Behind the Smile

by Androgyne

Martine lives near me in my street.My physical descripton of her is as accurate in every detail as I can make it.Is any more of the story true? Well as in "House of Cards" You might think so but I couldn't possibly comment!

We've not yet hit mid winter but getting up is already not a pleasant prospect. Despite being unemployed I still rise fairly early but right now, looking out of my bedroom window, the weather prospects are not appealing. It's quite dark still outside but the growing light shows heavy dark clouds and a stiff breeze is driving rubbish along my road.

Once my bed is made I shed my pyjamas and stand naked by the gently glowing gas fire in my bedroom. People might think that pyjamas on a woman aren't either feminine or even sexy but that depends. That is to say it depends on what style of pyjamas one favours. I splash out for expensive man style suits, mainly in real silk, and I do think, despite the butch look, they flatter me. Not that simply wearing man type pyjamas could make me appear very masculine.

Despite favouring a very short hairstyle I possess a full and rounded body. My reflection, in the full length mirror on the bedroom wall, shows a woman in her early fifties but with a pretty damned decent body still. Regular gym sessions mean that while I'm a large lady I'm certainly not flabby and not fat in the accepted sense of the word. That is to say my body is firm with big breasts and wide hips that flow around into full buttocks. I suppose I'd say I'm sort of solid and firm bodied.

In the dim light of the room I examine my plump vulva to see if it might be time for another application of the razor; but as yet there's barely a hint of copper fuzz sprouting there. Cupping my breasts I squeeze them and feel my big nipples harden as I gloomily reflect that I'm horny; and lately the lady loving scene has not just been sparse but nonexistent.

Stepping into plain cotton panties I next wriggle into a deep line sports bra and then dress for my gym session later. Gym pants and a tee shirt plus a hooded top complete the ensemble; though I'm putting on slippers not running shoes till I head out for my morning papers. I trot down the stairs of my big old house and into my living room. Switch on my laptop, turn the heat on in my radiator to take the chill off the room, and then turn on my TV which is tuned to a 24/7 news channel, and the morning is well up and running.

My laptop "dings" telling me I have Emails and sorting junk from real stuff I see I have three from my internet friend in Canada. Bob was a wonderful chance encounter on the web. He's a wide and fine blend of a lot of good things and what a great next door neighbour he'd be! He's Bi and like me has a weakness for young ones though of course underage sex is a high risk factor pleasure.

One mail is a good natured rant, one a recommendation for several movies to try to watch and the third is a reply to my last mail to him regarding film actresses we share a physical passion for. Or as I put it "Here's three we'd both love to fuck Bob". All "mature" actresses and I'll let you make your own guesses as to who they are.

Between reading these mails I've popped into the kitchen and set the kettle to boil, plugged in the toaster and set two slices of bread into it, though not switched it on, and put a teabag into my mug. Before breakfasting though I need my morning papers to read whilst munching my toast and drinking my tea.

Checking the, yes I'll admit it, chunky butch style chronometer on my wrist, I change into my sports shoes and head into the hall. I'm preparing for a hoped for small pleasure that is always possible from Monday to Friday.

First though I crack open my front door to view the outside world. Although things have gotten lighter the weather has deteriorated. What was a stiff breeze is now a strong and gusty wind, while rain rattles down, pauses to draw breath, and then rattles down even harder. From the row of coats hung on hooks in the hall I select a fleece lined waterproof jacket and zip myself into it but I don't leave my home just yet. I also decide a brolly might be a good idea as the rain intensifies.

A second glance at my watch tells me it's just about that time so I wait in the doorway. A minute passes and then another one or two; thinking I've timed it wrongly I'm about to step out when I hear a front door slam a little further up my road. I move a tad nearer the first step and listen to sharp footsteps drawing nearer. And yes here comes Martine!

As she trots past my front door I step out and she turns to glance my way. We barely ever speak but she awards me that smile that always has me thinking about what's behind it. I always used think of it as "Mona Lisa" or perhaps secretive but now I realise the perfect word for it is an enigmatic smile. It just touches and flickers across her lips but it warms me in a way a smile from a schoolgirl shouldn't.

