My Girls

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Paige started crying signifying she needed a diaper change.  I picked her up, brought her to our room, and put her on the changing table.  Since her mother left us a month after she was born, I had become an expert on diaper changing at the ripe old age of seventeen.  I undid the diaper and got most of it just by using the old diaper then using wet wipes to get the rest before sliding a new one under her.  I opened her labia to clean anything that got in there, which usually happens.  I blew on her to hasten the drying process when I noticed her little tiny clit was hard and pushing on her hood.  I was shocked!  I never would have thought an almost two-year-old girl (her birthday was two weeks away) could get aroused as she obviously was and was enjoying the breeze my breath created.  Curious, I touched it to see how hard it was and I was again surprised to find it extremely hard.  Still curious I began to rub it to which she responded with a wide smile and a laugh.  I removed her hood and played directly with her clit making her shake and laugh for a minute or so then her clitty went soft.  Her pussy was wet as if she just peed but she had not.  Again, I was surprised to find that she could produce lubricants as well as have an orgasm.

I put her new diaper on and set her on the ground while I sat down.  What had just happened made my cock hard and my stomach sink.  'How could I do that to my daughter?'  I thought.  She was smiling at me and didn't seem to be bothered by what happened, so I dropped my pants and stroked my cock.  She sat there staring at me, she seen me do this a lot and never paid attention before now.  As she watched I had an idea, she was eating solid foods now so I laid her on her back and straddled her so my cock was near her mouth.  When I put the tip to her mouth some pre-cum got on her lips, she licked her lips, she grabbed my cock and started suckling the very tip with her little mouth trying to get more.  The feeling of her little tongue exploring the slit on the top was too much and I let loose a torrent of semen into her mouth, which overflowed immediately and she gasped after she was forced to gulp down my seed, when she swallowed and emptied her mouth I quickly filled it up again.  I kept coming and what was overflowing was completely covering her head, face, and neck.  When I had finished I was aghast by what I had just done, I had practically raped my daughter or at least tried to drown her with my semen.

When I looked at her, she was as happy as a clam.  My limp cock was dripping the remnants of my semen on her chest and she was playing with it; smearing it all over her chest.  She was taking cum from her face, putting it in her mouth and swallowing it.  She looked at my cock and put her hands out indicating she wanted to play with it more.  I took some wet wipes and tried to clean her head, face, and neck and hold her at bay while she kept trying to grab my cock.  I figured it was a fruitless endeavor and that a bath was in order.  I took her to the bathtub in my bedroom bathroom and filled it up a little and sat down with her between my out stretched legs and began to bath her as I had many times before.  I usually start from the neck down then do her hair last.   Since most of the cum was from the neck up I decided to do her face, neck and head first.  She was good about sitting still and keeping her eyes shut as I soaped and rinsed her face and neck and was equally well when I shampooed her hair.  I washed her arms and torso, had her squat in front of me and with soapy hands, I washed her genitals.  She seemed to like it when I paid attention to her ass and pussy hole and when I got to her clit she was rock hard again.  I put her on her back on the shallow side of the tub, spread her legs and tasted her pussy to which she giggled then seemed to stick it out for more.  Her clit was so tiny it felt like a dull pencil tip.  I started licking on it and rubbing my tongue around it.  She was looking down at me with her mouth open in a huge smile when I removed the hood and sucked on her bare little clit and made her body shake and shiver.  I put my finger to her hole, pressed lightly and could feel it expand and contract with her orgasm.  Just like that, it was over.  Her pussy was still wet but her clit was deflating and she stood up, cocked her head to one side and smiled a content smile at me.  "I have ta go pee-pee daddy."  She said cupping her genitals signaling a need to go to the bathroom.  I picked her up and told her "Pee in daddy's mouth okay sweetie."   I slid down in the tub so her pussy was over my mouth as I held her up and opened wide.  "Ok sweetie you can go."  She had a huge grin on her face was giggling wildly as she spread her lips and started peeing in my mouth.  "This is naughty isn't it daddy?"  She giggled.  I nodded in the affirmative while gulping down the salty goodness as fast as she filled it up; she urinated for a long time and when it slowed to a trickle, I put my mouth to her pussy and licked the last drops from her.  "You funny!"  She giggled again.  When I sat back up my cock rubbed against her pussy and clit.  "Our pee-pee's touched."  She said smiling.  "Yes they did sweetheart.  Do you want them to touch again?"  I asked her.  "Uh huh!"  She nodded her head emphatically with a smile.  I scooted back down and sat her so her pussy was straddling the underside of my huge (huge to her), still hard cock.  Her hard clit was pushing on my urethra; her pussy was still wet and slippery so I had her slide her clit back and forth on my cock pulling on her hood making her wetter and slide better.  Soon she was sliding fast and I was pumping my hips as our genitals slide easily together.  She shivered and shook for a minute as the pleasure swept through her again.  I wasn't done and picked up the pace while she stared down at my cock poking out from underneath her pussy and sliding fast.  She was amazed when I came all over my stomach.  Paige slid down in the tub, put her mouth to the head of my cock while I was still cuming and suckled it like before, swallowing as much as she could and letting the rest spill out.  We washed again one more time then got out of the bathtub.

