Renee's Naughty Relatives

by Jen L. Lee 2011

This newest one is for Alicia and Renee and I'm hoping they both get naughty ideas while reading it. Luv, darlings ~~ Jen

Renee Stevens was home from Boarding School and happy that she had the entire summer to spend with her mother. She believed that her Mom needed her around; she'd been in a constant funk since divorcing Renee's father 3 years ago. The once-vibrant Alicia never seemed to smile and was only going through the motions barely.

Renee was so pissed at her father and it bothered her that her looks reflected his far more than her blonde mom's. Friends teased her that she looked more like her Aunt Jen. She wished, she told one of them. Her sexy Aunt was still hot at 36, her golden skin always seemed to glow in the sunshine and her long, jet-black hair reached down to her gorgeous butt. She was only 5'7" tall, but as you never saw Jen without 4-inch heels, she almost always seemed tall to the 5'3" Renee. She wished that she didn't take after her Filipino father, but if she grew up to look like Jen, she wouldn't complain. Her aunt was sexy, always smiling and had a genuine fondness for people. Jen and Alicia had been BFFs since Renee could remember and she wasn't surprised when she arriving home from "Boring School" and found her aunt was staying for a week or two.

The mom that greeted Renee upon her return seemed different, more like her once-vibrant self. Her smile was back and she'd tossed away all of her "frump" clothes, as Renee always called them. Here mother was letting her beautiful blonde hair grow out again and she was having it styled, it was now wavy and made her appear to be in her early 30's instead of her late 30's. She looked as if she was in better physical shape and she wore dresses every day now, much like Aunt Jen always did. Even her voice had changed, she spoke with clarity and confidence and there was a happy tone there that had been missing for quite some time.

Her mother's body was on full display the first week that Renee was home from school. As her mother's lawyer had gotten her a nice settlement after divorcing her father, Alicia only worked part-time at a confectionary she owned 25% of with Renee's Gran. It afforded her a lot of time to sit by the pool in her bikini one that was scandalously skimpy and work on her tan. Renee's earlier appraisal of her mother had to be correct, you didn't get a stomach that flat or legs that sleek if you weren't working out.

Going outside in a semi see-thru white, one-piece swimsuit, Renee teased her mother. "You'd better not get too much sun Mommy or you'll be as bronzed as me and Aunt Jen!"

Alicia laughed. "That would be fine with me baby, both of you are beautiful, sensual women." Jen walked out on the deck just in time to hear the last few words of the conversation. She leaned over and kissed her friend on the cheek. Her own swimsuit was blue and metallic and looked incredible on her bronze, sexy body.

"Thanks babe, imagine how many men would kill to be here right now," She laughed. "3 hot babes in skimpy swimsuits sunning themselves by the pool."

"Two and a half," Renee shot back. "I'm not in your league, Aunt Jen, or yours either Mommy. You both look so beautiful; it's nice to see you smiling again Mom."

"I've got things to smile about again, darling," Alicia grinned back at her daughter. From the mysterious way she was acting, Renee was starting to wonder if perhaps her mother was seeing anyone or possibly had found a lover. She hoped so good sex could cure almost any ill, although she also thought How would I know? I haven't had sex with anyone yet!

The school her father paid good money for her to attend kept the girls away from boys. More than a few girls had made passes at Renee, but she wasn't a lesbian there was nothing wrong with that, it just wasn't for her. The problem was the other side of the coin Renee had a more-than healthy libido, but she had yet to find a boy or a man that appealed to her sexually. The instructors at the school watched them like hawks and kept them under strict surveillance. Renee couldn't have fooled around with a boy even if she had wanted to.

Her mother's words brought her back to the present. "You're doing it again," She told her daughter. "You're selling yourself short sure, you're petite and tiny, but you pack a punch. Gain a little confidence and you'll get what you want, won't she Jen?"

"Wearing skimpy little outfits like that, you betcha!" Jen grinned, swatting her niece's rump. "You're a little cutie, I'm sure lots of young men are lining up to ask you out."

