Soulmates - Chapter 6: Amy and Sally's playdate.

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It snowed on and off over the next few days and the temperature was lower than normal for this time of year, staying in the teens.  Amy added more pockets, more wool lining, wire and leather in the hem to keep the coat protected from the elements and spread out at the bottom.  One Monday evening we went to the store and stood at our spot out front where people hang out, it was frozen over and covered with a few inches of new snow.  The snow was deep enough so the hem of the coat made a nice seal around the bottom; the heat from the heating pads and our sex made it very warm and comfortable in the spacious coat.  Amy found that if she put all her weight in the harness, put her hands on her knees, and spread her legs wide, she could fuck and the only thing touching was my cock in her pussy, which accentuated the awareness that we were fucking in public.

Among the group that gathered were two mothers from our home-schooling group, we were talking about having the day off like the public schools so the kids could play with their neighbors.  I was fucking Amy with slow, full stokes, enjoying the feel of her tight, wet pussy while talking with the mothers right next to us.  "I lllike lllearning," Amy said while driving her pussy on my cock.  "Are you cold Amy or are you about to have a seizure?"  One of them asks.  In fact, standing in the snow with the seal at the bottom holding the warmth in the coat and the heat from cum rising from the ground kept us warm also.  "Ooooohhh yeees, Iii'm going to have a ssseizure any sssecond now."  She said half stuttering, half moaning and stroking her exposed clit while looking at the woman.  She picked up the speed rubbing her clit as the people closed in to help by stroking her, which made her moan even more.  "It's not going to be too bad."  Amy says to one of the women, as her pussy started quivering on my cock.  It was exciting for both of us as we fucked and talked to people that would be appalled at us, at me, if they knew what we were doing; the home schooling mothers certainly wouldn't let their children at our house if they knew I was filling my daughter's pussy with loads of hot incestuous semen right now.

We made a nice size addition next the puddle we made the day before, so Amy wanted to make it even longer by standing next to the second puddle.  I had told her we should probably stand at the edge of the store so we don't make a sheet of ice for people to slip on and she reluctantly agreed.  We were talking to some people about the upcoming Winter Festival while Amy suckled cum from my cock with her pussy.  Wendy and Sally greeted us as the others walked away waving goodbye.  Sally looked all excited when Amy said.  "I knew you would understand Mrs. Hamilton."  "Oh please Amy I think you can call me Wendy."  I looked at Wendy with a questioning look.

"I suspected something was going on when I came home early from brunch with Barbara Epstein a few weeks ago.  When I went upstairs to the bedroom, I thought I saw Sally run into her room.  Brad was in the shower when I got to our room and when I looked at the bed I could have sworn I had made it earlier and now it was messed up and there was a wet spot on it.  I've never known Brad to leave a mess when he masturbates but I wasn't sure.  Then a week or two later I was doing the laundry and there were sheets from our bed that I didn't remember putting there.  There was a stain on it that looked like the ones Brad and I used to make before my bladder infection.  I had also noticed a change in Brad and Sally that I couldn't quite make out."  She explained.  "Sunday night they came home from the pool party and they were as happy as I had ever seen them and just figured they finally bonded."  "Then we sat her between us on the couch."  Sally said as she took over the explanation.  "We told her that we loved her very much and how much we appreciate her and all she does and that we had some news for her.  That's when daddy and me told her.  She didn't say anything for a long time so we kept telling her that things didn't have to change and that we really did need her."  "Brad said he felt that he loved me even more now that He and Sally were close.  And the kicker was when Sally told me she asked him to have sex and that he didn't coerce her.  We are a family and we love each other and as long as they are fine with it the so am I."  Wendy explained.  "Oh by the way if you listen real hard you can hear you're cum splashing in the puddle underneath you."  Indeed, while she was talking, Amy was slow fucking my cock with long, deep thrusts and I had started cuming heavily into her when her pussy spasmed on my cock with her own orgasm.  "You're ok with ttthis?"  I asked as my body jerked when I shot a load into her.  "Sally said Amy was the almost complete opposite of me, that she needed to an orgasm a couple of dozen times a day.  I didn't believe her at first.  Then she told me that you two were having sex under your coat.  I figured that if you came that much there would still be a ‘puddle' left here.  So, I came and looked at it.  Did you know your semen looks like half melted snow?  Anyway, I can see by looking at Amy that she certainly is enjoying it.  So, I'm ok with it.  I must ask.  Are you two still cuming?"  "Oh yeah, his cum feels so warm inside me."  Amy cooed.  "It's gonna be another five minutes or so."  I said.  I put my arms inside the coat and grabbed Amy's ass with both hands.  Amy bolted upright and shouted.  "Daddy your hands are freezing."  "Sorry sweetie, just need to warm them a bit."  I winked at her and started fucking back, enjoying the post orgasms.  "Are you two wearing anything underneath?"  Wendy asked.  "I'm wearing boots."  I said.  "Nope, I'm buck naked and balls deep."  Said Amy as Wendy looked at her.  Everyone got a good laugh out of her last remark.  "I swear I don't know where she comes up with this stuff."  I said.  "Well, I am completely naked and I can feel your balls on my butt."  Amy pointed out.

