Melanie's Family

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Published: 2-Nov-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Mellissa was well built to start with. She was tall with long dark hair, a flat belly and big firm hips and ass. She had a super hot body before she even got her boob job. No one, especially her husband Carl was surprised when she decided to because she had always been such a show off, wearing high heels and little tight dresses wherever she went. She was also a total slut. Carl didn't mind that either. It turned him on when his hot slut wife came home and said things like "I didn't have any change for the parking garage so I sucked the old guys cock." or "I got the brakes fixed on the car and my asshole is so sore."

Despite her fucking pretty much every guy she could Carl had managed to get her to stay home and off birth control 3 times in the 14 years they had been married. Each time had resulted in a child. Mandy was 12 and had dark hair like her mother. She also had a slender body and a cute little bubble butt. Carl junior "CJ" was 10 and had a nice, lean athletic frame. Candy was only 6 and had the same pretty face as the other girls with big eyes and full red doll lips.

So, one Friday in June Mellissa took off to the Doctors office and came home that afternoon with huge triple D tits trying to bust out of her tight little halter top.

The kids were all lounging around the living room Mandy and CJ playing a video game Candy with her dolls. "Hi guys" mom said and posed for them to see the new her. The band of stretchy fabric covered her nipples but her tits bulged out above and below. Excited, her hard nipples poked at the fabric. Beneath that she wore little white shorts and platform shoes.

"What do you think?" she asked them turning sideways to give them a profile view.

"Wow!" her son said with his mouth hanging open.

"Damn mom, you are hot!" Mandy said staring hard.

"You look so pretty mommy" Candy added.

Turning slowly she headed to the kitchen swaying her big ass, knowing the kids would enjoy watching her walk away. "I just hope your father likes it."

"He will" CJ said.

At dinner that night Mellissa wore a transparent nightgown. Even her smooth, shaved pussy was visible. The kids were used to mom strutting her stuff around the house but this was even better than usual. She slipped in a pair of black high heels and went to serve dinner and wait for her husband.

As the family sat around the table all eyes were on mom's chest. She sat up strait, enjoying the attention and giving her family the best show she could.

"I really love it." She announced halfway through the meal. "Everyone has been staring at me since I left the Doctors office. I like to think I made a lot of cocks hard."

"You always have." Her husband said smiling "And now you look like such a whore."

"I feel like such a whore." She said gleefully.

"You are a fucking whore." Her husband said.

"Yesss!" she cried, her eyes were glowing and she smiled widely.

CJ, sitting on his mother's left, moaned. Everyone looked at him. Both his hands were under the table.

Baby, Do you feel OK?" his mother asked.

"I know what he feels. If you reach down there you will feel it too. Go ahead. Do it."

Obediently Mellissa reached under the table to her son's lap. Under his soft little had she felt his hard little cock.

"Oh my! His little dick is hard!" she told everyone blushing and proud at the same time.

"Having a hot fucking slut for a mom finally got to him. You can't blame a boy for getting hard for his mom if she's a whore like you." Carl told his wife.

"Why is mommy a whore?" Candy asked her father.

"Because she sucks and fucks every cock she can get. Because she loves cock and cum. Boys like girls like mommy.

They make their dicks hard." Her daddy explained to her kindly.

CJ moaned again. This time his mother's hand was rubbing his hard cock.

"What about you daddy?" Mandy asked her dad smiling. "You like mom being such a whore to don't you?"

"Yes." Reaching under the table he took his 12 year old daughters wrist and placed her hand on his hard cock.

"Oh Daddy!" Leaning together the two kissed long and slow. Carl's tongue slid inside his daughter's mouth as she felt her father cock.

Mellissa opened up her nightgown so that her giant tits were in full view of everyone. "I think I'll get dessert." As she stood her nightgown slid down her curves to the floor and her family drank in the view of her whole body. Eventually all eyes were glued to her big, puffy mound. The inside of her thighs were shiny and wet. Mandy and her dad when back to making out while CJ watched his mom's full ass sway toward the kitchen. Candy, feeling left out finished her veggies.

Totally naked Mellissa served her family cake by bending down low in front of each of them and laying the small plates on the table. Daddy first, he reached around and played with his wife's slippery slit for a moment. "Mom's big cunt is dripping wet." He told the family.

