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Here is a new story titled The Gourmet Society. I hope you like it!


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WARNING: The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to 
persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Its contents are of a 
graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between 
underage partners, rape, torture, sexual mutilation, and murder. It may 
contain extremely graphic language and descriptions of sexual acts that 
could be highly offensive to almost every reader. This story is intended for 
ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of consent in your local 
jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, STOP READING NOW. Feedback is 
appreciated from those who enjoy the story and find it stimulating.


By Kelli Paine ([email protected])

Codes: MMMMMf Mg anal humil nc preg rape snuff torture

CHAPTER 1: Getting the Girls

The annual dinner of The Gourmet Society was two months away when the search 
for girls began. The secret society's members were all male, and the high 
point of their annual meeting was a special dinner, held at a private 
mansion in New England. The house was situated on a 200-acre compound, where 
complete privacy was assured by armed guards and security dogs.

Preparations for the dinner had to begin early, because the menu included 
some very unusual dishes. The members of the society ranged from top 
corporate attorneys to school teachers to garbage collectors, but all the 
members had two things in common: they were niggers, and they had a fierce 
desire to abuse and degrade young white girls. Many of the members came from 
homes where the father was a nigger and the mother was white, and most of 
the homes had been torn apart by racial hatred. The society's members had 
grown up watching what happens when a nigger loves a white woman, and their 
minds had been bent and twisted by what they saw, and now they saw only one 
way to achieve inner peace: to assuage their fears and hatred by performing 
hideous, perverted sexual acts upon young white girls. The complete sexual 
degradation of white girls brought intense, cathartic orgasms, and massive 
ejaculations that momentarily removed the childhood pain that the niggers 
felt while growing up.

Such notions as justice for the white girls disappeared when placed 
alongside the towering importance -- to each of the niggers -- of his own 
well-being. His inner self required such heinous acts for his own 
well-being, and that was enough to sustain him as he took out his hatred on 
the bodies of the white girls.

So, early in October of every year, the society's Search Squad combed the 
entire country, looking for girls suitable for the society's annual dinner 
on December 1. Only a very few girls possessed the qualities required by the 
society's rules, which are reproduced here from the secret handbook of the 

CHAPTER 2: Requirements

1. The girls must be 12 to 16 years old.
2. The girls must be virgins.
3. The girls must be white. The only exceptions are mixed-race girls who can 
pass for white, and don't look too niggery (no thick lips or wide noses).
4. The girls must have very slim bodies, with large breasts, small waists, 
and wide hips. The only exceptions are pre-pubescent girls whose bodies are 
still undeveloped or underdeveloped.
5. The girls must have beautiful, innocent-looking faces, with no blemishes 
or discolorations.
6. The girls must have small hands, feet, ankles, and wrists.
7. The girls must have small thighs, with very little increase in diameter 
between the knee and the hip.

Girls meeting all seven requirements were not easy to locate, but the Search 
Squad always managed to find at least thirty of them every year. The targets 
were kidnapped, always without harming any other family members, and then 
the girls were sedated and flown to the compound, which had a private 

CHAPTER 3: Preparing the Girls

Immediately upon arrival, each girl was thrown into a cage and starved for a 
week, to soften her up. After two days, she was offered a drink of water -- 
if she would take off all her clothes. Every girl quickly stripped naked and 
passed her clothes through the bars to the guard, then stood near the bars 
of her cage, waiting for the promised drink -- but the guard tossed the 
paper cup full of water over her head, and it splashed onto the floor behind 
her. As the guard laughed, the girl would fall to her knees and try to lick 
up a little water from the floor, giving the guard a great view of her round 
little ass and the smooth, tight line of her slit.

After another day, the girl was started on a special diet to clean out her 
digestive system completely. This was essential for what was to come later 
in the preparations for the dinner. Each day, the girl was allowed four 
pieces of fruit and two glasses of water. This amount of water was not 
sufficient to maintain health, so she was offered an unlimited supply of 
another liquid: horse semen. The girl was told that it was a "protein 
supplement" and given four 8-ounce glasses each day, which she gulped down 

Mixed with the horse sperm were two drugs. The first was a tranquilizer, to 
keep the girl in a semi-dreamlike condition and prevent her from thinking 
about her kidnapping or her family. The second was a special aphrodisiac 
with two functions -- it strongly increased the girl's sexual appetite, and 
at the same time produced a burning and itching sensation in her genitals, 
causing her to rub and scratch her pussy and her breasts. The girl's nipples 
and clitoris, with heavy concentrations of nerve endings, were particularly 
affected by the drug, making them swollen and very sensitive to the 
slightest touch -- but the deep itching sensation forced the girl to scratch 
her nipples and her clit so hard that some girls started bleeding.

The cages had one wall that was actually a one-way mirror, which served dual 
purposes: it forced the girl constantly to observe her own nakedness, and at 
the same time, allowed the society members to observe the girl secretly. 
Seeing herself naked all the time stripped away the girl's sense of decency 
and modesty, and made it seem natural to walk around all day with her tits 
hanging out and her cunt showing. The society members watched the girls 
constantly -- watched them cleaning their genitals, watched them urinating 
and defecating as they squatted over the buckets that were the only toilets 
they had, watched them picking their noses -- and the members masturbated 
all the time they were watching the girls. Their sperm was collected from 
the floor every hour, and was mixed with the horse semen the girls were 
drinking every day, giving the girls an unconscious preview of what they 
would be tasting at the annual dinner.

Twice a day, each girl was given a peroxide enema to clean out her bowels, 
and a salt-water douche to clean out her vagina. This was an important part 
of preparation for the dinner, because the food served to the society 
members would be served from special vessels -- the cunts and asses of the 
girls. Sauces would be served from the girls' open mouths.

Some of the older girls, who had begun menstruating, were given a drug to 
delay their periods until the night of the dinner. The drug caused very 
painful cramps, but it was discontinued a few hours before the dinner, so 
the girls could circulate among the tables. Some of the members preferred a 
stronger drink than wine with their dinner, and they would be served glasses 
of warm menstrual blood directly from the vaginas of the Blood Girls.

Some members enjoyed drinking a girl's urine while enjoying fine food, so 
several of the girls would be forced to drink large amounts of water before 
the dinner, and would not be allowed to use the bathroom. During the dinner, 
the Piss Girls would circulate among the tables, filling members' glasses 
with warm urine on request, then going back to the kitchen to drink more 
water so they would have urine for the next member who wanted some.

There were several members who liked to eat a girl's shit, either as an 
appetizer or as an entrée, so some girls would be positioned on top of a 
serving table. The girls were naked, just wearing high heels, and they would 
squat with their assholes over plates on the table. Their duty would be to 
produce a plate of shit when a member requested such a delicacy. The girls 
would be forced to eat large meals the day before the dinner, and would not 
be allowed to use the bathroom. The girls would be forced to stop defecating 
when a plate was filled, and save the rest of their shit for another member. 
This would cause extremely strong and painful intestinal cramps, but each 
girl would have a butt plug inserted in her rectum to prevent her from 
expelling any more shit until a member asked for it. Some of these girls 
would begin to bleed internally when their bowels developed perforations due 
to the pressure of the feces and the blockage caused by the butt plugs they 
were wearing, but they would receive no medical treatment. If they recovered 
on their own, they would be put back to work, and if they died, their bodies 
would be dumped in a swamp at the edge of the compound.

CHAPTER 4: Preparing the Food

Each girl was thoroughly clean inside, after weeks of enemas and douches. 
They were brought into the kitchen, completely naked except for their high 
heels, to have the food items inserted in their colons and pussies. The 
girls were told to bend over, spread their legs, and put their hands on 
their ankles, so the two holes between their legs were open and available. 
The cooks had prepared sausages in 8-inch and 12-inch lengths, plus 
bratwursts that were 2 inches wide and 14 inches long. There were several 
vegetable dishes and sauces to complement the entrees.

The girls were all virgins, and the sausages and bratwurst could not be 
inserted in their vaginas without breaking the hymen -- but this was 
acceptable to the society members, who preferred the easier entry this 
procedure would allow later, when the members started fucking the girls. So 
each naked girl was unceremoniously deflowered in the kitchen, by a cook 
using a phallus just for this purpose. The dildo was 16 inches long, shaped 
like an erect nigger's cock, with a large head, and with a handgrip at the 

The cook placed the head of the dildo against the slit of the first girl, a 
sweet little 14-year-old angel with long blonde hair, and held her hips as 
he forced the head of the dildo into the girl's cunt. Her hymen was very 
thick, and it took several jabs before the dildo finally broke through into 
her vagina. The girl screamed in pain, but the cook just laughed, moving the 
dildo in and out a little, fucking her for a few moments before he pulled 
the dildo out of her twat, making her scream again. Another cook inserted 
the end of a hot 12-inch sausage in the girl's slit, then slid it inside the 
girl, forcing a yelp of pain from her as the sausage burned the sensitive 
walls of her cunt. The cook pushed it all the way inside, so the girl's 
pussy lips closed over the end of the sausage, then told her to stand up and 
go into the dining room.