That was the first time we had any kind of sex together and for the next year and a half or so I kept it to that.  I didn't make her suck my cock but let her suckle it while using her hands teaching her how to caress a cock and balls and once in a while she would try and get more of my head in her tiny mouth.  I had found that while licking her clit I could insert my finger about an inch and a half into her pussy before meeting her hymen.  I would lightly poke it and move the tip of my finger to weaken the barrier slowly by stretching it and making little holes.  One day when she was three and a half, she was really getting into me sucking her clit and fingering her hole when she shoved on my finger as hard as she could and broke her cherry.  She screamed in pain while I drove my finger the rest of the way in and held it there telling her not to move as I went back to sucking and licking her clit.   When she ground her hips, I moved my finger around to make sure she broke all the skin.  She moaned a bit, but was still enjoying the orgasm more than the pain she felt.

Over the next few months, she was insatiable; I never had to ask if she wanted sex, it was as if I turned a facet on and couldn't shut it off.   Once I slipped and poked her anus and my finger slid in to the first knuckle, I quickly pulled it out and told her I was sorry and she said do it again and rolled back and stuck her butt up in the air exposing her puckered little hole.  I wiped my finger off then put it back in her pussy and she said "uh, in my butt."  "I have to get my finger wet again Princess."  When it was nice and wet I rubbed it around her asshole then worked my finger in just past the first knuckle and pulled it out some and drove it back in.  Her pussy was leaking heavily and was lubricating my finger as I inserted it further.  Soon I had my finger in all the way to the third knuckle and I wiggled it around.  That sent her over the edge and she shook like never before and clamped down on my finger as she moaned loudly and a rush of liquid came out of her three-year-old pussy.

By the time she was four I was able to get four fingers in both her pussy and her asshole easily, but I still hadn't fucked her.  She knew what fucking was because we watched child porn on the internet; since they abolished censorship it was easy to find just what you wanted and I picked little girls who could take big cocks to show her it could be done without pain.  As her fourth birthday approached, she kept asking me "Can we fuck yet?"   "Not yet sweetheart the time isn't right."  I would answer.

On her fourth birthday, I had a themed party for her and invited six of her friends dressed as Princesses and had a Royal dinner party that consisted mostly of sugary stuff.  I always showered her with gifts as I could well afford it.  This year, the topping on the cake was a handcrafted life size doll that was not to show off, but play with.  The girls played in their costumes and were having a good time except for my daughter, little two year old Tina, she was setting on the couch pouting with her legs splayed out unaware she was exposing her hairless pussy.  I got a good look at it before I put her legs together and told her nice girls don't sit like that.  I couldn't very well tell her she should be wearing panties since Paige refused to wear any, being the little exhibitionist she is.  She splayed her legs open, as she wanted to expose herself.  So, I put her dress down to cover her and asked what was wrong.  She grabbed her dress and pulled it back up and said.  "wanna play" looking at the girls.   I took her hand to console her and she brought it down to her pussy, put my hand on it then looked at me wantonly.  I had seen the very same look on Paige many times.  The other girls were playing in the den and the two mom's that were chaperoning were with the girls so I situated us so she was on my lap with her back to me and we could see the others. I wet my finger from her already wet pussy and began to rub all around her pubic mound and clit making her moan softly.  She got wetter as I rubbed her clit with one hand and poked her pussy with the other and started grinding her hip as we looked over the top of the couch making sure we wouldn't be caught.  Somehow, she knew we couldn't be caught and she let out a long soft moan and clamped her legs shut around my hand for a second before she opened them wide and stuck out her clit for me to rub while she ground her hips to the rhythm of my finger.  Her breathing was heavy, her mouth was open, and drooling as she shoved on my finger popping her hymen I repeated what I did with Paige hoping she didn't hurt herself.  She collapsed breathing hard and looked up to me with a huge smile and said, "Tanks you!"  Then got up and ran to the other girls with a bounce in her step as they let her play with them.  I was surprised at her resilience.

