A Black Teacher Indulges, Part 3

[ Fg, les, pedo, inter, BF, Wg, cons ]

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Published: 2-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Having come, the original plan that Shanna had was to call it a day, and to pursue the next step in her dirty, perverted games with the girl on another day. But she wanted to strike the iron when it was hot. At no point did the girl give the impression that things were going too fast for her. Even when the black teacher started mashing her meaty brown tits into the girl's face, and tried cramming as much of her tit into the girl's mouth, the girl didn't back off or made any impression of being overwhelmed.

So Shanna had cum and is now wearing a pair of panties totally soaked with cuntal secretions. She feels wet, dirty, mucky, and still oh so horny. She could stop here, or she could try to have the girl try out one more nasty thing.

"Baby," the 32-year-old teacher puffs, still slightly out of breath from the heavy climax she had experienced. "You made me cum. You made me cum sooo good and sooo hard. Someday you'll know what that feels like too. When girls cum, they get really really wet down there, and so their panties get very wet too.

I was wondering. I wanted to let you go home but maybe you want to learn one more thing. Maybe we can play one more naughty game. Do you want to? If you've had enough for today you can go home, but I'd love to show you this one last thing. So whatta you say?"

"Show me more, please, Miss Williams. I'm not tired yet. I'd love to play more games. Is it as fun as the games with our tongues and playing with your boobs?" the girl sweetly and enthusiastically chirps.

"I think it's even more fun, darling. The reason it's even more fun is because it is something you are supposed to do even less than the other games. It's an even bigger secret for you to keep. It's also very tasty. And you would be my favorite student ever if you did this. It's very important, if you want to play more naughty games in the future, that you do this one thing first. If you like it, we can move on. If you don't we have to stop the games."

"But I don't wanna stop the games, Miss Williams," Melanie pouts. "Please let me do it. I'm sure I'll like it."

"Mmmm... Well, okay, honey. But remember, I don't want you to do anything you don't like, so we can only continue playing games if you show me you like it. Not just with what I'm going to show you now in a moment, but with all the games we'll play. The games will get even more naughty, and if you stop liking them, we have to stop. I just want you to remember that."

"Okay, Miss Williams, I understand. Can you show me this new game now? I wanna be more naughty with you."

"And I want to be much, much more naughty with you, dear Melanie. Grown ups call it "nasty". Can you say that too, baby?"

"Like: I wanna be more NASTY with you, Miss Williams," the 7-year-old girl says, not fully comprehending what the woman meant by that exactly, and even less why that word meant so much to her.

"Yesss, that's it," Shanna hisses. "We'll be real nasty, child. I'll be as nasty with you as you can take."

The 32-year-old, chocolate colored woman looks straight into the girl's blue eyes, as she stands up from her chair, reaches down to grab the hem of her skirt, and slowly pulls it up. The soft sound of the material of her skirt sliding across her thighs sounded loud to her simply by virtue of what it meant to be doing it. She knows the meaning of what she is about to do, and revels in every millisecond of it. Slowly she reveals to the child's eyes, her panty-clad crotch. The material of her panties was pulled taut against the mound of her cunt, producing an obvious camel toe that reveals the shape and size of her swollen lips; long and thick. A large stain darkens most of the front, visible especially because Shanna had deliberately decided to wear white panties, just in case. White on black reveals more. It did so with her nipples, and does so too with her snatch. Speaking of which, tufts of kinky black pubic hair are peeking from the leg holes. Shanna never shaves. Her darling husband likes his cunt hairy, and Shanna is happy she didn't shave, as the contrast of child with hairy twat is so much more appealing. It really spells out child doing dirty things with an actual adult.

The depraved woman has her skirt up to her waste, and stands with her panty-clad crotch directly in the line of sight of a young girl.

'Look at it,' Shanna thought. 'Look at my fucking cunt, girl. Take in every detail. Look at its shape, size. Smell it. Smell my fucking cunt too. I know you can. I know the funky, dirty aroma of my nasty snatch is wafting into your little nose right now and I want you to enjoy it. Get used to it, because you'll be seeing and smelling that black cunt a lot more if it's up to me.'

