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Deadline for this revision of the guide was Dec-31-2003.

Editor's note

With Franz Kafka's permission, I adapted his (posted to 25-Feb-2004) for this web version. —Ingrid (May 2004)


Greetings and welcome to Version 2003 of Ole Joe's Guide. It seems that version 15 was Ole Joe's latest update of his outstanding compendium. It's been a while. FranzKafka79, that's me, started to actualise Ole Joe's guide for own purposes. That actualised version was posted to assm on September 4, 2002. Since reaction was rather good I did this upgrade to v.2003. The work on it started immediately after posting of v.2002. I got help from a guy posting as [email protected] and the major modification was his idea. He did a great part of work. Thank you, Jerry.

This edition is dedicated to Leviticius who left us forever.

In this edition I continued to rewrite author credit articles which were obviously overdue. If there was no need to change Ole Joe's words I didn't change them. I continued in changing Ole Joe's "I" to "Ole Joe" or "he". Of course there still remain some confusion for which FranzKafka79 apologises.

Also it was the time to decide which criteria has to be used for newer stories since Celestial Reviews were gone away. A time (between January and May, 2002) it seemed, that the Tainted Lime Reviews could substitute for Celeste, but at one day to the next, they were stopped. Later then, there appeared the reviews by Crimson Dragon, each issue featuring about five stories. Also, Lady Cyrrh re-appeared, but still is remaining one problem: Celeste reviewed 10 to 15 stories two times a week. That's, what all the actual reviewers together do not review within a month. The result is, that many stories won't be reviewed.

In this guide I put – mainly – authors which I collect, and I do not collect gay, pedo and tg stories. Please understand that I not damn these stories, but for me they aren't _kinky_. If someone in the wild is wanting to have a special author or story in the guide, send me a mail). Uther Pendragon criticised, that I put only a few new authors into the guide. (So more of us old-timers appear than of you young pups.) In this edition I tried to change this.

Though I did my best there are obviously errors in this guide. Some dozens of minor bugs were corrected, mainly in the story list. In this context I want to thank for readers' feedback. Since English is not my native language and school is out a row of years already, there might be errors in spelling or grammar. If you are aware of mistakes or having additional information, please email me to [email protected] I'll try to fix it if I ever will start to work for another update what I intend to do once yearly. So keep in mind that the deadline for a further update of this guide might be December 31, 2003 – perhaps.

Deadline for this update was December 31, 2003 and in beginning of February 2004 it was posted to the newsgroups as is.


Ole Joe started watching the newsgroup,, about a lifetime ago it seems. During those few years we've been through several generations of writers. They come, are entertained, entertain us, and they go.

Many, even most, of the authors you will read about here are no longer active on this newsgroup. Not to fear because most of the stories are still available somewhere, you just have to get smart about where to look.

Why do writers disappear? Figure it, they write a story and post it for free on the newsgroup. What is the currency, the pay-back? Reader applause. They don't get it, they get disgusted and quit. Simple. Seen it time after time. Or, it might simply be burn out. Celeste has quit reviewing mostly because it got to be too demanding of her time.

The useful part of this will be the "story credits" section. Many or most of these stories will still be available from Google, , the ASSTR site or elsewhere. Many of the stories can't be retrieved thru Google what means that they have gone away...

There are reposters out in the wild, but the copyright laws got changed around, so it is a felony to violate copyrights. No longer is there a need to prove intent to profit by the violation, just that it happened, to convict for copyright violations. Notice that Google doesn't get challenged for archiving, but *you* could get charged for reposting.

B.t.w., there are some reposters in For ad purposes automatic reposters are posting many (incomplete) stories without author credits. The stories are named like "My Pukhet Adventure 24015" – such postings you can consider as spam. Mostly they're violating copyright.

You can .

Note: Due to SPAM in unmoderated newsgroups FranzKafka79 is monitoring moderated newsgroups only. If you like it harder: good spanking stories can be found at soc.subculture.spanking (moderated); in alt.torture and alt.sadistic you will not find stories about Mickey Mouse™.

