Susan's Summer, Part 8

by KatC

When they got back to Amy's house, Susan and Gina dumped the new clothes on the couch in the living room. Each of the girls were feeling anticipation rising, but not quite sure where the afternoon would lead.

"I know! How about a fashion show?" Gina said brightly. "Let's show off all the new clothes that we bought today." Amy clapped her hands and Susan readily agreed.

"Well, since she got the most things, I think Amy should begin," Susan said.

"Okay, but I really don't know what to do," Amy said.

Gina replied, "It's easy. Just go out of the room and come walking back in like a fashion model, like, you know, someone youve seen on TV or something."

"Well sit here on the couch, and you can model for us. That'll be great!" Susan added.

Susan and Gina made themselves comfortable on the couch, sitting close and wrapping their arms around each other. Amy left the room and waited a few moments and then made her grand entrance.

Gina and Susan clapped enthusiastically as Amy did her best imitation of a fashion model walking down the runway. It was quite hilarious and all three girls began laughing uncontrollably.

"And our first model, the lovely Amy, is sporting the latest sale items from the local mall: light blue top over dark blue shorts. Isn't it lovely?" Susan announced in her best chic fashion voice.

Giggling wildly, Amy came to a stop in front of the couch and began to pose. "Notice the beautiful white trim and the lovely tight and snug fit of the shorts," Gina chipped in.

"Mmm yes, I seevery snug. And a small, tight top is also in fashion this season. Although it must be tight enough to show off ones beautiful breasts with their hard nipples, as our lovely model is so proudly displaying," Susan continued.

This last comment made Amy blush, but she was reveling in the attention. She put both hands on her hips, pushed her chest out and struck an attitude.

"And now, as the lovely Amy turns around," Susan motions with her hand. "We see another angle of those delicious tight shorts." As Amy turned around she cocked one hip, pointing to the two girls on the couch.

"Mmmm lovely!"

"Oh, yes! The best feature weve seen so far!"

Amy looked over her shoulder, smiling and then stuck her tongue out.

"Can you believe that, Gina? These models todaywhat attitude!"

"I totally agree," Gina said in her snootiest voice. "But then again, maybe that slip of the tongue was an invitation."

Susan murmured, "Hmmm oh yes, I see. Maybe" the three girls all began giggling uncontrollably, unable to keep up with the runway commentary.

When things settled down a little bit, Amy turned around.

"Okay, time for a wardrobe change. New outfit! Let's see how about the yellow top with those dark blue shorts?" Gina announced.

"Good choice!" Susan chimed in.

Amy walked over to the couch, picked up the yellow top and started out of the living room before Susan stopped her.

"Why don't you just change in here? That way you don't have to do all that extra walking," Susan said with a sly smile.

Amy turnaround, a stunned look on her face, "You mean change in here?"

Susan nodded her head, "Sure, honey, change in here."

"Yes, sweetheart, we're all girls, aren't we?" Gina added.

Amy thought for a moment, gently biting her lower lip as she considered her options. "Really? It's okay?"

Susan and Gina looked at each other and smiled and looked back at Amy and said in unison, "It's absolutely okay, sweetheart."

The cutest blush came over Amy's face as she took a couple steps back toward the couch. Still gently biting her lip, she decided to turn around as she pulled the blue top over her head and reach down for the yellow one. Looking over her shoulder, she took in the warm, smiling faces of the two girls and before she could think twice, quickly turned around to face them as she pulled the top over her head and slowly brought it down over her body.

"Nicely done, sweetheart."

"Amy, you are such a tease!"

Amy responded by pouting and then resumed posing like a model.

"I believe we've just been flashed by an international supermodel!" Gina said with a surprised tone in her voice.

"We have!" Susan replied, "And now we know why she's a supermodel. Did you see those beautiful boobs?"

"I did, I did. And those luscious, small hard nipplesmmmm," Gina continued.

Between posing, biting her lower lip, and flashing her boobs, Amy was having a wonderful time with all of the attention.

"You know, Gina, I like this yellow top. But, I'm wondering how it would look with the white shorts?"

Gina paused for a moment, "Hmmm I see what you mean, Susan. I don't think we'll know for sure unless we see."

It took a moment for this to register on Amy. She stood still as Susan reached over, grabbed the white shorts and handed them to her. Amy took the shorts and looked deeply in Susan's eyes, before looking deeply in Gina's eyes.

Almost without her knowing it, Amy's hands reached down to unfasten the button on her shorts. Looking directly in Susan's eyes, she began tugging the tight shorts down over her hips. As she stepped out of the shorts, she turned around to some appreciative clapping and whistles. She quickly stepped into the white shorts and shimmied them over her hips, snapping them in place.

When she turned around, Amy's face was beet red and looking down at her feet. When she looked up, she saw the combined look of excitement and arousal on both Susan and Gina's faces. Feeling bold, she smiled broadly and stuck her tongue out, turning around several times as she put her hands on her hips.

Gina and Susan both laughed loudly, clapping their hands and encouraging the bold, young girl. Pleased by their reactions, Amy felt incredibly warm and excited. In fact, all three girls felt like the temperature in the room was getting warmer by the minute.

Susan and Gina were now snuggling together on the couch, watching Amy's antics. Gina had one leg lying across Susan's lap. Susan rested her head on Ginas shoulder.

Susan spoke up, "I think the next ensemble should be." she paused for a moment for dramatic effect. " The white shorts with no top." There were a few moments of silence as this sunk in.

"Fabulous idea!" Gina said.

Amy blushed again, "Really?"

"Absolutely really, sweetheart. You know, it is the latest fashion," Susan replied.

Yes, dear, in Italy, all the girls are doing it! Gina added.

It did not take a lot of convincing. Amy slowly peeled the top over her head and stood motionless in front of the two older girls. She did not quite know what to do with her hands, and by instinct laced them together behind her head. Her breathing was coming more rapidly. And she could feel her nipples harden as they were on display.

"Mmmm yes, very sweet!"

"You're so beautiful, Princess!"

Gina and Susan cuddled on the couch as they admired the young beauty exposed before them.

Amy seemed a little bit shyer, but the excitement in her body was overriding any objections to how this fashion show was going.

Susan untangled herself from Gina and leaned forward, "There's one more new look on the fashion scene this year." She motioned Amy to step closer. "It's the no top, no shorts look. Very, very chic."

As she said this, Susan unbuttoned Amy shorts and unzipped the zipper. She could feel small trembles, and looked up into Amy's face. Susan waited, her hands at the waistband until Amy gave her a small nod. Then, she slowly lowered the shorts.

Susan returned to cuddle with Gina on the couch. "Isn't she beautiful?"

