My Life As A Sexual Servant, Chapters 3-4

by JennaK

This story is intended only for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, or cannot control your actions in a responsible way, please do not read this.

This is fiction, arising solely from my imagination. This is not my actual life. All characters and events are fictional and no people were harmed in the writing of this fantasy.

Chapter 3

At 11, Margaret and I walked hand in hand into her bedroom. We undressed in front of each other, and she prepared for bed, putting on a nightgown. I was not offered anything and I quickly figured out that my role was to be nude while I was in her bedroom. When we got into bed together, we started kissing and I thought I should take the lead since I was the substitute for her husband. As I said, I know my way around a pussy and I spent my attention on her satisfaction. I remembered that my roomie loved it best when I was laying between her legs, sucking her clit and my arms were stretched out pinching her nipples. I tried that on Margaret and she responded. I kissed around her vulva, slowing working my way to the clit, teasing her and leaving her breathless in anticipation until the last moment when my lips encircled her bud. She climaxed several times, first under my tongue, and then under my fingers while I sucked her nipples (another trick I learned with my roomie), and finally with our pussies tribbing together. After her third orgasm, Margaret pushed me a way and said that is good, and rolled over away from me. I asked if I was supposed to stay the night and she said yes, this was my place at night, nude in her bed.

My pussy was engorged, my body was flushed, but I had not climaxed and Margaret hadn't even touched me, apart from moving our pussies against each other while tribbing. Making love to Margaret was entirely different than my days as a LUG. With my college girlfriends, we were concerned about each other's satisfaction and if one orgasmed then it was time for attention to shift to the other so each of us got off. But Margaret was interested only her her own climax. She was not interested in stimulating me or paying attention to my needs. I was the sexual servant, not an equal.

So, I did what I usually did before falling asleep I jilled in bed next to Margaret to get some relief. She knew I was jilling, and just lay next to me watching which I found to be pretty embarrassing, but I needed the relief. Margaret spoke to encourage my masturbation, which only added to my disgrace.

"Yes, Jenna, rub it. You know you need to cum. You are such a slut masturbating openly in my bed. I bet you had to do that at home after your husband fucked you. You are an addicted masturbatrix aren't you Jenna? Cum for me Jenna. Show me you how you bring yourself off."

I wished Margaret would caress and kiss my nipples as I jilled, as my roomie had done so many times, but I was afraid to ask. So, I just concentrated on myself and Margaret's encouragement. After a nice orgasm, followed by several smaller ones, I too was ready for sleep. Margaret kissed me goodnight and said - "That's a good girl!" I put my arm around Margaret and we spooned as we slept.

The next night in bed, Margaret fucked me with a strapon but not for my pleasure but for hers. Her strapon touched her clit so that her movements stimulated her as well as me. She reached her climax and pulled out, leaving me panting and wet, without any immediate relief.

My college girlfriends and I had used vibrators on each other, but we never had tried a strapon. I found I liked it. The strapon had the advantage of giving me the fucking motion that I was used to with a man, and I loved it when Margaret held my hips and moved me back and forth on her cock. I also enjoyed laying under her, my legs over her back holding her tight while she entered me like a man. But, she never fucked me long enough for me to get off on her cock. I was there for her pleasure, not the other way around. She came and pulled out, and rolled over, without any concern for me like the worst male lover you could imagine.

Chapter 4

As the weeks continued, I became an expert in getting Margaret off. I knew which moves worked best and took some small pleasure in knowing that I was successful as her lover. I had given up any expectation that she would reciprocate in pleasing me, but I looked forward the most to when she used the strapon on me and I had a least some sense of being on the receiving end. I enjoyed her fucking me. Ironically, I came to think of it as the most "normal" part of my current sexlife.

To my surprise, given that she was married and certainly missed her husband, Margaret always used the strapon on me and never asked me to fuck her with it. I never asked whether this routine was different than with the college girls, but I assumed that back then too, Margaret demanded satisfaction and was oblivious to her bedmate's needs and desires.

Kate never commented on my "sleepover" duties. She always went to bed while Margaret and I were still dressed and chatting or watching TV or doing scrabble together and to her we looked just like friends who were doing sleepovers. She must have realized that my bedroom was never used and that I spent the night in bed with Margaret, but she never asked.

