Lisa, Part 3

[ g(7)MF, inc, ws ]

by Taakal

[email protected]

Published: 16-Nov-2012

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This story is an adult fantasy, nothing more. The author does not condone child abuse in any form. The described behavior of the girl is completely unrealistic; no child of that age would act that way. This is a translation I did of my original story in German for the non-German speakers here because automated translation is not good. I hope you like it. Leave a comment or send a mail if you do. If you don't, I'm open for constructive criticism.

And in case of some of you haven't noticed: There's a prequel to this story here ('Lisa's first time') that tells Lisa's first steps without her parents.

Lisa Dares: Chapter 2

Kathrin couldn't completely realize what was happening. She had fantasized about her daughter before. It had started when she had noticed that nursing Lisa made her horny. Of course she had felt guilty when she felt her cunt prickle when her daughter sucked her nipples. Finally she had given in to her desire and thus she had begun to masturbate while breastfeeding whenever she had the opportunity. She really had been very careful. If her husband had caught her the embarrassment would have been too much. She never had been able to get rid of the last bit of guilt, though actually an occasional masturbation while breastfeeding wasn't doing any harm, was it? And nothing else did happen. The sight of the tiny, sweet baby-twat when she was changing her diapers or bathing her had indeed caused thoughts a mother shouldn't have about her baby-daughter, but she had never put her fantasies into practice. Until today. She had also been a bit shocked (of course) when her daughter had appeared in their bedroom, mainly because she would have never expected it to happen eventually, but she absolutely had to take advantage of that opportunity. She hadn't really thought about what could happen when she had said "Well, why not". Of course Peter could have reacted totally different. She was so glad that he had taken it so well.

And now it wasn't just fantasy anymore. Kathrin really fondled the velvety soft kiddy-pussy of her daughter right now! And Lisa obviously enjoyed the treatment a lot. The little girl was already quite wet, although she had only caressed her very gently. Once more she let her middle finger glide through the little slit and licked her daughter's juices from her fingers with pleasure. The mere feeling to caress Lisa's tiny cunt with her fingers was fantastic. And her juices tasted just wonderful. Very soon she would be exploring Lisa's kiddy-cunny with her tongue and enjoy her wonderful juices in abundance. The thought alone almost brought her to her climax. And what else would happen that night? First of all she would pamper her daughter from top to bottom and she would show her what a foreplay is, although she would have loved to plunge her tongue and her finger into that tiny pink hole at once.

"Okay, sweetheart, why don't you just lay back," Kathrin told her daughter. "Let me pamper you, you will enjoy this. It's called foreplay, though you actually don't need one anymore." Another time she put a finger coated with Lisa's juices in her mouth and licked it pleasurably. "First I'll show you how grown-ups kiss each other," said Kathrin after Lisa had laid on her back. "You just have to open your lips a little bit and play along."

Kathrin laid herself next to her daughter and put her lips on Lisa's mouth. Of course she often had kissed Lisa's mouth before and almost every time she had imagined how it would feel to make that kiss a little less innocent. She was about to find out. Slowly she let her tongue glide into the little mouth. When their tongues touched, it was like an electric jolt for Kathrin, just an amazing feeling. Lisa joined her at once and they started to french kiss lavishly. Kathrin thought about how much Peter must enjoy that sight. Well, certainly not as much as she enjoyed doing it. They kissed long and extensively. It was even better than she had imagined.

Slowly she began to caress Lisa's body again. She really had to force herself not to put her hands between her daughter's legs immediately. Instead she stroked over the child's little breasts and her tummy as she also had done often before. Naturally it had made her horny in the past as well, but it still felt different this time, now that it wasn't the same for her daughter. Kathrin began to wander over Lisa's body with her tongue. Over her neck she worked her way to the tiny breasts, extensively licking and sucking the little nipples which even got a little stiff by that treatment. She stroked Lisa's velvety soft buttocks and then the insides of her thighs. Soon she could hear her daughter moan quietly. Kathrin was looking forward to Lisa's reaction when she would spoil her little kiddy-cunt with her mouth. It wouldn't take long now. Her own cunt was flowing over from horniness. Certainly Peter had noticed that, but he was keeping her in suspense a little more. He surely enjoyed the show now and he wouldn't allow any distraction until he had seen his wife licking out their daughter's pussy. Lisa's legs were already widely spread, obviously she wanted it as much as her mother.