"As if," Renee snorted. "Anyways, it doesn't matter the teachers and staff keep the boys away."

"It's anyway, it's plural unto itself," Jen corrected her niece. She had forgotten her Aunt had taught English for years before embarking on a career as a novelist.

"Right, Aunt Jen," Renee sighed. Sometimes adults could be such a drag, but she loved her anyway!

Having Renee and her best friend around seemed to be just the tonic Alicia had needed. She didn't chastise her daughter for wearing such a revealing suit how could she when Alicia's own suit showed far more skin.

"I think we should all go shopping in a few days, my treat," Jen suggested to the other two. Her latest novel had sold rather well, so Jen had money to burn.

"You won't hear me complaining about a free shopping trip, babe," Alicia said, lifting the sunglasses from her eyes and grinning at her friend.

"Me either," Renee grinned. "What do you want to go shopping for?"

"Clothes, anything my girls want dresses, shoes - lingerie!" Jen grinned at both of them.

"Sounds good to me Jen, doesn't it Renee?" Her mother asked. "I could use some new lingerie, you can never have enough pretty underwear," She told her daughter.

"I don't have a lot of lingerie so it sounds good to me," Renee smiled. It was settled, the three women would go shopping on Friday afternoon, when Alicia had a full day off. They went inside to have dinner and Renee had a feeling the entire day that something was going on that she was not privy to. She didn't want her mom or aunt thinking she was being some silly teenager, so she kept her thoughts to herself for now.

After dinner, she watched some television and Renee lost track of what her aunt and mom were up to until she heard Jen's voice calling her upstairs. She had already seen the show she was watching, so she went upstairs and saw the light on in her mother's room. She went in to see Jen standing there, she was wearing a flowing white negligee and bedroom slippers and looked lovely.

"Is that the kind of lingerie we're going to shop for?" Renee commented. "It looks really pretty on you, Aunt Jen."

"Thank you sweetheart, I'm glad you like it," Jen smiled, almost in a flirtatious manner. She seemed as if she was posing for Renee. "Would you please sit in that chair, your mom will be here in a minute. We have something we want to discuss with you."

"Umm, okay, sure thing, Aunt Jen," Renee said, puzzled at her aunt's actions. She no sooner got settled in the chair then she felt someone grabbing her wrists and tying them to the chair so they were behind her. She turned to see her mother fastening the bonds so that they held tight.

This mom didn't look at all like her sweet, gentle mother. Alicia was wearing a flowing black negligee, 5-inch stiletto heels and a tiny thong. Her body was proudly displayed, you could see her nipples and her hair was tossed and wild in appearance. Her eyes seemed to blaze with an almost-insane look and she went over to Jen and stood beside her, putting her arm around Jen's waist.

"Your mother and I have something to tell you, don't we lover," Jen giggled. "Oops, I guess I just let the cat out of the bag. Silly me."

Renee gasped Jen and her mom were lovers? When had this happened and why were they both acting this way. She was terrified, what the fuck was going on?

Alicia kissed her girlfriend right in front of Renee, stunning her daughter with her boldness. "A week after you left for school, Jen came over here and we got into the wine a bit too much, didn't we babe? Jen seduced me and it was the best experience of my fucking life!" Alicia said, using words and a tone that Renee had never heard her use before. "Her tongue went all over my body and made me cum so many times I lost count. Ever since then, we've been girlfriends and your Aunt Jen moved in shortly after that that's why she hasn't gone home yet, this is her home!"

Trying to put on a brave face and wriggling to break loose, Renee said "Okay umm, that's cool Mom I guess but what does this have to do with me and why did you tie me to the chair. Come on Mom, Jen, let me loose!"