Just as I was getting comfortable with the routine, the unimaginable happened. I was in bed with Margaret around midnight. It has been storming all night and apparently Kate had awoken to a thunderclap and came down the hall looking for me. She didn't find me sitting be bed with Margaret eating popcorn and watching a tear-jerking movie. I was nude, of course, on my hands and knees while Margaret was holding my hips and plowing my pussy with her strapon. I was moaning as her cock moved in me as she said "Take it Jenna. Take my cock." We were faced away from the door and then we heard "MOM!" I froze, but Margaret kept on moving in me, holding me, not letting me turn around to stop things. Margaret kept it up, while Kate stood in the doorway. A few more endless minutes passed until finally Margaret reached her climax, and fell backwards, letting her cock fall out of my inflamed pussy and giving me a chance to turn around to face Kate.

I had to think fast. Should I tell her the truth that being a sexual servant was part of my job description in the house or should I sugarcoat what she saw by trying to at least preserve my dignity by saying something like we are two women who miss men in our lives and we looked to each other for comfort. As it turned out, when I turned to face Kate, the first thing she asked was - "Why does she have a penis?" I said that women can use fake penises to satisfy themselves when there are no men around. That seemed to satisfy her basic question, but then Kate asked whether this is what I did in bed with Margaret at night after she went to bed. I said yes it is. Then Margaret spoke spilled the beans. She said, "Kate your mom was hired as my cook and companion and the companionship I need is here in bed while my husband isn't at home. She is here to satisfy me." I nodded and said that is right. The rising blush of shame raised through my body up to my ears, covering over the lighter flush of sexual excitement. My ears literally burned as I faced Kate.

Margaret told me to take Kate back to bed. So, she and I walked back down the long hallway to the East Wing, Kate in her nightgown and me stark naked. As we walked, Kate asked if I liked women now instead of men. I told her, honestly, that I liked both. She asked if this was my first time with a woman and I told her then that I had some girl-on-girl experiences while in college and that it wasn't unusual for college girls to experiment with other girls. She took that all in.

Then she went back to the strapon and asked if I also had a fake penis I used on Margaret or other girls. I told her that I never had tried it, and that it was Margaret's not mine. She surprised me by asking whether the fake penis felt different from a real one something I didn't think she would think of. I told her again as honestly as I could that it was nothing like a real one because a real one was flesh and blood and warm but that both were stimulating in their own way.

Finally, the ultimate disgrace came when she asked if I could sleep the rest of the night in the bedroom next to hers and I said no, I had to return to Margaret's room (I avoided the word "bed") for the night.

Kate asked "so she is paying you to be in bed with her? Isn't that prostitution? How is this legal?" My ears began burning again knowing that Kate knew just how far I had fallen and how our life would be from then on. I simply said "Yes, sweetheart. Being a companion to Margaret when she is alone is also part of the job I was hired to do." I assured her that it was legal (what did I know) and that it wasn't prostitution because we were both women. That all didn't really make sense, but it seemed to satisfy Kate's questions. I tucked her in my boobs hanging down over her (something I only realized when I had actually bent over). Then I turned to walk naked back down the hall to Margaret.

Margaret was waiting for me in bed. She didn't ask about Kate at all, but only said that she wasn't finished and pointed to her exposed pussy. I lay down between her legs and started licking her to two more orgasms before she was sated.

She she pulled away, she instructed me to masturbate while she watched. I really wasn't in the mood not after my feeling of utter humiliation from having been seen by Kate but I followed her demand.

As I did, Margaret pushed me further by recounting the scene with Kate watching "Mommy" getting fucked. She asked if "little Katie" had ever seen me fucking before, and I said no, not that I know of.

Margaret said, "Well, little Katie got a good long look at Mommy moving on a cock tonight. Maybe some day she will see Mommy laying between my legs as well. She should know that Mommy can do more than just ride a cock."

Strangely, rather than shutting down my sexual response, those humiliating, hurtful words stimulated me further and I reached a strong orgasm with my pussy arched high and my whole body shaking. Margaret dug in further saying "Wow, it looks like Mommy likes the idea of little Katie seeing Mommy service her Mistress." I wanted to tell her that this was unacceptable and that I was going to quit in the morning. But I knew (and she knew) that I couldn't quit and I couldn't do anything that would get me fired. So I just sighed "Maybe." Margaret said, "Yes, we will see."

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