"Do you like it, Melanie?" Shanna asks, her voice thick with arousal. "Do you see that spot in the front? That big nasty stain, where it looks all wet? That's what you've done. You've made me that wet, baby. You made it all wet, and sticky and slimy on the inside. You made my panties dirty, darling. But that's a good thing. But still, one really fun, naughty thing I'd like you to do for me, is to clean my panties with your mouth. I can't really go home when my panties are dirty and slimy like this, Melanie. So do you want to? Do you want to suck my dirty panties clean for me, honey? It's important, because it tastes just like my cunt, and if we are going to play more naughty games, my black cunt will be what you'll be tasting pretty soon too."

It lasted about three seconds of Melanie looking at her teacher's crotch before her eyes traveled up to her teacher's face and she starts smiling that radiant child-smile. Did she ever want to. She doesn't know why, but it smells really good to her. The girl really wanted to help her teacher clean her panties if it tastes as good as it smells.

"Uh huh. Can I? I really want to, Miss Williams. But how am I supposed to do it?"

Shanna smiles at the child, her sparkling white teeth visible knowing she has the child locked for that next important step.

"Well, I would have to take my panties off first before you can clean them, silly. But what I would really like is for you to do it for me. I'd like you to take my panties off, darling. Can you do that for me? It would make me feel really hot and nasty if a beautiful, sexy young white girl like you would take my dirty, greasy panties off for me. Please strip my nasty wet panties from my black cunt and ass, sweetie. I really want to be stripped naked and my holes to be exposed by a child."

There is only thing better right now for Shanna than taking her soaked panties off in front of a 7-year-old, and that is to have that 7-year-old take those soaked panties off.

As the twisted ebony pedophile stands with her skirt kept up, the blond girl comes closer, the fragrance of hot cunt burrowing itself even more forcefully into her small nostrils, and inserts her small fingers inside the waistband. Shanna feels the fingers slide along the skin of her hips, anticipating being rendered naked by a child.

Slowly Melanie pulls the sodden garment down the woman's wide hips; the crotch of it remaining wetly stuck in its place until the very last moment. Finally the full view of Shanna's cunt is revealed to Melanie's eyes. A thick black triangle of funky hair covers her mound and runs past it into the crack of her ass. The slit is long and the inner labia dark and fleshy. The clit-hood is large; about as large as her nipples. The outer labia are thick. The hairs, lips and whatever is visible of the gash in between is glistening with juice. And God, the deep musk smells good. Shanna's cunt looks like a succulent, juicy, fragrant treat.

But that is for later. The object that really needs attention to conclude this dirty day is the wet, dirty undergarment that was lying pooled at the teacher's feet.

"Why don't you pick it up and look inside, darling?" Shanna urged, her voice trembling with lascivious excitement. "Look what mess I've made in them because of what a good girl you were."

Melanie picks up the panties, and immediately she notices there doesn't seem to be a dry spot in them. It is warm and moist all over. The young girl turns it inside out to examine the parts that had been tight up against her teacher's pussy, and it sure looks messy. Streaks of white, glistening cream all over it. It seems to be pretty thick. Not as liquidy as she thought it might be. The girl was salivating involuntarily. Her young mouth automatically building up spit inside of it. She REALLY wants to taste all that stuff inside Miss Williams' panties.

"Go ahead," Shanna hisses, her upper white teeth bared like a snarling animal, anticipating the nastiest of acts yet by the child. "Have a taste. Have a lick; see if you like it. See if you like that dirty fucking cunt juice. See if you like the taste of my nasty snatch-cum. If you like it, you can be my very special little white slut and we can play lots and lots of nasty games. Lick my panties, Melanie. Lick my nasty fucking panties and taste my nasty fucking cream."

Part of Shanna makes her wish she had brought some kind of audio recording device, just so she could allow her husband to hear how obscenely she was talking to this child. She knows how much he loves watching, or hearing, his wife indulging in her sick, depraved fantasies and being a perverted, nasty slut. She was always so attractive to him especially when she drops all pretence and wallows in the most obscene sexual needs her brain can conjure up. She knows that when he first found out about her arousal from doing "things" with young children, instead of being outraged or sickened, his cock grew even harder and his love for her grew even deeper, simply by virtue of her sharing something so taboo, so deeply forbidden with him.

