Dear Diary, Part 8 April 1995 (Babysitter delight)

by Jacqueline_B

My daughter had just turned five years old and started school and I thought it was about time I got back to work. The only job I could find that suited me was a barmaid in a club, but it was working at least 4 nights a week and I had to get a babysitter. After a week of asking around I still hadnt found one that I trusted so I confided in my next-door neighbour. She said laughed and said that I had overlooked the obvious person, when I asked her who, she said her own daughter.

But shes only twelve. I replied.

So. She retorted, Maureens been babysitting for my brother for the last couple of years. Shes mature enough and she could use a bit of extra pocked money as well.

I said all right and that Ill give her a trial for a week to see how it goes. Maureen babysat my daughter a couple of times that week and she struck me as a very sensible girl and it was arranged that she would baby-sit whenever I was at work. Over the next few months she used to come round to my house more and more often, not just for babysitting duties but to play with my daughter as well.

One night in April there was a special Vicars and Tarts night at the club, all the staff had to dress up either as a vicar or a tart. I wore a very short black pleated and flared skirt, red lace see- through blouse, and black stockings and suspenders. When I went into the living room after getting dressed Maureen looked me up and down, whistled then she said, Wow! Sexy.

I laughed and said, Well, what do you think? I did a pirouette and my skirt flew up showing off my stockings, suspenders and black lace panties, Will I do? Its not too much is it?

Maureen looked me up and down again and I could almost feel her eyes travelling over my body. Wow youve got sussies on as well. You look fantastic.

Laughing, I kissed her on the cheek and said, Thank you for that, Ive got to go now so Ill catch you later. I dont know what time Ill be home, but its going to be quite late.

Thats OK Jackie, she replied, have a nice time.

I thanked her again and left for the club. For the next five hours it was absolutely hectic, the club was packed and the crowd didnt start to thin out until about one in the morning, and the club didnt close until four. Oh God not another three hours, I thought to myself, my feet were killing me and my head was throbbing with a headache from the music. I went up to the boss and made the excuse that I wasnt feeling too good and my stomach was playing me up. He said OK, I could go home because the club wasnt too busy and called a taxi for me. I smiled all the way home in the taxi, he falls for it every time.

Paying the taxi driver off, (and giving him an eyeful as I got out of the car,) I let myself in the house. The house was in darkness, there was just the glow of the television shining through the living room window. I thought Maureen had either fallen asleep or she was watching the TV with no lights on. I made a cup of tea in the kitchen and took it through to the living room.

I pushed the living room door open and was just about to say hi, when my eyes focused on the TV screen. There were bodies writhing about on the screen, my first thought was that she had somehow stumbled on an adult cable channel. But as I looked closerI realised it was me on the screen. Oh my God, shes found the video I made with a girlfriend years ago. I was mortified. The room was in total silence.

As my eyes became adjusted to the darkness I saw her, Maureen was lying on the couch and her hand was inside the top of her jeans. I stood rooted to the spot, my heart was beating so fast in my chest I was certain she could hear it. She was facing away from me and she obviously hadnt seen or heard me enter.

I looked at the television again and saw myself on the bed masturbating while the other girl (I cant remember her name,) was lowering herself onto my face, my tongue sticking out of my mouth reaching up for her pussy. My heart missed a beat when I heard a noise from the couch, Maureen had put one foot on the floor so her legs were wide open and she had pulled the zip of her jeans right down. Her hand was rummaging around inside her jeans and she was breathing heavily, her eyes fastened on the television screen.

Bending down, I silently placed the cup of tea on the carpet just outside the door and went back to watching Maureen. As I watched her, my hand found its way under my skirt to my knickers and I started to rub myself. My pussy was already slightly damp from walking round all night wearing the stockings and suspenders, but now it was almost dripping, especially when she lifted her hips off the couch and edged her jeans lower. Her hand returned back between her legs and went straight inside her knickers. My hand mirrored what she was doing and I slid my hand in my panties and began to run my fingers up and down my pussy lips.