CJ who had dropped his shorts and begun jacking off slowly was next. Excited by the sight of her son stroking his hard cock she took a minute to give him a long wet kiss. "Don't cum to soon." She warned him.

"Yes mommy" he hissed between his teeth.

While serving Mandy Mellissa whispered in her ear "I bet daddy wants to make you into a little slut just like me." Looking down she could see her husband's big hand fingering their daughter's pussy.

Finally Mommy served little Candy her cake and let one huge tit hang onto the plate so that her big puffy nipple was covered in whipped cream frosting.

"Oh look." She said, pretending surprise. "She moved so that the cream covered nipple was in front of the little girl's face. "That's your frosting baby, go ahead and lick it off."

Smiling, the little girl took her mother's sweetened nipple into her mouth.

Mellissa closed her eyes in pleasure. "My little titty sucker. It's so good that the first person to suck on my new tits is my baby girl, it seems so natural. I wish I was still giving milk. I would feed her every day. I would feed all my kids." Both the baby's hands sunk into the huge tits and she sucked hard on her mother's nipple.

"If you play with a woman's nipples enough it can make them give milk." Mandy blurted out. "I learned that in health class."

"Well then we should try it." Dad added "If we all suck mom's big tits enough maybe she will start giving milk like a cow."

"That is such an exciting idea!" mom said "I would love to leak milk spots in my blouses when I go out and I would love to feed you all from my big whore tits."

"FUCK!" yelled CJ and everyone turned to see sperm shoot from under the table and onto his dessert plate. The whole family stared as rope after rope of thick cum arched up and onto his slice of chocolate cake. Mandy giggle and snuggled closer to her daddy. Mellissa Walked around the table to her son. "Speaking of yummy fluids..." She snatched the plate and grabbing a fork sat back down in her chair. Legs wide, they could hear a splash when her sopping cunt hit the seat.

"Mmmmm, boy cum!" she said around a mouthful of cake and jizz.

"Mom," CJ was breathing hard and covered in sweat "you are so nasty."

"Baby, you don't know the half of it. Tell him Carl." She said shoveling cumcake into her mouth.

"It's true." Carl tried to talk calmly while his 12 year old daughter jacked him off. "Your mom loves cum, drinks it all the time. There is a gloryhole in the gas station restroom where she sucks homeless guy's cocks and she stops there almost every day, isn't that right Honey?"

"Mmm Hmmm." She said finishing the cake and licking the last of her son's cum off of the plate. "Love cum, can't get enough."

"That sounds so hot." Mandy said softly.

"You would like that?" Her dad asked her "Sucking homeless guy's cocks in a public toilet?"

"Yeeaahh" she moaned slowly.

"I want some too." Little Candy added. "I want to try some cum."

"Oh you will baby, you will." Her mother and Father told her at the same time.

Moving into the living room Melissa suggested it was silly for any of them to be wearing any clothes.

The rest of the family stripped off the rest of their clothes while mom stood their enjoying the sight.

"This is so wonderful, my whole family naked together. From now on we should all stay naked." She said putting a movie in for them to watch.

"What are you putting in?" her husband asked holding naked Candy in his arms.

"Our vacation." She gave her husband a smile as she notices his had caressing their six year old daughter's ass.

"CJ is going to love that." he said sitting in his easy chair with the little girl on his lap. He positioned her so that his rod was running up the crack of her ass and pressed against her little pussy. Giving her a kiss on the lips he told her "If you want to taste cum you have to be a cocksucker like mommy, understand?"

"Yes daddy." She said and began to explore his balls under her.

"Mandy, CJ, come suck mommy's tits." She said plopping down in the middle of the couch. Quickly the two children obeyed and one latched on each of her huge breasts and began to suck. She caressed each of their asses letting her fingertip caress their assholes.

"Mandy Honey, put your hand in mommy's pussy." Mellissa told her daughter.

"You mean finger you?" she asked letting go of mom's giant tit with her lips for a second.

"No, your whole hand." Dad explained "Fist her, she loves it" CJ moaned again as his mother's finger slid up his asshole and his sister's hand slid up his mother's cunt.

On the TV screen Mellissa was wearing a bikini and walking down the beach. Seconds later it showed her on her knees with a thick cock in each hand. She took turns sucking them.

"I think your mother sucked about thirty cocks that week." He told the kids. "Rock back and forth." He told Candy his hands in her tiny hips he helped the little girl jack him off with her tiny slit.

