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The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically 
sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage 
partners. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. 
This story is intended for ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of 
consent in your local jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, STOP 
READING NOW. Feedback is appreciated from those who enjoy the story and find 
it stimulating.

Bed and Breakfast

Codes: mF Mg bg nc incest rape torture bestiality

By Kelli Paine ([email protected])

[Note: This is Chapter 6 of a story in progress. In Chapter 1, Helen opened 
a bed-and-breakfast with her son and two daughters, and offered the services 
of herself and her children to the guests of the inn. Chapter 2 described 
Helen's appointment with a married couple, and Chapter 3 described her 
17-year-old daughter Dara's appointment with two teenage boys. Chapter 4 
described her 13-year-old son Dillon's appointment with a married couple and 
their two young daughters, and Chapters 5 thru 7 described her 15-year-old 
daughter Laurel's appointment with two older men, which now continues in 
Chapter 8.]

Chapter 8: Laurel (Part 4)

Laurel's ass was still bleeding. Ted had taken her anal virginity, reaming 
out her asshole with his 12-inch cock and tearing her anal ring, then 
dumping his load in her bowel. Now Ron was fingering her slit, running his 
fingers over the smooth tight line of her pussy lips, and she knew he was 
going to take the only virginity she had left. Her anus was sore and raw, 
throbbing with pain and bleeding down her thighs, but she knew they weren't 
finished fucking her yet.

Ted was sitting on the sofa, petting the large German Shepherd and watching 
Ron playing with Laurel's cunt. The dog was watching her, its big eyes 
glistening as it licked its lips, and she remembered its name was Buster. 
Her family had two dogs, Dolly and Sonny, but they weren't German Shepherds. 
Laurel was afraid of big dogs, but she wasn't really sure why.

She had been in the same position for a long time, bending over with her 
wrists and ankles cuffed to the legs of the table while she lost her anal 
virginity. Ron released the cuffs and told her to stand up, but she was very 
shaky after everything that had been done to her. She wobbled as she tried 
to keep her balance in the 6-inch heels, but Ron didn't do anything to help 
her -- he just looked at her, grinning. She still had the needles in her 
breasts and nipples, and she looked at him and asked him to take them out. 
"Do it yourself, pussy."

Laurel put her fingers on the tip of one of the needles in her left breast, 
and started to pull it out, but she just couldn't -- it hurt like fire when 
the needle moved inside her. She looked at Ron, pleading with her eyes. 
"Please take them out, I'll do anything for you, just please take them out 
of me."

Ron touched the tip of the needle. "What will you do for me, pussy? Will you 
do anything I tell you?" The girl nodded, and he slowly pulled the needle 
out of her breast as she made a long, low wailing sound. He removed the 
other needles from her breasts, then put his fingers on the needles in her 
nipples. He looked into her eyes, grinning, then tweaked the ends of the 
needles, and Laurel screamed, as much from pain as from the frustration of 
having the needles poking through her sensitive nipples. Her face was 
contorted into a mask of desperation, and tears were streaming down her 

Ron held her nipples between his fingers, twisting them, forcing them up 
against the shafts of the needles poking through the base of the nipples, 
and Laurel closed her eyes as her face went pale. He lifted her by her 
nipples, and she stood on her toes in her high heels, teetering as she tried 
to keep her balance, all her attention concentrated on the hot points of 
pain in her erect nipples. She made a sound, a low anguished moan, gritting 
her teeth as her whole body trembled from the effort of standing in the 
6-inch heels.

After a long moment, Ron let go of her nipples, and slowly pulled the 
needles out. Laurel sank to the floor, exhausted by the mental and physical 
torture she had received. She tried to crawl into a corner of the room, on 
her hands and knees, and Ron planted his foot on her ass and shoved her 
forward, sending her sprawling on the floor. She was crying from the pain 
and frustration, but she got up on her hands and knees again, and after she 
had crawled a few feet, Ron gave her a hard slap across her ass with his 
hand. "Go on, pussy, go rest for a minute." She finally made it to the 
corner, and curled into a fetal position, trying to protect her body from 
more pain.