Paige immediately took off her costume as the door closed after everyone left and we had said our good byes and thank you's.  She looked at me and saw I still had my clothes on.  "Get naked daddy, now."  She demanded.  She was a spoiled rich girl but she was my spoiled rich girl so what she wants she gets.  I took my clothes off and sat in the chair she indicated.  "Watch what I can do daddy."  She said as she opened her mouth real wide and proceeded to insert her fist into it.  "Surprise!"  She said when she removed it.  "Watch again." She said and did it again but with much more ease.  I was amazed I couldn't believe she could open her tiny mouth that wide.  She stood in front of me in the chair and started stroking my cock.  When it was hard she bent down and opened wide and took the head of my cock plus a couple of inches into her mouth then pulled back again she did this a few times until I stopped her and said.  "You have to suck on it like a Popsicle, like this."  I took her finger and sucked on it.  "Then you can also lick the sides like they do in the movies if you want to."  She smiled at me and sucked on my cock like I showed her.  I told her that when my cock was in her mouth to use her hands to twist and pump the part she can't get in her mouth.  She caught on real quick and was soon sucking and licking my cock and balls like she had knew all along how to do it.  I was as hard as I had ever been and the whole 10 ½ inches was sticking straight up with my little four year old daughter sucking magnificently on the top of my cock and her tiny hands clamped around it stroking it up and down.  Just before I came, I told her to squeeze as hard as she could and when she did I let loose powerful loads of semen into her mouth almost choking her.  She swallowed what she could and like always let the rest spill out over my shaft and over her hands.  She pulled her mouth so just the head was in and she worked my cock until every drop was gone.  I was about to clean up when she said "No, I want us leave it on." I told her okay and that I had one last surprise for her.  I picked her up, brought her to our bedroom, laid her down on the bed and gave her a good licking.  Just when she thought she had enough, she felt something huge enter her pussy that stretched her clit to beyond pleasure and she let out a huge loud moan as I worked about 5 inches into her pussy.  I was amazed at how easily it slid in and how tight it was.  I left it there and asked her if she was okay.  She opened her eyes and yelled. "Don't stop damnit."  So, I proceeded to fuck her, I could see my cock was white from the tightness when I pulled it out, at one point I pulled out too far and missed her hole going in and my cock slide easily into her asshole.  She moaned again and I stretched her legs out in a V shape so I had complete access to both holes I had about six inches in her ass when I pulled it out and it revealed no shit on it so I stuck it back into her pussy.  It was so small that when I pushed in, her clit, lips and everything disappeared and all you could see was a huge cock sticking in glistening wet skin, when it actuality her hard clit was stretched and rubbing on the topside of my cock making her pussy contract on my cock.  I switched back and forth between holes and she seemed to enjoy it, cuming several times.  I settled on her pussy and fucked her fast and hard, I could only get about five inches in before I hit her cervix so I was careful not to stick too much of my thick cock in.  She finally had a real orgasm as she clamped down on my cock and convulsed, arching her back to try and get more.  I came in torrents filling her uterus to overflowing and spilling out onto the bed along with her flow of fluids.  Then she collapsed onto the bed and fainted while I was still emptying my prostate into her.  When she came to, I was still fucking her working out the last of my semen.  Her body reacted as soon as she came to and she resumed cuming.  Her pussy was salivating and pulsating on my cock as I stroked in and out of it.