Shanna's eyes twinkle and her face twists into a crooked, twisted smile as she watches the girl slowly dip the tip of her tongue into a slimy trail of pussy goo in the gusset of the older woman's panties. Her eyes focus on watching the tip of that young tongue push the slime around and seeing the girl retract her tongue back to sample the taste. And she must like the texture and taste, because she immediately looks up at her teacher with a naughty, impish smile, and sticks her tongue up against the material of the panties with much more confidence and enthusiasm the second time around. Like licking along an ice-cream, the 7-year-old girl licks along the soaked, oily gusset, licking up good helpings of slimy white cunt juice. Shanna watches, her twat once again burning with a nasty craving to be brought into play as a young white girl is cleaning out the sloppy inside of her tasty, smelly panties from the inside. A sight that may make many grown ups cringe but which the girl has no trouble engaging in, dragging her young tongue up and down the greasy white stain inside a black woman's panties.

"OOOOHHHH FFFUCCCKKKK... That's so FUCKING NASTY..." Shanna whines loudly, her eyes rolling up in their sockets as the dirty slurping sounds of a child licking up twat cream penetrate her ears. "You're such a good, nasty little girl, Melanie. You're such a good little panty-licking girl cleaning my pussy-grease out of my panties like that. Keep licking, baby-girl. Get it all. Clean it up. Clean my fucking panties out with that hot little mouth of yours. You like the way my cunt juice tastes, don't you? Uh-huh... Yeah you do. You love it. I can see it by the way that little tongue of yours is digging into that dirty crotch. Say it, baby. Tell me that you like eating my juice from my dirty panties. Tell me that you like eating my cunt-fuck. Say it like that, with those words, honey. Look me right in the eye and say that you like eating my nasty cunt-fuck."

Melanie drags whatever cream was on her tongue with it into her mouth to swallow it down, looking at the depraved 32-year-old black woman all the while, and tells the teacher what she wants to hear. With her young, high-pitched 7-year-old voice, the contrast between sound and content is gigantically obscene.

"Mmm... I really like eating your nasty cunt-fuckkk, Miss Williams," Melanie chirps putting emphasis on the k-part of the word "fuck". "I love eating your nasty cunt-fuck right out of your dirty panties. It tastes really good. It smells good too."

"Jesus almighty..." Shanna groans, her eyes rolling up again at hearing the pre-teen say the obscene words almost like a practiced little whore. The little submissive imp seems to be getting the hang of why using certain words can be fun. All she has to do was to see what effect certain words have on the naked woman sitting in front of her.

"Keep licking, Melanie. Lick them all over. Front to back. Get all my juices. Even get the part that was in my butt-crack, baby. Maybe you like that too. It's probably a bit sweaty, so it has probably caught a bit of the taste of my black crack. I'm gonna play with myself while you work on my messy panties, baby. Work on my messy panties and watch me while I play with my wet, steaming cunt."

The nasty black woman and the naughty white young girl are shamelessly staring into one another's eyes as they perform twisted, depraved acts for each other's viewing pleasure. The girl laps at the warm, fragrant, wet undergarment. And the woman had raised her knees up toward her chest, fully splaying her naked, hairy, crotch, and makes first one, then two, and finally three fingers disappear between her thick cunt lips and into her pink gash.

The young girl, almost singing as she licks at every wet spot of the woman's panties, was amazed at how Shanna's fingers seem to just be swallowed up and disappear so easily into that gash, reappearing constantly wetter than before, and making funny, greasy wet sounds. The dark, fleshy flaps of her inner labia seem to be pushed in along her fingers, and fold back out once the fingers come out. Sometimes wet drops seem to slide out of the hole along with her fingers and then they run down into the dark crack of her ass.

"Do you like watching me finger-fuck myself, Melanie? Huh? Do you like watching my fingers go in and out of my dirty black snatch like that? Say the word for me, baby? Say 'snatch' for me. I want to hear you say it."

"Mmmm... SNATCH..." the child utters in between spooning out helpings of slime with her tongue.

