Tony & Jessica, Part 2

[ inc, lolita, pedo, Mg, exhib, young ]

by TanDad

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Published: 22-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Tony was trembling with excitement, his heart pounding hard as he walked back into the master bathroom. He had just let his 9yo daughter, Jessica, 'catch' him naked; he let her see his cock get hard; he lost sight of her when he was in the bathroom but was sure she kept looking his way as his spurts of cum splattered loudly on the tile floor. He went back out to his dresser after wiping up - gathering clean underwear, but mostly to look for Jessica who was no longer standing at the open doorway of his bedroom.

Walking back to the bathroom on weak legs, Tony realized wiping up wouldn't work well, as he felt cum dripping down his leg and still had a large wad of cum now smeared along his cock and balls.

Into the shower he went, the cool water cascading over his overheated body. He had to reach out to lean against the shower wall to steady himself as the water flowed over him, restoring some of his strength. His head was still swirling with thoughts about what he had let Jessica see. He also had delightful thoughts about what he'd like to do with her, but the one feeling which struck him the most was an unexpected one.

He was thrilled and proud of what had just happened, and more to the point, he was not one bit ashamed about it. On the one hand, this was confusing, because this was against all the laws, rules, taboos and so-called 'normal' things in life, so he should perhaps feel his actions and thoughts were forbidden, wrong, bad, evil and terrible.

Yet as he thought things over, he realized none of these applied. Of this he was certain. He knew it was okay, he knew it was fun, exciting, thrilling for both of them. He also knew he deeply loved Jessica, more than anything or anyone in his life, even more than his late wife Sara.

Tony would often stare in wonder at the way light reflected and danced in Jessica's eyes when she laughed - as if somehow all the diamonds in creation were swirling there.

He adored her light dusting of freckles, across her nose and atop her cheeks and the way sunlight made her hair simply glow.

But Tony also knew if others recognized his growing lust for his daughter, they would likely beat him half to death and then have him thrown into prison where he surely would meet a slow and ugly death.

Yet in spite of the risks, Tony knew deep down it was simply the right thing to do - to just let things proceed as far as they might. He resolved to start with a slow test, to see if Jessica would accept him being naked around her as much as she liked being naked with him.

As he turned the water off and dried himself off, Tony thought to himself ... slow but sure; no rush; never any pressure; but yet no limits, no holding back, whatever happens - happens.

Once he said this to himself, Tony felt a great weight lift from him. He took a deep breath and put on a fresh t-shirt and another pair of thin cotton gym shorts. He headed downstairs to see if Jessica would be acting any differently - now that he had let her 'spy' on her naked dad.

She was on the living room couch, leaning back with her legs crossed, sitting with her butt atop her feet. As almost always, she remained naked, but in this position, her legs were very wide open, her perfect pink pussy on full display, her outer lips parted slightly.

"Hey kiddo, what's up?" he asked, trying to sound calm and relaxed, while his eyes feasted on her flawless beauty - all on full display.

Jessica kept working a video game controller paddle, her eyes mostly fixed on the TV screen.

"Nothing much, kinda bored, how you doing?" she answered. Tony thought she might be trying just a little extra hard to convince him she was bored and casual. Her face seemed to be red with a blush and her breathing was faster than the video game would cause.

"I dunno, I don't really feel like going anywhere tonight, I'm a little tired, so maybe I should order a pizza and we could have it and watch a movie on DVD?"

"Sure! I'd like that!" she replied with a big smile. Her eyes glanced quickly to Tony's gym shorts, where the outline of the ridge of the crown of his cockhead showed clearly.

Cool, Tony thought. She glanced at my cock, looked at the TV for a sec, then kept glancing at my cock, over and over - and she keeps smiling so at least she seems okay with it and isn't freaked out from this or from seeing me naked a few minutes earlier. He knew she watched his cock get hard when they were upstairs, but he wondered if she stayed there in the open doorway long enough to see his cum flying through the air, landing in very loud splats on the floor.

A question to ask her at another time, he thought.

Tony now felt a tiny stir in his cock, when he realized he was staring at Jessica's tan skin, with a faint dusting of 'peach-fuzz' tiny golden hairs, highlighted in the late afternoon setting sun, now streaming into the room at a low angle.