* * *

Laurel thought she must have passed out from the pain, because she became 
aware that she was laying on the floor. She felt something between her legs, 
and opened her eyes to find the dog licking her slit. She scrambled to her 
feet, slipping on the hardwood floor in this part of the room, and falling 
down twice before she was able to stand up. The big dog looked up at her, 
and she shivered at the thought of his snout touching her pussy.

Ted motioned her over to a low platform he had placed in the middle of the 
floor. It was made of wood, about 18 inches high and four feet on each side, 
and it had heavy metal rings mounted at each corner, and at the middle of 
each side. The wood was rough, not polished, and there were lots of 
splinters all over its surface.

She moved slowly, teetering in her high heels, using her arms to cover her 
breasts and her pussy. There were little spots of blood on her breasts and 
nipples where the needles had been stuck in, but at least she wasn't 
bleeding too much. She felt blood oozing out of her anus and dripping down 
her bare legs, and her asshole was terribly sore and sensitive, but she 
thought she would be OK.

Laurel didn't realize that her bowel had been perforated while Ted was 
taking her anal virginity. The internal bleeding would be very slow for a 
few days, but then she would start to get cramps that would feel like 
childbirth, and the infection would make her so sick that she would have to 
go in the hospital for surgery. Ted watched her as she moved over to the 
platform, grinning as he remembered how much he had enjoyed using her tight 
little rectum, and his cock stiffened as he thought of the pain he had 
planted inside her beautiful young body.

He told her to get on her hands and knees on the platform. Laurel obeyed, 
but yelped when she got a splinter in her knee. "It's supposed to hurt, 
pussy -- go on and get down there." He and Ron cuffed her wrists and ankles 
to the metal rings at the corners of the platform, and Ted attached a short 
chain to the ring on the front of her slave collar. He ran the chain down to 
the metal ring in front of Laurel, then jerked it through and locked it, 
forcing her head down within a few inches of the platform. This caused her 
round little ass to stick up in the air, with her legs wide apart.

* * *

It was time to take Laurel's virginity. Ron and Ted had screwed her in the 
ass, but she had never been penetrated in her vagina, so technically the 
little angel was still a virgin. Locked in place on the platform, with her 
vagina and her asshole completely exposed and available between her legs, 
and her breasts hanging out with no protection at all, Laurel was ready to 
be changed from a beautiful young girl into a slutty little whore.

Ron and Ted knew that all girls are whores. A girl's body only exists so men 
can stick things in her tight little cunt -- an erect cock, or a broomstick, 
or a baseball bat -- anything that's big and long and hard. The purpose of 
penetration is to violate the girl's most private place, the warm and secret 
cavity between her legs where she thinks she's safe and secure. The girl has 
to be taught that the slit between her legs is nothing but a dirty little 
fuckhole -- an ugly, wet, empty hole that only exists for men to use. The 
girl's vagina is like a toilet or urinal -- a piece of equipment a man uses 
when he needs to dump a load.

The girl's cunt has to be open and available any time a man decides to use 
it. The girl gets no vote in who uses her vagina -- she should just spread 
her legs and do what she's told. If the man decides to force a broomstick up 
a girl's snatch, she should just lay there and try to enjoy it. Every time a 
girl gets penetrated, it helps her remember what her body is for, and 
teaches her that she's nothing but a worthless little bitch with a hole 
between her legs. A girl should feel honored when a man allows her to 
receive his cock, and even more honored if he penetrates her with an object 
like a bottle -- the man is taking his time to degrade her, and she should 
be grateful for his attention.

Ron and Ted really wanted Laurel to remember the day she got deflowered. 
It's a special day for a girl, the first time she allows a man access to her 
most secret place, the first time she feels the power of a man making love 
to her, the first time she enjoys the thrill of a man's cock touching and 
exploring her softness.

Ron and Ted had a special plan that would give Laurel memories of this day 
forever: they were going to let the dog rape her.