"That's itttt..." Shanna grunts, her voice deep and thick with arousal. "Eat my dirty fuck and watch me jack my snatch with my fingers. I'm gonna cum again soon. Stick 'em in your mouth, Melanie. Stick my dirty panties in your mouth and suck them. Suck them clean. Suck everything out while I make myself cum in front of you. Watch me finger my hot sopping twat and suck all the juices out of my panties. All the dirty stains. My cunt-slime, my crack-sweat, whatever there is. Get it all, baby-girl. Be my nasty little white stain-sucking child-whore. Can you hear that? Can you hear how wet and sloppy my cunt is the way my fingers are squelching in it? Can you smell it? Can you hear and smell my black fuckhole? Soon you'll be touching it. You'll be touching it and tasting it, baby. But for now just listen and watch and smell, and suck on my panties while I fucccckkkkiiiiiinnnng cuuuuuuuuuuumMMMMMMM... OH GOOOOOODDD... IHHIII'MMMMM CUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNGGG... SHIT... SHIT... SHIT... SUCK MY DIRTY FUCKING CUNT-FUCK OUT OF MY PANTIES..."

Shanna experiences a candidate of all-time-hardest orgasms as she quickly fingers her cunt and spews the vilest of words out into an elementary school class-room. Her legs flail; her thighs squeeze and relax; her toes curl and her fingers are ultimately unmoving inside of her sucking, contracting hole for the remainder of her climax. It begs the question what made her cum the hardest: the girl having her sloppy panties in her mouth with just a little bit hanging out of her mouth, or simply the act of saying the dirtiest words she could come up with to a 7-year-old girl.

At least three minutes had gone by when Shanna spoke next. Three minutes of enjoyment, of huffing and puffing and clearing the stars from her eyes. She finally speaks when she hears the girl she had momentarily forgotten in her moments of sheer bliss.

"I've done it, Miss Williams. Look. Your panties are clean. There is no more cream left."

Shanna slowly opens her eyes, the light cascading through the windows making her squint as she slowly adjusts to the brightness again. She looks at the girl holding out her panties inside out, and makes out that indeed there seems to be none of the delicious residue left. It had all gone down the young girl's throat and is now residing somewhere in her stomach. The woman smiles broadly and contentedly. A child has cleaned out her panties with her mouth. Her husband was really going to enjoy hearing about this. They were going to fuck like sweaty animals while talking about the nasty, pedophile things she had done with a white young girl. She would have a photograph of the girl in bed with them so they could both see her young face as they fuck and talk about her.

The teacher slowly retracts her three brown, slick digits from her sensitive groove, and holds them up in front of her face to look at them. They were completely covered in clear vaginal liquids. She made scissoring movements with them and noticed tiny sticky strands clings between them.

"Great, little girl," the nasty teacher says, still slightly panting. "Now all there is left is my fingers. Why don't you just clean my fingers for me, and then we can clean you up, make you all proper to get you home, so your mommy and daddy won't smell cunt on you. Here..."

Shanna holds out her hand, and Melanie eagerly slides her mouth around the woman's brown, sticky fingers. Slowly the child bobs her head; her cheeks hollow as she moves her lips back and forth, and sucks and slurps on the adult ebony woman's fingers. Shanna loves the feeling of that hot, wet, young mouth sliding up and down her creamy brown digits, feeling the girl's tongue slide along them, and licking between them, feeling the girl wash her fingers in sweet child-spit.

"That's it, baby. Suck those slimy brown fingers clean. Suck the cunt-muck of my dirty fingers," she whispers, not relenting on the nastiness of her verbiage; not relenting on corrupting the girl with every hot, sexy means possible.

"Just remember as you clean your teacher's fingers, sweetie, that this is just the beginning. There is so, so much more I'm going to show you. So much more I'm going to have you for me."

To Be Continued...

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Will u always right the best and nastiest stories. That was the best. I loved every bit of it.


Damn this story is really getting good. Loved it from the first chapter and it is only getting better.


I love the way the teacher gently seduces the girl into pleasing her. It's all about satisfying her perverted needs, while the dialogue from the teacher sizzles. Fantastic work.

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