Greets, Ole Joe and FranzKafka79

Author Profiles and Story List

The biggest section, kept in a separate file. See:

Other Group Contributors


Celeste wrote reviews of usenet stories about twice a week for five years (July 1995 to Decembre 2000). She is a married English teacher, apparently from Virginia. (That'll stir as many comments as did the conversation about Celeste's hair color.) In this observer's belief, Celeste occasionally stirred up a touch of controversy just to watch the hand-wringing, wailing, clothes-rending, and gnashing of teeth over in assd. Her Reviews were widely read, and receiving a position on her Top 100 Stories of the Year was acknowledged as an honor. Anything on the list is excellent.

Celeste could not possibly read every story posted to the newsgroup. No normal human could. So, she selected new story postings to review from authors she knew to write well. Of course, she was ever on the alert for new talent, plus I'd imagine, she got tips from friends. Also, she had included guest reviews, mostly by known and cherished authors from the newsgroup. This allowed for more stories to be covered in each issue. Great idea. With edition number 380 she retired, it seems that forever. Thank you, Celeste.

Tainted Lime Reviews

started in the beginning of 2002. There were about 40 editions of reviews. On his website he created a HTML-version of his reviews including links to the reviewed stories. Very convenient and a great idea. Tainted Lime reviewed only stories published in ASSM. Seems that he retired in May. What a pity.

Lady Cyrrh

is a reviewer whose stated intention is to review the types of stories that Celeste avoided or missed. See Lady Cyrrh's FAQ. The reviews themselves are a worthy read, as are some of the stories contained therein. She maintains a web site with copies of past reviews and links to authors' sites. For this last reason alone, her site is becoming increasingly important. She stopped reviewing for a while, but returned in spring 2002. She also reviews stories found elsewhere in the usenet, the web and also sometimes websites.


was known as a writer of stories so far, but in summer 2002 she started the Crimson Dragon Reviews. I included the results of her reviews for the stories on this list.


There are some people you just can't say enough good things about. is one of them. is a more-than-national treasure. It cannot be imagined how much time and money he put into , but ultimately his wife won the battle for the time and the money.


Aside from being a writer and regular on assd, Kristen tends to collect good stories, so check them out. Because she accompanied her husband to Korea her archive is updated regularly by her friends. Kristen78 has put together an amazing story collection in a very short time. Thank you, Kristen. (She is cute, too, by the way.)


used to repost around fifteen stories every day. Every single day. The stories were of somewhat uneven quality, but he had a lot of stories. If you didn't like this one, try that one. Tommy announced his retirement over the Fourth of July weekend, 1997. Near as I can tell, this was largely precipitated by a running spat with authors over his sale of stories by CD-ROM. Hate to see you go, Tommy. Many of his reposts can be found on Google.

RED DRAGON (aka nogarder, ***, redragon)

was reposting stories on the newsgroup the first day I logged on. (...) Mostly they are from little recognized authors and are closely selected for good content. In fact, some of my favorites have come from Red Dragon. Try "Danger" when you can find it. Red Dragon also writes. See the author entry.

Many of Red dragon's posts are archived at


runs a webpage. His preferences run toward incest themes and that is largely what you will find there, although, he may be broadening his offerings. He has a fast site and carries a lot of material. Not to be missed. Five stars. Nowadays a paysite.

TheBackDrop Club

is an e-mail response, story archive. I haven't checked lately, but Robin used to sell stories on CD-ROM. See Annex B.


has been around a very goodly while, and although , of late has been selectively identifying his reposts as being A+ stories. These are guaranteed to be crowd pleasers. Ray also had an alphabetical story list with numerical ratings of the stories that he has posted. It is a pretty comprehensive list and a valuable tool for seekers. (Note that the list is dated from 1998).

Commander Jameson

. He seems to prefer (mf teen rom) stories, preferably long, romantic ones. He doesn't repost everything , but the ones he does are guaranteed to be good ones. Any time you see his name, read the story. Just shut up and read it.

