The Joy of Looking, Chapter 11

by Naughty Mommy

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A few minutes later, we were on our way home, my mother and I in our car, the other two following us in Melissa's car.

My mom got out her cell phone and asked me to punch in our home number. I handed her the phone and heard her talking briefly with Danni, telling her she was bringing home a couple of girls for some "extra fun."

From the sound of it, Danni must have been more than willing, and I was excited that soon I would get to see her naked.

As we drove, I visualized Danni waiting for us at home. I thought about her trim little body and the way she had looked in those tiny short-shorts.

I imagined Danni pulling up her top so I could see her tits. Sitting next to my mom in the front seat of the car, I raised the hem of my new sundress and started touching myself. I wasn't wearing any panties, of course, since we had left those at home.

"What are you doing?" asked my mom, softly, as she glanced down at me.

"I'm thinking about Danni...about what she'll look like naked."

I spread my legs wider apart and felt the warm, sticky wetness in my center. Raising my hand to my mouth, I briefly tasted myself. I wondered for a moment if Danni would like the way I tasted. Then I wondered what her pussy would taste like, or Melissa's, or Tracy's.

I imagined Danni opening her pussy lips for me to look at her. I imagined her touching herself, playing with her clit, then sliding a finger inside her cunt. I imagined her fucking herself for me, then slowly drawing out her wet finger and holding it for me so I could taste her.

Driving down the dark roads, I closed my eyes and visualized Danni's pink pussy as I stimulated myself. I felt my mother place her warm hand on my thigh, and she gently stroked me there.

I didn't think I would reach another climax right away, and I wasn't really trying to, but it just felt so nice, fondling myself as I pictured Danni naked, and feeling my mother softly caressing me.

As soon as we pulled into our driveway, before the car reached a complete stop, I flung myself out the door and ran toward the house.

The front door was unlocked and I stepped inside. I went to the family room, and there I found Danni, sitting in a chair, waiting for us.

Just as I had hoped, she was completely naked, except for her little sandals. She grinned at me as I looked down at her, and opened her legs wider apart.

"I was thinking about you on the way home in the car," I told her, feeling bold.

I pulled up my dress so Danni could see my bare pussy. "I was touching myself while I thought about you."

"Were you? That's hot. You know, I've been thinking about you too, you and your sisters, while I sat here and played with myself."

My mom came into the room then, followed by Melissa and Tracy.

"Ooh, Danni," said my mother, admiring the girl, "I can't wait to get a taste of that."

"Any time you want, it's here for you," answered Danni with a saucy smile.

As Tracy and Melissa gathered around for a look at the naked teen, Danni lifted her legs over the arms of the chair, and used her fingers to part her pussy lips, almost exactly the way I'd visualized while we were driving.

"Okay, who's first?" she purred.

"Well, I think we'll all get our turns," said my mom with a wink, "but before that, would anyone like something to drink? How about some white wine? A Coke? Maybe a vodka tonic?"

"Vodka sounds good to me," replied Tracy.

"I think I'll have some wine, if that's okay," said Melissa.

"Of course it's okay. Danni, how about you?"

"Sure, wine would be nice."

"Um, can I have some wine too, Mommy?" I asked.

She turned to me, took me by the chin and kissed me on the mouth. "Okay, but only a little bit. Half a glass."

My mother went into the kitchen to fix the drinks.

Danni began playing with herself, caressing her labia and massaging her clit. But all the time she kept staring at me. I quickly pulled off my dress so she could see my naked body. She licked her lips as she studied me, then slipped a finger inside herself.

Looking at Danni, and then at me, Tracy suddenly gripped the bottom of her dress and whipped it off over her head. After kicking away her shoes and stepping out of her thong, she too was naked.

Melissa turned to me. "Would you like to take my clothes off again?"

"Would I!" I answered eagerly.

Melissa giggled and took me by the hand. After taking off her shoes, she sat on the couch and let me remove her top.