By now, we had been there a little over an hour and made a good size puddle.  I could feel the warmth of it on my legs as the heat from it rose up the coat from the ground.  "Well, I think we should get something to drink.  Don't you Amy?"  "Say Kevin," Wendy interrupted "Brad was going to ask you this but I guess I can.  Can you watch Sally this weekend?  One of the things we concluded yesterday is that Brad and I need some time together.  Sally and I have our time together, and Sally and Brad have their time together and we have our time as a family together.  Brad suggested we have our time together and spend a weekend at my parent's condo on the southern coast."  "It would be our pleasure," I replied.  "You know we'd love to have you over Sally.  Give us a call on Friday and we'll make the arrangements."  "Can we make it Thursday?  We were hoping to leave early Friday morning," Wendy asked.  "Sure Thursday would be great." Amy squealed her excitement as she gripped my cock and bounced on it.  "We're gonna have so much fun."  Amy said joyfully.  "Can we watch a movie in the theater?"  Sally asked.  "We can watch a movie in the pool if you want," answered Amy.

We all noticed the steam that arose instantly from the middle of our huge puddle when we moved away from our spot.  "Impressive.  Looks like a masterpiece to me" said Wendy.  It was about three feet across with big globs of cum in the middle of what looked like urine with melted snow making up some of the volume.  "I think this should be gross or something but its not, it's…I don't know," said Wendy.  "It's awesome!" said Sally.  "I wish me and dad could do something like that."  "You two try something like that and I'll tan both your hides.  Just because they can get away with it doesn't anyone else can," Wendy told her.  "You wouldn't hit them."  Amy says.  "I was being facetious; of course I wouldn't hit them, silly."  Wendy said playfully.  Amy looked at me and I said.  "She was just kidding about the punishment.  But she was right about the other thing and if more people find out about us it could mean trouble, so I think you girls and I need to have a talk this weekend."  I said.  "Well, we should go.  I'll let Brad know I talked to you and have him call you.  Ok?"  "Sure" I said.  She bent down, gave Amy a peck on the cheek, and said, "See ya."  "Bye Amy, bye Kev.  I can't wait till Thursday." Said Sally.

