The Cop's Daughter: Sequel

[ MMg, ped, extreme, orgy, beast, creampie, ws ]

by Warden


Published: 6-Jan-2012

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I like to thank Dawn of PuppyLoverDawn for granting me permission to write this squeal!

I like to mention before anyone reads this story that you must be of legal age in your country. Also, this story is erotic fantasy and that I do not condone child abuse in any way. I would also, like to add that I do not support anything that is mentioned in this story. This story is meant to read for personal enjoyment and I do not want anyone to act out anything that you read here!

A New Life begins for Thereasa

Officer Tom Riley took two weeks holiday after what happen to care for his daughter Thereasa. He, his wife Sarah and Thereasa went to his mother-in-law's holiday home by the sea. Officer Riley did not know of the envelope until his leave was ended. The envelope was still on his desk when he finally returns to active duty. There it sat at the bottom of a large pile of mail. He could not believe what he saw when he played the video. All he could think of was his Little Princess had lied to him.

He remembered how she pleaded with him to get the pictures off the mobiles that the men from the Fire Department had took off her. Officer Riley had a hard time, along with the other police officers, to persuade them to delete the pictures off their mobiles. One member of the Fire Department, a woman, was the last person to delete all the images, but not before she sends them to her email address.

Thereasa's father could not bring himself to look at or talk to her when he got home. His wife had a hard time to get him to tell her what was wrong. She could sense that something was not right. Mrs. Riley was in deep shock when he finally told her about the video. Thereasa was watching television when her parents entered the living room. When Thereasa saw the video that her father was holding in his hand she suddenly felt a big lump in her throat, her heart beat faster, and colour drained from her face, she had forgotten about the video! She had a wonderful two weeks with her parents and maternal grandparents that she almost forgot the terrible things that she underwent by the perverts.

Officer Riley switched on the VCR and pushed the cassette into the machine. Thereasa tried to stop her father playing the video by trying to get the cassette out of the machine, but her father was too strong for her. He simply pushed her to the floor, 'Oh no, my girl, let your Mother see what a Slut you are,' said her father. She never had seen her father so angry before. His face was bright red and his eyes were full of hate. Thereasa pleaded with her father not to play the video, but he had pressed the "Play" button when he pushed his daughter to the floor.

Thereasa's mother rushed to the bathroom to be sick when she saw her baby girl being fucked in the arse by the dog. She did not see the scene of her daughter with the horse or the cum drinking scene. Her father switched off the VCR when his wife left the room, as he wanted to spare his wife any more grief. When she got back Thereasa was shaking with fear. The look of hatred on her mother's face was something that Thereasa had never seen before. Mrs Riley slapped Thereasa's face so hard that she almost fell to the floor. 'How could could you do that with a dog?' said her mother with such venom of hate in her voice.

'They... they made me do it ...Mummy,' said Thereasa in a soft weak voice. She sounded like a girl of 5 years old then one of 12 years.

'Don't lie to us you filthy slut,' said her father, 'I have seen children in these videos and they all looked scared and you didn't. You looked pleased with yourself at what you did with those perverts,' said her father in an angry hateful tone. 'I have been working in the "Anti-Child Pornography and Prostitute Unit" since you were three years old. I and my friends and colleagues tried to make the streets safe for you and your friends, but it seems you like to be with perverts then with decent people,' said her father, who was now wishing that he and his wife were a childless couple.

He could not bear to look at his daughter, who at one time he would have died to protect her from all forms of danger. Thereasa pleaded with her parents that she was not lying to them. All of Thereasa's pleads fell on deaf ears and nothing that she said would convince her parents that she was telling the truth.

The following morning at breakfast her parents did not look at her or even to talk to her. All of Thereasa's questions were not answered. Her parents acted as if she did not exist. Thereasa had to make her own breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as her own laundry. This went on for two months. Thereasa decided that she must do something to get her parents to notice her again. Her parents pinned on the back of her bedroom door the clothes that she was wearing on that horrible day. Also pinned on the door was a note that read "Good Girls do not wear these clothes, but Sluts do."

She un-pinned the clothes off the door and put them on. Her parents were in the kitchen eating dinner when Thereasa entered, saying, 'Do you think that I really like to wear these clothes?' Her parents said nothing and did not even look up. 'Mummy, Daddy, look at me,' said Thereasa, she was almost crying, but seeing that she was not getting any response lifted up the short black leather skirt and with her legs apart to reveal short blonde pubic hair and her slit through the crotchless panties. She said, 'Do you really think that I like to wear these panties?" Again her parents said nothing nor did they look up. Seeing that she was not going to get any response decided to carry out "Plan B".

Thereasa, three days ago, decided that she must prove her innocence and the only way to do this was to find the men, who raped her? Her father always kept copies of all of his notes and when her parents were out, made her own copies by scanning them onto her laptop. The notes that she was most interested in were the names of all known paedophiles.

She also, made a copy of the video onto DVD. She now had a copy on her laptop and could, if needed make copies to sell, in order to find the men. The thought of selling the DVD that showed her rape made her feel sick inside, but she knew that she needed money to buy information as well as other things such as food. She has no money and the alternative of earning money also made her sick. All the money that she has in the world is $385.35 and she knew that it would not last one month on the streets of any city in the USA.

She decided to head to New York City, as she thought that it might be the best place to find the men. Saturday would be the best time to go, so on Saturday morning, around 6 am she made her move. She left a note on the bed that said, "Gone to prove my innocense by finding the men who raped me. Lots of love, Thereasa." The journey from New Jersey to New York took about 2 and half hours and, the bus did not leave until 8 am in the morning. She was now looking for a hotel called, "The Royal Kristen Hotel." This hotel was owned and managed by a woman called Mrs Alice Beeches, whose son is a known paedophile.

In her father's notes Phillip Beeches, has been in and out of jail since he was 17 years old. His first time in jail was when he fucked a girl of 7 years old. In the notes Phillip is now 43 years old and still unmarried and still living with his "Mummy!" Also, in the notes it showed a photograph of him and his mother. In the photo his mother is short and fat, while he is taller and slim with a good head of hair. He also looked rather handsome and has a nice smile that surprised her and if he was not a paedophile she could fall in love with him.

She told the taxi driver the address of the "The Royal Kristen Hotel" and he looked at her and said, 'The hotel is in the worst part of the City, do you really want to go there?' She assured him that it was the right hotel. He looked at her again. Thereasa was wearing the clothes that her rapists had dressed her in.

He thought that she would not be out of place in that part of the City, since nearly all the girls are wearing the super short black leather skirt, a pink tank top with the word "Sexy" in gold letters and black low heel shoes. The black high heel shoes that her rapists gave her are in her bag, as she has not mastered walking in them! As he looked at her, he thought that he would like to fuck this slut, especially if she did not have the money to pay the fare. However, he was disappointed when she paid him.

Her heart was beating faster as she was standing outside the hotel. Standing outside were five black men and they all smiled at her as to say, 'We know what you like to do in your spare time, "darling".' She looked at this hotel and it was built in dark and dirty brick, in a street where the other buildings were built of brown stone, and when she entered with head bowed low, as she was ashamed to be seen outside this building, let alone to enter it! She was surprised, for inside the hotel was clean and tidy.

Thereasa went to the reception area to sign in. She had hoped that Phillip would be the receptionist, but it was his mother. As soon as she saw Thereasa, she knew that she was to have some trouble with this "girl". She signed in and gave an address of an old derelict building in New Jersey and $180 for the first months rent.

'Phillip! Shows this Slut to her room would you dear.' Thereasa was shocked at this response and gave Mrs Beeches a long hard stare. 'Its no good looking at me like at Slut. I know what you are and just keep away from my son. He has not been in any trouble with the police now for six years and I want to keep it like that, do you understand me Slut?' said Mrs Beeches in a cold hard voice.

Thereasa simply said, that she is not a slut and that she has no interest in her son. 'Is that right you little tart! All I can say that you look like a slut and in my experience if a girl looks like a slut then she is a Slut', said Mrs Beeches whose voice was just as cold and hard as before. She could not disagree with her on that point as she did look like a slut!

'Ha, Phillip, here is the Slut's keys! Her room is "309",' said his mother whose eyes did not leave her son

'Don't you look beautiful and what is your name?' said Phillip, whose smile made Thereasa blush.

'My name is Ther...' but his mother interrupted her.

'Phillip, how many times must I tell you! Rule One: You're not to talk to fucking bitches. Rule Two: You're not to touch them. Rule Three: You're only to show them to their rooms and to carry their bags,' said Mrs Beeches so loud that she could be heard outside. I want you to come straight down after you carried this slut's bags, do you understand Phillip?' said his mother with all the venom of a woman wronged.

'Yes, Mummy!' said Phillip trying to sound as apologetic as possible.

'Well, here we are My Lady,' said Phillip trying to act like a British Lord! 'What's your name again?' said Phillip.

'It's Thereasa Riley, Sir,' she said with her cheeks blushing!

'Call me Phillip, My Lady Thereasa,' he said, taking her left hand and kissing it. Thereasa's cheeks went bright red. 'Mummy is wrong about you, My Lady, no slut can blush like you can,' he said smiling down at Thereasa. She could not bring herself to look at him for she knew that if she did it would make her embarrassment worst. As Phillip looked at her he thought, 'who are you kidding you little whore! You have fucked before and if it wasn't for these dammed pills that my mother forced me to take I'd be fucking you right now! Well I must now leave you to unpack,' said Phillip still smiling at her. 'Oh, before I forget the man in room 308 is called Mark Lawrence and I think that you and he will get to know each other very well!' said Phillip. As he left Thereasa he thought to himself, 'yes Mark will love to fuck your tight pussy, you little whore.'

Thereasa placed her bag on the bed and the case containing her laptop in the wardrobe. The wardrobe door has a full-length mirror and she was looking at herself sitting on the bed. She saw for the first time just how short her skirt really is, for she could see her pussy even with her knees together. The crotchless panties do not hide anything that you would want to be hidden. She was thinking back when she was on the bus or when she was sitting on a bench in the "Bus Station" of how many men who must have seen her cunt? For she remembered that she did not sit with her knees to closely together.

Thereasa knew that the taxi driver had seen her most private of parts for she gave him a quick flash of her snatch. She saw him trying to get a better view up her skirt in his mirror and it was then that she flashed her cunt and said, 'Do you like what you see mister?' asked Thereasa in her most slutty way possible. The taxi driver only smiled. It was then that she started to cry. She buried her head in the pillow to muffle the sound of her cries.

Thereasa must have fallen asleep for it was now 4 p.m. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. She must now think seriously about money with the bus and taxi fares plus the rent on this room she did not have much left. All the money she has now is $61.87 and in a City like New York that will not last a day! The first thing on Monday was to find a job, but what can a 12 year old girl do to earn a living? The only things that keep popping into her head were selling her body for sex! How can "Mummy and Daddy" believe her that she was not a willing star of that movie, if she has to prostitute herself, in order to prove her innocence? It was proving to be a "Catch 22" situation.

She could sell a copy of the DVD and she knew of one possible buyer i.e. Phillip. How can she sell a copy to him? It would be embarrassing as Phillip thinks that she is an angel and what would he say when she tries to sell the DVD to him? Thereasa was finding it hard to believe that Phillip is a p paedophile, for he never tried to touch her. She knows what is in her father's notes about him, but she was finding it hard to relate the man in the notes with Phillip! After a long soul searching, she decided to talk to him sometime tomorrow. In the notes it mentioned that Mrs Beeches is a Christian and goes to Church everyday and twice on Sundays. With that decided she went out to buy something to eat!

As she was reading the notes on Phillip she remembered what Phillip said about her neighbour on how well she and Mark Lawrence would get to know each other! She looked through her father's notes for "Mark Lawrence" and to her surprise found something on someone called Mark Lawrence. Could this be the same Mark Lawrence thought Thereasa?


Outside her window the next morning, she could see the Church of St Edith's that Mrs Beeches attends. She finally saw her heading to St Edith's. As she locked the door to her room she saw a man coming out of room 308. He was about 35 years old, 5' 7" and about the average built for his age and height. He has blue eyes, set in a square face and with light brown hair.

'You must be my new neighbour, Thereasa is that right?' he said smiling sweetly at her.

'Yes,' she said blushing.

'Well, my name is Mark Lawrence, but please call me Mark after all we are neighbours!' he said eyeing her young tight body and thinking that Phillip was right about her being a little whore. For no decent girl would wear clothes like the ones she is wearing now.

Thereasa saw the hungry look in his eyes and she surprised herself for not being afraid, but she enjoyed the moment. They both talked for 20 minutes, but Thereasa had to see Phillip and she reluctantly needed to call off their interesting talk by saying she had to see Phillip on a very important matter.

'I'm sorry my dear you should have said something sooner,' said Mark looking a little disappointed of having to cut short their chat.

She noticed the look on his face and felt sorry for him, but she needed to see Phillip before his mother gets back from Church. She ran to the top of the stairs and she stopped and turned around and with her legs spread apart called to Mark, he was about to open the door to the bathroom, as he turn to face to Thereasa, at which point she lifted up her skirt. He saw her short blonde pubic hairs and the small mound of her cunt and all he could say was, 'Wow, what a naughty girl you are Thereasa,' he said with a big grin on his face. All she could do was to smile knowing that he enjoyed the view.

As she went down stairs she thought what was she doing; first she exposed herself to the taxi driver yesterday and now today to her neighbour, but she could not deny that she had enjoyed it. When she got to the reception, she found no one there, so she rang the bell. As Phillip exited the office her heart was beating faster and her breathing was deeper as he walked to the counter. Thereasa, found at first she could not talk and when she did manage to say something her voice was rather like that of a frog. He tried to calm her down by saying would it be better if we were in the office? At this, she said yes. Thereasa, felt a little better in here knowing that she what not be over heard.

'Please, sit down Thereasa! Well, how may I help you?' he said sounding very sincere.

'You know that I have paid for the first month,' said Thereasa, whose voice was still croaking.

