The Ice Maiden

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Published: 3-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Kelly strained against the ropes that held her naked young body arched backwards over the chair as she waited to see what her Dad would do next.

The petite nine year old and her Father had been playing tie up games, whenever her Mother went out, for just over a year now and each time her Father tried to make it just a little more painful for her as he found new ways to tie and torment her young body.

Kelly loved the helplessness and the attention that she got when her Father tied her and today her Mother was out for the afternoon, shopping. No sooner had the car left the drive than Kelly was in her Dad's study waiting for her tie up time.

"I've got something really special planned for you today," her Father told her as he pulled the shirt over her head revealing the white training bra underneath. She didn't really need the training bra yet, as she only had little bumps as breasts but it made her feel very grown up to wear one. Next he knelt before her and unbuttoned her shorts before pulling them down her slim legs revealing her white, little girl panties with blue flowers on them.

Standing up he looked down at his little girl's body and admired her young beauty as she stood waiting impatiently in her underwear. His eyes took in the slim legs with their soft skin leading up to her still slightly rounded bum. Turning her around he admired the way the front of her panties clearly showed the outline of her cunny as they stretched across the top of her legs. Next his gaze rose to her flat tummy and up to her almost nonexistent breasts. He could just see the bump of her nipples under the material, signalling that she was already in a state of arousal.

Kelly flushed as her Father examined her body. She loved the way he looked at her and could feel herself getting the tingly feeling that she loved so much, between her legs as he continued to stare hungrily at her.

Now her Father was looking into her green eyes and asking her a question. She had been so lost in her thoughts that she missed it and he had to repeat himself.

"Are you sure you want me to tie you up and play with you today?" He asked. He always asked the same question before each session and Kelly's answer was always the same.

"Yes please Daddy," she answered. "What's the special thing you have planned?"

"It's a surprise," he told her. "You will find out shortly. Now get out of your underwear and stand by the chair."

As he stood back and watched his nine-year-old Daughter pull her training bra over her head, Kelly's Dad thought, not for the first time, just how lucky he was. When he had introduced her to bondage, using the pretext that she was being a nuisance, he had just expected to live out his fantasy once or maybe twice. Now here they were a year later and he got to bind her at least twice a week, usually at her prompting.

Now he watched as Kelly smoothed her short black hair, which had been messed up by the bra, back down and turned away from him as she bent forward to take off her panties. His eyes took in the tight little bum as it came into view and lingered on the apex at the top of her legs, which widened as she lifted each foot in turn to remove her panties.

Slowly Kelly walked to the chair and stood before it waiting further instructions and giving her Dad time to look at her naked front. With no hair yet covering her cunny the pouting lips showed and made her look even more naked.

As her Dad walked towards her with several lengths of rope in his hands, the little girl found herself short of breath as the anticipation of what was to come gripped her.

"Are you ready sweetheart?" he asked as he turned the chair around so that the back of the chair was against the back of his preteen Daughters legs.

"Yes Daddy," Kelly replied finding it hard to speak properly.

The chair was a heavy, wooden, four legged one with a brown fabric seat and back. Kelly's Dad fastened her ankles to the back legs of the chair, which spread her feet apart. Next he tied rope around her legs just above the knees and fastened this to the top of the chair legs, pulling her legs open slightly wider.

Now he tied a rope to each of her wrists and going behind her pulled her backwards over the back of the chair until she could support herself by putting her arms behind her back on the front of the chair seat.

Now he let her go and tied the ropes on her wrists to the front legs of the chair, pulling her wrists apart but being careful not to cause her to lose her balance. Lastly he tied a rope around her chest, under her arms and fastened it to the front of the chair in the middle, pulling her body down as much as he dared.

Standing back he admired the tautly stretched body of his Daughter as her bent over backwards position showed off the flexibility of her youth.

As she felt her Dad's hands run over her chest and graze her nipples Kelly was viewing the world upside down. She gasped as she felt his finger and thumb gently squeezing and tugging at first one breast and then the other and sighed as she felt his warm mouth suck and lick them each in turn.

Now she could feel his hot kisses as he kissed his way down her body to her cunny and her whole body shook as he planted a kiss right on the lips of her secret place. She moaned in pleasure as she felt his tongue spread her open and seek the hard little button of her clit and moaned again as the tongue flicked over the tender spot making her jump.

Her feeling of helplessness and the pain of her bent over position enhanced the pleasure that his tongue was giving her and very soon she was on the edge of climaxing but he stopped causing her to moan in frustration just before she got to the point of no return.

"No," she moaned. "Don't stop."

"Soon baby," her Dad replied. "Just be a little patient."

Now she felt his fingers at the mouth of her cunny as he gently inserted one up to the first knuckle. While it was a tight fit, the lubrication caused by her sexual excitement allowed it slide smoothly in and out.

Slowly her Dad pushed his finger further into her until it was completely inside her at which point he started to slide it in and out until she accepted it comfortably, at which point he added a second finger.