"No, I don't think we'll be doing that just yet," Jen grinned with a naughty giggle. "You see darling, both your mother and I are very naughty, very kinky sluts. One night after what was it baby, about 5 orgasms? we got to talking and discovered that we both fantasized about having you join us in bed. Mmm, you're so young and hot you make your Mommy so horny, isn't that right Alicia?"

Alicia walked over to her daughter and stroked her cheek. "You do darling, Mommy's little girl is a hot little bitch." Then she walked back to Jen and kissed her, their tongues mingling.

Jen continued speaking. "When you came home from summer break, we knew that we wouldn't be able to have you around all summer without wanting to fuck your brains out. You should have seen your Mommy that first night Renee she practically attacked me and when you wore that swimsuit earlier today you're lucky we didn't tear it off and take you right by the pool!"

Renee was trying to get free and Jen noticed. "Don't bother dearest, the bonds are quite secure. Your Mommy and I like to play games and both of us are very good at tying each other up you're not going anywhere!"

"So so what is it that you want?" Renee asked, her heart pounding.

"We're going to have sex right in front of you nasty, hot, flirty, perverted lesbian sex and you're going to watch us. It's going to turn you on dearest, I know it will and when we're ready, we will let you free and both of us will have you. I'm sure you'll be ready for us by then, but if you're not, Alicia's tongue will get you there!" Jen told her niece.

"My own Mom, having sex with me?!" Renee shrieked. "That's awful and illegal, you can't do this!"

"Oh, but we can baby and we're going to," Alicia cooed, her hands still around Jen's waist. "Since you're my daughter, I get to have you first, but I'm sure watching you with my Jen will give me another orgasm or two!" She giggled. "God, I love living this way it's so liberating!"

"I don't want this, I don't!" Renee cried out.

"Oh, I think you will," Alicia said, licking her lips. "Deep down, I think the reason you haven't dated boys is because you secretly crave women tonight, we're going to find out. We are going to turn you on baby, so sit back and enjoy the show and pay attention, there are a lot of things you'll need to know."

Renee was panicked, she struggled again to get free, but it was no use. She nearly tipped over the chair, so she stopped. All she could do now was to watch the perversity and hope it would end soon. Had her mother gone off the deep end? Yes, Alicia seemed happy and she looked good but had all of this truly been the cause?

"Come on baby, it's been too long since we fucked," Alicia purred, reaching out for Jen.

"It's only been since last night," Jen giggled.

"Wayyy too long, I wanted you when I saw you in your swimsuit this afternoon," Alicia said, licking her lips again. "It was hard to decide who I wanted more you or her," Alicia pointed to her daughter "After tonight, I won't have to decide, now will I?"

Renee could only watch and hope to get through it as she saw her mother and Jen sink to the bed. They embraced tenderly, sweetly and nuzzled into each other. Renee had to admit she could see their obvious affection for each other from the tender way in which they caressed each other's faces and hair. Undoubtedly, Jen had brought her mother a lot of happiness but this, it was wrong, it was sick and to involve Renee in all of it directly angered her.

"Keep watching us darling," Alicia purred to her daughter. "You're going to need to know a lot of this for when you join us."

Renee couldn't help but watch, sensing if she closed her eyes that Jen or her mom would just come over to the chair and make her open them. Both women were undeniably beautiful and from one standpoint, they did look nice together Jen, with her jet-black hair and golden skin, Alicia, with her long blonde hair, gorgeous tanned skin, great butt and legs Renee stopped herself, why was she thinking like that? Yes, from an aesthetic viewpoint they were gorgeous, but they were her family. One friend had even teased her that her Filipino father must have had an affair with Jen because she didn't look anything like her mother. That wasn't quite true, their mouths and cheekbones were alike and they had the same, slightly-crooked smile.

Renee watched without being able to turn away, seeing the women bare each other's flesh. If she didn't know better, she would have sworn both women had boob jobs, they were so round and perfect. Alicia's mouth surrounded her lover's breast and she began to suck, eliciting loud moans from Jen, who wriggled about the bed. Alicia began working down her lover's body, tasting as much of the soft, silky skin as she could gather up in her hands and mouth. Renee was still watching, astounded at her mother's actions. Was this really the same shy, withdrawn woman of six months earlier? Every movement and action Alicia performed radiated confidence in her own sexuality.