Michael Suelmann

is a friend and fellow story collector. Insofar as I am able to ascertain, he has the largest personal ASS story collection in the world. when he sees a mangled copy surface on the net. Thanks, Michael.

Ole Joe

is a story collector and occasional reposter of a variety of story categories. He tended to repost by author or story type. Nowadays, he seldom posts at all, because of concerns with copyright violations, but he still collects: over 17,000 entries at last count in v.15 of this compendium. Also, he was the founder of this guide to ASS* and even today it is a good part of the words in this posting which was written by him.


(until spring 2000 this service was DEJA NEWS). I can't comment on the intention or future of the site, but the results today are invaluable. Go to and select "Advanced Search." Fill in the blocks appropriately, i.e.,* for the newsgroup, poster's name under author, and title of post for subject. If you get lost, . Retrieve a header and click on Author's Profile. Voila. There is everything Ole Joe has reposted for months. If that isn't enough, do a detailed search and go for past months. It doesn't just work for him. Try anything or anybody.

Anonymous reposting services

As stated earlier, set the standard for service and when it was closed, many authors quit posting. Since, several services have arisen, and as far as I know, all at minimal or no cost.

Ole Joe uses for his [email protected] account. Hasn't cost a dime so far, and handles e- mail and Usenet posting without complaint. Fast server, too. There are several other providers. Try juno or hotmail. At , ahem, one may establish a truly anonymous account. It is web-based, so you have to log in to retrieve or send mail, but no particulars about yourself are revealed in the registration process. Nothing you send will have any link back to your home ISP. In fact, you don't even have to be at home to use the service. You can log in to your account from a coffee bar. Now, that is anonymous.

I'm not intentionally slighting anyone by not mentioning them, but these are the people, other than the authors, who, firstly, over the years, then, in recent months, have made the largest contribution to the newsgroup.


Last but not least: look for ASSD's "Fishtank". It was created by Desdmona. It's a writing-and-discussion-project (as I understood).

One Hit Wonders (Annex A)

This annex lists One (or a Few) Hit Wonders - Some of OleJoeFan's Favorites. (The list is a contribution of the guy posting as OleJoeFan)

If an author listed in this annex has written more stories, *pleazzze* send an email to [email protected] Thank you.

Story Archives and Author-Hosted Sites (Annex B)

This will be the most changeable part of the project. Sites come and go. I checked all these to make sure they were still active before including them on the list. Let's start with ones I think are fairly permanent.

Story Archives

Most authors posting to ASSM have their own website at

Some hundred bondage stories can be found at .

Very comprehensive also is

Mr Double is in a category of one. To the best of my knowledge, on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, costs of hosting the site with several gigabytes of downloads a day have forced Mr Double to begin a subscription service. (...) Still, Five stars, and a tip of the hat. Nowadays, there is a free area and a members-only-area. Following his homepage he is hosting more than 18,000 files. Now a payside.

Nifty archive

is a major repository of gay, lesbian, and transgender sex stories. Five stars.


Even if your ISP's newsfeed really, really sucks, you needn't miss anything posted to

Go to the site and select the button, Power Search. Fill in the blanks, newsgroup:, and date: Jul 24 1998 and Jul 24 1998. You'll get every posting made on that date except binaries, and we didn't want them anyway. Then, use your imagination. Omit the date and fill in the author line, author being poster. and you'll get some hits, I promise. When you find a story poster that you like, be it actual author or reposting agent, retrieve a story segment, then click on Author Profile at the top of your screen. Aha! Be forewarned. Everything, and I mean everything, you, yes you, post to a newsgroup can be retrieved. Forever, or so long as Google is around. Note also, that at this time only postings without X-No-Archive: yes are retrievable. Nobody can be sure that even postings with No-X-Archive: yes will not be retrievable in the future (well, in my opinion, CIA, FBI, NSA and Microsoft are storing these posts anyways!) Five stars. Note, that Google is the former DejaNews archive. as of it started in 1980s.

is a story archive where are located stories about BDSM, beastality, gangbang, cuckold and interracial sex. They have some commercial ads there. Downloading is free. In general three stars, for some of you five stars. P.S. New files are posted to assm regularly.

is a semi-free archive; non-members are allowed to download 15 stories per day. Many authors have their stories archived here. Interface for downloading is not convenient, in my opinion. Four and a half stars. (That means half star down for inconvenience)

assm archive (

. Go to the bottom of the page and . Five stars.

asstr archive ( Text Repository: Stories are listed by author primarily. The site hosts a tremendous collection of stories. Five stars.