"Absolutely! The most beautiful princess I've ever seen," Gina replied.

Amy could hardly stand still; the sensations in her body were so intense. Being with Susan in the dressing room had been so exciting. But, standing like this, totally naked, in front of both Susan and Gina was exhilarating. She could feel electric tingles shooting through all parts of her body. Her nipples were so taut they began to ache. She could feel her pussy getting wet, and wondered if Susan and Gina could see that, too.

Susan could hardly believe this was happening. She so enjoyed seeing Amys willingness. Sitting next to Gina at the same time was incredible. She could see the obvious signs of Amy's excitement and arousal. Susan whispered in Gina's ear and after she nodded, turned back to Amy and sat forward.

"You've been such a great model today, we think you deserve a rewardhow about a back massage?" Susan said with a big smile.

Amy blushed even more deeply, "Really?"

Gina replied, "Really Princess. A back massage and a love spanking. Would you like that?"

Amy closed her eyes and the two other girls could see her shivering. As she opened her eyes and nodded her head, Susan could see tears and a wonderful sense of excitement. She felt her heart opening toward Amy and reached out with her hands. Gratefully, Amy stepped forward and let Susan guide her to that familiar position over her lap.

Susan could feel Amy trembling, her naked body settling over her lap. She pulled Gina close to her side so that Amy's head rested on Gina's lap. Amy had turned her face away, a little embarrassed at the strong feelings she was experiencing; especially in front of Gina, whom she had just met.

Susan snuggled up against Gina's body and leaned over to give her a quick kiss on the mouth. Then she moved her hands to the top of Amy's shoulders and began gently massaging.

"You just lie there and enjoy your massage, sweetheart. Gina and I are going to take good care of you."

As Susan focused on massaging Amy's back, Gina allowed her hands to gently stroke Amy's hair and head.

It seemed to Amy that she could feel every sensation in her body magnified. While she had certainly done the same kind of things with Susan, now it felt very different because Gina was there. Amy was amazed at how excited she got while standing in front of the two older girls, posing like a model, and even changing clothes in front of them. It sent such delicious shivers through her body. She couldn't believe that she actually complied with their suggestions to undress completely. She knew she had done it, yet it seemed like it was another person.

Now, lying in that familiar position over Susan's lap, totally naked, Amy felt her excitement greatly increased. She loved the feel of Susan's hands rubbing delicious circles around her shoulders, neck and back. But, now there were the added sensations provided by Gina.

Amy was acutely aware that her face and upper body were resting on Gina's bare thighs. She could feel her small breasts and especially her very tender nipples pressed against Gina's right thigh, while the side of her face rested on the left thigh. There seemed to be a very warm, tingling sensation where her skin touched Gina's.

As Susan's hands started their familiar massage, Amy felt Gina's hands gently stroke her hair and head. A small moan escaped her mouth at the delicious sensations of having four hands simultaneously soothe the tension in her body and arouse sensual excitement.

The sensations combined in such a delicious way: the feel of resting over their laps, two pairs of hands caressing her, the way the older, beautiful girls were giving her their complete attention, complimenting her on her body, saying how attractive she was, even her small little breasts.

The thought occurred to her that she might be dreaming, but even Amy's best dreams didn't feel this good.

Gina traced light circles around Amys ears, her jaw, cheek and around her forehead. "Do you like this, Amy?"

Amy sighed loudly, turning her head to look at Gina, "Oh my God, this feels just just almost too good."

Susan and Gina laughed together. "I'm glad you like this, because I do, too!"

"Me, too! You have such a lovely body, Princess. I can't get enough of touching you," Susan said.

Amy blushed as she rested her cheek on Gina's thigh. Now she could look up and see Gina's face while she felt her hands stroking her. Both girls had radiant smiles.

Gina moved her right thigh a little bit and Amy felt one of her hands trace down her neck to her chest. It was so fantastic to feel one hand stroking her face as the other began making its way to her breasts and her aching nipples, which were longing to be touched. It was as if Gina knew this already. Amy arched her back, lifting her breast up into Gina's hand.

At the same time, Susan's hands were creating delicious sensations along her back working their way down to her hips. Amys mind was spinning with the combined effects.

When Gina's fingers began gently teasing the hard nipples, Amy moaned, closing her eyes and rubbing her cheek up and down the inside of Ginas thigh. Without thinking, she arched her chest into Gina's hand and arched her bottom into Susan's hands. Amys excitement level rose again under the skillful touch of the older girls.

As Amy's naked body squirmed across her lap, Susan felt her own excitement rise to match Amy's. Her hands eagerly touched, rubbed, and massaged the beautiful, sweet bottom cheeks, which responded so wonderfully. Susan leaned over and kissed Gina's cheek, and then her mouth, their tongues connecting to share the sensual excitement.

Susan looked down and saw Amy's eyes closed while Gina's hand expertly pinched, circled and stimulated those beautiful breasts. Amys moans were coming in a regular rhythm now.

Susan shifted attention to her hands, sliding them down and over Amys rounded cheeks, lightly rubbing down the back of her legs and up the inside surface. Amy moaned even louder and spread her legs apart, inviting further access.

Susan took her time, allowing her hands to roam over every square inch of Amys back, bottom, and legs. She so enjoyed the natural exuberance and sensuality of this young girl.

Finally, she allowed her hands to approach that delicious juncture between Amy's thighs. Getting closer to the heat radiating from Amy's pussy, she felt abundant moisture and delicious slipperiness coating her inner thighs. Susan's fingers played in that sweet lubrication, enjoying the utter sensuality of that feeling.

Her fingers danced their way upward, seeking the source of that sweet nectar. As Susan's fingers got closer, Amy's hips began urgent little movements, asking for contact, demanding more attention, wanting Susan's fingers to stoke the growing fire.

Giving in to the inevitable, Susan ran one finger lightly between the swollen, hot and very wet lips. Amy's whole body shuddered. Susan collected a generous amount of love honey and brought it up in front of Gina's face.

Gina smiled wickedly and immediately engulfed the proffered finger in her mouth. Sucking gently, Gina looked deeply in Susan's eyes as she savored the tasty gift.

Susan returned one hand to teasing Amys pussy while the other rubbed circles around her bottom. Gina used one hand to play with Amy's breasts and nipples while the other traced her luscious lips and gently inserted a finger in her mouth.

Amy felt delirious with the intense sensations from different parts of her body. She immediately began sucking on Gina's finger. Her nipples felt on fire with a line of tingling extending down to her belly. Susan's fingers were creating such a lovely sensation along her pussy lips. And her bottom was bouncing up and down, ecstatic with being touched.