'Yes and how does this concern me?' he said while all the time looking up her skirt.

She only now has noticed this and thought, 'Ho, what the hell,' and spread her legs wide as she could, so that he could have a better look at her snatch. The smile on his face widens and she knew that he must have been enjoying the sight of her pussy!

'It'll be hard for me being 12 years old to find a job,' said Thereasa.

'12 years old! I took you to be 16,' said Phillip interrupting her. Her cheeks blushed red.

'Thank you!' she said still blushing and averting her eyes from him. 'However, I have a DVD for sell for $500!' said Thereasa still trying not to look at him knowing that she would blush again.

'How many DVDs are you selling for $500?' said Phillip a little puzzled.

'Just one,' said Thereasa her heart now pumping faster, as she knows what the next question is to be.'

'One?' said Phillip, 'this DVD must be something very special, Thereasa, am I right?' he said knowingly. Thereasa head bowed so low that she could, if she wanted, lick her own cunt.

'Yes!' she said still trying not to look at him.

'Well what's this DVD about, Thereasa?' when he got no answer, said, 'wouldn't be easier for me to say?' All she could do was to nod her head. 'Well would this DVD show a little girl being fucked?' said Phillip hoping that this is not a police entrapment. Thereasa again nodded her head. He did not say anything and Thereasa was feeling a little scared, was her father's notes about him right? After what seemed to be a lifetime he got out of his chair and said, 'Wait here while I get the money for you,' and then added, 'I just hope this DVD is worth the money that you want for it Thereasa.'

Thereasa looked up and said, 'I don't think that you'll be disappointed,' her voice was so low he could hardly hear her words.

He came back a few minutes later with the money and she gave him the DVD. He was looking down at her with legs still apart while counting the money. 'It's all there darling,' he said and his voice was a little harder, even crueller then before which unnerved her. 'May I say that you got a nice cunt,' said Phillip with a satanic grin.

Thereasa looked at him and tried to smile to show that she was not afraid of him. All she could say was,' Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed looking at it!'

With that Phillip opened the door to the office and said, 'Well our business is now over, but try and spend the money wisely, slut', he said now that he knew that she is a whore. Thereasa looked at him when he said the word Slut and knew that she could not fool him any more.

When she got back to her room she set aside the money for next month's rent and put it in a safe place, when someone knocked on her door. She opened it to see that if was Mark Lawrence. 'Hello, again Thereasa I was making some tea and I thought you may like to join me?' he said in a kind and gentle tone of voice. She said that she would like that very much and guessing that he had a sexual motive in asking her for tea. His room was about the same size as hers, but she could not see his bed and very stupidly asked were his bed was? 'Whoa, now my girl, we do not know each other that well yet, but thank you for the offer!' he said with a cheeky grin and all the while thought, this fucking whore cannot wait for me to bury my cock deep into her small tight cunt!

'The sofa is the bed that is to say "the sofa transforms into a bed by pulling it out!' he said smiling. Thereasa could not believe that she could have been so stupid, perhaps he was not the same "Mark Lawrence" as mentioned in her father's notes, but just some one who is just kind to strangers to welcome them to a new neighbourhood. However, her instinct about him was saying something different. 'Do make yourself comfortable, my dear,' he said, as he guided her to a chair.

Knowing what he may like to see had her young slender legs as wide as she possibly could and he smiled down at her sweetly on seeing her pussy again. He handed her a cup of tea and sat down in his favourite armchair and, said 'The reason that I invited you, that I received a text on my mobile from Phillip! It mentions that you sold him a DVD of a small girl getting fucked is this true Thereasa?' he said questioningly, while all of the time looking at her sweet small mound of her pussy.

Thereasa was taken aback when he said the word fucked it was not a word that she expected him to say, but all she could say was yes. He said no more about the DVD again, but chatted to her on other subjects like "What is her favourite book or her favourite movie and anything that may interest a girl of her age."

After a while Thereasa decided to leave not that she felt uncomfortable, but she needed to plan what to do to find the men. 'Please don't go yet Thereasa, you see the reason why I asked you here was to buy a copy of the DVD that you sold to Phillip, if you have one?' he said still not taken his eyes off her pussy. He was hoping that the girl in this DVD that she was selling was Thereasa and he needed to find out? It was strange to Thereasa that she did not feel any fear now that she knew for sure that Mark is a paedophile. In fact looking back she did not feel any real fear when she sold the DVD to Phillip. What was happening to her? She should be afraid and she should be running out of this hotel screaming and to find a policeman to report Phillip and Mark.

She found herself saying, 'It'll cost you $500 for the DVD and not a penny less,' she was sounding like a hard headed businesswoman and if she keeps finding people, who would want to buy the DVD then she would not have to prostitute herself.

'$500! Ho, Phillip didn't mention that it would cost me $500,' said Mark somewhat disappointed. 'How long is this movie?' he said to her.

'It's about one hour long,' said Thereasa and I like to assure you that you'll not be disappointed she said with a big smile on her face.

'Wow, that does sound like a bargain. You can get a DVD of thirty minutes for that price,' said Mark. 'I have one question Thereasa,' he said eyeing her face to judge her reaction to the coming question. This was what Thereasa was dreading for she could guess what he was about to ask her! 'Are you the "Girl" in the DVD Thereasa?' he said still not taking his eyes of her face. He was not to be disappointed when she said, "Yes". This time she did not blush as she has become accustomed to exposing her cunt at every opportunity and it seemed stupid to blush for being the "Girl" in the DVD. For he will see her being fucked hard by four men, a dog and sucking on a horse's cock. 'I'm sorry, my dear, but I don't have $500 on me at present, but I do have $300 and as tomorrow is Monday I can get the rest then, if you can trust me?' said Mark, who was hoping that she would say yes!

Thereasa thought hard, but as she wants money, in order to find the men, she reluctantly said "Yes!" She added' 'If I cannot trust a fellow pervert, then who can I trust?' said Thereasa. Both she and Mark laughed

She came back some ten minutes later with the DVD and he handed over the money. 'Please, don't go Thereasa I have something that may interest you!' he said with a smile. Go the wardrobe and pull the bottom draw out. She did as she was told and saw a large collection of magazines, videos and a small number of DVDs. The collection was on pornography, child pornography. 'Take some to read Thereasa!' said Mark after all we are not strangers any more. She did not needed to be told twice. She took magazine after magazine out of the draw. The magazine that caught her eye was the front cover of a magazine called "Gangbang Schoolgirl".

On the front cover was a girl about 5 to 7 years old with 6 men standing around her. She had a cock in her arse; cunt and mouth while the other men were waiting their turn to fuck her. 'I see that you like that magazine the best, Thereasa!' said Mark pleased that she and he has the same taste in pornography. 'That magazine is no longer in print as the police caught the people who ran the magazine. It ran for 13 years and only been out of business now for 9 years. You probably do not remember the publicity about the case,' said Mark and then added. 'I was one of the lucky people not to have been sent to jail for 20 years for owning child pornography,' he said with tears in his eyes for some of his friends died in prison, who were also involved with the case. Thereasa stopped looking at the magazine and saw that Mark was crying in his armchair and went over to comfort him.

'How long were you in prison for Mark?' said Thereasa sad to see him crying.

'6 years,' he said, '6 long years, you cannot imagine what life was like for people like me, Thereasa. I was in the prison hospital 13 times in 6 years,' he said trying to smile, in order not to upset her.

'6 years, I think that is horrible and all because you want to see a beautiful little girl getting a "Right Royal Fucking",' she said smiling at him. The smile was so sweet it almost helped forget the bad memories.

'Would you like to fuck me now, Mark!' said Thereasa, who was now sitting on his lap. 'You don't have to pay me,' she said smiling hoping that he would say "yes".

'You're so kind Thereasa, but not right now, perhaps tomorrow?' he said with his index finger rubbing the small mound of her cunt.

'It's a date then,' said Thereasa, 'May I take that magazine to read in my room?' she said, who was enjoying her finger fucking from Mark.

'Yes, of course, but please bring it back it has taken me 3 years to rebuild my collection and I am still missing some magazines,' he said. Pleased that she liked that magazine the best.

In her room she was finger fucking her cunt at seeing all the girls being gangbanged. The magazine showed the total of 6 girls, who were aged from 5 to 13, but it was the youngest girl that caught her imagination the same one on the front cover. She found it hard that a girl of her age could be fucked, but she was looking at the evidence and was astonished. It was an interesting magazine for not only for the pictures, but the stories of young girls, who loved to be fucked by adult men. It also carried advertisements of girls, who clearly were selling themselves or were being sold by adults.

She thought how sad it was that this magazine is no longer being printed. She was becoming confused for she came to New York to find the men who raped her, but she now sees no problem with the context of a child having sex with adults. What was wrong with me, she thought I freely offered myself to Mark and for no money! She also thought that if Phillip were here now, in her room, that she would let him fuck her in any way he liked and she would allow herself to love every fucking moment of it!

Early Monday morning she spent some of the money buying a new skirt, panties and tee shirt. After she got back she suddenly thought, 'Why does she want to find the men?' and 'was it because they had raped her?' The more she thought on this matter the more she came to the conclusion that she wanted now to find them, so that she could thank them for awakening her sexuality. It was a hot afternoon and she still had no idea of how to find the men.

She looked again at her father's note on the laptop and was reading the notes on Mark and Phillip for any clues. It mentioned the events that Mark had told her yesterday and nothing else is known about him and could not find any clues to find the men. It did not mention if he was actively fucking children. She was reading the notes again when someone knocked on her door She shouted, 'Just a minute,' as she hurriedly put away her laptop. She was not surprised to see her two favourite men. Mark just made a sound like that of a dog and Phillip that of a horse.

'I see that you both saw my performance in my DVD!' said Thereasa smiling her biggest smile ever seen on her face. 'Please come and I'm sure that you both want to fuck me now!' she said taking of her blue tee shirt and showed them that she is not wearing a bra. The men entered her room just as she removed her short pink skirt to reveal a pink lace panties, which she also removed. She now stood before them totally nude. 'Well, who's to be the first or am I to fuck you both at the same time?' said Thereasa teasingly.

'I would love to fuck you, but my "bitch" of a mother forces me to take pills, so that I cannot fuck anymore,' said Phillip bitterly.

'Do you have any objections to Mark fucking me?' she said, whose now getting wet between her legs.

'No! Go for it Mark,' said Phillip, who just now got out his digital video camera. He saw the look on Thereasa's face. 'Don't worry you will get a copy, so that you can sell it on the street,' said Phillip. At this comment Mark just laughed and a little later, so did Thereasa. It did not take long for Mark to undress and soon as he removed his underpants she was soon sucking on his cock.

Mark fucked Thereasa for over an hour. He fucked her three times in her tiny tight slit that girls of her age are known to have, twice in her arse (also a tight little hole) and four times in her mouth. He did not cum on her face, but dumped his baby making seed inside her body each time he fucked her. Thereasa smiled at him and said, 'I want you to cum on my face.' Her voice was low like that of a whisper, which was hardly a surprise after a hard day fucking.

Mark looked into Phillip's camera and said, 'Well I had better not disappoint such a happy little whore,' and started to wank over her face and soon deposited his load onto it. Phillip made sure that he got a close-up shot when Mark came over Thereasa's face.

She looked straight into the camera smiled and said, 'I hope my "Daddy" will like watching this little movie, as much as I did making it.'

Phillip switched his camera off and gave the video card to Thereasa and said, 'I'll come back for this and make you a copy, but I have to go as my "bitch" of a mother will be back from church and will be wanting to know where I am'. He looked downhearted at the thought of not getting his chance to fuck her.

He was clearly looking sad, and Thereasa wanted to know this business about the "Pills" that he mentioned earlier, so she asked him about them. 'What!' said Thereasa, who was clearly shocked at what he had told her. 'She cannot do that as its against your civil rights,' said Thereasa, who was now determine to help him, 'only the courts have the right to order you to take those "Horrible Pills". I'll go and see your mother and tell her to stop.'

'No!' said Phillip, 'please don't do that you might make things worse for me.'

'I cannot see you go through life taking those pills and you do have the right to fuck!' she said for she now wants him between her legs and to give her a hard fuck in all of her holes. The more she thought of it the hornier she became and her small slit wetter.

He saw the hungry look in her eyes and thought 'Oh, no she's going to see my mother and he realised that he must do something to stop her, but what can he do?' Phillip pleaded with her not to go, but saw that she was determined to help him. 'I am fucked', thought Phillip and left her room.

When he departed she and Mark just looked at each other and after what seemed like a lifetime she broke the spell by saying, 'Oh, I still got your magazine. It is a shame that it is no longer in print, for I would love to have been a model for it,' said Thereasa smiling a big smile at the thought of being a porno model.

'I'm glad that you liked it Thereasa,' he said with a smile that told her that he would like to be one of the men to fuck her. 'Yes!' thought Mark; 'I can see you now being taken by 5 or more men.' He looked at her and face still covered in his semen, for she had not bothered to clean it. The cum was now beginning to dry, so he took a handkerchief from his trousers pocket that was still lying on the floor and sat on her bed started to clean her face.

She bowed her head, but her eyes went up to look at him. As she looked at him and started to lift her head and said, 'When Phillip's mother first saw me called me a "slut", but I told her that I was a "good girl." It is only now that I realised that she is right, I am a "slut." Do you know Mark I think I'll love being a slut!' she said still looking Mark in his eyes. 'When did you realised that I'm a slut?' said Thereasa giving him an impish smile that only a natural born slut can give.

'The first moment that I saw you. No "good girl" would wear clothes like the ones you wear. You wear them like it was your second skin and a "decent girl" would feel uncomfortable in them. Also, she would not lift up her skirt to show the world her tight little slit, no matter how much money that someone would offer her to expose herself,' he said still cleaning her face.

On hearing this just made her hornier and she pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. She kissed him full on the mouth and her tongue deep inside. She grabbed his cock and started to rub it. As soon as it got hard she moved her young slender body down and impaled her slit onto his hard penis. This was the first time that she was on top on any man. Before it was the men, who were on top of her body. She was thinking of Phillip as she was fucking Mark. 'Will he be better then Mark?' she thought and the more she thought of fucking Phillip she felt hot inside.