His cock was bobbing slightly as he stood there near his daughter and while she kept glancing at it. Tony realized she was not frightened about all this and in fact she sure appeared to love the thrills it gave. Or, he wondered, was he reading too much into the situation? Was he going too far, too fast? Time for a drink.

"I'm gonna grab a beer, you want a coke maybe?" he asked as he turned, walked in front of Jessica with a bouncing cock as he headed into the kitchen.

"Oh yeah, please!"

At the fridge, Tony felt his heart beating hard, but again he felt no shame, no guilt. He did feel this was fine and not wrong at all. His mind raced as he tried to think of a way to be slightly more obvious with Jessica. He was determined to see if he could maybe steer her toward feeling in control as he hoped to join her in near-constant nudity at home.

His mind was swirling with ideas to test her reactions. Maybe I should just walk out there totally naked with a stiff, throbbing hardon and hand her a soda? Perhaps a bit much at first. What then? Maybe stroke his cock there, put it back in his thin shorts and walk out - it would be nearly totally visible, yet still have a thin layer of cloth for a hint of 'proper' privacy? Or how about hiking up his shorts enough to allow the tip of his cock slowly slide out into full view under her sweet gaze?

"Are you okay in there? What's keeping you?" Jessica called out - bringing Tony out of his dreamy daze in an instant.

"Yeah, kitten, sorry, be there in a sec."

Tony's musings had him about halfway hard as he returned to stand near Jessica and handed her the soda can. Her eyes lit up and she smiled as she looked at his cock, now in clear full profile against the thin cloth.

It was her reaction that inspired Tony's next move. She seemed to lose interest in the video game the more she openly stared at her dad's barley concealed dick.

They shared some small talk, discussed the sort of pizza to order and other nonsense, all the time she never glanced to Tony's face, she was staring at his bulge and smiling.

Tony knew this was the time for the move he thought of a few minutes earlier. Jessica kept her eyes locked on his cock, as Tony reached behind his back with his hands, and arched his back a lot, which pushed his cock even harder against the thin fabric. He straightened up again, kept up the small talk, then with her watching closely, he scratched a pretend itch on his arm and then reached down to scratch another pretend itch - the length of his cock, up and down twice, as if this was a very casual, regular, no-big-deal sort of thing, all the while keeping their casual talk going.

To his great relief, Jessica did not look away in shock or disgust, rather, she was now beaming a huge smile as her eyes grew even more wide open.

Tony resisted a strong urge to simply whip out his cock and jack off with her watching. Oh, how he wanted to splatter her with gobs of cum, to land on her pretty flat chest, sliding down across her tummy and pooling into her very open, very hairless, very pink pussy.

He fought to keep himself in check. Slow and steady, right? Nice and easy. Don't scare her. Slow down.

He couldn't resist another tease. He flexed his tummy muscles a little bit, which caused his cock to rise up and down, as if it was a puppet on a hidden string.

Tony nearly jumped out of his skin when the next door neighbor's dog barked loudly at a passing car. Jessica thought this was hilarious and kept watching her dad's dick nearly dance its way out into full view.

He made a silly face at her for laughing at him. He bent down to roll his eyes face to face with her, when he glanced down at her wide open pussy, which looked shiny with wetness. Could it be? he thought. It sure looked that way to him.

Tony reached next to Jessica to pick up his cell phone to make the pizza delivery order, which helped him to position himself closer to her sweet face. If only she would reach over and slip it out, caress it with her tender fingers, and maybe lick the shaft over and over before sucking the head in her mouth ... he had to shake his head to snap himself out of this daydream.

After he finished the order, Tony realized he needed to have a few moments to chill, or risk a huge sticky explosive mess.

"It'll be here in less than 30 minutes, kiddo, I'm gonna check emails and stuff for awhile," he said as he turned to go into the nearby den, which he had converted into an efficient home office.

"Oh, okay," she sighed as the video game emitted a tone which indicated her character had perished. Again.

After checking his emails, Tony went to a site that featured many nudist photos, most all of which featured kids Jessica's age and even younger. He had found this site a few weeks before, and he found himself adoring the incredible beauty of young naked kids having fun in nudist activity settings.