Susan looked at Gina who quickly nodded her head with a smile. Without warning, Susan raised her hand and brought it down sharply against Amy's bottom. Spank.

Amy's mouth opened wide around Gina's finger, sighing loudly, "Ohyesmmmmmmmmmm." Spank. Spank. Spank.

Her hips began moving wildly searching out the stimulating sensations coming from Susan's hand. Amy's mouth sucked eagerly and greedily on Gina's finger. Between spanks, she could feel Susan's finger begin to penetrate her pussy. Spank. Spank. Spank.

A series of incoherent moans came from Amy's mouth. The delicious, tingling sensations were rippling out from all parts of her body, overlapping and taking her to higher and higher levels of excitement. The additional stimulation of Susan's sweet spanks on her bottom was driving her closer to the edge. Spank. Spank. Spank.

Susan and Gina had everything they could do to keep the wildly moving girl over their laps. As they each played with and stimulated Amys most intimate places, they looked at each other exchanging big smiles.

It did not take much to bring Amy close to the edge of orgasm. She had been excited starting the day before, knowing that she was going to spend time with Susan. Then, their time at the mall, especially in the dressing room, expanded her excitement. By the time of the fashion show at home, she was literally dripping wet. Spank. Spank. Spank.

"Umumum." came continuously from Amy's mouth. Susan recognized how close she was to cumming. She replaced the finger in her pussy with her thumb and slid her generously coated finger upward toward Amy's clit. Spank. Spank. Spank.

As soon as Amy felt the sensations from Susan's finger circling her very sensitive, engorged clit, she lost all control. "Oh my Goduhuhohhhhhhhhhhh." she moaned as the intensity of all the sensations overtook her and she fell deeply into the orgasmic waves crashing through the body.

Susan relaxed, her hands caressing Amy's sweet bottom and wet pussy. Gina used one hand to softly stroke Amy's face while the other continued gentle circles around her breasts.

After a few minutes Amy lay still over their laps, her eyes were closed, beads of perspiration running down her face. She had a beautiful smile on her face as her breathing slowly returned to normal. Leaning back against the couch, Susan tucked her face into the side of Ginas neck and gently kissed and nibbled. There was only the soft sound of Amy's breathing as the three girls shared the bliss of this moment together.

Amy had certainly enjoyed wonderful orgasms with Susan before, but this one was significantly different. Having Gina join in their play, adding both her beautiful body and two more hands felt incredible. Amy felt like she might have lost consciousness for a few moments at the peak of her orgasm, but returned to an incredible feeling of being held and touched so sweetly all over her body by these two amazing, wonderful older girls.

"You okay, Princess?" Susan said softly, whispering in Amy's ear as she gently stroked her head.

Amy opened her eyes, her body still swimming in a wonderful, warm ocean of sensations. "Mmmm I am definitely okay," she said a warm smile punctuating the statement. "I am more than okay, I feel absolutely wonderful." With that, she raised herself to sit on Susan's lap and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Thank you so much" she whispered into Susan's ear, " for bringing Gina over."

Susan loved the feel of the naked, sweaty, and cum-drenched girl pressed tight up against her body. The feel of radiating heat and intoxicating smells were sending delicious signals throughout her body. "Maybe you should thank Gina, too."

Amy untangled herself from Susan and shifted over until she was sitting directly on Gina's lap. She wrapped her arms around Gina's neck and hesitated, shyly looking down between them. Gina waited patiently until Amy looked up; her eyes clear, crystal and blue.

Opening her mouth as if to say something, Amy reconsidered and instead, placed her lips directly on Gina's. Gina was surprised but not unwelcoming as Amy's tongue slid softly into her mouth. She sucked gently, feeling the contagious excitement radiating from this beautiful, young girl.

After a few moments, Amy leaned back and said, "Thank you for coming over today." She still felt a little shy; even after all they had just been through. Gina watched as a sweet blush came to her face, and her eyes turned downward again.

"Mmmm. Princess, it was my pleasure, believe me." Gina stroked her hair, bringing her hand under Amy's chin and lifting it up until their eyes met. "You are an amazing, beautiful, extremely sexy girl," she punctuated this with a kiss. "I am dripping wet just holding you close, sweetheart." This brought another blush as Amy wiggled her naked bottom on Gina's lap.

Susan leaned over and wrapped her arms around the two girls. With their faces so close together, they exchanged a series of kisses.

Amy's orgasm had kindled a fire in the other two girls as well. Gina's eyes looked absolutely smoky and ecstatic. Susan's nipples were so hard they looked like they would break through her t-shirt.

"When is Amy's mom coming home? Do we have time?" Gina asked.

Susan looked over her shoulder at the clock, "Oh, we've got plenty of time!"

Gina smiled, "Good! While Amy rests from her rather, shall we say, strenuous activities I think it's Susan's turn!"

Amy clapped her hands excitedly, bouncing up and down on Gina's lap, "Yes, yes I agree, it's your turn now."

It was Susan's turn to blush as both girls focused their attention on her. But, she was hardly unwilling. "Ummm okay, I guess."

"She should do a fashion show, too," Amy piped up. "I had to."

Gina thought for a moment, "You know, she's right."

"Well, I don't have anything to model," Susan protested, not very hard.

Gina leaned over and reached under the pile of clothes they had brought back from the store. "Well, imagine that! It just so happens I got something for you at the store when you weren't looking." She threw something to Susan who caught it. As the clothing unrolled, she held it up against her chest.

Amy grinned, clapping her hands and cooed, "Ohhhhhh yes, very sweet!"

Gina smiled, too. She had purchased a small little white top, probably a size or two too small for Susan, with a very low cut along the front. As she held it up against her chest, all three girls could instantly see what the effect would be.

Susan protested, "Oh, I'm not sure about this."

Amy wasn't accepting any objections, "Oh, yes you will! Come on! I did it, you can, too."

Susan hesitated, looking at Gina first and then Amy.

"Please?" Gina said, putting a pleading little twist on that short word.

"Please? Please?" Amy added, with so much sincerity that Susan could not help but comply.

Finally she gave in, "Okay." She stood up and took a couple steps toward the kitchen, "I'll go change and then come back in."

Amy stood up quickly, crossing her arms and stamping her foot, "Oh no! I had to change in front of you guys, now you have to, too!" Susan and Gina had to stifle a laugh at the sight of the demanding, but very naked young girl.

"I agree," Gina said quietly, pointing her finger to the space in front of the couch.

Susan's reply was to plant her feet in front of the two girls and slowly began raising her t-shirt upward. Amy clapped her hands and plopped down on the couch next to Gina, bringing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around Gina's neck.