"I wanna kiss you down there now. That's even nicer than caressing. Is that okay?"

"Yes please, Mommy, kiss it!" Lisa was trembling of anticipation.

When Kathrin put her head between the girl's legs, the seductive odour from the child's pussy was wafting up her nose. She took a deep breath and pressed her lips onto the rosy crevice. Then she touched it with the tip of her tongue. Again she felt like being electrocuted. Slowly she let her tongue glide through the tight slit. She felt a little twitch of her daughter when she reached the tiny button of her clit.

"Hihi, that tickles nicely, Mommy."

Carefully Kathrin parted the tiny labia with her thumb and forefinger to bare the little pink button a little bit. She started with circling it with the tip of her tongue. But soon she had to take it between her lips and sucked on it. Gently first, then with increasing intensity.

"Oooooh, Mommy, this is so nice, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" The convulsions that went through Lisa's body got stronger and stronger and her pussy was soaking wet. Kathrin couldn't get enough of her daughter's juice. She pushed her tongue as deep into the little hole as she could. She stimulated her with quick flutters of her tongue. Just when she was treating the little clit again, Lisa suddenly started to tremble heavily and her moaning and panting got louder and louder. Was it actually possible that the 7-year-old was just having a full-out orgasm? Kathrin wouldn't have thought that this was possible. But it was clear, her little daughter was experiencing a climax, and quite a heavy one. That made Kathrin so horny that she almost came herself. The smallest touch would have been enough to make her cum. Of course she could have used her fingers but in fact she wanted to cum in her daughter's mouth now.

"Now, wasn't that nice?" Kathrin asked after Lisa had calmed down a little again. "What you just experienced is called an orgasm or a climax. You can also say that you just came. But I had thought that you're way too little to have one."

"Mommy, I'm already thaaat big," said Lisa with a big grin on her face. "I already can ohgasm."

"That's oRgasm, but yes, it seems indeed you are a big girl already," said Kathrin and continued to pleasure Lisa's cunny after they had shifted positions a little bit so that both of them lay on their sides. Peter also wanted to actively join the game again. He laid himself next to her back with his head on her rear and began to lick her cunt from behind. When Kathrin looked up for a moment she could see why he licked her from behind: he didn't want to cover Lisa's view on Mommy's pussy. The little girl didn't even notice that her mother had paused licking her. She obviously was more interested in the actions Daddy was taking down there and how her Mommy looked down there.

"Can I also kiss Mommy there?" Kathrin was delighted.

"Why, of course," said Peter, who had taken the lead now. "Now you lie on your back, honey." Kathrin obeyed and spread her legs to reveal the view on her juicy cunt.

"Now take a good look at Mommy's pussy. That's one of those adult words again which we want to use only for playing."

"Come on, Peter, why don't you tell her the proper word." Kathrin interrupted him. "While we play we want to call it a cunt."

Incredible, but Peter really blushed a little bit.

"But my cunt looks very different than Mommy's."

"Well, sweetheart, that's because Mommy's got a woman's cunt and you've got a little girl's cunny. Yours will look similar to mine eventually." But hopefully not too soon, Kathrin added in her thoughts. She loved the rosy kiddy-cunny just the way she was.

"This little button is called a clitoris or shorter a clit," Peter had parted Kathrin's labia exposing her clit. "When you play with it, it tickles and tingles especially nice."

"I have one, too, see?" Lisa parted her cunny lips and proudly presented her little love-button to her father. Kathrin could see that her husband would have liked to try the little pearl himself now, but Lisa was more interested in her mother's pussy now. There was the electric jolt again when she felt the tender touch of her daughter's little finger on her pussy.

"Why don't you just kiss Mommy's clit now," Kathrin heard her husband say and then she felt the child's lips on it.

"Am I doing right?" Lisa asked. "Well, let's just ask Mommy. Is she doing right, honey?"

"Ooooh yeah, you're doing just right, dear. Kiss Mommy's cunt." She trembled when she felt that her daughter began to lick her.