She smelled even more delicious than before. I wondered if she had put on some additional perfume in the car. I leaned in to give her a kiss, while also reaching out my hand to touch her breasts.

My mom came back into the room, carrying a tray with four glasses of wine (one only half full), and a vodka tonic with ice.

She saw me kissing and fondling Melissa, and she saw Tracy standing naked in front of Danni, masturbating as she watched the other girl fucking herself.

"Well, I guess everyone's getting acquainted," quipped my mother, and we all laughed. She handed out the drinks, and the sexual tension eased for a few minutes as we sipped.

Tracy sat down on the floor with her vodka tonic, her back against Danni's chair. Danni hooked one leg over Tracy's shoulder. Tracy caressed the slender, shapely leg, then raised it up for a moment, admiring it, and kissed the inside of the girl's knee. That made Danni giggle.

I sat next to Melissa on the couch, and she laid one long leg across my lap. She was still wearing the maroon leggings. I rubbed her calf and then her thigh as I took a drink of the wine. It tasted sort of good, but kind of sour. I wanted to drink it all, though, so I could pretend I was really grown up, like the others. And I thought maybe I could even get a little drunk and see what that was like.

My mother stood in the middle of the room, drinking her wine, and looking around. Then she said, "Julie, would you mind checking on the girls? I just want to make sure they're all right."

"Okay, Mommy." I set my wine glass on the side table, and got up from under Melissa's leg. I grabbed my dress and pulled it back on so I wouldn't be naked when I went into their bedrooms.

"Girls?" asked Tracy. "You mean there are more girls here?"

My mom smiled, "My other two daughters. They're 7 and 10 years old."

"Oh, I see. Hmm...."

As I trotted up the stairs, I saw Danni lean over and whisper something in Tracy's ear. They both giggled, and after Tracy whispered something back to Danni, they shared a quick kiss. I wondered what they might be talking about, but then they were out of my view.

Kate and Molly were both fast asleep. I wasn't surprised, since it was now past midnight. In fact, I was feeling a little sleepy myself, but I certainly was not going to allow myself miss any of what would happen next.

I was a little concerned, though, that when I came back down to the family room, my mom would motion for me to go upstairs and I would have to watch from the railing, as I had always done before. That would be fine, of course, but I was really hoping for more.

My mother was seated on the sofa now, next to Melissa. Her wine was almost gone. Melissa's glass was still mostly full, as was Danni's. But Tracy had drained her vodka tonic.

"Julie, honey, you sit there," said my mom, pointing to the only empty chair in the room.

So I would get to stay close to them and watch! Hurray! Before sitting down, I retrieved my wine glass from where I'd left it and took another sip. I still didn't like the taste very much, but I wanted to drink as much of it as I could.

My mother had Melissa stand up, and she pealed off the leggings. She ran her hands up and down the girl's long body, feeling the gentle curve of her narrow hips, her tight waist, her barely visible breasts.

She moved Melissa to a kneeling position on the couch, facing away from her, stretched her legs apart, spread her thighs open with her hands, and bent her face to lick her pussy from behind. Melissa pressed the top of her body against the couch, arching her back to open herself for my mother's exploring tongue. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure.

Over in the other chair, Danni had scooted down, bringing her pussy closer to Tracy, who had turned and was kneeling between the girl's legs, licking her.

I sat up and pulled my dress off again. Now everyone in the room was naked, except for my mother, who was still wearing her little black dress but no shoes, no jewelry, and, I knew, no underwear.

My mom had inserted a finger into Melissa's vagina and was sliding it slowly in and out as she stared at her opening. She added a second finger, and I could see that her thumb was now also massaging Melissa's clit. The girl panted and moaned, and it seemed to me that she was getting close to a climax.

Tracy had her arms wrapped tightly around Danni's thighs, and her mouth was glued to her pussy. It looked as if she was fucking her with her tongue. That thought made me very excited. I wondered again what Danni's pussy tasted like.

I lifted my feet up onto the chair, spread my own pussy lips apart, scooped up some of my abundant moisture, and tasted myself. I really wanted to taste Danni, and Tracy, and Melissa too and maybe even my mom?