We were still quite horny and thirsty so we got some water inside the store, had a mild ‘seizure' by the condiment counter and went back to our spot outside.  We spent the next few hours moaning, groaning, grunting, snorting, and having the best sex we could in front of as many people as we could, only stopping long enough to get some water and fuck inside the store.  When someone approached us it made my cock swell with the need have semen flow through it while someone watched unknowingly.  We loved it when our bodies jerked with each wave of evil lust while we talked about the weather or whatever with friends and strangers.  When Mrs. Wilcox approached us, we had our hands inside; I was leaning my back on the building and holding Amy by her butt and she was holding onto my forearms and we were going at an easy pace.  My cock swelled and the head became quite sensitive, Amy started playing with herself and my cock while we took a break.  "Pastor Jim wanted me to talk to you about choir practice."  Mrs. Wilcox said while stroking Amy's head.  Amy's pussy spasmed and got wetter, my cock got as hard as it could and Amy's engorged pussy made it even tighter.  We wanted to cum hard in front of the Deacons wife; we wanted her to witness us sexually satisfying ourselves in her presence.  "Yyyeeess, I wwwould llike tooo bee in the choir."  Amy stuttered as her stretched hood held her clit tight against the top of my cock as it slid in and out.  "Are you going to be alright girl?  Are you going to have a seizure?"  She asked.  "Iii'lll be alrrright my daddy will help mmme."  She stuttered, riding my cock.  "Wwwhat ttime do I hhave to bbe there?"  She asked as her pussy began quivering.  "Can you get her there by 5:30?" Mrs. Wilcox asked me still softly stroking Amy's head.  "Sure that would be no problem."  I said as I exploded in Amy's pussy, my cock and balls expanding and contracting with each powerful load, I was making snorting noises pulling out and a grunting noises pushing in.  While I pumped copious amount of cum in her young, tight, quivering cunt, Amy asked Mrs. Wilcox if she should bring anything.  "Wwwhat doo I need tto bring with me."  She asked staring into her eyes as her own fluttered while her pussy changed from quivering to pulsating as she came in waves of carnal lust.  "Just yourself and remember young ladies are required to wear dresses and tights in the church."  By now, we were breathing hard, fucking hard and cuming hard.  Cum was flowing out and over my balls and were making audible plopping noises and barely audible wet sex noises.  "I know just the thing she can wear."  I grunted while my cock and balls expanded and contracted in her pussy.  "I know which one you mean ddddaddy, Ttthe pink one rright."  Amy said enjoying coming with three women now.  "Yeeesss sweetheart, ttthat the one."  I responded as the tingling in the head of my cock and the fucking sensation was making made me waver for a moment.  Two other women from the church had showed up, the excitement sent us over the top, and our bodies convulsed in unison as wave after wave of evil carnal pleasure took over and possessed our bodies.

When we came to our senses, the women were all praying over us asking god to bless us and help us during our time of need.  We fucked hard and fast making slapping sounds under our coat not caring they were there and could hear us.  "My you certainly have a big bladder Amy."  One of the women said looking down at bottom of the coat.  A huge puddle spread outside the confines of our coat.  Steam was rising from it and globs of cum could be seen.  "Yeah, I pee a lot."  Without missing a beat, she pulled out a bottle of water, drank it swiftly after wiping most of our incestuous liquids off it and her hand.  The women kept praying and we kept fucking as if we would in private, prolonging and savoring it for as long as we could.  When we were finished and the women said their goodbyes we went in the store for some hot drinks and another mild fuck before we went home.  Inside the store, we stood off to the side of the counter and got off two more good ones that we managed to hide while talking with the customers.  At one point, about 6 or 7 of Amy's friends were gathered around and I started cuming hard just talking with all the girls.

Wednesday found us at choir practice.  It was nice that Amy could participate in other activities; she liked to pretend she was a ballerina and dance around the house so I was thinking if we could work in lessons with her condition like now.  Mrs. Wilcox arranged with Kari Porter, the choir leader, to take a break when Amy needed one when she and I would retire to the bathroom to take care of it privately.  This is the same arrangement we had during worship services, at first they wanted for us to go up front so they could pray over us while she had a seizure until I reminded them of her bladder problem so it was agreed to just use the family bathroom right across the doors from the sanctuary.  Amy liked it in there after worship because the walls were thin and the lobby was on one side and the coatroom on another and the women's room on the other.  We could hear people, plain as day, talking all around us as we moaned, groaned, grunted, and snorted our way into ecstasy.  Neither of us had a problem with it, we knew that as long as it was with love and not malice, it was ok.  God may have or may not have made us this way but he did provide for our conditions so why would it be wrong to do it in his house.

During the first half hour, Kari had determined that a girl named Melanie and Amy had similar voices and would make a great duet, both were in the Mezzo-soprano range and placed next to each other.  We took a break at almost exactly the half hour mark and had a great fifteen minutes in the bathroom.  On the way home from practice I said to Amy.  "So, I suppose your going to tell me Melanie is having sex with her dad too. Eh"  "No, she's clueless; she doesn't even play with herself yet."  Amy replied.  "She loves her parents and they love her."  Amy spent the rest of the ride home talking non-stop about how much she liked being in the choir.