Susan felt a little embarrassed, but this was greatly overshadowed by sensual excitement. Playing with Amy had her more than ready for a little seductive fun. She slowly started swaying her hips, dancing to some unheard music, teasing the two girls on the couch.

Just as the rising t-shirt was about to expose her breasts, she quickly turned around and brought the shirt all the way up over her head, flinging it over to the side of the room. She looked over her shoulder as the audience expressed dismay.

Laughing and shaking her hair from side to side she pulled the top over her head and wiggled, exaggeratedly, to bring it into place. Actually, it took quite a bit of wiggling, because it was incredibly tight. When it was finally in place, she slowly turned around to show the results.

Susan could see everything from the looks in the two girls eyes. The small top hugged her torso like it was a second skin. This made her pear-sized breasts incredibly prominent. The low cut front allowed the girls to see almost to the nipple, exposing two very plump and full mounds. The top was so small it did not even reach down to her navel. The look was quite pleasing to everyone.

"Mmmmm very sweet!" Gina murmured. "What do you think, Princess?"

Susan continued her slows sinuous dance, locking eyes with Amy as she moved.

"I think it looks absolutely beautiful!" Amy said, obviously enthralled. "I can see your nipples they're so big!"

Susan blushed but responded by pushing her chest out even further as her pelvis moved in circles.

"Let's see how that top looks" Gina paused for a moment, "without the shorts!"

Amy immediately agreed, clapping her hands and shouting, "Yes! Yes!"

Susan did not miss a beat of the dance, running her hands down her sides until they reached the waistband of her soccer shorts. As her hips continued their seductive movement, she turned around and slowly pushed the shorts down, inch-by-inch, revealing two firm, taut bottom cheeks. Looking over her shoulder she saw the two girls gently rubbing each other.

As her shorts fell down her legs to the floor, Susan turned around to very appreciative murmurs, "Mmmmmm."



Apparently the crowd was pleased. And who wouldn't be? Susan was wearing a top so tight it was almost ready to rip. And now, the two girls on the couch had a close-up view of her tiny, white panties, which were almost translucent having become so wet.

Taking her shorts off had increased Susan's arousal significantly. She could feel her nipples straining against the tight fabric of the top. She could also feel a steady trickle of cream flowing from her pussy, threatening to drip down her inner thigh. Any inhibitions she had to exposing herself had completely evaporated. Now, her only thoughts were about how to increase the pleasurable feelings.

As Susan danced seductively in front of them, Gina turned to Amy and whispered, purposely loud enough for Susan to hear, "Shall we see how the top looks without those wet panties?" Amy nodded her head enthusiastically, while her hands explored the smooth, creamy inner thighs of Gina.

As Susan, willingly, stepped forward closer to the couch, Gina turned to Amy, "Will you do the honors?" Amy smiled and leaned forward. With both hands grasping the top of the panties, Amy paused to kiss the sweet navel directly in front of her. She could feel Susan's body tremble with intensity.

Amy gasped with delight as she lowered the tiny panties and exposed Susan's beautiful pussy. The evidence of her excitement was everywhere, small blonde hairs at the top collecting little dewdrops as the swollen, pink lips were generously coated.

Susan felt so utterly exposed, to both her best friend and the sweet young, naked girl in front of her. She also felt incredibly vulnerable, in a totally delicious way, to expose how tremendously aroused and excited she was. There was no mistaking that! Her pussy lips were so swollen they began opening, showing a brief bit of the beautiful pink delights inside. And her continuously flowing juices were now obviously shining along her inner thigh.

Swept up by these feelings, Susan closed her eyes, placed her hands behind her neck and began a classic bump and grind with her hips, showing the two girls exactly how aroused she was and loving every minute of it.

Amy rejoined Gina who was sitting forward on the edge of the couch, entranced by Susan's hypnotic movements, her eyes glued to the sweet, wet pussy at eye level.

Susan seemed as if she were in a trance, allowing the excitement in her body to lead her through the seductive dance. As she slowly inched her way closer to the two girls sitting on the couch, she began bending her knees and rocking her hips forward and back.

When Susan's knees touched hers, Gina automatically opened her knees far apart and Susan continued dancing closer and closer and closer.

Bending her knees even further, Susan gently brushed the wet, slick lips of her pussy against the top of Gina's thigh. That slight contact sent electric tingles through Susan and she threw her head back and groaned loudly. She lowered her pussy further, increasing the contact with Gina, separating her pussy lips and bringing her sensitive and engorged clit in direct contact with her friend. As Susan's moans and the urgency of her rocking his hips increased, Gina whispered something into Amy's ear.

Nodding, Amy stood up, moved behind Susan and quickly lifted the top up and over her head. Hardly aware of what was happening, Susan opened her eyes slightly to see Amy rejoin Gina on the couch, sitting next to her.

Shifting slightly, Gina reached up and pulled Susan down to her, guiding her in place over her lap. This movement brought Susan's head to rest on Amy's lap. Susan's hips continued their gyrating movement, eventually pushing her pussy against Gina's leg.

Gina smiled to Amy sitting next to her, "I think it's time for Susan's back massage, don't you?"

Amy nodded, her hands already beginning to caress Susan's head, "And don't forget the love spanking!"

Susan was so delirious she could hardly understand their words. She could feel Gina's hands moving across her back and down over her so sensitive bottom. She could feel Amy's legs against the side of her face and her small hands gently touching her ear, her cheek, and her eyes. Her whole body was moving and it felt like she was floating over the two girls' laps.

When Gina began focusing on her bottom cheeks, separating, massaging, rubbing them deeply, Susan's whole body felt like it was on fire. She tossed her head from side to side, and was suddenly overcome with the sensual odor of Amy's wet pussy right next to her nose. She snuggled her face between Amy's thighs, trying to reach that intoxicating, lovely smell.

Gina's hands picked up the tempo on Susan's bottom until finally one hand rose, paused briefly, and came down sharply. Spank. Spank. Spank.

Amy looked at Gina, a huge smile on her face as she saw, felt and heard Susan's response. "Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmah." she could feel Susan's exhaled breath and the vibration of her moans against her tender pussy. Spank. Spank. Spank.

Susan left out muffled grunts with each spank, pushing her bottom up to meet Gina's hand. Spank. Spank. Spank.

Gina let one hand rub circles around Susan's bottom while the other found its way to her very wet pussy. With one finger, she teased the lips open even further and then plunged her finger deeply into the waiting warmth.

"Ahhhhh yessss" Susan moaned as she arched, pushing her pelvis back onto Gina's invading finger.

Gina could see the gleam in Amy's eyes as she witnessed Susan's erotic display. With her free hand she motioned for Amy to look more closely.