She felt even hotter with the thoughts of them both fucking her and hotter still with the thoughts of both of their cocks in her tight pussy. She was sitting upright on Mark's body and moving her body faster and tried to use the muscles in her vagina to grab his cock, in order to make the sensation all the better for her. She was now on the verge of her greatest orgasmic sensation she was yet to experience. Her screams of orgasmic joy could be heard all over the hotel. No one in the hotel was now in no doubt what this young woman was doing in her room! She came the same time as Mark.

She passed out and fell on top of Mark. As she was coming to her senses felt a strange feeling that she never felt before and it was beautiful! When she finally opened her eyes she saw Mark's head between her legs and was licking out her; now well used cunt. The sight of him licking her slit just made her even hotter and arched her back and pushed forward her body, so that she could opened her legs wider, in order that he could have better access to her pussy. 'Yes!' she said, 'Yes lick out your cum and mine as well you "bad boy",' she said teasingly. It was not long before she came again and covered Mark's face in her cum. It was the first time that any man had licked her slit and she wanted other men to do that to her again!

After they had taken a shower together, which was another first experience for Thereasa and hopefully not her last they were now lying together in the nude on her small bed; just talking. Soon they both fell into a deep sleep in each other's arms like teenage lovers after they experience their first sexual intercourse. It was now early evening and she was in Mark's arms and she did not want him to leave. 'Please don't go,' she said with tears in her eyes.

'I have to go Thereasa. I have to meet someone.' He said not really wanting to leave her.

'Is it another girl?' said Thereasa sounding a little jealous.

'Thereasa, if I were to be seeing another girl, would you really be jealous?' he said already knowing the answer.

Thereasa thought for a moment and said, 'No! No I'm not jealous just make sure it's a slut like me,' she said looking up at him teasingly.

'I'm not meeting a woman or a girl. I'm meeting a man who I believe can make you a star in the world of "Child Pornography," but he is a hard person to find,' said Mark not taking his eyes of Thereasa as she lied on her bed naked.

'What makes you think that I want to be a star in movies?' she said questioningly.

'Thereasa you cannot keep selling your DVD, for if you sell it to the wrong person, you could find yourself in jail. The person that you sell it to could make numerous copies and find yourself unable to sell it again for the same price as you sold it to Phillip and Me.' Mark was sounding very serious as he continued saying. 'You must start to think seriously about how you're to earn your living?'

She could not deny that Mark was right, 'You could have asked me first,' she said looking up with not so innocent eyes. She continued by saying, 'I may not want to be in child porn?' she said with an impish grin that told Mark that she was only too happy to be in this type of movie. She knew that this business might be safer than selling her body for sex on the streets of New York. 'Who's this man that you want to do business on my behalf,' said Thereasa. For the man that Mark wants to see, may be one of the men that she is looking for herself.

Mark knew that he was in the wrong and he should have known better then to try to control her in this way; for Thereasa was no ordinary slut! For no girl that he knew before took to sex like her! All of the other girls were interested, but took some persuading, but all end-up loving sex. This girl is different, he thought, she must have run away from a small town, in this or some other State, where she could not easily live the life that she wants!

'His name is Jacob Melrose and some of his movies feature animals!' said Mark smiling down on his newest porno star.

'Wow, you really did like to see me getting fucked by a doggy, didn't you!' she said and then with a little smile said, 'Woof, woof!' They both laughed.

'Will you and Phillip be my managers?' she said and added, 'I would like someone like you and Phillip to look after my "Business Interest", for I think that I can trust you two!' looking up at Mark's face.

'Do you want me to manage your career in child porn?' said Mark somewhat honoured to be asked.

'Yes,' she said, 'so will you be my manager Mark?' she was hoping that his answer would be yes.

'Yes I'll be honoured and I'm sure Phillip would like to help in your career too,' he said, but added, 'however, Phillip's strength is not as a manager, but as an actor.'

She felt inside that she could trust them to look after her, for she could not trust her own parents. What have they ever done for her? They sent her to a Convent School (an all girls' school) and all the Nuns would say; 'Good girls do not have sex before marriage.' All she could think now is that the Nuns should try sex and they would soon change their minds; for what is wrong with fucking! When she and her mother go shopping for new clothes, all the skirts and dresses that Thereasa wanted to wear were the short ones. However, what did her "Bitch" of a mother say, 'No, dear, not that it's far too short. You don't want the "Boys" to think that you're a slut, do you!' what has her "Pig" of a father done for her? All he ever did was to arrest people like the men in her DVD and the two new men in her life: Phillip and Mark.

She thought that the men in the DVD were right to have their revenge on her "Pig" of a Daddy in the way that they did! The more she thought of it just made her feel hot inside and her slit wetter at the thought of the "Pig" wanking on seeing his slut of a daughter fucking. Why, should the "Pig" arrest men or indeed women, who only want to declare their love for a child? She remembers the times he would say to her mother, 'Well, dear, I and the team have arrested another gang of perverts and it'll be sometime before they'll harm any more children.' As she looked back at these times, she thought then 'What was wrong with children having sex with adults?' Are her actions now she thought a way of defiance against her priggish parents?

As she thought back to the men in her DVD they only fretted her twice and looking back sense that her did not mean it! She still loves her parents, but hated their priggishness and she puts this down to their Catholic upbringing! Why, thought Thereasa is the Catholic Church has such stupid views on sex? Before Mark left her room she handed back the magazine. 'Before you go,' she said to him, 'may I look at more of your magazines and one or more of the DVDs?' her smile warmed his heart on knowing how she likes child porn as much as he does.

'Yes, of course you may,' he said rubbing her slit as she opened the door for him. He looked back when he unlocked his door to see her, leaning on her doorjamb, naked! It was then that two men from the two floors above her landing got the surprise of their lives.

She just looked at them and smiled saying, 'Would you boys like to show me a good time?' The two men could not believe what they saw or heard. Here was a girl, who was offering her body for sex! However, Thereasa was to be disappointed, for what she did not know that the two men were "Gay." Mark saw the look on her face when one of the men told her that they were not interested in women. Mark came back a few minutes, still to see her leaning on her doorjamb; she was still naked!

'For God sake, girl, have some sense of decency,' he said pushing her into her room.

'Why? I'm sure that everyone in this Hotel knows what I am by now!' she said the look on her face told him everything. 'I'm not ashamed to tell the world that I am "the dirtiest, sluttiest whore" that this city or the world has ever seen. He could not disagree with her, for he has not met any girl like Thereasa before!

'Here are the magazines and DVDs,' he said looking at her with new respect. 'Well,' he continued, 'I'll leave you now to entertain yourself.' He said and all he could do was to smile as he saw her jump onto her bed, legs spread wide and the fingers of her right hand poking her tight pussy, as she looked at the pages of one of the magazines.

She looked up as Mark was about to close her door and said "Thanks" for the magazines and the DVDs. Mark said nothing, but smiled as he closed her door. The magazines were "Gangbang Schoolgirl," "Naughty Convent Girls," "Daddy's Little Angel" and "Little Girls and their Toys." The DVDs were "Little White Schoolgirls and Big Black Men," "Satan's Little Whores.' After she came, she felt like a little girl of five again in a "Sweets Shop," that she did not know which magazine or DVD to see next? Then she suddenly remembered that she promised Phillip about the "Pills." Thereasa went over to the wardrobe and saw something that she did not wish to see. What she saw was the "decent Clothes" that her mother always insists she wear; Long skirts, long dresses, jeans and trousers. The jeans and trousers she thought can be given away and as for the skirts and dresses she thought could be shortened.

She picked up her pink skirt and Tee shirt off the floor, but as she was about to pick up the panties and thought that she made a mistake in buying them. She put on the skirt and tee shirt and put the other skirts and dresses in her bag, as she thought that Mrs Beeches could shorten them for her, or knew of someone who could do it, if she could not!

Thereasa saw Mrs Beeches at the reception. When Mrs Beeches saw her gave a small smile as she thought that "this little whore" is now leaving. 'So you have decided to leave have you slut?' she said thinking that she can sleep better tonight and not have to worry that this slut will get her son into trouble with the police.

'What? Oh, the bag!' said Thereasa a little puzzled. 'No I'm not leaving,' she continued, 'but I'd like to talk to you about your son Phillip'

'What about my son? What have you done to him you little Slut?' said Mrs Beeches as her face turned red with anger.

'I haven't done anything to him yet,' she said giving Mrs Beeches an impish smile that all women know to mean, "I'm to steal your man and there is nothing that you can do to stop me." 'Shall we talk in your office, Mrs Beeches, so that we may not be overheard?' she said, who sounded more like a sergeant major than a girl of 12 years old. All she could do was to look at her and sensing some danger agreed and showed Thereasa into her office.

'Well, what do you want slut,' she said trying to regain some power over Thereasa, who she still sees as a little girl.

Thereasa closed the office door behind her, just as Mrs Beeches was about to sit in her chair, when Thereasa pushed her into her chair and slapped her face.

'What do I want, well I'll tell you, "Bitch," I want your son to fuck me!' said Thereasa with such venom in her voice and her eyes were full of hate that Mrs Beeches suddenly felt afraid. She was leaning over her and had her hands around Mrs Beeches's neck and squeezed. 'I want you to stop giving him those "Fucking Pills" or I'll tell the police that your son raped me! Who do you think that the police will believe, your paedophile son, or a sweet innocent little girl!' she said trying to mock a true innocent child, but her voice was not convincing.

'I may also tell the "Police" that you're a "madam" and that you brought 15 men to fuck me for $150 a time. Will the police believe you; or me especially if I were to tell them that your son kidnapped me for you, so that you could sell me?' 'What is your answer to be "Bitch"?' she said hoping that Mrs Beeches is not to disappoint her by saying "no."

Mrs Beeches was shaking with fear and thought for a while and then said, 'I'll stop giving the Pills to Phillip.' She thought to herself that she could always change her mind later.

'Also,' she Thereasa, 'do you know how to make skirts and dresses shorter?'

'Yyess!' stuttered Mrs Beeches.

'Good, because I've skirts and dresses in this bag that I want shortened, so that I can start my career as a whore.' said Thereasa whose hands were still around Mrs Beeches's neck. 'Shall we go to your living quarters, so I can show you how short I want my clothes to be,' she said removing her hands from her neck.

Mrs Beeches got out off the chair and said to Thereasa to follow her. They went through a second door that was in the back of the office that led to the Beeches's private rooms. She led Thereasa to the Living Room and was surprised to find Phillip reading a newspaper.

'Hi, Phillip!' said Thereasa in a shy impish way that told him something good was to head his way very soon.

'Will you please leave us dear as I'm to alter this...' Mrs Beeches stopped herself from saying "slut" and continued, 'this young lady's clothes.'

Phillip was about to get out of his chair, but Thereasa stopped him. 'Please don't go Phillip,' she said and then added, 'isn't your "Mummy" polite! I'm sure that your "Mummy" wanted to say "Slut" or "Whore".' She said teasingly.

Phillip was now thinking 'what the Fuck is going on here! I must be dreaming,' he thought. His eyes almost popped out from their sockets when he saw Thereasa standing on the chair having first kicked off her shoes and removed her short pink skirt and to show that she was not wearing any panties. Phillip's mother was getting out her sawing box from the cupboard and when she turned around and saw her standing on the chair with no skirt and panties and went bright red, not from embarrassment, but from anger. She could sense what Thereasa was thinking and forced herself to say, 'Oh, my dear you've forgotten to wear your panties!' Thereasa on hearing this just giggled like a five-year old girl.

'Phillip would you please open my bag and hand me a skirt or a dress!' said Thereasa teasingly.

Phillip looked at his mother and all she said, 'Well, don't keep a "Lady" waiting dear,' she said in an insincere way that told him that Thereasa must have something over his mother.

Phillip opened the bag and pulled out a blue skirt. He unbuttoned and unzipped it. He gathered the skirt up and placed it on the chair and with one foot a time Thereasa stepped in it. Phillip slowly pulled up the skirt and making sure that his hands touched her skin.

He felt nothing and cursed the "Pills" for not being aroused. As he went back to his chair he saw the look that his mother gave him and knew what she was thinking. Thereasa also saw the look on her face and thought she can have some fun at her expense. For all the time of her fitting she would say to Phillip, 'Is my skirt or dress short enough yet for my career as a whore.' They both enjoyed the power they had over the old woman.

Phillip helped to dress Thereasa again and again until the last of her clothes. She could sense that he was not really enjoying himself and vowed that she would let him do what ever he wanted to do with her body! Mrs Beeches told Thereasa that it would take about 5 days to finish all the alterations. As Thereasa was walking back to her room thought she would enjoy her new life. She opened the door to her room and found a note on the floor. It was from Mark.


A short note to mention that "Jacob Melrose" is out of town and no one knows when he will be back! Have left messages in all the places he is known to visit. I am sure that he will want to contact someone like you for his next movie!


As she closed the door behind her she decided that she needed to wank. For all the time in the Beeches's Living Room her slit got wetter and wetter at the thought of the power that she had over Phillip's mother. She thought she would play one of the DVDs and decided on "Satan's little Whores" and she was not to be disappointed. The DVD showed five girls, who were aged from 5 to 14. Their mission was to corrupt all world leaders and bring to end Christianity and the other faiths. Her favourite scene was with the five-year-old white girl being fucked hard by a black man, who was playing the role of an African President. His cock was about 14" long and he fucked this little girl in her pussy, arse and mouth.

This same girl fucked five other black men and all had long ebony penises! Then she remembered what her father had said about the girls in these movies. All she saw was this little girl enjoying every moment. She was not crying and did not show any sign that she did not enjoy what she was doing with her body. The movie ended with Satan being victorious that she thought made an unusual end for any film. She saw the same five-year-old girl in the second DVD called "Little White Schoolgirls and Big Black Men", and in the magazine called "Gangbang Schoolgirl," but in this magazine she looked older perhaps 7 years old. She was gangbanged by 5 black men and all were well endowed. Thereasa could not help to be a little jealous and thought, 'Why didn't the men fuck me when I was 5 years old, for I have missed 7 years of "fucking"?'