"Mmmmmhh, your cunt's yuuummy." It tasted a bit different from her own, but Mommy's cunt was tasting very nice. And also more and more juice was flowing out. Again and again she also sucked Mommy's clit, which was much bigger than hers. Every time she did that, Mommy was moaning harder and she also trembled, just like she did when she played with her own clit. Lisa badly wanted to give her mother an orgasm, because she knew how good that felt and it was so great that she could make something that nice for her Mommy.

"Oh yes, Sweety, you're doing great," Mommy moaned. "Yeees, suckle on Mommy's clit. Oh my goooood, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Suddenly Mommy started to quiver heavily and she began to scream aloud. More and more juice flowed out of her cunt. Lisa's face got totally soaked in her mother's cream. Kathrin sometimes twitched so fiercely that Lisa was unable to lick her properly. But eventually her orgasm subsided. Heavily panting she laid there and Lisa could lick her well again. Lisa left her mother's clit alone for now, instead she tried to push her tongue as deep as she could into the hole from which the yummy juice was leaking out. Lisa enjoyed licking her Mommy's cunt a lot, but now she also wanted some affection again.

"Hey Daddy, don't you want to join playing again?"


Although she just had given him a blow job and drunk his sperm enthusiastically, Peter still had some inhibitions to treat his little daughter as a lover, but since she had asked him herself, he got rid of second thoughts. First he started to caress her. Of course he had caressed her often before, but this was not the same. This time it aroused him. His cock got hard again, only because he let his hands go over his daughter's back and tummy. Very tenderly he stroked and kneaded the little baby-soft buttocks of her bum. And again it was a totally different feel than all the countless occasions before when he had held her bum in his hands, when he had held her in his arms. Probably he even had touched her kiddy-pussy unintentionally many times before, though he had never been aware of it and it wouldn't have had any significance to him back then. Of course she mostly was clothed then. She wasn't now.

Fascinated Peter looked at the little vulva of his daughter. It wasn't so long ago that he had seen it because Lisa still enjoyed taking a bath with her Dad or her Mom, but he had never felt the urge to took a closer look at it. He slid his hand between her legs to fondle her inner thighs. Lisa opened her legs a little bit and by that her rosy crevice opened up a bit, too. The little lips glistened. His daughter was wet! Peter's hands trembled when he touched her sex and Lisa moaned. Oh god, that was so hot. The kiddy-cunt felt so unbelievably nice, and it was so tiny and tender. What a pity that it'll still take a while... he thought when he caught himself thinking about how it would feel to shove his cock in there. But he absolutely had to taste this perfect little pussy right now. His mouth was watering at the thought. He still asked for permission.

"Of course, Daddy, you must. Give my wee-wee a kiss." Peter put his head between her legs. As close as he was now, he sensed a wonderful odour raising from the child's pussy that even intensified when he opened the little crevice with his fingers. Before he got started, he took another good look at her little love pearl from up close. It was obviously erect. His daughter was definitely horny like hell. That he could also see by the wetness oozing out of the entrance to her love-grotto. And between the pearl and the hole, Peter beheld Lisa's tiny little pee-slit, at which sight he immediately thought about how it would be if his daughter had started to piss right away. He was the one who had always been into piss games and he had introduced Kathrin into watersports, whereas his wife had become an equal lover of piss by now. Maybe now he could wake that passion in Lisa, too. But actually that was not important right now. He was kissing his 7-year-old daughter's cunt! And it tasted like heaven. Similar to that of an adult woman of course, yet different. The difference was hard to describe and to capture. She tasted... innocent. Maybe a little bit like the pleasant smell of newborns. Anyhow, Peter couldn't get enough of it. He stuck his tongue deep into Lisa's hole and his daughter returned that treatment with a lustful moan.


Lisa was really a very good licker. Kathrin enjoyed her daughter's tongue work a lot, yet still she craved for a more intense stimulation now.

"Sweetheart, you're a natural born cunt-licker. Mommy's pussy is feeling wonderful, but how about showing you something else, shall I?"

"Oh yes, Mommy, what must I do?" Lisa was immediately hooked and was not in the slightest bit distracted by her Dad's passionate licking of her own pussy.

