hrrrrhhhh.." My dimmed intellect struggled to form my thoughts into words. "I have been told...that the Coit'ii copy the genetic advantages of each race they mate with; but there is so much more...than just genes...that can help society....there are...ideals as well... Angel....she was sent to a penal colony...for the crime of giving me a blow-job. If it is illegal for her to drink a full load of my sperm, then it should be illegal for the Supreme Andrologist as well! One trait...of humanity...I hope to impart, is that...of Justice!"

"What a peculiar male you are."

"And you benefit from my eccentricities." I admitted, her pussy squeezing my member.

"As will you; fear not Cecil. You'll never be without all the pussy you can handle. You'll have ample chance to pass on all the traits you possibly can. More so, now that your reputation has spread; the stud-slave that brought down the Supreme Andrologist."

"But you will profit more...running operations on Sol Three-Hundred-Million, you'll have your pick of sperm - as long as it's all accounted for. You've triumphed....won a great victory.." I explained between thrusts; as I pressed the nubile alien against a row of lockers.

"But there's something...*GRUNT* you don't know....about me....I'm going to tell you....explain...everything... to prove...my point." she moaned. "I escaped...days ago...you all know that...but....what you don't know...is that ....before I was picked up.... I found something...I found a ship....crashed....not Human-built....could tell...the design...not made by the Coit'ii....it was another race...one that you had seduced and conquered before mine..." It was hard to tell if Dr. Cox was listening, her eyes were squeezed shut as her alien womb savored my mammoth fifteen-inches of manmeat.

"Inside...found a lab...with a bio-weapon on board....scientist...made recording...he said he tried to make a plague...to attack your fertility...lower birthrates and libido of your kind....take away your ability...to seduce new worlds..."

"Preposterous..." grunted the voluptuous alien scientist.

"Yes...your race...has gained much...scientific knowledge...from others...and were on to him....right away....you were concerned...with any threat to your fertility. Stopped his plague, before it started. I knew....how to succeed...where he failed....his ship...translated instructions into English.....and I used it...to make another bio-weapon..."


"Oh yes, but this one...this one does the opposite; it will not dampen your fertility, but increase it...and increase it. It will be... a cascade reaction. Those whom I impregnate will give birth to more young that normal, and their normal libido will increase even above your slutty norms. But the young Coit'ii that I'm fathering upon you will be hornier yet; and even more fertile than their mothers. And the contamination will continue to proliferate at an ever faster rate..." I pinched her nipples, making her shudder with longing.

"Your problems...over-populaion, the ruthless hunger for sex at any cost...will grow worse and worse. But the structure of your society will prevent you from stopping it; those with more young wield more political power, and they will use that power to secure more copulations, more sperm, more sex....and they will breed with a hunger that will surprise even you....until your social order breaks down - in a few generations, Coit'ii will be so horny, that they will be unable to put aside their lusts long enough to cooperate in a stable Empire. No one will be trustworthy; and your culture will tear itself apart....for more men....more sex.

"Yes, you could contain those with lesser libido...but if your libido and fertility grow greater? Oh no, Doctor....that will be your doom."

"It's not...I can't believe it...not true...not true." She wrapped her legs around my pelvis.

"If it was true...would that stop you? Could you vow to never breed with me again? To prevent a maddening epidemic from spreading? Could you stop?"


"Could you..?"


"It's true...all true."

"CUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" And I spurted...and spurted...and knew I was right. The Coit'ii preyed upon male desire for limitless sex, but their own libidoes had already grown so great, that they were vulnerable to the same trap themselves.

I slipped out of her as I rose, to catch my breath. But just then, I heard someone turn on the showers in the lockerroom, past the rows of wooden benches. A wet, nude form stalked into few...she had a familiar, perfectly erotic body and scent...and blue hair!

"I pulled some strings and got assigned to your Mating Docket; and I remember you, human." She purred mischeviously. "I wondered if you're still man enough to make good on your threat?" She spread the lips of her pussy as she leaned against the slick shower walls. "Take your revenge...fill me to bursting with your young!"

Impossibly, predictably, my mutant cock stirred to life...twitching as it rose to full power. Oh yes...this was my revenge....There would be more sex, more lust - until their Empire crumbled to dust.

End of Part 3 [1 2 3]

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