"Oh darling, you know all my hidden spots, don't you?" Jen sighed as her lover removed her tiny thong. There were just sparse wisps of hair covering Jen's pussy and Renee watched as her mother parted Jen's labia and began licking. "Oh yes, my slut-bitch, that's it eat it, eat my pussy, lick my fucking CUNT!"

Renee tingled a bit as she heard that. She knew that a bit of this was a performance being put on for her and it was almost dare she say it? arousing. She fought that emotion, recalling as little as a year ago, her mother had chewed her out for using the "F word". Now she was having lesbian sex in front of her own daughter and her lover was spewing vile profanity as well.

"She gets so fucking wet," Alicia grinned, lifting her face from between Jen's thighs. Indeed, her face was gleaming with Jen's juices. Renee could scarcely believe her mother's boldness. Alicia then moved to Jen's face and her girlfriend licked her own juices from Alicia's face and lips.

"I love the way I taste on her lips," Jen smiled. "Okay slut, it's time for me to show your daughter just how fucking wet you get, so spread those legs, here I come!"

"Oh God, YES Jen, do it to me," Alicia groaned. Jen seemed to take her time with Alicia, appreciating every inch of the blonde's smooth, curvy, toned, tanned body. Renee had to give her mother credit, she didn't look anywhere near her true age nor was she acting like it. Writhing on the bed, fists thumping into the mattress, she was full-on in the throes of an erotic spell woven by Jen. Her lover's mouth went licking and trailing down and Renee noticed her mother had a navel piercing. Renee could see it was a tiny letter "J" and looked over and observed that Jen had one as well, the letter "A". Renee was finally letting it all sink in, her mother and Jen loved each other and were committed. She had no issue with that, Jen was a warm, loving woman but why all of this?

"Oh damn, oh fuck, oh fucking GOD, you never fail, my golden bitch," Alicia snarled. "I love the way you eat me and work so hard to make me cum, it's such a turn-on. Yeah babe, that's the spot right there, you know it! Are you watching Renee are you watching how Jen makes Mommy cum, do you see how sexy it all is?"

Renee nodded, not entirely sure as to how she should respond. It was sexy but it shouldn't have been. She would not allow herself to be drawn into this, it wasn't right, she was NOT a lesbian. That much Renee knew for certain.

"Damn, damn, DAMN, I'm cumming!" Alicia howled, clamping her thighs around Jen's head and holding her in place. Renee watched her mother's eyes close and her head go back and then a soft, plaintive wail escaped her lips. She relaxed and let Jen go, her lover rejoined her at the top of the bed. They kissed tenderly and Jen asked Alicia "Did she watch?"

Alicia giggled. "Every second and you should have seen just how wide her eyes went." She chuckled again. "She might try and deny it, but my little girl likes women. She's just as kinky as her Mommy, you wait and see."

Renee didn't know how to feel, hearing her mother refer to her in such a manner. She had gotten a bit excited watching her aunt and mom playing on the bed, but it wasn't much different than watching a porno. Her roommate at school had several adult magazines and videos that she stashed away and Renee had checked them out. The models were pretty and the sexy lingerie and shoes they wore were sexy Renee had envied their beauty and hoped to be that sexy herself someday. She had planned to go shopping for some pretty new things even before Aunt Jen had made her offer.

The two naked women were cuddling together on the bed, neither of them had any intention of releasing Renee as yet. There was plenty more in store for her to see, as soon as they could catch their breath.

"Now I know what you might be thinking?" Jen grinned with a truly wicked smile on her face. "You might think that a woman can have sex with another woman but she can't fuck, right? WRONG!" From the table at bedside, she extricated a large, purple phallus which she strapped to her waist. "Your mother loves it when I fuck her with this. She screams and carries on like a bitch in heat which she is!"