I rolled over onto my back with her still mounted on my cock.  She sat up, dismounted and put my still hard cock between her legs and stroked it with her wet hands.  "That was the bestest birthday present ever, thank you daddy let's do it again."  She said excitedly.  "So you liked that did you?"  I asked her.  "Yeah I felt like I was floating in heaven.  That was a gasm' daddy!"  She stated.  "It sure was."  I told her.

Over the next few years, I fucked both girls constantly, anytime, anywhere we could fuck without being caught.  The rule in the house was no clothes when we were alone.  I couldn't get Paige to wear under clothes under any circumstance and she wore the skimpiest of clothes and was an exhibitionist to boot.  We traveled a lot and she would have me film her as she sat or stood in front of something famous with people in the background.  She liked to watch later and talk about how nasty and naughty she and Tina was being.

Once when she was six, we were visiting some ancient ruins that were five million years old.  She wore a dress that buttoned down the front; she unbuttoned it and masturbated in front of the ruins with people not feet away from her, while I filmed the whole thing.  No one was behind me and from her back it just looked like I was filming my daughter's being silly when in actuality she was naked and had one hand deep in her pussy while she stroked her clit with the other.  She would wipe her wetness on her chest and nipples just to be nasty.  By the time she came hard, her body was glistening with her fluids smeared all over her.  She moaned loudly and let the orgasm take over; she didn't care what anyone thought she was in heaven and she loved it.  When she peaked, the people behind her were too busy to notice, which to her was all the better.   Soon both girls had me doing it; sometimes they would get me involved or just film me as I exposed and masturbated in public.

A few weeks later, she got the idea for me to masturbate in front of a playground of an all girl's school.  It was fall and we were wearing full-length fall coats, though we really didn't have to it wasn't that cold out.  I was standing with my coat draped over my shoulders like a cape a couple feet away from the fence separating us from the girls who were no more than six feet away us.  There was an empty field behind Paige and I was naked to the bone except for boots and socks.  I had a raging hardon just hearing the girls playing right behind me. Paige was telling what to do and how to pose.  She had me turn to my side and hold the coat up so it just hid my stiff cock from their view.  "Hey what are you guy's doing?"  A little girl about Tina's age asked.  My cock visibly twitched and got harder when she asked that, making Paige giggle. She was literally two feet away hanging on the fence.  "Making a show about my daddy."  Paige told her while I stroked my huge cock slowly as I turned back towards Paige, it was all of eleven inches long as hard as it was and my huge balls that complimented it were hanging and swaying between spread legs as I stroked.  When we viewed it later I couldn't believe how big it was compared to the girls behind me; it seemed to be the size of the little girls arm.  "Do like being on the camera mister?"  She asked me.  Right then I had a strong urge to turn around and cum all over her; instead I fondled my balls and stroked my cock that was wet with pre-cum.  "Yes I do especially when my daughter is the camera person."  I said as I foamed up the pre-cum on my cock as I stroked faster.  Someone called the girl away and I continued stroking my leaking cock.  Then I surprised and delighted Paige when I turned to my side leaned back and stuck my pelvis out from my coat to reveal my naked body from the waist down and my iron hard cock with its huge purple head standing proud.  Some of the girls saw what I was doing and came to the fence for a closer look.  I squeezed the base of my cock and let out a huge arch of semen into the air with the girls standing not even an arms-length away.  I let loose a barrage of cum flying through the air and for a full minute it just kept cuming with less distance as I emptied my prostate in front of the girls.  I opened my eyes and stroked the last of the cum out until there were only a few strands dripping over my fingers and down my cock.  "Wow was that ever cool daddy."  Paige said as I shook cum off my fingers.   "Wow mister that's a lot of cum."  One of the girls said.  "Yeah that was cool!  I've never seen a grown man's penis before," said another.  "Aw my pops cock is bigger than that; I can't even get two hands around it."  Another girl said as she walked away.