"I wish every week could be like that." Mellissa told her family. "I would love to be able to get 4 or 5 cocks a day, every day. I mean I just got these huge fucking jugs so more men would want to use my holes. Plus I just love looking like a whore"

"Well, why can't you mom?" CJ asked.

"Yeah, why can't you?" Mandy added.

"Well I have so much to do taking care of you kids and everything. Plus, we have to be discreet. We can't let people know.

"We could help out more around the house. And daddy could spend more time with Candy." Mandy said. By this time Carl was rubbing his little girl's pussy back and forth against his cock fast. The 6 year old squealed in delight.

"Besides," her son added "everyone in the neighborhood already knows what a slut you are."

"True." Mandy said. "I heard all the other moms call you a slut."

"Oh really?" his mom asked as she began sliding a second finger into each of the children's assholes. She was very pleased that neither one was uncomfortable with it and that her son was getting hard again. "Tell me more."

"Well, some time me and the guys get together to look at magazines and stuff and, you know, jack off, and they always talk about how hot you are and how much they want to fuck you. All the guys tell me you look like an easy fuck."

"Oh baby!" Melissa cried "I bet that makes you so hard!"

"Yeah, I cum all over myself when they talk about fucking your big ass."

"Truth is," dad chimed in "guys love sluts even when they don't admit it."

"Am I a slut daddy?" little Candy asked.

"You will be baby." He answered and kissed her mouth again.

Mellissa on the TV screen was down on all fours with a cock in each end.

"You know mom," Mandy let go of her mom's giant tit again for a second. "We can use the computer. I know lots of sluts and whores do. We get some pictures of your huge tits and big ass, maybe even some of you sucking cock and getting fucked and put them on the meeting sites. Lots of guys would want to meet you."

"Yeah mom." CJ added. "It would be great if all my friends got to fuck you too like they always wanted to. I would be so popular if all the guys at school could my mom's ass. That would be so hot."

"You know, I'm really ready to get my cunt sucked" Mellissa said.

"Switch up!" Dad announced standing, lifting Candy with him and resting her on Mellissa's thigh. "Candy baby, suck mommy's tits some more. Son get down there and get your mouth on mom's hole. "He turned to Mandy "You come suck your daddy's cock." She leapt up smiling and wrapped her arms around him.

"Right here in front where I can watch." Mom settled in with her 6 year old daughter sucking her tit and her 10 year old son eating her pussy. CJ was completely hard again and jacking off again.

"You ever sucked a cock before?" dad asked Mandy.

"Just my boyfriend." She told him. "And his brother and his brother's friend and some old guy at the park that gave me 5 dollars."

"Kneel" he told her. She slid down his body with her mouth open till his cockhead hit the back of her throat.

"Yes!" he moaned. "Daddy's little cocksucker." With both hands wrapped around the base of her father's cock Mandy pumped her mouth hard up and down the shaft wanting badly to do a very good job of sucking his cock.

"Looking down at his daughter throat fucking herself on daddy dick Carl said "You know, you can really tell when a slut loves cock in her mouth."

"Yeah," mom was hypnotized by the show. "Some old guy who gave her 5 dollars huh? This whole family is so fucking nasty."

"I know, I love it" Carl wanted it to last but the whole evening he had been rock hard and rubbing his baby daughter's pussy was already to much for him. Now is 12 year old cocksucking daughter was proving herself as much a slut as her mom. He couldn't hold back a second more.

"Drink daddy's cum." He exploded into his child's mouth. Mandy swallowed her father's cum excited, dizzy and proud.


Carl collapsed on the floor on top of his daughter kissing and caressing her all over. Mellissa held her son's face in both hands and kissed and lick pussy juice off of his cheeks, chin and lips.

Little Candy spoke quietly "Are you OK mommy?" Everyone laughed. "Of course baby, mommy just came because your brother sucks pussy so good. I feel wonderful."

"Can I suck pussy too?" the little girl wanted to know.

"Of course you can. From now on everyone in this family fucks everyone else. How do you all like that idea?" The whole family agreed loudly.

"But I still didn't get to try some cum!" Candy complained.

"I'm ready." CJ said as he stood up in front of his mother and his baby sister stroking his hard cock toward the little girl's mouth.

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Fantastic story, Love it !!!


Great story. I hope you plan on writting more stories.

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