The girl stood up slowly, the sausage shifting inside her painfully. The end 
of the sausage poked through her slit as the heavy meat started to slide out 
of her, and the cook slapped her across the face, knocking her to the floor. 
The sausage slipped out of her twat, and the cook looked down at her with 
disgust. "Now we have to do it again, bitch." He jerked the girl to her feet 
and forced her to bend over again, and inserted a new sausage into her 
pussy. This time the girl stood up carefully, but again the tip of the 
sausage appeared between her legs. The cook took her nipples in his fingers 
and pinched hard, making tears of pain run down her cheeks as he looked at 
her. "Use your cunt muscles to hold the sausage in your pussy, or it will 
just fall out again, slut." The girl used one hand to stuff the sausage back 
inside her twat, and held it there with the muscles in her vagina, straining 
as she walked slowly toward the door to the dining room.

The other girls were deflowered and their genitals were loaded up with 
sausages and bratwurst. Some of the older girls, 15 and 16, had sausages 
inserted in both their cunts and their rectums, making it almost impossible 
to walk without one piece of meat or the other slipping out of her body. The 
girl would quickly shove the meat back inside her pussy or her asshole, then 
try to walk with her thighs held tightly together.

One girl received two bratwursts in her colon, making her feel like she was 
constipated and needed to go to the bathroom, but she slowly inched her way 
out into the dining room. Another girl, only 12 years old, with long red 
hair that reached down to her knees, was so young that she had no pubic hair 
-- but the cook forced two 8-inch sausages inside her virgin pussy. The 
second sausage kept sliding back out, and finally the cook removed it, then 
forced his hand inside the girl's twat and pushed the first sausage so deep 
inside her that it penetrated her womb. The girl's whole body quivered with 
pain as the cook withdrew his hand and inserted the second sausage, and this 
time both sausages remained in place inside the girl's tight little cunt. 
She was crying quietly as she took one careful step, then another, and 
finally emerged in the dining room.

CHAPTER 5: The Dinner Begins

The 12-year-old girl walked very carefully out into the dining room, 
completely naked except for her 5-inch high heels, her legs apart as she 
strained to hold the hot sausages inside her until one of the members called 
her over to serve him. She could feel the second sausage, barely inside her 
pussy lips, and she was terrified that it would slip out. But then one of 
the members motioned her to come and serve him.

The girl climbed the short staircase to the top of the table, and positioned 
herself with her high heels on either side of the member's plate. She slowly 
and carefully squatted, keeping her slit directly over the plate, and then 
she expelled one sausage onto the plate from inside her body. The member 
fondled the girl's breasts while she worked, trying to expel one sausage 
while keeping the other inside her pussy. Finally she leaned forward as she 
had been instructed, so her face was a few inches from his, and thanked him 
for allowing her to serve him. The member gave her nipples one last hard 
pinch, making her yelp with pain, and told her she could go. She stood up 
and dismounted the table, then continued walking until another member asked 
for the other sausage in her vagina.

As the girls strained to force the food out of their bodies, which sometimes 
took several minutes -- it was like shitting a huge turd, or expelling a 
large object from her vagina -- the members commented on their bodies, 
laughing loudly when this made the girls cry.

Some of the girls had 12-inch sausages inside their cunts, filling them like 
they were being fucked with 12-inch cocks, and the pain and humiliation 
showed on their sweet, innocent faces as tears ran down their cheeks while 
they strained to expel the big sausages onto the plates. When they finally 
succeeded in emptying their twats, the sausages -- glistening with a 
slippery coating of the girl's vaginal juices -- would plop down between 
their legs onto the plates. If the sausage was in her bowel, sometimes it 
would have tiny flecks of her shit on it, and she would be required to lick 
up the shit and swallow it before the member ate the sausage. The girl would 
then thank the member for being allowed to serve him, and dismount the table 
and return to the kitchen to have her genitals refilled with food.

The Blood Girls came in a few minutes after the dinner began. They had been 
taken off the drugs that prevented them from menstruating, and all of them 
had heavy flows. They all wore cunt plugs to hold the blood inside them 
until a member requested a drink. The cunt plugs were six inches long, 
shaped like a nigger's erect cock, with straps at the base. The straps were 
connected to a thin leather belt around the girl's waist, and could be 
loosened enough to allow the cunt plug to be removed when a girl needed to 
serve a member. The cunt plugs were big enough to cause intense discomfort 
to the girls as they walked.

A member motioned one of the Blood Girls over to him. She was 15, with large 
round breasts and a tiny waist. She mounted the table and squatted, with her 
slit above the member's wine glass, then reached between her legs and 
slipped the strap off her cunt plug. When she removed it, the tangy smell of 
menstrual blood filled the air as the sewage from her cunt oozed down into 
the glass. She quickly filled it, then had to shove the cunt plug back into 
her vagina fast, to avoid spilling any of her scummy mess on the sparkling 
white tablecloth. She licked a little blood off her fingers, then leaned 
forward and thanked the member, her huge boobs sticking out like melons.

The member was smoking a cigarette, and he looked into the girl's eyes as 
she spoke to him. When she finished, he caught her left breast in his right 
hand and used his left hand to put out the cigarette on her nipple, grinding 
the fire into the girl's soft breast as she screamed in agony. The other 
members laughed at this, and applauded heartily as the girl scrambled down 
from the table and fell to the floor, both hands cradling her disfigured 
breast. She curled into a fetal position, whimpering and sobbing until one 
of the cooks came in and dragged her back to the kitchen.

One of the members wanted to drink directly from a girl's bleeding vagina, 
so he motioned to a very slim 13-year-old girl who was having her first 
period. She didn't have much flow, but he made her mount the table and stand 
over him, squatting until her cunt was in front of his mouth. She removed 
her cunt plug nervously, and he cupped her ass cheeks in his hands and 
pulled her against him as he opened his mouth and placed it over the girl's 
smooth little slit. Her sweet, hot blood trickled into his mouth, and he 
felt his cock stiffen between his legs. He drank until her vagina was dry, 
running his tongue deep inside her to get every drop of her menstrual fluid 
as the girl squirmed uncomfortably, her face red with embarrassment as the 
other members and the other girls all watched what was being done to her. 
Finally she was allowed to dismount the table, and she covered her pussy 
with her hands as she walked unsteadily back to the kitchen.

CHAPTER 6: Special Sauce

One member wanted a bratwurst, and he wanted a special sauce on it. He 
motioned to the girl who had two bratwursts in her ass, and told her to 
serve one to him. The girl was 15, with beautiful round breasts and very 
long nipples that stuck out like little cocks. She carefully climbed the 
stairs to the top of the table, feeling the large pieces of meat shifting 
inside her bowels. Every time she lifted a leg to go up to the next step, 
the bratwurst almost slipped out of her rectum. Finally she made it to the 
top of the stairs and stepped onto the table. She smiled at the member as 
she stood with her high heels on either side of his plate, then slowly and 
carefully squatted until her asshole was a few inches above the plate. She 
could feel the big piece of meat pushing against her anal ring, and she had 
to strain very hard to keep it inside her while she was squatting. Sweat was 
glistening on her face as she tried to smile. "May I serve you, sir?"

The member took her erect nipples in his fingers and pinched them as hard as 
he could, and the girl grunted in pain. Tears ran down her cheeks as she 
tried to keep smiling, but her face was contorted in agony as the member 
pulled on her sensitive nipples. He lifted her big tits by the nipples, 
making the girl scream in pain. He looked at her and spoke quietly. "Don't 
let my meat fall out of your worthless ass yet, bitch. I want to enjoy your 
body a little more. You're such a stupid little whore, maybe you'll like 
this." He took a wood clothespin out of his pocket and attached it to her 
left nipple. It burned like fire, but before she could react, he put another 
clothespin on her right nipple. The searing pain in her tits made the girl's 
whole body stiffen, and the bratwurst started to slide out of her asshole.