That started a trend with us so whenever we could we would expose ourselves.  I had given girls vibrators to use when I wasn't available and on one occasion when were at a famous beach for the rich, she laid on the ground, used it and had a good orgasm while people walked in the distance.  We were at a well-known amusement park for Paige's seventh birthday where we were able to film five-year-old Tina sucking my cock and getting it all over her chest, stomach and pussy as well as a shot of me fucking Paige from behind.  The custom there was to wear sarongs, so it was easy, I just pulled my sarong up and around to expose my cock while Tina sucked me off.  My foot was on a bench and the sarong blocked the view from the crowd next to us.  And it was easy to pick up Paige or Tina with her back to me and fuck her pussy and ass from behind.  That episode was extremely pornographic.  I could only get about six inches of my cock in Paige's pussy but I could get almost eight inches in her ass.  So at first we fucked until she was wet enough to cover her asshole then I worked my cock into her ass and was fucking her with full eight-inch strokes, her flowing pussy juices lubricating it.  She moaned loudly with pleasure as I worked her clit and her hands were around my cock feeling it as it pumped her asshole.  She came first, with jerks, shakes, loud moans and groans.  I pulled out of her ass and into her pussy and started cuming, first filling her uterus to over flowing then out her convulsing pussy, down my shaft and over my balls, we came so much we left a small puddle of our cum on the ground.  When we viewed it later, we could see people just feet from us not noticing a thing.  When we watched us ass fucking it looked absolutely obscene and unbelievable that we could have such great sex in public with no one around the wiser.

I turned twenty-five when Paige was eight.  "Tonight's the night; you're going to love your birthday present."  She told me.  "Oh I am, am I?  And just what do you have in mind?"  I asked.  "You'll just have to wait till we get to bed."  She beamed.  "Well this ought to be fun."  I told her.  Tina was with us so it was going to be a threesome.  I made both girls cum with my mouth and fingers; I told them many times, there was nothing better than to feel a little girl cum with my mouth on their pussies.  They always tried to pop my head like a zit with their legs, then, they would move their butts up and down as I kept my tongue working on their clits.  Tina started giggling when Paige pushed me onto my back and asked if I was ready for my present.  "Look at my cock; what do you think?"  I said sarcastically.  My cock was rock hard and pointing up in the air.  Without a word Paige opened her mouth wide and shoved down on my cock getting about five or six inches in before pulling out. Her neck swelled when my cock slid down her throat and deflated when it was pulled out.  She took a breath and shoved again this time getting about seven inches in. She let the air out through her nose and breathed in through her nose and shoved further getting another two inches in, it was more than she had gotten in before.  "Honey you don't have to do this."  Tina looked at me and told me to be quite that she wants to.  "You'll stop if it hurts you."  I told her and she slapped the side of my ass as if to say shut up.   She shoved a little further and I heard her jaw pop.  I started to pull out thinking I broke her jaw when she shoved further and easily took the last of my cock in her mouth.  She had a look of surprised and astonishment in her eyes as she looked at me and began bobbing her head on my cock soon she was pulling out all the way then shoving the whole thing down her throat with ease.  Paige got on the side of me so she could get more in.  She did this for a few minutes before I grabbed her head and shoved my cock as far down her throat as I could and let loose a bucket load of cum.  My body shook and jerked with each load. A bulge rippled through her already swollen neck with the release of each load I shot into her throat.  After about a minute or so I was almost spent and Paige was breathing hard through her nose so we both pulled back until just the head was in her mouth and she got the rest of the cum out of my deflating cock.

"Wow that was the bestest ever!"  I said.  Both girls smiled and Paige was rubbing her throat.  "Are you okay sweetheart?  Did I hurt you?"  I asked her.  "I'll be okay in a minute I think." she whispered in a hoarse voice.  She got up, got a bottle of water and started drinking it, at first it seemed to slide down her throat but after a few minutes and sips of water she was gulping it down.  "I thought I broke my jaw."  She said in a weak voice.  "I did too, it must have hurt pretty bad I don't think we should try that again."  I told her.  "No really daddy it didn't hurt at all it just surprised me its fine now."  She said with a stronger voice.  "Are you sure sweetie?"  I asked again to be sure.  "Yes daddy it doesn't hurt at all, see."  She said as she opened her mouth and pulled down on her lower teeth making her jaw pop and open wider.  Then she let go and closed her mouth a bit until it popped back into place.  I cringed when she did that and told her not to do that in a playful manner.  I pulled her close and hugged her and told her it was the bestest present ever.