When she felt Amy move out from underneath her head, Susan was disappointed. But then, she looked over her shoulder and saw that Amy was kneeling just to the side and behind her upturned bottom, looking very closely at what Gina's fingers were doing. A brief moment of embarrassment arose, that Amy should see her so openly displayed. It was quickly overcome by an intense wave of excitement that made her push her bottom back and spread her legs even wider, affording the best view possible.

Amy looked, incredibly closely, her nose almost touching the wet entrance to Susan's pussy. Gina used her fingers to gently explore and spread open Susan's pussy. Amy's eyes widened, obviously enjoying this close-up view of pure sexuality.

With her other hand, Gina pointed to the smooth round curves of Susan's bottom, "Here sweetheart, use your hands to spread her cheeks further apart." Amy eagerly complied, enjoying the warmth of Susan's freshly spanked bottom, as she spread the firm cheeks.

Now, in addition to her sweet pussy, Gina and Amy had an unobstructed view of Susan's tiny other hole.

Gina leaned forward and whispered into Amy's ear, "Watch this! I'll show you something else that Susan really, really likes."

Gina withdrew her index finger from Susan's pussy, juices literally dripping off it as she did. As she pushed her finger back in to the warm, wet hole, she added her thumb, bringing a delicious moan from Susan's mouth and wiggles from her hips. Amy loved the feeling of Susan's hips moving under her hands.

When her thumb was thoroughly coated with Susan's juices, Gina left her finger in her pussy, and withdrew her thumb. With her eyes, she motioned for Amy to watch.

Slowly, very slowly, Gina's thumb followed the sweet valley from the entrance to Susan's pussy up between her bottom cheeks. Susans hips were still for a moment as she registered this new sensation and suddenly realized Gina's intention.

Susan moaned much more loudly than before and she slowly pushed her bottom back, reaching for the thumb slowly making its way to her anus.

Amy's eyes widened when she realized what Gina was doing. She felt a very intense tingle start from her own tiny hole and move straight to her clit.

Gina's thumb made slow circles around the tight, puckered hole. Susan's hips moved in rhythm with these movements across that most sensitive skin. Amy watched closely, her hands feeling the shivering from Susan's cheeks as she held them apart.

By now, Susan senses were so overwhelmed; she hardly knew where she was. She was totally focused on two pairs of hands that were pleasuring her most sensitive and intimate places.

Gina slowly stopped the circling, bringing the tip of her thumb to rest at the very center of Susan's bottom hole. Susan felt this and instinctively pushed her bottom back quickly, sinking her friend's thumb in one quick movement.

Susan let out a low, throaty groan as she felt the delicious sensations through her bottom. She began moving her hips again, in time to the thumb exploring her tight, small passage while Ginas finger continued stimulating her pussy.

Amy was almost holding her breath, totally absorbed in everything that was happening.

Gina felt her fingers sliding easily within Susan's two holes. It felt absolutely heavenly! And she could tell that it would not be much longer before Susan climaxed.

Increasing the pumping movement of her two fingers, Gina brought her other hand up and sharply down on Susan's bottom. Spank.

She nodded her head to Amy to do the same. Spank.

The sensations were building so strongly in Susan, the addition of the two spanks pushed her to the edge. Spank. Spank.

Susan's body took over and began moving uncontrollably. Gina's fingers were a blur. Amy was relishing it all, feeling the intense sensation of her hand coming down on Susan's bottom, alternating with Gina. Spank. Spank.

As the wave of her climaxed rose, Susan arched her body, pushing her bottom back and froze for a split second. Then, like a wave crashing on the beach, she collapsed over Gina's lap and began shivering and trembling from the intensity of her orgasm.

Gina kept her fingers snugly inside her friend, feeling the tremors from within. Amy used both hands to rub up and down Susan's entire body, feeling the warmth and sweat of her exertions.

As Susan slowly calmed down, Gina leaned forward, bringing her face close to Amy's ear, whispering, "Nice job." Amy slowly turned her head. The two kissed above the gently quaking form of their friend.

Gina was reluctant to withdraw her fingers from their tight, warm embrace, even though eventually, at some time, she knew it was inevitable. Finally, she did as Susan turned and slowly sat up on Gina's lap. She drew Amy to sit on her lap and the three girls brought their foreheads together, exchanging kisses and inhaling their combined heady scents.

"Mmmm you guys are the best. That was fantastic!" Susan moaned. After a little more kissing she said, "Now, it's Gina's turn."

Amy chimed in, "Yes! It's your turn now."

Gina smiled, "Oh, I guess if I have to" she said feigning reluctance. "But, how about we skip the fashion show I am soooo ready for this." As Gina stood up, the other girls untangled themselves, settling on the couch.

Gina stood before them, copying their earlier poses, placing her hands behind her neck. Her breasts showed clearly through a thin white T-shirt. They were slightly smaller than Susan's, but her dark, coral nipples were much larger. They got hard when she looked up and saw the two naked girls on the couch cuddling. Amy had brought her feet up on the couch and Gina could plainly see her sweet, young pussy. Susan's eyes had that incredibly attractive look of complete sensuality, having just cum.

"Well, I guess we had a little effect on her," Susan said pointing at the obvious wet spot on Gina's shorts. Gina did not need to look down to know that this was true. Amy unconsciously slipped one hand to her own pussy, finding it to be just as wet.

Susan cupped her chin in her hand and said, thinking out loud, "Well now, first Amy was over my lap. And then I was over Gina's lap. That leaves hmmm. She let silence finish the sentence. Gina's eyes widened considerably at the unsaid portion. It took Amy a few more moments to catch on.

"Well, if we don't get a fashion show, let's at least put on another kind of show," Susan said as she stood up and walked behind Gina. She pressed her naked body into Gina's back, pressing her wet pussy against the firm globes of Gina's bottom. Her breasts and hard nipples rubbed circles around Gina's back. Even through her clothing, Gina could feel the excitement of Susan's body against hers.

Susan moved her hands around to Gina's front. Looking over Gina's shoulder she watched Amy's eyes widened as she slowly pulled the t- shirt up and over Gina's head. Susan brought her hands around to begin gently rubbing Gina's belly. As Gina's hips began moving against her, Susan's hands slowly made their way up to Gina's waiting breasts.

Susan could see that Amy was following her movements with avid attention. Amy had one hand between her spread thighs while the other was playing with her own nipples. Susan's hands gently massaged each of Gina's breasts, which were hardly bigger than Susan's palm. As Gina moaned, rocking her bottom back, Susan began to focus her attention on Gina's nipples. Gently at first, she rolled the two hard nubs between her thumb and index finger. Gina murmured her appreciation as Susan gradually increased the pressure.