Alicia giggled. "It's true, I am. Yeah baby, give me your cock I want it Jen, fuck me any way you want, I'm your slut!"

Renee was still flabbergasted by the transformation in her once-sedate mother. Carrying on and acting this way, it was blowing the teen's mind.

"You want it bitch?" Jen asked. Alicia nodded and Jen said "Then you know what you have to do, right?" Alicia nodded again and pulled Jen a bit closer so that she could engulf the artificial cock and slide it into her mouth. Renee watched as her mother treated it as a real cock and gave her girlfriend a blowjob. Once the huge tool was lubed with her spit, she presented herself on all fours.

"Fuck me with your cock, Jen dearest! Let me feel it deep inside my cunt! Oh, so evil, being fucked by my lover's cock while my daughter watches!" She moaned. In mere minutes, Alicia was granted her request. Jen's dildo was moving in and out of Alicia's pussy and from the way Jen was manipulating the tool, it wasn't the first time. All the while, Alicia screamed and carried on and begged for more cock, more fucking cock, as she put it. Renee was still enthralled by the lewd spectacle before her. She knew that she should look away, that this wasn't right, but she found herself no longer able to avert her gaze. She had to see this through to the bitter end.

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me until I die!" Screeched Alicia as the huge prick fucked her deeply. Renee saw that her mother was moving against the cock and fucking herself just as much as Jen was fucking her. Her mother was grinding hard against the artificial cock and pushing back against it, trying to jam it as deeply as she could. Jen had a look of sheer determination on her lovely face as well, intent on providing her lover full satisfaction. She had a hold of Alicia's hips and was guiding the tool in and out and in and out in a smooth, steady fashion.

When Renee saw her mother's head snap back and a loud wail escaped from her lips, she knew that Alicia had cum again. Alicia turned her head and met Jen's mouth with her own. The two lovers kissed lewdly for a few minutes before Jen removed the cock from Alicia's heated pussy.

"I don't like it as much as your Mom does," Jen smiled at their captive. "Once in a while is fine, but I like skin-to-skin contact much better." She left the bed for a minute and walked towards Renee, stroking her cheek. "I'm sure you'll discover your own likes and dislikes in a little while."

Renee nodded and watched as Jen's slim, nude body rejoined Alicia's on the bed. She looked over at the wall and saw that well over 2 hours had gone by. Her wrists were a bit sore and she wondered why her mother and Jen weren't exhausted.

"You know what I want now, don't you babe?" Jen grinned, pulling Alicia close for a kiss.

"I think I can guess," Alicia smiled. The two women tumbled together before Alicia called out to her daughter. "What you're about to see is called a sixty-nine. It's one of our favorite ways to have sex, as you'll soon see."

Her curiosity piqued, Renee watched in fascination as Jen got on top of her mother, facing away from her. The two women were now able to lick each other's pussies at the same time, Renee had to admit it seemed very clever and it sure looked hot. She inhaled the funky musk of sex that was filling the room as she heard the likliklik and the slurpslurpslurp of her mother and aunt pleasuring each other simultaneously. She saw both of them even licking each other's assholes it should have repelled Renee, but she found it oddly fascinating. It was getting harder and harder to think of reasons why this was wrong because both women seemed to be giving each other such intense pleasures.

When they had finished their game, nearly 2 hours had passed. The lovers looked at each other and Alicia got off the bed, her body glowing from all the sex she had just enjoyed. She went over to untie Renee, giving her daughter a small kiss on the cheek. That was all it took.

"I want to do it!" Renee cried out. "I want to fuck with you and Aunt Jen, I want to eat your pussies and have you eat mine and do all those dirty, fun things you just showed me. Oh please, please, can I?"

"It's `may I', but we'll let it go this once," Jen teased. "Is she wet Alicia? Is she ready for us?"