Then Maureen raised her legs and the air and pushed her jeans right down her legs and off her feet. She then pulled her top off her head and resumed her previous position. I gave an audible gasp when the mounds of her little breasts came into view, and Maureen shrieked as she jumped off the couch, tried to cover her breasts and crotch and attempt to grab the video remote at the same time. She only ended up almost losing her balance, her hands flew to the side and I had a prefect view of her pert little breasts and the sexiest pair of panties. I stared at her, and burst into laughter, forgetting my skirt was hiked up showing off my stockings and my hand inside my knickers

She plonked herself down on the couch and covered her face with her hands, Oh J-J-Jackie Im so so sorry, she sobbed, I j-j-just found the video and j-j-just w-wonder what it w-w-was.

I quickly took my hand out of my panties and sat on the arm of the couch next to her. I put my arm around her and hugged her, Hey sweetheart, thats ok. I kissed the top of her head and inhaled her hair, she must have been up in the bathroom and washed her hair or had a shower while I had been out because she smelled of soap. I suddenly had a vision come into my head of her naked in my bathroom, and my nipples grew hard. They were poking out of the holes in the lace of the blouse I was wearing. She was sobbing in my arms, her hands still covering her face.

The worst thing was her bare shoulder was rubbing against my nipples as she sobbed, making them even harder. I tried to think saintly thought while I was hugging her, Hey Maureen, Im not mad, I whispered into her hair, Everyone is curious at some time.

When I s-saw it was you I sh-should have t-t-turned it off, Maureen sobbed in my arms. B-but y-you l-l-looked s-so s-sexy earlier, I j- just w-wanted t-to s-see what y-you l-looked like.

I held her at arms length and looked at her face, she wasnt making any attempt to cover breasts but her hands were covering her face. She was blushing a bright red. What did you say? I asked as I tried to drag my eyes away from her rosebud nipples.

Her voice was muffled as she replied, I just though you looked really sexy in those stockings.

*So you thought you see what the rest of me looked like. I said softly into her hair.

Maureens head bobbed yes and she mumbled, Im sorry.

Stop saying sorry, I laughed. Honestly, Im not mad.

As I held her I became aware of her looking at the tops of my legs where my skirt had ridden up, showing off the tops of my stockings and the suspenders. I hugged her tighter, feeling her skin hot under my hands, and then I kissed her softly on the top of the head again and whispered, Did you really think I looked sexy?

When she nodded again I said softly, I think you are sexy as well.

She pulled away from me and said, Do you think so?

My eyes were drawn back to her little breasts, God yes! I answered. I wish my breasts looked like yours. I laughed.

She looked down at her own breasts, then at mine and said, Youve got nice ones as well. Mine are too small.

Nonsense, I exclaimed, youve got perfect breasts for your age, theyll soon grown bigger as you get older.

Then Maureen cupped her own breast in her hand, I wish they would get bigger soon. she said. A heat spread outwards from my pussy as I saw her touch herself. She looked up at me, Can I touch yours? she whispered.

My heart was in my throat as I nodded. Maureen reached her hand out and placed it on my breast over my blouse, the palm of her hand felt hot on my nipple and I gasped at her touch. With trembling fingers I started to undo the buttons on the front of my blouse and she slid her hand inside.

I put my hand between our bodies and cupped her breast in my hand, her nipples were as hard as mine. I rubbed the pad of my thumb over her nipple and she groaned, her fingers doing the same to mine as I was doing to hers. Stand up, I said softly, I want to look at you.

Maureen stood before me with her hands crossed in front of her crotch, her face flushed and her head bowed. I took hold of her hands and moved them to her side. God! She was beautiful standing there in just her panties, a wet patch appearing on the front of them. I ran my fingertip over the front of her panties and whispered, can I ask you a question? When she shyly nodded I asked, Have you ever done anything with another girl before?