* * *

Laurel was on her hands and knees on the platform, waiting, when Ron brought 
the dog over to her. She smiled at it, but then Ron motioned for it to jump 
up on the platform behind her. She felt its tongue between her legs, and 
closed her eyes and tried not to panic. She figured the dog would lick her a 
little, and these men probably liked to watch that kind of thing, and it 
wouldn't be too bad. The warm tongue on her pussy actually felt nice, and 
she pressed her groin back against the dog's snout, a tiny smile on her 

"Mount, Buster! Mount her, boy!" Ron's voice was so loud it made Laurel 
jump, and here eyes popped open as she felt the dog's front paws on her 
back. It was hunkering down over her, and she could feel something long and 
wet between her legs, and she gasped as she realized it was the dog's penis. 
Suddenly she knew what was really happening, and her face contorted into a 
grimace of fear and disgust as she felt the cock poking around the holes 
between her legs. It touched her bleeding asshole, and she yelped in horror, 
thinking it might try to put its dick in her damaged ass. She struggled 
against the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, but she couldn't move at all -- 
her body was completely open and vulnerable for anything the dog wanted to 
do to her.

She felt its hind legs against the back of her thighs as it moved against 
her, and suddenly the cock poked into her slit a little. Laurel screamed, 
more in fear than in pain, but then she grunted as the dog penetrated her 
completely and a sharp pain cut through her pussy. She lost her virginity as 
the dog's 8-inch cock thrust deeply into her cunt, and then she gasped as it 
started to fuck her like a machine, the speed so great that she couldn't 
believe this was happening.

The dog's pre-cum was running out of Laurel's cunt as she got screwed, and 
her mouth was hanging open as a low wail came out of her, a moaning sound 
that went on and on. The dog was fucking his bitch, and the bitch had a 
tight little cunt, gripping the dog's hard cock as it reamed her out. Ron 
and Ted were standing over Laurel, watching her get deflowered by the dog, 
running their fingers over her arms and her breasts as they commented on the 
dog's performance. Laurel closed her eyes tighter as she listened to the men 
talking about her, saying she was nothing but a bitch and she deserved to 
get fucked like this, saying she was probably enjoying the dog's big cock 
inside her.

The dog fucked Laurel for more than an hour, occasionally pulling the dick 
out of her and licking it before sticking it back in her vagina. Each 
penetration hurt more than the last one, because Laurel's soft pussy was 
being bruised by the roughness of the dog's thrusts inside her. Ron and Ted 
got erections as they watched the girl making love to the dog, and Ron came 
around in front of Laurel and stuck his cock in her mouth, fucking her 
slowly, holding her by her ears and thrusting deep into her mouth, making 
her gag on his big cock. Ted came around in front of Laurel then, and Ron 
gave her to him. They took turns with her, fucking her warm mouth while the 
dog was fucking her wet pussy.

* * *

The dog increased the speed of his thrusts, and the men knew that he was 
almost ready to cum. They wanted Laurel to have the humiliating experience 
of being tied to the dog -- the knot at the base of the dog's penis swells 
up and locks the cock inside the bitch, to prevent the cum from leaking out. 
The knot usually lasts for 30 minutes, and it is inside the bitch's vagina, 
so it must be left in place until it subsides, to avoid damaging the vagina. 
The knot is about the size of a softball, and it can be extremely painful if 
the bitch has a small, tight vagina.

The men knew that the dog's knot would hurt Laurel, and they were looking 
forward to the sight of this little bitch being impaled on the dog's big 
cock, then forced to stay there on her hands and knees with the dog's semen 
in her cunt. They wanted to watch her face while she went through the pain 
and humiliation of being degraded like that, a beautiful young girl letting 
a dog fuck her.

The dog's hind legs suddenly stiffened as its knot started to swell up, and 
Laurel gasped as her vagina was filled with the expanding cock meat. Then 
she screamed as the dog started cumming inside her, spurting a steady stream 
of dog semen into her pussy. The pain was unbelievable, but Laurel was such 
a little hottie, she actually had an orgasm as the dog dumped his load in 
her. The friction of the dog's knot against the sensitive walls of her 
vagina made her quiver, and the cock was rubbing against her erect clit with 
each thrust as the dog kept fucking her, and she had one orgasm after 
another. Her pussy juices were flowing heavily, mixing with the dog's sperm, 
and the knot sealed her vagina so all the fluids stayed inside her, making 
her feel bloated as the cock kept squirting dog semen into her.

