by Thom

Innocently, Peggy walked in the kitchen door of her friend Megans house as she had done a hundred times before, expecting to find Megan either in the kitchen or out by the pool. After calling Megans name a couple of times with only silence in response, Peggy walked into the family room at the back of the house that led to the pool.

As she approached the double set of sliders that overlooked the pool deck and the back yard, she caught site of Peggys eleven-year-old daughter Melissa and another little girl on a chase lounge half way between the house and the pool. Both of them were naked, which in and of itself wasnt unusual. Peggy and Megan and their daughters often skinny dipped when the men werent around. What was unusual though about the scene she was witnessing was that Melissas friends head was between Melissas legs and it sure looked like she was busy eating Melissa out.

The other little girl was stretched out from Melissas middle, her legs opened wide, feet dangling off the side of the chase. A movement under the little girls bottom made Peggy think that the other little girl was diddling herself while taking care of Melissa. Peggy slowly moved toward the far end of the family room to the other set of doors so that she could get a better look between the little girls legs. From this new angle, Peggy confirmed her suspicion about what the little girl was up to and couldnt help but snake her hand into her own shorts to address the tingly feeling she was having there.

Inside her shorts, Peggy was surprised to find that her panties were soaking wet from her juices. She hadnt recalled becoming wet but she certainly was and at the same time she became aware of the quickness of her breath. Separating the elastic of the panties around her leg, she took a couple of fingers and aimed them at her clitty which she found to be erect and practically begging for attention.

Reaching her typical masturbation cruising speed, Peggy was beginning to feel a bit better. She had had her eyes pretty much glued to the bottom of Melissas little friend, watching her cute little butt wiggling over her hand as she fingered herself. Able to glance away from that for a brief second, her eyes locked onto Melissas who was watching her through the glass door. It was obvious to Peggy that Melissa was enjoying her little friends work. For her part, Peggy suddenly became even more aroused knowing that she had been caught watching the girls and playing with herself. In a brief moment, she got over with a rushing orgasm. Finally breaking eye contact with Melissa, Peggy hurried out of the house.

At first it made Melissa unhappy to see her mothers friend standing in the family room watching as she had sex with her best friend Rachel out on the pool deck. But after a bit, as she watched Peggy snake her hands into her pants, she realized that Peggy was turned on by what she was seeing and that made Melissa that much more turned on too. Melissa had always thought Peggy was one of her moms prettiest friends and secretly had a crush on her. She never dreamed that anything would come of that until that day. As she lay there being so deliciously serviced by her friend, she began to wonder if maybe she could use this incident to further her relationship with her moms good friend.

Rachel climbed up on top of Melissa, pressing her body into her friends who wrapped her legs and arms around her tightly. The two little girls had been lovers for four years, since they were seven and were completely comfortable with one another. Melissa announced that she had a game she thought they should play. She said they both should try to seduce a grown up into being their lover and see who could do it first. They would need to figure out a terrific prize for the one who won but they could figure that out later. In the meantime, she thought that Rachel should take Melissas mother Pam and she would take her mothers best friend, Peggy.

Very hesitant, naturally, at first, Rachel didnt want to get involved in seducing an adult even though she thought Melissas mother was one of the sexiest adults around and often thought about her when she masturbated and wouldnt at all mind being naked with her and touching her and stuff. Finally, when they agreed that the loser would have to do the winners household chores for a month, every last one of them, did Rachel agree to the contest. And she thought even if she lost, it would be fun trying to seduce Melissas mom.

Melissa, of course, had a leg up on her friend and knew just where to start. That is, she would go directly to the solution because she imagined after seeing what she thought she did through the family room window while her friend was busy eating her cunny, she imagined that Peggy would be a push over.

She thought she might need an excuse to visit Peggy but for the life of her she couldnt think of one so she decided that the direct approach might be the best. One afternoon on her way home from visiting Rachel, she just decided to stop by and confront Peggy on what she thought she had seen and see if Peggy didnt want to pick up where it seemed to her they had left off.

Peggy, was not totally surprised to see Melissa standing outside her door when she peeked out after hearing the door bell ring. She knew that Melissa had made eye contact with her when she was watching her and her little friend loving up one another. She suspected that Melissa might want to make sure that she wasnt going to tell Melissas mother what she had witnessed. What she didnt suspect though she might have if she had thought about it a little harder, was that Melissa had seen her with her hand in her pants and that maybe, just maybe, Melissa was wondering if Peggy might have not found the scene hot and desired to continue it with her in one form or another.