Feeling herself stretched again Kelly moaned with both pain and pleasure as her Dad's tongue returned to teasing her hard clit. She knew that she couldn't stand this for long and after only a minute her body was wracked by a powerful orgasm.

Feeling his Daughters cunny flood with her juices as she came her Father told her to wait and went to the freezer in the garage returning with several items in a bowl.

As he approached her he could see the film of sweat across her body and the tightness of the muscles under her skin caused by the harsh position that he had tied her in.

Kelly felt her Father untie her wrists and upper body before helping her to stand up but instead of untying her legs he instructed her to bend forward and grasp her ankles.

In her new position Kelly knew that her bottom was totally exposed to her Father's lustful gaze and was not surprised when she felt his fingers spread some cream around the entrance to her bum.

As his finger pushed up against her anus she tried very hard to relax it as he had taught her but still jumped as pain went through her as his finger pushed through the muscle and deep inside her.

The finger worked in and out of her until her Father decided to add a second finger to further stretch her tiny bum. Finally she felt him pull both fingers out and an empty feeling was left where the pain had been before. Somehow, Kelly thought, I prefer the pain to the emptiness.

Now she felt something cold against her bum. Not just cold but freezing cold.

"What's that?" she called out to her Dad. "Please what is it?"

Her Dad walked around in front of her and pulling her head up by the hair showed her a large block of ice in the shape of a penis. "I made some moulds of my cock and filled them with water," he said, "but I forgot that when water freezes it expands. Anyway I'm not going to waste them now so you get to be stretched even more than I had planned."

With that he returned to the young girls puckered anus and soon she felt the cold head of the block against her bum.

As she felt the pressure of the ice against her Kelly tried once more to relax her muscles but still felt the pain as the hard object stretched her open as it slid in. Now she felt her Father twist and push the ice cock further and further inside her as it straightened her insides and filled her more than she had ever been filled before, causing her to whimpered in pain.

Suddenly she felt the end slip inside her as her anal muscles contracted around it locking it deep inside her body.

Now she felt her Father pull her up to a standing position making the cold intruder in her bum push even further inside her and stretch the walls of her ass more and more, but worst was to come. Pulling her backwards, he forced Kelly to resume her bent over backwards position on the chair and retied her wrists to the front of the chair and tied the rope back around her upper chest, keeping her in position.

Kelly could feel the icy cock being pushed further inside her where her bum rested on the back of the chair. She gasped in pain as it moved another two inches up inside her and struggled to keep her bum off of the back of the chair in order to relieve the feeling.

Helpless again she watched as her Father picked up another icy cock and rubbed it over her hardened little nipples leaving a trail of icy water behind as her nipples felt as if they were so hard and tight they would explode.

Watching anxiously she saw her Father walk around to the back of the chair, where she could no longer see him and jumped in shock as she felt the ice being held against her clit.

As he rubbed the ice backwards and forwards on her clit Kelly was torn between feelings of pleasure and pain. She was aroused but the icy cold cock in her bum distracted her enough that she was unable to cum.

Now she felt her Father rub the ice-cold cock up against her cunny and start to apply pressure. As it started to stretch her open she moaned in pain

"No more please," she begged as the pain and pleasure mixed together in her mind, overwhelming her senses as the ice cock pushed further and further inside her, finally filling her completely and sending her body into a spasm of confused trembles.

As she lay, bent in her upside-down world Kelly saw her Dad's legs come into view. He had removed his trousers and underwear and his cock thrust out in her face as he stood by the young girls head.

Lifting her head with one hand he guided his cock between the preteen girl's lips with the other and pushed several inches of himself into her mouth. Kelly knew what was expected and started to suck and lick like the good Daughter that she was.

She could now feel the water running from her ass and cunny as the ice cocks melted and the precum running from her Dad's cock into her mouth made her think that maybe his cock was melting too but that was wrong wasn't it, as his cock was actually getting bigger as the other two were melting away.

She felt a trail of cold run across her chest and knew that her Dad was running some ice around her nipples as she felt him begin to thrust deeper into her mouth. Now she felt the ice against one nipple and shrieked out in shock, the sound hardly making it past the hard cock in her mouth.

The ice was switched to the other nipple as the first one was grasped between a finger and thumb and rubbed in a way that brought a mixture of pleasure and pain to the young girl.

Back and forth between her tiny breasts she felt him torture her with the ice and then his fingers as his cock thrust deeper and harder into her soft wet mouth.

Finally she felt the cock in her mouth stiffen as her Dad grasped both nipples and twisted, causing her to yelp in pain. Seizing the opportunity offered, he thrust forward, forcing his cock down into her throat just as his orgasm exploded, filling her with his hot cum juice and causing her to swallow as fast as she could to keep from choking.

When Kelly had caught her breath again, she felt her Dad pull his now limp cock from between her lips and kiss his way down her body, paying special attention to her hard little nipples, till he once again reached her clit.

Again she felt his tongue on her clit and within minutes was writhing in her second orgasm of the day.

"Don't worry sweetheart," she heard his say as she moaned out her passion I have enough frozen cocks to keep you busy for the whole afternoon.

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