I give her my best smile in return and let her lead me by two or three yards before closing and locking my front door and then striding down the four steps to the street. My eyes are first drawn to her slender legs; her olive skinned calves are mainly covered by black knee-socks with tassels on the side. However her school kilt, black like the stockings, is short enough to reveal enticing glimpses of smooth thigh.

I've watched Martine grow up and develop since her family moved into my street; her parents are French but brought up here Martine's English is unaccented. Not that we've spoken more than a few words in the past but I've heard her chatting with her equally attractive school friends. She's quite tiny but beneath her school blouse she has surprisingly large and burgeoning breasts; large both for her age and her small size.

I can't say she's conventionally pretty even. Her face is a sort of perky little monkey looking vision that I just find irresistible! Her ears are pointed like a small elf and that just adds to my growing attraction and desire for her.

Watching now her pert rear I feel my nipples hardening and beginning to tingle while my clit swells and my sex dampens fast. Am I un-natural and perverted for feeling these growing desires for a schoolgirl? If I am I don't care one jot! I'm more aroused and excited every time I see her. Despite this filthy weather, in typical schoolgirl manner, she is wearing just her grey school blazer over her blouse and the rain is intense.

My excitement let's me do something I've never screwed up enough nerve to do before. I lengthen my stride to move up right next to her to cover us both with my brolly and as I do I speak to her.

"You'll be soaked to the skin before you get near school my love. Haven't you a parka or something to wear?"

She turns slowly and that smile sends tingles right through me.

"I'm okay but thanks for asking."

I know, from the badge on her blazer pocket, that she attends the "Northern Community College" and that's in walking distance; but on a day like this she'll get there really wet.

"You'll be soaked by the time you get to "North End" so at least walk with me as far as the paper shop. You could catch the bus up to school from the stop outside the shop."

"Well I'm going to meet my friend, she lives in St Paul's Street, but I'll walk as far as the shop with you."

She's got a lovely deep and husky voice for a girl as petite as she is and up close I can see sparkling beads of rain in her thick, dark, and wiry hair. Set in her hair is a flower shaped sparkly decoration of some kind that reminds me of a South Seas girl with a hibiscus blossom in hers. Greatly daring I hook my arm briefly around her waist and pull her close and further under my umbrella's cover. Even that short contact surprises me with the firmness of her body; she may be tiny but she's so solidly built.

It's hard to find anything to say to her at first and I realise I'm tongue tied, like I was when I was a schoolgirl her age, and crushing on my English teacher at my grammar school. I manage, finally, to find a few harmless things to ask her as we walk along our road towards the end and its junction with the main bus route road.

Does she like her school? What subjects does she like most and which ones is she best at? Finally I ask about her friends and she tells me her best friend lives in St Paul's Street and is the little cutie I in fact thought was a relative of Martine's.

When we reach the shop and the bus shelter outside it I again try to convince her to take the bus, but she's determined to call on her friend, who it seems is named Pauline. As she leaves the shelter of my brolly she hits me with that faint smile again.

"Thank you! Oh and my name's Martine!"

"I know it is dear and I'm Lana. Bye bye dear and do try to stay as dry as you can!"

I watch her perky form scamper up the road to turn left into St Paul's, and vanish from my sight with a pang of regret, but leaving a warm glow within me. I pick up my morning papers and hand my shopkeeper the cash, barely acknowledging his usual greeting, and head back home. By the time I lock my front door behind me my arousal needs attending to ahead of all else!

I tug loose the drawstrings on my gym pants to push them and my dampened briefs down around my ankles before I settle into my armchair. That chair is well to the side of my living room window and to any watching eyes from the houses that back onto mine I'm invisible.

Spreading my thighs I look down to see a small trickle of creamy juice seeping from me as my fingers move to caress my slick flesh. Slowly at first but then with gathering speed I up the pace and as I do my lashes flicker down and my eyes are mere slits. Occasionally I rub a fingertip over my short but thick clit and my breathing is becoming harsh and ragged. My belly ripples with anticipation of my orgasm and I'm holding an image in my mind's eye.