The next morning Mrs Beeches and Phillip were in the kitchen eating breakfast. It was about now that she would hand him the "Pills" for him to take, but all she could think of was that "little slut" up stairs. She went to the medicine cabinet and took the bottle and she looked at it and then threw it at him and said, 'You and "The Bitch" can do what you both want!' in an old and tired voice. Then she added, 'I'll go to church in the afternoon and "pray" for your and the "Bitch's" souls.' As she went out of the kitchen to the reception Phillip was for a moment stunned and looked up and thought, 'When the affect of "these pills" wear off I'll fuck you until one of us cannot walk for a month!' The more he thought of this scene the bigger his smile became.

It took 3 days for Phillip not to be under the affect of the pills. It was 7 30 am and Thereasa was about to leave her room to work the streets, when she heard a knock on her door. She saw Mark and Phillip standing in the hall. She saw the look on Phillip's face and knew the reason why he was here; he wants to fuck her!

Thereasa asked him, 'Are you "better" now Phillip?' His answer did not to disappoint her. 'Well, come in!' she said as she kicked off her high heel shoes that she started to wear and removed her new leather skirt and new blue tee-shirt.

She was soon on her knees removing Phillip's trousers, as he was un-buttoning his shirt. She started to suck on Phillip's ivory shaft and it was now when Mark was closing the door that she saw that he was holding Phillip's digital camera mounted on a tripod.

'You could have waited till I set this thing up Thereasa,' said Mark a little put out as he missed some of this action that he wanted to record on the camera. He added by saying, 'Could we start again?'

All Thereasa could say, 'Mark, I've waited almost a week to be fucked by Phillip, so "No" we'll not start again!'

Phillip looked at his friend and smiled and said, 'God this bitch sure loves cock!' he laughed so loud that the building felt that it was shaking as he saw the look on his friend's face.

It did not take long for him to come and the load that he shot down her throat was six years worth! He never removed his penis from her mouth. He held Thereasa's head on his cock all the time as he pumped his seed into her mouth. She was now finding it hard to breathe so much so that semen was coming out of her nose.

'Swallow it "bitch"' said Phillip, 'swallow it all down your cum soaked throat.'

She was finding it hard to do swallow, but she did not want to let Phillip down. Like Phillip she had waited a long time for this moment, but not as long as Phillip. He removed his hands from her head, but she tried, so hard to swallow, but soon moved her head in order to breathe.

She coughed and sputtered. She felt that she betrayed Phillip for not swallowing his entire baby making seed. She looked up still coughing and sputtering said in a voice that was barely audible "Sorry."

'Sorry! Did you say "Sorry!" said Phillip mockingly, 'a slut like you doesn't know the meaning of the word,' he said with a smile that translated to mean "the fun as only begun."

He picked her up and threw her onto the bed and spread her young slender legs apart and with his "still" hard cock pushing it deep into her slit. Soon he pumped another huge load into her body. She was surprised that he or any man could thrust such a large load of cum.

She found herself saying, 'Don't take it out pump it all into my cunt, Phillip!' She looked at his face and smiled as she saw the look of pleasure.

'Don't worry you little slut I've no intention of stopping!' he said turning to look at the camera and then saying, 'I wonder how much cum this slut can take in all of her tight holes?'

After he dumped another huge portion of cum in her arse Mark then joined in the fun! It had been a long time that she had the pleasure of entertaining two men at the same time and she was determined to enjoy every moment of this time. Mark fucked her mouth and Phillip her pussy and vice versa. Mark started to fuck her arse as Phillip her mouth and vice versa. All the time she still could not believe that Phillip could jettison so much semen into her young body! The newest experience was when Mark had his ivory phallus in her slit while she was on top of him and Phillip started to push his cock into her pussy.

'No! I don't think I can have two cocks in my cunt?' she said a little concerned that she would disappoint Phillip for not being able to have two penises in her cunt.

'Don't worry my little slut I'll get my cock into your tight slit even if I'll have to tear it apart!' said Phillip grinning at her and then added. 'I'm determined to fuck you in every possible way and I don't fucking care if you go and report me to the "cops"'

Thereasa assured him that she would never report him or any man to the "cops" and started to beg Phillip to fuck her harder and in any way he or Mark wants! She was not going to be disappointed for Phillip and Mark did not stop fucking her until about 11 O'clock in the morning. She couldn't believe that she could fuck two men in her tight pussy! It did hurt a little at first, but she began to enjoy the experience when the pain subsided.

It was when Phillip said that he would make a copy of "this movie", just before the two men were to leave her, so that she could start her work on the street, that it reminded her of the other video card that Phillip gave her. Phillip assured her when she handed over the video card to him that she would soon have two other "movies" to sell on the streets.

Before she left she made sure that she had her order book, a portable DVD player, the DVD, and a car and mains adaptor for the DVD player. The DVD player was the best thing that she bought as it enabled her to sell the DVD. Her selling technique was to fuck the men first and then ask them if they would like to buy the DVD. She made in 3 days $3,000 from fucking 30 men alone and $22,500 from the DVD to 45 men, minus the cost of the blank DVDs, postage and packing. She still cannot believe the money that she has made in such a short space of time.

It was 2.30 am when she got back to her room and it was not her best of days. She only managed to make $700 from fucking 7 men and only 4 orders for the DVD at $160 per DVD. She thought that Mark was right some bastard is selling "her" DVD and under cutting her "profits." She was about to throw herself onto the bed when she saw something laying on it. It was a note from Phillip and two DVDs.

My Dear Thereasa,

As promised your copies of the " Two Movies" that you were kind enough to perform for Mark and I. Mark and I will not sell it, as we will leave that to you!



Thanks for what you did about my "Bitch" of a mother!


Thereasa awoke when she heard a knock on her door. She was about to say "go away" when she saw the time on her clock and it read 8 am. "Damn!" she thought, "I've over slept" She called out saying, 'Coming'

She opened the door and saw that it was Mark. 'Oh, It's you Mark,' said Thereasa yawning.

'You really must learn to open your door wearing some clothes Thereasa,' said Mark smiling

'Fuck that!' she said with a yawn, 'do you want to come in or not.' She said still yawning.

Mark, not a person to turn down such a "courteous" offer, said that he would come in, but added that he could not stay for long has he was to work in the local library.

'I didn't know that you work Mark,' she said with a surprise look on her face as she closed the door, 'I thought you where a man of leisure.'

'Well, I only work there as a volunteer, for one or two days and sometimes more, and I work in the "Children Section",' said Mark giving Thereasa a knowing smiling as to indicate his true purpose as a volunteer.

On hearing this Thereasa walked to him with the biggest smile that Mark as ever seen and she leapt into his arms and said, 'How many "little girls" have you fucked from this library?' she said teasingly.

'More then you can count you dirty little slut!' said Mark smiling down at her face as he holds her in his arms.

'Well, the reason that I'm here is that I've news about Jacob! He's in Brazil making one of his "Special" movies and he'll be back in two weeks.' Said Mark looking pleased that this news has pleased Thereasa for her smile got bigger on hearing the news.


The two weeks passed slowly for Thereasa, for she was eager to meet Jacob! The day finally came and on meeting the "Man", who she wanted to make her a star in "Child Porn," was surprised by his appearance. He looked like the "Pimps" in the old movies of the seventy's that her father liked to watch! He was black, about 6 feet and 2 inches tall, very muscular built, and wearing a white fur coat, with a white shirt un-buttoned to his navel, 10 or more gold necklaces, black leather trousers, black patent shoes and a black felt hat. She thought that men like Jacob were a myth and did not wear such clothes and men like him were the invention of "Hollywood!"

'Is this the "Bitch" that you mentioned Mark?' said Jacob, who was somewhat surprise by Thereasa appearance! For she, as is her custom, open the door to her room in the nude!

'Yes, Jacob!' said Mark, 'and you'll not be disappointed with her performance in front of the camera.'

'Did she need much encouragement to fuck in front the camera?' said Jacob questioningly.

He was surprised when Mark started to laugh. 'What so fucking funny, man?' he said just about ready hit Mark.

Mark did not answer him, but turned to Thereasa and said, 'Show Jacob your DVD Thereasa!' said Mark trying to regain some control.

She did not need to be told twice and set-up her portable DVD player and moved a chair closer to the player and told Jacob to sit.

It soon became clear to Thereasa that Jacob was enjoying the DVD, for she noticed a huge bulge in his trousers and she whispered into Mark's ear. She bought a digital video camera a tripod and a small collection of dildos, in order to make her own private movies to sell on the streets. The camera was already mounted on the tripod at the foot of her bed. She waited for the scene where she was mounted by the dog and got between Jacob's legs and un-zipped his trousers and his erect ebony phallus sprang free from its tight confinement of Jacob's leather trousers. She grabbed hold of his cock in her small hand and couldn't believe how thick the cock or how long. She was about to say something about the camera, but Jacob beat her to it.

As soon as he saw the dog mount her looked down at Thereasa and said, 'You really are a "Bitch," said Jacob with a big smile on his face.

Thereasa looked up at him and let go of his ebony penis and started to pant like a dog with her hands under her chin as in a begging position and said, 'Woof, Woof!'

Everyone in the room laughed and soon Thereasa grabbed hold of his cock again and started to say what she was going to say before Jacob interrupted her. Mark had started to record her performance as soon as she was between his legs.

'Look, Daddy!' said Thereasa, 'you're responsible for me being a "whore" and look what I got in my small hand! Yes, Daddy, it's a "Big Black Cock!" I'm going to suck on it and hopefully I'll fuck it! You don't like the idea of "White Girls" fucking "Black Men" do you Daddy? It'll be my first black cock and I'll enjoy every moment of it! Sit back, Daddy and enjoy the show by having your cock out and wanking yourself stupid!'

Jacob was looking at her and was thinking "What the fuck is going on here?" However, his astonishment was soon turned to one of enjoyment, for she got the entire cock down her throat, all 12 inches of it! She soon got him to eject his load down her throat. He soon un-dressed and was fucking her as he was possessed by an evil demon. All the time he was fucking her he was saying things like: 'your daddy doesn't like black men?' 'What would your daddy say if he could see you now?' 'What would your daddy say if you were carrying a black baby?' 'Do you like black men to fuck you or do you prefer white men?'

Thereasa's reply was: 'no my daddy hates all black people. He once told me that he would like to see "Death Camps" being set up, so that the blacks could be killed.' 'My daddy would kill me if he were here now!' 'My daddy would cut me open and throw the baby down the sewer.' 'I prefer black men to white men, for the white men all have small cocks and I love to be fucked by long black cocks.'

She was enjoying herself, for she never before talked dirty during sex! This was a new experience, but it was getting harder to talk as the sensation was building up and now can only talk using one or two words at a time. 'Fuck me!' 'Harder!' 'Fill me...with ... your ... black... baby!' 'Oh ... my God ... don't ... stop....' 'Harder....' 'Faster....' 'Yesss....' 'Fuckkk ... Meee.' ... 'Yesss....' 'Yesss....' 'Harderrrr....' 'Harderrrr.'

It was not long before Jacob filled her vagina with his cum. Mark while he was watching them was wanking and was careful not to shake the camera. He came over to her and ejected his cum onto her face at roughly the same time as Jacob came.

Before he left he got all the contact details of his future "Child Porn Star" and as he was about to open the door turned around and saw her lying on the bed. She looked up at him and smiled, 'Thanks!' She said, 'that was one of the best fuck I've had in a long time!'

She spread her long slender legs and tensed the muscles in young and by now well used cunt squeezed some of Jacob's semen and placed two fingers in side. She turned her fingers around a couple of times and pulled them out and licked and sucked on them. It was then that she said, 'Mmmm! Delicious! Do you really need to go? Are you sure that I cannot persuade you to stay and fuck me again!' said Thereasa teasingly.

'God, you're right Mark about this girl being a hot little slut!' said Jacob smiling and then turned to Thereasa and said, 'I'm sorry, but I do need to go as I've a small movie to direct. I'm sure that you can wait until tomorrow morning, when I'll have the pleasure of directing you in my new movie!'

'Don't worry Jacob I can assure you that she'll be the first one there!' said Mark assuredly.

Thereasa decided that she would not work the streets today or to sell any of her DVDs. She did not really like to work the streets, but she needed to earn some money. She only met a small number of men (3 men) that unnerved her, but even they were great fucks! She was too excited to go out to work and kept thinking what Jacob had planned for her tomorrow.

She thought that tomorrow would never come, but it did! She, Mark and Phillip were awake at 6 am that morning. Mark drove his car out of the city limits and into the countryside. It was the first time that she was outside New York since she arrived. It took 2 hours to get to their destination. They arrived at an old unused kennel. Someone had made some attempt to clean it. The kennel was miles from any farm or town in every direction. This site consisted of a house, storage building and 3 smaller buildings that were the actual kennels. The three kennels each contained cages to home 20 dogs.

Jacob was already waiting for them to arrive. He greeted his newest "Child Porn Star" with a kiss and a quick grope at her slit. Thereasa made no attempt to stop him, but rather she encouraged him to continue the groping!

'Well,' he said, 'as you can see this used to be a kennel, but the owner went bankrupt, but he managed to keep the house. He sold the kennel to me five years ago and I sometimes use it as a film set.' He continued by saying, 'the dogs are already here as are the film crew and make-up artists,' he said smiling at Thereasa as he handed over her script that he was holding. 'You haven't many lines to learn and I'm sure that you can ad lib the rest!'

Thereasa did not hear all what Jacob had said, for her eyes widen on hearing that the "dogs" were here! All she could think about was "dogs" and all the different positions she could fuck them in! She could now hear the dogs barking as someone had entered into the kennel to feed them. Seeing that Thereasa was not listening to him he slapped her face with the script.

