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The New Breed

By Aussie Greg

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After Tu Lan had beaten my Indian Accounting partner for the 7th day in a row and this time in front of her two 13 year old grand daughters I eased into Tu Lan as she used a dildo and butt plug on the defeated Anupama and we settled back to watch her 2 grand daughters. Binh confidently stripped. The 13 year old was beautiful with jet black hair swept back in a roll. No bra and an exquisite hot pink open crotched butterfly thong displayed her body. Her body was small but hard and firm. Her tiny mound was decorated only by a band of trimmed hair. I noticed a small tattoo motif above her cunt. She was about 4 ft 9 38 kg with a prominent cunt that was emphasized by the cut out butterfly pattern, firm swellings indicating her forthcoming breasts and already strongly formed puffy nipples.

"She's as ripe as a month old peach", Tu Lan moaned, "with me coaching her she will be a champion". Binh reveled in the praise and sneered at her cousin.

Binh stripped. No expensive thong had been bought by the grandmother for her. She had a stock standard Kmart white thong. A little shorter and lighter at 4 ft 8 and 35 kg she had a lithe body with mosquito bite sized tit swellings but quite thick dark nipples, and after hesitatingly removing her thong her hairless pusssy was noticeable for the long crinkled inner lips that dangled from it.

I smiled at her and she seemed to acknowledge and straighten her posture a bit.

Tu Lan opened her genuine LV handbag. "There's $3000 when you win Binh, and your first man to suck when Greg and I eat you".

A sly smile spread across the young girl's face and she nodded vigorously as Tu Lan pointed to both girls and then the spare mattress. They skipped over to it. Dao lay on her back with legs wide. Binh straddled her head facing her feet and brought her cunt down to her mouth. Binh put her pussy in Dao's face and she sank her tongue into her hot pussy immediately began to lick it and experienced the taste of her cousin's cunt. Binh flopped forward and by cricking up her neck she managed to bring her tongue to the smaller girl's cunt. On the other bed beside them I slowly fucked their grand mother as we watched the 2 young girls 69.

Dao's face was buried into her cousin's cunt and arse, licking wetly while she herself moaned with growing excitement as Binh stabbed her tongue up her cunt, plunging
it deeply a few times, then lapped hotly at her arsehole.
"Look at them go," groaned Tu Lan. "Binh is just like me, a champion"

The girls did not spare each other. Dao went off first with a high pitched scream and she shot cunt juice all over Binh's face, while making funny little noises, pausing only briefly before renewing her attack on the bigger girl. And soon Dao's small body arched again in orgasm. Dao now had three fingers buried in Binh's cunt and two fingers in her arsehole and was pumping away at her two fuck holes while Binh tried to devour Dao's pussy for the third and winning orgasm.

Binh was drenched in Dao's pussy juice already, when Dao reverted to eating her cousin and when her tongue frigged her clit, Binh went into the buckings of a prolonged orgasm. She grabbed Dao's head and shoved her as hard as she could against her cunt. Dao rammed a couple of fingers up her cousin's slot, and sucked on her clit for all she was worth and when the wet teen tongue hit her clit she spasmed anew. They continued to 69 using tongue and fingers but Dao managed to find her cousin's G spot. A few strokes was all it took, and Binh went completely over the edge. Her back arched, her legs twitched and she let out a long, low shuddering moan. It seemed to go on a long time, during which Dao held stock-still, with her lips still clamped around the clit, and her fingers still deep in the pussy.

Spent from her efforts Dao fell off the bed sideways and lay panting on her back. A smile spread across her face. She had been down 2 to 0, yet had won 3 to 2. Binh looked sideways at Tu Lan and got a nod. She pounced on the exhausted Dao who had given everything and lay prone and exhausted convinced she had won. Quickly Binh wrapped the smaller girl up with her body weight on one leg, the other leg draped over her shoulder and went to work.

Dao looked at Tu Lan her eyes pleading.

"Its 2 all. Binh's first cum was one long cum not 2 separate cums. Continue", said Tu Lan.

Binh smiled and ruthlessly worked over her trapped sobbing cousin. The whole of Dao's gash was soon sopping wet. She was jerking preparatory to cumming. Binh withdrew her tongue. Dao's puckered cunt literally dripped juice onto Binh's face. I could see her clitoris fully exposed and erect and quivering. Then it was time: her cunt was again enveloped by Binh's face. She thrust her tongue up into it as far as she could reach and was rewarded by a muffled cry. Thick slimy mucus rolled down her chin. Dao started screaming and jerking and Binh stopped, smiling evilly at her cousin. Then the process started again only to stop short of orgasm before recommencing . Again and again and again

"Look how she's destroying Dao for their next match up. Dao will never overcome this defeat when she competes against Binh", said Tu Lan enthusiastically encouraging Binh.