I had the home-school kids on Thursdays for math class from 10:00 AM to noon.  Afterwards, I took Amy and Kathy to an RV dealer to look at RV's.  "Are we going to get one of these?" she asks.  "Well don't you want to go to some of the festivities for the Winter Festival?"  I ask her.  "We'll need a place to change since it's too far to walk and we can use it to go camping also."  I add.  "Cool, can we get one with a bed and shower and stuff."  She asks.  "Yep we can get one with two beds incase Kathy wants to come with."  "If I come with we will only need one big bed."  Kathy says.  "Silly me. What was I thinking?"  I said.  "And what if Sally wants to come too?"  Amy asked.  "Is Sally going to be a permanent part of our little group?"  I asked.  Both girls look at me in shock.  "Of course daddy, what did you think?"  Amy said.  "I don't have the intuition you do so I didn't know if you were just being nice or what.  Okay, I'll keep that in mind.  Let's see how shall I ask the salesman ‘Excuse me, I need a RV with a bed that will hold me and three preteen nymphomaniacs without breaking.'"  The girls giggled and Kathy said as if talking to the salesman, ‘and make sure it's wrapped in plastic, we can make quite a mess.'  We settled on one for about $1,500,000.  It has a nice size kitchen area with double sinks, full size refrigerator and double over-under ovens.  It has a large living room with top-of-the-line Audio and Video entertainment systems.  In the hall there was a full size bathroom with a separate shower, and two rooms just big enough for bunk beds. In the back was the master bedroom with an extra-large king size bed, big enough for me and three horny little girls.  I gave the salesperson my bankers name and number and told him I would make the arrangements and to call the banker in the morning.  He said they would deliver it to me at home.

All the way home, the girls were gabbing about the new RV and how much fun they were going to have.  Pete showed at 5 PM to pick up Kathy just as Brad showed up to drop off Sally.  We were all sitting at the big table by the bar on the first floor when Amy says.  "Daddy I have something to ask you."  All eyes turned towards me.  "I sense a conspiracy going on here," I say.  "Well kind of, me, Kathy, and Sally were talking and they asked their dads and they said it was up to you since you're the one who made the dumb rule in the first place," She said.  "I see.  We only have one rule.  I made the rule because I thought it was unfair to Pete since the girls are with me most of the time and I thought maybe we could keep something for just us," I explain.  "I think its unfair to the girls,  Kathy sees you two fucking all day and she has to wait till she gets home to get her ‘fill' if you know what I mean"  Pete says.  "And besides you know doggone well you want to fuck the other girls just like we do."  He added with a wink and he was right I had wanted to fuck those girls ever since I met them.  "And we get our special time together almost every night.  We do special things that I would never do with you.  But sometimes I see you fucking Amy and I feel like I need some too."  Kathy adds.  I looked at everyone staring at me.  "Well, it will make shower time a lot more interesting and if you guys are cool with it then so am I but let me remind you I can handle all three all day, can you?"  I said.  "You know me Kev, what Kathy wants Kathy gets," Pete says.  "If it's ok with Sally, its ok with me," says Brad.  After everyone said their goodbyes, Amy shouted "Shower time!"

If it had been Kathy, she would have been in the shower with the water on before we got there, but since this was Sally's first time here, she followed us.  Sally had taken her clothes off as soon as she got here because Kathy told her that's what she does, so she walked right in, looked around and said "Wow, me and my dad barely fit in our shower.  This is huge."  I turned the water on and set Amy down and the girls played in the water splashing the streams of water on each other, filling their mouths with water and trying to squirt each other.  I sat in a chair (there were three of them now) and watched while mindlessly stroking my cock.

