A Black Teacher Indulges, Part 2

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Published: 29-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The girl didn't need to be told twice. When Shanna, her teacher had asked her to "put her hot, wet little mouth on her big black tits and to suck on her fat fucking nipples," she immediately did as told, eager to play naughty, forbidden games and eager to please her favorite teacher. Melanie had started by flicking her little tongue against Shanna's thimble-sized nubbins because the woman had asked her. So that's what she's doing now.

Shanna looks down, breathing heavily, as the child is flicking the tip of her tongue at that fat, stiff, black nipple, pushing it around with the tip of that little girl-tongue. Feeling that wet childish oral muscle play with her taut bud is something else, to be sure. The girl's added hot, moist breath washing over her brown jug only made it so much better than it already was. She actually has to remind herself of the true nature of what is happening to believe it. A child...CHILD...no older than seven, is licking her tit. Is making her cream her panties by licking at one of her huge brown knockers.

"Bite it, sweetie. Not too hard, just a little," the teacher urges hotly, her face contorted into a lust-filled grimace. Melanie looks up into the teacher's dark eyes, and proceeds to gently gnaw at the black, fat nipple, scraping it gently with the edge of her teeth and carefully pulling the meaty brown tit forward by pulling her head back, with the big stiff nipple caught between her small white teeth.

"Yeah, that's it. Bite those fat fucking nipples, baby. Make them stiff with those teeth and tongue. Now take as much of my tit in your mouth as you can, darling. Stuff your hot little mouth full of black tit, and suck really hard. Don't be careful now. And use your small fingers on my other nipple. Play with one as you suck on the other."

And like that, the young girl opens her mouth as wide as she can and latches onto a large brown chunk of adult tit-flesh. The black areola was too big and there was plenty left outside of the girl's mouth but at least the nipple was being bathed in hot sticky child-spit. It was enough to cause goose bumps to cover the large black areolae. The other dark nipple, meanwhile, is getting pinched, twisted and pulled by a 7 year old girl's thumb and index-finger in the way that Shanna instructs. The child sits on the black woman's lap, suck on a massive breast, fingers the other, and oily, fragrant snatch-juice keeps flowing from the woman's fuck hole into the drenched gusset of her panties.

Shanna, in complete deviant lust, puts her hand on the back of the girl's head, her other hand under her tit, and pulls the girl's head forward tightly and pushes her tit into the girl's face. The soft, pillowy brown mammary gets squashed into most of the girl's head as the horny depraved woman tries getting as much tit forced into the hungry, sucking girl-mouth as she can. It won't hurt the girl; the tit is too soft and floppy, and the woman takes care not to suffocate the girl, but aside from that she is definitely trying to cram as much of her huge brown orb into the girl's mouth and face as possible.

"Suck it. Suck it hard. Suck that big black tit, you dirty little girl. I swear if I had milk to give, I'd give you milk to drink. I'd feed you black woman's mother's milk in your white young mouth. I'd squirt my big tit empty down your throat. FUCKKKK... Just suck my big, nasty fucking tits as hard as you can, baby. You make me so wet... You make me drench my nasty fucking panties, baby. I can smell my snatch from up here because of you. You make a river of hot slime gush out of my dirty gash and coat the inside of my panties, just by playing nasty games with my fat tits."

Melanie heard the teacher say the kind of things she had never heard before, things that sounded awfully dirty, but she likes it a lot. It is like seeing a side of a grown-up no other kids her age will get to see. A bit like knowing a secret. She hopes to hear much, much more of it, as she drools all over the big chunk of soft brown flesh that is roughly being forced into her mouth.

Sucking, slurping noises fill the room as the 7-year-old is almost made by Shanna to devour her meaty tit globe, being almost force-fed as much tit as possible into her mouth as one of her hands is squeezing the other funbag and playing with that near-totally black tit nubbin.

"The other one too, baby. The other one too," Shanna coos, almost pleads, as she retracts her tit from the girl's mouth with a slurp, and proceeds to stuff the other tit into the young girl's mouth. The cool breeze coursing through the slightly ajar window washes over the wet unoccupied tit and makes the lewd woman realize all the more how nasty she is being. That is actual child-spit covering her black nipple! The draft running past it gives the moist skin the feeling that it is being pulled tight, and Shanna cannot help but imprint upon her own brain: that is a CHILD'S spit that is now drying on my tit.

And she wants much, much more of it. Everywhere on her body, in time. Even in the unlikeliest of places. In the end, she wants Melanie's spit everywhere. She wants her immature tongue to have tasted every place on her mature brown body there is to taste. She wants that immature tongue to give her a thorough tongue-bath from head to toe. The slight guilt she originally felt after that first fantasy about kids is gone into oblivion. She now wholeheartedly embraces the idea of having a white child as her personal sex-toy. A white child for the purpose of making her mature cunt happy. If it happens to be the child of bigoted parents, all the better. She'll "own" the child in ways the parents never will, and make it hers in ways most people find unimaginable.

"Suck it. Slurp on it. Lick itttt..." Shanna quivers, licking her lips. "Eat my tits. Taste my fucking black tits. Stuff those nasty, fat fucking nipples into your hot, young child-mouth, baby. Be my little sexy bitch. Be my little tit-sucking whore, darling. Being my little tit-sucking whore is a good thing. I promise."

Oh how Shanna wishes her husband could be here to watch. She would love to share the spectacle with him, her soul mate with whom she can share everything. She would love to see him sitting somewhere in this room, jacking off that massive, fat Mandingo cock, making those full heavy balls bounce from his jacking motions, his wide purple helmet covered in slick pre-cum as he watches his whore of a wife sexually devour a white child. Maybe... Maybe some day, after she has totally turned this tasty little girl into her full-fledged sex-toy, she can offer this white child up to her husband's gigantic black cock for the little slut to suck. Wouldn't that be a sight? This 7-year-old white girl sucking on her husband's purple knob, sucking the pre-cum straight from his flaring piss-slit; jacking off that fat, veiny black meatpole with her tiny white hands? Seeing him empty his balls all over her small, white, smiling face? Seeing rope after rope fly over that button nose, those freckled cheeks, into that blond hair and into her open mouth and across her small outstretched tongue? JESUS CHRIST!!!

And so, as she stuffs big black tit into the girl's mouth and the girl just sucks and sucks on the areola as if it's a delicious piece of chocolate that she can suck off, Shanna cums like human thunder. The combination of a child sucking her meaty black jugs and the various filthy thoughts of what the girl could be doing at a later time, is enough for an earth-shattering orgasm. Her cunt clenches again and again rhythmically and deposits a stream of cream into the gusset of her already totally saturated and caked panties. Her toes curl. Shanna wants to scream but she knows she can't. People will come running from outside and see her here in an otherwise deserted school building, getting her tits sucked by a 7-year-old girl.

In the back of her mind, the thought of random people catching her getting her fucking tits sucked by a white young child turns her on even more. And Shanna cums even harder.

To Be continued.

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Yummy black udders, what a succulent indulgence for a young girl to feast on. Perhaps she could feast on her pussy juice too?!

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