I'm seeing Martine before me, her school blouse unbuttoned, and I'm ogling her startlingly big and bare breasts. Electricity crackles inside me and as I take myself over the top my body arches and shudders; while I smother a hoarse scream and climax massively. Gasping for air I return to planet earth and fumble for the nearby box of tissues to mop away the trickles of juice that are oozing from me.

After this my fascination with Martine increases. Of course I'm unable to spot her every morning as much as I'd love to but most weeks I catch her 2 or 3 days out of 5. It doesn't mean we're even close to becoming close friends but I now talk to her each time we walk together. Simple things like how she's enjoying school and what she likes to do away from school. How things are at home and about her friends. When the topic of friends is raised by me it always turns Martine to Pauline her best friend.

In my fevered mind I'm wondering if her almost exclusively mentioning Pauline means that perhaps there is more there than simple friendship. I suppose I'm wishfully thinking for what I'd love to be there; because Martine has never shown herself as any more than a normal rather calm and self possessed schoolgirl. I have learned that she's 12 years old and when her next birthday is. Would it be a step too far to give her a card and a present though the date is still some way off?

Despite my growing obsession I can see no way to take things even one step further until fate takes a hand! On a Tuesday morning I've slept in late and am giving the gym a miss; as the day before I strained a calf muscle and it is still cramping up from time to time. I'm swanning around the house in a pair of metallic silver silk pyjamas when my doorbell chimes and I limp slightly to answer it.

My postman has a registered package for me to sign for and I regret not wearing a robe over my pyjamas. Not because I mind him seeing me like this but because we have another foul day with more heavy rain battering down. I'm scribbling my name with the stylus on his hand held electric gizmo when Martine skips past my door through the rain bouncing up from the flagstones.

My postman hands me my package and tugging up his hood moves off down the road. What makes me next do what I do I have no idea, but I stick my head out into the rain for a short glance at Martine, who has come home no more than a half an hour after leaving for school. In fact she's back home before school officially even starts. She's using the knocker on her front door hard but to no apparent effect. I'm getting wet but I see her banging yet again and hang on just a bit longer.

Martine steps back onto the pavement from her steps to stare up at the bedroom windows but nobody answers her knocking. It's a spur of the moment thing but grabbing my brolly I step outside and open it then call up the road to her.

"What's up Martine?"

She shifts uncertainly for a second or two and then scuttles towards me.

"There's no heating so they've closed my school but I can't get any answer at ours. Dad's at work and so are my brothers but Mum should be in."

Here's a chance for something I've dreamed about; Martine and myself in my home and nobody else around. Of course nothing will happen but its one tiny step closer to intimacy.

"You can't stand out here in this so come in where it's dry and we'll figure out what to do."

Not the slightest hesitation or argument from her I'm glad to say; as she scoots up the steps and I close and lock the door behind her. I usher her into my living room, which happily is clean and tidy, as well as cosily warm after the outside chill. Her grey blazer is patched with large dark blotches of rain both front and back as she stands looking around the room with her back turned to me.

"Take your blazer off and I'll hang it up to dry and then you go sit in that armchair over there; the one right by the radiator. You'll soon warm up!"

When she slips out of her blazer I struggle hard to keep a poker face as she turns to hand it to me. Her white school blouse is also dappled with dark spots but my eyes are drawn to her remarkable young breasts. Against her narrow ribcage and petite form they stand proud and large; through thin cotton her nipples are clearly outlined thick and erect. I feel my face flush as I turn away to hang her blazer up.

She settles into the big armchair and I seat myself in my usual place facing her.

"So Martine can you ring your Dad or your brothers if you don't know where your Mum is? You can use my phone over there."

She wrinkles up her forehead and thinks for a few seconds.

"Dad's working out of town along with one of my brother's and Vic, my other brother, well he's not allowed to take personal calls at work."

"What about your Mum? Can't you call her mobile phone?"

I clearly expect that to be easy enough; I mean doesn't everyone have a mobile phone nowadays? Well sometimes what you think isn't always true! Martine shows me that for sure.

"Mum hates mobile phones! Dad bought her a new one for her birthday and it's always in a drawer with no charge. I can't live without mine but we're banned from using them in school."