"Make your hand like this." Kathrin shaped her hand like a wedge. Lisa mimicked her. "Very good, now just let me guide your hand." Kathrin took her daughter's wrist, put it to the entrance of her cunt-hole and let it slowly glide in. It was incredible to feel the hand of her daughter inside her. She had never dared to fully take in a whole hand, although she had always wanted to know how that felt. But the little child-hand of Lisa was no Problem of course, even if she hadn't been as soaking wet as she was.

"Is that nice, Mommy?" asked Lisa when Kathrin moaned passionately.

"Yes, it's wonderful, dear. Now you can just caress Mommy's inside."

The sensation to feel her daughter's little fingers inside her was indescribable. Lisa's hand was indeed so small that she was able to completely open it and fondle and explore the hot and damp walls of Kathrin's vagina. It wasn't comparable to be fucked by a cock. Lisa pushed her arm deeper and deeper into her mother's cunt. Her arm was up to the elbows inside her when Kathrin felt that her daughter had reached the end of her channel. She moaned ecstatically when Lisa touched her there.

"Yeeeeeesss, that is sooooo gooood. Fondle your Mommy there, oooooohhhhhh!"

"Oh, here's another tiny hole." Lisa had found Kathrin's mouth of the uterus and began to push two of her fingers in. Kathrin moaned again, even louder than before. And Lisa suddenly moaned, too. "Ooohhh, Daddy, that feels so nice."

"Is that good? Shall I go on?" Peter wanted to know.

"What's he doing?" asked Kathrin curiously.

"The same as I," said Lisa and moaned again. "Daddy put a finger inside me down there."


While he was licking her, Daddy had started to caress her pussy also with his fingers. That was really nice. But it was even better when he tried to put a finger in. First he moved it very slowly and gently. That's why she pushed a little bit against it, to show him that she wanted more. So Daddy started to move his finger in and out faster and faster like King was doing with his penis. And because that felt really great, Mommy would surely like it if Lisa did the same with the small hole inside Mommy's cunt.

"Yeees, fuck Mommy's cervix, oh that's sooo hot!" And again she had learned a new adult word. Actually she had heard it before, she just didn't know what it meant. So fucking was to put something in a pussy (or inside it). Fucking was great, no matter if King did it with his cock or Daddy with his finger. Later Daddy would have to do it with his cock as well, but for now his finger was enough. She felt that the nice sensation between her legs would be coming soon again. When she came, her Mommy obviously was ready as well. At any rate, Lisa could feel heavy twitches inside her Mommy and she was moaning even louder than herself. So mother and daughter climaxed together in a very long and intense orgasm. When it finally subsided, Lisa removed her fingers from the little hole which had even gotten tighter now, and pulled her arm slowly out of Mommy.

"What's that little hole in your cunt for?" Lisa asked while she feasted on Kathrin's cunt-juices on her arm.

"That's the entrance to the womb, where the babies live before they are born."

"Was I in there, too?"

"Haha, of course, where else? Am I not your Mommy and you're my babygirl?" Lisa thought about how small she must have been to fit in there when she realized that she had to pee. Her Daddy was still under her. He had his tongue deep inside her hole now. Daddy really seemed to like her juice, which wasn't that surprising for Lisa. Maybe he would also like her pee-pee, but she didn't dare to just let go.

"Daddy, I have to pee."

"Okay, I'll stop and you can go to the bathroom."

"Wouldn't it be nicer if I just peed here and you stay with me?"


Although he wasn't really expecting this question, Peter wasn't that surprised anymore.

"What makes you think that?" he asked though he could guess her answer.

"Well, once I've seen Mommy pee in your mouth here in bed and you've liked it. Don't you want mine, too?"

"Yes, of course I want yours, too. Nothing could keep me from it. I'm happy that my little girl wants to pee for her Daddy."

"I can see that," said Kathrin and grinned. The anticipation for the piss of his little daughter had made his cock hard as a rock again. He spread her little crevice a bit and licked over the little piss hole with the tip of his tongue.

"Hey, Daddy, I can't pee that way! You have to stop licking me there!"

"Okay, I'll stop. I guess then we'll have to practice that quite often. Your Mommy can even piss when my cock is completely inside her."

"Though that didn't work from the very beginning, did it, honey?" said Kathrin. "We had to practice it for quite a long time, remember?"