Dark Wanderer

Dark Wanderer has , his own plus many others, at . Includes work by Drifter, ucclear, Colt45, Wife Watcher, and See Show, among others. Stories in this guide with an YW and a number are on his site. Also, hosts stories by Parker. It is a fast site, too. Five stars. (Well, some nagging pop-ups, but it is for free!)


that has information about all aspects of the topic, including magazines, videos, and stories at (Added by OleJoeFan).

Author Archives

Many authors posting to ASSM have their own website at

Author archives are also at and

Anne maintains a link page that is rather current: or To my knowledge, you won't find a better link page.

Adrian Hunter is at a

Amity has a femdom site at

Anakha has a bondage site at

Ann Douglas is at

Black Demon's free story site: ; and new also at:

Brenda Ann Smith is at

Cody Ann Michaels is at

CynTiL8Ing is found at (found thru, but it seems that the link does not work.)

Elf Sternberg has a site for his stories at

Hawk Richards has an author site and links to several good story collections. See also, see

Lady Cyrrh maintains a site at You can find all her reviews plus links to about 40 story sites. Definitely worth a visit.

Lord Malinov's Castle is a magical site at

Mr Spraycan is at

Mark Aster is at

Mat Twassel is at See also:

Mule has a site at which also carries Estragon.

Patrick Donovan is at

Phillip Jurado has a site for his stories at

Rolling Hand is at The 6 stories listed above can be found at

Rui Jorge maintains, his Hall of Fame includes writers which retired (so Taria T, Dulcinea, Deirdre and many others) as well as so-named "Challenge sites". See Annex D.

Simon bar Sinister keeps a Mind Control story archive at

Smoking fetish stories at

The Bear has a story site with links at

The Flying Pen stories are available at //

The Reader's Resource page is posted regularly to ASSM and ASS by [email protected] (The Kristen Archives).

If one has some information about URLs marked "URL INVALID" lost; sorry – please report!

Annex C - Update Information

This Annex is listing changes between v.2003 and v.2004

In the "Author Profiles and Story List" section were modified the paragraphs about Alessia Gerini, Anais Ninja, Ann Douglas, Caroline Ashbee, Backrub, Bronwen SM, Cactus Juggler, Caesar, Cowgirl, Craver, Dark Dreamer, Day Dreamer, DB_Story, Dimitri, Dirty Dawg, Dr.Spin, Eli the Bearded, Father Ignatius, Flogmaster, Friar Dave, Frostflower, Gina Marie Wylie, Jan V(incent), Jane Parks, Jennifer Doalfer, Jordan Shelbourne, Katie McN, Kelly Adams, Laura-Lynn Davis, Leviticus, Linemstr, Lotuseater, Michael D, Mike C., Miss Behavin, Nick Scipio, Richard Fischer, Sam Cornell, Selena Jardine, Sharon Best, Souvie, Stasya T. Canine, Suzie Sleaze, Ted E. Bear, The Bear, The Editor, The Mighty Quin, Titmouse, Zebulon. The stories posted under the penname "BEAR" now are attributed correctly to the 3 different writers using this nick.

Sandman is listed as Bitbard now. Dear Phantasies renamed to Ghostwheel.

Several hundred stories and story information data have been added. Minor bugs and spelling errors have been corrected (I am sure that several mistakes survived!)

My try to improve the entry for Sharon Best (layout in v.2002 was poor and difficult to understand) failed. Sharon was outed as a man, so he was annoyed and killed the Aurora Universe website. Also Deana Johns was pissed off and killed his story site. (A new kind of virus?)