The thing that surprised Tony the most was his arousal at looking at stunningly pretty naked boys too. He never felt attracted to grown men, with their hairy ugly bodies, but many of these boys were very fem-looking 'girly boy' types. Not only he love looking at their slim smooth hairless bodies, Tony found himself wondering how it would feel to suck them off, what their slim smooth cocks would feel like in his mouth, wondered what it would be like to take their grape-sized nut sacks in his mouth, swirling and caressing them with his tongue.

His mind drifted to a super cute young EMO boy who could only get the head of his cock in his small mouth.

"Pizza will be here anytime now, I'm getting a t-shirt from upstairs in case he arrives early," Jessica said as she turned and bounded up the stairs.

This almost gave Tony a heart attack, as he quickly hit the button to switch off the computer screen, but he realized he was way too late. And how long had she been there, watching him look at young naked boys? If she did see, she didn't act like it, he thought. With shaky hands, Tony shut down the computer.

A few minutes the pizza arrived, Jessica had looked modest enough so as to not get the attention of the pizza delivery guy. The delivery truck was backing out the driveway and Jessica had already chucked off her oversized t-shirt, tossed it on the couch and was once again radiant in being naked.

As they munched away on the pizza, Jessica was watching 'The Princess Bride' - one of her favorite movies, and Tony was watching her as she watched the movie. She would make silly or funny or sad comments about the movie as it played, and Tony would respond with a mumbled agreement noise. He could not take his eyes off her. His cock was making a tent in his shorts, but this time her eyes remained fixed on the TV screen.

Tony smiled to himself, thinking how wonderful it was to be able to see her naked as much as he wanted - she had not a hint of shyness about her nakedness. If anything, it seemed to him that she was enjoying giving him a show. Could it be? Or was he imaging things again? He hoped she was having fun teasing him. As long as she liked to show off, he would enjoy the view - but now he would not hide his lustful stares. Tony knew he was an extremely lucky man indeed.

By the time the movie ended, it was dark. Tony flicked on the outside lights and closed the window curtains. They tossed the paper plates and pizza box into the recycle box, cleaned up the crumb mess Jessica looked at Tony with a worried face.

"What?" he asked.

"You were real quiet during the last part of the movie, are you sad again?"

"Oh, wow, no kitten, I just got a lot on my mind."

"Wanna talk about it? You always say that's a good idea, right?"

Tony took a breath and decided to test Jessica's reactions even more.

He began by trying to sound casual, but stammering and stuttering.

"I dunno, kiddo, it's complicated and kinda personal."

"Tell me, pleeeeeeease?"

He took another breath and made his voice a little shaky. He wanted her to urge him to talk.

"It's just that I've been thinking ... ahh ... well ... you know how you love to be naked as much as you can, right?"

"Oh heck yeah!"

"And, um, well ... I been thinking that's sort of unfair to you, because ..." letting his voice trail off.

"Come on, what?"

"Well, I want you to be happy, I want that more than anything in the whole world, you know that, right?"

Jessica's face lit up even more now.

"Yes, so?"

"Ahh, well, this is ... well, it might seem sort of ... rude or something, but ..."

"Oh please, just say it!"

"Okay, well I've been checking out some places for us to visit, you know, you and me on a road trip, to get out and explore stuff, right?"

Jessica quickly nodded her head.

"Um, well, I've been thinking that maybe, just maybe, we might think about going to a nude beach, so you can run around and play all you want, without worrying about anyone saying anything bad about us, but ..."

Jessica's delighted squeal cut Tony's words short.

"Yippiee! Really? Honest? A visit to a real nudie beach? Really? Can we, can we, can we? Please, oh please?"

"Slow down, silly, I said I was thinking about it, I mean I'm sure you'll love it, and I think that's totally cool, but ... ah, well ... I'm not sure."

"What? Huh? What's to think about? It's perfect, ohh, please? Can we? PLEASE?"

Tony again forced the appearance of being very shy and stumbling over his words.

"Well kitten ... ah, you know I will do just about anything in the world to make you happy, no matter what you ask, but ... ahh ... this is hard to talk about ... um, it's not you ... it's me, kiddo. I don't know if I am ready for that ... you know ... um ... being naked there with all the other people and kids around us naked ... ahh ... well ... and like in front of you ... I ... I think I'd be embarrassed to the max, I dunno if I could deal with it, you know"

Jessica let out a long and loud laugh. "No, daddy, you would be Bare-Assed, not embarrassed - get it?" as she then rolled into a giggle fit.