Binh had hold of Dao's hair and was saying, "I'm eating your fucking cunt, cousin, eating till you cum in my mouth for me," before she went to the table for another feed.

Binh screamed with triumph into Dao's pussy as cum rocketed out of her cunt and then her mouth was flooded with Dao's hot, sweet cum. Binh immediately straddled the smaller Dao and gurgled with pleasure as she aimed the strong stream of her hot piss over her naked tiny tits. She covered, and washed her body with the hot piss as it gushed from her. Dao's tits shone with golden piss, her stomach drenched in it. Her hair became soaked as her cousin's hot piss rained down on her.

An hour later Binh was telling her cousin,

"I won and pissed on you and then Grandma and Greg did the circle with me. I ate Grandma, she sucked Greg and Greg ate me. Then the switch, I sucked Greg and he ate Grandma. So many time then I hand jobbed Greg to cum over Grandma. Now she's taking me shopping for jewelery and to tattoo permanent eye and lip makeup. Yeah, and we're getting my first strapon to use on you next time."

After they left I tried to get down to work but half an hour later I could still hear the sobbing from next door. I didn't know what to do but I couldn't work. I went next door to see the disconsolate sobbing Dao. She looked up.

"Its.. unh..not fair. Unh I …unh.. won. And …unh.. everyone thinks unh.. Binh is unh.. unh.. better and unh.. more beautiful than me". Her voiced trailed off.

I put a hand on her tiny shoulders. "You did win. I don't know why your Grandmother favours Binh, but you won. And I think you are better looking than Binh. Didn't you see how I looked at you before the contest"?

"Yes, but tits are unh.. unh.. smaller and my face no good", her voice trailed off.

"No", I said, "you already have such big thick nipples. So already much better than Binh's baby puffy nipples. And your cunt lips, so long and hang down so far. Not like Binh, she just have an ordinary slit. You are gong to be a real woman. If you were my daughter we would quickly have diamond studs in them. And your face has far more character and is more photogenic than Binh's; hers is too flat. If I was 15 year old I would pick you for girlfriend not Binh."

Her sobbing had stopped. "When you talk like that make my nipples so hard, feels good. Look".

She wriggled out of her Kmart top. In the centre of her small tit swellings stood her brown nubs. They were average size for a mature woman, but looked immense on her tiny body.

"Please touch and see".

I ran my hand over the girl's breasts. They were absolutely firm and solid, the nipples like little cherry stones. I rolled them between my thumb and fore finger and she shuddered. My cock was semi-stiff and I knew I would have to stop before it got any harder. She dropped her tight skirt and plain thong.

"You really like my pussy and pussy lips"? she questioned. "I thought no man like them because they are long", as he played with her lips extending and curling them exposing the oyster within.

She took my hand to her small belly and slid it lower till my middle finger found her wet, bald 13-year-old pussy. I wasn't sure if it was still wet from her orgasm's from Binh or if she was turned-on. Either way it didn't matter. I ran my finger up and down the clit. She reached down with her left hand between her legs, grabbed my finger and shoved it into
her pussy, which caused her to groan and leap forward. She was well lubricated. I gently flicked my finger back and forth a few times feeling her clit leap from its sheath.

I began to slowly and consistently pull my finger out a little and push it back in. She started to work her cunt muscles and fuck her self back and forth onto my finger. She was starting to grunt and groan when I said

"Dao, get on your back in the middle of the floor and just lay there."

I ran my tongue back and forth through Dao's gash and sucked her cunt-juice into my mouth, swallowing it all down like a man dying of thirst. She began to moan and wiggle her slim young hips down at my face. 'Shit, what am I doing….its obscene,' I thought. See, I do have a conscience. But I didn't stop, just sucked harder, probing my tongue into Dao's tight cunthole as far as it would reach, licking the incredibly smooth, slick walls.

Dao was moaning louder now, pressing her little twat down against my mouth and tongue with little jerky hip movements. Her cunt slit was literally awash with juice. I had no idea that a young girl could get so wet. I opened my lips wide and licked the full length of her tiny slit, lapping her cunt-juice into my mouth like a little puppy drinking milk.

As soon as I reached her clit, Dao's hips bucked like she'd been zapped with high voltage. Her back arched and she gripped my head tightly with her slim young thighs.

"Ooohhhhhh, God! That feels fantastic, Greg" she moaned. "Lick my cunt! Uhhhhh, yeahhh... stick your tongue in and fuck my cunt. Its so much better than Binh".