When she shook her head I asked, Would you like to? She blushed a bright scarlet and hung her head a little bit lower and nodded. I took her head in my hands and raised it, planting a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth. Maureen didnt respond at first so I kissed her softly full on the mouth, letting my lips linger there. Gradually her lips parted and I pushed my tongue into her mouth, feeling her tongue push out to meet mine. I pulled her to me, running my both my hands over her back and down to cup her arse cheeks over her panties. She was now kissing me back as I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down her legs. I pulled back and looked at her, I almost cum on the spot when I saw her pussy for the first time, it was as smooth as silk.

Undress me, I whispered and stood up.

Maureen was breathing deeply as she slowly pulled my blouse off my shoulders, her eyes never leaving my breasts. Then she knelt down in front of me and pulled my mini-skirt over my hips until it was pooled at my feet and I was standing in front of her wearing nothing but stockings suspenders and lacy knickers. My pussy felt like it was on fire.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and lifted her to her feet, my mouth meeting hers again, kissing her, this time she kissed me back straight away, her tongue insinuating itself in my mouth. I pulled her towards me, feeling the whole length of her body pressed against mine. Touch me, I said into her mouth.

As we kissed I felt her hand go round my back and onto my arse, then it was moving round the side to the front and slowly moved downwards until it was cupping my pussy through my knickers. I opened my legs slightly as we stood there and her fingers inexpertly began to move. I slid my hand between our bodies and touched her, she gasped as I started to run my finger up and down her pussy lips. Her hand moved upwards and she pushed her fingers under the waist of my panties and inside. My clit throbbed when she touched it.

Our lips were still locked together as I gently pulled her backwards onto the couch. We sat there next to each other, kissing and touching each other between the legs. As I rubbed her clit and ran my finger up and down her slit she was panting and her wetness was coating my fingers. Gently I pushed with my finger and it slid in up to the first knuckle before coming to an obstruction. She gasped into my mouth and I felt her finger slide into my pussy. I lifted my arse off the couch and quickly pulled my panties down. Slowly Maureen began to get more experienced and we sat on the couch for about ten minutes, just frigging each other. She was breathing heavily into my mouth and I knew she wasnt far from cumming. I wasnt far off either.

Disengaging myself from her mouth and lifted her to her feet, I said to her, Quick, on the floor and lay on top of me. When she tried to lie on top of me the same way I turned her round so she was facing my feet. I opened my legs and she lowered herself down until her pussy was only inches away from my waiting mouth. I felt her hand go back between my legs and start to rub my clit, Do what Im doing to you, I said to her, and clamped my mouth over her pussy.

Maureen gasped and her thigh muscles clenched as she felt my mouth on her, my nose pressed right up against her cute little arse. Then she leaned right forward and started to lick all around my pussy and clit. I raised a hand and pressed the tip of my finger against her little puckered hole as I licked her pussy. She moaned against my crotch and I felt here push back against my hand. I pushed a little bit harder and my finger slipped into her anus at the same time as my tongue slid into her pussy. I began to move my finger in and out in rhythm with my tongue in her pussy and her juices began to flow into my mouth. She moaned and her arse pressed back against my hand, her tongue flicking over my pussy at the same time.

My orgasm was building up and I raised my hips off the floor, grinding my pussy into her face. I felt her finger explore my arse and slowly slide in, imitating what I was doing to her. That was it, I exploded. My orgasm hit me at the same time as it hit Maureen, she groaned and pressed her crotch hard down on my mouth, I could feel the walls of her pussy rippling on my tongue as she cum. The she collapsed on top of me, her mouth still over my pussy, licking me as I cum into her mouth.

Gradually I recovered my breath and said to her, did you enjoy that?

God yes, she panted, can we do it again sometime?

I laughed, Oh yes, as often as you want to

Over the next few years we did it everytime she baby-sat for me, but everything thats good has to come to an end. When Maureen left school she went to university and I never saw her again.

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