'What, the fuck are you doing,' said Thereasa, looking up at Jacob with a shock expression on her face.

'I'm paying you a lot of money for you to fuck the dogs and I don't want some slut changing her mind!' Said Jacob. The expression on his face was not one of a kind person, but rather that of a gangster.

'Sorry!' said Thereasa, 'but I got so excited that I'm to be fucked by dogs!' Thereasa was excited for her slit was wet just from thinking of the dogs. She continued, 'How many dogs are here?'

On hearing that Jacob had brought ten dogs she could only mouthed the word "wow." She then told Jacob that this would be her second time that she fucked a dog and the first time that she will be gangbanged by dogs! Her eyes were wide with excitement at the thought of the dogs fucking her. She asked him how soon she could start making the movie.

'We only need to wait for two more actors to arrive and then we can start,' he said looking at her face. Her face was one disappointment that she will have to wait a little longer.

Jacob showed them around the kennel and told them the synopsis of the film. The synopsis of the film is that the "kennel" is owned and run by an evil man, who cons little girls into having sex with his dogs and secretly films them and then sells the movies to porn companies. Thereasa got the shock of her young life when she saw the dogs. All ten of them were Irish Wolfhounds.

Her eyes widen and said, 'Oh, my God they're Irish Wolfhounds.' She went to the first cage and called the dog to her. She tried to open the cage door, but it was padlocked.

'Hey, there is plenty of time for you to fuck him and his friends,' said Jacob laughing on seeing her so eager to start fucking.

Also in the kennel was a little girl of about 7 years old and it was her, who was feeding the dogs. Thereasa called out to her and found out that this girl is her co-star. She found out that the name of the girl is Kay Burton and is 8 years old. She is white and has long black hair and blue eyes and very slim build, but un-like Thereasa as been in the business of "Child Porn" for 4 years. On hearing this Thereasa could not help to be a little jealous, but in this movie it was she and not Kay, who is the star.

The owner of the house, George Mount, was not happy that his former business is again to be used as a set for one of Jacob's porno movies. He again had to share his home that was being used for the "actors" as a make-up room, to shower and to change into costume. He made the mistake of telling Jacob that he likes porn and had no objection for his former kennels to be used as a set for a porno movie. However, if he had known that Jacob's porn business was in "Child Porn" that he would not have sold it to him.

Thereasa enjoyed teasing George, who was 59 years old, short, fat and bald. While the rest of the crew was waiting for the two other actors she would flash her cunt at him, begged him to fuck her or to finger her wet slit, but in the end locked himself in his bedroom. Everyone laughed as they enjoyed watching her teasing "old George!" Jacob called out to Thereasa.

'I want you to read this contract and sign it,' he said sounding very serious.

'Why, do I need to sign a contract, I'm only here to fuck your dogs for your porno movie!' she said in a puzzled voice.

'I produce a high quality product and as we're here for 3 to 5 days and I'm paying you $500 a day. I want to make sure that I gets my money worth from you and to make sure that you want to star by having you to sign this contract to say that you were not forced to make this movie.'

On hearing that she may be at the kennel for 3 or 5 days said, 'Thought I was only here for one day?' a little surprised.

'Like I said I produce a "High" quality product and I'm spending a large sum of money making this film. Now read and sign it!' he said and added, ' Soon as you have signed it, get one of the make-up girls to apply your make-up and learn your lines.' He sounded a little put out on having to wait for the two actors.

Thereasa could not believe that she needed to have make-up, for after all "it was only Child Porn".' She thanked God that she did not have any lines to learn. They only had to wait for thirty minutes for the two other actors to arrive and they were both black men! Thereasa thought, "Oh, goody I'll have to fuck black men as well!"

'Oh, there is one thing I want to know! Do you want your name to appear in the list of actors or would you like to use a stage name?' said Jacob.

She said, as soon as he finished speaking, 'My own name of course! I'm not ashamed to have my name linked with "Child Porn." She looked at him with eyes that where full of pride.

The first scene was of her knocking on the door and entering the office and saying her lines. She said, 'Hi, I'm here for the job of "Kennel Bitch" Sir,' she said in her best little girl voice.

'Ah, yes I've been waiting for you to arrive! You're Thereasa, is that right?' said one of the black actors.

'Yes, sir!' said Thereasa.

'Please, sit down Thereasa. My name is Brian Smith and I'm the manager of this kennel,' he said with a smile

Thereasa's character sat down and spread her legs wide to show the camera that she is not wearing panties. 'Thank you, sir!' she again said in a little girl voice.

'Do you know what a "Kennel Bitch" does?' said the manager.

'Well, I think I would remove all the shit, clean the bowls and fill them with food and water.' Said Thereasa's character.

'No! The job that you have described is the job of a "Kennel Girl" and you're here for the job of "Kennel Bitch",' said the actor playing the role of the manager. 'The job of "Kennel Bitch" requires you to have sex with the dogs!' 'You see all the dogs today are so domesticated that they are incapable in fucking the bitches themselves and they need to be taught to fuck them and this is where the "Kennel Bitch" comes in to play!'

Her character is to act all shocked on hearing this and then say the following words, 'Wow, I'm to fuck doggies!' in her best little girl voice.

'Do I understand that you like the idea of fucking the dogs?' said the manager.

'Fuck, yes sir!' said Thereasa ad libbing her lines. 'I like the idea of fucking and sucking the doggies it will be a new experience for me,' said Thereasa smiling into the camera. She then added, 'How much will I earn as a "Kennel Bitch" sir,' asked Thereasa again ad libbing her lines.

'Well a girl of your age can earn $50 a week, does this sum please you Thereasa,' said the actor is also now ad libbing his lines.

'Fuck, yes sir! I'll be happy fucking your dogs for $10 a week,' said Thereasa smiling to camera.

'Well had I known this I would have offered $10 a week,' said the actor laughing.

'Can I start work now sir,' said Thereasa, whose cunt was now getting so wet that the actor could see her juice coming from her slit.

'Yes, of course you may, I will get the kennel girl to show you the way to the kennels,' said the actor, who now wants to fuck Thereasa, so much so that his cock is straining to get out of his trousers.

This scene ends with the kennel girl being played by Kay leading Thereasa out of the office and with the actor lifting up the receiver of the telephone.

The second scene began it the actor playing the role of the "manager" talking to his partner in the "Other" business!

'God, man I can't believe that there're fucking sluts like this one! She's so fucking hot that she can't wait to fuck the dogs! We're going to make a ton of money from this fucking bitch alone!' All the time that the actor was saying his lines was he wanking for the camera!

Then the scene fast-forwards to Thereasa's character meeting the dogs for the first time! The expression on her face was what Jacob was looking for!

'Well here we are,' said Kay's character, 'these are the dogs that you're to fuck!' 'This device here is called "The Mount" that you will lay on, so that the dogs can mount you!' said the 8-year-old actress.

The device was an old gymnasium vaulting horse, but only smaller than normal.

'Well, get undressed, so you can start working!' said Kay's character, 'Mr Smith will be here soon and if you're not fucking the dogs you'll not get paid!'

Thereasa was soon undressed and getting the first dog out of his cage, but before Kay's character left this scene she asked Thereasa a question.

'Have you fucked dogs before?'

'Well, I'm sure it's the same as fucking a man!' said Thereasa smiling to camera.

'God you bitches are so fucking stupid. First you rub his cock so that it comes out off its sleeve and then you start to suck his cock so that it becomes hard. Then you lay on the "Mount" with your hand still on his cock and then you guide it into your cunt.' Said Kay and then added, 'Oh, I better stay and see that you do your job properly.' Said Kay looking at the camera with an impish smile.

This scene and all of this dialogue was making Thereasa's cunt so wet and her heart was now beating faster with excitement and also a little nervous and anxious. For this was to be her first time with a dog without first having been drugged or tricked into fucking one! Thereasa did not needed to be told twice as to what to do. The cock was out of its sleeve and was starting to suck when the actor playing the role of Mr Smith entered the scene some 3 minutes later.

'You should by now be fucking the dog and not still sucking his cock,' said the actor angrily.

'She didn't know what to do Sir,' said Kay, 'so I had to tell her what to do with the dogs, but I think that she'll make a great "Kennel Bitch" Sir!' said Kay's character smiling sweetly at the camera.

The actor was looking at Thereasa and saw that she was enjoying herself with the dog. She was indeed enjoying herself, so much so that she got the dog to come in her mouth and swallowed his entire dog making juice. The cameraman got a close up of her swallowing the dog cum. He had never seen or met a girl like Thereasa, who took to this "Business" and loved it!

'Dog's cum is better then man's cum,' she said looking straight at the camera with an impish smile.

'Well...I'm...glad to know this, but you're being paid to fuck dogs and not to drink their cum,' said the actor. He found it hard to ad lib at first, but regained some control of his character. For Thereasa was not to make the dog cum so soon in the scene, but she lost all control.

She soon made the second dog's cock hard and she had mounted the devise and soon got his red cock into her pussy. She was screaming like an old veteran whore of 20 plus years. It was not long that the knot was soon in her cunt and her screams were louder when this happened.

The third dog fucked her in the arse. The fourth she sucked and made to cum in her mouth. The fifth and sixth were at each end of her body i.e. one in her pussy and the other she sucked off. Jacob tried to have the seventh dog to fuck her in the cunt and the eighth in her arse at the same time, but it did not quite worked out as he had planned. The ninth and tenth dog she fucked singularly. She sucked and drank the cum of all ten dogs. All the dogs filled her cunt and arse with their semen.

Thereasa went to her bed that night tired, for she fucked and sucked the dogs twice! The second day was much like the first, but she fucked "Mr Smith" and his "partner." The third day was ended with a fuck from all the men on the set and with a "Bukkake" scene. All ten dogs and all the men ejaculated their cum over her face and the scene ended with Thereasa saying, 'I hope my "Daddy" will enjoy watching this movie!'

Jacob called her again some 3 days later with role for another movie. This movie was "Snow White and Seven Dwarves. And this movie had no animal sex. For this movie she made $1,500. In total she made 14 movies in 2 1/2 months and earned herself over $50,000. In all she made only 5 movies out of the 14 were she had sex with animals. Mark proved himself to be a good businessman for he arranged that Thereasa was to get 10% of the films profits. Thereasa also did some magazine work for some of Jacob's titles.

Two of his magazines she had already seen copies of i.e. "Naughty Convent Girls and Daddy's Little Angel" and she took great delight to appear in the next issue of "Naughty Convent Girls." Jacob had to send one of his people to New Jersey and buy a schoolgirl uniform for "The St Mary's the Virgin Convent Girls School," Thereasa's old school. He was glad that he did so, for this magazine he also made a movie at the same time, in the end proved to be the biggest selling "Child Porn" magazine and DVD and for this movie alone she made $18,850 plus the 10% of the profits. She loved this movie and magazine the best out of all the things that she had done before. She persuaded Jacob to call the Roman Catholic priest "Father Peter Banks." For what Jacob did not know that there was a priest by that name and she had the "Hots" for him for some time. It was the best sex that she had in her short career in the sex industry.


One morning Thereasa woke up early and felt the need to be sick. This happened every morning until Mark said that she must go to see a doctor. He guessed correctly, as did Thereasa that she was pregnant!

When she got back to her room she found Mark and Phillip waiting for her. She invited them inside. As soon as she closed the door Mark started to talk.

'Will, you'll have an abortion Thereasa?' said Mark sounding very serious like "He" was her father.

'What! An abortion? No way am I doing that and besides I can still make money as a porn star. I have seen other women, who were pregnant and still staring in porn movies,' said Thereasa smiling at the thought of all the men watching her getting fucked hard and her pregnant.

'You're one horny bitch Thereasa,' said Mark smiling knowing that he will not lose any money now that she is pregnant.

'I've phoned Jacob and mentioned that I'm pregnant and still want work and he said that he's willing to pay $22, 500 when I've more of a bump to show in the movie,' said Thereasa.

'You'll make more than that with your 10% of the profits! I can see thousands of men, who want to buy the DVD knowing that you're knocked up!' said Mark laughing.

'I've also mentioned how I want to celebrate my "Thirteenth Birthday" when I'm about 6 months pregnant,' said Thereasa smiling at thought of Mark and Phillip wanking as she tells them what she wanted to tell them months ago.

'So "That's" why you always mention your father in every movie you have made!' said Mark and then added, 'your father will be so proud of his little whore! You're the dirtiest little slut that Phillip and I have ever met!'


Six months later she finally met the men, who introduced her to sex! She met the men one day before her thirteenth birthday at Jay Rayville's farm. It took Jacob, Mark and Phillip only 9 days to find the men and explain why Thereasa wanted to meet them. At first all the men were unsure that it was not some sort of trap, but when they saw all the DVDs and magazines they were only too willing to help! She could not wait to meet the men and each day was like living one month! However, the day did come and she greeted each one like an old friend. They spent the day before her birthday getting to know each other better by playing some of the DVDs and of course fucking!

The day of her birthday was the best day of her young life. Jacob, 15 days later, sent the 3 copies of DVD of her birthday. Thereasa did not want this DVD to be sold just yet as she wanted this DVD to be sent to three people. She address one of the DVDs to the Governor of the State of New Jersey, the second copy to "Mr Jerry Springer," and the final copy to her parents.

It was Saturday morning when the DVD arrived at her parent's home. It was Thereasa's mother, who opened the parcel that contained the DVD. Officer Tom Riley was also home and was about to leave for the Police Station, when his wife said that a strange DVD arrived for them from Thereasa!

Officer Riley had to go to their next door neighbour and ask to borrow their DVD player. As soon as everything was set up placed the DVD into the machine. The DVD was produced very professionally for what they saw was the face of their daughter and two icons: "Play Movie" and "Special Message."

Officer Riley first clicked on the "Special Message" icon, but all he got was a box that said, "Please enter password," so he then clicked on the play icon. They were greeted with a full screen picture of their daughter face.