The girl had been told what would happen to her if she did a bad job of 
serving a member -- she would lose one of her nipples and one of her ears. 
She whimpered in pain as she tried to tighten her anal ring. She could feel 
the bratwurst stretching her rectum open as it emerged, and she strained to 
tighten her sphincter around it, tears of pain and humiliation running down 
her cheeks. All the members were watching her, and she knew they could see 
everything she had -- her jugs hanging out, with the clothespins clipped on 
her nipples, and her round little ass splayed open as she tried to hold the 
meat inside her. Finally she was able to tighten her anal ring, and she felt 
the bratwurst inching back inside her colon. The moment it was all back 
inside her, the member told her to serve it to him, and the girl clamped her 
mouth closed in frustration as she opened her legs a little. She shitted the 
meat out onto the plate, and it felt exactly like she was having a bowel 
movement. She was barely able to hold the second bratwurst inside her, and 
she felt her anal ring burning with pain as she leaned forward and thanked 
the member for allowing her to serve him. He told her to leave the 
clothespins on her nipples, and slapped her across the face as he told her 
to get out of his way. The girl was crying as she dismounted the table.

The member motioned to one of the Blood Girls, and she mounted the table and 
squatted over his plate. "I want some of the sauce from your sweet little 
cunt, angel." The girl smiled -- she was 16, with small breasts, but her 
huge brown areolas covered the whole front of her tits -- and squatted a 
little lower as the member put his hand between her legs. He touched her 
erect clit, and the girl had an orgasm as menstrual blood oozed out of her 
twat onto the bratwurst. She moved her hips, spreading the scummy mess from 
her vagina all over the meat on the plate, as the member played with her 
clit and gave her two more orgasms.

The member wanted more sauce, so he picked up the bratwurst and used it to 
fuck the girl, sliding the big piece of meat in and out of her snatch as she 
closed her eyes and moaned quietly. She had two more orgasms, thrusting her 
hips forward to meet each thrust of the meat as the member fucked her. Then 
he took the bratwurst out of her pussy and told her to kiss it. The meat was 
thickly coated with her menstrual blood, and there were small flecks of shit 
from the serving girl's bowels still on it. The girl leaned down and touched 
her soft lips to one end of the bratwurst, kissing it like it was a cock. 
"Thank you for fucking me, sir. I loved having your meat in my pussy." She 
stood up, her own blood on her lips, and smiled at him as she dismounted the 

CHAPTER 7: Megan

The door to the kitchen opened, and another serving girl walked into the 
dining room. Like all the other serving girls, Megan was completely naked, 
just wearing 5-inch high heels with ankle straps -- but her legs and ankles 
were so slim, she looked like such a little hottie. She was 14 years old, 
and her pubic hair had been removed, like all the other serving girls. She 
looked so naked and exposed as she tried to walk with two large sausages in 
her vagina. She was sweating from the strain of holding the meat inside her 
as she walked, and she was very unsteady on her feet -- she never wore heels 
this high, and her slim ankles made it hard to keep her balance.

The shoes were one size too small -- Megan wore size 6, but the slut shoes 
she had been given were size 5. This was done with all the serving girls, to 
make them uncomfortable, and to make it harder for them to walk. The shoes 
had no back -- there was just a thin leather strap running up the back of 
the heel to hold the ankle strap -- and the toes of the shoes were extremely 
long and pointed. Almost the entire foot was revealed, and the girls all 
looked so hot and sexy as they tried to keep their balance. They frequently 
stumbled when the toe of the shoe caught on the carpet or on the stairs, and 
this made the members roar with laughter, watching the stupid, worthless 
whores trying to walk in their high heels.

Megan was immediately motioned over to serve a member. She climbed the 
stairs and squatted over his plate, but he wanted to do something special to 
her before she served him. He ran his hands over her breasts and pinched her 
nipples. "You need bigger tits, angel." He motioned to a servant, who 
brought a small leather case to the table. The member reached in and took 
out a large hypodermic needle, with a tube connected to a gallon-size 
container. The liquid inside was yellowish, with flecks of dark material 
floating in it. The member looked at Megan. "This is urine from your 
bathroom, mixed with some of your shit -- that's what I'm going to use to 
give you big breasts."

Megan tried to get up off the table, but two servants were holding her 
shoulders. She started crying as they held her arms firmly in place. Her 
jugs were hanging out, and she had to way to protect herself as the member 
placed the tip of the needle on her left nipple. "We don't want you to have 
a scar, angel, so we'll go in through your nipple." Megan cringed in horror 
as the needle penetrated the  stiffness of her erect nipple. A soft mewling 
sound came from her throat as the needle was stuck in about three inches, 
and then she screamed as she felt the sewage from the container flowing into 
her breast. Her tit started to expand, and the other members watched in awe 
as the skin started to stretch. Megan was struggling, making her tit bounce 
a little as the liquid was injected, and this caused even more pain, so she 
tried to sit still, staring down at her breast with wide eyes as it 

The scummy mixture of warm piss and feces flowed into the girl's body, and 
her tit expanded like a balloon. The pain was unbelievable, and Megan's 
sounds of torment were giving the members huge erections. Several of them 
were masturbating as they watched her. The member kept injecting the sewage 
into Megan until her tit looked like half of a volleyball sticking out from 
her chest, then he cut off the flow and started to pull out the needle. 
Megan's whole body went rigid from the pain, and after the needle was out, a 
little urine leaked out of her nipple and ran down between her legs. The 
member squeezed her huge tit, and more urine trickled out. He caught it on 
his fingers and brought it to Megan's mouth, and wiped the urine on her 
lips. "Does that taste good, angel?"

Megan cringed as the urine ran down into her mouth. She could feel tiny 
pieces of shit mixed in it, and the thought of that same sewage in her 
breast made her stomach heave. The member didn't give her any time to 
recover -- he stuck the needle in her other nipple and started to fill her 
right breast with scum. The pain of her tender skin being stretched made 
Megan scream several times while her tit was being enlarged, but the members 
just laughed at her, and commented on the way her jugs bounced and jiggled 
when she screamed. After her right tit was about the same size as the left 
one, the member jerked the needle out, tearing a ragged scream from Megan's 
throat. She looked down at her big boobs -- she had been 34C -- and couldn't 
stop crying. The member took her nipples in his fingers, and Megan screamed 
from the pain -- her tits were stretched so tight that the slightest 
movement made pain shoot through her chest.

The member wanted to know how big Megan's new boobs were, so a tape measure 
was taken from the leather case. It was specially made for the members, and 
had a row of short needles on the underside of the tape. The member told 
Megan to raise her arms over her head, then put the tape measure around her 
big tits. As he tightened the plastic strip around her breasts, Megan 
screamed -- the needles had penetrated her breasts and under her arms and 
across her back. The member announced that Megan was now 44DDD, and the 
other members applauded. The tape measure was removed, and a line of small 
bloody punctures was visible across Megan's breasts and all the way around 
her back.

The member now allowed Megan to serve him one of the sausages in her cunt. 
The little whore squatted over his plate, her huge tits sticking out like 
melons, and expelled a sausage onto the plate, grunting from the effort. She 
almost released the second sausage, and gasped as she felt the tip protrude 
between her pussy lips. She was sweating from the strain of trying to hold 
the sausage inside her genitals, and she put one hand between her legs and 
forced it back into her pussy. She stood up, then dismounted the table and 
went to serve the other sausage to another member. Her big new tits juggled 
obscenely as she walked, and all the members reached out to touch them or 
pinch her nipples. Megan was such a little hottie, she smiled gratefully 
each time she was fondled.

CHAPTER 8: Melissa

As Megan squatted and expelled the last sausage from her vagina onto another 
member's plate, the door to the kitchen opened and Melissa walked slowly 
into the dining room. She was 13 years old, and eight months pregnant with 
her first child. She blushed deeply as her swollen breasts jiggled with each 
step. Her nipples were long and erect, and a little milk dribbled out and 
trickled down the undersides of her tits. She had been specially prepared 
for this night -- for two weeks, her breasts had been attached to a milking 
machine, like dairy farmers use on cows, and she had been sucked so much 
that she had started to give milk. She had a large bratwurst in her colon, 
and she was having trouble walking.

Like Megan and all the other serving girls, Melissa was completely naked 
except for her "fuck me" shoes -- red ankle strap pumps with 5-inch heels 
and very long, pointed toes -- and it was hard for her to keep her balance 
as she tried to walk. She kept stumbling, and each time she did, her swollen 
breasts bounced and jiggled wildly as she tried not to fall down, and this 
made all the members laugh and point at her. One of the members stuck out 
his leg and tripped Melissa, and she fell hard on her knees. She held both 
arms around her pregnant belly as she fell, trying to protect her baby, and 
she grunted loudly as a sharp pain shot through her body. The members roared 
with laughter, and one of them gave her a little kick in the belly. Melissa 
was crying, from embarrassment and frustration, and her face was flushed a 
deep red as she tried to stand up. Her high heels kept slipping out from 
under her, and she fell down twice before she was able to stand up. She 
could feel the bratwurst shifting inside her ass -- it made her feel like 
she needed to have a bowel movement, and she had to strain to hold the meat 
inside her colon.