Alicia ran her hands up her daughter's bare legs and under her tiny skirt. "The little bitch is soaked and I can feel the heat from her cunt already. She's ready for us, all right. Okay baby Mommy's going to show you the best time, then Aunt Jen gets her turn."

"Oh yes Mommy, please Mommy," Renee sighed. Her limits had been pushed beyond endurance and now all she could think about was hot, lesbian sex with her mother and aunt. She allowed Alicia to undress her, loving the feeling of her mom's hands on her body.

"We're going to have to buy her some new underwear, that stuff isn't naughty enough," Jen giggled. "In this house, we like to be trashy, even under our regular clothes."

"Yes, we do, we'll get you the sexiest clothes and you can be our little fuckmate for the entire summer, okay baby?" Alicia purred as her kisses began raining down on her daughter's body. With every inch that she exposed, she felt more passion and Renee's blood ran hotter. She no longer wanted to fight this, her only desire was to be one of these sexy women. Alicia's tongue was now in her mouth, wiggling and exploring and making her whimper. When she removed it, she ran it down the teen's now-naked body and had her yelping with joy. It all felt so good and Renee knew that this was only the beginning!

"Mmm, what a yummy, plump little pussy," Alicia murmured and then she went down on her daughter. Renee had never felt anything like it in her life, it was as if a million electric shocks were traveling throughout her body. She looked over to see Jen running her hands over Alicia's body. It was all so fucking amazing.

Alicia worked her magic on her daughter and soon had Renee's juices covering her face. When the young woman had her first cum, Alicia shared a kiss with Jen and then bent down to kiss her daughter. "Taste yourself," She encouraged Renee. "It's very kinky."

Renee did and found she liked her taste. She and her Mom tangled tongues again and her mother sucked on her before turning her over to Jen.

"I want to do a sixty-nine with you, Aunt Jen, can we?" Renee asked with an impassioned plea.

"You don't have to call me `Aunt' here sweetie," Jen told her. "Do you think you're ready for that?"

"I like calling her Mommy and calling you Aunt, it adds to the kinky," Renee said, licking her lips and grinning naughtily. "As for the other - try me!"

Alicia was impressed with her daughter's new-found boldness. She watched as her girlfriend and daughter positioned themselves and was amazed to see just how eager Renee was to please. She was very active and her hands moved everywhere as she licked Jen. She wasn't very vocal yet but it would come in time. Alicia made herself useful, rimming both the assholes of her lover and daughter. It helped the duo achieve orgasm much faster.

As it was nearing midnight, they decided to stop for the night. The lovers were woken around 9 AM by a warm tongue moving between their pussies. They looked down to see Renee loving them both and frigging herself. They formed a Daisy Chain and didn't get to breakfast until nearly 11.

"Thanks Mom, thanks Aunt Jen, for showing me how much pleasure I can get from sex," Renee smiled. "I'm going to have a lot more fun at school in the fall," She giggled as she thought of some of her sexy schoolmates her roommate in particular with her fiery, red hair and long legs.

"You sure are baby, but maybe you should start calling me `Mom' too," Jen said. She and Alicia each held out their hands and for the first time, Renee saw that they wore matching wedding bands on their ring fingers. She hugged them both and squealed.

"This is so cool, when did you guys ?"

"Last month," Alicia told her daughter. "It was on our honeymoon that we came up with our little plan of seduction," She smiled.

"Am I ever glad about that," Renee said, sitting on her mother's lap and wiggling her cute little bottom down. "What about Gran? Have you told her about this yet, she might freak!"

Jen shook her head and looked at her wife. "She's right babe, we really should tell your Mom so that we can avoid a nasty scene later on."

Alicia smiled. "Hmm I'm not sure if there will be a scene. Mom's only 55 in great shape, she doesn't have any grey hair and her legs mmm girls, what do you think about our trying to make our threesome into a foursome?"

Jen was stunned at this idea, but Renee recovered quickly. "Hell yeah Mommy, count me in!"

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