'Hi, Daddy! Hi, Mummy! This movie is to let you know that I'm well and I've celebrated my thirteenth birthday in a "Very Special" way!' It was now that the camera moved down her body to show not only that she is naked but also pregnant. 'As you can see as this camera moves down that I'm nude and pregnant and please don't ask who's the father is because I don't fucking know! You both may like to know that I've found the men, who introduce me to sex. Yes, that is right I did say introduced me to sex! Yes, Daddy you were right I'm a slut.

'Well, let me introduce you to the men who fucked me in that movie that you both saw. First Mr Robert Black. I believe you know Mr Black, Daddy? Now I want to introduce Mr Jay Rayville, Albert Lincoln, who likes to be known as "Bert" and Dink. Dink is very "Shy", as he will not tell me is real name, but he's not shy about fucking me hard in my cunt, arse or mouth!'

She introduces other men 25 other men and also mentioned that there are to be two surprises towards the end of the film. She mentioned that she intends to sell the movie, but she wanted her parents, Jerry Stringer and the Governor of the State of New Jersey to see the DVD first!

'Well, the purpose of this movie is that I want to punish you some more. I do believe that I didn't punish you hard enough the last time. How dare you arrest my good friend Robert Black for wanting to fuck little girls or to sell child porn of little girls being fucked hard by real men! Sit back you bastard and wank yourself stupid as you see me being fucked hard by all these real men. I bet that you're now very jealous that you're not a real man, for if you were you'd be here now fucking me!'

Rob Black looked straight into the camera and said, 'Hi, again Officer Riley! It seems as your slutty daughter said that you didn't get the message. Well, this time I hope that you will get the message as I and my friends will fuck this "Dirty fucking whore" hard in all of her holes,' he said smiling at the thought of her father jerking hard on his cock.

Thereasa was all the time was looking up at him and smiling and then turned to face the camera and said, 'Oh, punish my cop bastard's evil ways! Fuck me hard, Rob!' Thereasa was laughing at the thought of her father jerking off while watching her being fucked! Thereasa then turned to look at Jay, who said much the same thing as Rob and as did all the men, who were present at Jay's farm. All the men said how much they would enjoy fucking such a happy little whore like her and how they will fuck her!

Thereasa gave the first of the six-figure number to the password and mention that throughout this movie she will give the next digits, so they had to watch the entire movie to know the next number. Rob Black was the first again to fuck her. In fact the men from her first ever porno movie fucked her in the same order. Through out this movie she cursed her father, mother, and the whole police forces around the world for their stupid ideology of child pornography and sex between children and adults.

'Look at me Daddy! This man is fucking me hard in my arse and as he's doing it so is he punishing you! You're to blame for me being fucked, you bastard! Harder! Fuck me! Harder up my arse! Punish my Daddy by fucking me hard in my shit hole!' All the time that she was being fucked was smiling into the camera. 'I think that you men are not punishing my Daddy enough! This time I want two cocks up my arse!'

A man came forward and entered her arse. Thereasa let out a loud scream as the second man entered her. The man was concerned for her and asked her if she was all right.

'Of course it hurts, but I don't fucking care if you rip open my bum hole so long as you punish my Daddy!' said Thereasa still smiling at the camera.

The next scene was of two men fucking her in her pussy. It was now that Thereasa said that how sad it was that it is not possible to have three cocks in her cunt! It was Jay Rayville's sister Lynn, who had the idea of using a dildo. Thereasa screamed so loud as Lynn slides the dildo into her cunt that everyone stopped. 'Why have you all stopped?' said Thereasa, 'keep fucking me! Punish that "Bastard Cop" by fucking me hard and harder the better!'

It did make for an interesting scene for not only did the cameraman get a close-up shot of seeing two cocks and the dildo in her tight pussy, but also seeing Lynn moving the dildo in and out of Thereasa's love tunnel. Lynn was speaking into the camera, 'Listen to your slut daughter "Officer Riley" how she loves to have two cocks and a dildo in her tight cunt. Listen to her cursing your name and your job! You're the cause of your daughter being a love doll for my brother and his friends! I hope that you're fucking proud of yourself for punishing people like my brother and his friends for wanting to fuck little girls like your slutty daughter?' said Lynn smiling an evil looking smile.

'Do you want to see me fuck a gang of black men Daddy?' said Thereasa. 'I know that you hate the idea of white girls fucking black men, but I love to fuck black men!'

Six tall, slim black men all in their early twenties entered the barn. 'Well, get undress men I want the "Bastard Cop" to know what real cocks looks like.' The men soon undressed and Thereasa went to each one in turn and said into the camera, 'Look, Daddy, this is what a real cock looks like,' and she pulled each penis to show her father that each ebony phallus was in deed real. For their penises where between 13 to 15 inches long! 'Well, who is to be the first to fuck me and punish my racist father?' said Thereasa. She hated the idea of lying about her father being a racist, but it did make for a great show!

Nearly all of the men fucked her cunt, arse and mouth twice or more times. She lost count of the times that she had two cocks in her pussy, shit hole or mouth. The best was yet to come. What she did not mention, but only hinted at that she was is to fuck a small group of dogs.

She fucked her first of 5 dogs that day. Next she fucked two together: one in her mouth and the other in her pussy. This went on until the she fucked the last one. All the time as she fucked and sucked the dogs cursed her parents. It was their fault that she is now a whore, but she loves being one! Then she wanked all the dogs and collected all the semen in a jug and drank the entire dog spunk. 'God, I needed that I was so fucking thirsty after fucking all the men and the dogs,' said Thereasa laughing at the camera. She was thinking and perhaps hoping that her Daddy "Would" be enjoying this movie by wanking and then fuck her mother in a way that she never been fucked before, but she thought that "Would" never happen to such priggish people.

'Now to the next stage of this movie,' said Thereasa smiling her biggest smiles yet seen on her face, 'as you see me suck and fuck three horses.'

This was her first time that she fucked a horse as before she only sucked off one horse. Jacob had brought the vaulting horse and she laid on her back grabbed hold of the horse's cock and forced it into her tight pleasure tunnel. Like with the men and dogs again cursed her parents and after she fucked the last horse, started to suck them off. Like with the dogs she wanked them and collected all of the horse semen in a bucket. After she collected the last semen drank all of the horses semen.

'God, I cannot decide which I like better man cum, dog cum or horse cum?' said Thereasa smiling at the camera and this time winked.

Thereasa got hold of two buckets and again started to wank the horses and this time to collect all of the semen in the buckets. She did this until the both buckets where full. She did the same with the dogs, but with them she used three large plastic jugs. When the plastic jugs were full, she turned to the camera and said, 'I bet you cannot guess why I wanked all the horses and the dogs, do you Daddy? Can you guess Mummy?' said Thereasa laughing insanely at the camera. 'Well, I better tell you then!' she said as she walked towards a large tin bath. She steps inside the bath and sat down, and said, 'its "Bukkake" time,' she shouted out as loud as possible.

Mark, Phillip and Jacob poured the buckets and the jugs filled cum over her head and body. She had her head back and her mouth open. They and the rest of the men all started to wank and soon came over her mouth or over her body. After the last man came Phillip got a portable hair drier and started to dry the cum. Thereasa made her long blonde hair into spikes as Phillip dried her hair. Soon the cum was dry and her hair and body was like it was made of stone.

'Daddy, Mummy, how do I look? Do I look beautiful in my new look? Do you now think it's time for me to have a shower?' she said mockingly. 'I think my priggish parents want me to have a shower, so piss over me boys,' said Thereasa as she lie down in the tin bath. One of the men got one the horses over to the bath and some how got it to piss over Thereasa.

The movie ended with her giving the last of the digits to the password.

Officer Riley like his wife was feeling sick that in fact both he and his wife had to visit the bathroom. After they returned to the living room he entered the six-digit password and was greeted again with the naked image of their daughter.

'This is an open message to the world that I, Thereasa Maria Jane Riley, am a self confessed slut. The purpose of this message is that I like to see child pornography, child prostitution and sex between children and adults to be legalized. However, I do see the need of a minimum age for a child to start having sex with an adult and that age should be five years old. I have met many children, who are fucking adults and they all started at 4 or 5 and not one of them was forced into having sex!

People like my "Daddy" are lying bastards when he and other police officers say that children were forced into having sex with one or more adults. I was never forced to have sex with any adult, but I truly believe that it is not wrong! (It was at this point that she hated herself for lying, but all the time that she spent with people like Mark, Phillip and Jacob she really did not see what is wrong with child porn or the whole concept of children having sex with adults.)

In 1969 Denmark legalised all forms of Pornography e.g. "Child Porn." However, it was only later that Denmark made "Child Porn" illegal and I truly believe that was a mistake. I would like to see child porn, child prostitution and sex between children and adults to be made legal in my state of "New Jersey" and in doing so being the first in the world to truly legalize "Child Porn, Child Prostitution and sex between children and adults". Denmark made a mistake in 1969 in not being clear as to what is meant by "All forms of Pornography."

Since I have left home I made "Child Porn" and "Child Prostitution" my career and made over $100,000. Child porn can be and should be seen as a business just as adult porn is a big business in the United States of America. Adult porn in USA made over 9 Billion dollars last year. However, last year in USA, child porn made 13.5 Billion dollars and it produces less movies then Hollywood. This is because the price of a DVD is higher simply because "Child Porn" is illegal and must charge a higher price to make a profit.

I, and all my friends, here today have formed an organisation to petition the government of my home state, to make all that I have said, in this "Open Message" i.e. the whole concept of children having sex with adults to be legal. It is my firm belief that one-day, and it may not happen in my own lifetime, that sex between children and adults will be legal!

Anyone can join this organisation and is called simply "The Campaign for legalized Sex between Children and Adults" and the joining fee is $35 per annum!'

The address that she gave was for a firm of lawyers in her state of New Jersey, who had agreed to represent the campaign.


Jerry Springer could not believe what he saw and played the DVD for the second time! With the DVD that Thereasa had sent to him was a hand written note that simply said that she would be happy to appear on his show to talk about what she had said in her "Special Message". He thought to himself that he must get her; for the ratings were very low and the channel had mentioned that if the ratings go any lower then the show would be cancelled. He remembered how he made a program about "Zoophilia" and the ratings for that show went through the roof! He had to fight hard for this program to be aired as he made it some five years before it was shown on television. This slut he thought could save his show from being cancelled and anything to do with sex produced the biggest ratings!


In the Private Mansion of the Governor of the State of New Jersey, sat the Governor. With the Governor sat a little boy of 6 years old. 'You see Jimmy, it's all right for a little boy to have sex with an adult! Now go between my legs and do what I taught you!'

The boy did what he was told and soon the governor was soon having a good time! 'Oh, God! Jimmy don't stop! Oh, God I have taught you well! Yes! Yes!' The Governor soon came and started to suck little Jimmy's cock! Jimmy soon ejected his seed into the Governor's mouth.

'Well, Jimmy I think that you and I had better join the campaign and make it legal for children and adults to have sex with each other!' said the Governor smiling down into the eyes of the little boy and thinking that Thereasa was right to start this campaign.


Thereasa was on set of her new movie when she received a telephone call from Jerry Springer. She was over the moon and she told everyone the news of the topic of Jerry Springer's new show. Later the next day she waited for him to arrive to her room.

Jerry Springer arrived that evening at 6pm and was greeted by Mrs Alice Beeches. Beeches had only one vice and it was watching his show. She could not believe her eyes when she saw him! She told him of all of her favourite shows and the ones that she hated like the one on zoophilia. He was very kind to her, but he was not interested in listening to her likes or dislikes about his show. When he finally got around to asking her the room number of "Miss Thereasa Riley" the colour suddenly drained from her face.

'She's a whore!' said Mrs Beeches in a tone like that a crazy person, 'a filthy little whore from the very gates of Hell itself.' She began to quote from the Bible.

'Chapter 17, Verse 5, from the Book of Revelation, "And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth",' she said in a voice so loud that the whole hotel could hear her! She was shaking with a mix of fear and hatred. Since she relented on giving her son the pills she began to go to her church twice or more a day and quoting from the Bible, especially about women of loose morals to everyone she met. In fact, her behaviour has become so odd that Phillip has been thinking of having his mother sent to an asylum!

It was Phillip, who told Jerry the number of Thereasa's room, as he tried to keep his mother quiet and to restrain her from following Jerry Springer up the stairs.

All the time Springer was going up the stairs could hear her shouting such phrases: 'She's a painted trollop.' 'The whore is Satan's mistress.' 'Let me go, So that I can kill the dirty slut.' At the same time he could hear her son saying: 'Mother, please be quiet!' 'Come with me to our private quarters!' As he was climbing the stairs he was thinking to himself, 'Why would she want to stay in a mad house like this?'

Thereasa opened the door and Springer's eyes almost popped out of their sockets, for she was naked! 'I hear that you met my "Landlady",' she said with an impish smile! 'Well, do in come in Mr Springer!' said Thereasa still using her impish smile.

'Yes...ah...why do you want to live here, if as you say in your DVD that you made over $100,000?' said Jerry in a questioning tone of voice.

'Because I like to live here and her son and the man in room 308 both like to fuck me,' said Thereasa as she closed her door and started to rub her naked pregnant body on his body. All the while looking into his eyes that told him that she wanted him to fuck her! Her hand went to his groin and said, 'Oh, I can soon get that cock of yours hard, so that you can fuck me!'

'I come here not to have sex, but to talk about the show,' he said trying very hard to keep her at arms length.

'Oh, very well,' she said with her come fuck me eyes and added, 'I'd hoped that you came here to fuck me.' She said giggling like a girl of five years old. She showed him a chair and asked him to sit. She sat on the bed with her legs spread wide and all the time fingering her tight slit. She saw and listened to him talking about the show, but it was clear to Thereasa that he could not keep his eyes of her body especially what she was doing with her cunt.

'Whom am I trying to kid!' he said as he was now removing his clothes. 'I came here to talk about the show and all I can think about is fucking you!' He said like a teenager about to fuck for the first time.

