The Hitchhiker, Part 2

by Thom

That day's traveling, for that matter all of the ones that followed it, was filled with a sense of anticipation that only being in love can create. The miles flew by but time stood still and I began to look for a place to stop for the night by the middle of the afternoon.

At this juncture, I can't tell you what part of the Midwest we were in when we truly became lovers. Jenny assumed the role of compliant student to my knowledgeable teacher. She was eager to please and responded, was it willingly? Instinctively? Dare I say naturally? But certainly passionately and innocently, to every gesture I made toward her.

Without discussion, as soon as we got into our motel room that evening, we fell into each other's arms on the bed. After a few sloppy kisses with tongues pushing between lips and teeth nips on ears and necks, our hands began to unfasten each other's buttons and zippers pulling each other's clothes off of bodies and limbs. We were soon naked and pushing our sex into each other's legs.

She ended up on top of me after we were able to settle down after our initial frenzy of needing to have our bare skin touching the others. Jenny caressed and nursed my breasts, beautiful, sweet, wonderful, she called them; never seemingly getting enough of them during our trip. I had my hands on whatever I could reach of her skin and pushed a leg up into her sex as she rode it like a horse.

Not being able to contain myself any longer though, I turned her over onto her back and slowly worked my mouth down her torso, stopping briefly at her neck, her budding breasts, her flat tummy, her pubic bone as the ultimate tease, in order to have my lips on the part of her I've not been able to stop thinking about since I picked her up out of the roadside fog.

I licked my lips before they touched her for the first time. The skin on her mound was so smooth and pale that I was afraid my lips would feel rough in comparison. I gently kissed her labia, little pecks really, for several minutes and soaked in her scent; soap, baby skin, a whiff of emerging womanhood. Jenny giggled as if I were tickling her and put her hands on the back of my head, urging me to push further in.

I began to probe the slit with my tongue, pushing her labia apart. Taking both hands, I reached under her bum and picked it up off of the bed so that I could get at her backside. She looped her feet over my shoulders, wrapping her thighs around my head.

Her underside was now within my mouth's reach and I licked her back hole like an ice cream cone a few times and worked my way up from there. As I neared the top of her slit, I reached over her thighs and pulled her labia apart, revealing her hooded clit. I put my mouth on it, teasing her erection out and sucked on it vigorously. Probably too vigorously for someone who hasn't had such a raw, naked experience like that before because the resulting orgasm convulsed her entire body and lasted several minutes.

I lowered her bum back down to the bed and crawled up beside her, pulling her half on top of me with her head resting in the crook of my neck, my arm around her.

That was wonderful, Jenny said when she finally was able to catch her breath. How did you do that? Can you show me what to do? I want to be able to do that to you. I want to have my mouth on your pussy. I want to be able to make you feel as good as you made me feel. Oh, I love you so much.

This was completely unreal. No one knew where Jenny and I were. We weren't even sure ourselves though we could have found out if we cared to. Jenny had not been in touch with her mother though I had offered her my cell phone. She certainly had not been in touch with the dad that had thrown her out. None of my family had called, typical of our uncommunicativeness.

We had no place to be in particular except right here with each other. I was feeling those sensations of the first days of being in love that overwhelm everything else, clear thinking, responsibility, obligations. Jenny was the most delicious, sensuous person that had ever come into my life.

I love you too, Jenny, my little sweet heart. This is so wicked. You are younger than my youngest daughter. You could almost be my grand daughter. What are we to do about all of this?

Enjoy it for what it is right now Sara, Jenny said being more wise than I, having lost my mind over this little girl.

Well said my love, I whispered and planted my lips upon hers.

She picked herself up to kneeling between my spread legs and asked me to show her how to make me come like I had made her. She didn't know that just watching her little, nubile body while she had her mouth on my sex would make me come even if she missed the spot entirely. But so that she would know what to do the next time, I spread my lips apart with my hands and showed her where my sex lived.

Kiss and suck on this part, I said. Or use your fingers on it.

She chose her mouth much to my delight. Sucking, being a natural human instinct it's hard to screw up giving a woman pleasure if you are in the right place and the circumstances are right. She was and they were and I got over in wave after wave of ecstasy, moaning loudly and begging her not to stop.

My sex was gushing with each wave and after I was relieved a bit, though I knew I had more in me, I suggested Jenny should come up for air. She crawled up on top of me and planted her lips, wet with my juices, onto mine. I began licking her cheeks and nose to clean her up and, not wanting to be left out, Jenny wiped her face and licked her fingers.

The rest of that day and evening was kisses and fingers, sucking and fucking until we were exhausted and simply pulled up the bed covers and passed out.

We woke late morning, the smells of our loving permeating the room. We snuggled close and reminisced about the night before long enough to make ourselves horny. We were not able to start the day without expressing our feelings for one another in a very primitive way.

Deep sloppy kisses, one arm around each other, our free hands on each other's sex, gently rocking, gently rubbing, gentle circles describing our desires until we both found our climax at the same moment; breathing heavily into each other's throats.

Jenny and I mutually agreed on a date that we would be in LA that would give us nearly two full weeks together. I called my daughter and told her that I was enjoying the national parks west of the Rockies and that I would be delayed by several days from my intended arrival.

We did take in the parks and other road side attractions as the urge moved us but most of the urges moved us to be together alone, naked wrapped up in each other's arms. I showed Jenny everything I knew about how girls take care of each other's desires. We tried some things that I had previously only fantasized doing with another woman, Jenny making me feel as free and uninhibited as a child again. She, still being in many ways a child, was not a bit reluctant or bashful to any suggestion.

As the days passed and we got closer to LA and our parting, our passion became more urgent while our other time together became introspective with large periods of silence. A great deal of just clinging and being close. I was afraid my heart was going to break when I said goodbye and shared that with Jenny. She was feeling the same way. We fantasized scenarios  could we get away with just disappearing  what stories might we tell that would allow this to continue, but in the end we succumbed to the immediate reality, promised to stay in touch, and made arrangements to go to Jenny's mom's house.

Her mother and mother's husband lived in Pasadena. After being in the back country for a few weeks, we felt a bit overwhelmed arriving in the bustle of Los Angeles County. The crisscross of interstate highways and the dense traffic just magnified the discomfort we were experiencing, spending our last few minutes together.

The house was tucked into the hills a bit off of Colorado Boulevard. Jenny and I agreed that her life here would be much improved over the one she left back east and that this was the best thing to be doing at the moment.

Jenny had not seen her mother since her mother took off, leaving her, 8 or so years ago. The fact that her mother had left her when she left her husband was a concern for both of us but we could only focus on our saying goodbye and making sure that we knew how to reach each other.

Her mother seemed nice enough. We had said our passionate goodbyes in private knowing that we would only be allowed a quick hug and a chaste kiss when we finally parted.

I waited an hour until I had checked into my hotel room and was alone to break down and sob, pounding the bed with my fists as hard as I could.

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