She's sitting leaning towards the radiator holding her hands out to it and she's crossed one leg over the other. This has raised her already brief school kilt to the point where I am able to see her smooth thigh and a glimpse of dark blue panties. My throat feels thick when I speak to her and my nipples match hers in being hard and erect.

"Would you like a drink Martine? I can make you some hot chocolate to warm you up. Anyway you'll just have to stay here until your mother gets home as I can't have you go out in that weather. Unless you've another relative you can call to go stay with?"

I say the last in the fervent hope she'll say no there isn't anyone and I'm not disappointed!

"I'd love a hot chocolate thank you Lana and no there's nowhere I can go. I'll be fine here with you if you don't mind."

Don't mind? Jesus Christ every second she's here is wonderful for me! As I rise I find I'm saying something I never dreamt I'd have the nerve to say to her.

"Would you like extra sweetener Martine? You shouldn't because you're sweet enough as you are."

At last I get more than that quiet smile from her. She giggles out loud!

"Thanks Lana that's so nice but yes I like things extra sweet."

I whip her up a thick and creamy chocolate with the requested extra sweetener and brew myself a coffee. Back in my chair, after handing her the drink, I'm looking for fresh conversation now we seem so much more at ease with each other. After a little while I get some conversation that I wasn't expecting. Martine has taken a last deep draft of her drink and set down the empty mug. She has a cute dark moustache of chocolate on her upper lip now.

I hand her a tissue to wipe it away and she leans forward in her chair.

"I love your pyjamas Lana; they really suit you."

"Thank you love and I think you'd look gorgeous in a pair of them; a smaller pair of course Martine. With your dark colouring you'd look stunning in a pair of let me think yes scarlet ones would be perfect for you. How would you like it if I bought you a pair for your birthday?"

I actually get a real blush appearing on her olive skinned cheeks when I ask her that and she's a tad flustered.

"That would be lovely but I daren't. Mum would be asking where they came from."

"Well you could hide them and just get them out for a special occasion like a sleep over. You do go on sleep overs don't you?"

"I have at Pauline's but please can I think about it for a while?"

"Of course you can love."

Then our talk goes in a really unexpected direction that takes me aback.

"Lana you do live alone here don't you?"

"Yes dear of course I do but why?"

"Well these are big houses; I mean in ours there's Mum and Dad plus my two brothers and me and there's still plenty of room."

"I guess I'm just comfortable living on my own love and I do like rattling around in all this space. I'll have to show you my attic study. It's full of books, a TV, a radio, a DVD player and my desktop computer."

"Don't you no you don't; I mean did you ever have a husband?"

"I'm not divorced or a widow if that's what you mean. No I've never been married."

"Do you like have a boyfriend?"

"No Martine I don't have a boyfriend."

She's really serious now and there are two little lines of concentration above her small snub nose.

"Don't you like boys. I mean men?"

She's really doing the grown up thing and acknowledging that I'm a long way past being a youngster.

"I don't DISLIKE men Martine."

The look she's fixed on me now is boring into me like a drill.

"So do you like girls. women instead?"

I suck in a deep breath and briefly consider my next words only to come out with the absolute unvarnished truth.

"Yes Martine I like women and girls especially!"

Our two armchairs face each other and when she stands up from her seat it's literally one pace for her to be right in front of me.

"I knew you did, I noticed you watching me and Pauline, but why didn't you ever say anything? I've been waiting for you all this time!"

I'm not sure who moves first and whether I reach for her or she just throws herself at me. Next thing I know she's on my lap. I could say it was like a cat, or more accurately a kitten, that's landed there but it surely isn't. The brief contact I've had with her told me she was strangely solid and now I realise just how dense her tiny body is. My breath leaves me for a second with an "Oooff" and then I hook an arm around her neck and pull her mouth to mine.

Almost instantly I realise this is no schoolgirl crush by a nave child. I realise this because she knows how to kiss! In no time at all she's teased my tongue into her mouth and she's sucking expertly on it. As we kiss feverishly hard a corner of my mind tells me I could kiss like that at 12 but then my first and long time girlfriend, Veronica, was even more precocious than me and a wonderful sexual tutor.