"Do this, it feels real good."  Amy says as she holds open her outer labia and lets a stream of water caress her clit. "Uuuum that feels so good."  Amy says with closed eyes.  Sally copied Amy and her eyes lit up as she massaged her clit on a stream of water, almost immediately her clit got hard and turning bright pink.  Her eyes closed and her face tilted upwards slightly and sort of melted as the flow of water aroused her clit.  With her eyes still closed, she sucked her lips into her mouth and hummed low moans as she moved her hips. She used her left hand to hold her lips open and caressed her flat chest with her right, pulling and squeezing her nipples.  Her hips moved faster and she licked her lips as she felt an orgasm coming on.  She opened her eyes and mouth and looked down as the fingers of her left hand moved the hood away from her clit and a stream of water hit her bare clit.  Her knees started to buckle as she struggled to keep the torrent of water on it.  I quickly got behind her and helped to keep her upright by holding her under her armpits and shoulders, Amy stood beside her and slid a finger into her pussy and found her special spot when Amy took over holding her lips apart she started caressing her breasts.  Sally bucked and jerked when the orgasm hit her.  Her jerking caused different streams of water to hit her clit unpredictably sending erratic waves of pleasure through her.  Sally tilted her head back and looked up at me as I looked down at her.  She reached back with her hands to the back of my head and pulled it down to her looking at my lips.  I took over caressing her breasts as our lips met.  Sally kissed with an orgasmic passion that seemed to increase the carnal gratification wracking her small frame.  She was filled with total lust for the orgasm, she didn't just want it, but needed the feeling of immoral pleasure to take over.  We broke our kiss and Sally moaned.  ‘Fuck yeah that's it Amy right there.  Uuuuuuhhhh.  Squeeze my tits please." Sally had quit jerking and she was just quivering in my arms when Amy pulled her finger out and worked her clit while I continued to caress her little nipples.  She let the water massage her pudenda now, enjoying the feel of her orgasms receding, groaning with pleasure.  Finally, she collapsed in my arms breathing heavy, her chest heaving with each breath.  "I see why you and Kathy like this shower so much." Sally said looking at Amy.

I stood Sally up and got to my feet, Amy went straight for my cock and started rubbing cum all over it and put the head in her mouth and sucked the cum that was oozing out.  I reached down, picked her up and put her pussy to my face and inhaled, her scent never failed to get me hornier.  I laid on the floor and put her pussy to my lips.  Amy was quite ready and I held out my tongue for her to do with, as she will, so she took the opportunity to slide her clit on my tongue.  I was stroking my cock with my left hand when I felt Sally slap it away and take hold of it.  I felt her mouth going down on my cock.  Amy had her hands on my head to steady her as I held her ass in my hands and worked her pussy with my tongue.  The juices I failed to swallow were flowing down my chin and neck.  The more of my cock Sally got in her mouth the more I desired the taste and smell of Amy.  The moment Sally had the length of my cock in her mouth I sucked lightly on Amy's clit.  Sally pumped her head on my cock while I flicked Amy's clit setting both us off.  We started bucking with waves of pleasure, she on my face and me in Sally's mouth.  I tried to swallow as much of Amy's juices as I could and let the rest pour over my cheeks and chin.  I pumped loads of cum into Sally's mouth, she didn't even try to get it all, only swallowing what she could and letting the rest spill out her mouth and over my cock.  She leaned back and let the semen hit her face in huge masses, she let load after load cover her eyes and nose and run down her chin and neck.  She started playing with my cock rubbing the head all over her face letting cum go were it will all the while pumping and twisting my cock in her hands.  I was doing the same with Amy, keeping my mouth closed and rubbing her clit on my face letting her juices flow all over me.  I filled my mouth with her fluid and spit it out in a stream at her clit then filled it again before swallowing.  We were moaning and groaning for a long time,  Sally had resorted to putting her head on my hip and just jacking my off while looking at the never ending spurts of cum coming out of the tip, watching as the bulge of semen traveled up and out my cock.  She was amusing herself by squeezing my cock to see if she could stop the flow or pulling down to stretch the skin taut and watching it twitch with each load.  Amy and I were pushing back at each other, me with my mouth and her with her pussy.  The warm feeling of her cum, spilling over my face, wrapping around my head to meet in the back, was the biggest turn on ever.  The smell of her surrounded me making me dizzy, I was rocking her fast on my face, licking her from the top of her Mons to the top of the crack of her ass near the small of her back, pushing as my tongue met her clit, vulva, and anus.  Amy felt like a kitten whose daddy was lovingly washing her privates with his tongue; she wished they could do this outside as cats do.  They slowed as the waves of fleshly pleasure began to recede.  Amy lay back on my stomach with her head near my cock as I laid my head on the floor.  Sally playfully wiped her cum covered hand on Amy's chest as Amy giggled.