We had other opportunities to exhibit ourselves,one of the more memorial ones was when Paige was ten and Tina was eight.  We flew to a football game that was sold out and tickets were hard to get in the first place.  It was a championship game and half the world wanted to be there but the stadium only held five hundred thousand people.  When we got there it was snowing heavily and when the game started it was loud, so loud no one could hear us moaning and screaming and with everyone mesmerized by the game no one paid attention to us, not even security who were also caught up in the game.  This pretty much gave us free range to do whatever we wanted and since I had taken some Viagra and would be rock hard for hours we planned to take advantage of the situation.  It was so bad that Tina was able to get footage of Paige and me as she sucked my cock with me leaning on a post and the crowd so close I could reach over and tap the man in the seat in front of where we were standing.  Paige got footage of me fucking little tiny Tina standing up with her back to me and holding her legs wide open.  When I was about to cum I turned towards the back of the crowd in their seats so we were facing the game and fucked her hard with her screaming for me to fuck her tiny hairless hole harder yet.  Paige walked all around us with the camera rolling to get different angles while I pounded poor Tina's pussy.  I was horny as hell and was bound to be sure this was a good and nasty one for both of us.   I held Tina's legs in my arms with the crook of my bent elbows holding the backs of her thighs and my forearms and hands holding her legs as straight and as wide as I could.  I stood in such a way that Paige could get a nice shot of my cock thrusting in and out of her pussy with the heads of the people and the game in the background.  Tina was moaning loudly, stroking her exposed clit with one hand and feeling my cock sliding fast in and out of her extremely wet pussy with the other.  We came at the same time with Tina clamping hard on my cock and screaming at the top of her lungs knowing no one could hear her above the noise of the stadium.  When my cum spurted out of her pussy some of it landed on the backs of some of the people standing at their seats, none the wiser.  I stepped forward so we were inches away from them and fucked harder and faster making our cum spray the peoples backs some more. Paige didn't miss a thing even getting close ups of our cum dripping down the backs of a man and his little daughter.  When we were done, we didn't bother to zip up our coats and wandered around with cum covered genitals, looking for spots to film at.

We were still up in the nose bleed seats when we found a daring place behind a group of about a hundred kids all below the age of thirteen.  It was risky because of the attention spans of kids and indeed a few looked briefly at us.  There Tina got a good footage of me giving Paige a good ass fucking with me bent over her and holding her around her waist while she was bent over holding the backs of the chairs of a couple of adults who were supposed to be watching the kids but were caught up in the game.  I was grunting and groaning like a pig as I worked my cock in her asshole.  I was surprised when Paige screamed for me to fuck her ass faster and deeper and the adults in front of us never heard her despite being less than a foot away from us.  I picked up the pace and as I fucked her harder and deeper, I grunted louder.  I stood up, took her by the waist, and picked her up off the ground so her legs were dangling between my spread legs and I pounded her ass as fast and as hard as I could.  She was playing with her clit with one hand now and holding on to the seat with the other.  She kept screaming to go faster and deeper so I picked up the pace again and until now I was never willing to go further than eight or nine inches because the base of my cock was wider than the rest of my cock which was thick enough as it was.  But now, I didn't care, somehow I knew she could handle it so I shoved it in to the hilt and pounded her ass with the whole 10 ½ inches of my cock.  Now I was panting like a dog and looking like one with my back arched, my legs spread and hands holding her hips up so her legs swung back and forth as I humped her like a dog.  When she came, she shook and jerked violently squeezing my cock hard, I let out a loud grunt as I forced my cock into her quivering asshole until it would go no further, then I filled her bowels with my semen.  She was moaning and groaning loudly as wave after wave of animalistic pleasure swept through her ten-year-old body. I slumped over top of her almost hitting the woman sitting there as she stood up.  Our bodies pulsated and convulsed in unison as we enjoyed the carnal feelings we shared as we came together publicly.  I finally pulled out and stood up.  Tina had Paige stay where she was and had me stand so she could get a shot of my hard glistening cock dripping cum next the her gaping hole of an ass that was leaking cum.  She walked around getting it from different angles again until her hole closed up.  Then Paige stood up next to me and we put our arms around each other and looked at the camera, me with a dripping cock and Paige with cum dripping down the inside of her thighs in huge globs.  "And that ladies and gentlemen it what you call a good ass fucking." Paige said to the camera.