Thereasa was giggling like a crazy person at the thought that she will soon be fucking someone famous! Jerry fucked her in every possible way that he could think of. After they had finish laid on the bed in each other's arms and said nothing, as the thought of talking would destroy the spell of the moment. Soon Jerry said, 'I didn't know that sex could be so great,' and turned to look at his teenage lover and started to kiss her.

Jerry Springer ended up staying the night with Thereasa. Early the next morning Mrs Alice Beeches saw him coming out of the bathroom wearing only a bath towel. She screamed so loud as everyone in the hotel came out of his or her rooms to see what was going on! Mrs Beeches attacked Jerry with the knowledge that he must have stayed the night in the bitch's room.

'How could you with that "Whore of Babylon",' she shouted, as a woman possessed by a demon. 'Did I not warn you about her? Did I not mention that she's the mistress of Satan?' she said while all the time hitting him with her fist, but her blows did not hurt him.

Thereasa came out of her room and soon started to laugh. She thought it a very funny scene at seeing Jerry Springer being attack by an old and frail woman. On seeing Thereasa Mrs Beeches broke off the attack on Jerry and started to attack her. She slapped her so hard that Thereasa fell against the doorjamb and slid down to the floor. Mrs Beeches grabbed Thereasa by her long blonde hair and attempted to drag her across the floor to the top of the stairs.

'Get off me you stupid bitch,' shouted Thereasa.

'How could you use my hotel as a brothel you filthy slut! I want you out of my hotel today! I don't want you in my hotel a moment longer do you understand you little whore!' said Mrs Beeches, who now realised that she cannot drag her across the floor and now started to kick and punch her.

All the time this was going on Jerry Springer tried to get Mrs Beeches off Thereasa and so did Mark Lawrence when he came out of his room to investigate the noise.

'If you've hurt my baby I'll kill you bitch,' said Thereasa, who was now standing after Mark and Jerry managed to get Mrs Beeches under some kind of control.

However, she some how got loose and started to resume her attack on Thereasa. Both she and Mrs Beeches were rolling on the floor punching, scratching and kicking each other, while all the time shouting rude phrases and words. Both Mark and Jerry had a hard time keeping the two apart and when Phillip finally came up the stairs, where the two warring females finally kept apart.

'Come along, Mummy, lets go back to our living quarters,' said Phillip a little distressed at seeing his mother like this. If she continues like this thought Phillip then he must think seriously about having his mother committed to an asylum.

Both Mark and Phillip found it hard to drag Mrs Beeches down the stairs. She did not enjoy being touched by Mark Lawrence or her son. For all the time as she went down shouted as loud as possible for anyone to hear what she thought of Mark Lawrence and her own son.

Thereasa looked at Jerry Springer and said, 'You should invite her to the show as well, for she and I will both boost the ratings for your show.' She laughed insanely.


It was two weeks later that Thereasa was on set of "The Jerry Springer Show" and she was a little nervous, for she knew that her parents were here too. This episode of the show was to be broadcast live and he did not mention to anyone, except a few people. He wanted this show to be mentioned on every body's lips the next day.

Jerry Springer was standing on the stage and did not say anything for about two minutes. At the back of the stage was a huge curtain and as he started to speak moved to reveal the words "Child Pornography."

'You will see,' started Jerry Springer, 'after I've finish speaking a few clips of a movie starring "Miss Thereasa Riley" a rising young woman in the world of "Child Porn." Jerry Springer continued speaking for three minutes and then announced that they are now to see three clips of the film and a "Special Message" that she had sent to him. He moved of the stage and looked at the audience to judge their actions on seeing the movie.

As soon as the audience had seen the words "Child Pornography" went quiet and the whole audience listened with great interest to what he had to say! An enormous gasp could be heard as they saw with great astonishment. For nothing was edited out and the audience and the people at home saw a pregnant thirteen year old girl being fucked hard by men, dogs and horses in full graphic detail. They even saw the entire bukkake scene! After the audience had seen all the three clips and her opening message to the world! The entire audience was silent and was only broken when Jerry Springer walked onto the stage to welcome Thereasa.

She wore a smallest black leather skirt, a pink tee shirt with the words in yellow letters "I'm a porn star," black high heel shoes. Before she sat down in a chair and spread her legs, (which is now her custom) the entire audience could see that she was not wearing any panties; for the skirt could not hide her slit because of her bump!

The whole audience gasped on seeing her spread her legs wide as she possibly could and one old woman soon asked Thereasa to close her legs. Thereasa told the woman in such a way the whole audience was taken aback. Jerry started by asking Thereasa how she got into the "Business of Child Porn?"

Thereasa at this point knew that she would be telling lies, but what did she care! She had grown to love this business and now truly did not see anything wrong with it. 'Well, Jerry, at first I wanted to punish my parents and the only way I could punish them was by fucking! I seen my first child porn video when I was nine years old and I thought then I would love to be an actress in one of these movies. One day some one called Robert Black was arrested by my "Pig Cop" of a father (some of the audience cheered and others shouted abuse) and I vowed that I would let him be the first man to fuck Me!' It took some time to find him and he was only too willing to help me to punish my parents on their silly outdated views on sex.'

The real fun only started to happen when Thereasa's parents were on stage. On the stage now were Thereasa, Robert Black, Kay Burton, Jacob Melrose, Phillip Beeches, Mark Lawrence and two girls called Sarah Reading, who is aged 6 and Emma Cox aged 9. The first thing that Thereasa's mother did was to attack her daughter. The whole audience was in an uproar on seeing mother and daughter attacking each other. It took 4 security guards to keep them apart. Her parents found it hard to keep their emotions together as Thereasa's father said something that angered her and she said, 'Get your cock out and shove it up my cunt then you'll know what fucking a real woman is like!'

Her father was about to attack his daughter, but that was stopped by the security guards and he was forced to shout abuse at his daughter. After five minutes Jerry invited the next guest, Mrs Alice Beeches. Like Thereasa's mother, she too attacked her and was forced apart by the guards. Through the whole time on the stage quoted phrases from the Bible. She soon proved to be a very comical person and nearly everyone was laughing at her.

The last guest that Jerry was to invite was the Governor of New Jersey, but this had to be over a video-link. Everyone, including Thereasa was surprised when the Governor suddenly announced that she was thinking of passing a law to make child porn, prostitution and sex between children and adults, incest and bestiality legal. Everyone thought that, as the Governor was a woman that she would be against such a move, but she then announced that she has a six-year-old lover called Jimmy Lincoln. The whole audience was again silent on hearing the news that she has a very young lover! The show ended some two hours later and this episode kept Jerry Springer on television!


Two years have passed and the Governor of New Jersey got the law passed! Thereasa never thought for one moment that such a law could be passed and so soon! Now aged 15 and a mother of two girls, the eldest called Kay after her friend Kay Burton, and her youngest is called Lynn, after her other friend Lynn Rayville and aged six months. She and her daughters are on their way to Atlantic City to attend a "Child Porn Convention" and she is the star of the Show. Thereasa has become the second "Marilyn Chambers" i.e. the acceptable face of "Child Porn." On the way to Atlantic City she planned to visit her parents. This would be the first visit since she left home and also the first since their meeting on "The Jerry Springer Show" and is a little nervous.

It was Kay, who knocked on the door. As soon as the door was opened, Kay lifted up her skirt to show that she was not wearing panties! 'Are you my granny?' said Kay with a smile. Mrs Riley was shocked by the actions of this girl, especially when she announced that she is her granddaughter. The Riley's, before and since the legalisation of new sex laws that nearly every girl in the neighbourhood has been selling their bodies or exposing themselves when they open their door.

Mrs Riley looked at her daughter and did not say anything. A voice called out 'Who's at the door, darling!' said the voice. When he received no reply walked to the front door and saw something that he never thought to see again.

Kay, who still had skirt up and showing her grandparents her tight little slit, was the one, who broke the ice. 'Are you my granddaddy,' said Kay still smiling.

'Put your skirt down,' said her grandfather, who was trying to contain is anger on seeing his granddaughter behaving like a common whore!

'Do you not like to see my cunt granddaddy?' said his granddaughter teasingly.

'You better do what they say, dear,' said her mother. 'We're not here to start a war!'

'Are you not going to invite us in?' said Thereasa. She and her daughters spent two hours at her old home. The meeting was somewhat tense, but somehow they kept themselves from attacking each other. Mrs Riley got to hold her newest granddaughter and only wished that she had the opportunity to hold her first granddaughter in her arms.

'Please, don't take them to... to the convention. We would love for you to keep them here while you... you do what ever you're to do at this convention,' said her mother hoping that her daughter would consent.

'No I want them close to me.'

'Please, dear, we would like this opportunity to get to know them,' said Mrs Riley with tears in her eyes.

'No, mother! I don't want my girls to grow up with your priggish views!' said Thereasa, 'I didn't come here to start another argument, but to set aside our points of views and accept me for what I am a whore and porn actress. Please, remember what I said on "The Jerry Springer Show," if my children want to be whores or a porn actress, then I'll not stop them! I'll let my children grow up to be what ever they want to be, even a "Filthy Cop" like you daddy,' said Thereasa.

'Is Kay still... still... still,' but Mrs Riley did not get to finish her sentence.

'Do you want to know if Kay is still a virgin, then the answer is yes! No cock has entered her tight little slit, but she has sucked on a few cocks and wanked a few men. Does this answer your question?' said Thereasa somewhat put out that her mother could not bring herself to say "virgin." 'If Kay wants to be fucked then she'll get her chance when she turns five. For I have planned a very special birthday party. I plan to sell Kay's virginity to the highest bidder on live television.'

Kay was looking at her mother and said, 'Do you really mean that Mummy?'

'Yes, do you like the idea then Kay?' said her mother.

'I cannot wait till I'm five,' said Kay smiling and hugged her mother.

'For God sake Thereasa don't do that to your daughter,' pleaded Thereasa's parents.

'I don't like to go against my children's wishes, if they want to fuck then I shall let them fuck,' said their daughter defiantly.


At the convention, both Thereasa and Kay where very popular. Thereasa want the age of consent to be five years old, but the governor of the state made it known that she wanted the age of consent to be from two years old. Although, Thereasa did not agree with the governor did not stop her daughter from sucking cocks at the convention, but did stop her from fucking. All the men were disappointed at not getting the chance to fuck Thereasa's daughter, but when she told them what she plans to do with Kay on her fifth birthday the men were overjoyed.


Tom Riley resigned from the police force when is old unit was disbanded and lost all interest in his campaign to rescind the law on child porn. Thereasa's mother died six months later in a car crash before their granddaughter's Lynn's first birthday. After the death of his wife, he was at a very low ebb and felt that he could not live without his wife, but this all changed when a black girl knocked on the door. She was a Girl Scout and aged about 5 years old. She was selling biscuits.

When he said that he was not interested in buying them, it was then that the girl said would he be interested in paying her $5 to suck his cock. He looked down at her and her smile was very sweet and beautiful. He still doesn't today understand what happen to make him say "yes" but his life changed from that day. Her body was soft and warm and the sweat made her skin shine like polish jet! He loved the pinkness of her cunt, which made it stand out from the colour of her skin. He buried his cock deep inside her pussy three times that day. He did not fuck her in her arse, but wished later that he did.

The Girl Scout, who's name he later discovered to be Elizabeth Moon, came to be a regular visitor to his home. Before she left asked him to fill in a form, so that she could prove that he did fuck her, in order to get a very special badge. He was only too pleased to fill in the form when she explained that if she fucked more men then the other girls in the troop, then she could get this badge. After she departed, he telephoned his daughter and told her what he did and wish to join her campaign to change the laws in the State of New York. When he put the phone down he saw the picture of his dead wife in the room. He looked up at it and said, 'Sorry darling!'

It was the case of "if you cannot beat them, join them" and joined them he did with great vengeance. He did not think that he could be a friend to someone like Robert Black, but friends they did become. Robert would come to his home with some young girl for both of them to fuck or talk about the girls that they fucked or liked to fuck. Sometimes he and Robert would go to some school and pick-up a girl or two.

The first meeting between them was when he visited his daughter four days after he fucked Elizabeth. It was a little tense at first, but after a few beers they were talking like old school friends. When watching the DVD, the one that his daughter sent to him, and at the bukkake scene he turned and said to his new friend, 'Just look at my slutty daughter. She looks like she got a fucking rare skin disease,' and they both laughed. He had a great time with his daughter and they made up for lost time not in talking but in fucking. Before he fucked his daughter whispered something in her ear.

'You first Rob,' said Thereasa's father.

'Are you about to cum Rob,' said Tom smiling at his daughter.

'Yes, Tom,' said Rob.

'Good! Well bitch you can choose where he can up load his baby making seed?' said her father. He has now watching her first porno over 14 times and thought how nice it was to make a remake of "that" film.

'I want it in my mouth, Daddy,' said Thereasa with an impish smile.

'Did you hear, Rob, my whore of a daughter wants it in her mouth.'

'You're a "whore" aren't you?' said her father.

'Yes Daddy! I'm the dirtiest, sluttish, fucking whore that you can have for a daughter!' said Thereasa again smiling her impish smile.

As soon as Rob dumped his semen into her Tom was soon fucking his own daughter for the very first time. He never thought that he was capable of fucking his own daughter. Before he said to his family and friends that he would kill himself then to give in to such perversions. Here he was fucking his own daughter and enjoying it! Soon he came inside his daughter's pussy and she said, 'Hey, I thought that I get to choose where you cum?'

'Sorry bitch!' said her father, 'but it's a guy's choice this time.' 'You can choose next where Rob can dump his load,' said Tom.

This went on for some time and her father got to fuck her in her arse and mouth and to load his semen in those places. He did enjoy fucking his daughter, but knew that it was not the same as when he fucked Elizabeth as he knew now that his taste was now for young girls, the younger the better. Thereasa also knew after he fucked her that his taste now was for young girls and she could not hate him for it, but be happy for him. Thereasa did a striptease for them and got Kay to do a striptease too. She would not let her father fuck his granddaughter until next year!