Amy felt her head laying in cum that was all over me then stood up to look.  Sally sat down and laid her pussy on my cock and proceeded to cover her pelvic area and inner thighs with cum, then hopped up and down laughing at the squishing sound it made.  "Do you guys always have so much fun in here?"  She said as she got up and looked at her cum covered pussy before rubbing it all over with her hands.  "Yeah this is our favorite place!"  Amy said.  "Kathy's too."  She added as she replaced Sally on my cock by mounting it. We rinsed ourselves off and I washed the girls.  Sally said she hadn't had anyone wash her since she was almost eight.  I had her squat down on her heels, knees bent and legs spread, in this way, her ass and pussy spread wide, with her right side to me.  I soaped up my hands and washed her back with my left hand and her chest with my right.  First, her right shoulder blade and right breast, then her left shoulder blade and breast then down her to the small of her back and lower abdomen over her ass and pudenda to meet at the bottom then back up pausing to rub my hands up and down her ass crack and pussy as if washing them. I caressed her back and chest with a soapy film, sliding the palm of my hands over her hard nipples as they pass.  When my hands reach bottom, I tickle her anus with my left middle finger and briefly insert the right middle finger in her pussy while rubbing my hand over her clit as I move it up and down.  I kept repeating my strokes and going faster, my left middle finger eventually found its way into her ass and going deep with each pass.  Pretty soon it was going in and out as easily and as quickly as the finger in her pussy.  I quickly ran my hands down her chest and back, inserted my fingers and just as quickly removed them and ran my hands back up, making sure to put some pressure on her clit in both directions.  The faster I went the faster was Sally's breath as she clung on to my right arm with both hands.  Now I was just massaging her privates, fucking both holes with my fingers and rubbing her clit with my palm.  When she came, she came hard, clamping down on my fingers, bearing down on my hands, gripping my arm with her right arm and her left hand between her legs feeling the area where my finger entered her anus.  Her body jerked on my hands as she accepted the animalistic lust they provided her.  I work the flesh separating her openings between the backs of my fingers and she shudder.  "Ooossshh, aaaaaahhh stick your finger as far in my ass as you can get it, please Kevin."  She pleaded.  I buried it as far as I can get it. "Aaaaaahhh yeeeeaaaaah that's it, now move it around."  I moved my finger around in her ass and her body shook as a wave of orgasms hit her, she looked up at me while her body is quivering from the pleasure.  "I love to cum," she cooed. "I wish I could cum forever."  I removed my fingers after she quit shaking and washed her off for real before sitting in the chair for a rest.  "Don't you just love the way he washes?  Sometimes me and Kathy make him wash us twice."  Amy says.  "Nobody has to make me do anything."  I chuckled.