Peggy invited Melissa in and offered her something to drink. After the immediate pleasantries had passed, Peggy said she was sorry that she had walked in on Melissa and her friend. She said she sort of froze because she was startled at first and wasnt sure she understood what she was looking at. She didnt recall hearing Melissas mom Megan say anything about Melissa liking girls instead of boy or maybe it was in addition to. Melissa assured her that it was okay and that her mother didnt know really. And she preferred girls over boys any day. In fact, Melissa added, it was very exciting for her knowing she was being watched by Peggy and that it made the orgasm that much better for it.

This exchange made Peggy wet her pants just as watching the girls had before and she was feeling herself slipping off the edge of her known world and heading someplace she had never been before. She blurted out before she could process whether it was appropriate or not that she too had been excited about watching them. Melissa acknowledged as much by reminding Peggy that she had seen Peggy touching herself while she was doing the watching. Peggy added though that doing anything beyond watching had its risks and potential problems and that the two of them shouldnt start down that path.

It was Melissa who suggested then that she might arrange another opportunity for Peggy to watch the girls love making and would she be interested in that. Would it be something that she might like to watch again?. Peggy said maybe that would be neat if she knew it was happening and it was okay with the girls that she watch, just watch. Melissa said that it was okay with her but that her friend Rachael wouldnt know anything about being watched and wasnt to be told. Peggy said she understood and agreed to the arrangement without any thought of the possible consequences of such a thing.

Meanwhile, Rachael didnt even know where to start to seduce Melissas mother but she did have some information that she thought might be a good start. She knew when Melissa was not going to be home because she was at after school activities or she was going to be at Peggys house trying to seduce her. So, Rachael planned on showing up at Melissas house looking for her on those occasions when she knew Mellissa wouldnt be there.

The first couple of times this happened, Melissas mom Megan just turned Rachael away. But after that, she began to feel sorry for Rachael and began to invite her in to be with her while she was doing whatever it was she was doing, typically getting supper ready or some other household chore. It was fine for Rachael that she be around and she did try to be helpful, during these little opportunities of domestic obligations.

What she did though more than anything else was to try to be sexy. She figured, at least from the information she was getting from Mellissa, that Megan wasnt having much of a sex life and that she, Rachael, might just be a solution to that problem. Luckily the weather was warm so she could wear as few clothes as possible and that she did. She would put on her shortest shorts or better yet a short skirt that wouldnt quite conceal her cotton panties if she sat down on the high stools at the kitchen bar. Or she would wear last years two piece bathing suit when she got invited to take a swim because it was a bit too small and you could see cameltoes through the stretched material.

The other thing Rachael did was to be affectionate with Megan. She came to kiss her hello and goodbye and to touch her if they were close. Touch in the sense of putting her hand on Megan here and there, nothing really sexual though she wanted it to be. After a bit, Megan began to respond to the touching by touching her back, again nothing sexual but definitely sensual.

At about that time in their relationship Megan began to have conversations with her friend Peggy that, at first, she thought was really strange. Peggy started to ask Megan if she knew what sexual persuasion her daughter Mellissa was leaning toward. Did she like girls more than boys? Honestly, Megan didnt really know but she just assumed that she would like boys, wouldnt she?

Peggy suggested that maybe that it wasnt a given that Melissa would like boys and that in fact it seemed to her that Melissas relationship with Rachel was unusually close, even for girls. What did Peggy know about that relationship, Megan wanted to know? What had she observed? What she had observed of course, she could not reveal or would not reveal or could she? The urge to blurt out right then what she knew, not to mention the arousal caused by simply thinking about revealing what she had seen, was nearly over whelming.

Well, maybe she had seen them here or there without them knowing that she was watching them and that they seemed kind of affectionate in an intimate kind of way. Megan thought and then said out loud, not really able to help herself, that maybe she would have to talk to Melissa about that or maybe Rachel since Rachel seemed to be around the house more than Melissa was. In fact she was beginning to wonder where Melissa was spending her time anyway and how could she be so close to Rachel if Rachel was always over at Melissas house with out her?

When Melissa sealed the date to have Peggy come and watch she and Rachael again out on the pool deck from the family room, without telling Rachel of course that she had invited an audience, this gave Rachel an idea. She thought she might tell Mellissas mom to only pretend to leave that afternoon to do errands. She should, instead, hide in the family room where she couldnt be seen but could see the girls on the pool deck. Maybe there would be a surprise. Rachael completed this intriguing invitation by planting a kiss on Megans lips, the boldest thing she had done yet, on the way out the door. Megan found herself tingly between her thighs. While she denied that she could be having the feelings and thoughts she was having about Rachael, none the less, she went straight to her bedroom and masturbated herself to several great Os.

So, Melissa had invited Peggy without telling Rachael and Rachael had invited Melissas mom Megan without telling Mellissa to a show of little girl loving. The girls were swimming and horsing around in the pool and Megan stuck her head out the slider and said she was off to shopping. Instead of leaving though, she hunkered down behind a large stuffed chair as instructed and waited for whatever it was that was going to transpire. Maybe a surprise Rachael had said.

