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Published: 10-Mar-2012

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Inspired by a scene from an Australian TV series about their airport Customs officials

"Hello," I answered my mobile, testily.

"Gord, is that you?"

"You know it is, only staff have this number, who is this?"

"Harry at the airstrip. Got a problem," he replied, sounding agitated.

"Not mine mate. Don't work there and I'm just off duty."

"But you're near, I mean live near, give me a hand please?"

"What with?"

"This light plane, a Cessna landed, this woman got off with one big bag and he's fucked off and she wants a taxi," explained Harry. "Weird."

"Just do it then."

"You know that's not allowed. It was a French plane F-92 something, he was away before I got a good look, not thinking trouble.

"Sorry mate, I'm knackered, been on a long shift, short staffed at the airport and up to my neck with odd people," I told the old boy, not telling him I was out of pocket too.

I found out as he was telling me the rest that he had been repairing some fencing at the strip, that he had no jurisdiction to check arrivees, who shouldn't be arriving unannounced anyway.

The strip was private, but now and then we official customs crew were called down there to do the business with private flights carrying rich, important or celebs doing the incognito thing instead of using Heathrow, Gatwick or the local airport, Southampton.

I liked Harry, he was helpful when I needed my plane out and always willing doing stuff round the place, but I was genuinely weary. However my professional judgement kicked in as well as my other judgement on maybe I could make up for the shortfall in cash back from passengers I had let's say 'helped' during the day.

"Is she loaded?"

"Nah, just the one bag, suitcase on wheels type, oh and a back pack" answered the old man, totally missing the point.

'Not her fucking luggage. Rich? Is her bag or clothing expensive?"

"Dunno mate, she's Oriental, you know Asian, scruffy I'd say, but very upset and dodgy somehow," Harry added.

Hmm! Dodgy, I thought - interesting.

"I'll be there in about twenty minutes mate, just keep her there."

When I entered the small but neat and well fitted office building through the rear staff door, the woman who was quite distraught was sat in the clubroom, doors wide open late in the summer evening as Harry fussed around getting me the strong coffee I requested. She sipped a glass of water as I gazed at her, trying to guess her status, motives, anything that would give me a clue as to how I dealt with her. She was a thin, mature, not pretty Chinese looking woman, wearing a knee length, light weight, pale green dress which had a low neckline. It was over a white top. The dress had thin straps and the top was held up with a complicated system of skinny straps. Nipples bulged against the thin materials. Harry went back outside telling me he would clear up and go soon.

My eyes had snapped immediately to a possible down blouse view of small tits, but there wasn't much anyway I surmised. Her beat up backpack was at her feet and she clutched a camera case and a mobile phone, hands on her knee as she sat, thighs and knees together, lower legs splayed. Her legs were bare and looked scrawny and she had flip flops on her feet. There was no sign of the suitcase.

She wasn't the most attractive spectacle, definitely peasant stock with slightly protruding teeth, a large lower jaw and tired eyes under those flat hooded lids and on my list of desirable female attributes she can't have had many positives, but you never know what you find.

"You speak English?" I asked her pleasantly. "What? . . . Oh yes Harry if you want to get away, that's OK, I can lock up, yes lock the gate as you're supposed to. Cheers mate."

I forgot to ask him about the suitcase and he left. I saw his car drive off into a stupendous sunset and I locked the doors and pulled the blinds down to shade from the fierce colours of the sun. I returned to the woman and repeated the question.

"Little," she murmured.

"Why did you come here?

"Man said."

"What man?"

She shook her head and then fumbled in the back pack and pulled out some papers to show me a photo of a white guy, somewhat shifty looking, standing with this woman and another Chinese female at some party. They were all reasonably smartly dressed.

"Flend," she told me, pointing at the two other people. "Here ticket."

"Passport, visa?" I queried, checking the document that had cleared her at Amsterdam. "Passport here," she answered digging one out of the backpack.

It showed she was forty one years old. She looked a lot older, but as a rule they do.

"Holiday, vacation?"

She nodded and said," Money - here."