Moving her slightly on my lap I place a hand on her knee and slide it under her kilt and up her silky thigh. I register two things. One is that not only is her body dense and solid but that her skin feels burning hot; hotter it feels than other women or girls I've touched. My stroking fingers make her stiffen momentarily and then she kisses me even more fiercely and her small hands are fumbling with the buttons on my pyjama jacket.

Opening the thick silver silk she takes a nipple between a strangely rough thumb and forefinger to pinch and twist it even further erect. Her lips move to kiss and then take the other swollen teat into her mouth. I let go a soft gasp of pleasure and send my fingers to the crotch of her briefs to rub there firmly. With her mouth occupied with my throbbing nipple she still moans softly around it.

Eager now to explore her tiny body with my free hand, I do like she has and pop the buttons of her school blouse. Tugging it free from the waistband of her kilt I see she isn't wearing a bra, which she clearly needs, but a dark blue cotton singlet that matches her briefs. Dragging that free too I push a hand under it to rub the flat of my hand against the rubbery nipple of one firm breast.

Trembling she bites down on my nipple with her small white teeth and twists the other till I gasp once more but louder. This can't go on! I want her so badly I'm afire. My mouth's dry and my throat thick but I gasp out my words.

"Upstairs upstairs to my bedroom!"

Despite her surprising weight I stand and lift her from the chair and my lap to set her on her feet. Taking her hand in mine I almost reel out of the living room and tow her up the flight of stairs. I only pause at my bedroom door.

"Wait here!"

Crossing to the room's twin windows I draw the curtains to shut out not the grey winter light but any prying eyes. Snapping on the paired table lamps I take her hand again and urge her onto my bed. She sprawls on the counterpane with her gaze locked onto me. Somewhere, during our stampede up here, she's lost her blouse. With what tiny shred of self control I have left I give her, and myself, one last chance.

"Are you sure you want this Martine? Nothing need happen and if you say nothing to your folks nobody else need ever know!"

Her reply amuses me but I keep a straight face rather than have her misunderstand my humour.

"Oh yes I want to. And if nothing happens then I might have to talk about that!"

I need no more invitation and as I cross to my bed she starts to move. With a gesture I have her stay where she is. Popping loose the button on her kilt I tug down the zip and slide the kilt down her thighs and calves then off. Two fumbles at the laces and I toss her shoes aside and move onto my bed. Martine scoots over to give me room. The singlet is rucked up just below her breasts so seizing the hem I pull it up as she raises her slender arms above her head.

As I suspected those breasts are spectacular! A tiny girl with a narrow ribcage possesses breasts many young women would be proud of. Round, high, and firm, they have long and thick pink nipples standing proud from her olive skin. Kneeling besides her I drink in the sight of them before the final act. Hooking my fingers into the waistband I ease her panties off. She raises her body slightly so I can slip the triangle of blue cotton from her body.

Naked now but for her tasselled stockings and the sparkly flower ornament in her hair I just eye her from foot to head. I know I've never been more aroused nor seen a more enticing sight in my life. Vision is the first sense I use and those lovely breasts are scanned and then her flat belly. I take in her narrow hips and lock my gaze on the triangle of her vulva. Her labia are like tiny pink butterfly wings and her crease is moist. Just a few coarse dark hairs are starting to sprout on her otherwise smooth mound.

Slipping my pyjama jacket off and tossing it aside I kick out of the bottoms, and, now naked, loom over her to use my second sense, my sense of smell. She has a scent rising from her body that isn't any common talc or body spray. The aroma from her body takes me back to my childhood when mum baked at Xmas using mixed spice. She smells deliciously of cinnamon and nutmeg.

The second scent is the familiar odour of a warm and damp sex signing its arousal. I've waited long enough and so has she; kneeling I bend forward to splay her lean thighs wider apart. Pursing my lips I blow my warm breath onto her glistening crease and she shifts slightly to make a low contented noise. Bending lower I kiss her wet flesh lightly, then again, the third time I can't restrain myself and lunge for her slick sex.

Fastening my lips on her labia like a leech I suck on them while my tongue slides back and forth over them. Martine's whole body seems to vibrate like a tuning fork as I suck and lap at her creamy wet flesh. Her hands curve and clench and she waves them in the air as I press my face closer and grip her slim hips in my two hands.