I love Amy's miniature body and like to take my time washing her.  I had her face me as I soap up my hands.  I start with her neck and knead the muscles as work, they are usually tense and she responds with a sigh as I work the soreness out of her shoulder muscles.  With both hands, I slowly caress and knead her left shoulder, upper and lower arm.  I took her hand in mine and I took the pads of both thumbs, press them into the base of her palm, and push up to her fingers, massaging the muscles underneath.   I meticulously wash each finger and thumb paying attention the sensitive tips.  I work back up and over to her right side and repeat the process.  I wash her chest, feeling her breast muscles with my fingertips and working her nipples with the pads of my thumbs. When I moved my palms across her hard pencil tip nipples she gasped.  I reached around behind her pull her close to me and cleanse her shoulder blades stroking, them like breasts, and I work my fingertips down her back until they reach her buttocks.  I take one in each hand and squeezed before I took my flat hand and ran them between her legs down the inner thighs until the tips of my fingers were on the front of her thighs and my index fingers and thumbs boxed in her pussy without touching it.  I slowly ran my hands down to her feet, up the back of her legs to her buttocks again and massaged them and her inner thighs.  I had her turn and squat down so her right side is to me.  I first ran my right hand down her lower abdomen to her pussy and ran the middle finger over her clit, urethra and into her hole, my hand filling with her juices then just as quick I removed it, spilling her juices over her pussy. I inserted the other middle finger from behind and did this repeatedly, resting my left finger on her anus and pressed while waiting its turn at her pussy.  My right finger worked her clit with the help of the index and ring fingers while it was waiting its turn. The faster I went the further my fingers met inside her as the passed.  Soon my fingers were in sync and fucking her at the same time.  Amy moaned her approval, her eyes and mouth closed, lips sucked in over her teeth, her tongue licking them every once in a while.   "Do me like you do Kathy and Sally." She pants.  "Amy, I couldn't."  I say.  "Please, if I don't like it I'll tell you to stop.  Please do it." She says breathing heavily.    I remove my fingers and go back to rubbing her ass and pudenda slowly, moving my hands up and down in step with each other.  As the tips reached her holes, I insert them just a bit, not even to the first knuckle then remove them.  After a few times I insert more, just pass the first knuckle. I keep this up until my fingers are fully inserted and sliding in and out easily, Amy spread her legs and leaned forward so her torso was between her knees, she put her hands on my hands and laid her middle fingers on mine in a way that inserted just the tips.  In the same way I inserted my fingers, Amy did the same with hers, sliding her finger down mine until most of my fingers and all of hers were fucking her holes.  She held on to my hand with hers and let me set the pace. Our fingers were fucking her fast, my palm working her clit when she jerked and clamped down on our fingers, juice filling the palms of my hands and running through my fingers.  When she let go I remove my fingers and run the left up her ass crack and my right over her clit.  I continued this as the jerking of her body started to let up.  I massaged her clit and anus and moved our fingers in and out slowly when she started to come down.  I removed my fingers for the last time and positioned Amy in my lap with her back resting on my front as I gently rubbed her clit to bring her down the rest of the way.

I laid down on my back; pulled Amy up to rest her head on my shoulder then wrapped my arms around her. "You are one lucky girl Amy." Sally says as she takes my oozing cock in her hand.  "You just never get soft do you?" Sally says looking at my cock and playing with it.  Amy had said nothing until now when she tilted her head up and put her hand to my cheek and said in a low soft voice.  "I am lucky to have you, thank you daddy."  "So, you're ok" I ask.  "Uh huh" She said, "It didn't hurt or anything, it felt real good, next time lets move our fingers around."  Amy says.