Once more she bent showing me the the suggestion of what I guessed would not be big or bulbous tits and dived into the backpack and thrusting a wad of dollars at me. I whistled at the obviously large amount and checked her passport, getting no alarms, it seemed legit. Folded inside the passport was a map of the area, the village is only half a mile away. There were some phone numbers scribbled on the map. One had the word taxi against it. I knew who that was, he was clean and the only cab for miles around.

"Food, drink?" I asked, gesturing as if eating and drinking. "In the bag?"

She shook her head. I picked up the back pack and went through it, she didn't complain and it appeared clean, but heavy for what seemed like a few bits of clothing. There were no shoes.

"Your bag?" I got a nod, but she looked worried. "Drugs?"

There was a agitated shake of tousled thick black hair, but accompanied by a frown. I tipped the contents of the bag onto the table and went through them. Bits of clothing were scattered about, amongst books, newspapers, sun glasses and it still felt heavy, so I turned it upside down. The base was firm, too firm and very thick, so I tugged at the edges, suspiciously. There were knives and tools in the table drawer and it didn't take long to prise the floor of the bag open and of course, bags of contraband fell out. It was a piss poor amateurish attempt at concealing stuff, no wonder they had tried to get her in here rather than the airport.

Her face was a perfect look of surprise and anguish and she joined me at the table as I examined the stash, it was worth thousands. I grimaced with disgust, shook my head at her and she started to weep.

"Any more?" I asked, indicating on her body.

Another shake, but I was suddenly horny as often is the case with a gullible, defenceless, single woman. I indicated she held her arms up high and she did so, with the expectant puzzled look on her face, until I started to frisk her and she put her arms down swiftly and stepped back.

"Yes, search. I will search you for marijuana, cocaine, arms up," I ordered sternly, stepping close to her, moving her towards the back wall.

"No no no," she protested. "No search, no dugs. I help you."

"How the fuck can you help me?" I snarled, grasping her left arm.

"I help you, anything," she whimpered, and as she said this her other arm groped for my cock under my jeans and finding it, gripped it firmly Fuuccckkkk!!! She was offering - what I planned to take,as I already had a convenient fuck in mind. I stared down at her pleading face, her breath foul and onion smelling, her eyes under those big hoods were soft however and the more I let her hand roam my growing bulge, the more attractive she became as it was a while since I'd had a shag. I dropped her other arm and slid some straps off her bony shoulders revealing her plain white almost flat top.

She unfastened my belt while I dropped the other straps and the top half of her dress fell to her waist. Then suddenly she pulled away. I growled menacingly at her and tried to grab her and she gestured for me to wait and led me into the outer office, which was basically round a small glazed partition. Near the large empty desk, there was the big bag Harry had mentioned. I was puzzled and intrigued, although all I really wanted was to shaft this alien, take her stash and the money and let her roam somewhere, I would dump her - probably naked.

She had some keys on a string belt round her waist, inside the dress and snapped one off for me, indicating I should use it on the case. I was irritated, I mean where was this leading, but maybe more stash or even more valuable stuff, so I laid the case flat, finding it very heavy, rather than on its end on the wheels and hesitantly unlocked it.

Revealed was the curled up body of an infant, a little girl who was mercifully alive, with a terrified look on her face which softened slightly when she saw the woman behind me. The kid was folded in the foetus position and fitted the case very well. She was dressed in a dirty pair of panties and a vest and both garments looked far too big for her, although she was not quite stick thin. I eased her out and made her sit on the desk, her eyes constantly flitting from me to the woman and back.

"She good?"

I glanced at the woman who was pointing at the kid and grinning. I grimaced in ignorance, shrugging my shoulders. The woman said something and the child straightened her spine and threw her shoulders back as if to show off.

"How old?" I queried. "Five, six?" I added gestures with my fingers and got a recognitionary smile, accompanied by seven fingers being shown.

"She good?" I was asked.

I turned the kid round and inspected her, finding no wounds or marks and nodded nonchalantly.

"She come out," she told me.