Danni was coming. She squealed, her face in a grimace, her hands grabbing at Tracy's hair, pulling the licking tongue deeper inside her.

Melissa was coming too. She groaned "Ohh!" with each spasm as my mother fucked her harder and faster with her fingers.

When Danni finished climaxing, she got down on the floor with Tracy, laying on her back, and the girls moved into a '69' position. Danni started licking Tracy's cunt, and Tracy slipped one finger, then two, inside the slender teen's pussy. She kissed and licked Tracy's clit as she fucked the girl with her fingers.

On the couch, Melissa had turned onto her back. After my mother finally removed her dress, she mounted Melissa, the way we had seen Tracy do inside the store, in sort of a scissors position. She positioned her pussy directly over Melissa's and began fucking her.

As she moved against the girl, rubbing their cunts together, my mom looked at me, looked down at my pussy, and licked her lips.

I turned a little so I was directly facing her, opened my legs wide, and spread my pussy lips apart with my fingers. I wanted my mom to see me, to see my sex. I wanted her to be as excited by me as I was by her and by these other hot girls.

She responded by moving faster against Melissa, fucking her harder. But she kept her eyes on my pussy. I rubbed my wet vagina for her, trying to make myself come as she watched.

On the floor, Danni was coming again. It seemed that she could have multiple orgasms easily and quickly. She cried out as Tracy fucked her with her fingers. Then when she was done, she grabbed Tracy's ass, and pulled her cunt back down to her mouth, licking her and tonguing her, making hungry, ravenous noises as she devoured the girl's pussy.

Melissa was starting to climax beneath my mother. She pinched her nipples, whimpering softly, and then I could see her spasms begin.

Still staring at my vagina, my mom slowed her movements against Melissa but also increased their force. She thrust herself hard against the girl, as though trying to push herself inside Melissa's cunt. Then she began to climax too. She shuddered and groaned, holding Melissa's slim leg upright in her arms, pressing their pussies together.

Tracy was finally coming in Danni's mouth. She held Danni's thighs and rested her cheek against the brunette's pussy as her face reflected her orgasmic ecstasy.

I came as well. I tried to keep my thighs open, so my mom could see me if she wanted to, but the tension was just too much. I gave in and let my thighs clamp together around my hands, closing my eyes. As my thighs squeezed, and my fingers pressed into the folds of my hot, wet labia, I climaxed again and again.

We were all completely spent for a few minutes after that, just being still, panting and breathing. I was seated in the chair, my hands wet between my legs. My mom was on top of Melissa on the couch, and on the floor, Tracy had rolled off Danni. The two girls were laying side by side, holding hands, catching their breath.


After a brief rest, my mother sat up on the couch. "Whew!" she exclaimed, smiling, wiping the sweat from her face, pushing back her dampened blonde hair. The other girls chuckled and agreed with the sentiment of exhausted satiation.

But not too exhausted.

A moment later, my mother motioned for Danni to come to her. Melissa stood up and my mom lay down on the couch, on her back. Danni climbed onto her, positioning her pussy over my mother's mouth. The sexy girl looked at me and blew me a kiss. My mother began licking her, slowly and tenderly at first, mixing soft kisses in with the exploring laps of her tongue.

Tracy got up from the floor and knelt on the other end of the couch, between my mother's legs. She caressed my mother's pussy with her finger for a few minutes, then gently parted her labia, and lowered her mouth to the open vagina.

Melissa came and stood behind the chair where I was sitting. She leaned over, wrapping her long arms around me, holding me close. She smelled wonderful.

"How are you doing, precious?" she whispered in my ear.

"Oh, fine," I answered stupidly.

"Are you having a good time?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Did you give yourself an orgasm?"


"Was it nice?"


Melissa's hand found my small breast and she gently caressed my nipple. "Do you like watching your mommy have sex with these girls?"