A member called her over to serve him, and Melissa mounted the table. As she 
squatted over his plate, the member put his hand between her legs and 
penetrated her gaping cunt with three fingers. Melissa gasped as he forced 
his whole hand inside her, then started fist-fucking her slowly. He rocked 
her body back and forth, and her pussy gripped his fist like it was a huge 
cock inside her. Melissa hadn't been fucked since she got pregnant, and the 
little bitch was so hot, so ready to be screwed, she had four orgasms from 
the fisting. With each orgasm, a gush of pussy slime oozed out of her twat 
and dripped down the member's arm onto his plate, providing an aromatic 
sauce for the bratwurst that was still inside her ass. The member told her 
to serve him, but at the same time he started fist-fucking her harder, and 
Melissa whimpered with satisfaction as three more orgasms washed over her 

The little whore smiled at her fucker gratefully, then closed her eyes and 
strained for a moment, and the bratwurst slid out of her asshole onto his 
plate. She sighed with relief as her bowels were evacuated. The member took 
his hand out of Melissa's cunt and picked up the large piece of meat. He 
held it in front of her face and told her to kiss it, and Melissa could 
smell her own ass on the meat as she touched her lips to it. Then the member 
put the tip of the bratwurst in Melissa's slit, and started fucking her with 
it. Melissa orgasmed four more times while she was being screwed, and when 
the member pulled the meat out of her snatch, it was glistening with a thick 
coating of her vaginal fluids.

The member told Melissa to fill his glass. She thought he wanted her to 
urinate in his wine glass, and she squatted with her cunt lips above the 
glass, but the member told her he wanted to drink her milk. So Melissa got 
down on her hands and knees with her left breast just above the glass -- and 
the member started milking her like a cow. Melissa's milk squirted into the 
glass, and she closed her eyes -- she was in heaven, and she had an orgasm 
each time her tit was squeezed. Finally her left breast was empty, and she 
moved her right breast into position so it could be milked. She was having 
so many orgasms that her gaping pussy was dripping thick slime onto the 
table, and the member told her to move so that her cunt was over his plate. 
He wanted to use her warm, creamy vaginal secretions as sauce for his 

When his bratwurst was covered with the juices from Melissa's cunt, the 
member shoved her off the table, and she fell hard on the floor, screaming 
as pain shot through her body. She was terrified that her baby might be 
hurt, and she cradled her huge belly in both arms. Two servants grabbed her 
arms and dragged Melissa to a platform at one side of the dining room. There 
was a large X-shaped wood cross on the platform, and Melissa was shoved up 
against it, facing the dining room. The servants spread her arms and raised 
them against the upper portion of the cross, and then they nailed her to the 
cross, using hammers to drive spikes through her wrists as the girl screamed 
horribly. Her slim legs were forced apart, one leg on each side of the lower 
portion of the cross, and spikes were driven through her ankles, with her 
feet turned outward painfully, her slut shoes dangling a few inches above 
the floor. Melissa's pregnant body was completely open and available. Her 
pussy was totally exposed, and even though she was hugely pregnant, her slit 
was smooth and tight, a thin line running down between her legs.

CHAPTER 9: Melissa Gets Hurt

One of the servants attached wood clothespins to Melissa's erect nipples, 
making her grunt in pain. Her nipples were very sensitive now, and the pins 
bit into them like needles. The clothespins were put on her to hurt the 
little whore, but also to seal her nipples so no more of her milk could leak 
out of her swollen breasts. She was going to be tortured, and the members 
wanted her tits full of milk.

All the members turned in their chairs to watch as the servant inserted a 
10-inch butt plug in Melissa's ass. The plug was shaped like a nigger's 
erect cock, and it was two inches wide, with a large head. It narrowed a 
little at the base, then widened into a realistic set of testicles. The 
servant started to force it into Melissa's anus, using no lubrication so it 
would hurt more. Her beautiful face contorted with pain as the cock began to 
stretch her anal ring. Sweat broke out on her forehead as the plug filled 
her tight little ass. When the head of it slipped past her anal ring, she 
gasped with relief, but then groaned as the shaft of the cock was forced up 
her ass. With eight inches of it inside her bowels, Melissa's anal ring was 
burning like fire, and then the servant shoved the last two inches inside 
her -- and she felt her anal ring tearing. Melissa screamed, a terrible 
gurgling sound that was ripped out of her throat as blood started to ooze 
out of her anus. The dildo was fully inside her now, and her damaged anal 
ring closed tightly around the base of the cock. Blood was dripping out of 
her asshole and running down over the plastic testicles and dripping onto 
the floor between her open legs.

Melissa's pregnant belly stuck out so far, she couldn't see the blood 
dripping out of her damaged anus onto the floor. Her legs were aching 
because of her feet being turned to point in opposite directions when her 
ankles were nailed to the cross.

The servant, upon a signal from one of the members, showed Melissa a large 
dildo. Like the butt plug in her ass, this dildo looked like a nigger's 
erection -- but it was 16 inches long and three inches wide. Like the butt 
plug, it had a large set of testicles at the base. As Melissa looked at it, 
she noticed that it had something metallic around the lower part of the 
head. The servant brought it closer -- and the girl saw a ring of small 
blades protruding from the head of the cock, pointed down toward the plastic 
testicles at the base. The blades wouldn't hurt while the dildo was being 
inserted -- but when it was pulled out, the blades would slice into the 
walls of her vagina. Melissa realized this just as the servant moved his 
hand down between her legs, and the girl screamed, sobbing as she begged him 
not to hurt her or her baby.

The servant used one hand to spread the girl's pussy lips, then inserted the 
tip of the dildo in her cunt. She was soaking wet, from fear and excitement, 
and the big dildo slid inside her easily. She groaned as it filled her 
pussy, then moaned as the head of the dildo reached the entrance of her 
womb. The servant held it in place, letting her enjoy a few moments of 
sexual pleasure -- and then he forced it through her cervix into her womb. 
Melissa screamed in pain as her cervix was torn by the huge head of the 
dildo -- and then a look of terror froze her beautiful face into a mask as 
the dildo touched her baby.

The servant kept forcing the dildo into Melissa's gaping cunt until the full 
length of it was inside her, and her vagina and womb were completely 
penetrated. The dildo had slid past her baby inside the womb, and was 
touching the far wall of her womb. She looked into the servant's eyes, 
begging, pleading with him, asking him for mercy -- but the servant just 
grinned and poked the head of the dildo through the wall of her womb.

Blood and amniotic fluid gushed out of Melissa's womb into her body cavity. 
The hemorrhage was so painful, her face froze in a contorted mask of fear 
and agony -- and then the servant started to pull the dildo out of her. The 
blades on the dildo caught the wall of her womb, tearing it again -- and 
then the blades raked across the neck of Melissa's baby, tearing out its 
throat. The servant jerked the dildo out of Melissa's pussy, and showed her 
the bloody shaft, with shredded pieces of her baby's throat dangling from 
it. Melissa vomited all over her breasts, and her mouth was hanging open 
when the servant inserted the head of the dildo in her mouth. The girl 
retched, her eyes opening wide with revulsion and humiliation as the servant 
fucked her a little, moving the dildo in and out of her mouth, being careful 
not to let the blades tear the inside of her mouth. Then he forced the dildo 
down her throat, and Melissa felt the blades touching the walls of her 
throat. The head of the dildo was just deep enough inside her to fill her 
throat without making her gag on it. She wanted to scream, but the dildo 
filled her mouth and throat completely. She knew her throat would be torn 
out if the dildo was removed, and her eyes were wide with fear -- but she 
was fully conscious. She stared wildly at the dildo protruding from her 
mouth, with two large testicles molded at its base, and she started to cry.

CHAPTER 10: Melissa Gives Birth

Melissa's baby -- a girl -- had died when its throat was torn out, but the 
body was still in Melissa's damaged womb. She was bleeding internally, and 
in extreme pain -- but then her body went into labor. This was what the 
members had hoped for -- the ultimate, perfect way to degrade a girl, 
forcing her to go through the pain of childbirth when her baby was already 
dead. She had a strong contraction, and her whole body went rigid as the 
pain shot through her. Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she was sweating 

The members were silent, watching this beautiful young pregnant girl 
beginning her labor, working so hard to give birth to a dead baby. Her hands 
were balled into fists as she struggled with the intense pain of labor, and 
she was struggling so hard that she reopened the wounds in her wrists where 
she was nailed to the cross, and blood started running down her arms and 
down the sides of her milk-swollen breasts. She was instinctively trying to 
draw up her legs and spread her body open to allow her baby to be born, but 
the nails through her ankles kept her pinned to the cross as blood seeped 
out and ran down over her slut shoes and puddled on the floor.