"Of course I do. And I also remember all the fun we had practising. And we'll have that fun as well, won't we Lisa, Sweety?" Peter smiled at his daughter. Did she really just blush? Anyhow, there it went. The first droplets emerged which he licked off.

"Daddyyy, you mustn't do that!"

"Sorry, dear, I just couldn't resist. But your baby-piss really is delicious, come on, give Daddy more of it."

"I want to, but you must not lick anymore."

And already out of the tiny hole came a small light-yellow stream which quickly got stronger. Soon Peter's mouth was completely full with kiddy-piss. He swallowed. It tasted exquisite. How he would love to press his mouth on his daughter's cunt and suckle her out, but he resisted.

"Come on, piss all over Daddy's face, too," said Kathrin. Peter knew she had ulterior motives in saying that. Of course she wanted to lick her daughter's piss from his face afterwards. Lisa naturally was delighted to do that and so she drenched her Daddy's face with her piss. And it was a lot of urine that was splashing down on him, she had to go pretty urgent indeed. Peter enjoyed every second of that wonderful golden shower.

"Well, now you'll have to help me to lick Daddy's face clean again," Peter heard his wife say right after his daughter had said that she was done.

"I knew it. You wanted to taste as well. So, how do you like our daughter's piss?"

"Marvelous! You'll have to pee in Mommy's mouth as well very soon, Sweetheart."

"I'm looking forward to it, Mommy," said Lisa with a beautiful smile upon her lips. "But now I'm empty," she added apologetically and continued licking her piss from Peter's face. He turned a bit and caught her tongue with his mouth, kissing her. She returned his kiss, and how she did! Kathrin joined them and they ended in a lavish french-kissing triangle.

Peter was in heaven. Who would have thought that he'd have his first threesome with his wife and his 7-year-old daughter! The thought that this would be the first of many, many such threesomes made his heart go faster. His cock was already as hard as it could get when Lisa said something that gave him the feeling that his cock would burst:

"But now Daddy has to fuck me with his penis as well!"

"What?... Oh Sweetheart, I don't think that's possible."

"Yes it is. Look, it's already all stiff. You just have to put it in my cunt, just like you did with your finger before."

"Daddy does know how it works, dear," Kathrin laughed. "But I also think that your little hole is too small for Daddy's cock. He'd surely hurt you."

But Lisa was persistent. She insisted on trying it.

"Okay, let's try it then," said Kathrin. "Maybe it works if you're extremely slow and careful, Peter. But you have to tell us when it hurts right away, okay?"

"Okay, okay," said Lisa with that wonderful smile on her face again. It was obvious that she was very much looking forward to his father fucking her.

"So lie back here in Mommy's lap." Kathrin sat down with spread legs and Lisa lay herself in between. "Now we have to make your little pussy nicely wet again, so that Daddy's big cock can go... oops, you're already soaking wet down there. Peter your daughter is a little fuckslut!" Kathrin licked her finger, which just had been in the indeed soaking wet hole of her daughter.

"Just like her mother," replied Peter.

On the one hand he could hardly wait to stick his cock into the tiny kiddy-cunt, but on the other hand he was still worried that he might hurt her.

"Well, Peter, we are ready, go ahead." Kathrin had spread her daughter's thighs wide. A small droplet of pussy-juice ran down the opened pink lips, an incredibly horny sight. Peter put his bulging glans between the tender lips and began to shove it very slowly into the tight hole. And it actually worked. The firm red head was completely in now. Lisa moaned.

"Everything okay, Sweety?" he asked worried.

"Yes, Daddy, everything okay. Go on, it feels very nice."

So Peter pushed further, shoving in his pulsating shaft, still keeping it slow. It was in fact incredibly tight, but Lisa was extremely wet indeed. He couldn't believe how far he could shove his dick into the tiny hole of his daughter. He lifted her a bit up so that her bum rested on her mother's pussy. He pulled out and pushed in again, faster now. Lisa moaned when he started to actually fuck her. This time he didn't have to ask. He was 100% sure that she moaned of lust. His little girl was hot for his cock. Every time he penetrated her again, she pushed herself a little onto him. Peter looked at his wife, who raised her eyebrows in astonishment. It seemed that she also hadn't thought that it would go that well. But she obviously enjoyed watching them fuck. And since Lisa was resting on her, she only had to move her hips a bit to get her cunt nicely massaged by Lisa's butt cheeks.