"Yeah, I do." I thought about my mother's no-touching rule, but for some reason I figured it wouldn't apply to Melissa.

"Did you like watching her fuck me, making me come?"

"Uh-huh, that was hot."

"Yes, it was. I came really hard." She pinched my nipple between her fingers, making me shiver in pleasure.

"Does it excite you to watch your mom licking Danni?"


"Do you want to see Danni come in your mom's mouth?"


"Do you think you want to come again?" She squeezed my nipple again, this time both of them at the same time.

I squeaked, fluttering with sexual excitement. "What?"

"I said, do you want to come again, while you watch your mother licking Danni's pussy?"

"Um, yeah."

Melissa kissed my neck. It was hot, wet kiss, and I felt her sucking at my tender skin. It hurt a little, and I wondered if it would leave a mark. But it made me quiver with arousal.

"Play with yourself, sweetheart," she whispered. "Touch your pussy while I'm hugging you. I want you to come while I'm kissing you and holding you in my arms."


My hands were already between my legs. I started moving my fingers, caressing myself.

I looked at my mother, laying naked on the couch, her arms wrapped around Danni's slim thighs, her mouth working between the girl's legs. I saw Tracy nestled between my mother's outstretched legs. She was sucking my mom's clit, and moving her middle finger in and out of my mom's pussy.

I felt Melissa's hands warm on my body, touching me, caressing me, playing with my breasts. I felt her lips kissing, nibbling at my ears and my neck, her tongue licking my soft skin.

I knew I could come very easily. I heard Danni starting to climax in my mother's mouth. I expected my mother's orgasm would not be far behind.

I turned my face toward the tall girl who was holding me.



"Kiss me."

And she did. Her lips met mine and we kissed deeply, wetly, our tongues teasing and exploring. She hugged me tighter, her hands squeezing my little breasts. I rubbed myself faster, loving how this felt, loving this girl, her touch, her kiss, her scent.

I heard my mother gasp and groan, apparently climaxing in Tracy's mouth.

I was ready, fully ready to give in to my own powerful orgasm. But just before it began, I pulled away from the kiss, and whispered, "Melissa..."

"What, darling?"

"I'm going to come now."

She took my face in her hands. "Oh, yes, baby, come for me! Come while I'm kissing you!"

And she kissed me again, even more deeply then before.

Then I came. This was a long, heavy, sweeping orgasm. I felt flushed, heated all over, as if waves of lava were surging within me. My juices flowed, spilling out between my fingers, soaking into the chair. I kept climaxing, again and again, as Melissa held my face and kissed me.

At last, it was over.

I sat, panting, my eyes closed, my face wet from Melissa's kisses, my hands still clenched between my legs where my pussy continued to throb, my young body covered in a sheen of sweat.

Melissa was holding me, hugging me, gently rocking me. "Oh, my sweet girl, my sweet sexy girl," I heard her whisper.

I opened my eyes eventually and looked at my mother. She was half sitting up on the couch, still coming, her hands gripping Tracy's head, pulling her face into her sex. That must have been a really long orgasm, I thought, or maybe more like a long series of orgasms.

"Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!" I heard my mother groan, as each spasm rocked her body.

Danni was sitting on the floor, close to Tracy, watching. She was rubbing her own pussy, masturbating, and I saw her start to come again as my mother climaxed one last time in Tracy's mouth.

Finally, my mom pushed Tracy away from her cunt and fell back on the couch, gasping for air.

Tracy turned toward Danni, who was still coming. Tracy's face was shiny and slick, covered in my mom's juices. "I want to fuck you," I heard her tell Danni.

She pushed the girl back onto the floor and leaped on top of her, not even bothering to be careful about how she positioned their pussies together. She grabbed Danni's face and kissed her, smearing my mother's juice around on both their lips.

Tracy thrust her cunt hard against Danni's, and Danni cried out "Yes!" raising her legs and wrapping them around Tracy's ass.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" urged Danni, and it seemed to me that she was climaxing yet again, almost instantly.