Her juices are thick, creamy, and sharp on my lips and tongue. Raising my eyes I can see, above her full breasts, Martine's face as her head lies propped on the pillows. Her eyes are screwed shut and her mouth open as she sucks in gulps of air. Almost as fine as good sex is watching your partner's face while you're giving them good sex!

Lowering my eyes I watch the ripples of excitement on her flat belly and decide to up the ante one step further. Taking a hand away from her hip I slather my fingers with my saliva and ease a finger into her sopping crease. She's hot as well as tight but not as tight as I expected and I add a second digit to the first. Martine moans then thrusts her hips up against my fingers, and instinctively tightens her vaginal muscles on me.

Slowly I increase the pace and power of my thrusts and add a twisting motion as I send my tongue seeking the hard nub of her little clit. She climaxes with a shrill scream as her body arches up from the bed and I struggle to contain her wild gyrations. Her hands lock hard on my head and her lean legs and thighs wrap around my upper body. I lap at her sex and slowly ease the pumping of my fingers until she sprawls sated on my bed.

Moving up alongside her I pull her trembling body into my arms and hook a rounded thigh over her as she rides out the last tremors of a spectacular orgasm. As I nuzzle her slender neck she mumbles from between my breasts.

"Oh Lana so good; that was amazing!"

The amazing thing was my passion to please her and now my flaming need to have her satisfy my needs! What do I do to let her know what I desperately need? It turns out I don't need to say a word. Martine swallows hard as though her throat is thick and yet doesn't need words.

Easing herself out of my clasp she takes my hips in those strangely hard hands and urges me to sprawl flat on my bed. In anticipation I spread wide my thighs and offer myself to her eagerly. She kneels between my thighs and bows her head down until I can feel her warm breath on my wet sex. She settles flat on her belly and slips her arms under my thighs to clutch my hips.

At the first touch from the tip of her tongue on my labia I shudder and try to strangle a hoarse moan of pleasure. Then she begins to lap at the full width of my pussy and darts of fire and electric crackles surge through me. My heart is thumping in my breast and my breath hisses through clenched teeth as her lips kiss and then suck on supersensitive flesh as my hands knot around the sheets.

When her tongue glides over my bloated clitoris I gasp out aloud and then she does what I've been anticipating and longing for. She slides a finger deep inside me and as she does I shudder but manage just one word.


A second and a third finger is added and she thrusts them smoothly in and out of me as I clamp my vaginal muscles around those wonderful digits. Closer and closer she's taking me towards a stunning climax and as she does I raise my head to gaze down at her. It's as if she knows and raises her face to return my look. Her mouth glistens with my juices and her expression is one of pure sensuality.

Her lips and tongue return to my burning sex and she takes my clitoris between her lips as her fingers work faster and harder deep within me. My belly ripples with uncontrolled passion and my body arches up to meet mouth and fingers as I climax like never before. I can feel fires erupt and my creamy juice spurts forth. My howl of delight echoes around the dimly lit room.

"Yes! Oh my God yes!"

Then my mind goes away and sheer ecstasy sends me writhing and trembling into a gigantic orgasm that seems to be almost endless. Coming down from my high I learn that Martine is bringing me down slowly and gently with butterfly kisses to my slick flesh. She slides her fingers out of me with a wet sucking sound and then wriggles up to press herelf against me while toying with one of my rock hard nipples.

"Was that good Lana? Was I good?"

I tangle my fingers into her coarse hair, feeling the dampness and the sheen of sweat on the nape of her neck, and pull her mouth down to mine to kiss her hard and deeply. When my brain is back into gear and my mouth is free of hers I can finally speak.

"No girl has ever made me cum like that love. That was incredible Martine and I'll never forget what you just gave me."

Even as I speak though I'm not ready for this to end and I know I want more of her firm young body. I trail a hand down from her neck and along her spine to her taut buttocks. That sheen of sweat coats her body all the way and I realise my own skin is as damp as hers. She moves restlessly against me and a coral nipple grinds against one of mine arousing me in such a brief period of time.

Then matters of what happens next is taken out of my hands as she strokes my thigh and whipers, though there's no need for whispering, into my ear.

"Can we do it again? I want more and more please!"