The Annex A listing one-hit-wonders, stories by writers which posted one ore only a few stories and then went away, was not updated.

In Annex B were added or corrected links to several authors.

In Annex D was added information about the Song Fest.

Annex E is new and includes some information about activities in ASSD, starting with overviews about the Birthday Nymph, the Fishtank and some threads pretty interesting.

Official ASSD challenges and festivals (Annex D)

Rui Jorge maintains webpages for so-named "challenges" or "festivals" including the stories which were submitted to assm as entries. In this annex will be included information about these official ASSD festivals and challenges.

Conjugate's Naive-Nympho Challenge

was held up in 2000, using one of the oldest clichés in erotica: Write a good story about a naïve blonde girl who knows hall about sex and still says things like What's that white stuff coming out of your thingie? There were no other rules. No ranking was published.

Dulcinea Memorial Festival

2001 tribute to Dulcinea. The writers were asked to write stories embracing her themes, her style, and her spirit.

No ranking was published, but the judges nominated as Gold Medal Winner "Call & Response" by Nicholas Urfe, as Silver Medal Winner "The Surprise" by Spoonbender and two Bronze Medal Winners, "Big Bad Kiss" by PleaseCain and "Golden Ages" by Alexis Siefert.

The Easter Story Challenge [easter]

Organized in ASSD March/April 2001. Easter stories.

Virago Blue Challenge [virago]

Feb/Mar 2002, after ASSD resident Virago Blue: write a sex story with a woman/girl wearing some kind of armor in it.

The Summer Solstice Rom Festival [rom fest]

There were more than 110 submissions to this festival a sequel to the Dulcinea Memorial Fest in the spring.

There were four festival categories:

Flash Challenge (< 500 words); Story Challenge (< 2500 words); Story Game ("Romance through the eyes of ..."); Classic Rom.


Kelly Adams hosted the Sapphic fest in September 2002. Fifty works in 4 categories: Sapphic Poetry; The Nine Muses; Last Line Challenge; First Time.


occured on ASSTR's Anniversary, Nov 10, 2002. Four categories: Mood Challenge; Song Story Challenge; Song Flashback Challenge; Lyric Challenge.


The task was to write a pirate sex-story about one-eyed pirates, one-legged pirates, sadistic or romantic pirates, modern or ancient pirates, Carribbean or not. Yeah, since we are living in modern times, both male and female pirates, lesbian or gay pirates, perhaps transgender.

The WEDDING Festival

was for Souvie and John, who met at ASSD and in RL and wedded in August 2003. Some writers wrote special wedding stories for them. It was organized by Dryad.


All visitors of the ASSTR-website know the picture on the homepage and so the theme for 2003's anniversary festival was "blanket".


Mat Twassel had the idea:

Bradley Stoke said, "Perhaps more interesting than a stroke story festival would be one which combined the current vogue for flash fiction with stroke." Hence this festival.

Flash is very short short story. It may be poetic, but it is fiction, not poetry, not song, not mattress tags or shopping lists or recipes for eggplant parmesan. Stroke is fiction that is intended to sexually arouse the reader. Successful stroke fiction inspires masturbation and provokes orgasm. So flash stroke is a very short short story designed to sexually arouse its readers. Those are my opinions, anyway. [...]

The readers are the judges. The stories are their prizes. The readers are the writers' prizes. Take care of each other, that's part of what this festival is all about. If you like a story, tell the writer. This being a flash stroke festival, a lot of words aren't necessary; in fact, simple symbols might suffice. I suggest using .

Activities in ASSD (Annex E)

As I promised this new annex will monitoring activities at, I am aware, that this is not very comprehensive, it is a start.


If one regular contibutor to ASSD has his birthday, the Birthday Nymph will occasionally post congratulations to ASSD.


and made it up to #85. It is organised by Desdmona; she is posting a story written by an author new or common to ASSM and readers of the group have to comment this story by sending 2 positive and 2 negative points. Some of the stories have been revised an later posted to ASSM. There is a archive website at

If you can contribute some story information, please report to [email protected] and include a link where the story can be found. Thanks.

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