The woman made a sweeping pass with the back of her hand from her crotch, which beat me and I showed her my puzzlement. I was getting tired of this and wanted a fuck then get the gear and out of here. She squatted low as if having a piss on the floor, and raised the dress high across her scrawny thighs, then made the same gesture from way up her crotch.

"Out here. She come out."

It dawned on me slowly, my brain in advanced fuck mode, although my dick had softened again.

"Ah yes, I understand. Your daughter. You mother, mama?" I stuttered.

Profuse nods and grins, as she stood and then she got to the point.

"Fuckee fuckee?"

What a good idea, I thought, stepping to the woman and grasping her dress. She backed against the desk and I ripped the thin material off, revealing a pair of thin, bare, bruised legs with very knobbly knock knees. Her knickers hung, from prominent hip bones rather than fitted her and she smelled high, but she protested and pointed to the girl.

"You fuckee? Fuckee girl."

My jaw dropped and it was my turn for eye flitting back and forth. The kid was mute and fearfully still and stared at the remnants of her mother's dress hanging from my fist. I stared at the woman, who was still wearing the white top, with obvious doubt, but she grinned and walked round me to her daughter and within seconds the poor kid was bare ass naked. My hand was grasped and placed on the tiny chest, where two just visible little dark discs were beneath the span of my hand. My hand jumped away from the warm tender skin as if touching hot coals and the woman frowned.

She grabbed my crotch with one hand and slid her other into the loose waist band of my jeans trying to push it down. So I let her fumble around, whilst the turmoil raged inside my head. What the fuck was going on ??? She gabbled some words and after a slight pause and some doubtful glances at her and then me, the child slowly opened her legs wide and laid back on the desk, confronting me with the sweetest little hairless pussy I have ever seen, in fact the only one I had seen - of that age. Immediately my eyes feasted on the fact that she actually had some protruding inner labia, which I didn't know happened on young children, thinking it was more from a maturing, regular sex use than anything else, showing my ignorance in the intimacies of a little girls private parts.

"She good fuckee," said the mother and with that she jammed a finger straight into the little child's hairless vagina.

The kid winced and frowned, but stayed compliant as her mum poked at her and grinned up at me as she finally infiltrated my pants and grasped my burgeoning erection. Skilfully she undid my jeans and pants with one hand and pushed them to the floor, whilst frigging the seven year old's smooth slit. My dick sprang upwards, quivering and juicy topped as I gazed on the lewd, but fascinating scene. The moist finger from the kid's cunt was suddenly thrust at my face and I recoiled, then why - I can't explain, for this was all so new and alien to me, maybe it was the incredible sensation of having a mature woman wank me while I had the obvious opportunity to enter a pedo world, I allowed her to put it in my mouth. Tasting juvenile cunt moisture, I gazed at the child's impassive face, trying to assess something beyond the blankness, the classic Oriental inscrutability evident even at her tender years.

The woman gabbled some more words and the kid eased forward on the desk, so that her lower limbs hung down, shapeless almost, pale and thin. Of course all ideas of trying to find out why the girl had been smuggled in were fast disappearing from my once orderly, yet covertly criminalistic mind. I was faced with the chance of a juvenile fuck for the first time in my life, something never envisaged before. In the job, I had taken many chances and got away with them in terms of drugs, cash, voyeurism and simple blackmail to get a shag from stupid women, but to be offered and take something as illegal - yet if I must say so, very enticing all of a sudden was a hell of a call to make.

It didn't take me long, partly because the woman had nudged me forward and was levering my dick head level with the child's cunt, accompanied by all sorts of murmurings and sharp commands. I decided I would take command and grasped the skinny legs and levered them upwards and wide open. The child's cunt lips parted as if petals and showed me a pink red mix of delicate membranes round a minute dark aperture. It all looked so tiny against my knob which leaked lube, which I smeared on her labia.

The mother snapped some words out and the girl lay back as I aimed, feeling the warm gentle push of the woman's hand on my back, urging me forward, as if I needed encouragement.