He and Rob went out later that day to look for some girls to fuck! They were outside a school and Rob saw that Tom was looking a little nervous. 'Don't be scared Tom the fucking cops can't do a fucking thing. In two months time sex with children will be legal in this state,' said Rob.

'But the people have not voted and the it may go against us!' said Tom feeling a little sick. He has never broken or knowingly broken a law in his life and if he now gets arrested it will ruin his good name for good.

'Don't worry Tom, the cops can't do a thing! Yesterday I was outside a school and talking to this beautiful 6 year old girl and the cops just walked passed us. I was saying to this girl, "would you like me to fuck you?" and they clearly heard what I said, but did nothing.'

Then Tom saw a young red headed girl. She must be about 5 to 7 years old and all feeling of guilt or worries suddenly left him. All he could think about was to fuck this girl until she could no longer walk. He went to her and started to talk to her. Soon she went with him to his daughter's home. He and Rob were soon fucking their new bitch.


A year later Tom Riley was watching porn on television in the nude waiting for the next program, "The Auction of Miss Kay Riley's Virginity." As he watch the program a young naked girl came into the living room carrying two bottles of beer and sat next to him. The girl gave him a bottle and she drank from her's. He looked at her and thought that his daughter was right about what she said about fucking children. The young girl in his life is aged 6 years old with long red hair and a tight slim body and her name is Joan Cundy.

Joan has been living with Tom for almost a year since he picks her up outside the school in New York. Joan's parents tried to get her back since he took her to New Jersey. However, the law was on his side and since she made a statement in court that she wanted to go with him the judge ruled in his favour. As he fingers her tight slit as the program he had been waiting for starts.

'Just look at my slutty granddaughter, Joan.'


Kay was naked in a gynaecological chair has the doctor shove a probe into her tight vagina. The doctor a young woman of about 28 went to the monitor and switch on the probe. Behind Kay were three large monitors and everyone got to see the inside of Kay's pussy. The doctor pushes the probe deeper into her cunt while looking at the monitors. The doctor went to the auctioneer to confirm that Kay's hymen was still intact and therefore still a virgin.

After the confirmation the auction began and the final bid was $1,987,500. The man, who bought Kay's virginity, was an oil rich Arab. He came on the stage already nude and with the longest and hardest hard-on that Thereasa had seen in a long time. She felt a little jealous that her daughter would be losing her virginity to such a cock.


Tom Riley was already wanking hard before the man got on the stage. As the Arab pushed his cock into her pussy everyone in the audience and the people watching on the television saw his cock from the inside of Kay's pussy via the monitors. The Arab stopped pushing his phallus when he saw the hymen on the monitor. He moves his cock back and one hard push it through her hymen. Everyone in the audience gave one loud cheer when they saw this on the monitor. Tom Riley joined in the celebration on seeing his young granddaughter losing her cherry!

'Fuck the little slut hard,' shouted Tom at the TV, who now had his cock inside Joan's mouth.

'Fuck her harder! Go on harder! The slut can take it!' while all the time having his cock sucked.

Soon the Arab came and another great cheer was heard from the audience and even Tom cheered on seeing the semen being poured inside Kay's cunt on the monitor. Tom wished that he had fucked his daughter when she was Kay's age and thought that his daughter was right when she said that, "No one knows what fucking is, until to you fucked a child!" but now she is too old for him. He hopes that he shall have the opportunity to fuck his granddaughter the next time he visits her! Thereasa came on stage and told the audience it was now a free for all and a long queue formed on stage.

'Oh, my God! Had I had know this I could be there now and fuck the little slut myself!' said Tom. He looked down at his little bitch, who is still sucking on his cock. 'You're just like my daughter, she too loves to drink cum!' he said smiling down at her. She made him ejaculate three times, since was watching the TV!

Throughout the gangbang he was shouting at the television saying that the slut can take two cocks in her cunt, arse and mouth! A total of 205 men fucked Kay that day and in doing so set a New World record for child being gangbanged!

Thereasa, who is now 7 months pregnant, after the show told the audience and the world to come back and fuck her other daughter as soon as she turns five years old. She also told everyone that the DVD of her daughter virginity and gangbang would be on sale soon and will cost $150.

Mr Tom Riley made himself a promise that this time he would be there to fuck his granddaughter. It was two weeks later before he had the opportunity to fuck his eldest granddaughter and he had the time of his life!


It was two years later that Tom when into business with his daughter by converting an old boarding school into a brothel. It was Rob's idea to keep the school open, so that they could double the profits! The idea is a simple one i.e. a client would look at a DVD of the girls and once he has found the one that he likes, the girl would get a message on her pager, which all the girls will have. Some of the girls would set their pager on vibrate and place it inside her cunt. It did cause some distraction for the class, when some client wants to have sex with a particular girl.

The name of this school/brothel is "St Mary Magdalene Boarding School for Girls and Brothel" and girls' ages are between 5 and 18. It was Thereasa's idea to call it after the whore that Jesus, who she believes must have fucked. The girls' uniform was a short royal blue pleated mini skirt, a light blue shirt, a blue and yellow stripe tie, a royal blue jacket with the name of the school in full on the jacket pocket, a straw hat with a light blue and yellow stripe ribbon and light blue 3" heel shoes. The girls are not required to wear any panties or bras! Also, the girls are required to wear their uniform at all times on or off school grounds.

The rules on wearing the school uniform are very simple i.e. "girls must always wear the school uniform during term time." "Any girl, who is found wearing any other item of clothing during term time is to be expelled." "Any girl, who is found wearing underwear is to be expelled." The girls at first found it a little embarrassing to wear their school uniform outside the school, first not to be able to wear any panties and second the name of the school is emblazoned on the jacket pocket for everyone to see!

It would not be long for the girls to get used to wearing their uniform outside the school, as the girls became very proud of their school! The parents at first were shocked to find that their daughters are not to wear underwear, but they soon came to understand the reason behind it. The reason being that if they want their daughters to be whores, then they better get used to the idea that their cunts are to be on show and ready for use by a client.

For Thereasa this business would be her third brothel, two in New York, since sex between adult and children became legal 11 months ago there, and her first in New Jersey. Her other business interests are in child and adult porn and also animal porn! All of her business interests are all doing well, for someone, who did not finish her schooling!

Thereasa could not believe that any parent would send their daughter to this type of school, but they did. Some of the girls were sent by the State, which was for Thereasa a very big surprise. These girls were sent to her school from Juvenile jails, but the State paid for their education. On one belief that the girls will receive an education, but they did e.g. Latin, Ancient Greek, English, French, (other languages are extra), Maths, Sciences, Religious Education, Sports and Sex Education, (which all the girls excelled) and other subjects are extra.

The girls were kept very busy not only that the girls are to complete any school home work set by their teachers for the next school day, but also to fuck any clients. The school day starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 4.30 p.m. and on the weekend the day begins at 9.30 a.m., but the gates do not close to the clients until 11 p.m. This brothel is to be her only one that is filled with children as her other brothels are mix adults and children.

This school/brothel proved very successful and she is thinking of setting up a second school/brothel in New York. It has now been open for seven years, but this school/brothel almost had to close, because of her father. He had the job of "Headmaster/Pimp" and Thereasa in the end had to fire her own father three years later.


'Dad, if you cannot keep these bitches under then I'm sorry, but you'll have to go!' said Thereasa, who is very sad to be in this situation of having to take a strong line against her father.

'They're still children, Thereasa and they need to have some fun time!' said her father.

'Dad these bitches are here for two reasons one to receive an education and to fuck clients,' she said, who is now getting tired of her father's lazy ways of running the school/brothel. 'How many men have my daughters fucked last month?' she asked her father.

'Well!' he said as he typed on the keyboard of his computer, 'Kay has fucked 23 men and Lynn 19!' he could not look at his daughter for he knew that the answer will not please her!

'23 and 19 men is that all they fucked last month?' said Thereasa, 'Dad, I don't object to you fucking your granddaughters, but give the other men the chance of fucking them! Their cunts should be red raw from fucking more men then the number you just quoted me!' she said angrily. 'If you don't get your dick out of their cunts then I'll put Rob in your place. Do you understand, Dad?' said Thereasa.

'Yes, Thereasa,' said her father somewhat down cast on knowing that he could lose his job.

'Good! This school/brothel cost a lot of money to run e.g. the cost of sending the bitches to a gynaecologist once a month, the cost of the teachers' salary, cost of a school nurse, these're just three of the main out goings, which I don't have with the other brothels and I want this business to succeed,' she said.

She got out off her chair and called out for her son Thomas, who was playing quietly in the "Headmaster/Pimp's" Office. 'Let go and see your sisters before we leave,' said Thereasa.

'Can I fuck them Mummy,' said the little boy.

'Well that is up to them to say, but you can fuck some other bitches here!' said his mother.

'You got one fucking pervert of a grandson here, Dad! He just loves to show his cock to women, especially the old ones!' said his daughter.


Six months later he lost his job of "Headmaster/Pimp" and his friend Rob got the job. Thereasa sent her father to Los Angeles to attend a meeting to help pass the law in California to make child porn and the whole concept of sex between adult and children legal. The states that so far passed laws on child porn are New Jersey, New York, Texas, Nevada and Montana. The nations outside the USA that passed laws on child porn are Brazil, Holland, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. It is Thereasa's wish that as soon as California passes the law then her porn company shall expand faster when it gets access to the Californian porn movie industry.

However, things did not go to plan. After the meeting it was clear that the state was not going to vote Thereasa's way. Tom Riley was feeling that he let his daughter down and to make himself feel better by picking up three girls. Two girls were sisters and the third was an Indian girl. The sisters were aged 7 and 4 years old and both have blue eyes, blonde hair and slim tight bodies. The Indian girl was the eldest at 9 years old and she to had a slim tight body. He had fucked the two eldest girls first and was fucking the youngest when the police broke into his hotel room.

The police caught him in flagrante delicto and Tom had the presence of mind to say to the police officers if they could wait until he dump his load into the girl's cunt. This did not go down well with one of the police officers, who dragged Tom off the girl, and started to kick him! It took five officers to keep them apart. Eight months later he was sentenced to 7 years in jail.

At the trial it came out that the girls had been working the streets as whores for some time and Thereasa got them to work at her school/brothel by giving them a scholarship. The good news for Tom was that he only got to serve three years for the state legalized all form of sex between adults and children including zoophilia and incest and a general amnesty was granted for all, who was convicted of paedophilia.

Tom Riley now works as a gardener at the school where he was once the Headmaster/Pimp. He has a small cottage in the grounds of the school. In his bedroom he has on the walls, in picture frames the cutting of his arrest, trial and release from jail. He sees them as his badge of honour. He gets to fuck any girl likes in the school and fucks them he does with great pleasure. He doesn't care where he fucks them: outside in the garden, in the potting shed, or any place that he can fuck them.

Mr Robert black, Headmaster/Pimp, was talking to the parents of a 6 year old girl, who they wanted their daughter to attend the school. The girl and her parents are black. The father is a stockbroker on the New York Exchange and the mother is a High Court Judge. He asked them why they would want to send their daughter to this school? They told him that she is the youngest child of five children. The first four children are aged between 25 and 18 and Rebekkah was born when the mother was 44 years old and is now 50. Their eldest is a younger doctor at a hospital.

The next eldest is a lawyer and the third child is starting a career as a teacher at a private school and the fourth child is to attend university in the autumn. They only found out their daughter's activities when they came home early one night from a dinner party to find the butler fucking Rebekkah in the kitchen. It was then that they found out about her activities as a whore and starring in child porn. At first they sent her to a child psychologist, but the psychologist told them that she could not cure their daughter, but for them to encourage her sexuality. It was she, who gave them the address of the school as it as the best reputation in the academic field for a large number of the girls' go to university. He told them the cost of the school fees, which are $15,000 a term and the rule on the school uniform. He told them that he wished now to interview their daughter.

As soon as the girl's parents left the office Rob asked the girl if she could obey the rule on the school uniform? The answer that she can obey the rule regarding the uniform at which point she stood up and lift up her skirt to show that she was not wearing panties. He asked her a few more questions and asked her parents to come back into the office. He told them that the school can offer her a place and that she can start next term for the current term is nearly over.

When Rebekkah and her parents left, Rob looked out of his office window and saw Tom fucking a young redheaded girl in the garden. The girl is one of best whores in the school and at 6 years old has already starred in 12 child porn movies. As he looked out thought back when he was in prison and thought of ways to get his revenge on Tom. Tom he thought is more of a paedophile then he shall ever be! 'Well Tom,' he thought, 'I thought my revenge was complete when I fucked your daughter and made her a star in child porn, but when you got convicted for child molestation then my revenge was complete.

I cannot wait for the next meeting of "The convicted paedophile Club" so you can get to enjoy the newest pupil Rebekkah Gainsborough, for she told me that your daughter is her heroine.'

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I loved the first one. This one was... not worth my time, honestly. COMPLETELY unrealistic in virtually every manner. Unless I'm reading sci-fi/fantasy, I want some element of realism.


I wouldn't call it unrealistic. I would call it more, optimistic. It seemed like a really hopeful and positive outlook for the future, providing you're in to that sort of thing. I'm just assuming given that we're all on this website, that we're all into that sort of thing. 'You may say, I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day, you can join us, and the world will sing as one.'

Unkie Rich

I loved the first half. U also found it very believable that a hurt girl whos parents turned their back on would actively search out and do half the things you wrote, up to and including wanting to punish her parents, but the more you ad libbed the end and 'revoked the laws of child pornography and everyones doing it, the Govoners speaking out for it etc etc is were you lost me too. I would give it a good solid C plus.


What a pile of shit! Unrealistic, uninteresting and unerotic. A 11yr old who has to prove her innocence? Firemen who took pictures of a naked 12yr old and the cops didn't arrest them? I mean what the fuck? After that, I quit reading. Not worth the time it would take to read.


Outrages & over the top, but a good nasty read. Thank goodness it's all fantasy. I would never want to engage for real, but I did toss off a dozen times during this long read.


Probably the best story ive ever read, please make more of this!

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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