Melissa was grunting like a pig, her face deeply flushed and contorted, her 
lips twisted in a rictus of agony as her vaginal muscles clenched again and 
again, moving her baby moved slowly down into the birth canal. She had been 
in labor for about half an hour, and she was dilated about 5 cm by now.

The members were enjoying the show the girl was putting on, and wanted it to 
go on as long as possible. Some members were continuing their dinner, eating 
and drinking and laughing as they watched Melissa struggling to give birth. 
Other members got up and walked over for a closer look, running their hands 
over the girl's huge belly, feeling the movement as the baby moved down into 
the birth canal, looking into her eyes as she stared wildly at them in her 
pain. As Melissa's labor went on, the members returned to the table to take 
their comfortable seats and watch in comfort while the girl entertained them 
with her performance.

After an hour of labor, some of the members were getting impatient. There 
were more girls to be tortured before the evening was over, and the members 
were getting bored watching this little slut. So the servant was given a 
command, and he approached Melissa with a baseball bat in his hand. The girl 
groaned loudly when she saw what he was going to do, but she couldn't 
protect herself as he swung the bat. He hit her directly across her pregnant 
belly, and a scream was torn from her throat in spite of the dildo in her 
mouth. A gush of thick bloody goo streamed out of her vagina, and her face 
twisted in agony as her baby was forced too quickly down into the birth 
canal. The muscles in her vagina clenched again and again as contractions 
wracked her body, and then the head of her baby emerged from her gaping 

The members watched with fascination as the girl strained to expel the baby 
from her vagina. Her face was deep red and covered with heavy sweat as she 
worked, and her pussy lips were splayed wide apart as her contractions moved 
the baby downward. She was trying to force her legs wider apart, trying to 
open her body so her baby could be born, but it was so hard to do with no 
help. She desperately needed someone to assist her with delivering her baby, 
but the members just sat and watched, commenting on her body and laughing 
every time she groaned with a new contraction.

The baby's arms were visible now, the upper half of her tiny body hanging 
out of Melissa's gaping vagina, slowly sliding out a little at a time. When 
the baby's hips emerged, the pressure on the sides of Melissa's vagina 
eased, and the baby slid down and emerged from her pussy -- but there was no 
one to take the baby, and for a long moment it just hung there, suspended 
from its mother's cunt by the umbilical cord, twisting slowly between 
Melissa's open legs. Then the weight of the baby pulled the rest of the 
umbilical cord out of Melissa's pussy, and the baby fell to the floor. As it 
hit the floor wetly between Melissa's legs, the afterbirth emerged from her 
twat and fell on the baby, a bloody mass of tissue and mucus.

The members applauded as Melissa collapsed, her body hanging loosely from 
the cross as exhaustion overtook her. The servant picked up her baby, and 
brought it up so Melissa could see it, and for a moment the girl's eyes lit 
up happily -- and then she realized her baby had been born dead, and she 
closed her eyes and started to cry softly. The members laughed loudly at the 
sight of this stupid little slut actually thinking her baby might still be 
alive. But now they were done with her, and the servant was told to remove 
the dildo from Melissa's mouth. The girl's eyes were wide with fear as the 
servant started to pull the dildo out, and then she screamed as her throat 
was shredded by the blades on the head of the dildo.

Blood gushed out of her mouth and ran down over her swollen breasts, but 
somehow she was still alive. She couldn't last very long, though, and the 
members wanted one last chance to humiliate her. Two of them went to the 
girl and removed the clothespins from her nipples, then started to suckle at 
her breasts, drinking the milk intended for her baby. They chewed on the 
erect cones of her nipples, making her grimace in pain as she fed them 
involuntarily, losing the last chance she would ever have to nurse a baby. 
She was bleeding out through her vagina and from the gashes in her throat, 
and her face was very pale and white as she stared down at the members 
sucking her nipples. They used their hands to knead her big tits, squeezing 
them roughly, wanting every drop of her milk for themselves. When her 
breasts were finally empty, the members used small knives to cut off 
Melissa's nipples, then stuffed them up her nose. Her mouth was hanging open 
as she took shallow breaths, and her body jerked with pain as her nipples 
were removed.

With her nostrils blocked by her own nipples, she was having trouble 
breathing, but she was still conscious, so the members had a chance for one 
last degradation. A platform was rolled over in front of the cross where 
Melissa was hanging, and one member climbed up on it, so his groin was at 
the same lever as her mouth. He took out his cock, already hugely erect, and 
forced it into the girl's mouth. Melissa stared up at him blankly as he 
started to fuck her, his hands on her ears, gripping her head and jerking it 
back and forth, using her mouth to masturbate himself. The girl slowly 
realized what was happening to her, and her eyes glowed with life briefly as 
she stared up at her fucker, wondering how any man could be this cruel. The 
man looked into Melissa's eyes and felt his cock stiffen as he thrust into 
her mouth faster, and her eyelids fluttered as she started to lose 
consciousness -- but she lived long enough to feel the burst of wetness as 
he filled her warm mouth with his sperm. The girl swallowed involuntarily, 
gulping down the huge load, gobbling up the jism as it flooded over her 
tongue and down her throat. The shredded tissues on the inside of her throat 
made swallowing exquisitely painful, like swallowing razor blades, and the 
girl's face was a mask of pain as she gulped down the warm semen.

Melissa stared up at her fucker as she died, and the last thing she saw was 
his animal-like expression of sexual satisfaction as he emptied his 
testicles into her warm, wet mouth. Her eyes were wide open, the pupils 
fixed and dilated as she finally died. Her fucker finished cumming, then 
wiped his cock in her hair, leaving her mouth hanging open and sperm oozing 
out and leaking down over her breasts as the other members laughed and 
applauded. The cross was moved into one corner of the dining room so the 
members could look at Melissa's ruined body as they finished dinner.

CHAPTER 11: A Gourmet Treat

Most of the members had finished their dinner when a chime sounded, and 
attention turned to a low platform at one side of the room. A very slim 
young girl was brought in by one of the servants. The girl was 12 years old, 
and she had been raised on a vegetarian diet designed to enhance the flavor 
and texture of her flesh. Tonight, portions of her beautiful body were going 
to be cooked and served to some of the members. She was completely naked, 
not even wearing high heels like all the other girls.

The girl's name was Kelli, and she had long auburn hair that reached down to 
her knees. Her hair would be removed and used as garnish when her body parts 
were served to the members. The various cuts of Kelli's body meat had been 
auctioned to the highest bidders, and as always, the portion that brought 
the highest price was the cunt steak. With a girl as young and slim as 
Kelli, the vaginal area would yield a cunt steak of no more than six or 
seven ounces -- but it was said to be the finest, sweetest, most succulent 
meat in the world. The cunt meat becomes tainted when a girl's hymen is 
broken, so Kelli was a virgin, never penetrated between her legs. She had 
never eaten meat because she had been raised for the single purpose that 
would have its fulfillment tonight.

Kelli was the daughter of a prostitute that worked in a whorehouse, one of 
hundreds around the country operated by members of The Gourmet Society. Her 
mother had certain qualities that brought her to the attention of the owner 
of the whorehouse -- pale white skin with good suppleness, long red hair, 
good muscle tone, and a sweet, innocent-looking face. The nigger owner had 
impregnated her himself, raping her six times a day while she was ovulating, 
and she got pregnant soon afterward. When Kelli was born, she was 
immediately checked for niggery qualities that would exclude her from 
consideration for the annual dinner -- dark skin or a wide nose or kinky 
hair, or the characteristic dark pussy lips that nigger girls have. But 
Kelli looked white -- she had her mother's pale white skin and red hair, and 
there was no visible hint that she was half nigger. So she was given only 
breast milk until she was two years old, and then her diet was restricted to 
vegetarian items that would preserve and enhance the tone and flavor of her 
flesh. This diet produced girls whose bodies yielded very tasty meat, and 
tonight Kelli's meat would be enjoyed by the members who had paid high 
prices for her.

CHAPTER 12: Preparing Kelli for Cooking

Kelli had been starved for a week before this evening's dinner, to clean out 
her gastrointestinal tract, and her diet for the week had consisted of only 
one thing -- sperm. All the society members masturbated into bowls every 
day, as many times as possible, and Kelli had been given large glasses of 
semen to drink three times a day. The protein-rich jism enhanced the flavor 
of her meat, and watching the girl drink their thick sperm helped the 
members masturbate and produce even more semen for her.