The thrill that runs through me mingles with the relief that she wants this as much as I do. My mind races for a second and I decide on a pleasure I love to indulge in but I'll have to coach her. I'm a big buxom woman and despite her solid little body Martine's still petite. She must be the one on top!

First I kiss her mouth and slip my tongue deeply into it and then move a hand between her thighs to caress her smooth wet sex. She clamps her strong thighs onto my hand and rubs against it.

"There's something different we can do darling. Let me show you what and how."

I spread my thighs and guide her own slender thighs around mine until we are scissored together and I urge her atop me. Her slick pussy comes to rest on mine and I coach her into the first thrusts of her slender hips that slap our twin sexes together. Her eyes go wide as I grind back against her and my eyes lock onto hers as that wonderful sensation blazes through both of us.

Soft wet sounds coupled with us both breathing hard, and then harder, until we are both gasping and moaning in unison. Twisting till she's mounted mainly on top of me Martine rides me frantically as she looses all control; and I'm as insanely excited as she is. I'm no longer scared of frightening her with my arousal.

"Fuck me Martine fuck me hard. Harder love!"

Wildly now she circles her hips to slide her labia over mine and I'm soaring again towards another mighty orgasm. She's wetter now than when I went down on her, as wet as I am, and she cums just before I do. Face contorted she howls and writhes madly which just drives me over the edge to join her in a mind blasting climax. Our legs and thighs wrapped around each other we thrash through orgasm after orgasm.

I'm staring at the ceiling and sucking in air then I twist my head to let my eyes wander over my young lover's body. She lays near me, eyes closed, for the time being perhaps she's sated and her thighs and vulva are painted with our mingled creamy juices. Am I satisfied? Not nearly as long as her wonderful body is here in my bed. I wait till she stirs herself once more.

Snaking over to her I prop myself up on one elbow and gaze down at her lovely body and her smiling face. I kiss in turn each pink nipple and stroke my fingers across her flat belly. Reaching up she cups one of my big breasts and toys in turn with my nipples.

"Do you want me to do this again love? Tell me what you want and I'll do it. I just want to please you again Martine. You excite me more than any other girl I've ever met"

Will she say yes? At her age with my girlfriend Veronica we couldn't leave each other alone. Is she as eager as me and my first lover were? That sensuous heavy lidded look is back on her face again.

"I want you so much Lana. I want your mouth on me again."

I can't wait to taste her creamy juices once more but when I move my mouth towards her thighs she grins impishly at me.

"No from the back this time Lana!"

I knew she was no lesbian virgin and now I'm more than ever convinced that she and Pauline are indeed lovers just as Veronica and I were all those years ago. But now surely is not the time to pry into her sexual experiences. Not now as she's ready to be taken to the heights again by me.

I return her grin, roll her over onto her face, and then slap her pert rear.

"I can't wait to do it love so get ready."

She's up on all fours with her thighs parted in a flash and I move behind her. Cupping her smooth rear I part her buttocks to see not just the sweet line of her sex but the pucker of her arse. I'm up for anything when I'm as turned on as I am now but how would she react to anal play? There's only one way to find out and so I lap up from base of her sex and let my tongue slither over the rosy pucker presented to me.

Martine shivers and gives a screech like an alley cat. Probing that tight sphincter with my stiffened tongue has her bucking wildly but then I switch back to her wet crease. Sucking on the taut lips of her sex I push my stiffened tongue right inside her and throwing caution to the winds I replace my tongue on her pucker with a finger. When I ease that finger into her anus she goes totally wild and seconds later her climax is explosive.

A long shrill sceam accompanies her violent orgasm and my face is smeared with more of her delicious juice. When I free her hips she topples face down on my bed shaking like a leaf.

She's young and at her age I had huge sexual stamina but I've pleasured her plenty and I don't want this to ever end for me. It has to end today but not just yet! Pulling her to me I nurse her again through the aftermath of her massive orgasm and, whispering to her, I tell her, truthfully, that I want her to take me again.

With the amazing energy of a 12 year old she's soon ready to satisfy me once again.

"Whatever you want Lana. I want to do it for you!