Susan could see that Amy was mimicking these actions on her own nipples. An intense spasm of pleasure moved through Susan's body feeling Gina's nipples hardening underneath her hands, seeing Amy do the exact same thing a few feet away and pressing her own aching nipples hard into Gina's back.

She caught Amy's eye and motioned for her to join them. When Amy stood in front of Gina, Susan made an exaggerated kiss with her mouth and used her hand to fully grasp and squeeze Gina's breasts, making her nipple push forward. Amy immediately understood the suggestion and brought her mouth to cover one of Gina's swollen nipples.

Gina's eyes flew open when she felt Amy's mouth swallow her nipple and began kissing, licking and sucking the sensitive button. She looked down to see Susan's hands caressing both breasts while the completely naked Amy thoroughly explored her breasts with her mouth. As Gina was looking down, Amy's eyes looked up to see her and she smiled sensually, as her teeth gently bit and teased the hard nipple.

"Ohmmmm more" Gina moaned as she tossed her head back, pushing her chest onto Amy's face and mouth. Amy increased her sucking action and nibbled harder on the nipple. Susan doubled her efforts as well, squeezing, pulling and teasing. Amy quickly switched to the other nipple, giving it the same loving attention she did the first.

Had Susan not been holding Gina from the back, she might have fallen into a heap on the floor at this point. Gina's senses were whirling from having her naked best friend embrace her from behind while this sweet, young, naked and new friend sucked her sensitive nipples to higher levels of excitement.

Both Susan and Amy could feel tremors moving through Gina.

While Amy continued her loving attention, Susan slid her hands down to Ginas shorts, pushing them and her panties down with one swift movement. As Susan's hands explored the now exposed areas, Amy began slowly kissing her way down Gina's flat tummy. When she got to the navel, Amy stopped and allowed her tongue to play.

Gina slumped even further back into Susan's body, the combined sensations of Amy's tongue and Susan's hands amplifying the intensely pleasurable sensations.

When she saw Amy begin kissing downward from the navel, Susan brought her hands down to the very wet, swollen lips of Gina's pussy. Using her fingers, she gently spread them apart, exposing the shiny, wet interior. As Amy's sweet kisses got closer, Gina began pushing her hips forward, hoping for, asking for, that sweet contact of the young girl's mouth on her excited pussy.

Amy slowed down as she approached the beautiful, spread open pussy, her eyes taking in every detail, her nose surrounded by the incredible aroma of Gina's arousal. She hesitated, not quite sure what to do, but instinct took over as she leaned forward and just lightly grazed the small, protruding clit with her lips.

"Uhnghummmmmmmmmm" Gina groaned loudly, intense sensations exploding from her clit as she looked down to see Amys sweet face, her lips focused on that pleasure spot.

Encouraged by Gina's response, Amy leaned forward, extended her tongue and licked from the very bottom to the very top of the glistening pussy. Gina moaned again, this time much more loudly. Her pelvis was making quick little movements forward, searching for more contact from that lovely little tongue.

Amy was so excited! She could hardly believe she produced that kind of effect on an older girl, especially one so beautiful. She bounced up and moved behind Gina to hug Susan and kissed her deeply, sharing the taste of Gina's pussy.

In addition to the building sensual pleasures, Susan felt incredibly proud of Amy. Earlier in the day, she wasn't sure how this would go, the three of them together. Now, all that was forgotten. Amy's excitement was incredibly contagious. Breaking their kiss, Susan leaned down and whispered in Amy's ear. Nodding her head, a huge smile on her face, Amy clapped her hands and ran back to the couch, sitting on the edge.

Almost in a daze, Gina opened her eyes to see why the delicious sensations between her legs had ceased. She saw Amy in front of her, sitting on the couch, her hands patting her thighs. She felt Susan move from behind her, coming up to her side, pulling her forward by the arm. Gina followed without thinking, her senses so scrambled by intense pleasurable sensations she would've followed Susan anywhere, done anything she directed.

Susan led Gina to Amy's side. As her knees touched Amy's, Susan helped Gina leaned forward and down, bringing her over Amy's lap. Susan could see the excited look in Amy's face; her eyes were absolutely sparkling. Not wasting any time, Amy brought her hands to touch and massage the beautiful cheeks right in front of her. Gina responded instantly, pushing her bottom up into Amy's hands, and rotating her hips.

Seeing Amy get started so naturally, Susan moved to the other side, sitting next to Amy, their legs and hips touching. She guided Gina so that her head rested in Susan's lap, her hands gently caressing her face and hair.

Gina felt Amy's hands exploring her bottom, thighs and, occasionally, brushing up against her pussy. As Susan's hands roamed around her face, Gina kissed a trailing finger, stuck her tongue out to lick and suck one of Susan's fingers into her mouth.

Amy felt like a kid on her birthday, a beautiful present lying before her and she was unwrapping it, exploring all parts of it. Her fingers were eagerly touching everywhere she could find, intimate places that she had rarely seen. Now, she could explore and play to her heart and pussys delight.

Gina was very cooperative in this, arching her back, pushing her bottom up and spreading her legs wide apart, inviting Amy to touch, feel, rub, and pinch every inch of her most intimate and sensitive self.

Amy was fascinated by the wet, glistening lips of Gina's pussy. Tentatively at first, she ran her fingers up and down the slit, noting the reaction. Gina moaned around one of Susan's fingers as she was sucking. She pushed her hips back, encouraging Amy's fingers to go further.

Leaning over, Amy whispered a question in Susans ear. Susan nodded, smiling, "Of course!"

Thrilled, Amy returned her attention to the swollen lips, the open invitation presented by Gina's pussy. She ran one finger down the middle of the wet cleft until she came to its sweet opening. Ginas hips froze for a moment, feeling the location of Amy's finger and anticipating its next movement.

As Amy pushed her finger, slowly and firmly into the sweet hole, Gina lifted her head, her eyes closed, a long, low moan escaping her lips. "Yessssss oh, yes Amy yes that feels soooooooooo good!"

Gina's hips resumed their rocking movements with increased intensity. As Gina brought her head back down on Susan's lap, she began kissing the soft, firm inner thigh. Susan instinctively spread her thighs further apart, her hands caressing the back of Gina's head, brushing her long, curly black hair.

Amy was enthralled by the amazing feeling of her finger inside Gina's pussy. It was so hot and wet; she could feel the pulsating contractions of Gina's internal muscles. Inspired, she slipped two fingers into Gina; increasing the sensations while feeling the muscles tighten around her fingers.