"So, Lisa," Kathrin asked. "Is it nice to have Daddy's cock in you?"

"Yes, very nice," Lisa panted. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!"

Peter felt his daughter's cunt starting to twitch. Faster and faster he moved his cock inside the tight hole, which was so wet that the juice was literally pouring. Kathrin also shook her hips harder and harder. Lisa's bum was surely totally smudgy with her mother's cunt-juices. Lisa and Kathrin came simultaneously. It seemed to Peter that the tight channel in which his cock stuck even got tighter when his daughter climaxed. With every convulsion the child's vagina sucked on his cock. It felt a bit like a blowjob, only better. He thought he could feel the ripples that went through the inner walls of Lisa's hole. He wouldn't last for very much longer.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum, too!"

"Yes, shoot it into her. Fill you daughter's kiddy-cunt with your sperm!"

And there it happened. Load for load of his hot semen squirted into his daughter. This orgasm was even heavier than the one in her mouth.

"That was beautiful, Sweetheart," said Peter after his cock had stopped squirting. Gently he kissed his daughter's forehead.

"Yes, Daddy, that was very very very nice. I love you, Daddy."

"I love you, too, Sweety." Slowly he pulled his half-stiff cock out of her, watching his sperm oozing out of her little hole. Already it seemed unbelievable that his cock had fitted in that tiny pussy."

Lisa took some of the sperm that had ran out of her in her mouth.

"Mmmh, that's so yummy, that sperm. But it doesn't belong in there," she pointed between her legs, "but in the mouth."

"Haha, you're right, Daddy's cum tastes great," Kathrin replied, "but actually it does belong in there. We've spoken about how babies are made, haven't we?"

"So that's the stuff Daddys squirt into Mommys to let a baby grow in Mommy's belly?" Lisa interrupted her. "Will I have a baby grow in my belly now, too?"

"No, you're too little for that, that happens only when you're older."

"And will doggie-sperm make a puppy grow in my belly?"

Of course none of them had expected that question. For a moment there was total silence. Peter answered first.

"Ehm, no, that's not possible. Dogs can only make puppies grow in girl-dog's bellies... But what made you ask that?" Peter was really bemused, subconsciously he maybe had guessed the answer, but it still hit him right between the eyes.

"Well, after I've watched you, I practiced with King," Lisa said, a little shy now.

"Practiced what?" Kathrin asked in shock. "You mean sex?"

"Yes, first I let him lick my wee-w... I mean cunt and then I have licked his cock and then he has squirted in my mouth and then I let him put his cock in my cunt. That was also very nice, but with Daddy it was nicer." Lisa smiled at her parents, totally innocent. How should she know that you can't do that with a dog. By their looks she realized that something wasn't right. "Did I make something wrong? But King liked it, too, I'm sure."

"I bet he liked it." This time it was Kathrin who regained her composure first. "And actually you haven't really done anything wrong, though normally people don't have sex with dogs."

"And why not?"

"Well, to be honest I don't have an answer for you. It's just so."

"Why, that is stupid." Lisa said. "I liked it very much and King also had a lot of fun, so why should we not do that then?"

"Actually, you're right," Peter heard himself say. He was a little surprised by himself, because although he was never particularly interested in animal sex, the image of his little daughter getting fucked by their dog aroused him a lot. His cock was hard again and he also saw that in the meantime his wife had gone from shocked to interested.

"Anyhow, now I don't have to wonder anymore why my cock fitted in you. It seems King did a good job to get my Seetheart's pussy accustomed to cock."

"But didn't it hurt at the beginning?" Kathrin wanted to know.

"Yes, first it did, but only a little and then it became very nice."

"That's my girl." Peter said. "But now you made me really curious, Sweety. Could you show us how you did it with King? Both of us would like to see that, wouldn't we, honey?"

"Ehm,... yes, of course!" His wife really blushed a little.

"Of course I can show you," any possible doubt had fled from her face. "Now?"

Naturally Peter would have loved to say yes, but it really had gotten late. So they decided that they would play with King the next day as soon as Peter would come home from work.

To be continued

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