I want it hard and fast this time; as hard as I can persuade her to be. The pillows are tumbled and tossed around but I drag a couple behind me and spread wide my thighs to expose the still wet labia and my pulsating sex. Guiding her small and strong little hand with my own she eases two fingers into me. I shift uneasily on the stained sheets and suck in a sharp breath.

"More Martine!"

Three and then four enter me to stretch and fill me gloriously and I'm ready.

"Do it now love. Do it to me!"

Obedient to my instructions and my desires she crooks her fingers to churn them around inside me and then the hard thrusts begin. I stare up at my ceiling and centre my entire being on the fingers driving deep into me. Raising my hips I push myself up to meet her fingers and as I do I yell out loud.

"YES! Yes, yes, oh yes!"

She's kneeling between my thighs, her lips are drawn back over clenched teeth, and our eyes lock. She's got one purpose in life and that is to give me exactly what I desire and when she achieves it I scream out loud. My climax takes my mind away and I exist soley as a pulsating and moltenly hot sex through which wave after wave of incredible pleasure flows.

How long it continues I cannot tell but it is the most prolonged and satisfying orgasm I have ever experienced in my life. Emerging from the haze of ecstasy I find Martine holding me and nuzzling at a breast and a still swollen and sensitive nipple. It's a long time before I have the strength or the inclination to unwillingly raise my head and, bleary eyed, gaze at the glowing display of my alarm clock radio.

Combing my fingers through her tangled and wiry hair I speak the words that I really do not want to.

"I guess it's time for you to find out if your mum's turned up yet."

In response she wriggles even closer to me and makes a sort of negative sound against the side of my breast. It would be easy to acceed to her and let her remain in the warm nest of my bed but the last thing I want is her mother finding the school is shut but her daughter's missing. I take the bull by the horns, sit up, pinch her taut little rump with thumb and forefinger.

"Up honey and into the shower. You'll find a shower cap hanging there and I want you dressed and looking smart as soon as possible. You've got to go home sometime!"

She sits up and gives me the big eyed soulful look.

"If mum's home what do I tell her?"

"Tell her the truth; to a point! Tell her the school closed, you came home and were locked out in the rain, tell her the lady in number 26 asked you in and dried your clothes. Tell her you had a hot chocolate and you're fine! Now get going!"

Soon, all too soon for my liking, she's showered and dried and collecting her clothes to dress. Her blouse turns up lying in the hallway; discarded in our wild dash to slake our desires. I also shower and then dress in a sweater and jeans to accompany her to my front door. She looks the impeccable schoolgirl once more as she stops me as I reach for the lock.

"Can I come back? You know I want more?"

Slipping an arm around her waist I pull her close and try to remain calm hearing what she's just said.

"If you want that then yes you can but you know how careful we'll have to be love? Now go see if anyone's home."

I watch her trot along to her home and ring the doorbell, the door opens and Martine vanishes inside, closing my own door I amble into my living room to collapse into my armchair with a grin on my face I cannot remove. I've just had my wildest erotic dream fulfilled and Martine has told me she wants to come back again! Changing my bed's stained sheets can wait I just want to sit here and glory in reprising how we pleasured each other.

I'm still lost in dreamland when my doorbell rings. When I open it Martine's mother is standing on my doorstep.

"I just want to thank you for taking care of Martine. She explained all about you taking her in out of that awful weather and she says you were "cool" and that's high praise from kids today."

I can see that Martine's very much her mother's child in looks; and that likely means my little lover will never be a beauty. She'll just strongly resemble this strangely attractive little imp of a woman standing before me.

"She'd be welcome anytime and she was no problem. You have a fine daughter there."

She thanks me again and we part with mutual smiles and on fine terms.

I still try to time my trips to the shop to coincide with Martine heading for school. If she's alone we talk as we walk down the street but if she's with her classmates she normally just smiles at me. However I now know what lies behind that secretive smile.

Today she walks with Pauline and Abby and all three are focused on their cell phones as they walk. She stops and from my doorway I can hear her words.

"Carry on I'll catch up in a second."

She walks back a few paces to my doorstep smiling quietly.

"Tonight after school Lana?"

My own smile is small and hides my hot desire.

"Of course Martine I'll be waiting for you!"

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