I felt her hands on the top of my head, lightly at first, then with more pressure as she pulled my face into her crotch, at the same time grinding her juvenile slot down at my sucking mouth. Then I felt Dao's pussy convulse around my tongue and I knew she was cumming, but I was completely unprepared for the gush of pussy-cream that filled my mouth. The little Vietnamese was cumming a bucket load as she bucked off my mouth. I tried to swallow it all down, but a lot escaped and ran down my cheeks and onto the floor. I put my hands under her tight little arse in a vain attempt to lift the squirming girl off my face a bit so I could get my mouth over her creaming hole. But she was too far gone to co-operate. In the end I just licked and sucked at whatever part of her juice-covered little cunt that she chose to thrust at my lips.

A minute later, Dao slumped forward over me, gasping for breath. I kept licking at her drooling slit and nibbling her swollen clit until she rolled off me, totally drained. It was over I thought. But she moved quickly to open her 13 year old mouth and reached for my my swollen cock. She held on to my butt cheeks so I couldn't buck away from her mouth. Apparently turned on by her first taste of cock, Dau moaned softly as she trailed her tongue along the full length of my throbbing member. She bathed my pulsing stalk with spittle as her young tongue explored my manhood.

"I want," she sighed softly as she closed his eyes, opened her mouth wider, and lowered her face onto my stiff cock. I watched with lustful delight as her lips slid down my thick shaft and she began to suck me in earnest.

"That feels really good," I moaned as I rolled my hips into her face and pumped my hard cock between her suckling lips. Though this was Dau's first blowjob, she was catching on pretty quickly. Her lips grasped my turgid member as her tongue lapped at my pulsing flesh and her cheeks hollowed with suction. Slowly she took more and more until about 4 inches was in her straining mouth.

"Mmmm," Dau moaned as she sucked lustfully on my hard dick. I smiled at the blissful expression on her young face; the tiny Vietnamese girl was certainly enjoying having a cock in her mouth. Her eyes closed in delight, Dau's head bobbed slowly up and down my swollen organ. She then pulled her mouth off my straining tool and looked at it lustfully, somewhat amazed at how exciting a cock can be to play with. Her hands stroked my slick shaft as she pressed her lips to my scrotum. She lashed one of my cum-filled balls with her tongue, then turned her attention to my other nut. She then pulled my balls into her mouth and sucked lightly on them, rolling them around with her tongue. She was doing her best to suck as much of my cock into her small mouth as she could, but it was an impossible task. Time and time again, I felt the head of my prick hit the back of her throat with barely half of my shaft in her mouth. She was just too little to deep-throat me properly

I was turned on by the way Dau was letting her imagination go during the blowjob. Her lips, hands, and tongue explored every inch of my manhood, and I realized with practice she was going to be a great cocksucker. That is, if I were fortunate enough to have the experience repeated. But from the way Dau moaned and sucked, I knew it wouldn't be the last time she'd give head. Her eyes hazy with desire, Dau worked her tongue up my throbbing shaft to my engorged cockhead. She swirled her tongue around my
mushroom-head, lapping up the droplets of pre-cum, then took me back in her mouth. With four and a half of my seven inches in her, then stopped to give my pulsing tool wet, slurping sucks.

My passions mounted as Dau's hungry mouth devoured my aching cock. I felt my balls tighten and my prick throbbed desperately between her ovalled lips. Her head bobbed faster on my shaft and sucked harder while her tongue swished against the meaty underside. Wet slurping sounds emanated as she devoured my tool. The Vietnamese's no longer virgin mouth rode me to the brink of orgasm.

"Dao, I'm gonna cum," I warned. "You better stop if you don't want me to cum in your mouth."

"Did Binh make you come in her mouth", she wailed.

I shook my head and she sucked harder and jerked on the root of my wobbling pole. Her head continued to bob on my hard shaft, but stopped momentarily when the first gush of my sperm flooded her mouth. With a loud gulping sound, she swallowed my jism and resumed bobbing. I pumped four or five streams into her suckling mouth, and Dao did her best to drink my cum while continuing to suck on my flexing meat. Rivulets of my white cream oozed out of the corners of her mouth as I emptied my balls into her hot oral cavern.

Thirty minutes later we lay on the bed upstairs and as I licked and sucked her creaming cunt her hand fondled my tool while. Suddenly she gasped.

"Greg, its getting hard again".

"That's because I'm thinking of you beating Binh in a sexfight".

"Grandmother won't let me win", she whined.

"But we must be able to get her alone. What if I get you both working here on Saturday tidying up the office for some extra money. Your Aunt would let you and then we can get the overconfident bitch into a contest".

"Oh Greg, you're getting rock hard. You really want that to happen"?

I groaned an affirmative. That was all Dao needed. She wrapped a hand around my erect shaft and, massaging my balls with her other hand, looked straight into my eyes and whispered, "I want you to me. "I - want - you - to - fuck - me," she said in a firm voice.

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