Slowly her kid's vagina opened to my pressure and my glans slid into her quite easily as it happens, surprising me and making it a no brainer, not to proceed. I withdrew helping more of my lube to slick her twat lips and then pushed harder gaining four inches. The little girl's eyes screwed. But it didn't look like pain, more akin to effort, as much as I could tell from her oriental features.

It was amazing to see how easily I was soon fully embedded in a minor's tiny cunt and thrusting with ease, my cock coated with what I assume was my lube, could she get wet so easily? The woman just stood beside me, occasionally murmuring to her daughter god knows what, but there were no interruptions or changes. Impassively, she just allowed me to fuck her. I decided on a change of position and grabbed the girl's shoulders, pulling her upwards. She pushed up with her arms, to be upright and I hugged her to me and then levered her upwards off the desk until I was fully supporting her featherlight stick insect body. I fucked up at her cunt, the slight weight of her torso helping my penetration as she flung her hands round my neck and clung on while I shafted vigorously. It was almost a loving intimate moment. Glancing at the woman, I saw a slight smile of approval, as if I cared, but turned away from her eyes, almost to wish she wasn't voyeuring the paedophilia act in the office of the distinguished and wealthy flying club.

Nearing a climax, I placed a hand further under her buttocks and sought her arsehole, finding the dimple and immediately shoving a finger into it. The kid jolted accompanied by a tiny yelp. Her mother peered under and grinned and gabbled some words, but I was oblivious to any family discussions at this moment as I reamed her bottom and shafted her tight but accommodating tiny twat. My jism suddenly burst from my ballocks and flooded the small cavity I was lodged in. I felt the heat with the tiny walls of her immature snatch, so tight was it round my invading tool. Four or five shunts upwards later I was finished and lowered the kid onto the desk once more but keeping an engagement inside her as a sort of after play, but her position altered and my cock slithered out sloppily onto the old mahogany before falling alongside my thigh.

Her mother stepped forward, but I halted her, wanting to watch the little quim I had just plundered as the leakage commenced. I pushed the child back to lay down and opened her cunt lips to watch the steady dribble of my juice flow out forming a lovely cream pie, as I searched for her clitty. It was hidden in a tiny hood, barely discernible, but I made it pop out and fingered it making the seven year old youngster jolt. This was experimental as I had no idea if girls this age had a clit formed anyway and if so how would they react. She had and she did.

I gestured at my greasy genitals to the woman as I grabbed the child's knickers. She got the message and wiped me dry, very carefully I must say, which I enjoyed and when she finished I took them back off her and put them aside. Then I stepped to her and grabbed her own knickers. I yanked them down her thighs and she started to protest and I threatened her with harsh words and grabbing her lower jaw and squeezing it. She stepped out of the baggy pair and on my gesture handed them to me.

I stripped off her top and looked at the pathetic display of tit flesh that hung miserably down her bony chest like two steadily deflating balloons. The nipples were large knobs of very dark brown membrane, without the surrounding areolae and were perched high, actually pointing upwards on the two small bulbs that represented her milkers, or were once.

"On here," I growled, pointing to the desk. "Lie down."

As she did, I examined the well worn pair of M&S knickers, I grinned at the familiar label and checked out the gusset. It was slightly stained and I sniffed, getting a powerful stink as expected. The kid's eyes nearly popped out of her head when I did that. I gestured to her, that she got down and stand by me but she recoiled away from me. Her mother gave her a nudge and she slid to my side. I grabbed her hands and placed them on my floppy cock and held them, using the wanking motion. She got the picture but I think the child had done something similar before, urged on by the old lady, who I then concentrated on.

Lying flat on the desk, her hip bones created a hollow stomach with lifeless almost parchment looking skin. The prize exhibit however lay below, at the pit of her stomach and the join of her gaunt undernourished legs. She had the most enormous bush. Thick black long strands of pubic hair sprouted from all angles covering an area the size of my hand. It was surprisingly bouncy to feel and when I pushed her limbs apart, it continued way below, the length of the hairs amazing me, some must have been near on three inches. I grabbed her skinny pins under her knees and shoved them up and apart, exposing the full extent of her mature groin and feasted. A liking for hairy and thick lipped pussies has always been my thing, the hairier and thicker the better, whatever the age, colour or creed. This was up in the top bracket as far as I was concerned, no matter who or where she came from and the general downtrodden state she was in. Coupled with this erotic sight, the child's steady administrations to my cock and balls had worked wonders and I was coming up hard again. I was intending to get maximum payment for helping (haha) this forlorn pair and my thoughts were maybe to have an anal fuck with the little girl, whose eyes were locked on to her mother's crotch, as a last payoff.

