The Slimegirl

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Published: 14-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

As we all know nerds created computers, and subsequently the internet, so they could discuss things like Star Trek, comic books, and the like; but their primary motivation was porn. For the vast majority of the population this was generally a good thing, but for the following generations of nerds, well...

Phillip Edward O'Phile, who hating the name Phillip went by Ed, had been a nerd since he was a little kid. Thanks to the creations of the generations of nerds who came before him, he had been fully exposed to just about every type of pornography imaginable (soft-core, hardcore, gay, straight, gangbangs, orgies, watersports, beastiality, 3d-computer generated, drawn, etc.)...all before his eighth birthday.

With his early exposure to porn, Ed began masturbating when he was all of seven. Over time he discovered that wrapping his fingers around his dick and moving his hand up and down the length of it felt best... Then, one day when his was stroking his dick; his butt-cheeks tightened, his balls drew-up under his dick and his dick began throbbing in his hand...a tiny drop of clear liquid oozed out of the little hole on the tip of his dick. He was out of breath, but it had felt absolutely incredible!

He generally preferred straight hetero (boy on girl) hardcore action; that is until a few weeks after his tenth birthday, when he stumbled across "slimegirl." A unique sub-set of Japanese anime hentai: graphically quite conventional boy-on-girl hardcore action, except for the fact that the girl's body is made of viscous iridescent translucent slime...allowing the guy's penetrating member (and his spurt of cum) to be seen through the girl's body.

After just a couple weeks of looking at slimegirl porn, Ed wanted more than anything to see his dick spurt his cum inside the body of a girl made of such a viscous iridescent translucent slime. While his brain in the small head that spent most of its time in his pants may have desired a completely fictional type of girl, the brain in the head that was on top of his shoulders knew it could never happen.

For the next six months, each and every day Ed stroked his ten-year-old dick while looking at slimegirl porn. Then, one day he saw a movie called "Weird Science" in which two nerds use a hacked super-computer to create the living breathing embodiment of their idea of the perfect woman. Suddenly what his dick wanted seemed possible. So he set to work trying to figure out how to create a real slimegirl... For the next five years he spent every spare waking moment working on it.

Then finally a month after his fifteenth birthday, Ed somehow managed to create a real slimegirl. She was exactly what his dick had wanted: standing five feet tall, everything but her purple eyes was an iridescent translucent pale blue; her slime hair was near shoulder length, her near "C" cup breasts had a great shape and perky little nipples. She had a small waist, nice round butt, long shapely legs with a proper pussy between them. Her "skin" (the outside surface of her body) was only slightly osmotic (allowing just a tiny bit of slime to percolate through it, when touched). Despite having no bones or internal organs, there she was: standing in front of him, somehow alive. He had done it!

"So now that you created me, what are you going to do with me?" the slimegirl asked. Ed was stunned: he hadn't expected her to be able to talk...

Now that he had created her, it was time to do her. Ed quickly stripped down. Once fully nude, he stepped behind her and told her to bend over. She complied bending at the waist. Her back now parallel to the floor, Ed placed his hands on her hips. Squeezing slightly, her "skin" moved with his fingers: a little of her body slime oozing out around and between his fifteen-year-old fingers. "Damn, this is gonna be great," was all he could think at the incredibly erotic feeling. The slime, about the consistency of hair gel, was quite slippery...and yet it seemed to stick to everything it came into contact with.

Aiming the head of his rigid pre-cum dripping dick at the slimegirl's slit, Ed jabbed his fully erect fifteen-year-old dick into her cunt. The instant the head of his dick had parted her felt so incredibly erotic...the pressure of his dick against her "skin" causing a little of her body slime to ooze out around his dick...

Still squeezing the slimegirl's hips, Ed jammed his dick deep into her cunt. The pressure of his dick penetrating her cunt caused more slime to ooze out around his dick. Ed paused for a moment to revel in the spectacular feeling of the slimegirl's tight cunt warped around his invading prick: his brain was still functioning enough for him to notice that the slime that had oozed from her body almost felt like cum on his fifteen-year-old dick. Then he shoved his dick the rest of the way into her; his lower belly slamming against her deliciously round butt cheeks. Why did his belly feel wet?...looking down Ed saw his belly pressing against her butt cheeks was causing slime to ooze out of her butt. He hadn't expected that, but found it strangely erotic...

As he cast his gaze up, Ed saw one of the two sights he most wanted to see: his fully erect fifteen-year-old dick completely engulfed in the slimegirl's cunt. The iridescent translucent pale blue color of her body had "tinted" his dick blue..."wow" was all Ed could think. As he withdrew his dick from her tight slimy cunt Ed was even more turned-on by the sight of his "bare" dick coated in viscous blue slime...

Continuing to slide his dick in-and-out of the slimegirl's cunt Ed was getting more and more turned on. As he continued to fuck her his pace picked up, he was fucking her harder and faster. Each time his belly made contact with her butt cheeks more slime oozed out...

Then, after five minutes of hard fucking, the inevitable happened: he felt his ass-cheeks tighten. Ed, wanting more than anything to see his cum spurt inside the body of a slimegirl, slammed his hips forward as hard as he could, as his fifteen-year-old balls drew up under his prick. His member, encased in the viscous blue slime of the slimegirl's body, started throbbing. An instant later, he felt his cum surge up the little tube on the underside of his dick.

Looking down through the slimegirl's back Ed's wish was about to come true: a big spurt of his fifteen-year-old cum spewed out of the little hole on the end of his dick. He watched in lustful astonishment as the spurt of cum which had just erupted from his loins jetted its way through the slimegirl's body, finally coming to rest on the inner surface of her slightly osmotic pale blue "skin" of her spectacularly shaped nearly "C" cup breasts.

For good, or for bad, Ed did not have time to revel in the glory of watching that first spurt of cum erupt and move through the slimegirl's body. The second big spurt of his cum was already spewing out of his prick...

After the eighth big spurt of his fifteen-year-old cum erupted form his prick Ed's orgasm suddenly died down. As his dick returned to its normal flaccid state he realized the hard fucking he had given the slimegirl had destroyed her...but Ed had gotten to live out his dream and that was enough. There were other sexual projects for him to focus on; and, if he ever wanted to fuck a slimegirl again, he'd already figured out how to create one...

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a little too quick paced and slimegirl never gets any lines, great story though

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