Mother's Milk, Daughter's Submission, Part 2

by Inglorious_Babysitter

Chelsea and Leslie had enjoyed the extra cash they raked in from their little movies. Not only that, but Chelsea's worst fear of alienating her daughter had not come true. Instead, five year old Leslie Brooks was more than able to process just what was going on. She even got a bigger allowance than any of her friends. She had started acting like a 'big girl,' except alone with Mommy. There, in the bedroom, she was Mommy's little baby, and little plaything.

Leslie knew her Mother enjoyed nursing as much as she did, and though Leslie did not fully understand her Mother's growing lust, she would let her mother undress her for nursing. Sometimes, they made a video, most of them short, other times they nursed privately. Even in those private moments, Leslie still puckered up like a baby and asked for "boo-ba," flirtatiously flashing a bit of skin to her mother. She would typically approach her around nursing time, lift her dress halfway up her belly, hopping up onto Mommy's lap and straddling her leg, showing off her little girl panties. Chelsea would stop what she was doing--it didn't really matter what--and give little Leslie a kiss and a pat on the bottom, telling her to run ahead and get on the bed. Chelsea never made her wait any time. She would come running to the bedroom to undress her little girl. Leslie's dress would sit listlessly across her midsection as the little girl stretched her arms over the bed for her mother to remove her dress. Off came the dress, as Chelsea would take a moment to rub Leslie's little undeveloped buds and tell her how someday, she would nurse and love a baby of her own.

Then it was time to play with the panties before taking them off. Chelsea invariably had to get her own top and bra removed as her own excitement left her breasts beginning to radiate that familiar warm rushing sensation that was quickly followed by drops of warm milk. Leslie loved the sight of them, especially when Mommy bent over the bed, dangling them, swollen, for Leslie to see. Occasionally, Leslie would even give one a squeeze which caused a shot of milk to rain down on her. Chelsea would kiss the spot where the milk landed, usually on Leslie's thigh, but occasionally on her panties or belly. Chelsea always traced the lines of her little girl's underwear: the waistband, the leg holes, and finally the slit that wedged in Leslie's privates from the top of her slit, underneath and back to the top of her bottom. finally, Chelsea took the panties by curling her fingers into the waistband on each hip. Leslie would raise up, and the panties came down and off. Then it was Mommy's turn to remove her lower garments, and finally her panties. The naked Mother and Child embraced and Leslie would drink as her mother fondled, and occasionally penetrated her.

The next request

A typical day for her mother was to check the post for any requests, since these were often lucrative. Today, one came, and it was different. Everything up to now was mostly new ways to pose Leslie, but this one instructed Chelsea to train Leslie in "Other places to nurse." It also involved the use of toys to penetrate her little girl. Chelsea hesitated a moment as she read the note. The viewer wanted Leslie to be unaware of the toy until the making of the movie, and her reaction was to be filmed. She was advanced 50 quid for the necessary toys: a smooth steel vibrator for her pussy, and a butt plug for her ass. chelsea decided to make the purchases as there was a store nearby that dealt in adult toys, but they certainly did not make butt plugs for a child. The smallest had a diameter of 3cm at its largest point.

As Chelsea walked home, she felt worried about Leslie, but she also felt excited. Leslie had become very accustomed to their erotic private shows, and even showed some pleasure from being penetrated, though Chelsea's finger hardly measured up to the girth or length of the plug that was to go in Leslie's little bottom.

As Leslie played in her room that afternoon, Chelsea nonchalantly walked the toy to the master bedroom where they did their nursing and put it in the bedside drawer. Then she went to Leslie's room and told her about the first part of the new request.

"We're doing a movie tonight." Chelsea began. "Mommy is going to kiss you down there after you undress for the camera. After that, Mommy has a couple surprises that you have to find out while we make the movie. They want to see you be surprised, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy."

"I'm...well...honey...just remember, we can stop if you tell me to stop."

"Are the surprises bad?"

"They are very naughty things. We need to start soon, so finish playing.

"Yes, Mommy."

Chelsea set up the video camera in time for Leslie's nursing time. When the little girl came in, Chelsea handed Leslie her script. Chelsea started the camera as Leslie climbed on the bed and they started.

"Hey, baby girl, what are you wearing today?"

"Just my dress and pannies."

"What are we doing tonight?"

Leslie pulled the hem of her dress up, like the little star she was becoming and said, "Mommy is kissing me on my wee wee. That means this," she said as she kicked up one leg and stuck a finger against her panty-covered pussy. Then, Mommy has to kiss my bottom, Right in here," she said as she turned around, bent over and poked a finger between her cheeks."I hafta pull off my dress and pull down my pannies cause Mommy said her kisses have to be on my bare wee wee and bottom." As she removed her dress, she hooked her left thumb in the waistband of her panties and pulled the waistband down even with her crotch, revealing her little hip and the line where her leg met her crotch. She teasingly leaned into the camera with her other hand making a 'shhh' sign over her mouth and teasingly added, "shhh...If Mommy kisses me under my pannies, it has to be a secret." She smiled for the camera, then took her other hand down from her mouth and shook her little hips as she wiggled them down and off.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, naked, and with a hand between her legs, begged, "Mommy, will you kiss me here?"