Tony laughed at her quick joke, but he kept trying to look nervous and shy.

"What's the big deal about it anyway?" she asked.

"Um, well ... I've never been to a nude beach, naked around others ... and well ... I could get embarrassed, that's all."

"Oh, please. You and mommy always told me to never be ashamed of my naked body, right? And yeah, I know why I gotta cover up around others, so they don't freak out and tell on us, but at a nudie beach, like, everyone else is naked too, so it would be maybe strange for a lil bit at first, but it will be cool once you relax, right?"

"But honey, it's different for you ... you're totally relaxed about being naked, heck, you love it for sure. But well, it's different for me ... um, like I said I've never been naked like that, you know ... around others ... and you've got used to it by now ... and anyway, it's way different for guys than it is for girls ... because ... well, girls don't ... ahhh ... oh, sorry, never mind."

Jessica had no idea Tony had laid a tender trap for her to fall into, and wow, did she ever. "Girls don't what? Go ahead, say it. Girls don't get big hard stiffies, right? That's what you were gonna say, right?" She had an impish grin on her face and looked as if she might start laughing again. She loved this teasing of her dad. She felt more grown up talking more boldly like this.

Tony tried to force a shocked look on his face, but he felt his cock stir. The girl took the bait. Big time.

"What? Where did you get that word stiffy from? Oh heck, forget the whole thing, this was dumb, sorry."

Jessica suddenly had a very sad look on her face. She spoke quietly. "You mean we can't go now? Really? First you say you might, you know how I will love that, and now, just a minute later, you say we can't go? Why? That's not fair."

Tony almost cried when he saw this reaction from Jessica. He fought to keep in the same mood, acting like he was super shy, he wanted her to coax more out of him.

"Oh, honey, it's not you, it's me. Really ... um, what if ... what if I get, ahh ..."

"Just say it. What if you get hard? That's what you mean, right?"

Tony blushed, looked at the floor and nodded. "What would others think? They would say I am a total perv, to be hard there, especially with my girl. And the other kids? What if they scream or something? They would think I'm a bad creep, you know?"

Jessica started to giggle, but stopped herself. "Dad, you could never be a creep. Mom had talks with me, you know? She told me about how boys and girls bodies are different, and how they make babies, and how having fun with our bodies is fun and okay, so if I know that, then everyone else at that beach should know it too, so when guys get stiffies now and then, it's no big deal, as long as they don't go running around chasing people with it!"

They both laughed again.

"Yes, I know it happens, I know it's normal, but, well, I think I might just have those feelings, and have to lay on my tummy on the sand all day, or stay in the cold water, and how would that be fun? That would suck."

Even more laughter this time.

"I got an idea daddy, I think all you need is some practice, to get used to it, so it would not feel new or strange, you know?"

Tony was jumping up and down with joy on the inside, but he tried to keep confused looking on the outside.

"Huh? Practice?"

"Ohhh, durr. Here, silly. At home, with me. You could try it out, relax here at home all naked like me, and I bet you get used to it and loving it real quick. Then it would not be so strange to you."

"Are you serious? Really? You'd be okay with that? Seeing me naked wouldn't freak you out ... or make you barf or something?"

"Ha! Nah, it would be okay, and heck I already seen you naked before, so it's cool. Really. When you feel like it, just do it, okay?"

"Wait. What? You say you already have seen me naked? Where? When? Huh?"

Jessica giggled. "Not telling! A girl has to have SOME secrets, right? So there!"

Tony let out a big sigh. "Okay, but let me ask a different question. This is important, so be totally honest, okay? Well, um, what if I did start to try that here, with you, so I could be comfortable about it later, but if here, with you, um ... what if it gets hard with you right here? I mean, it's impossible to control sometimes, especially with a beautiful naked girl to look at ... what if that happens?"

Jessica rolled her eyes. "Ugh. Is that all? Really? Is that what you are all worried about?"

"Yes honey, I don't want to ever gross you out, or freak you out, or make you feel creepy or uncomfortable around me. I love you way to much to let that happen, ever. But I'm being honest here, I don't think I would be perfect to never get hard around you, so ..."

"Aw, daddy, I know that, and honest, it wouldn't bother me, really. It's only natural, and that's cool!"