The best place we found was under the portable bleachers, we were on the field level and found a dark spot where we could see one of the teams in front of us about twenty feet away.  We spent an hour there fucking and sucking, even the girls had a go of it while I had the camera.  We got footage of us in various positions when a notable or controversial play had happened on the field.  We were even able to get scenes of us fucking, sucking and cuming next to some of the biggest names in football.  We stood close behind them and to the side so you could read the names on the backs of the players we were only inches from.  At one point, I had Paige in my arms with her back to me fucking her with our coats off.  My iron hard cock buried six inches into her pussy and we started to cum together.  Tina was getting a good shot of my pulsating cock and balls shooting semen and sperm into my daughter's pussy.  Her pussy squeezing hard on my cock and when the mixture of our cum came out of her pussy and down the exposed 4 ½ inches of my shaft A bad play was called on the field and several player looked away from the field briefly and Tina got shots of their faces in the cameras view looking our way.  They seemed to not notice and turned around again just as quickly.  The stills looked like they were watching us fucking with disapproval on their faces.

We did find a place in the stands closer to the field.  It was a little place that looked like it was once a storage room with the doors removed.  We had to squeeze in behind some seats without bumping into anyone.  It was dark inside which was perfect, the camera could be adjusted for the light levels in the foreground and background.  Paige found a shelf on the back wall and got an idea.  She checked the height and it was perfect, she turned the camera on and turned the viewer toward her so she could see to adjust the angle and zoom and when she got it right she brought the controller with her and told Tina and me where to stand.  She had me turn so my side was to the camera, then she told me to hold my hands behind head and spread my legs.  She and Tina gave me one of the best blowjobs ever.  Then we had an orgy, with each one getting involved in some way.  Both Tina and Paige controlled the camera and got good shots of us in various positions with the crowd only a few feet in front of us.

When Paige was twelve and Tina was ten, I was asked to be Kevin Nelson's private financial advisor so I was pretty much set money wise.  I found out the day I met Kevin and Amy that their whole house was full of horny little children as well as adults and until that time we didn't know anyone else like us and it was great.  I had to leave the girls with them for a few days until I took care of some urgent business for Kevin.

The next evening I had some time and decided to surprise the girls at the Ice Palace where Amy was to cut the ribbon. "Hey everyone!"  I said walking past security to them.  "Daddy!" Paige yelled running to me.   "Hey, how are my horny little daughters?"   "Horny!"  They both giggled in unison.  "And how's our horny daddy?"  Paige asked.  "Horny!"  I grinned.  "You better be naked."  Paige told me.  So, when we walked over to some trees by Amy and the others and I opened my coat to reveal my naked body. I handed Paige a video camera and said.  "Forget something?" Tina instantly knelt down in front of me while Paige worked the camera getting a good view of Tina making my cock hard with the Ice Palace and dignitaries in the background and a crowd of people kept at bay by security.  After my cock was nice and hard, Paige gave the camera to Tina and they traded places.  Tina got some real good shots of Paige shoving her my cock down her throat making her throat look swollen.  I looked over my shoulder and saw the crowd of people that security was keeping at bay.  I kept moving my coat ever so slightly to reveal more of our naked bodies and the nasty sex act we were performing.  "Don't worry, I'm getting some really good stuff just keep doing what you're doing."  Tina said as she moved around to get different angles.  Paige worked on my cock like it was the best lollipop she ever had, sucking and licking with her mouth and tongue and jerking the exposed shaft with her hands.   When I came I was completely buried in her throat, you could see the bulge of my semen make its way down her neck with each ejaculation and Tina again got a real good shot of it with people in the background seemingly oblivious to the obvious.  She kept that angle while Paige pulled out until just the head was left in her mouth; she took it in her hands and worked the last of my cum out of it then licked it clean.  "Wow sweetheart that was definitely good head!"  I playfully grabbed Paige and turned her around so her back was to me then I reached down the front of her with both hands and played with her pussy, holding her pussy open wide and fingering her clit and pussy hole for the camera.  "You just wait until I get my mouth on that pussy and my tongue on that clitty, daughter of mine."  I said warningly.

There was another delay of the ribbon cutting ceremony so we talked to the others who were surprised when we told them about our escapades with a video camera.   "Damn, I keep forgetting about getting us cameras."  Kevin said as the other children all reminded him at once.

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