Chelsea was already naked. She walked around the camera, looked back at it, then adjusted it for a close up view of her daughter's little pussy. throwing her hair behind her head, she leaned down and put her right cheek against her daughter's left thigh with the camera angled so that Leslie's little pussy would stay in view. It was zoomed out just far enough that it showed Leslie's face also, as her head was propped up on a pillow so she could see what was happening. Chelsea spread Leslie's little legs so that her right leg was almost straight out, leaving an exquisite view of her little 'weewee' as she began with Leslie's thigh, making licks that moved gradually upward until she landed a long lick across the her baby's labia. Leslie felt an amazing rush of warmth and pleasure from Mommy's tongue and she instinctively cried out, "Oh, Mommy! That feels good."

"The best is yet to come sweetie," Chelsea said, as Leslie looked down at her mother. Leslie could see Mommy's open mouth, with her tongue lapping its way up her slit, alternating with her lips, which applied kiss after kiss to the little girl's pussy. "Open yourself up for Mommy. Mommy needs your weewee open." Chelsea guided Leslie's small hand to her right labia, which Leslie instinctively pulled open as Mommy pulled open her left. Now with full access, Chelsea alternated her tongue between the baby girl's vagina, pee hole and clit. Leslie breathed heavily, shuddering in ecstacy. Her mother was excited as well, and began rubbing between her own legs with her free hand as her baby approached orgasm. Leslie had held her head up to watch what was happening but suddenly threw it back with a loud "ohhhhhh!" as she orgasmed. As she did, she lost control of her 'peepee' and let loose a stream of urine onto her mother. Intoxicated by her daughter, Mommy covered her daughter's pussy with her mouth and began sucking on Leslie's pee hole, taking the stream in her mouth and swallowing it down.

"I went pee on the bed, Mommy. I'm sorry. It's just that it felt so good..."

"Mommy clean you up, baby. It's ok. Now turn over and let's do your bottom."

Leslie's mother made sure that Leslie stayed very clean, and her anus was as pink as her swollen pussy. The little tart turned over and raised onto her knees, shoulders and head on the pillow. Mommy guided her daughter's hand again, telling her "rub your wee wee and it makes it even better." Leslie ran a finger up and down her slit, occasionally poking it inside as her mother delicately rimmed her baby's anus. Leslie again began breathing heavily and as Mommy began planting kisses directly on the little girl's rosebud, each one sent waves of pleasure through the sensitive flesh of her bottom. Leslie enjoyed it so much, she took both hands and spread her cheeks wider and relaxed her anus, giving her mother deeper access. Mommy obliged and tongue fucked Leslie's little bottom for the camera. Reaching under her daughter, she simultaneously pinched the baby's pee hole and clit, giving her a shuddering anal orgasm.

"Thankyou, Mommy, can I nurse now?"

"Oh honey, first I have a surprise."

"What? but mommy I wanna nurse!"

"you're going to kiss mommy down there like I kissed you. Mommy has to make peepee for the camera and you have to nurse mommy's pee hole."

Leslie covered her mouth. "Honey it's not hard. Let me show you." chelsea stood and opened her vagina, pointing out where her "peepee hole" was. You put your tongue in here, showing her daughter, "and then suck on Mommy. It feels very good. Sit on the edge of the bed, baby." Leslie slowly complied, pulling her hair behind her head and looking very vulnerable. Mommy adjusted the camera and then stood in front of her little girl. "Kiss Mommy's tummy to start." Leslie obeyed and progressively became more passionate as she relaxed. Then, Chelsea took her little girl and laid her on the bed, on her back, so that her shoulders were even with the edge. Chelsea held her head and actually lifted it a bit, then straddled her little girl's face.

Leslie looked up and saw her mother's pussy just above her. Her nose was lined up under her mother's anus. It was a very subservient position, and Leslie was very unsure of herself, but as Mommy lifted the little girl's head, Leslie kissed her mother's pussy, tasting it for the first time. She could feel the pleasure in her Mother's reaction, and suddenly became less afraid. She realized that this made her Mother feel very good, and so she began to suckle as if nursing her mother's breast.

The suckling action made Chelsea instinctively grind against her daughter's face, bringing her bottom down against the girl's nose. Leslie began to slurp as she breathed through her mouth, but continued to roll her tongue against her mother in a way that teased her pee hole. Chelsea hesitated, content to be eaten out by her little girl, but finally released the trickle of urine for the special request.