"Are you sure, really sure? I mean, this is something that could get me into a lot of trouble, could land me in jail, could mean we get torn apart and never see each other again for the rest of our lives, if anyone found out and turned us in, you know? Are you totally sure about this, and are you sure you can keep this a secret from everyone else?"

"Yes, I'm sure. And I know about that stuff, I'm not a baby girl any more, I see the news, I read things on the internet, so yeah, I know this has to be a total secret, but honest, that's no big deal."

Tony was once again amazed about Jessica. "Wow, kiddo, how did you get so smart ... so soon?"

She beamed a golden smile at the compliment and just shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno, I just am!"

They just looked at each other for a minute, sharing a special time.

"So whenever you feel like it, just get naked and relax and do it. And hey, it's only fair, right? I mean you've had to put up with me naked like forever, so why not? It's your turn now!"

Tony smiled and thanked his precious daughter.

Jessica stood up, walked to Tony who remained seated. They were eye to eye. She reached out and hugged her dad tightly. Tony tingled all over at the embrace and delighted in the softness of her skin as his hands caressed her back.

His cock stirred with this rush of feelings, growing hard. Jessica glanced down and giggled. "I see Mister Stiffy is back! Hello, Mister Stiffy!" she said as she waved at the tent in her dad's shorts. She then turned to rummage through the DVD's for another movie to watch.

Tony felt a strong 'gotta do it' feeling surge over him. With her back turned to him, her perfect bubble butt facing him, Tony quietly slipped off his shorts, leaned back in his recliner and spread his legs a little.

When Jessica turned around to show Tony the movie she wanted to watch, Tony was halfway hard again, his cock bobbing toward full erection. Jessica dropped the DVD and smiled.

"OMG! Sweet!" she said as she sat on the couch, sliding close to her dad with her eyes locked on his cock. "Dang, see? Feels good to be like this, right?" she asked.

Tony was breathless, couldn't speak, could only nod.

He felt it building deep within him, but he wanted this to last as long as he could. Jessica's face was only about two feet from his cock as it throbbed to total hardness under her loving gaze. She had the most delightful glow about her as she stared at his cock. It grew even harder.

Tony felt the urge to stroke off, but he refused to end the moment. He no longer cared if anyone else could ever understand this feeling, but he knew this was very rare and very loving, so he just let the feelings flow.

He never was more excited in his life. His cock kept trying to grow, the skin was now stretched so far, his shaft looked extremely shiny, like glass and the usual pink hue was now purple. He knew it would not be long now.

Jessica had a sparkling, wide-eyed gaze glued to his cock which seemed to dance, as if it was a horny puppet on an invisible string.

The surge was building strong now. Tony tried to clamp down on it to prolong this crazy delight, but his effort didn't last for a moment.

He felt his whole body float up, as if he were on the top of a roller coaster as it crested the rise and began its rocketing fall. Without a single touch of his hand, his balls rolled in and his cock spewed out spurt after spurt of long ropey cumshots, high into the air, which smacked him on the tummy and chest with loud splats. Other shots arched out and landed on the carpet, one shot over Jessica and landed on the couch beside her.

Jessica's eyes almost fell out of her head when her dad exploded with a fountain of cum everywhere.

When the spurts stopped, thick cum oozed out Tony's cock, pooling in a puddle around his belly button.

Jessica had a huge grin. "Holy shit, that was awesome, really! Um, you got all that hard and shot out all that cum, just by looking at ME?" she asked.

"Yeah, well, yeah, sorry honey, I know, I'm so sorry, yeah, I'm bad ..."

Jessica stopped his apology. "Don't be. That was the most awesome thing I have ever seen, ever. Even the porn on the internet, wow, this was so much better, and I got to see it for real, in person, and your stiffie spewed like that because of me? Wow!"

Tony tried to speak, but could not. He had no breath, his throat was tight and dry. He motioned with his hand to her discarded t-shirt, which Jessica tossed to her dad and she watched him sop up a huge load of cum into it.

Somewhere inside Tony thought for a moment he should maybe feel ashamed. But he didn't. He felt proud, very proud. Proud that he followed through on a deep forbidden desire, proud that Jessica loved it and proud in the feeling that he knew this was just the start of bigger and better things for them to share.

But as much as Tony had a vivid horny imagination, and as mature as Jessica was, beyond her years, neither could imagine the wonderful and wild things they were about to share, or the people they would share them with.

But they were going to find out ... soon!


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