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The Arkayz Bible

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White Scones and Toddler Sex for Christmas (Mg ped scat) [15K]
A father makes scones with his little daughter before Christmas.

Pareto Efficient Child Sex (Mg ped rom oral bd ws) [105K]
Philip, a teenage pedophile, finds the opportunity to get very close to a young girl he has been spying on.

The Allure of Virginity [370K]
An 18-year-old boy falls in love with a 9-year-old girl.

The Little Girl at Church (boy gi Mm slow cons pedo oral) [91K]
Keith suspects something is wrong at his church because a sad little girl there is behaving strangely.

Yummy Little Boy Poo (Mm ped nc scat ws) [39K]
Returning home by train, Philip finds Mark and his young friend Tommy. When little Tommy gets off at a train station and enters a public toilet to relieve himself, Philip follows him inside.

Dr White's Culture Lecture (MFg nc ped rape scat ws) [31K]
A single mother faces difficulty with an academic.

The Pride of a Worthless Housewife (MF ds) [27K]
A housewife attends a dinner party.

Erotic Fiction Hall of Fame 2007
This is a collection of good erotic fiction I have read in 2007. I have briefly reviewed each story and have ranked them according to quality.

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