For Leslie, it wasn't the horrible experience she thought it would be. Mommy's peepee tasted salty. It came very fast, but the little girl managed to swallow most of it. The rest trickled down her cheeks. Her mother's cleanliness made for a perfumed-fresh smell that made the experience much more enjoyable for Leslie who, instead of getting used to what might have been an unpleasant taste, gently nursed at her mother's vagina bathed in sweet perfume. After the pee stopped, Leslie cocked her head back to taste her mother's anus, plunging her tongue deep between the standing woman's cheeks to just tickle Mommy's anus with the tip of her tongue. The little child-star then suckled on the globes of flesh of her mother's bottom, then her inner thighs, and her labia, leaving little wet spots of her baby saliva in her mother's most intimate places.

It was time for the next surprise. Chelsea retrieved the plug to put in Leslie's bottom.

"Will this hurt?" Leslie asked, but Mommy was silent.

Chelsea gave Leslie the butt plug. She held it up to the camera, then handed it to her mother. "Mommy, put this in my bottom."

Leslie playfully put her butt up to the camera and spread her cheeks, showing off her precious little anus while Mommy went to the bathroom and came back with a tube of KY jelly. She came back into the room to find Leslie's little bottom pointed at the camera.

"Leslie, I need you to turn around and look at the camera. Lay on your tummy. Legs apart." Leslie followed every instruction, laying flat, then propping her chin on her hands with her little bottom pointed away. "Eyes forward baby. Tell the camera what you feel while I put this in."

"That's cold!" Leslie squealed as her mother shot a generous glob of lubricant directly against her little butt.

"It's icky," she added as her mother rubbed more lube on her finger, then put a coating on her daughter's bottom cheeks.

Leslie rocked her head from side to side as she stared at the camera while nothing seemed to happen, though the camera captured Chelsea coating the plug for its entry into her daughter's virgin hole. "I wonder what Mommy's doing," she said teasingly into the camera.

Just then, Chelsea quietly pressed the tip of the plug against the little girl's anus. Leslie's face snapped serious. "Oh. It's cold."

The plug penetrated her. It was much larger than Mommy's finger. Leslie's jaw dropped. She closed her eyes and grabbed the bedclothes while trying to keep her head fixed on the camera. The girth of the toy pressed harder and harder against her sphincter which sent waves of the intense sensation--not quite pain, not quite pleasure--through the little girl. Chelsea watched silently as her daughter's little body tensed up. Her daughter's shudders intensified as the plug stretched her anus wider and wider. She did not want to start over, so she pressed on until the fullest part of the plug entered Leslie's bottom. Her anus stretched and then closed around it, swallowing the seemingly giant toy. "Ow...ow..ow.." she repeated for the camera before the plug finally went into position. Leslie exhaled deeply, threw her head back and smiled.

"Mommy, the thing in my bottom--It makes me tickle all over. It feels good."

"Mommy is going to nurse you now, so come on over and let Mommy hold you. The toy will stay in on its own."

Chelsea laid back on the bed and cradled Leslie, massaging between her legs. Leslie suckled her mother as the milk ran down out of the other side.

"Mommy, after boo-ba I wanna nurse your peepee again."

"You will. It can be part of our little time together." As Leslie suckled her mother, she had to let go occassionally to take a deep breath and let out a moan of pleasure as the plug, coupled with the sensation that her mother's hand between her legs gave her. Milk covered Leslie's face, which her mother wiped with her hand. The sweet juices from her daughter's pussy combined with the milk, which her mother tasted. Desiring more of the sweet combination, she continued massaging between Leslie's legs, occasionally reaching back and pressing on the plug, making the little girl tense up. It was so pleasurable to Leslie that it made her squirt a little juice from her pussy onto Mommy's hand, which Mommy licked again before returning it between Leslie's legs.

As Leslie finished nursing, her mother laid her face down and pulled at the butt plug. Leslie still found it painful when the "big part" went in or out of her bottom. She moaned and cried out that her bottom hurt as the broad toy stretched her again, but she loved the sensation it gave her when it was inside, and she loved what Mommy did after it was out. Mommy saw that the poor girl's little bottom was gaping and stretched to the limit, and Leslie's soft moans between her breaths expressed how painful it was for her to endure the insertion and removal of the plug. Mommy leaned down and rimmed the little girl's gaping anus with her tongue, round and round, until Leslie was smiling again. Her gape was a sight to behold, pink and deep. It seemed especially deep between the five-year-old cheeks which seemed so small compared to the big plug. Leslie turned around and stuck her bottom out at the camera, spreading her cheeks and relaxing her anus to give one last extra-good look for the camera. She held her pose while Chelsea got up and walked around to the camera to fade the movie. Then she got back in the bed and spread her legs as her daughter crawled up between them. Leslie buried her face in her Mother's pussy and suckled it as if she was milking one of Mommy's nipples. There was no 'peepee,' but she swallowed her mother's love juices which dripped and then streamed into her eager, suckling mouth until she made her mother come, squirting the sweet juice onto her little girl's face.

Chelsea took several baby wipes and wiped them both clean. They cuddled in bed and fell asleep together, naked.

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