The goodbye triggered the girls to start about what they had been thinking of all morning, making yummy loving with one another. While they always enjoyed their time together, each of them was exceptionally aroused this particular day because of the knowledge that they would have an audience. And an audience that the other one of them wouldnt know about. Surely, they each thought, that this show would clinch the deal with their adult victims and they would win the contest.

Peggy announced herself as she usually did, just in case Megan hadnt left after all but the garage door was closed and she assumed Megan had left as Melissa had promised. Megan had a tremendous start upon hearing Peggys voice and nearly gave herself away. Catching herself though, she remained silent and hidden thinking at the last second that this might be part of the surprise that Rachael had mentioned. Though what this surprise could be she still couldnt imagine. That is until she calmed herself and glanced back outside to the pool.

What she saw took her breath away. The little girls had taken a thick lounge chair pad and dropped it on the pool deck. They were both naked, lying next to each other in a wild embrace, kissing and rubbing each others cunnys with their hands. Megans mind began to swirl and it was all she could do not to scream out. Some of the mysteries of the last few weeks though were suddenly less confusing. She thought that Rachael must have been coming on to her in a not so subtle way, especially with that kiss the last time she was over and this was a way for Rachael to show Megan where her interests lie. And this made Peggys inquiries more understandable but what was Peggy doing here now.

Had she been invited to watch too? Was she supposed to catch Megan watching the girls? Were they supposed to join them? She wanted to but hesitated. What she wanted to do was to be with Rachael by her self and not have the added complication of the other two, her daughter and her best friend, at least not yet. What she did do was soak her pants with her juices as she had a spontaneous orgasm.

For her part, Peggy knew what she was coming for and she wasnt going to let it get away from her this time. She had dressed simply in a tank top and nylon shorts without any underwear. She found herself a chair with a good vantage point, lost her clothes and got comfortable. The arms of the chair were just the right distance apart for her to throw a knee over each one, opening herself nicely so that her hands could work their magic. She shortly had a couple of fingers of one hand inside her and her thumb on her kitten, teasing it out of its hiding place. Her other hand was caressing her rose bud and slowly pushing a digit past its rim.

Hearing Peggys rhythmic breathing, Megan very quietly moved to the inside end of the chair she was hiding behind and peeked out at Peggy. Seeing her friend with her legs opened touching herself intimately offered a new perspective on Peggy that Megan had not considered. That she might like girls and maybe that included women and that she might be having an affair with her daughter. That made her reflect on her daughter more seriously as well and turned back to see what was going on outside.

The two girls had repositioned themselves end to end and were gently licking each others little girl parts. It wasnt, at least yet, as much a sexual thing as it was a display of something. They were definitely showing off for their audience. Megan wondered if they knew who the audience was, did they both know that both of them were there. Was she to reveal herself to Peggy? Megan decided that staying quiet was the best course of action and she hunkered down to watch the girls and listen to her friend have her voyeuristic orgasm. And orgasm Peggy did, several times before she pulled up her clothes and quietly left the house.

The girls couldnt resist turning the show into the real thing for long. First one and then the other begged for a real tongue lashing and not just the butterfly kisses they were giving each other. With lips parting lips and love buttons licked and sucked, their little bottoms were rocking and the sounds they were making could be heard inside through the closed sliders. That was the beginning of the ascent for Peggy. Megan was doing everything she could not to touch herself because she knew she would make so much noise she would be revealed.

With success from their efforts, the girls moved further down each others body, scissoring their legs together, pushing their bare mounds together in a passionate kiss. This was a favorite of theirs that they had discovered some time back and they had become quite adept at taking care of the tingly feelings they had for each other. Peggy, who had thought she couldnt become anymore aroused than she already was, reached a new height in her sexual life thus far. From her hiding place, Megan was sure she could hear Peggys hand slapping her kitty between the loud moans and rapid deep breathing coming from her friend.

Megan watched the frenzy outside settle down. The girls righted themselves and held each other tightly, arms wrapped around, lips touching in gentle kissing. Then, like the little girls they were, they began to be silly and giggle. They got up after a bit and put their suits back on. Neither one knew whether their audience was still watching or had watched at all, though they both hoped so and that it had sealed the seduction of their adults.