"So, I can do anything I want with you, right?"  Sally stated more than asked.  "Wrong." I said. Sally looked shocked as if she had done something bad.  "You can only do it if I want to do it also."  I say.  Amy looked back up at me and asked, "Is there anything you wouldn't want to do with us." "Plenty, but as long as it doesn't hurt anyone I'll try it."  Sally slapped my hip and said with a smile, "You knew what I meant all along.  I just want to fuck."  With that said Sally straddled me with her feet flat on either side of me and took my cock in her hand and placed the head to the entrance to her pussy and looked at me as if waiting for me to say no.  When I didn't object, she lowered herself on me and slid all the way down.  She didn't have to work at it like Amy but she was tight nonetheless and took some effort.  "Ooooooooo, that feels good. Not as big as daddy but it's still nice."  Sally says.  "I was going to say ‘Not as tight as Amy' but still nice." I laughed.  Sally started pumping her pussy up and down on my cock at a steady pace and she wasn't using her pussy as Amy did. "Amy, do you think you can teach Sally how to use her muscles like you do?" I ask.  Amy looks at Sally and tells her "Go as far down on him as you can.  Ok, now close just the muscles at the opening."  Sally clamped down on my cock with her whole pussy.  "I can't I can only do my whole pussy."  Sally says.  "Just relax the inside muscles." Amy tells her.  Sally started relaxing her pussy while still holding on at the base of my cock.  "I think I'm getting it." Sally says.  "Yeah, just relax a bit more then pull out to just the tip."  I say.  Sally relaxed until she was almost loose inside then pulled up until the head of my cock was the only thing in her.  "Now relax your muscle then pull out till just the very tip is in then tighten it again and push so the head is in then, do it all over again."  Amy instructs.  Sally let her pussy relax and pulled all the way out.  "Oops."  She says. "That's ok just keep trying you'll get the hang of it."  Amy says.  Sally put the tip in, squeezed and pushed down until my head was in then let up and pulled out until just the tip was in.  She was a little awkward at first but she did indeed ‘get the hang of it'.  After a few minutes of this, she was getting extremely wet and breathing hard.  The suckling of my cock was making the knot in my stomach grow and start to hurt.  "I hope you're ready for more cum inside you than you've ever had before."  I tell Sally as I shot five quick, huge loads that filled her pussy totally before coming out.  I took hold of her hips and pulled down slightly.  She was more than happy to comply, as she needed a cock in her.  She pushed down all the way and started humping my cock.  "Remember what I taught you; it feels real good if you time it just right."  Amy told Sally.  Again, Sally was awkward at first but as she continued to try she was getting the hang of it and was pumping her pussy in time with my ejaculations.  In the position Sally was in the only thing touching each other was our genitals and she was humping for all she was worth.  "Ooooohhh, so much hot cum in my pussy.  Mmmmmmm."  Sally moans.  Sally was breathing hard and drooling, as she looked down at our point of juncture, big globules of cum flowing out as she squat down on my cock.  I looked at Sally's clit as it slide up and down over my cock and watched as it turned from a Carnation Pink color to a Cerise or maybe a Ruby color,  I watched as it went from soft to poking hard into her hood on each down stroke.   Sally threw her head back and closed her eyes and said "Oh God, Fuck yeah! I'm going to cum hard!  Your cock feels so good in my pussy."  She stared humping my cock as fast as she could, "Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.  Fuck yeah there it is! I'm cuming oh God Fuck yeah." She Screamed.   Her pussy quivered on my cock at first, then she drove down as far as she could and her pussy convulsed on my cock as wave after wave of orgasms racked and jerked her body.  After she peaked, she fell with her arms outstretched and her hands on my chest and started slow fucking using the technique Amy taught her.  She looked up at me, looked into my eyes and said, with out skipping a stroke, "I love cock. I love fucking cock. I love sucking cock.  I love fucking you because I can be as nasty as I want with you."  Sally collapsed onto my chest and laid still as I pumped the rest of my loads in her for another minute or so.  "Wow Amy he's still hard and I need a rest.  How do you do it?"  She asked as she dismounted me and lay on her back on the floor.  "We hardly ever need a rest, huh Daddy?"   "Yeah I'll bet we could do it all day if we tried."   I reached down took Sally's knees, pushed them up and back to expose her pussy.  I looked at her cum covered pudenda and inner thighs and watched as cum oozed out of her Ruby red pussy and down the crack of her ass.  "Now there's a well fucked pussy." I said.  "My dad calls it a satisfied pussy and it is certainly satisfied now. Thank you Kevin."

We played around for a while, I grabbed one of Amy's feet and slid her across the floor and attacked the sole of her foot with my fingers sending her into a laughing spree while trying to kick my hand away with her other foot making me grab the other foot and attack it.  Sally tried to grab my foot so I let go of Amy then grabbed her foot and gave her the same treatment as Amy.  Both girls ganged up on me and started tickling my groin area after Amy told Sally that's where I was most ticklish.  I then attacked them both at them same time getting them in the armpits.  We called a truce after I couldn't take it any more.  Sitting back in a chair I watched the girls play, there were only two rules in the shower, no hurting anyone in anyway, and no running.

The girls wanted something different for dinner so I ordered Chicken Low Mein, Pork Fried Rice, and some Butter flied, Breaded Jumbo Shrimp.  They were in the pool when the food arrived.  The girls quickly got out of the pool, wrapped themselves in towels, grabbed the money from the table, and ran to get the food.  They came back giggling with Sally holding the food with her left breast exposed.  "You didn't; did you?"  I ask.  "Honestly, the towel slipped when I grabbed the food, sides' he didn't seem to mind, he just smiled and said thank you."  Sally said.  "He was only interested in the tip anyway, the money not her nipple."  Amy giggled.  "He said to tell you that you are too kind and to thank you for the generous tip."  We spent the rest of the evening watching a kid's movie the girls wanted to see, while fucking and sucking to our hearts content.

Chapter 7

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