It took Tracy a few minutes longer. She held the girl, kissing her, grabbing at her breasts, humping their mounds together again and again until she suddenly went rigid, her face turning red, her body quaking and then she gasped and collapsed on top of Danni, fully spent.

The room was quiet for several minutes. No sounds at all except for soft breathing, and an occasional deep, satisfied sigh.

Melissa was still holding me, warmly, and I felt her place a few more gentle kisses on my neck.

I was at peace, completely relaxed and happy. I closed my eyes and smiled to myself, thinking what a perfectly amazing life I was blessed with.


When I sensed that Melissa was standing up, I opened my eyes. My mother was in front of me. She held out her hand and I took it. I got to my feet, and my mother took my place in the chair, then pulled me gently down onto her lap.

She held me warmly, as Melissa had, only this time of course we were skin to skin, with no chair between us. My mother softly kissed my neck as she squeezed me. "Are you happy, darling?" she asked.

"Yeah," I answered, "very happy. I love you, Mommy."

"And I love you too, darling girl." She kissed me again on the neck, then on the cheek. "Tell me what you did with Melissa."

"I, um, I masturbated while she was... while she was hugging me." I was afraid for a moment that my mom might be angry, but she wasn't.

"That sounds nice. And did you come?"

"Uh-huh. I had a really, really long, um, you know, orgasm."

"Mm-hmm." My mother kissed my neck again.

I turned to look at her. "But you had a really long orgasm, too, even longer than mine, I think. It seemed like it would never end."

"Yes, it was nice," chuckled my mother. "That Tracy really does know how to eat pussy."

Tracy smiled at us and licked her lips.

I realized then that the three girls had gathered in front us. They were sitting or kneeling on the floor, with Danni in the middle, Tracy on one side of her, and Melissa on the other.

My mom put her hands on the inside of my knees, opening my legs wide. She nibbled at my neck, and softly asked, "Do you want to show the girls how you touch yourself? How you masturbate? I think they'd all like to see it up close."

"Fuck, yeah..." said Tracy.

"Really?" I began. "Um, I mean, okay."

"Play with yourself for them, baby, and I'll play with myself too." My mom reached down between my legs to find her own pussy. She had to sit up a little straighter to do it, and I felt her breasts pressing into my back.

I was sitting in the middle of my mother's lap, my slim legs spread apart, my thighs resting on her thighs. I was touching myself, and her arm rubbed against mine as she reached down to caress herself.

"Ooh, yeah, that is too hot," sighed Tracy as she began to masturbate.

"Hot is right," agreed Danni, now playing with herself too.

I looked at Melissa. She winked at me and blew me a little kiss, then leaned back on one hand, spreading her thighs apart, and began massaging her shaved pussy with the other hand.

"Tell us what you were thinking about, baby girl," said my mom, "when you masturbated earlier. No, I know, tell us what you did in the car, while we were driving here."

"Um, in the car, I was I was touching myself while I thought about Danni. About seeing her when we got home." I looked at Danni, and she smiled seductively at me.

"I was thinking I wanted to see her naked, and I was trying to, um, to imagine what she would look like. I mean, what her pussy would look like, and I was, well, I was thinking I wanted to know what she would taste like."

"That is so fucking hot," said Tracy.

"You wanted to know what I would taste like?" asked Danni, as she rubbed her clit faster.

I nodded as I played with myself, dipping my fingers into the opening of my vagina, bringing out some wetness to show them. I rubbed it all around, over my labia and my clit. It felt so smooth and hot and slick, like the feeling of sex itself.

"Mmm, god, you turn me on," Danni exclaimed, rubbing herself faster and faster, apparently close to another orgasm. "I just love little girls."

"Is your pussy wet, Danni?" asked my mother.

"Hell, yeah, it is." She spread her lips apart with her fingers, letting us see her glistening pink center.

"Would you put your finger inside, and let my little girl taste you?"

I could not believe my mother said that! Or that she was actually going to let me have a taste of another girl's pussy! I could not believe it!!

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