Laurel's eyes were closed tight as her body jerked from all the orgasms the 
dog was giving her. The little bitch was in heaven, her clit exploding again 
and again as the dog made love to her. Tears of pleasure were running down 
her cheeks, and she was drooling a little, her mouth hanging open as the raw 
sexual thrills swept through her body. She knew this was wrong, that it was 
wrong to have a dog's cock inside her body, that it was wrong to let it make 
love to her like she was just a bitch in heat -- but the orgasms made it all 
right. Her body vibrated as her cunt gripped the dog's knot, holding the big 
cock inside her.

* * *

Finally the dog finished cumming in Laurel's pussy, and it settled down to 
wait for the knot to subside. Laurel started to feel the pain in her 
genitals, and she grimaced when a wave of nausea swept over her as she 
realized exactly what had happened to her. She had been deflowered by a dog! 
She had always dreamed about the first man that would make love to her, and 
how warm and gentle he would be as he loved her -- but now she had lost her 
virginity to a dog, and nice men wouldn't want to touch her after she let a 
dog fuck her pussy. Her face was burning with shame and embarrassment, and 
she hung her head in humiliation.

Laurel opened her eyes -- and saw Ron and Ted standing in front of her, 
rubbing their cocks. They both had erections, and she groaned with disgust, 
knowing they were going to make her suck them off while the dog's cock was 
still locked in her pussy. Ted stepped up to her and stuck his cock in her 
mouth. "You really enjoyed the dog's cock, didn't you, pussy? Now you can 
suck on a real cock." He thrust into her mouth, jerking her head down into 
his groin, and the dog's knot shifted roughly in her pussy. Laurel screamed, 
her voice muffled by the cock filling her mouth -- the pain in her vagina 
was like a knife ripping through the soft tissues of her genitals.

Laurel's face went pale as the dog yelped and tried to stand up, his knot 
tugging at her cunt from the inside -- it was like having labor pains, and 
Laurel almost passed out before Ron got the dog to stop moving. She lost 
control of her bodily functions, and some shit ran out of her damaged 
asshole and plopped down on the platform between her legs. Her face showed 
the agony she was in, and her whole body was trembling uncontrollably. She 
could smell her own shit, and tears of shame and frustration streamed down 
her cheeks as she cried quietly.

* * *

Ted had pulled his cock out of Laurel's mouth when she screamed, but now he 
forced her mouth open again and inserted his penis and told her to suck it. 
She was exhausted, but she tried to suck the cock, moving her head as far as 
she could with the chain holding her in place. Ted started thrusting into 
her, fucking her mouth like it was a cunt, ramming her head into his groin 
with each thrust, and it only took a few minutes for him to cum. Her lips 
were locked around the base of his 12-inch cock as he shot his load down her 
throat, his big cock spurting again and again as it throbbed in her mouth. 
Laurel swallowed as fast as she could, but some of the warm cum ran down 
over her chin and throat and dripped off her nipples.

Ron was next. As soon as Ted pulled out of the girl's mouth, Ron took his 
place, penetrating her with his 10-inch cock. "Do a good job for me, angel, 
and I'll let you taste my jism." He grinned down at her as she wearily 
started to suck his cock. He gave her little thrusts that made her gag on 
his cock meat as he probed for the back of her throat. Then he pulled out of 
her mouth and masturbated, rubbing the head of his cock all over her face as 
he held her by her hair, jerking her head around as he enjoyed the feel of 
her soft skin on his penis. But he wanted to cum in her mouth, so he stuck 
his dick back down her throat and face-fucked the little bitch, making her 
grunt with pain on each stroke until he exploded in her mouth. She gulped 
down his thick sperm, but a lot of it leaked out of her mouth and ran down 
over her breasts as her lips kissed his pubic hair.

Ron used his fingers to wipe his semen off her erect nipples, then put his 
fingers in her mouth and told her to clean them. He kept this up until every 
drop of his sperm had disappeared inside her mouth, then he pinched her 
nipples hard, making her yelp and grit her teeth in pain. "Good job, pussy, 
you're really a great little cocksucker."

[To be continued]

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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