Gina had kissed and licked her way up Susan's inner thigh and was now nuzzling her wet pussy with her nose. Trying to accommodate her, Susan slumped back on the couch, spreading her legs as wide as she could. Gina began kissing the wet, open lips, but had to crane her neck to get the right angle. Sensing this, Susan shifted her position on the couch, lying down with her head at the end, one leg on the back of the couch the other resting on the floor. Now, Gina could more easily lick, suck, kiss and tongue for both their pleasure.

Amy looked up from her pleasant explorations and saw Gina eagerly licking Susan's pussy. Susan had her eyes closed, her legs spread wide open, and her hands pulled Gina's head more firmly toward her. Amy felt a small tremor from her clit, surrounded by so much intense, erotic sensations. With two fingers pumping in and out of Gina's pussy, Amy brought her other hand up to rub the rotating hips, those lovely bottom cheeks were asking for some attention, too.

Gina moaned loudly, the vibrations sending a delicious thrill through Susan's clit. Gina's pussy was releasing an ongoing stream of honey covering Amy's fingers. Amy began pushing her pelvis up underneath the pleasant heavy weight of Gina over her lap. The excitement of each girl was expanding, rippling out to the others.

Susan caught Amy's attention, making a quick movement with her hand. Amy understood immediately, raising a hand on Gina's bottom and bringing it down sharply. Spank.

The new, intense sensation pushed Gina into more frantic hip movements as she rubbed her entire face over Susan's pussy. She alternated between plunging her tongue deeply inside Susan, and using her lips and teeth to suck and nibble her swollen clit. This got Susan moaning, too. Spank. Spank. Spank.

The rising tide of excitement was carrying each girl higher and higher. Spank. Spank. Spank.

Usually on the receiving end, Amy was entranced by the intense sensations of being the spanker. Spank. Spank. Spank.

Gina's moans were coming continuously, incoherently as her face was buried in Susan's pussy. Spank. Spank. Spank.

Susan felt the most incredible sensations as Gina's tongue lashed her clit. Reflexively, she wrapped her legs around his Gina's head trying to pull her deeper into her pussy. Spank. Spank. Spank.

Amy felt intense heat radiating from Gina, one hand buried deep in her pussy, and the other hand on her just spanked bottom cheeks. Spank. Spank. Spank.

While one hand rubbed the warm bottom, Amy remembered what Gina had done to Susan just a few minutes ago. Her rubbing hand slid down to separate the two firm cheeks. The thumb of her other hand was already well coated with warm, slippery juice. Keeping two fingers in Gina's pussy, Amy slid her thumb up and pressed it against the small opening. She was not quite sure what to do, but ultimately, it didn't matter. Gina's bucking hips pushed backward, forcing Amy's thumb inside.

The surprising penetration of her bottom sent Gina sprawling into her orgasm, with Susan close behind. Amy kept her fingers in Gina's pussy and her thumb in her bottom, marveling at the intense quality of contractions from Gina's climax. It was everything she could do to keep her fingers and place.

Seeing the other two girls cum, Amy plunged her other hand down to her own pussy. The warm, abundant moisture leaking from her pussy immediately soothed the stinging sensations of her hand from spanking Gina.

Watching the other two girls rise into orgasm, Amy's fingers sought out her aching clit. Zeroing in on her pleasure spot, it only took a few small, tight, hard circles for Amy to join her friends in a delicious shared climax.

The three sweaty young girls were an orgasmic mass of arms, legs, breasts, pussies and bare bottoms. Tremors of one girl vibrated against another, the ripples expanding to the others until they echoed back again. Copious love juices flowed, covering a hand, a bare thigh or a pair of soft lips. Internal muscles rhythmically contracted, grasping, pulling, and drawing inward. The intense, consistent pulsations of three hearts beating, each adding a unique rhythm, merged into one.

Sweat and cummoans and lovethree girls collapsed in a tangled heap, unsure where one ended and the other began.


After Amy went upstairs to get ready for bed, Susan walked Gina to the front door. There they paused, looked into each other's eyes, and reached out with both hands. Susan felt like she could stay here forever just looking into Gina's eyes. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, their faces came closer, each aware of the rhythm and sweetness of the other's breath.

When their lips touched, it was with softness and gentleness, tender as the first bud of a flower opening. As they kissed, softly exploring each other's lips, their bodies melted into each other. Susan could feel her own heart beat, but could also feel Gina's and at some point could not distinguish between the two. After a few moments of bliss, their faces parted slightly.

Dreamily, Susan said, "I'm really glad you came over to help me baby- sit Amy."

"If I knew this is what babysitting was like, I would have started doing it a long time ago"

Susan giggled, "Yeah, we had a pretty good time today, didn't we?"

"Good time doesn't even come close, but whenever I'm with you I have a great time," Gina smiled.

Susan blushed slightly as Gina continued, "Amy is an amazing girl for 11 years old, don't you think? I mean, I think she's wonderful, and beautiful, and it's hard to keep my hands off of her. At 11 years old, were you as interested in sex and playing with your pussy as she is?"

Susan looked down briefly before answering, "Yes, I felt like I was horny all the time."

Gina smiled, "Mmmmme, too. I guess we have some lost time to make up."

"How about tomorrow?"

"Hmmmm... sounds good, except Im supposed to go to the pool tomorrow with my folks. Want to join us?"

"Sure, but can I come over to your house early?"

"Sowe can make out before we go?"

"Ahhh... I like the way you think," Susan sighed as she nuzzled her nose in Gina's neck.

"Maybe at the pool we can play flash your pussy."

"I like it! Because at the pool it won't look so out of place if the crotch of my bikini has a big wet spot on it, from looking at you, your beautiful body, flashing that sweet little pussy just for me."

"And nobody else will know, only you and me."

"You know, if we flirt with each other and flash at the pool, I'm going to be so horny well need to make out again afterward."

"HmmmI see your point. My parents are going to a picnic after the pool. Well have the house all to ourselves," Gina smiled with a sparkle in her eye.

Susan and Gina began kissing lightly again just barely brushing each other's lips, savoring the moment.

"I'm so happy we are, you know, like together, like this."

"Me, too, I can't remember ever being happier."

As they began kissing again, this time more passionately, Susan reluctantly broke it off. "Listen, if we don't stop now, I'm not going to want to stop. And if Amy's mom walks in while we're doing it here in the hallway, I'm not sure you and I would ever see Amy again."

Gina reluctantly agreed, nodding her head. "Hmmmif you say so. I want to see Amy, all of her again and again and again. Playing with that beautiful young girl and you at the same time was justfantastic! Not to mention how it makes my pussy wet just thinking about it."