Parting the mass of hair wasn't easy, although I could see her cunt flaps protruding so I had an inkling of where the actual orifice was. However it opened up to a greasy smelly clutch of dark brown labia which excited me and I tensed my dick in the clutch of her child. I opened the sticky wedges of skin, revealing a moist red gash bearing secretions of a whiteish colour. I grabbed one of the little girl's hands and thrust it into the gash, not bothering whether it was a fist or fingers that went first. The astonished kid tried to pull back and stopped wanking me, but I was virtually hard again now, playing - no, humiliating and used her hand to manoeuvre her mother's cunt lips as I budged forward, my cock horizontal and quivering. I let the kid's hand drop away as my knob entered the large hole and thrust forward in a mighty shove. The mother's tiny tits wobbled in their position where they had slid down her sides and her face registered discomfort - I think, but I didn't care.

I fucked her hard and quickly although cumming took longer, in fact I stopped at one point and told the child to climb on the desk, straddle her mother as if lying on her to breast feed and played with her tiny ravaged quim and brown eye while I shafted the perfectly mature old cunt. I came with a gasp and emptied my second contribution to increasing the Chinese population - well, in one case anyway and rested against Mum's crotch while I leaned forward and partly laid on the girl's back.

My dick slid out and I pulled the child off and stood her in front of me, facing her mother's genitals. The woman eased up on her elbows, probably thinking I was done with her, but she got the shock of her life when I grabbed the tiny girl's head and shoved it into to the mess of her saggy, hairy and slimy cum filled cunt. She tried to beat away my hand which was holding the kid's head, but I roughly pushed her backwards, growling at her and she just lay there sheepishly as I used the girl's face as a sort of mop.

This evil side of me had suddenly surfaced as I relished the power over these poor weak individuals from the other wide of the world. Welcome to Britain I thought as the kid squirmed under my grasp of her hair, mashing her face into her mother's dirty orifice, the one she had popped out of seven years back. I let her go, realising I had been here long enough and further plans needed to be in place. They cowered away from me, the girl wiping her face with the back of her hand, but I ignored their pathetic shame as I sorted out my clothes and tidied myself.

They got the message and started to dress, but I kept their knickers for myself which they protested but in the end accepted as I started to loot the cash and the drugs, which meant far more to them. The woman became quite vehement and almost violent, screaming at me, but I fought her off, showing her the part stash I had left her in terms of both elements, my part of which I stuffed in a plastic bag from a cupboard.

It was now dark outside and I hadn't used any lights in the club house. I shepherded them outside keeping hold of all the bags, putting her back pack into the larger case. I checked the office again for incriminating evidence, then locked up and telling them I would take them to a taxi and handing the mother her passport with the scribbled note and information, bundled them into the car and drove away, having to deal with the security gate on the perimeter road. Purposely I drove in the opposite direction from the village and the one and only taxi and after about a hundred miles, I swung off the motorway and found a clearing at the side of the road, where it was obvious truck drivers might pull in for a rest, judging by the amount of litter scattered about.

I turned off the lights and shoved them and their bags out in the cool night air, there wasn't much moon and told them the taxi was along the road pointing to nowhere in particular. The woman looked extremely sceptical and didn't move. It must have been obvious to her there was not a light in sight.

Driving away very fast with no lights, they wouldn't have time to clock my plates and I drove home with a great sense of adventure and satisfaction.

Even if they reached their destination and contacts, she would be up shits creek without a paddle, with only half the stash and cash, but at least I hadn't left them totally destitute.

The End

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I think a better ending would have been to leave the old woman and taken the kid home. He would then have a fucktoy for as long as he wanted.

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