The girl had been given ten ice-water enemas just before the dinner, one 
after another, to cleanse her large intestine and to make her ass meat as 
tasty as possible. Some members had a particular taste for the meat from a 
girl's ass -- the flesh from her ass cheeks, as well as her rectum and 
sigmoid colon. The anus was usually discarded because it consists of the 
internal and external sphincters, muscular masses that are tough and have a 
sour taste. Depending on her body size, a girl's ass cheeks can yield up to 
24 ounces of meat, and these are the cuts preferred by most of the members. 
Her rectum is about six inches long, and yields only one or two small 
servings -- but the rectum has a musky and very identifiable taste, and is 
prized by some members. Her sigmoid colon is usually about 30 inches long, 
and yields four or five good-sized servings -- but colon meat always carries 
some redolence from the girl's feces, making it less desirable for many 
members. But the members who enjoy colon meat will pay a high price for it 
when the girl's body parts are auctioned at the dinner.

The butchers employed by the society use a special technique for removing 
the girl's flesh, so that the process can be performed while the girl is 
fully conscious. She is first given a powerful mixture of drugs -- sedatives 
and tranquilizers, plus a painkiller that works on the pleasure center in 
her brain to release dopamine in the nucleus accumbens. Her cerebral cortex 
and hypothalamus then begin to interpret pain as pleasure -- and the extreme 
pain she would ordinarily feel when her flesh is cut is interpreted by her 
brain as intense pleasure. The girls experience orgasms while their body 
parts are being harvested -- and because they are so young, in most cases 
these are the first orgasms of their lives. The sight of a beautiful young 
girl having her cunt removed -- and experiencing an orgasm while she is 
being cut -- is more than enough to give an erection to the most jaded man.

The removal of the girl's breasts always provides another high point of the 
evening, since breasts are so closely identified with a girl's femininity. 
The girls butchered at the society's annual dinner were always very young, 
and only at the leading edge of puberty, around stage two of the five stages 
of female development. At this stage, pubic hair is just starting to appear, 
and is fine and straight rather than curly. Breast development is just 
beginning, and normally would not yield the large quantity of breast tissue 
demanded by the members at their annual dinner. The pubertal hormones 
produced by the pituitary gland are insufficient at this stage to trigger 
production of enough estrogen in the girl's ovaries to cause her breasts to 
develop -- so the selected girl is given injections of estrogen for three 
months prior to the dinner, and this causes her breasts to develop much 
faster than usual. When the girl walks into the dining room, her slim body 
appears almost like a young boy, with a flat torso and narrow hips -- but 
her breasts are large and round, sticking straight out, with large swollen 
areolas and stiffly erect nipples, the results of her hormone injections. 
Her breasts show none of the sagging or stretching that develops in older 
girls -- they stick out like melons, the undersides curving upward to the 
puffy areola, capped by nipples that look like little cocks.

A girl's breasts developed in this way can yield as much as three pounds of 
meat, extremely succulent because of the high percentage of body fat in 
breast tissue. The breasts are always removed whole, sliced off at the base, 
with the areolas and nipples intact. A special chemical spray is applied to 
the girl's chest after each breast is cut off, cauterizing the wound with a 
solution of acid and painkiller. This prevents the girl bleeding to death 
from her wounds, and enhances the pain/pleasure perception from the dopamine 
in her brain, so the little bitch actually feels happiness and even 
exhilaration when she loses her breasts. What would otherwise be a traumatic 
and extremely painful loss of her femininity, the destruction of the organs 
that largely define her as a female, becomes in her mind a thrilling and 
exciting demonstration of her willingness to submit to the worst 
disfigurement that can be inflicted on a girl, just for the pleasure of the 
men watching her. The girl's libido kicks into high gear from the drugs in 
her body and her brain, and her natural exhibitionist tendencies are 
intensified, causing her to actually enjoy her own mutilation, almost as if 
she was one of the men watching. She looks down at her own chest and 
experiences the removal of her breasts as the masochist that all girls 
really are, willing to submit to the most disfiguring injury a girl can 
receive and enjoy it to the point of having orgasms when the blade begins to 
slice into the base of her breasts.

After her breasts are removed, the spray is applied to her wounds, stopping 
the bleeding and enhancing her feeling of pleasure. Another effect of the 
acid in the spray is to cause massive amounts of rough, scaly scar tissue to 
form on the girl's chest over the succeeding days and weeks, making it 
impossible for her to have any sort of surgery to improve her appearance. 
She is forced to go through the rest of her life -- 60 years or more -- with 
her ugly, scarred chest reminding her of what happened to her when she was 
so young and beautiful. She has to wear prosthetic breasts and a special bra 
to even appear to look like a normal girl, and she lives in constant fear of 
men discovering what she really is -- an ugly, deformed, worthless little 
bitch that no man would ever want to touch.

CHAPTER 13: Harvesting Kelli's Meat

The girl's cunt meat is always taken first, to avoid any tainting that might 
occur from trauma when her other body parts are removed. The internal 
genital organs -- vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes -- 
are taken when the cunt is removed.

The breasts are removed, and any other parts that have been requested by 
members -- thigh, calf, forearm, and tongue meat are among the most popular 
cuts. Depending on how much of the girl's body is harvested for cooking, she 
might or might not survive the evening, but every effort is made to keep the 
girl alive, so that she can be forced to endure the daily humiliation of 
going through life with the most embarrassing kind of disfiguring injuries 
-- her breasts gone, her vagina and external genitals removed, parts of her 
arms and legs gouged out. The sexual attractions a man looks for in a girl 
-- her beautiful breasts, her smooth tight slit, her graceful arms and legs 
-- are gone forever, and the girl is forced to go through life as a 
dried-up, ugly, mutilated excuse for a female, avoided by every man who has 
the misfortune to look at what's left of her body.

Kelli had received massive doses of drugs before the dinner, and now she was 
in a euphoric state. She stood unsteadily on the platform, her body lolling 
back and forth. The servant helped her lean back on the cutting table, which 
was angled at 45 degrees so the girl's body would be fully visible to the 
members while she was being butchered. The table had padded stirrups on each 
side, about 24 inches above the bottom, and the servant helped Kelli mount 
the table and put her bare feet into the stirrups, forcing her slim legs 
wide apart. The servant strapped Kelli's feet to the stirrups so she 
couldn't dismount the table, then strapped her wrists to the table beside 
her shoulders. The table had cutouts that extended from Kelli's shoulders to 
her ankles, to allow access to her back for harvesting meat from her ass and 
the back of her arms and legs.

The girl's body was completely open and exposed and ready.

The butcher stood in front of Kelli and spoke to her quietly and soothingly, 
and the girl smiled dreamily at him. He had a short thin knife in his hand, 
and without further delay he leaned down and inserted the blade at the upper 
left corner of Kelli's mons veneris, the triangle of soft flesh just above 
her vulva. This is the area where dense, dark pubic hair would grow later -- 
but at this early stage of puberty, Kelli had just a few wisps of the 
finest, softest, lightest pubic hair adorning her cunt.

The butcher moved the blade expertly across the top of the pubic mound, then 
executed downward cuts at an angle, meeting at the bottom of the triangle 
just above the vulva, where the labia concealed the clitoris and vagina. 
Kelli had an orgasm as the butcher was completing the last cut. He worked 
the meat a little to loosen it -- and then he lifted the triangle of pale 
white flesh away from the pubic bone and held it up, displaying the fine cut 
of meat for the members. There was applause as the members looked at the 
small morsel that had cost one of them $20,000. The butcher put it carefully 
into a small pan, and a servant took it to the kitchen for immediate 

The butcher sprayed Kelli's pubic area with the special chemical spray that 
cauterized her wound and stopped the bleeding, and the dopamine accelerators 
in the spray traveled immediately to her brain, causing the pain of her cuts 
to be interpreted as intense sexual pleasure -- and Kelli had a series of 
orgasms that left her breathless and panting. She was moaning softly, 
working her legs against the restraints as she kept cumming. Finally she 
slumped against the restraints, exhausted, and the butcher continued her 
evisceration. He sliced carefully all the way around her vulva, then used a 
longer knife to cut into her body and separate her internal genitals from 
her body cavity -- and then he slowly removed her labia, vagina, cervix, 
uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries in one segment. It is rare for all 
these organs to emerge from the girl's body intact -- usually one of more of 
them breaks loose and has to be retrieved from inside her body by hand -- 
and the members broke into loud applause and cheers as the butcher lay the 
organs on a tray covered with a gleaming white cloth.

The butcher turned back to Kelli and sprayed her groin with the chemicals. 
The area between her legs was one large open wound now, beginning below her 
navel and extending down to her perineum -- and her wound was about to get 
bigger. The butcher was ready to harvest Kelli's ass meat. He went around 
the table and squatted behind Kelli, and began by slicing off large chunks 
of her ass cheeks, first the left one and then the right. Each cheek would 
yield several ass steaks, though not all members enjoyed these cuts. The 
butcher sliced around Kelli's anus, then used the long knife to separate her 
anus, rectum, and sigmoid colon from her body cavity. He cut through her 
sigmoid colon where it meets the transverse colon, about twelve inches 
inside her body, then removed her ass meat in one piece, and the members 
again applauded.