"I told you that babysitting Amy would be a lot of fun, didn't I? And how lucky is she to have the two of us babysitting her?"

"The luckiest 11 year old girl in the world."


Susan tucked Amy into bed and sat down next to her. She could not resist the urge to reach out and gently brush the hair from her face. Amy's face beamed, her eyes sparkling. Susan felt so close to this young girl, she just loved sitting here and sharing these few moments with her.

"Did you enjoy spending the day with me and Gina?"

Amy nodded enthusiastically, as Susan continued stroking her forehead and hair.

"What did you like the most?"

Amy hesitated a moment, "Well... a." She seemed a little reluctant to say what she liked so much.

"It's totally okay to tell me anything, Amy. I feel like we are as close as sisters and I want you to feel free to say anything at all that you want." Amy blushed a little bit, and Susan could see that her eyes were getting a little moist.

"Oh, it was just everything. Especially just nowyou telling me we are like sisters. I've never felt this way with anyone before and it makes me feel just so... just so... good."

Susan smiled, knowing exactly what Amy felt like because she felt the same way. "So, we're sisters and you can tell me what you liked about our time today with Gina."

This time Amy barely hesitated, "Well, I liked everything. I liked being at the mall with you guys. I loved shopping for clothes. I really liked modeling the clothes after we got home. And..." Amy paused for a moment and closed her eyes before saying the next sentence, "and then everything we did together after that."

Susan saw that she was struggling a little bit and offered this, 'So, you didn't mind me giving you your back massage and love spanking in front of Gina?" "Amy blushed shyly, shaking her head vigorously side to side. "It looked to me like you were really enjoying having both me and Gina look at your beautiful body, touch you, and make you feel good."

"Oh God, Susan, I loved it all so much. You guys made me feel great. I've never felt that good before."

Susan paused for a moment and thought back over the days activities. "How did it feel when you saw me totally naked and Gina was giving me my back massage and love spanking?"

Amy's eyes opened a little wider, "I think you are so beautiful, I loved getting to see everything about your body."

"And Gina, too?"

"Oh my god yes. She is just so beautiful. I couldn't believe it when you had Gina lie over my lap. Just feeling her skin on mine and touching her everywhere was incredible."

"You know, Amy, Gina and I are like sisters, so if you want, it's like you and her can be sisters, too. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes, I would love that. I would have the two most beautiful sisters in the world. And if we're sisters, can we do more of what we did today?"

"Absolutely. Gina and I would love to do more of what we did with you today, Princess."

Both girls were quiet for a few moments while they remembered the luscious details. Susan saw that Amy was thinking deeply about something and couldn't quite put it into words. Finally she managed, "Can I ask you about something?"

Susan smiled, "Amy you can ask anything you want."

"Well... I was wondering...ah...what did it feel like when Gina had her finger in your bottom?"

Susan flushed, feeling the heat radiating throughout her body and instinctively leaned forward to kiss Amys forehead.

"You are just too much, little one. I love how you just come out and say whatever you are thinking." Susan paused for a moment, wondering how to answer her question. "It's kind of hard to put into words, Amy. Hmmm, let me see." Susan began remembering the sensations of being naked over Ginas lap, Amy standing right there watching every detail. Susan remembered the excitement the build in her body as she felt Gina's fingers slowly make their way from her wet pussy to her bottom hole, knowing that Amy was seeing every intimate detail up close. She shivered.

"Well, it feels a lot like when you rub your pussy, and especially your clit. But it also feels different. All of those tingling, electric, warm, shocking kind of feelings get going when your bottom hole gets rubbed and even more so when somebody gently pushes their finger in, like Gina did to me."

Amy's face was intent, absorbing every word that Susan said. "How did it feel when your finger was inside Gina's bottom?"

Amy brightened, "Oh, it felt fantastic. It felt so warm, and I could feel this strong pulse, and I could feel her muscles grabbing my finger as I moved it around, almost like it didnt want to let go."

"Well, it kind of feels like that, but from the inside and out. Does that make any sense?"

Amy thought for a moment, "Well, I guess it does, a little bit."

Susan continued, "It's kind of hard to put into words, like the feelings that start in your pussy as you rub it, it's kind of one of those things you have to feel and experience to understand."

Amy looked up at her, unsure how to phrase the next question, "So, do you think some time, like next time, you can rub my bottom hole so I know what it feels like?"

Susan laughed and gently rubbed the top of Amy's head, "Absolutely, my little princess. The next time I get your pretty naked bottom over my lap, and have warmed you with your favorite love spanking, I promise to show you exactly how it feels." your bottom, and put my finger inside yours, too?"

Susan laughed tossing her head back and then gently bringing her face forward so close to Amy's, that she rubbed noses with her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Just saying that, princess, you made me feel so warm and tingly, especially my bottom. I can't wait until the next time and you can absolutely do all of those things to me, too. You can do that and more! Oh, Amy, there are so many things that we can do together. There's so many ways we can be together and make each other feel good. You and me and Gina are going to have some wonderful times together."

Amy reached both hands up around Susan's head and pulled their faces together and they kissed for a second time, this time much longer. Reluctantly, Susan pulled her head back.

"Now Amy, it's time for you to get to sleep. Your mom will be home in just a little while and you need to be asleep when she comes in so she knows I did a good job with you today."

"Susan, you did the best job with me today."

"Get to sleep, princess. You can dream about our next time together. Sweet dreams, Princess Amy."

Susan closed the door behind her as she walked out of Amy's room, having a pretty good idea of exactly what both she and Amy would be dreaming about tonight.


Amy's mom quietly walked into her daughter's bedroom. Softly, so as not to wake her sleeping child, she made her way right to the edge of the bed. Looking down at the still form, she felt her heart skip a beat at the calm and peaceful sight. There was just enough light spilling in from the open doorway that she could see that Amy was sleeping soundly. She could also see a smile on her face. As she looked, she wondered what 11-year-old girls dreamed about these days, and why she would have a smile on her face as she dreamed.

Thinking about it, her mom thought that Amy had been much happier in the past few months. She wasn't sure why, but she did know that having Susan come over to baby-sit was definitely a good thing for Amy. The two girls seem to really hit it off and she was so glad that Amy had an older girl to be friends with.

She felt like she could stand there all night just watching. Peaceful moments like these were few and far between in her life.

As she left Amy's bedroom and made her way to her own, her mind returned to todays business meeting. If things work out, she might get a promotion in the next month or two. The extra money would be quite helpful, but it would also mean traveling to regional weekend meetings, which meant being gone overnight. As she got ready for bed, she added another item to her mental checklist. The next time she talked to Susan she would find out if she had any interest in staying overnight with Amy - every once in a while.

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