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Published: 29-Jun-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

A couple of weeks after my 15th Birthday, my parents left for a one month cruise trip. I was old enough to take care of myself and they trusted me enough to know that I wasn't gonna do anything stupid while they were gone. One day, I was vacuuming their room and opened their walk in closet to vacuum it too, when suddenly something caught my eye. My parents had a bunch of brown cardboard boxes in a corner on the floor and from one of the handles of the bottom box; I saw what looked like dvds. I was curious enough to take a look, so I stopped vacuuming and I moved the top box aside and opened the bottom box. I was astounded to see a bunch of pornographic dvds, but one dvd stood out.

It didn't have any box art on it; it just had a label "Andrea". I thought that was weird, so I opened it and saw it had a DVDR cd and a note saying "Give to Andrea when she's 18". What was on this dvd that they wanted to wait till I was 18 to give it to me? This time I was extremely curious and since nobody was around to chastise me for snooping around I quickly ran to the tv set they had in their room and put the dvd in the dvd player. I sat on the bed excited to see what was on the dvd and I quickly found out.... The video opened with both of my parents sitting on an old beige couch that we used to have. I was a bit speechless, but a little aroused at the same time.

I assume that the video camera was set up on a tripod because they weren't holding it. My parents took off their clothes and put them aside, then my mom took the camera off the stand and grabbed it. Then my dad grabbed my her from behind and sat her on his lap. He then started rubbing mom's clit as she filmed it. I could here the intimate noises of her pussy being played with. By this time I was really hot so I took off my jeans and started playing with my clit through my underwear.

A few seconds later, dad grabbed his penis and stuck it inside mom's vagina. I heard a squishy sound as he did this which made me hornier. Finally mom and dad were fucking. Dad was thrusting really fast as mom was filming. She filmed her breasts, where dad would grab them and squeeze them gently. But the main focus was of mom and dad's joining. I was getting so hot that I quickly took off my white panties and rubbed my clit furiously while I watched dad pounding mommy really hard! After a while I heard my mom speak "Look....uuh... we're making a baby".

She said while filming her wet pussy being pounded. Her pussy was a little hairy, just like my pussy. But dad's penis had a lot of hair. Finally they changed positions. Mommy laid down on the couch with her legs spread and daddy's wet penis kept pounding her pussy. When they switched positions, I came which caused my pussy to get even wetter. I grabbed my right boob with my right hand and squeezed it and played with my nipple which was really soft.

After what seemed like an eternity, my dad whispered that he was gonna cum. So mom quickly focused the camera on her pussy. Mom said "Look, daddy's gonna.....uh....put his sperm in me...uuuuh...he's gonna shoot a part of me." Hearing my mom say that made me cum again. Finally I heard my dad moaning and groaning as I heard the squishing sounds of him pounding and shooting his sperm inside my mom. After my dad shot the last spurts of his seed, he pulled his penis out and I saw how big and wet it was as it started wilting. Then he took the camera from mom and focused it on her wet partially open hairy pussy where cum was seeping out. Mom then grabbed her pussy with both hands and opened it even more as daddy zoomed in. Her pussy was big and reddish pink with a lot of cum in it. The video then quickly ended as I lied there with my wet pussy and my legs spread hoping someone would come in and pound my pussy too.

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I hope you liked it Andrea!, I did!

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