Kelli's ass was sprayed with the chemicals, giving her another series of hot 
little orgasms, and then the butcher came around in front of the girl. A 
member had requested her tongue, so the butcher inserted a ring gag to hold 
her mouth open, then used metal pinchers to grasp her tongue and pull it far 
out of her mouth while he sliced it off at the base. He sprayed Kelli's 
mouth with the chemical spray, then removed the gag -- and the girl actually 
smiled at him. She was lost in orgasms, a dreamy look on her face, and she 
mumbled something to him -- but without a tongue, she would never be able to 
talk coherently again.

Now it was time for Kelli's final mutilation -- the removal of her breast 
meat. Her tits were sticking out proudly, capped with large pink areolas, 
and the butcher tweaked her erect nipples, causing Kelli to smile up at him 
as she blushed. The horrible injuries to her body were totally masked by the 
drugs in her system, and the whole session seemed like one long sex game to 
her. She smiled shyly, flirting with the butcher, pushing her chest toward 
him a little, offering her breasts to him like the slutty little whore that 
she was. The butcher grinned cruelly down at her as he positioned the long 
knife at the base of her left breast. He took her nipple firmly in his 
fingers, then sliced off her breast in one smooth motion. The breast meat 
dangled from his hand, blood dripping down onto the floor as he put down the 
knife and picked up the can of chemical spray. He cauterized Kelli's gaping 
wound, then placed her breast in a pan lined with a white cloth. The pan was 
large enough to hold two breasts, and the butcher turned back to Kelli.

The stupid little bitch was staring down at her chest, vaguely aware that 
something was not quite right -- but her drug-induced euphoria just wouldn't 
let the reality of her wounds penetrate her brain. She looked up at the 
butcher, her lips open as she tried to lick them, and she looked puzzled 
when she couldn't extend her tongue to wet her lips. But there was no sign 
of alarm in her sweet face -- just befuddlement as she looked up at her 
butcher innocently. He grinned at her as he took her right nipple in his 
fingers, and she smiled dreamily at him as he removed her tit. He set it in 
the pan with her other breast, then sprayed the wound. Kelli really did look 
like a little boy now -- her chest was completely flat, with two huge round 
bloody patches where her big breasts had been.

Kelli wasn't a little boy -- but she certainly wasn't a girl any more. A 
girl has a pussy, and breasts, and a vagina -- but Kelli had none of those 
things. Her femininity had been removed, leaving gaping wounds where the 
beautiful parts of her body should be. She would never be a beautiful woman 
-- or any kind of woman at all, by any reasonable definition. Her budding 
femininity had been destroyed, replaced by ugly gaping wounds that could 
never be hidden or fixed. The chemical spray contained acids that would 
cause thick scaly scabs to appear wherever it had been applied to her body, 
and the scabs couldn't be removed surgically because the they would reach 
deep into the skin as the acid ate through the epidermis, dermis, and 
subcutaneous fat. Kelli would be forced to go through life -- and she might 
live a very long life -- as an ugly, deformed thing that had once been a 
beautiful young girl.

As a final humiliation, the butcher used the knife to hack off Kelli's 
beautiful long red hair, moving the knife so close to the scalp that her 
head was covered with small bleeding cuts when he was finished. He sent the 
hair to the kitchen to be used as garnish, and the members applauded as he 
bowed ceremoniously before making his exit.

CHAPTER 14: Cooking Kelli's Meat

Kelli's cunt was brought into the kitchen as soon as it was harvested, 
followed by her internal genitals, her ass meat, her tongue, and finally her 
breasts, all on separate trays, and each type of meat went to a different 
chef. There was a hierarchy among the master chefs employed by the society 
specially for this annual dinner, and the cunt chef was at the top of the 
ladder. The breast chef was next, followed by the genital chef, and then the 
ass chef. Kelli's tongue would be prepared by one of the regular cooks on 
the permanent staff.

Kelli's anus would ordinarily be discarded, but tonight it was used a 
garnish by the chef preparing her tongue. The tongue meat was broiled with 
herbs and spices, and then it was placed on a platter with Kelli's raw, 
uncooked anus. The tip of her tongue was inserted in the anal sphincter, as 
if Kelli was licking her own ass, and some of the girl's long red hair was 
wrapped around the platter before it was taken out to the member who had 
requested it.

Cunt meat is properly prepared by roasting lightly over a low flame, with 
frequent basting during the cooking process. No herbs or spices should be 
added, since these mask the piquant flavor of the meat's natural aroma. 
There is only one liquid for basting that brings out the full fragrance and 
texture of the cunt meat, while keeping it moist during cooking -- vaginal 
secretions. The creamy juices in a girl's vagina are a mixture of secretions 
from her Bartholin and Skene glands, cervical mucus, pyridine, squalene, 
urea, acetic acid, lactic acid, cholesterol, glycols, ketones, aldehydes, 
and secretions from the vaginal walls themselves, which increase with sexual 

For two weeks before the dinner, Kelli's vaginal secretions had been 
collected three times a day. For each session, electrodes were attached to 
her nipples and clitoris, and then the naked girl had to spread her legs and 
squat over a bowl on the floor. A low current was sent through her genitals, 
causing her nipples and clitoris to become immediately erect. A naked man 
stood in front of the girl, masturbating slowly, with the head of his penis 
a few inches from her lips. Kelli's pussy started to lubricate, and then a 
steady flow of vaginal secretions began to leak out of her twat and dribble 
down into the bowl between her legs. Each session lasted an hour, and 
produced two or three ounces of secretions that were refrigerated to 
preserve them. By the night of the dinner, the cook had two quarts of 
Kelli's creamy juices in a bottle, ready to pour over her cunt steak while 
it was bring roasted.

The cunt meat produced a very pungent and characteristic aroma while it was 
being cooked, and each basting with Kelli's vaginal juices caused a new wave 
of sexually charged odors to permeate the kitchen. Many of the chefs were 
masturbating, unable to resist the powerful urges brought on by the heady 
aroma of Kelli's pussy, and the cunt chef was no exception. He took out his 
cock and masturbated over the meat, being careful to ejaculate directly on 
the meat. He had found during his training in Europe that a dash of semen 
was the perfect way to enhance the flavor of cunt meat, and he squeezed 
every drop of his jism onto the steak.

While the cunt was being cooked, Kelli's ovaries were braised in a pot along 
with a light coating of her vaginal secretions. When the cunt meat was 
ready, it was placed on a large platter, and the ovaries were positioned on 
either side as appetizers. The platter was ceremoniously taken out to the 
dining room and delivered to the member who had won the auction, and all the 
members stopped to watch. The owner of the steak took a small bite, and 
pronounced it the sweetest cunt he had ever tasted. Kelli's wispy pubic hair 
had been left in her cunt, because getting some pubic hair in one's mouth 
was considered part of the complete experience of eating cunt meat.

The genital chef had prepared Kelli's ovaries to be served with her cunt 
meat, and now was working on the rest of her internal and external genitals. 
The labia, vagina, and cervix were detached from the uterus and fallopian 
tubes, which would be served to other members. The high bidder for Kelli's 
vagina wanted it served in one piece with her labia and cervix, and prepared 
in a very special way. The chef first roasted the labia and vagina until it 
was lightly browned, basting it with liberal quantities of Kelli's vaginal 
juices to keep it moist. At the same time, the chef prepared the special 
garnish the member had requested -- a large, erect nigger penis. The cock 
was to be inserted in Kelli's labia, then pushed through into her vagina -- 
so the white girl would lose her virginity to a nigger just moments before 
her genitals were consumed.

The penis had been harvested from one of the laborers at the compound who 
had violated the rules established by the members. The nigger's penis and 
testicles had been taken in one piece, and the base of the scrotum had been 
cauterized immediately, for two reasons -- to seal the testicles and sperm 
in the scrotum, and to maintain the erection by trapping the blood in the 
blood vessels of the cock. The penis was 14 inches long and more than two 
inches wide, and still very stiff and erect.

When Kelli's labia and vagina were ready, they were placed on a large 
platter, and the penis was carefully inserted between Kelli's pussy lips, 
then forced into her twat, moving it slowly to avoid damaging or detaching 
her vagina from her labia. All the chefs gathered around to watch as Kelli's 
vagina started to expand when the cock entered her pussy. This unique view 
of a girl getting fucked was impossible under normal circumstances, and the 
chefs were mesmerized by the sight of the vagina stretching to accommodate 
the huge cock as it was forced deeper into Kelli's snatch. Most of the chefs 
were masturbating as the penis slid slowly into the vagina, and finally the 
entire length of the vagina was stretched tightly around the erect cock. The 
nigger's scrotum was nestled up against Kelli's pussy lips, the full 14 
inches of his cock meat inside the girl's pussy, but the penis needed to be 
pushed in just a little more -- because the member wanted to see the head of 
the cock penetrate Kelli's cervix.