With Peggy gone and the girls dressed, Megan made her way to the family room door, staying low and in the shadows. Once there, she stood and walked toward the sliders to announce her return. She asked the girls if they needed anything and she told them she was going to lie down for awhile. On her way to the bed room, she pulled off her tee and unbuttoned her shorts. She was naked and pulling on her nipples by the time she reached her bedside. She was desperate for release and had a few minor quakes with her hand while she fumbled with the bedside drawer, pulling out her vibe. Once it was in hand, Megan fell back on the bed and pulled her heels up to her butt and opened herself wide. The batteries in the vibe lasted just long enough for her to begin to feel normal again. Her pussy felt abused afterward, she had worked it so hard, but the glow she was experiencing, made it worth it.

It was a couple of days later that the girls were alone again with their prey. Later, when they were able to compare notes, it seemed the seductions occurred almost simultaneously making it impossible for them to declare a winner. Whatever hesitation Peggy had experienced when she and Melissa had first talked about what she had seen the girls doing and what she had done to her self while watching was gone with the second opportunity she had to view them in action.

Peggy told Melissa that she had enjoyed it this time even more and had been prepared to fully take advantage of it by touching herself while she watched. Melissa wanted to know if maybe Peggy would like to watch Melissa touch herself right then and that Peggy could do whatever she felt comfortable doing while she watched. Peggy took a deep breath as a million thoughts spun around in her head. In a brief moment though she nodded her head and led the little girl into the bedroom. They undressed and climbed onto the bed together. Melissa lay back on the pillows and opened herself for her moms friend. She caressed her immature breasts, pinching her nipples and then moved her hand to the top of her little bare mound. Peggy was already squeezing her thighs together to try to relieve the tension she was experiencing. She didnt want to start masturbating before the girl even got started.

But the little girl got started by taking two fingers and separating her labia for Peggy to see the secrets that were within and with her other hand, she began to touch her button, gently at first and then a little more vigorously, teasing it at and then becoming downright rough with it. The action was so raw, dirty was the term that came to Peggys mind as she watched Melissa handle herself and she was forced, compelled, incapable of any other action but to begin to handle herself likewise. The two of them began by staring at each others actions with their hands and then their eyes met and they couldnt look away from each other. And without losing eye contact and without blinking even once it seemed, Peggy moved toward Melissa, hovering over her.

Instinctively, they switched hands, touching each other intimately for the first time as their lips met in a slobbery kiss. Once they had begun to touch each other, coming was quick and easy, they were feeling so aroused with one another. This was a first for both of them. Peggy with a little girl and Melissa with an experienced adult. Even if Peggy didnt have any experience at all with girls, she had experience with herself and thats all that was required. The taboo was more than enough for both of them to make it the most erotic thing they had each ever done.

Rachael had a little more work to do before she could experience the highs that Peggy and Melissa had experienced. Megan had a lot of questions, primarily though she was curious about what the purpose of the show had been. What was Rachael trying to accomplish? Peggy knew, all so well, what it is she learned but she wasnt sure what she wanted or should be doing with the information.

Rachel knew all to well the intellectual mother, she had one herself and maybe that is why she was attracted to Melissas mother, she and Rachaels mother had a lot in common. And that being the case, Rachel knew how to deal with the questions. She put them off, like she does her mothers with emotion that over whelms the intellect. In the case of her mother, its typically impetuousness and that wears her mother down. That wouldnt work in this case because it would just turn Megan off. This response had to be sensuous, almost lustful and Rachel began to play the Lolita in its purest form.

She had anticipated the problem and selected a wardrobe that would succeed if nothing else would. She had a too small tank top and very short, denim shorts and a pair of flip flops. Her toe nails were painted a bright red. With that all off, and it would be shortly, she would be left with a pair of white cotton panties which did turn out to be a nice touch, much appreciated by Megan who dropped to her knees when she encountered them. Snaking her fingers into their waist band, taking a very deep breath, and pulling them down ever so slightly over Rachaels butt and thighs she revealed, just inches from her eyes and mouth, Rachaels sex that she had thought about constantly since the show on the pool deck.

Her mouth was on it before she had time to think about what she was doing. Falling back, she brought Rachael with her, to straddle her face as she buried her tongue into Rachael, looking for Rachaels sweet spot so that she could surround it with her hungry lips and suck it into her mouth as deeply as it would allow. Rachaels friend Melissa was good with her mouth and tongue but what she experienced with Megan was better than anything she had imagined before. She was shortly rocking her hips, bouncing on her best friends mothers face and coming with little waves of satisfaction.

The remaining connection in this story didnt happen right away. The two adults were too bashful, too concerned, too much the adults to admit to one another what they had done, what they knew. Each of the kids confided though to their adult lovers the goings on of the other pair so both Peggy and Megan were highly tuned in to the sexual life of the other. They just avoided for a bit the encounter when they would have to return to being adults with one another. But when that finally happened, the happiness they had experienced with the little girls completely overwhelmed the adults in them and the fell, giggling and tingly into each others arms.

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