One of the chefs had been working the cervix, trying to loosen it enough to 
allow the head of the cock to poke through. Normally the cervix expands only 
during childbirth, and of course Kelli would never be having any children 
after what had been done to her. Finally the tiny opening in the cervix was 
large enough, and the cock was pushed a little deeper into Kelli's pussy 
while the cervix was held in place -- and the head of the cock emerged from 
Kelli's cervix. The organs were garnished with lots of Kelli's red hair 
around the edge of the platter, and it was taken into the dining room.

Kelli's uterus -- her womb -- was prepared as requested by the member who 
won the auction for it. Since a girl's uterus is normally the place where 
her fertilized egg goes to grow into a fetus, Kelli's uterus was filled with 
caviar -- fish eggs -- through her fallopian tubes, which were still 
attached to the uterus, and the meat was braised with some spices and 
garnished with Kelli's red hair before being served to the member.

Kelli's ass cheeks were cut into six 6-ounce steaks and broiled while being 
basted with the girl's vaginal secretions. Meat from this area of a girl is 
not as tasty as her cunt steak or her vagina, but many of the members 
enjoyed it.

Kelli's rectum was split to make two small steaks. This cut of girl meat is 
mostly muscle, tough and not as good-tasting as the cuts taken from her 
genitals, but a few members had developed a taste for them. The girl's colon 
was split lengthwise and then each part was cut into four small steaks. Meat 
from a girl's colon is deeply suffused with the natural odor of her feces, 
and while cooking can remove much of the unpleasant odor, this meat is 
definitely an acquired taste.

After all the meat from Kelli's body had been prepared and served, the chefs 
and their assistants were allowed to re-enter the dining room to watch the 
rest of the evening's festivities.

CHAPTER 15: Fun and Games After Dinner

Kelli's part in the perverted spectacle was not over. A servant had released 
her from the cutting table after hear meat had been harvested, and the table 
was taken down from the platform and wheeled out of the dining room. Kelli 
was told to kneel at the edge of the platform, and she obediently got down 
on her knees and folded her legs under her, with her knees together 
demurely. The servant leaned down and whispered in her ear, and she smiled 
up at him and obediently spread her knees wide apart, so the mutilated areas 
between her legs were fully exposed. The servant took Kelli's wrists and 
cuffed her to metal rings set in the platform on either side of her. The 
cuffs had short chains to permit her a little movement, and the servant told 
her to sit up straight, like a good girl. Kelli obeyed, staring dreamily out 
into the large room as the members watched her. In this position, the girl's 
mouth was at the perfect height to receive a man's cock when he stood in 
front of her, and the servant looked over at the member nearest the 
platform. The member nodded -- and the servant was rewarded for all his hard 
work that evening by getting to be the first man to have his cock sucked by 

The servant opened his pants and took out his half-erect cock. Kelli looked 
at it with fascination, then raised her eyes to look at the servant's face. 
Her lips parted slightly, and the servant nodded to her, and she leaned 
forward and took his cock in her mouth. Kelli was still fully under the 
influence of the drugs she had been given, so her missing tongue seemed to 
her like an oddity that raised a tiny question in her mind, but she was so 
heavily sedated and drugged that her brain just could not process the events 
of the evening -- so she was not alarmed or fearful or even concerned. She 
was feeling no pain -- just the excitement all 12-year-old girls feel when 
they are exposed to male sexuality. Puberty had instilled in her a curiosity 
about boys and what they had between their legs, and this was the first time 
she had ever seem a penis, and her natural inclination was to examine it -- 
and since she couldn't use her hands to touch it, she did the next best 
thing, taking it in her mouth.

Kelli was young enough to have a sense memory of suckling at her mother's 
breast, and it was entirely natural for her to begin sucking on the penis in 
her mouth. She tried to run her tongue over it, but just the remaining stub 
of her tongue at the base of her throat moved, tickling the head of the 
penis and making the servant groan with excitement. He put his hands over 
Kelli's ears and held her head in place as he thrust into her mouth, pulling 
her head down on his erection until her lips were buried in his pubic hair. 
He probed for the back of her throat and made her gag a little as his cock 
stiffened even more. He pulled almost all the way out of her mouth, then 
plunged deeply into her, again and again, unable to resist the sweetness of 
her beautiful face -- the only part of her body that hadn't been ravaged 
when she was butchered.

Kelli was gagging on each stroke, but she didn't try to move her head or 
avoid the cock filling her mouth. The drugs in her system deluded her brain 
into experiencing the pain and discomfort as intense sexual pleasure, and 
she moaned a little as she thrilled to the raw power of the cock in her 
mouth. All girls are fascinated with cocks, and at Kelli's age, there was an 
overwhelming desire for physical contact -- so the chance to experience the 
visceral satisfaction of the smoothness and hardness of a big cock in her 
mouth was just everything to Kelli. She looked up at the servant gratefully, 
her eyes shining with love and affection as she stared at the man who was 
raping her mouth.

The servant fucked Kelli's mouth as long as he could, slowing down when he 
felt like he was about to cum, waiting for his erection to subside just a 
little, then speeding up his thrusts as his cock hardened again in her warm, 
willing mouth. Knowing all the members were watching him rape the girl kept 
his erection going strong, and occasionally he turned his head to grin at 
the assemblage, the same kind of grin men exchange when they are gang-raping 
a girl -- a proud, virile, sneering look of power and domination over the 
submissive little slut lucky enough to receive his cock inside her.

But finally his cock throbbed heavily and his balls tensed up, and he knew 
he had to cum. He thrust as deep as he could into Kelli's mouth, feeling the 
head of his cock enter her throat, feeling how tightly her lips were wrapped 
around the base of his cock, feeling his balls against her chin, feeling her 
throat constrict as she started to gag on his cock -- and he pulled her head 
hard against his groin and grunted like a pig as he exploded inside her. 
Kelli tried to cough, panicking as the cock meat blocked her airway, but 
then she swallowed involuntarily as a huge burst of sperm spurted out of the 
cock into her throat. The little whore gulped down the warm jism, her throat 
rippling as she swallowed the massive load, her eyes closed in ecstasy as 
she submitted willingly to her fucker. Her hands were clenched into fists at 
her sides as she enjoyed the heavenly feeling of warm semen filling her 
worthless little mouth. She kept swallowing as fast as she could, but a lot 
of the sperm ran out of her mouth and dripped off her chin onto her chest, 
leaving white trails of cum down across the scabs that were forming on her 
wounds where her breasts had been cut off.

When the servant was finished, he pulled out of Kelli's mouth. He squeezed 
the last of his cum onto her cheeks, then looked down at her. "You're a 
great fuck, angel." Kelli's eyes glowed with pride as she smiled at him 
gratefully, her brain still unable to comprehend that she had just been 
raped in front of a roomful of men.

She was left there on her knees, and for the rest of the evening and through 
the night she serviced whichever members decided to let her suck them off. 
As the hours went by, her medications started to wear off, and her 
perceptions slowly returned to normal -- and she began to see her body as it 
was now, and began to realize what had been done to her. The pain medication 
wore off, and she began to scream as her extensive wounds regained full 
feeling. But she was left there on her knees all night for the enjoyment of 
the members, many of whom stayed after the dinner and smoked, drank, or 
played poker while they watched the girl sucking cock, and later listened to 
her screams.

CHAPTER 16: Kelli's Future

If Kelli lived through the night, she would be taken to the compound's 
medical facility in the in the morning, where she would be fitted with a 
colostomy bag, since she no longer had a colon or rectum to expel feces from 
her body. What remained of her large intestine would be rerouted to her 
stomach wall, where a permanent opening, or stoma, would be created. For the 
rest of her life, she would have to wear the colostomy bag, and she would 
live with the constant fear that the smell of her feces would be noticed if 
her bag did not fit properly. She would never be able to go swimming, or do 
so many other things a normal girl enjoys. The humiliation of the colostomy 
bag would remind her every day, every hour, of what was done to her this 

The holes in her groin where her anus and vagina had been would be stitched 
up, and her urethra would be attached to her colostomy bag to collect her 
urine. After she had healed just enough to get by without hospital care, she 
would be blindfolded and taken to a large city and dumped on the street, 
naked and alone, and her handlers would take pictures of her so the members 
could enjoy the sight of the stupid little whore beginning her new life as a 
disfigured mute with a mutilated body that nobody could ever love.

[End of story]
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